Political Insider

Chapter 10

By PresRyanGOP@yahoo.com
(M, MM, anal, con, rom)

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Monday, December 3, 2007 Ryan's Townhouse in Georgetown

Adam slowly stirred awake, the first light from the outside waking him up. His internal
clock was telling him that it was still early. Adam looked next to him and saw that Ryan
was still asleep. A quick glance at the clock told him it was 4:39 AM.

Adam leaned over and kissed Ryan on the cheek. "I need to get going, stud. See you at
work later." Adam whispered gently, half-hoping Ryan would keep sleeping.

Ryan stirred at Adam's movement and his words. "I told you, just stay, I'll give you a
ride to work." Ryan responded, not wanting his lover to leave.

"Need my uniform babe. Plus, we have to keep it discreet, so its better that we don't ride
in together every day. I have my own apartment to deal with too." Adam said, knowing
he made complete sense.

Ryan grabbed Adam's head and brought it to his face. They locked lips passionately for a
minute and then Adam slipped out. He knew if he stayed, that he wouldn't leave.


Monday, December 3, 2007, 9:30 AM Hart Senate Office Building

Ryan typed quickly on his computer. He was responding to the normal end-of-session e-
mails. He had to get out of town this week. Ryan had mixed feelings about going home
for the winter break. Part of him wanted to stay in DC with Adam the whole time, part of
him wanted to go to Iowa and help the Senator. But he had promised his mother that he
would be home for the holidays and they were going to hold a fundraiser for the
Senator's campaign, so that was pretty good in his book. Ryan's thoughts also went to his
House race in a little less than two years. He would have to work on getting Slaterhouse
to retire from her seat or it could be an ugly fight.

Ryan's Blackberry started to buzz on his desk. He picked it up and looked at the
incoming call indicator, his mother's number was listed. Ryan clicked it on and lifted it to
his ear.

"Hi Mom" Ryan started talking into the device.

"Ryan, I'm so glad you are coming home this week, we have a very full schedule. I'm
getting everything ready for the fundraiser." His mother started in on her usual list of

Ryan rolled his eyes slightly.

"Yeah, that is great Mom. You are going to need someone from the campaign office to
come to the fundraiser. I'm not allowed to deal with the checks, since I'm on the
Legislative Staff." Ryan always had to remind his Mom about the arcane campaign
finance rules.

"That's right dear. I called up to the New Hampshire office and they are sending someone
down. I just wanted to let you know that I'll be sending the plane down Saturday morning
to pick you up, so make sure you are ready to go this time so that Jim doesn't have to
drive all around DC looking for you."

Ryan snickered as he remembered the last time their pilot had to drive up to Capitol Hill
because Ryan had gotten involved in the last minute details of a budget bill, right before
the recess. The poor guy had to wait in Ryan's office for three hours.

"I'll meet him at Reagan Airport, Mom. It'll be Saturday, so I won't be at work." Ryan
re-assured her that he'd be on time.

"All right dear, see you on Saturday." Elizabeth Whitfield hung up the phone.

Ryan breathed a sigh of relief. His Mom still treated him like he was in high school. He
wasn't looking forward to the conversation they would be having on Sunday.

Ryan clicked off the Blackberry and went back to work. He had a hard time
concentrating, since he was day-dreaming about Adam, but he did his best to push
through the work, since he would be out of the office for a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007, 1:45 PM The Pentagon, Arlington, VA

Adam walked briskly down the hall. He had never been summoned to the Office of the
Army Chief of Staff before. He had gotten lost on the way over and just knew that he was
going to get reamed out for being late.

A burly Sergeant-Major sat at a large Oak Desk as Adam entered the office. Adam's eyes
scanned the guy, he looked to be of Irish heritage, with firey red hair. He was about 6'4,"
in his mid-30s, and build like a tank. Definitely not a guy that Adam wanted to mess

Adam thought it was a little odd that the enlisted guy didn't salute when Adam entered.
He figured the guy probably saw generals all day long, no reason to salute a lowly first
lieutenant. Adam walked up to the desk and cleared his throat as he looked down at the
guy's name patch.

"Excuse me Sergeant O'Clanahan, I believe I have an appointment with General Perters."
Adam stated in as authoritative a tone as he could muster in this environment. Funny, he
had no problem on the battlefield in Iraq, but the Army Chief of Staff's office intimidated

"Take a seat, lieutenant. The Chief will be done with his meeting in a few minutes"
O'Calanahan barked at Adam.

