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By Zeke Housemann ( zekehousemann@yahoo.com )

CHAPTER TWO (of four)

Slowly but surely we made our way out of the Jacuzzi / hot tub ... slipping, sliding, fumbling, but eventually standing, though still kissing, fondling, rubbing, caressing, nibbling ear lobes, sucking hardened nipples, leaving light but definite "hickies" here and there, and only proceeding mere inches toward the bedroom.

As if on some unseen, unheard cue, we both pulled back from each other, cocks still battling, hands on each other's shoulders, and heard simultaneous hungered cries of "WAIT," from Ted, and "HOLD ON," from me. We were frantic!

We looked at each other. Then we grinned. And then we started laughing hysterically. As that subsided, we leaned toward each other and tenderly, but quickly, gave each other a little peck on the lips. "I'll run and turn down the bedclothes; you grab the glasses and Kaluha. Now HURRY," I desperately commanded ... said ... ordered ... nudged ... encouraged ... SHIT! I don't know what I said. I've forgotten already. It doesn't matter because within mere seconds, diffused lighting was exotically bathing the room while the first, soft strains of Ravel's "Bolero" could barely be heard coming from the speakers under the bed, the liqueur was sloshing in the bottle on the dresser, and I was stretched out on the clean, crisp, dark gray satin sheet, on my back, legs slightly spread apart, arms stretched toward my night's lover as he so athletically, so ... Beautifully ... leapt through the air with the greatest of ease, and made a perfect four-point landing on either side of my shoulders and hips.

Gently he stretched out and slowly nestled full-body on top of me. My arms stretched across his back, and my fingertips ran all over him as far and as near as I could reach, discovering the subtle differences of his bodily terrain. His soft and spontaneous excited moans of unexpected pleasures, his tiny jerks, his slight contractions and expansions of taut muscles, all told me that he was thoroughly enjoying my digital explorations.

At least I thought he was; that is -- until I began kneading the cheeks of his ass and my fingers began roaming the deep recesses, slowly plunging to that most secret of places.

Mid-pleasure, he froze, totally motionless. A moment later, with eyes closed, and a concerned frown on his brow, he eased his body back. His lower legs and feet were still next to mine. Bending at his knees and hips, he sat atop my shins. Once he stopped moving, his eyes opened, staring straight at me, again expressionless, and as I noticed his rapidly softening erection, he covered it with his hands.

"What's wrong, Ted?"

His eyes closed again as every muscle in his face strained, as his breathing became labored and nervous. Still covering his nakedness with his left hand, his right hand roughly rubbed left and right across his brow. "What the fuck am I doing, Zeke?"

"Whataya mean, Ted? What's wrong?"

He slid off my shins and sat at the foot of the bed. Facing away from me, he sat in sort of an Indian Yoga -- Lotus position, elbows on his knees, and chin resting on the palms of his hands. "I'm married, Zeke." Even though he couldn't see me, I nodded; I knew that he was married. He hesitated for a moment, then raised his head and (I was guessing) gazed off into somewhere, nowhere. "Aww fuck! That's not it, man" he sounded to be on the verge of tears.

I was dumb-founded. My mouth fell open. Omar was no longer standing at attention. Rising up a little, I supported myself on my elbows behind me. I didn't know what to say. I waited for another extremely difficult confession from him.

"We've played around before," he continued. "Becky and me. Becky and a girl-friend of hers and I've played around before. We've even played with other couples, but I never touched the guys. Just the women." He slowly turned around to face me, still in the Lotus position.

"I've never done ... this ... before. Never ... Been ... Intimate ... with just ... one ... guy ... one-on-one ... before," he hesitantly searched for each word before verbalizing it. "I'm scared, Zeke. I don't know what to do," he confessed, "and I'm definitely afraid of you ... uhhh ...," he pointed, saying nothing else, but only indicating that area of his anatomy on which he was sitting.

I smiled, now knowing and understanding. I had touched and probed ... there! I sat fully up, reached over and placed my right hand on his left knee and tried to reassure him, "That's OK, buddy; that's OK. Believe me, I understand. We don't have to do anything else if you don't want to. OK?"

He meekly nodded, with down-cast eyes.

"Or anything that you would not enjoy," I continued, and then added, "alright?" He nodded again.

