Political Insider

Chapter 1

By PresRyanGOP@yahoo.com
(M, MM, anal, con, rom)

This is my first attempt at writing a story for this type of audience but I have been reading
Nifty for a while and wanted to give something back. I know politics is a controversial
subject, so lets just all take this for what it is meant to be – fun and entertaining. Please
no political hate mail, the story does not express my own views and is a pure work of
fiction. Constructive feedback and ideas for how to take the story forward are most
welcome. I'd love to know what the readers think. Send e-mail to

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. The people and events described do not exist.
Nothing described here is meant to imply anything about the sexuality or views of any
real person. To my knowledge the story does not in any way express any accurate or
factual information regarding any person, place, or event.

This story contains graphic depictions of homosexual activities between consenting
fictional adults. If it is illegal or improper for you to view this content, then please leave
this page immediately.

Ryan made his way down the cafeteria line, he managed to end up with a turkey
sandwich and a bottle of water. The way his day was going, he thought making it through
the line without another crisis breaking out was an accomplishment. Ryan approached the
cashier and quickly paid the $7.38 for his lunch. He muttered under his breath about the
outrageous prices in Washington.

Ryan turned around and walked out into the seating area of Longworth Cafeteria. He
smiled to himself knowing that he would have run into at least a half dozen people he
knew if he had gone to the cafeteria in a Senate Building. Ryan walked to the back of the
room and found a small table that was empty. He set down his tray and took a seat,
glancing at his watch. Good, he had at least an hour to himself. A quick check of his
Blackberry showed no new crises had broken out.

Ryan Justin Whitfield IV was making it through his second year as Deputy Legislative
Director for Senator Jason McCabe. Ryan, or RJ as his closest friends called him was 27
years old, stood 6'4", weighed 190 lbs with short blond hair and piercing green eyes. He
kept in good shape, working out daily and playing in the club lacrosse league here in DC.
He was originally from Upstate New York, Rochester to be exact. He had played lacrosse
in high school and continued in college at Cornell. Ryan had been a Senate Page in high
school and had interned for a couple of different Senators during summers while in
college. It felt natural for him to come to work on the Hill full time.

So far, today had been a bitch. It was September 2007 and the Presidential Campaign was
heating up. Senator McCabe was of course running again. Given his age, it was now or
never. Ryan thought about the possibility that he would get to move to the White House
if things panned out for his boss. He wasn't sure he really wanted to though, just like the
Senators themselves, Ryan loved the Senate as an institution. For the past couple of
months, the Sen. McCabe's campaign had floundered. The campaign staff had a huge
shake-up. While technically not part of the campaign, the Senator's DC staff knew every
detail. Ryan talked to the Senator regularly, basically keeping him up to date on the
happenings in Washington.

As he sat there reflecting, Ryan heard a throat clearing right in front of him. Ryan quickly
looked up to see Chip Saunders standing at the other side of the two-person table. "Fancy
finding you on this side of Hill, Senator. Mind if I sit down," Chip said. Ryan half rolled
his eyes but smiled and said "sure Mr. Speaker." Chip laughed and took a seat.

Chip was the Speaker of the House's Legislative Director. Quite a powerful position as
far as Ryan was concerned, but they were affiliated with different political parties and
would of course have to be careful when in public. Chip worried less than Ryan. While
Ryan was a closet case moderate Republican, Chip was an openly gay liberal Democrat.
Not flamboyant by any means, but Chip's preferences were well known. Since the
Speaker, Nita Polotti, was from San Francisco, a gay staffer was really no big deal.
Chip's looks were not bad either. He was 28, stood 5'11", weighted 170 lbs, and worked
out regularly. Most would consider him good looking and every gay guy on the Hill knew
he was a total horn dog. The 2006 elections had made him a lot more powerful and he
was enjoying the wild sex, especially with studs like Ryan.

