Charles Atwood didn't own a computer; it was something that he didn't want or need. It annoyed him whenever someone entered a restaurant talking on a cell phone. He refused to have call waiting and a fax machine was out of the question. Moving into the twenty-first century was something that he hadn't planned on doing until Harry, his lover for more then thirty years died after a long illness.

        They had lived and worked together for so long that Charles still said we and us instead of I and me. It had been over a year since Harry's death and he finally listened to his friend Bill, and bought a computer. According to Bill, it was going to change his life, free him from the loneliness that he felt as it had freed other lonely people all over the world.  Charles didn't care about the world, just meeting somebody in the general vicinity that he could go to dinner with, or a movie or museums, and maybe even have sex with. He had been living a monk's life, sequested in his apartment and it was time to start living again. He was not the first man whose lover had died and he wouldn't be the last. Friends tried to introduce him to men, and the few times that he did go out on a date it was disappointing. He didn't blame anybody but himself for Harry was always there to compare, and somehow the men that he dated, never measured up.

        "There's  a world out there, men to discover, and it was all there at your fingertips," Bill said as they unpacked the computer and set it up. "You'll see, how it's going to change your life."

        For days the machine sat there not touched for somehow the computer frightened Charles. At night he sat in from of the blank screen wondering what the hell he was doing and why? He was too old to search and seek out men on the web, it was non-productive and a waste of his time. He made up excuses to himself but knew the real reason for his reluctance was that he felt that he was being disloyal to Harry.

       "Start with Apollo," Bill said. "It's a site for mature men seeking mature men."

        Charles barely knew how to turn the computer on let alone search for a site. But in time and by trial and error, he learned that one site led to links which led to another site and another. Suddenly he was caught up in the world of the internet. Like most first time users he looked at pornography until his eyes were blurry. He marveled at the explicitness and the total freedom that people of all shapes and sizes felt. After a couple of weeks he settled into a routine. At night, he checked out ads and answered them. He discovered quickly that for the most part that the men that he was interested in weren't interested in him. Most wanted pictures to share, how big was his cock,  or was he into S&M. It took him a while but was learning the jargon. He never entered Chat Rooms but lurked, never understanding the hieroglyphics that was spoken and when he did comprehend it was boring. He wondered if the internet and this world of technology was creating a nation of illiterates with the short hand language that they spoke. Didn't anybody read books? He found out that this was not what he was looking for. One evening as he was about to shut down, he read an ad that intrigued him. It was longer then most and intelligently written. Evidently the person writing it was bright, sounded honest and sincere. He responded not expecting a reply and went to bed.

       Charles was no difference then most people who owned computers, he checked his emails the first thing each morning before he started his day. He compared it to a smoker who on awakening, lit up that first cigarette to get them going. To his surprise, there was a response from the man, PeterJ23,  that he had written to the previous evening. Charles wondered if Peter was his real name. it had taken Charles hours to find himself a screen name that he though appropriate. He mused over it as parents did searching for names for their unborn children.  it was as if he was finding a new identity. "What's your screen name and email address," someone asked and he felt like he was part of this new world and laughed to himself. Yes, Charles, you've come a long way baby.  He read the email not once but a few times and a picture of Peter emerged.

        He was married for thirty odd years and discovered four years ago that he was gay. He had experimented as a youth but never thought of himself as a homosexual. For the last fifteen years, his marriage was sexless. He explained that he and his wife were living like roommates. The love that he had felt for her had dissipated a long time ago like dew in the morning sun. Peter was certain that his wife had no ideas that he was gay. She never questioned the time he spent on the computer. They had settled into a relationship like many married couples and led separate lives. He did his thing and she did hers in their shared space. She believed that he was corresponding with collegues throughout the country and he perpetuated the lie as he searched for man to man relationships. Like Charles he was disappointed.  He had taught history at a local college in a small town upstate New York and had been retired for the last two years. Charles reread the email and responded, intrigued by this Peter who loved food and travel. He enjoyed the fact that Peter was a practical joker and as a young college student earned his tuition as a pool hustler. Charles worked his way through college playing poker.

        Charles was a food editor for a magazine. Harry had been a photographer. They had met on assignment when they were young and first starting out. Their love of food and travel brought them together. Their attraction was immediate and for Charles it was love at first sight. Over the years they travelled the world over writing articles on food and Harry's photographs often accompanied Charles's stories.