I assumed a similar posture as his and moved so that just our knees were touching. I smiled at him; he returned the smile. I held out my hands, palms up, so that if he wanted to, he could place his in mine. He did. They were warm and steady, not shaky as I anticipated. That was good!

I tried to project as much love, compassion, respect and understanding to him as I could. His smile broadened a little.

"You seemed to be enjoying yourself earlier, Ted; were you?"

"Yes, Zeke, I was. I really and truly was. Please believe me."

"I do." Everything he said or did, served, more deeply, only to increase my affection for him.

"I'm sorry I've ruined the evening for you, buddy ..."

"It's not ruined, Ted. You didn't jump up, throw on your shorts, run out the door."

He shook his head; "No, I didn't."

"Then, can I assume that you don't hate me because I ventured where no man has trod?" I chuckled softly.

He smiled, "No, I don't hate you, Zeke. But I do have to say this, buddy ... You are one helluva seductress ... uhhh ... seduc--tor? ... ugh" he was searching for the right word, couldn't find it, then defeatedly said, "Awww shit!" Then yet again he added, "You really do know how to seduce a guy."

I laughed aloud. "Then I'll take that as a compliment, if you please." I winked at him.

Squeezing my hands in lengthy appreciation, he winked back and grinned.

"Zeke, I gotta be truthful with you." He was starting to get serious again. "After our friendship developed so quickly this afternoon, then after dinner and drinks and your proposal to me and Becky, and the fun in the pool, things clicked inside me. Things that have never clicked before, between me and another guy. Suddenly, I wanted to get closer to you ... FUCK! I still do!" He frowned. "But I'm afraid. I'm scared shitless. Do you understand?"

Nodding to his question, I drew away. Kneeling at his right side, I hesitated a second before saying, "We're both naked, Ted, but do you mind if I put an arm across your shoulders?"

"No, I wouldn't mind. I might even enjoy the closeness right about now," he conceded. "I know I would."

"Good," I said, as I placed my left arm across his shoulders, and my right hand onto the top of his hand which was on his knee.

"Yes, I do understand," I answered in returning to his last question. "Been there. Done that. And maybe, just ... maybe, someday we can talk about that -- the time that I was scared shitless. So, yes, I do understand, Ted. It's not just empty words coming from your ... seduc...tor!"

We both laughed hardily.

I released my touches on him and moved off the bed. He turned and watched every move I made. Then I reached for the remote on the bedside table. Clicking a few buttons, I silenced "Bolero," programmed some Kitaro and some Andreas Vollenweider -- nothing erotic; just soft background instrumental music. Omar wasn't asleep; he just wasn't excited anymore -- not yet, at least.

"Another Kaluha?" I asked; "or would you like something stronger?"

"You gonna get me drunk and take advantage of me?" he half jokingly, half seriously asked.

"No, Ted. I want to ... no, that's not it ... I would still like for you to spend the night." I stepped back toward him with open arms. He swung his legs off the bed, stood, and stepped into what could have been my embrace but wasn't meant to be. As I placed my hands on the sides of his waist, he put his hands on the outsides of my shoulders. I continued, "I would still like for you to spend it here in my bed with me, and I would still like to fix breakfast for you in the morning."

He looked at me so tenderly, so longingly, I almost melted.

"And," I added, I would still like to make love to you ... with you, if you would want to reciprocate, if you would want to return or respond to that love, but it wouldn't be required ..." He slid his arms completely around the back of my shoulders and pulled us once again into full-body contact. My arms then slid completely around his waist. I pulled tightly, again pressing our nether regions even closer. Omar woke up with a start, and was soon joined by his endowed friend. "... and I promise on a stack of Bibles that I won't go ... there." I feignedly looked down and over his shoulder as I gently patted his ass. He smiled and kissed me ... on the lips ... no tongue, just lips; affectionate, loving lips. Then, "At least not tonight," I emphatically declared. He pulled back his head, looked at me, crossed his eyes (mind you!), and gave me another of his shit-eating grins. We both got the giggles.

"You happen to have any Cognac?" he asked. "I hear that's good for calming the jitters; and, besides, I've never tasted the stuff."