Ryan tried to make some polite conversation about upcoming bills on the House Floor,
Chip was having none of it though. Chip remembered how great Ryan's cock had felt in
his ass last month and wanted more. As the lunch went on Chip leaned over and said "so
its Friday night, got any plans stud?"

Ryan blushed immediately. He responded in a quiet voice "What did you have in mind?"
He had a good idea of what Chip wanted and to tell the truth, he could use some hot sex
to de-stress. Ryan also knew this would be a negotiation though; Chip liked doing it in
what he called "powerful" places. When Ryan and Chip hooked up last month, it had
been in the Speaker's Room just off the House Floor. It had been late on a Saturday night
and Congress wasn't in session, but Chip still had to make sure the Capitol Police
wouldn't be around too much. Luckily he knew a couple of gay cops on the night shift, so
he had arranged things.

Chip had a wide grin on his face; he could tell Ryan wanted it. "How about the Senate
Floor" he said, just wanting to see Ryan's reaction. Ryan took the bait "No way Chip! No
freaking way!" Chip grinned and said "well there is always that sex club uptown." Ryan
just shook his head and said "how about my place?"  Chip said "Awwww, that's no fun
but ok, if you'll go drinking with me and the Gay Caucus after work."

Ryan smiled at the invitation. The Gay Caucus, as they called themselves, were a group
of gay staffers that worked for Democrat House Members. They were able to be fairly
open. Actually, Ryan envied them somewhat, being able to be open and out of the closet
like that. But Ryan also maintained the view that his sexual activities were his business.
Ryan accepted the invitation "sure, what bar?"

Chip smiled, knowing he was getting fucked tonight. "Union Station, less of a walk for
you." Chip said as he gave Ryan a wink and got up, looking at his watch. "Well stud, I
gotta be going, some of us have bosses that are still down here instead of hundreds of
miles away in New Hampshire." Chip had to get in that parting job.

Ryan put a fake expression of being hurt on his face, then said, "see you six?" Chip
grinned and said "you better." With that, Chip walked out of the cafeteria. Ryan watched
the way Chip's khakis were hugging that tight ass as Chip left. Yeah, tonight would be
great even if today had sucked.

This morning, Ryan had gotten to the office and been immediately assigned to giving
Capitol Tours for the VIPs. This was normally a job for interns or legislative assistants.
But the interns were on the floor being lectured by Senator Biddie of West Virginia. Ryan
knew the lecture by heart, he had heard it several times himself. "Don't spend too much
time worrying about baseball. All you need is the Good Book, the Constitution, and to
learn your history."

Ryan didn't mind giving Capitol tours; actually he kind of liked it. He had spent a lot of
time here so he knew it by heart and loved the Congress. No, the tours weren't the
problem; the real problem was the VIPs and their snotty kids. The group he had this
morning was of course from Senator McCabe's home state – Arizona. Some VIP banker,
his wife, and three kids. The tour went on fine until the kids decided that their Dad should
be able to buy a statue from Statuary Hall. Ryan had to explain that they were not for
sale, well the egomaniac banker didn't like being told that by some lowly staffer and
decided to take it up with the Capitol Police officer on duty in a rather loud voice. Ryan
finally got the family calmed down and out of there, but he knew there would be a phone
call or letter at some point that he would have to explain.

Ryan sighed and got up from the table. His lunchtime was over. Hopefully Friday
afternoon would be uneventful, Chip had made him horny and he just wanted to fuck
now. Ryan took the tray up and put it away as he left the cafeteria. Ryan walked to the
basement of the building and took the tram back over to the Russell Building.

As Ryan walked down the hall towards the office, he spotted a Senate Page coming
towards him, with a look of knowing who he was looking for. The 17 year old page
stopped. "You are Mr. Whitfield, right?" the page stated. Ryan smiled and replied "yes, I

The page smiled, having found his target. "Senator Connely wants to see you, he is on the
floor right now." Ryan followed the page over to the Capitol and waited in the reception
room just off the floor, sending the page in to get the minority leader.