Adam sat down and gathered his thoughts for a couple minutes. He really had no idea
why he had been called down here. Maybe his superiors wanted to move him off the
Senate assignment, but if that were the case there would be no reason for the Chief of
Staff to do it.

The door to the office opened and Adam saw two people in uniform coming out. Adam
jumped up and saluted. O'Clanahan just had a cocky smirk on his face when he saw
Adam's reaction. He was used to this all day.

Adam recognized the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Army Chief of Staff
coming out of the office. He had reviewed their pictures on the wall downstairs before he
came up to the offices, just so he would be sure to recognize them. The Commandant
saluted back to Adam as he walked out.

General Peters walked up to Adam. "At ease Baker, come on in."

The general led the way back into the office and closed the door. Adam's eyes quickly
scanned the room. It looked about equal to a Senator's Office, but with a distinct military

"Have a seat, son." Peters motioned to a chair across from his desk. Adam promptly sat
down "Thank you, Sir."

"I've been reviewing your personnel file after the letter I got from Senator Williams
office. I thought I'd call you down here to at least get to meet you. Its not easy to impress
that bunch of Senators." Peters started.

"Nice to meet you as well, Sir. I didn't know that I had impressed them." Adam

"You've got a glowing letter from Williams in your file now, lieutenant. The letter was
actually addressed to the SecDef, but we decided that I could congratulate you for a job
well done on the CODEL." Peters continued.

"Thank you Sir, I was just doing my job." Adam was confused, he was sure letters were
sent like this all the time for the military staffers working on the Hill.

"Sir, may I ask, how did this letter get the Secretary's attention? This has to be common
for those of us assigned to the Hill." Adam inquired.

"Yeah, its pretty common to get a handful of Senators, its unusual to have the letter
signed by all 100 senators though. First one that I've ever seen." Peters responded and
held up the page for Adam to see.

Adam was shocked. He'd only met a few of the Senators, maybe ten total. Why would
they all sign this? He thought for a second...RYAN!

"At any rate, I've been reviewing your file here and decided that you are overdue for a
promotion, so congratulations, Captain Baker." Peters walked around and shook Adam's
hand as Adam stood up.

"Thank you, Sir. I hope I am worthy of the position that you are trusting me with." Adam
tried to be humble.

"You'll be fine Captain Baker. Stop down in the uniform office on your way out, they
can fix you up with the new rank insignia." Peters said as he leaned down and signed
Adam's promotion order.

He put the promotion and the letter in a folder and handed them to Adam. "For your
files" Peters said as Adam accepted the folder.

"Thank you Sir." Adam replied.

The phone buzzed and O'Calanahan's voice boomed through. "General Peters, the Navy
Chief of Staff and the Surgeon General are here to see you."

"Sorry Baker, we'll have to keep this short. I have to see about some medical care for the
troops in Afghanistan." Peters smiled, making a slight joke about the priorities.

Adam was ushered out of the office and he saluted the Navy Chief of Staff and the
Surgeon General of the United States as he left.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007, 5:06 PM Hart Senate Office Building

Ryan sighed as he looked up from his computer screen. He had finally finished
everything he needed to do for the week. Anything he did for the next couple of days
would be icing on the cake.

His mind started to wander. He hadn't heard from Adam since he left early on Monday.
He hoped nothing was wrong. Maybe he had pushed Adam too far and too fast.

Chris walked in to Ryan's office. "Hey, I'm on the way to Iowa. The Senator is having a
late surge up there." Chris informed Ryan.

"Yeah, I saw the poll numbers. What do they have you doing?" Ryan asked.

Chris cringed a bit. "They want me to help with GOTV"

"Get out the vote! Always the fun part. You'll have a blast." Ryan smiled.

"And meet every crazy person in the process. Governor Hinkleberry has all the religious
types coming out in force." Chris said.

"Don't worry about them, Hinkleberry is a joke. After Minton, there is no way we get
another President from Arkansas for at least a century." Ryan teased.

Chris rolled his eyes as he left the office and went back to pack up stuff from his desk.