Backing away and heading toward the desk in the far corner of the room, I exclaimed, "Never tasted the stuff??? Oh, boy! Watch out! It's great for calming the jitters. It's great for putting you to sleep, too, but I don't want you going to sleep right away, ya hear?" I turned and looked at him. We grinned at each other and I continued, "Yep, I've got a bottle of Courvoisier, best Cognac made. My favorite night-time libation." I lifted the top of the "desk" and pulled out the bottle of Cognac and a couple of clean Cordial glasses. "This is so strong, I'm only going to let you have half a glass-full."

By the time I finished pouring and turned around, I discovered that Ted had gotten back on the bed, lying on his left side, his back to me, and was propped up on his left elbow. I walked around the bed, leaned over slightly and handed him his glass. Then I got up on the bed myself, lay on my right side, and propped myself up on my right elbow. For the first time that night, I wanted to make a toast. I held up my glass toward Ted. He followed, toward me. And I said, "To friendship ... and happiness."

"To friendship ... and happiness," he repeated. We clicked glasses.

We tipped our glasses to our lips and chug-a-lugged ... the ... whole ... thing! Whew! We both gasped and grabbed our own chests, now burning, the liquid descending to our poor unsuspecting stomachs!

"I swear," he wheezed, "if I coughed, sneezed, wheezed or exhaled through my mouth, flames would fly out."

A few deep-breathing exercises later (for both of us), I took his empty glass, and together with mine, placed them on the bedside table behind me. When I looked back at Ted, his expression seemed to say, "Now what? Who does what, first? Lead, and I will follow." Or is it just my imagination, I thought.

I lay supine, in the same position as earlier, extending my open arms to him. "I'm all yours, Ted. Experiment. Explore. Use me. Abuse me. Any fantasies you've ever ... uhhh ... fantasized about, I'm more than willin' to letcha play'em out. If you want ..."

"Shut up and kiss me, fool," he interrupted, as he leaned over and gave me a most, most passionate and hungry lip-lock. For a timeless instant we stayed like that, gently at first, enjoying the closeness. After a too-brief eternity, our dueling tongues battled like hungry warriors for entrance into the other's cavernous mouth. His right hand and arm were in constant motion over my chest, sending exquisite sensations in the little bit of fur between my pecs. If I could have moved my head, I would probably have seen that my nipples had larger hardons than the one between my legs, and it was already straining more than I had felt in a great, long time. His mere fingertips delicately were electrifying the dark blond trail leading to my darker pubes. Surely, at least one of his female (grrrrr!!!) partners had known how to excite and pleasure him, for he was driving me up a friggin' wall with just this simple bit of passion. Oh, this is going to be a long, beautiful night! Whether we couple or not, matters not; just his touch satisfies the very depth of my being.

Slowly, Ted's solitary warrior retreated from my hungry oral cave and began, cat-like, bathing my face, my eyes, my nose, my brow, my ears, my lips, my chin, my neck. Don't ask for any description of what I felt; goose-pimples drove away any words or thoughts I had. I swear, my goose-pimples had goose-pimples. And then ...

Then ... he moved, straddling my chest. Then ... he eased his way down over my crotch, forcing Omar to slide up into the hot, sweaty valley which encompassed his deepest secrets. He was in total control, and it felt completely safe for him to venture there. He was trusting me, and I think that he knew that I would not destroy that trust.

Tantalizingly, he began again kissing and licking his way down the thirteen inch scar from my bypass surgery. "Does that hurt?" he asked, ceasing from his exploratory trek, albeit, sensual and stimulating.

The moment was broken. "Noooo," I answered, momentarily feeling Omar lose a little of his strength; "that's from a couple of years ago. It's all healed. You can poke it, prod it, even bite it if you like."

"You're not very old, Zeke; I thought only old folks had bypass surgeries. Just how old are you, anyway?"

"Thirty-eight. It's in the genes; everyone in my family has heart problems. Now, can we get back to what you were doing? Please! You were very pleasantly driving me out of my mind."

He repeatedly, quickly arched his eyebrows and mischievously returned to his ministrations on the scar. "How old are you, if you don't mind my asking," I jokingly inquired as I raised my shoulders and head in order to look at his face.