Senator Mike Connely from Kentucky was very conservative, Ryan never thought much
of him but he was an able manager and had a very detailed understanding of the Senate
rules that Ryan respected.

Connely walked off the floor at an appropriate pause and approached Ryan. "Ryan! Good
to see you," Connely stated. Ryan knew something was up, this guy was never nice to
him. "Nice to see you as well Senator, what can I do for you?" Ryan replied.

"Its that darn boss of yours. Can't you get him to tone down his liberal campaign rhetoric
on the this so-called global warming," Connely whined. Ryan smiled, knowing that
Connely was one of the handful of people on the plant still in denial about global
warming. "I'm sorry Senator, but you know how Senator McCabe is, he will fight tooth
and nail once he has made up his mind." Ryan replied.

"Yeah, I know, he is stubborn as a darn mule. Well, just tell him I want him to tone it
down, not that it will make much difference." Connely said as he wandered back to the
floor. Ryan looked down at his watch, 1:30pm on Friday, the Senate shouldn't be in
session. Ryan noticed a legislative assistant from Senator Biddie's office sitting in the
room and walked over to her.

"Hello Sally," Ryan said. Sally Hinkley had been a legislative assistant for the past ten
years, but everyone in Sen. Biddie's office had been there a while. The Senator himself
was the longest serving in the history of the Senate and had everyone's respect. Sally
responded to Ryan by saying "RJ! How is it going?"

Ryan was glad that Sally even remembered him. She was out of his age range for dating
or anything, but maybe he had made a professional impression or something, more likely
she was just good with names. "Why are they still in session? Shouldn't they be going
home by now?"

Sally smiled, knowing Ryan wanted to get on with his weekend. Truth be told, so did she.
"The California Senators already went home, but old Connely is blowing hot air about
global warming again. The Massachusetts crowd has been arguing with him for a while.
Nothing that should keep the White House Legislative Director busy" Sally gave Ryan a
sly smile. "White House LD-to-be Sally, the House hasn't counted the electoral votes
yet." Ryan played along. Sally had a good laugh at that one. "Thanks though, I'll see you
next week unless they send me up to New Hampshire." Ryan said as he walked back to
his office.

Ryan walked into the outer office, past the usual flurry of activity. He went into the
office he shared with his immediate boss. Ben Danforth was Senator McCabe's
Legislative Director. He looked good for his 34 years of age. Ben was 6', about 200 lbs,
getting a bit chubby but no gut. Certainly not a ripped speciman, but not horrible. He
knew Ryan was gay, the only one in the office that did, including the Senator. But like
Ryan he was a moderate and agreed to keep quiet about it as long as it didn't get in the
way of their work. It never did, Ryan made sure of that. Ryan really respected Ben for

Ryan took a seat at his computer and promptly sent Ben an e-mail about the conversation
with Connely. Ryan heard Ben laugh a couple minutes later and Ryan piped up "I said I
would pass it along, my job is done." Ben laughed again and said "So it is. Sorry for
making you deal with that but I couldn't deal with Connely's BS today." Ryan smiled
"no problem."

Ben looked up at the clock and said "didn't you have to deal with that tour group this
morning?" Ryan replied in a sarcastic tone "yeah, they were a bunch of fun." Then Ben
said "take the rest of the day off Ryan, anyone that can put up with a tour group and ole
Connely in the same day deserves to start their weekend early." Ryan smiled "Thanks

As Ryan started packing up his messenger bag, Ben said "oh this isn't a free gift, you are
going to New Hampshire on Tuesday. The Senator wants to know what's happening
down here and you get to brief him." Ryan groaned, "I knew this was coming." Ben
laughed. "See you Monday, Ben" Ryan said as he left the office. Ryan decided he might
as well get out while he could before he got pulled into some other project. Ben was a
good boss like that, knowing when his people needed a break.

