Passing the interview

The steaming iron hissed under my solid hand as I gently pressed out the creases from the front of my white shit. I stood before the ironing board humming bassily to myself and wondering how the interview would go and whether I would make the grade. I stood in only my white tight boxers that hugged my ample bulge and stoked my tight and dented cheeks. I was a solid big bloke, not covered in overly defined muscles, but still years of rugby had given me a hulking definition that was further accentuated by the short black chest hair that covered my pecs, flat chest, and muscly thighs. With a bold swish I finished my ironing and swung the warm cotton shirt over my cool skin.

I was off to an interview. I was nervous I always got that way before a job, and this one was no different. It was for a job as a welder in town. It was a good job and if I got it I was going to be substantially better off. With a gulp I swigged down my coffee and glanced at the clock. 'Shit' I muttered in my deep voice, 'I'm late'. In a sudden flurry I yanked my trousers over my large muscly thighs, tied my tie, slipped on my shoes and made a dash for the door.

Just as I was leaving the house a voice called from behind 'good luck Pete!'. I turned round to see my house mate Matt, standing in tight white briefs holding a cop of coffee and grinning inanely. Matt was a fag, I hadn't known that when I had moved in with him, but over the course of several months the noises from his room of two deep voiced men fucking had made it pretty obvious. He had finally admitted one drunken night, and I was cool, but still his deep blue eyes framed with hungry dark lashes seemed to seek out my body, and I knew he wanted me. I often wondered what he got up to with other men, but had always been to shy to ask. But sometimes late at night when the noises from next door were reaching a masculine crescendo, I would picture matt on all fours being fucked up the ass deep and hard. For a bloke he was all right looking. I had met him on our local rugby team, the Reading Knights, and like me he was big built and solid, but he shaved his body and there was not a single hair on his body, he had had a place to rent and I needed a room. 'Cheers Matt' Pete replied and I quickly slipped out of the door.

Matt stood staring after the departing form of Pete and wished wholeheartedly, not for the first time, that Pete would slide his pants down for him and then fuck him hard. His hand crept to his growing bulge and he closed his eyes and began to stroke. The image of Pete Bending him over the kitchen table was delicious and his dick was soon hard and dripping precum that stained his white briefs in a growing wet spot. With a sigh Matt released his hardon and ascended the stairs to his room with a mind for his favourite dildo and porn.

Pete hurried to his car and leapt in, his mind on the interview ahead. The job was for a welding firm that was only five minutes drive form his house, the pay was good and by all accounts the guys were friendly and worked hard. Within Minutes he was at 'Reading Weld' and with his big heart beating he mounted the steps and announced himself in reception. Nervously he was led upstairs and along a long corridor to a rich oak door, the secretary knocked and with a playful smile at Pete, announced him and shoed him in.

The door softly clicked behind him and Pete stared in surprise and the hulking giant behind the desk. He was bare chested with his overalls tied round his waist, his tanned chest with huge defined pecs and large soft nipples, was covered in sweat and black grease. His physique was enormous and he radiated warmth, power and sexuality. Pete gulped and sat in the chair indicated.

'Good afternoon, I'm William the supervisor here, it's a pleasure to meet you'. William stood up and extended a solid gnarled hand. Peter eagerly gripped it and reciprocated the bone-crushing handshake. William remained standing and towered above him. His blue overalls were tied round his waist and the zip led down past his waistline to the top of his white jockeys, allowing Pete to see the top of his ample bulge. Lazily William smeared the sweat over one of his large and tanned pecs. Pete gulped. William came round the desk and stood before him.

'So I hear you want a job with us? What's you credentials?' His tone was warm and friendly and the nearness of his sweaty body seemed to remove any nervousness that Pete was feeling. He extended his CV, which William took, and turning round he placed it on his desk. He turned away from Pete and with his legs spread apart bent over the desk to peruse the CV, where his Overalls hung around his waist just as at the front, the back went below the line of his jockeys. His back was slippery with first sweat and rivulets led down to his white shorts that were soaked and see through allowing Pete a guilty look at the pert top of his prospective bosses arse. They were tight and smooth. Pete gulped loudly.

He heard a chuckle and the supervisor turned round. 'Well Pete this seems fine. I've given you the once over and I believe you'll do fine here.' Shall we get you into some overalls?' Pete was amazed they hadn't even talked and now he was hired. 'Thankyou sir,' he said. Suddenly William extended his arms in a big bear hug and trapping Pete against himself, Pete found he was pressed against his sweaty chest, 'welcome aboard Pete'.

He released Pete and he was shown to a door at the back of the office. I went through following William and went inside. The inside appeared to be a large changing room full of lockers and a large communal shower. 'Now if you don't mind me for one sec, I need to shower and get rid of some of this sweat. Take a seat or join me if you wish. '

'I'm fine thank you, I've only just showered, I'll sit and wait.' I sat on a bench just behind the showers, and watched William. He was huge man. I bet he played rugby, his skin was a dark tanned colour. He slowly slid his overalls down, flicking them off and was left standing in his sweat stained white jockeys and black boots. 'So what you sports are you into Pete? ', he causally asked. I told him about how I loved Rugby and the trophies I had one, plus some of the antics I got up to. He chuckled, 'good to hear that mate'. Us guys here really have to muck in together there can be no shyness, between welders. Mate could you do us a favour and untie my boots my hands are covered in axle grease.'

I hesitated for a second then I remembered this was my new boss. I got up and walked towards him, he was an intimidating figure in only his sweat soaked jockeys and shiny black boots. I knelt before him and scrabbled at his laces. 'Lift your foot?' I asked he did and I slid his left boot off, I looked up to find his bulging package before my eyes, for a second I couldn't look anywhere else, and felt mesmerised by what was obviously a thick and mean dick. As I stared it seemed to stir slightly beneath its sweaty cotton casing. Nervously I looked down and pulled his other boot off. I was about to get off, when William pulled down his jockeys in one swift motion. He let them rest round his knees, and a gnarled hand pulled my chin up until I was staring into his deep brown masculine eyes. 'Now Pete,' he purred, 'how much do you want this job?' And with that he pushed my face forward into his bare crotch. I had a quick glimpse of shiny black pubic hair and a thick uncut dick that was slowly hardening and lengthening. Thoughts flashed through my mind. What the hell was going on, should I do this? But as my face was pressed into a hot sweaty groin, and the feel of his dick was against my stubbly face, I just acted on impulse and extended my tongue and began to lick.

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