Putting his left hand on my right shoulder as he lifted his head, he forced me back down as he simply said, "Thirty-two." I was right! Yum. He returned to his delightful bedside manner. Omar picked up interest again, investigating that heavenly scented valley.

Ted broadened his tongued attack by lightly sweeping left and right across my chest, moving upward again with each horizontal sweep. But when he arrived at my left pec, I felt the greatest stimulation as he enticingly tongued my man-breast, momentarily tickling my huge, yet tiny erection of a nipple.

Omar spontaneously jerked at his secret, tightly-closed opening. Once again Ted froze.

"Oh, fuck!" I thought. And then, feeling no intrusion, he resumed his enticing love-making by easing his moist, firm lips down and around my nickel-sized cinnamon-colored areola. He tenderly kissed it, again and again and yet again. Then he quickly moved to the one on the right side of my chest. But after swirling his wet tongue around and around that nipple, he didn't kiss it as he had the other one -- no! -- he began sucking it. Harder and harder sucking. I felt his teeth sinking into the flesh. Turning his head this way and that, he was sending electrifying shocks through my chest which then spread out over my entire body, particularly into and through my cock. I was rapidly approaching the point of no return from the exquisite pain. Don't cum now, I told myself.

I could take no more, without a desired but unwelcomed climax!

Chest jerking with heavy, open-mouthed breathing, I grabbed the sides of his ribs and quickly forced him off me. I forced him onto his back and just as quickly, I straddled his mid-section. Omar pulsed from near screaming and spewing forth. I remained there for a few moments, panting, regaining my slower breath and heart rate. "Whewwwww ...," I slowly released the sound of regaining normalcy.

"Was that alright?" Ted asked, with a huge smile and a twinkle in his eyes. Oh, yes, he knew he "done good!" He could read it in my body language.

"Alright?" I retorted. "No, Luv, it was not just 'alright.' It was divine. It was wonderful. It was the best -- you are the best! You had me right on the brink of a gigantic explosion. I haven't felt like that in years!" I didn't want to cum yet!

"You could have, you know? That's what I was trying for."

"Oh, it was, was it? That's what you were trying to do, huh? Well, we'll just see about that, Buddy!" I feigned anger, but let the corners of my mouth turn upward as I moistened my lips, then opened my mouth and let him watch as my tongue slid back and forth across the bottom edge of my upper teeth.

He started laughing, then feigned fear, "Oh my God, I'm in for it now. Please dear Lord, deliver me from this vengeful demon." I laughed at that, too.

Changing my demeanor, I continued, " OK, smart ass, you asked for it." With that, my fingers began tickling his sides; he squirmed; I dug in harder. Then I eased up and began softly letting my hands roam and rub his chest, titillating his tender tits. I reached further up his body and was forced to bend forward. Then as I lovingly placed my hands on either side of his face, I pushed my groin further down his body and felt his eight inches of extremely hard excitement jab into my ass cheeks.

Reaching behind me with my right hand, I enclosed his heavy man-tool, noting that I could barely join my fingertips. "Ummmmm," I let slip from deep in my throat. I squeezed, then heard an echo from Ted's own throat, "Ummmmm."

Then I guided that delicious piece of meat so that it was pointing to the ceiling, after which I eased my ass back further, encasing him in my own Valley of Secret Places.

Returning my hand to his face, I completely lowered my chest onto his, and looking into his eyes, both of us unblinking, I slowly went closer and closer. We turned our heads slightly so that our noses wouldn't collide, and our lips touched. I noticed his eyes were still open -- I liked that -- being able to look through the very windows to my lover's soul, and his being able to look into mine. Nothing could be hid.

Not only did our lips kiss -- so did our tongues. No longer battling, but tenderly touching, sharing droplets of liquid love, again and again. Then, embracing each other, alternately wrapping around each other, erotically dancing the oral Tango as lovers.

I repeatedly withdrew and re-entered the sweet confines beyond Ted's lips. At the same time, I found that I was gently raising and lowering my hips, causing his love instrument to slide back and forth in the moistness of my own Valley -- moist from the blending of my sweat and Ted's own copious flow of pre-cum.

His breathing grew faster and stronger, more laboured (as was mine), and it wasn't long before he quickly pushed my face away from his, and panted, "I'm so ... so ... so close!"