Ryan reached down and picked up the phone. He wanted to see what Adam was up to.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007, 6:17 PM Hart Senate Office Building

Ryan walked down the hallway; he was meeting Adam in the parking garage to go out to
dinner. Adam seemed happy to hear from him on the phone, so that was good. But Ryan
could tell that something was bothering him.

As Ryan walked down the hallway, Chip Saunders turned the corner and almost ran in to
"CHIP! Watch where you are going." Ryan said in an elevated voice.

Chip smiled "I was just going to see if you wanted to grab dinner."

"I'm going with Adam, but you can come with if you want." Ryan responded.

"You sure it is okay?" Chip asked.

Ryan smiled. "Yeah, it'll be fine. He is my boyfriend and you are one of my best friends,
I want you two to get along."

"Sounds good." Chip turned and started walking with Ryan.

The three met in the parking garage at Ryan's Corvette.

"Better take my car unless someone wants to sit on my lap." Chip said with a grin.

"Your car, defiantly," Adam replied.

The three of them walked to Chip's car that was parked a few blocks away. Ryan
couldn't help checking out Adam's tight ass in that dress uniform as they walked. When
they got to the car, Chip drove, Ryan sat in the passenger seat, and Adam sat in the back.

"That seafood place on the waterfront sound good?" Chip asked.

"Good with me, how about you, babe?" Ryan asked Adam.

"Fine with me" Adam responded.

Chip quickly drove through the heavy downtown traffic and they arrived at the restaurant
shortly. As they waited to be seated, Adam felt slightly uncomfortable, being the only
uniformed military guy there, but this was DC, so it wasn't unusual to see military guys

"Light crowd tonight" Chip commented as they were seated.

"Everyone must be gone for the holidays" Adam interrupted.

The waitress came over and quickly took their drink orders. Ryan had a scotch with soda
water, Chip had a Coke since he was driving, Adam had a beer.

Ryan spotted the rank insignia on Adam's shoulder and noticed it for the first time
"Congrats on the promotion Adam!" he said.

Adam blushed slightly then said "like you didn't know.'

"How could he know what you military people get up to" Chip chimed in.

"How common is it for 100 senators to send a letter to the Army Chief of Staff" Adam
responded, looking a Chip.

Ryan turned bright red. He thought Adam would never find out about that.

"Judging from the Senator's red face there, I'm going to say it isn't too common" Chip
responded with a slight grin.

"Didn't' think so," Adam said, looking at Ryan.

"It didn't say they had to promote you... just that you did a good job... which you did."
Ryan tried to defend himself slightly.

"Just don't do it again stud." Adam said as he reached over and gave Ryan's hand a quick

Ryan felt a little bad about it. He had only been trying to help Adam. Maybe he got a
little carried away. The rest of the meal was uneventful and they got back to Ryan's car at
9:40 PM.  Chip drove off, telling Ryan that he'd see him tomorrow.

"You need a ride home?" Ryan asked.

"Sure, you know I like the Vette" Adam smiled at him.

They got in Ryan's Corvette and zipped through the streets. Adam sat in the passenger
seat, his hand resting on Ryan's thigh.

"Hey, can you give me a ride to the airport on Saturday, I hate leaving this thing parked
there." Ryan had a bad experience with leaving his car at the airport before.

"No problem stud. Seriously, don't take the promotion thing too hard, I just like to get
stuff on my own." Adam responded.

"You deserved it, but I promise, I won't go out of my way to promote you, unless I'm
President, then I'm in your chain of command." Ryan teased slightly.

They pulled up to Adam's apartment building.

"Thanks for the ride babe" Adam leaned over and locked lips with Ryan. It felt wonderful
as their tongues explored each other's mouths for a couple minutes.

"See you tomorrow" Adam said as he suddenly got out and went inside. Ryan drove
home, real horny... damn Chip for tagging along, he could have fucked Adam instead of
wasting the night at dinner.

Thursday, December 6, 2007, 7:02 AM Adam's Apartment, Pentagon City, VA

Adam pulled on his t-shirt and looked in the mirror. He felt totally pumped after his
morning workout and shower. He stood there, checking himself out in his army-issue t-
shirt, camouflage pants, and boots. Adam ran his hands over his pecs and smiled. He
looked good and he knew it. Adam sighed and pulled on his camouflage tunic and
grabbed his black beret.