        Charles looked in the mirror and wondered where the young, muscular man of yesterday had gone. Now, he was what was euphemistically called corpulent. Over the years with his lifestyle, he had put on weight. Now he tried hard not to get on a scale except in the doctor's office where his physician chided him to go on a diet. Charles was fifty-five on his last birthday and his love handles were now a part of his anatomy.

        Peter wrote Charles back and before long a friendship ensued that had Charles fond of his pen pal. They were comfortable with each other, laughed like two silly kids at things they said and discovered that they both wanted the joy of being with a man.

        One day after months of corresponding and emails.  Charles in an IM wrote. "We've known each other for months, don't you think it's about time that we saw what the other looked like?"

        "But what if we don't like what the other looks like?" Peter replied. "It may kill a beautiful friendship."

        "We've described each other and that has not scared us away. I'm going to send you a picture to that post office box you keep and you send me one of you."

        Charles sent Peter his picture and a week went by and he hadn't received one from Peter.

        "Charles," he wrote. "I know that you've been waiting for my picture, but would the real me do instead? My wife has to go to the coast to visit a sick relative and will be gone for a few days. I thought I would come into New York for a weekend. It's about time we met face to face."

           "It will be wonderful to finally meet the man that occupied so many of my nights. I can't wait to see you." Even though Charles was elated, he wondered if what they felt for each other would be the same after they met.

                                        A Week Later

        Charles entered the Golden Parrot a bar on the East Side that catered to older men or what Charles referred to as a wrinkle room. The bar was close to the train station and he thought that it would be a easier for them to meet there. It would give them time for a drink, relax and get to know each other.

        He looked around the crowded bar, then at his watch. He had arrived earlier and was nervous hoping that Peter was attractive. All sorts of thoughts ran through his mind and he wondered if Peter would like him. Would he like Peter? Charles was heavy but Peter knew that from his description. He was a shade under six feet tall with broad shoulders and a gut that had grown over the years. He purposely wore a dark shirt believing that it would make him appear thinner like most heavy men did. His thick brown hair was worn straight back. His blue eyes darkened when he was angry. He looked in the mirror behind the bar to see his reflection and thought that he wasn't such a bad looking guy. The bar was crowded and he watched men sitting there: cigarettes in ashtrays, drink in hand, staring straight ahead lost in their own thoughts. They had their money on the bar as the bartender mechanically scooped it up and fixed them another round. It saddened him but he knew that many of his friends had met their lovers in bars.

        A man slid in next to him at the bar and ordered a Scotch. He was around Charles's age and wore glasses that framed his face. He had gray hair that was cut short. He was chunky, a word that someone used to describe Charles and chunky fit this man. Charles thought that he was attractive.  Checking his watch, hoping that Peter would soon be there.

        "Waiting for someone?" the man said. "You appear anxious." The man had piercing blue eyes and a chiseled face.

        "Yes, I am. Meeting a friend who should be here shortly."

        "You don't mind if we talk until he gets here. I don't get into bars often and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I never imagined there was so many older, gay people like us out there."

        Charles laughed. "There are a lot of us gray and silver foxes out there and welcome to a wrinkle room."

        The man laughed. "What a descriptive title. "You certainly don't fit that bill."

        "You're a politician?" Charles smiled and laughed. "I am an oldie but a goodie so I like to think."

        "You're a very attractive man and certainly don't fit into the wrinkle category."

        "You're a diplomat or you need new eyeglasses," Charles responded. "But thanks for the flattering remarks."

        "I meant what I said. You're extremely attractive and the best looking man in this bar."

        Charles took a closer look at the man.  He looked like a lawyer but he was dressed casually and carrying a gym bag so he was coming from working out. His nose wasn't perfect but added character to his face, A beauty mark  on the side of his face like movie stars penciled in the olden days was the only blemish on his clean shaven face. Charles wondered if he had cut the hairs from his nose as Charles had done before he came into the bar.  If he wasn't meeting Peter he wouldn't mind continuing the conversation with this good looking man. He looked at his watch again.

        "This friend must be very important. You checked your watch three times in the last ten minutes. If you want me to move away, I will."