"Good!" I said excitedly, "But not yet. Not yet." I quickly jumped off him to my left, but let my right hand slide down from his left hip to his left foot.

"What? What're ya doin', Zeke?" he asked with concern.

"Lettin' ya cool down, a bit, Luv," I answered between my own laboured breaths. "I want this to last longer, Babe. I want tonight to be the best night you've ever had with anybody, male or female!"

"Well, I know this for damn sure, Zeke -- I never really thought a guy could get me this turned on, before; never!"

"Well, the night's not over, yet, lover, " I replied. He stretched his right hand out to place it on the side of my face. I took it in my left, held it palm-up and began licking and kissing the center of it. Likewise, I began softly rubbing the outside of his left foot. Slowly I moved to and knelt just beyond both feet, and lifted his left foot while releasing his hand onto his thigh.

"What're ya doin', now?"

"You'll see," I said, as I bent down to his raised foot and lightly blew back and forth across it, again and again, from his ankle to his toes.


Then sensually I lowered my mouth and fellated his big toe. I sucked it in and let it ease out, over and over. I twisted my head from side to side while doing so, then licked the soft little web of skin between it and the next toe, until all of them were slick with my spit.

Then ... yes, then I put all five of his toes in my mouth and licked the bottom of his foot as far as my hot, little tongue would reach. With each new manoeuvre, I heard a string of passionate, excited "Oh God"s and "Oh my God"s. After I released his toes and began my tongued attack solely on the bottom of his foot, he proclaimed quite aloud, "Oh, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!" He was clawing at the sheet and raising his head to look at me, then falling back onto the pillow.

Let me tell ya -- I was enjoying this more than any climactic "wham, bam, thank-ya-sir" I had ever had.

Very sensually, I began sliding my tongue back and forth in tiny little movements inch by inch. Up the inside of his leg I inched, toward that most delicate sack of luscious nut-meats, clean and trimmed, but deliciously scented of musk. As I drew nearer to it, it withdrew into its hiding place, and the sack was tightening and slightly swelling. I teased it ever so gently, licking its musky sweat. My tongue washed it on its top to the base of the mighty soldier standing guard, erect but quivering with each new sensation at its root.

I tongued down to the lightly scented underside of the erogenous sack. There, I luxuriated in the aroma which urged me to continue my ministrations down onto that extremely sensitive area known as the perineum.

Ted was writhing in exquisite, delicious pain. He spread his legs apart only little more than I had slowly pushed them. He even raised his hips to make it easier for me to get to that part of him previously avoided by others' hands, and totally untouched by any tongue at all. His moans, his spontaneous sounds of pleasure, and his mumbled, inarticulate words had risen in decibels to almost that of screaming. I'm sure he wanted more in that area, but I sent him the thought, "Not now; no, not for a while yet. We'll get there. You'll see. And you'll enjoy! Oh, yeah! You'll enjoy! You'll want it all, Luv. Never fear. Just trust me. You'll be climbing the "Stairway To The Stars" soon. And we'll do it together -- in each other's arms. I promise."

My own little six-and-a-quarter-inch rod of steel was pulsing and jerking and screaming for release, but I had been there before. I knew how to prolong "The Agony And The Ecstasy." Continuing to tantalize Ted with every little trick I knew, I even created some I'd never thought of before.

I left his nether regions abruptly and turned my attention to the other, lonely, unseduced foot and toes. There, I duplicated everything I had done to its twin.

When I returned to that delicious aroma and taste where the legs join, he spread his legs even wider than before. He again started to raise his hips, but I used my hands and forced them back to the satin sheet, now quite damp from the blending of our sweat and my oral juices. A slightly stronger enticing aroma entered my lungs and I followed my nose to discover that his mighty, magnificent cock was covered with pre-cum. A little puddle had begun accumulating at its base in his neatly trimmed pubes. I lapped at the puddle as a thirsty dog from his water bowl, and pressed my open lips into his pubes, sucking in every tiny droplet of Ted's sweet nectar.

With my left palm cupping his balls, and my fingers barely around its base, I slowly slid my tongue up the underside of his love-tool and to his corona. As I started swirling my tongue around and around his glans penis, I felt his ass cheeks tighten as his hips rose, trying to ease his offering through my hungry lips.

