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Chapter 11

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Saturday, December 8, 2007, 9:30 AM Greater Rochester International Airport

The 14-passanger Gulfstream Jet landed and taxied to a private hanger. The door opened
and Ryan walked down to a waiting black Cadillac Limousine. The long-time family
driver, Jeff was waiting for him with the back door open. Ryan shook Jeff's hand and got
into the limo, driving into downtown Rochester. Ryan hated going to the family office,
but they wanted to see him and he had a few things they needed to know.


Saturday, December 8, 2007, 9:45 AM Downtown, Rochester, NY

Ryan stepped out of the limo and looked up at the 30 story building. The Whitfield
Building. It was still hard to think of this huge office building being named for his family.
Ryan smiled as he saw the stylized W logo on the outside of the building and the door.  
Ryan walked through the revolving doors and through the ornate lobby. It was funny; no
one in the lobby knew he owned this place; he preferred to keep it that way. Ryan walked
to the elevators and went up to the top floor.

Ryan got off the elevator and walked down the hall. The Whitfield Family Office only
occupied the top floor. The rest of the building was rented out. Ryan took a deep breath
as he opened the door to the family office and entered the reception area. An attractive
brunette lady was sitting at the front desk, Ryan didn't know her.

He approached the desk and gave her a smile, she probably thought he was flirting Ryan
thought. "I'm here to see Mr. Ravenswood, please."  The lady smiled back at Ryan.  "Do
you have an appointment, Mr. Ravenswood is very busy today" the lady responded.

"I think he'll want to talk to me. The name is Whitfield, Ryan Whitfield." Ryan gave his
best James Bond imitation. The receptionist was not amused and blushed bright red. "I'm
so sorry Mr. Whitfield, I'm Janice Smith, I just started a couple of weeks ago, it's so nice
to meet you, I'll get him right away." She jumped on the phone quickly, paging Mr.
Ravenswood, the Chief Executive of the family office.

Ryan smirked at her and said "I know the way, thanks." He had fun messing with the new
employee's mind. He walked through the massive office suite to Martin's office and
walked right in.

Martin Ravenswood sat at his desk, expecting Ryan sometime today. Ryan-the-fourth,
that is. Martin had worked for Ryan's father and grandfather, also named Ryan, since he
graduated from Columbia with a business degree in the mid-1960s. Martin is an older
gentleman, slightly chubby, a swath of gray hair and black glasses. He is a bulldog of a
financial planner and gets good returns on large sums of money, that is his job. He has
grown the Whitfield fortune tremendously and made himself a millionaire with his
performance bonuses in the process.

Martin quickly stood up and shook hands with Ryan. "Ryan, how are you? You are
looking good."

Ryan closed the door and sat down in the chair in front of Martin's desk.  "So, I
understand you needed to see me about my taste in cars" Ryan said with a chuckle.
Martin gave him a slightly dirty look "ahhh, yes. The hundred-grand decked out Corvette.
A little flashy for a congressional staffer, don't you think?"

"I like it though. I could have spent a lot more on some European car, but I like American
products better, especially if I'm going to run for Congress. Besides, you never had a
problem with the cars in the garage at the house."

Martin was about to break out into a lecture, but stopped mid-breath. "Congress? What
do you mean, Congress?" Martin said, totally shocked.

"I've decided it is time to move up the ladder. I'm running for Congress in 2010, for the
seat here." Ryan said in a matter of fact tone.

Martin was shocked. "I...I... well, you have the money, no doubt. But, like we've always
talked about Ryan, are you sure that is a wise decision? Raising your public profile like
that? You've always been a private person."

"I know. I need to get over it. Some friends in DC helped convince me of that. I'm never
going to really work a day in my life, I need to be constructive, maybe even give
something back to the country that has given my family everything."  Ryan couldn't
believe how much he was sounding like dozens of other rich politicians.

"And by the way, I'm gay and will be coming out of the closet before the election so that
I don't have any secrets from the public." There. Ryan had blurted it out.

Martin was dumbfounded. The gay part he already knew. He wouldn't be doing his job if
he hadn't had certain intelligence on Ryan's activities in DC. But this running for
Congress bit sent him for a loop.

"Ryan, you know I am here to support you. Your father and I were great friends and he
would always want me to help you however I can. But he also never wanted the spotlight;
I didn't think you wanted it either." Martin decided a somewhat conciliatory approach
would be best.

Ryan said "Like I told you, I've changed my mind about the public profile stuff. I'll have
to get over it. I'm going to avoid as much financial disclosure as I can, but it will
undoubtedly come out."

Ryan was totally shocked that Martin had said nothing about the gay part though; he
thought that would be the bigger surprise.  "So you are ok with my being gay?" Ryan
asked, the curiosity getting the better of him.

Martin smiled. "It's not place. You are a good person and I have nothing against gay
guys. Your mother may be a different matter, however.  Have you told her yet?"

"Tonight." Ryan said with a sigh of relief. At least the trusted financial advisor would be
ok with all of this. Ryan had originally planned to tell his Mom on Sunday, but he just
wanted to get this overwith.

Martin nodded and leaned back in his chair. "The lawyers have all of the end-of-year
paperwork ready and my team has an end of year financial presentation ready if you

"Yeah, in the conference room?" Ryan asked.

"Of course. We could get lunch sent up if you want." Martin responded.

"Sure, just give me a few minutes and I'll be there, I need to hit the restroom." Ryan
excused himself and went down the hall to the office restroom, locking the door.