        "No, don't do that. He's from out of town and I didn't want him lost in the city. I should have met him at my apartment but thought it would be easier if we met here."

        "You don't know him well then?" the man said and Charles looked at him.

        "The truth is that we're meeting for the first time and I'm nervous as a kid on a first date."

        "You'll be fine. I'm sure the man will fall into your arms. I know I would if I saw you."

        "Thanks again. The funny thing is that my friend knows what I look like but I have no idea what he looks like. He described himself but you know how people on the web lie and send pictures but when you finally meet them, it is a totally different person. He  has a sort of an unfair advantage but it really doesn't matter. In the short time that we have come to know each other I consider him a wonderful friend."

              "He would probably say the same thing about you." The man's knees pressed against Charles's thigh. Charles looked at him and smiled. It had been a long time since anyone came on to him.

            "Funny, but we met on the internet and he probably knows more about me then most of my good friends."

            "Why do you suppose that is?" his hand touched Charles's thigh and lingered there.

            Charles felt the heat of his hand against his thigh and found himself getting erect. "I guess I feel comfortable with him. As my dead lover would say he would trust him with his wallet."

            "You friend sounds nice." His hand reached down and touched Charles's organ and it sprang to life. The man smiled with satisfaction. It was a large dick.  "Would you be disappointed if he's not what you expected?"

            Charles didn't know what to do. He was aroused by the handsome stranger standing next to him who obviously found his attractive but Peter would be arriving momentarily. He wondered how he could extricate himself without being rude. "By the way, my name, is Charles. In answer to your question. I have no preconceived notions of what to expect. I don't have a type and lucky that way. Short, tall, fat, skinny, bald. It doesn't matter. If I was attractive to someone I would go with them. I know that I am extremely fond of Peter, that's his name and if it didn't turn out that we weren't attracted to each other, I think the friendship would remain."

            "I'm PJ. Would you go with me?"

            "If I didn't have a date to meet my friend I certainly would. I find you attractive and bright, a combination that's hard to beat."

            "Good, then go home with me now. I can't take my hands off of you and want to make love so bad that I ache."

            Charles looked at the man and said. "I beg your pardon. I have a friend coming into this bar in a minute. I don't think so but thank you for your kind invitation. "

            Charles, it's me," Peter said. He hugged and kissed him. "I'm sorry for my practical joke but I did learn that you care for me. You do know that you are the best looking man in the place."

            Charles stood there dumbfounded and then a smile cracked his lips. He shook his head. "I should kill you but I won't." He looked at Peter and hugged him tight. "It's been a long time since a man came on to me and to be truthful I was hard and excited. Let me look at you."

            "You're not disappointed?"

              Charles touched Peter's cheek gently. "Disappointed? I wanted to see and hear you and hold you for a long time.     Now that you're here, can I take you home and make love to you?"

                 Peter had a tear in his eyes and Charles knew exactly how he felt.

           Charles had a two bedroom apartment overlooking Central Park. In the entry hallway, Harry's, black and white photographs filled the walls. They were sensuous and exciting."

            "I love Harry's photographs."

            "They are good, aren't they?"

            They entered a large living room that was almost stark in it's simplicity making the room larger then it was.

        "The Park is the view and after Harry died I changed things around. I couldn't bear to come home every night and see the things that I had lived with all those years. It was a constant reminder that he was gone. Come here," he said to Peter.

        Peter reached out and took his hand and kissed it. They stood there, the park spread out before them, lights shimmering in the distance. Charles kissed him softly on the lips and then covered his face with kisses. Peter responded and pulled Charles close, his tongue parted Charles's lips and kissed him. Charles couldn't explain the feelings that he felt,  feelings that had been dormant and now like raw nerves were exposed. They kissed for a long time just holding each other.