More moans were again being heard, along with his renewed laboured breathing as my lips slid down his shaft until its singular eye winked at the back of my throat. I retracted back to the corona. His moans became louder. Again I slid my lips down until he once again touched my throat. I retracted once again, but only to the corona.

"Please, please, take me," he pleaded, as he placed his hands on the back of my head.

Without removing my lips from his penile head, I moved a little so that I could look at his face. I chuckled a little, and winked at him, and returned to the object of my attention.

He didn't know it, but I chuckled at the orchestral music with lead violin and oboe coming from under the bed, "I've Got You Under My Skin." So apropos!

A third time I began my oral descent, and when I felt him at my throat, I relaxed more fully, swallowed, and continued down until my lips felt the tickle of his pubes.

"OH ... MY ... GOD!" he cried aloud, "No one's ever done that. Never!"

While there, totally relaxed, I began humming in concert with the music, "I've got you ... deep in the heart of me." Thank you, dear God; I love it when lyrics fit into what I'm doing.

"I'm so close," cried Ted. "So close. You want it now?" he begged.

Quickly I retreated, completely off that beautiful, marvelous part of him, and I raised up and away from him so that he might not in any way be stimulated to cum yet.

"Wha...?" he started to ask as his own hand went to stroke himself.

I slapped his hand away, and in mock anger, pointed at him and said, "Naughty, naughty boy! No! Not yet! You will. Soon. You'll enjoy it, and we'll do it together."

"Wha ... How? When? Please ...! I'm aching!"

"Just leave that to me. Enjoy each moment, each second, each mili-second. Trust me. It won't be long now. Now turn over."

He shot me a look which edged on terror. I knew what he was thinking.

"No no. Not that," I pointed to my own cock and to his ass, shaking my head in the negative. "What did I promise you a little while ago? Huh?" Not waiting for an answer, I continued, "Trust me. Go with me. Get enjoyment from me as I enjoy you." I motioned with my hand for him to turn over. A faint smile relieved his facial muscles from the fear and frown that had been there. He slowly turned onto his stomach. "Now spread'em, boy!" I commanded.

He jerked his head back and glared at me with huge saucered eyes. I leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips. As I broke away from the gentle kiss, I said, "I'm not going to fuck you, Ted. I promise. But I am going to do something that you've probably never experienced, and it'll drive you up the friggin' wall. You'll go out of your ever lovin' mind -- that's why I've got padded walls in here," I joked. He looked back at me and had to laugh, in spite of himself. That helped to relax him a bit.

"Now, I'm going to stretch out on your back for just a little bit. But I won't even try to penetrate you. OK?"

He nodded.

"Now spread your legs. For what I'm about to do, I prefer my legs be between yours and on the sheet."

He did. And I did.

As I lay full-body on top of him, I felt him tense a little. "Relax, sweetheart. Just relax." I began blowing little circles of my hot breath across his neck and shoulders. Then as I used my hands and arms to push me, I slid down his back a little and continued with blowing the air. I alternated it with little licks from my tongue, kisses from my lips and nibbles from my teeth. Across his entire back and into his oh, so heavenly pits. God! They were wonderful, No stringent deodorant taste nor odor; just pure masculine fragrance. I dug in like I'd never dug into any pits before, and could have stayed there all night, but I had a mission to accomplish. Soooooo ... I continued down his back, making his skin crawl with exquisite sensual sensations. He was moaning and enjoying it as he had my earlier treatment.

As I reached his lower back, in the area where his belt would be worn, I slipped my hands under his hips and pulled them a few inches off the bed. I kissed, nibbled and licked all around his ass cheeks. He was barely breathing. I knew he was worried.

I reached under with my right hand and took hold of his now semi-flaccid man-meat. I lifted my head and loudly, soothingly whispered, "It's alright, babe. Trust me." I began rubbing my thumb around and around the tiny lips of his cock, using his abundant pre-cum as lubricant. It began straining toward excited life again.