As he left the building, Adam heard someone say "hey West Point, lets talk a minute."
Adam turned to see a Navy lieutenant standing there, apparently waiting for him. The guy
looked to be late 20s, 5'10", black hair, brown eyes, an athletic build from what Adam
could tell with the guy's Class A dress uniform on. Adam looked at the guy's finger and
noticed the academy ring, no wedding band though.

"Hey Annapolis, what's up?" Adam responded with a slight smirk.

"You really should wear a dress uniform if you are going to the Hill," the Navy guy said
smiling back at Adam.

Adam walked up and shook hands with the guy "You didn't track me down to give me
fashion tips, besides I don't have anything formal today."

The Navy guy shook Adam's hand firmly and said "Dave Mitchell and I tracked you
down to give you some friendly advice. I work at the Pentagon and noticed you just got
promoted with the help of a certain congressional staffer."

Adam's face turned bright red. "No, I mean, I don't think that had anything do with it..."
Adam was at a loss for words.

"Don't make an excuse to me Baker, we both know what happened. Personally, I
couldn't care less about that. Thing is, I have a friend that wants that same staffer for
himself and wants you to back off. Now, I'm sure you don't need to get involved with
don't ask-don't tell." Dave delivered the warning he was sent there for.

"I think that is my business and you should butt-out Squid" Adam responded, getting
angrier by the second.

"Part of my job in the public affairs office is making sure the military doesn't get
embarrassed. Having an officer parading around with a Congressman could be
embarrassing. Even if he is only a wanna-be Congressman. Take my advice and back off,
there are plenty of other fish for gay military guys." Dave gave Adam a friendly wink as
he said the word gay.

Adam was dumbfounded and mad as hell. Where was this guy coming from? Who was
watching him to know all this stuff? Almost no one knew about Ryan running for

"I'm not backing off" Adam said coldly.

"Up to you Army. But, just so you know, this could get very messy in a discharge
hearing." Dave turned and started to walk away.

Adam couldn't help but check out Dave in that tight uniform. He snapped back to reality
quickly though as he was furious.

Then Dave stopped, turned and said "Whitfield is way out of your league Adam, he is
just using you as a fuck toy, he'll move on to something better when he is done. The guy
is a billionaire; you really think he cares about an orphan-rat like you?" Then Dave
walked off briskly. He couldn't believe he had just done that to another gay military guy,
but he didn't really have a choice in the matter.

Adam was shaken. His stomach felt like it was balled up in a tight knot. He thought about
calling Ryan right then. He thought about going home and calling in sick for the day. But,
he decided to go to work and see how things played out. Hopefully he would see Ryan,
he also decided that he needed to work this out for himself and not involve Ryan.
Whoever was messing with him, Adam knew he could bring them down.


Thursday, December 6, 2007, 10:30 AM The Capitol, Washington, DC

"... and this is the old Senate chamber..." Ryan droned on giving his assigned tour group
the Capitol tour. He had the speech memorized by now, so he could recite without
thinking too much.

As the group was looking around and taking pictures, Ryan quickly checked his
Blackberry. Nothing much going on today, he would have to find some time to go hang
out with Adam. Ryan smiled to himself as he thought about how convenient it was
having a boyfriend that worked on the Hill as well.

The tour continued for another hour as the group went through the entire Capitol building
with a bunch of bored kids and their parents asking too many questions.

Ryan finally got rid of the tour group at 11:30 AM and over to the House side of the
Capitol, up into the House staff gallery. He sat down next to Chip who was counting the
minutes until adjournment.

"Any plans before you leave DC?" Chip asked as Ryan sat down next to him.

"Just hang out with Adam tomorrow, what about you?" Ryan responded.

"I'm going back to San Francisco with the Speaker tonight. Should be a good time in the
Castro district." Chip grinned widely.

"Just remember, I'll need your help with a few phone calls on Sunday." Ryan reminded

They watched the activities on the House floor for a few more minutes, then went back to
their offices to get things closed for the end of session.


Thursday, December 6, 2007, 11:45 PM Ryan's Townhouse, Georgetown

"I know it is here somewhere," Ryan's voice slightly drunken as he fumbled with his
keys and finally got the door opened.

Adam followed behind closely, pressing Ryan up against the door and kissing him once
they got inside. The two stood in the entryway kissing passionately. Ryan's hands started
to fumble around with Adam's uniform. Adam worked on Ryan's tie, pulling it off. After
a few minutes, Ryan led the way up to the bedroom, taking Adam's hand.