        Charles opened Peter's shirt and saw the patch of gray hair and round nipples that needed sucking. He kissed Peter's neck, then moved down and nestled his face in the silky hair that covered his fleshy chest. He smelled his freshness. Unbuttoning Peter's shirt, he looked at his belly that was covered with fine hair and kissed it, his hand caressing the soft mound.  He felt a scar on the side of his chest running his hand over it and touched it tenderly. With the ball of his thumb, he massaged Peter's nipples and he responded. Charles put his mouth to one nipple and gently licked at it and heard a soft moan emanating from Peter's lips. Charles sucked on one and then the other as his lips and tongue applied just enough pressure and Peter's nipples began to  grow and harden as they were loved. He wanted Peter to feel his mouth on his nipples long after he arrived home so he would remember what he was missing. He took off his shirt and admired him. Chunky was the right word to describe his body as he rubbed his hand gently over him,  feeling his hair as it slipped through his fingers. He touched places that brought pleasure to Peter. He unbuttoned his trousers and Peter raised his hips to slide them off and stood there in his white briefs. Not a word was spoken as Charles took his hand and reached inside the cotton fabric and felt Peter's dick which was hard. Charles slid off the white briefs slowly and nestled his face in his sweet smelling public hair. His dick was was nicely shaped of average size but thick as it came out of it's hiding place and pressed against his belly.  Charles's tongue scooped up the pre cum that had gathered like a melting ice cream cone. Peter gasped as he felt Charles's warm lips on his organ, his saliva moistening the head as he took it into his mouth. His lips were soft but firm as he began sucking his cock with a love that Peter had never known existed, Charles twirled his tongue around the head of Peter's cock and his mouth slid down his shaft and back up again. It was done with a tantalizing slowness that had Peter on the edge and he whispered in a voice filled with hunger.

        "Not here but in bed," Peter said. "I want to hold and love you."

        They walked into the master bedroom. A large bed dominated the space and was placed in the center of the room so it faced the window and the Park beyond. From where they stood, a full moon filled the sky. Peter turned to take off his socks and bent over and Charles saw two beautiful, rounded buns. He held them and massaged them with his hands feeling their soft smoothness.  Peter pressed against him as he kissed his neck and ear lobe, grinding his ass into Charles's groin making him moan. Charles knew that he wanted to be inside of Peter. Charles always thought of himself as a top but learned over the years that when you loved somebody you did what was necessary to make them happy. Peter had never been fucked and they had discussed it at great length and he was willing to try. He wanted to experience for himself what it felt like. Charles stripped quickly, his dick at attention as he came up behind Peter and held him again. His arms encircled his waist and he held his belly with one hand while his other tweaked Peter's nipple. His large dick pressed against the crack of Peter's ass. Beads of sweat formed at the base of his ass and Charles rubbed the sweat with his hand onto his cheeks making them glisten. His hands moved over Peter's body caressing him as the lay besides each other. They kissed now with more assurance and the tension and nervousness gone as they clung to each other. Their hands roamed freely with a life of their own, touching, feeling, discovering for themselves the other's body and their wants and needs. Both their dicks were rigid as they played with each other.

        Peter moved between Charles's leg and kissed the tip of his cock tonguing it gently as he held the shaft tightly. He massaged his nicely hung balls with fingers that were as light as a butterfly's wings. Light hair covered Charles's balls as Peter licked them. He ran his tongue against the shaft of Charles's dick and moved toward the head. His mouth now wet and hot for his instrument as he took it into his mouth. He sucked slowly working the head as he took more and more of his organ into his mouth. His tongue slid around his cock as his mouth moved up and down. The thrill was indescribable as Peter moved a little faster still not rushing as Charles's organ filled his mouth. For a man who was inexperienced, Peter was an expert with his tongue and mouth. Charles watched as he attacked his cock devouring it with the aplomb of a sword swallower taking it all into his mouth and deep throating his weapon. He squeezed his scrotum, nibbling at his balls and them washing them with his tongue as his saliva coated them. Slowly, his tongue moved back and forth like a cat washing his paws and licked at the perineum, the spot between Charles's balls and ass that had him gripping the bed sheets.

        "Oh, Oh," he moaned at Peter's hot tongue forced its way closer to his ass.

        "Sweet love," he said. "Where did you learn to suck like that? I am leaking like a faucet."

        Peter smiled. "I'm glad you like it. You know I'm a history teacher and have read  books on sex techniques and now putting into practice what I've read. Now back to work."

        He stopped talking and his tongue and lips moved down Charles's body, licking and kissing his belly. His tongue found his bellybutton and he licked it with an eroticism that had Charles arching his back. The soft hair of his body against Charles as he moved down his torso was like soft feathers as he inched his way kissing, nipping and touching.  His hand found his large furry chest and massaged it while his mouth found his nipple with his searching tongue. He sucked on his nipples with enough force that Charles held his hand on Peter's head forcing his mouth to suck harder. He moaned as Peter sucked while his hand manipulated Peter's organ with touches that sent electricity shooting through his body.