Ryan took a walk outside, heading over to Union Station. He glanced down at his watch,
3:00pm. Chip and company should be about ready by now. Ryan walked into the historic
train station through the lobby. He always loved seeing the architecture in the entrance of
Union Station. Ryan opened the door and climbed the steps to the bar and pizza place. A
big chain outfit, but they had managed to integrate their concept in Union Station fairly

Ryan walked into the bar, sure enough it looked like Chip and three of his buddies, Sam,
Dan, and Joe had been there for at least an hour. Sam, Dan, and Joe were all good-
looking early 20s from Polotti's office. Legislative Assistants, Ryan was fairly sure. No
doubt they were gay or Chip wouldn't be hanging out with them after work.

Ryan walked up behind Chip and firmly gripped his shoulder "Mr. Speaker, a message
from the Senate" Ryan said jokingly, mimicking what the Senate Secretary would say
when delivering a message to the House Floor.

Joe looked up and saw Ryan, smiling. Joe's eyes darted over Ryan's body, practically
drooling over the blond stud that he knew Chip was going to get with. The charcoal suit
and white shirt that Ryan wore hugged his body perfectly. Joe's cock hardened as Ryan
sat down on the other side of Chip. Damn, his eye candy was blocked now.

Chip turned to face Ryan and said "the House will now receive a message from the
Senate." Ryan laughed and whispered in Chip's ear "my cock wants to give your ass a
real message buddy." Chip smiled and winked at him. Ryan ordered a beer and the four
staffers had a few drinks.

After a couple of hours they were done. Chip took a look at his watch and said "5:30, we
all done here guys?"

Sam said "yeah, we were going to hit up Cobalt if you old timers want to tag along."
Ryan smirked and said "nah, I think I'll be tagging someplace else." Chip got a big grin
on his face. The three younger guys settled up their tabs and left.

Ryan finished off his beer and started to reach of his wallet, but Chip put his hand on
Ryan's. "Nah, I got this buddy, after all the House is in charge of money." Ryan laughed,
"dude, we are such fucking political nerds… we are about to fuck and we are talking
about congressional procedure."

Chip smiled "you know the power turns me on studly." Ryan chuckled "oh I know,
believe me after last month, I know. I thought you were going to use that gavel as a dildo
for a minute."

A huge grin spread on Chip's face "dude, that would be hot…why didn't I think of that!"

Chip handed his credit card to the bar tender and settled up both the bills. They walked a
few blocks back to Ryan's car, parked in the Senate Garage. Thank goodness they didn't
run into anyone, Ryan thought. Ryan unlocked the Corvette and Chip got in. "Shit Ryan,
you never told me you had a Corvette, that beats out my Beamer for sure."

Ryan smiled "gotta go with American cars babe." Ryan drove off through downtown DC.
He decided to take the scenic route, since it was a nice afternoon. He zipped up to M
Street and then up the numbers towards Georgetown. As the wind blew through their hair
Chip commented "you live in Georgetown? I thought you'd live on the Hill for sure."

Ryan replied, "Nah man, I like to be closer to the Senators for emergency stuff, besides,
gotta have a snob zip code you know, being a Republican and all." Chip laughed at the

Before long, they were parked and going in to Ryan's townhouse. Truth be told, he could
never afford this place on his salary, his family was quite well off and a trust fund set up
three generations ago made sure Ryan was taken care of. He never told anyone about his
wealth though, just like his sexual preferences, that was none of their business.

Ryan tossed his keys and wallet on a table and dropped his bag. Then he grabbed Chip
and pushed him up against the door, locking lips immediately. Their tongues wrestled.
Ryan's tongue probed and explored Chip's mouth. Finally the kiss broke off.

Ryan took Chip by the hand and led the way up to the second floor to his bedroom. Chip
whistled "nice bed stud." Ryan smiled and put his hands on Chip's hips. "Much better
than that dusty old Speaker's room huh." Chip pushed Ryan down on the bed and
climbed on top of him. "Nah, its not but I'll make it work."