Once in the bedroom, they pulled off each other's cloths, ruthlessly going at it. Ryan let
his Blackberry fall on the floor in his heap of cloths. Once Adam was stripped down to
just his dog tags, Ryan shoved him back on the bed and got on top him.

Their lips locked, their bodies grinding against each other. Their hands aggressively
roaming across the others hard body. Adam moaned deeply, he let his guard down for the
first time really, feeling totally comfortable with Ryan.

"mmm, you are so fucking hot," Ryan moaned into Adam's ear as his cock slid his big
cock into Adam's ass. Ryan started to fuck Adam hard. He loved that Adam could take it
a little bit rough like this, most guys couldn't handle him.

Adam felt his boyfriend's big dick filling him up. It was amazing; he wanted to feel like
this all the time. Ryan's breathing started to get heavier and faster. Adam instinctively
clinched his ass, tightening even more around the big dick. Then he felt the warm cum
shooting into him. They both moaned loudly. The two stayed there, Ryan on top of
Adam, for about five minutes, enjoying the moment, not saying anything.

Adam was rock hard and ready to blow, his hand naturally moved to his dick that was
waiting on edge. Ryan grabbed Adam's hand and pushed it back, then said "mine."

Ryan leaned down and took Adam's stiff prick in his mouth, slurping it down. Adam let
out a loud moan the echoed in the room. Ryan went down on him, his head moving up
and down until finally Adam shot his load into Ryan's waiting mouth. Ryan swallowed
every drop and continued to suck as Adam squirmed in his sensitive moment after

They kissed some more and relaxed for a few minutes. Finally, Adam broke the silence
as he noticed Ryan seemed to be tired.

"What we going to do tomorrow?" he asked.

"Whatever you want babe, how about we stay in bed all day and fuck." Ryan responded.

Adam laughed a bit. "As hot as that sounds, I think we only take so much of that; it's a
day off we should do something fun.

Ryan said "ok, how about you teach me to shoot" he said with a smirk, knowing he
baited Adam.

"You already know how to shoot just fine, I promise." Adam responded with a smile.

Ryan punched Adam playfully in the arm. "you know what I mean."

"Cool. We can go down to Quantico, they have a good range, as long as you can put up
with the Marines." Adam said.

"Marines are hot too," Ryan said. "Plus I'm a Republican, so I like big guns."

Adam sighed, wondering in the back of his mind if Ryan would really mess around with
a Marine that easy. He pushed the thought out of his mind.

"It'll be fun babe." Adam leaned down and kissed Ryan again.

They fell asleep in each other's arms.


Thursday, December 6, 2007/Friday Dec, 7, 2007, 12:00 Midnight Reagan National
Airport, Arlington, VA

Chip Saunders, a bunch of staffers, and several members from the California delegation
boarded the Speaker's 747 flight bound for San Francisco. Chip smiled as he once again
saw the big plane. He had been part of the team to negotiate for the Speaker to have such
a large plane to go back and forth to California. The conservative media went nuts, but
this really was an efficient way to get back and forth and they did take a bunch of people
at once rather than buying so many commercial tickets.

Chip found a seat in the back of the plane, off by himself, and got settled in for the red-
eye flight across the country. He grabbed his personal cell and flipped it open, hitting
Dave Mitchell on his contact list and dialing him.

Dave picked up, but there was a lot of noise in the background. "Dave, go outside so we
can talk!" Chip said into the phone a little too loudly. Dave groaned, not wanting to deal
with Chip's bullshit tonight, but this guy could ruin his career and his life. Dave went out
of the bar that he was hanging out in with some other Navy guys.

"Chip, it's late, what's up?" Dave said into the phone as he stepped out the door of the

"Is it done?" Chip asked in a demanding tone.

Dave sighed again. "Yeah, it's done Chip... I really hated that by the way". Dave had to
let Chip know that he was pushing the envelope.

"Good. And I don't give a shit what you like. This is much more important than you. I'm
going to make Ryan Whitfield the first openly gay President and if I have to step on a few
egos in the process, I don't care." Chip said with a holier-than-thou tone in his voice.

"Chip, come on. Even if that's true, having an Army guy for his boyfriend, husband,
whatever, would be a perfect fit." Dave tried to convince Chip.