Then with both hands pulling his ass cheeks apart, I slowly slid my tongue down that Valley toward the Secret Gateway. Little by little, up and down the Valley, scented by minute bits of fresh musky anal juices and pure masculine sweat. What bliss! Closer and closer I licked to that sphinctered, Gateway which I prayed would someday take me to his deepest, darkest secrets. But not tonight. No. Tonight I will torture you with stimulating pleasures only a little longer; pleasures you've never even dreamed of, my Love.

With my anxious tongue, I began circling closer and closer to the gateway; closer, and yet again closer, and then right over it. I curled my tongue over onto itself and formed a small, hot, wet, spear-head-like shaft. Slowly I prodded at his closed opening, prodding again and again. Soon it / he weakened and relaxed and I entered his Gateway, no longer Secret.

OH, SHIT! GODDAMNED MOTHER-FUCKIN' SONUVA BITCH! What the hell are you doin', Zeke? I've never felt anything that wonderful in my life! What the fuck are ya doin"? Huh?" I knew I finally had his interest! Hahahaha. He flipped over onto his back, bent his knees and brought his feet flat to the bed, up as close to his butt as he could get them. I was just laying there, between his legs, with my face close to his crotch.

Sittinging up onto my own knees, I simply said, "Nuttin, honey. Just this," as I moved my hands to under his knees, and pushed his legs back up and over his chest, fully exposing his ass hole to my excited little tongue.

This time I prodded, not slowly, not gently, but hard, rough, and with a hunger I didn't know was in me. Ted willingly opened to my intrusions as he started pumping his own magnificently hard cock. I slapped his hands away, again, but this time, letting his legs and feet fall back down around me. I began sucking him like a starving baby with its bottled nipple.

I stopped. Abruptly.

Then I placed my knees on the outsides of his hips, leaned forward, and kissed him. Deeply. With the tongue that had just visited his Secret Place.

He pulled his head back, deeper into the pillow and said, "That's my smell, Zeke. You don't mind it on your lips and your tongue?"

"Hell no, I love it Babe. It's part of you. I'll love it forever."

"Then, come'ere," He pulled me down and we continued "Frenching" until he pushed me away and continued, "But how many times are you going to bring me right to the brink, and then stop, not letting me get the relief that I need right now. Damn, my nuts ache. I think I've got blue-balls. They haven't hurt like this since I was a teenager."

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa, Luv. No more. No more for tonight ..."

"Wha ...?"

"But," I interrupted his interruption. "I've got one more little itsy-bitsy-teensy-weensy surprise for you." I leaned down again and stole another kiss from him, taking my sweet time about it.

During the intimacy, I reached over into the drawer of the nightstand and retrieved a condom, a bottle of Astroglide, and a small tea towel. Placing the bottle by my leg, and the towel along side it, I broke away from the kiss, smiled at him, and put the little condom package in my teeth and ripped it open.

"What's that for ... as if I didn't know?"

"Just this, I answered, removing the condom. I reached back with my left hand, took hold of his hot, jerking member, moved my right hand back, placed the condom on the head of his penis, and used fingers of both hands to unroll it as far as it would go. Ted was looking into my eyes. I was looking into his. Our eyes never left each other.

Then I took the Astroglide and poured a little in my left hand, and stroked his protected organ enough to completely lubricate "the whole thing." I wiped my oily hand with the towel.

Bending forward again, I stole another kiss as I slid my ass back. I felt his cock jab my ass cheeks, and I used my right hand to guide it home as I slipped further back. I felt it knock at my back door, and I unlocked the dead-bolt. Welcome, stranger. Come on in and take a load off!

"You sure, Zeke? Isn't it going to hurt?"

"Yes, I'm sure, Babe. Very, very sure. And hurt? Not always. Maybe. But if there's any hurt at all, it'll only last a couple of seconds. Don't worry. I've done this before. Enjoy."

By this time, I was on my knees, poised above his crotch and felt the pressure of his cock stretching my first sphincter muscle. As I lowered myself onto his magnificent pole, the rim of his cock-head slipped in and he gasped. I stopped for a moment to get used to the stretching sensation. I sank a little lower. His mouth was agape. I slid back up, but not all the way off -- only to the ridge of the head. Then down and up once more, and his eyes were blissfully closed and his mouth was wider open.

"It's ... so ... tight," I mouthed as he said the words, and I started laughing.

"What's so damned fuckin' funny?" he queried.