Chip reached down and slowly undid Ryan's red tie. "Why do you damn Republicans get
to wear red ties? I like them so much better than blue, I want to trade colors!" Ryan
laughed and pulled Chip down next to him on the bed.

Ryan leaned in and locked lips with Chip again. Ryan slowly fumbled with Chip's tie,
enjoying the feeling of a man in his bed again. He wished he could find the right one to
really share his bed full time, sadly they both knew this would be a good fling but Chip
was "the enemy" so it could never work for more than a fling. Ryan pulled of Chip's tie
and tossed it aside, breaking off the kiss.

Chip reached down and pulled off his Blackberry, setting it on the table, Ryan stood and
did the same. Chip said "too important to be out of touch, even during sex." Ryan said
"yeah, unfortunately." Chip retorted "turns me on."

Ryan held up the two ties "hey, you could get away with wearing red AND blue….the
gay caucus could wear purple." Chip grabbed Ryan by the shirt and threw him down on
the bed. "You bigoted Republican sack of shit!" then they both broke out laughing as
Chip unbuttoned Ryan's shirt.

Ryan looked right into Chip's deep brown eyes. They stood up and slowly undressed
each other. Taking their time, enjoying each other's bodies. Ryan pushed off Chip's shirt.
His hands roamed over Chip's firm pecs and his big fingers tweaked Chip's nipples.

Chip pushed off Ryan's shirt and ran his hands over Ryan's six pack. He wanted the stud
bad, even if Ryan was a closet case, he was still a stud. Chip undid Ryan's belt and
dropped Ryan's pants. "Mmmmm, boxerbriefs, good boi" Chip joked.

Ryan undid Chip's belt and dropped his pants. "A jock?! No wonder that ass was driving
me wild when I was watching it!" Ryan said. He reached down and playfully slapped
Chip's ass.

They both stripped off their underwear and climbed on the bed. Chip's eyes widened on
seeing Ryan's 9 inch cut cock again. Damn, he forgot how big it was. Ryan grabbed
Chip's head and started to make out with him hardcore now. Their hands roamed over
each other's bodies. Chip loved Ryan's muscles; they were absolutely divine and so

Ryan wanted Chip's ass and he wouldn't be denied. Ryan slithered down Chip's body
and pushed his legs up. Ryan's hands grabbed Chip's furry thighs and move up to his
calves, placing the legs on his shoulders.

Ryan's big dick slowly slid into Chip's ass as both let out loud moans. The fucking went
on and on. The slapping of flesh sounded through the room for a solid hour until finally
neither one could take it any longer. Ryan moaned loudly and his cum shot into Chip's
right ass. Chip's cock exploded, splattering on his abs. Both panted heavily.

Ryan collapsed on Chip and kissed him deeply. "Not bad for a pansy ass liberal" Ryan
teased. "I didn't think a prude conservative would have that kind of fucking power in
him" Chip joked back. Both let out a sigh, then they reached for their Blackberrys/ They
grabbed the wrong ones, it took only a second for them to realize the mistake and

Chip said "all quiet in the House." Ryan said "Connely finished up blabbing about the
bad science of global warming."  Chip laughed and said "see, you know the GOP is all
BS." Ryan grinned "some of them, others are the real deal."

Ryan sat up and took Chip by the hand and led him to the shower. They washed each
other, knowing that a good night was coming to an end. They got out and toweled each
other off. They got dressed fairly silently, both knowing they had been fraternizing with
the enemy but not really caring – it was good.

Chip sat down as he was pulling on his socks and shoes and said "so, I'm getting the
feeling you want to find a full-time boyfriend and we both know I can't be it."

Ryan said "yeah, I am…and I know, but we both enjoyed the fucking."  Chip said "you
need someone that is in the closet too, someone ole Connely or even McCabe would
never suspect."