        "No," he shouted, "I want you. I want to be inside of you if you'll let me and then I want you inside of me."

        Peter kissed him soulfully and the passion erupted as they kissed long and hard their tongues discovering the delights that they both had dreamed about. He lay there as Charles sucked his cock and lifted his legs as his tongue snaked his way into the dark crevice of his ass. He flicked his tongue into the furry mound and found the rose bud and licked at it. Peter moved from side to side and moaned with delight. Charles wet his fingers and gently probed and inserted a finger softly into Peter's ass. He held it there as he sucked on his cock moving on it as his finger moved in and out.

        "Am I hurting you?"

      "At first, since I never had fingers probing my ass but It feels  wonderful," Peter said joyously.

          Charles took Ky from a drawer and spread it on his finger and into Peter's ass. He wanted him use to his fingers. He waited and then inserted a second finger into him and heard the moan as the fingers moved inside him. Peter held his breath as Charles's fingers worked their magic as they moved within him.

        "Oh, Charles," he moaned. "I never knew that it could feel so wonderful."

        Charles sucked at his balls, licking them as his fingers moved in and out of Peter's ass. He was careful and felt his ass was ready to be entered. Charles slipped on a rubber and greased Peter's ass and had him lay on his side.

        "If it hurts, we'll stop. I'll do nothing to hurt you."

        "I know that Charles. I do so much want you inside of me."

        Charles rubbed his ass against the rounded buns and spread Peter's cheeks and put his prick at his throbbing ass and entered him. He heard Peter gasp as the pain shot through him like a sharp knife. Charles stopped letting him get use his prick inside him.

        "Try and relax and take a deep breath. Do you want me to stop?"

        "No, I want you inside of me."

        Slowly Charles moved his dick inside Peter who moaned but was taking in Charles's dick until it was fully inside of him. Charles wrapped one hands around his belly and the other played with Peter's dick which was now soft. He began to move taking his time and he felt Peter's tight ass as it gripped his dick. It was a pleasure that Charles's missed as he began to move a little faster.

        "Oh, Charles," Peter cried out. "I never knew that loving like this could be so wonderful." Oh, sweetheart, I'm yours."

        Charles hand roamed Peters body and he squeezed his nipples as he moved inside him. He did it slowly watching Peter move, his ass moving to his thrusts calling out his name as he fucked him. His ass was on fire and Charles felt the heat as his dick plowed into him and Peter responded holding Charles hand on his belly clutching it tightly as Charles made love to his ass that was filled with lust but with a sweetness that only comes from loving someone. Peter's dick was now rigid and he played with himself as Charles fucked him. They moved as one as Charles moved faster and faster, his hands on Peter's hips as he thrust into him and Peter responded by throwing his hips and ass up to meet his pole as it slid in and out of him.

        "Oh, Oh," he began to holler as Charles's dick massaged his prostate, the tingling stronger and stronger and he knew he couldn't control himself  and cried out, I'm going to cum." As he said it, he unleashed a burst of sperm that exploded from him like a missile and landed on the sheets and then onto his belly and fingers.

        Charles licked Peter's fingers, tasting his load as moved inside of him as Peter's sphincter clamped down on his dick and he knew that he was going to erupt as he licked his fingers clean of his hot spunk. He pumped away and couldn't hold it any longer and ecstasy, as he came, shooting his juice into the rubber as Peter moved his ass to take him. Charles pumped until he has no strength left and collapsed against Peter. They just lay there and began to laugh. He kissed Peter's neck and whispered, " I love you."

        "I love you too," Peter responded. "I have know that for a long time now."

        Charles pulled out and they cleaned up.  They dressed and sat there  on the couch. Classical music played softly in the background. Peter was nestled in his arms, his head resting against his shoulder as Charles kissed his head gently and lovingly. He stroked his hair and Charles was at peace. Two friends had come together and Charles looked at Harry's picture sitting on an end table and winked. He would always love him, but holding Peter, he knew a new adventure was starting and where it would end, it was anxious to find out. They had a drink and toasted each other and a special thanks to Bill for making him buy a computer.