"I'll decide what a perfect fit is here Dave. I am the best gay political strategist in the
country; you are a closet case Navy guy. Trust my judgment over yours.  Have a good a
holiday; we'll talk about finishing off Mr. Adam when I get back to DC."  Chip abruptly
ended the call. Dave had some nerve trying to give him political advice. Chip smiled as
he thought about how he threatened to out Dave if he hadn't done this for him. If Ryan
wanted to play with closet-cases, he could manipulate that; Ryan will learn that the gay
agenda does not waste time with people that don't have the integrity to be open about it.


Friday, December 7, 2007, 8:45 AM Ryan's Townhouse, Georgetown

Ryan was the first to stir awake. He felt his arms tangled with Adam's and didn't want to
move. It felt so nice just to stay there with his boyfriend sleeping next to him. Finally,
after 15 minutes of enjoying it, Ryan leaned down and softly kissed Adam on the lips,
waking him up.

"Uhhhmmmmm... What a good way to wake up" Adam said as they finally broke the

"Yeah, its nice... you should stay over every night." Ryan was only half-joking.

"Want to go for a run?" Ryan asked.

"Didn't get worn out enough last night?" Adam teased.

"Get up" Ryan said as he untangled himself from Adam and started to get up. Ryan got
out of bed and looked at his night table, searching for his blackberry. He finally
remembered it in his pile of cloths and went to get it.

Adam got up and walked over to Ryan's dresser, pulling out some cloths to wear running
as Ryan scrolled through the messages. Finally, Ryan put the device down on the table
and got dressed with Adam.

The two went out for a longer-than-normal run. Since they had a day off, they decided to
try a 10-mile run. They returned home sweaty from the run. Adam watched Ryan's
sweaty form unlock the door and they went back inside.

They stripped and got in the shower together, slowly taking turns washing each other off.  
As they showered, Adam started to discuss their plans for the day.

"You still want to go learn how to shoot?" Adam asked.

"Absolutely, then we can come back and shoot some more" Ryan responded as he
reached out and playfully tugged Adam's dick with his soapy hand.

They finished up in shower and got dressed. Ryan wearing khacki pants and a black
striped rugby shirt; Adam wearing jeans and a white underarmor long sleeve shirt under a
gray t-shirt.

They went out to Ryan's car and drove out of DC, going down I-95 South.

"You sure that they won't make too much of a fuss out of us using their range?" Ryan
asked as he drove.

"It won't be a problem, just let me handle it babe." Adam responded.

As they drove onto the Marine base in rural Virginia, the guard approached the car.

Adam leaned over and passed the guard his military ID and Ryan's congressional ID.

"Sergeant, we are just going for some range practice on the civilian side if that is ok."
Adam said.

The young marine looked down at the IDs, nodded his head, and said, "let me call it in,

The guard walked over to his booth and called in their information. He then walked back
to the car and handed Adam the IDs back, saying "all set, turn right at the next
intersection." The guard then waved them through as the gate opened.

Ryan followed Adam into the shooting range and got signed in. Then they checked out a
couple of the loaner guns, one .38 and one .45. Adam set up the guns in one of the
shooting lanes and they put on their ear phones.

"Ok, I'll watch you first," Ryan said.

"That's no fun, you try and I'll correct you" Adam responded with a grin.

Ryan reached for the .45 saying, "I like big guns," and smiling.

Adam put his hand on Ryan's and moved it over to the .38 "lets start small" Adam

Ryan lifted up the gun and pointed it down the range towards the target. Adam stood
behind Ryan, but then reached over and re-positioned Ryan's shoulders so that he was in
a more stable position.

"Try it now" Adam said.

Ryan fired at the target, several shots missing the paper and a few hitting.

"It takes a bit to get used to" Adam said as they called the target back and put up another.
Once the target was set, Ryan grabbed the .45.

"Time to try the big one." Ryan said with a grin.

"Just make sure you are ready for the recoil" Adam said.

Ryan shot the .45 and was able to handle it, hitting the target a few times. Ryan set the
gun down and they recalled the target. Ryan reached up and rubbed his shoulder a bit.

"Harder than I thought" Ryan said.

Adam leaned down and whispered "I'll massage it out tonight babe"

They both smiled and continued their shooting time at the range. Adam showed off a bit,
hitting the exact center on ten targets with ten bullets.