Ryan sighed "that about sums it up. I think McCabe knows though, Ben probably told
him when he found out about me, I'm not totally sure though." Chip smiled "that'd be
interesting, a Republican Presidential candidate giving backhanded approval to a gay on
his own staff."

Ryan laughed at that. "He is the real deal Chip, screw the gay rights stuff, he is right for
the country."

"Blah, blah, blah" Chip retorted. "You'd be a good President Ryan. Our first gay
President, even if you are a closet case."

Ryan smiled at the last comment. "Nah, you know I would never accept the media
attention. Oh, I forgot to mention, I'll be in New Hampshire next week so e-mail me if
you need me."

Chip smiled "I think I have a new project." Ryan took the bait "what is that?"

"Finding you a boyfriend, you are way too good a guy to have to sneak around. I mean
I'll fuck college-grad LA's for the rest of my life but I know you want something
regular." Chip teased.

Ryan thought it could actually work "ok, if you find a suitable prospect, I'll go on a date
with em."

"Really?" Chip said. He always wanted to play gay matchmaker on the Hill, this could be

"Sure, now lets get you home." Ryan replied.

The two drove back to Chip's apartment on the Hill. Ryan looked at the clock in his car,
11:15 PM. Chip got out "thanks for the good time stud, I'm serious, I'll find you
someone sooner or later."

Ryan smiled "you are welcome to try, but discretion is important."

"I know" Chip replied as he walked into his place. Ryan stared at the tight ass he had just
fucked and sighed.

Ryan drove back up to the Capitol, deciding he needed to think about his life a little
more. Ryan walked in the Capitol, upstairs. He walked towards the stairway to the dome.
A Capitol Police Officer stopped him, "sorry Mr. Whitfield, you know the rules, no one
up there without a member."

Ryan rolled his eyes "come on Jake, you know it'll be ok" Ryan complained. "I just need
some space to think."

Jake shook his head "the rules are the rules Ryan. Before nine eleven, maybe, now you
know I can't do that."

Just then, Ryan saw Senator Grimes of South Carolina down the hall. He turned and
shouted "Hey Senator, got a minute."  Grimes and McCabe were good friends and Ryan
was friendly with most of the people in Grimes' office. Grimes turned and walked down
the hall to Ryan and the officer.

"You are here late on a Friday, Ryan" Grimes said. "Yeah, I just wanted to go up in the
dome and think about some things. The campaign has been kind of rough lately, you
know." Ryan replied.

Grimes smiled. "Yeah, it is a good place to think up there, I'll go with you for a minute."

Ryan and the Senator walked up the flight of stairs; Jake was annoyed that Ryan blatantly
got around his authority. Once up in the dome, Grimes said "you going to be ok up
here?" Ryan replied, "yeah, thanks a bunch." Grimes nodded and went back down.

Ryan looked out over downtown DC. The view was unique and very few ever got to see
it. He remembered the first time he saw it as a Senate Page, he and another Page had
convinced Senator Biddie to take them up here. Biddie could barely make the climb then
and can't anymore. Too bad really, Biddie really knows the history of this place Ryan

Ryan sat there for a couple hours, thinking about what Chip and he talked about, finding
him a real boyfriend. The idea really appealed to him, but it would have to be just the
right fit in his closeted life. His parents didn't even know he was gay. Maybe that would
change at some point if he found the right person, but being a gay Republican on the Hill,
Ryan had to be discreet. The disgraceful scandals of late had made it more difficult – sex
in airport restrooms or with minors was absolutely disgusting, but those scandals had
shaken the GOP. Unfortunately, those two scandals had set gay Republicans back at least
20 years if not more.

Eventually Ryan climbed down and left the Capitol, saying goodnight to Jake on the way
out to make sure there were not really any hard feelings about bending the rules. Ryan
went back home, he had a club lacrosse game tomorrow, that should be fun, but then
there was New Hampshire next week...groan.