"Everybody says that the first time. I'm sorry. But it's like the first time anybody sees the Giza Pyramids; everybody, absolutely everybody says, 'They're ... so ... huge.' You can bet your last dollar on it -- that's what they're gonna say." Changing the subject, I continued, "But you're not interested in ancient pyramids, are you?"

He shook his head slowly and with firm conviction, then, with true concern, he asked, "You sure it's not painful, Zeke?"

"I'm totally comfortable with it, Babe, but thanks for the concern. Not many people care about the other guy that way. But now ... are you ready?"

"For what?" his expression looked shocked.

"This!" I replied, and I began my steady descent, taking his entire shaft into my very guts, in one continual movement, until I felt his short pubes tickle my ass-cheeks.

"ArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRR," he screamed in intense unexpected pleasure, his eyes as big as saucers. "Oh, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt. What a fan-fucking-tastic feeling."

"OK, Ted. Just relax, take a few deep breaths. Now I want you to do something.

"What, for God's sake? You're doin' everything and it's great!"

"Yeah, but it can be greater for you and a little more comfortable for my knees and legs."

"Oh! Oh, yeah. Whataya ya want? Uhhh Whataya want me to do, Zeke?"

"Come'ere. Gimme a hug, but don't pull out. It's easier to pull out and go back in after we move, but with a little bit of patience and care, this is a helluva lot better; believe me. More fun, too."

He slowly rose, bending just at his waist, and wrapped his arms around me.

"Now don't let loose, no matter what." I leaned back and to my right, and let my hands and arms lower both of us onto my back, with him then on my chest. As soon as we were in that position, he quickly stretched his legs back down the bed; he was then in the classic all-male, "missionary" position -- face to face with me.

My legs were still bent and in position next to his waist, so they were up in the air, with him stretched out between them. "Now, Ted," I said, "put your hands on the backs of my knees and push my legs back toward my chest." He did. "And now, I'm all yours, Luv. Use me. Abuse me. Fulfill any fantasy you've ever had. I ain't goin' anywhere! Or you can just make love to me. Your choice. Anything you want. Anything your little heart desires."

We both were pulsing and jerking, and I knew we wouldn't last long. He began slowly -- V E R Y slowly! "You're not gonna hurt me, Hon. Come on! Harder! Faster! Deeper!" Where've I heard THAT before?

He followed my suggestions, and soon he was pounding my ass so hard, so fast, so deep, I thought the whole of Cat City could hear the headboard hitting against the wall. We both were just about at the point of no return.

"I can't hold it any longer, Zeke. I'm gonna cum!

"Me, too, Luv." I knocked his hands away from my knees and he fell to my chest. Our teeth knocked against each other's as we began kissing. We gasped for breath and moaned with each climactic spasm. He came, deep within my bowels, seven, eight, nine, ten times -- I don't know; I lost count as I spewed forth a like number of my own between our chests. There was so much white, gooey stuff between us, you could have made a whole batch of Divinity Candy. It would have been Heavenly, I'm certain of that.

Regaining our normal breathing and heart rates, we remained chest-to-chest, sometimes kissing. Sometimes he would let his head drop to my shoulder while I nibbled his ear. Sometimes we "Eskimo kissed," letting the tips of our noses rub back and forth across the other.

Our cocks had been depleted and shrank back to their usual state, with his retreating from my love canal. I held on to him tightly as I quickly rolled us over so that Ted was on his back and I was on his chest.

Gently I pulled away from him, grabbed the towel and wiped my chest somewhat clean, then proceeded to lick his chest completely of my own liquid.

"You really like that?" he asked.

"I love it," I replied. "Been eating it since I was thirteen. You've never tasted yours?"

He shook his head, but added, "But maybe someday, if you'll be patient with me and teach me."

"Maybe. But first you've got to talk with Beckie and get things straightened out about your living conditions."

"Yeah, but that'll wait 'till tomorrow. You still want me to sleep here tonight?"

"Definitely, but why don't we get a shower first?"

"Definitely. Oh! I've still got the condom on."

"No problem. Lemme take it off you. I know just what to do with the contents. Yummmmmmm."

"You're sick, you know that?"

"Maybe; but I wouldn't do it with just anybody's!"