Friday, December 7, 2007, 4:30 PM Hotel in Manchester, NH

Brad Easterly loaded the box of supplies into the trunk of his car and locked it back up.
He walked back in to his manager who was still yelling at the same staffer as when he
had left. Apparently the staffer thought it was ok to put campaign signs on the lawn of a
public school.

Phyllis Langhorne had been a New Hampshire Republican operative for three decades
and she knew this campaign could win if she could get these staffers organized for get-

Brad walked up to her and said "All set Mrs. L."

The gray-haired lady turned suddenly and looked down at Brad with a slight smile.

"Good Brad, here is the address and directions. I really don't know why they think I have
people to spare. The RNC should send someone from DC, but we do the best we can."

"No problem Mrs. L, I'll take care of it and be back as soon as I can."

Brad walked back out to his car to get on the road. He could barely contain his
excitement about this assignment, mainly because he wanted to get with his campaign
fling, Ryan, again before the campaign ended. He hoped Ryan would remember him,
what a disappointment if he didn't.

Brad got in his car and started driving.


Saturday, December 8, 2007, 5:30 AM Ryan's Townhouse, Georgetown, DC

The alarm clock blared loudly, announcing it was time to wake up. Adam reached over
Ryan and smacked the annoying device. Ryan turned slightly and pulled Adam close to

"I wish you would come with me, everything will be fine." Ryan said to Adam.

Adam sighed. He wanted to go, he wanted to meet Ryan's family and friends, but he
knew Ryan needed some space to come out to his family.

"We talked about this already stud." Adam said as he hugged Ryan back.

"I know. I just don't want to be away from you during the holidays." Ryan was feeling a
little emotional.

"I'll be fine. I have a few things to take care of here." Adam reassured his boyfriend.
Adam thought about it. Ryan is the closest thing he has to family now other than a uncle
and a few cousins back in Wisconsin that never even talk to him. Rather than taking him
in, the uncle had let Adam rot in the foster system.

Ryan got a bit of a grin on his face and flipped over Adam to be behind him. He rubbed
his cock along Adam's ass.

"That feels so good babe." Adam moaned.

Ryan pushed his dick in, slowly fucking Adam. "Nice and slow, we won't get this again
for like a week." Ryan teased as he slid in and out slowly. Ryan's dick was getting harder
and harder. He knew he wouldn't last too much longer. Then he blew a huge load in
Adam's tight ass. Adam jizzed at the same time onto the bed. Adam still couldn't believe
what he had been missing out on with sex these past several years.

The two got up and showered together. They washed each other off and kissed
passionately in the shower.

Once they got out and were dried off, Adam put on some jeans, t-shirt, and a fleece
pullover; he was just driving Ryan to the airport. Ryan put on jeans, a red button-down
shirt with the collar open, and a navy blazer. He slide on a pair of black socks and brown
loafers to complete the outfit. Ryan grabbed his watch and put it on quickly. Adam
looked at the watch, thinking how it probably cost more than he made in a year, but not
saying anything.

"You look so preppy" Adam teased.

Ryan smiled. "Hey, I'm almost a congressman now, gotta look the part."

They left and got in Adam's Jeep Cherokee and drove to the airport. As Adam turned into
National Airport, Ryan pointed to a side road and said "go down there".  Adam was a bit
confused, why weren't they driving up to the terminal, but he did what Ryan said. A
minute later, they were pulling up next to a private jet parked on the runway.

Adam said "whoa... that's yours?" as he looked at the stylized W (for Ryan's last name,
Whitfield) painted on the tail.

Ryan blushed slightly. "Yeah, it's just...f aster" Ryan smiled.

Adam leaned over and kissed Ryan on the mouth. "I'll be back as soon as I can." Ryan
said as he put his hand on Adam's thigh.

Ryan jumped out of the car and walked up to the plane. It was so nice not to need luggage
when going home these days. He had ordered a complete duplicate wardrobe at home and
in DC. Maybe he was a clothes whore, but he just thought it was convenient.

Ryan shook hands with the family's pilot, Jim, as he got on board and then settled in the
back of the plane. He saw Adam out the window, watching as they left. Once they were
in the air, Ryan poured himself a scotch and sighed. He closed his eyes and sipped his
drink, thinking about the conversations that awaited him in Rochester.