Ryan took a leak and then washed his hands. He splashed water on his face. He had come
out to one of the first people he needed to. It had gone much better than he expected.
Ryan took out his personal cell and sent a text to Adam "One down, better than I
thought. A bunch to go." Ryan put the phone back in his pocket and pulled himself
together. He opened the door went down the hall to the large conference room. He loved
the conference room, it had a great view of downtown, large portraits of his father,
grandfather, great grandfather, great-great grandfather, and great-great-great grandfather
on the wall reminded everyone who came to this room that they were dealing with old
money, very old money dating back to the late 1700s.

Ryan took a seat at the head of the conference table and the presentations started.


Saturday, December 8, 2007, 1:00 PM Whitfield Estate just outside of Rochester, NY

Brad's car screeched to a halt, despite all the snow, he thought he had finally found it as
he sat in front of a large gate with a "W" on it. His eyes got really, really big. He knew
Ryan was rich, but this place looked more like a palace or a college campus than a house.  
He could see the long driveway to the main house up on a hill and several other buildings
off in the distance.

Brad leaned out of the window of his Toyota Prius and pushed the button on the call box.
A voice quickly came over the intercom. "Yes, may we help you?" the female voice said.

"Ummm, yeah I'm Brad Easterly from Senator McCabe's New Hampshire Office. I'm
here to help with the fundraiser on Tuesday. They sent me down a bit early to make sure
everything was going all right." Brad felt a little self-conscious about this place for some

The voice paused and then returned quickly. "Brad, so glad you are here. You are late!
Mrs. Whitfield has been going crazy with the arrangements, please come in quickly."  
Molly Hastings was not amused that the campaign office had not gotten someone here

The gate swung open automatically and Brad drove in.  He drove up the long driveway.  
As he started to turn into the main driveway, guy in a dark gray suit with tails waived him
to drive around back and shouted "servant entrance is around the side young man!"

Brad scowled. He wasn't a servant. Well maybe he was here. He continued driving
around the large house and finally got parked. An angry looking chunky red-head lady
was waiting. Brad rolled his eyes and grabbed his fleece, pulling it on over his t-shirt,
suddenly he felt way underdressed in just a t-shirt and jeans.

As Brad got out of the car, the lady approached.  "Good afternoon Bradley, I am Molly
Hastings, Mrs. Whitfield's private Secretary."  She tepidly extended her hand to shake

Brad shook her hand politely. "Please, it's Brad, not Bradley."

Molly nodded and motioned to the door.  "This is the servant's entrance. Only family
members and invited guests are allowed in through the front door. I'm sure the butler
around front explained that to you."

Brad grinned. This is ridiculous he thought.  "Ummm, but I'm a guest, not a servant."

"No, you are here to work an event. That is not an invited guest." Molly scowled. She
had to correct this young one from the start and teach him some manners.

Brad decided to play along, he was sure Ryan wouldn't see things the same way thought.

He smiled. "Please lead on then."

Molly nodded and led him through the massive house to help with the fundraiser
preparations in the ball room.


Saturday, December 8, 2007, 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern Mansion of Barry
Bozbus, San Francisco, CA

Chip was excited to tell Barry the news about Ryan.  He drove over here first thing when
he woke up this morning.  Chip walked into the front door of the porn producer's
mansion and called out "Barry, are you awake?!"  Chip still couldn't believe Barry lived
in a large house like this alone, well except for his fuck-toy-guy of the day.

Barry Bozbus, was a big time gay porn producer and multi-millionaire. He was also one
of the main connections between Hollywood money and various gay causes. He was the
backroom dealer and financial backer of the gay rights movement. He had helped Chip
get his job in the speaker's office and was more or less Chip's mentor although Chip had
come to question Barry's real interests the longer Chip was in Washington. Still he was
connected in the gay world and he would need that to help Ryan.

Physically, Barry is a 5'9" chubby man is his mid-50s with graying hair and large, thick
glasses. Barry sits on the sofa in a comfy looking bathrobe.

His footsteps echoed down the hall as Chip walked further in, finally finding Barry and a
blonde twink 20-something in front of the fireplace.  "Barry! I have big news."

The twink sitting in Barry's lap said "who is this?"

Barry looked over and said "well come on in Chip, make yourself at home."  He leaned
over to the twink and said "why don't you go fix us some lunch while I talk to Chip
here."  The twink got a sad-looking expression but went off to the kitchen as told.

"Good to see you are back in California, Chip." Barry said with a smile.

"Who is that guy?" Chip asked.

"Just a fun guy I found the other day." Barry said with a smile. "Why, you wanna take
him for a ride?"

Chip shook his head. He hoped he was still getting that kind of game at Barry's age.

"No, I'm here on business." Chip said taking a seat.

Barry smiled. Of course he was. Chip hadn't been producing well lately; Barry might
have to get a new DC contact if that kept up.

"Well, do tell" Barry said with a smile.

"We are going to field a new openly gay representative" Chip said with a smile.

Barry chuckled. "From where? We already have them in Massachusetts and California,
what more do we need? That record is broken. Now if you have a gay Senator for me, I
might be interested."

"Upstate New York." Chip said with a sly smile and then said "A Republican."

Barry got agitated and fidgeted in his chair.  "A Republican! Absolutely not! No way do
we back a Republican, you have gone soft! Upstate New York bunch of rednecks may
as well be Alabama!"

Chip stayed cool and collected. He expected this. "Come on Barry; think about
something for a second. The gay agenda repeal of DOMA, marriage equality, repeal of
don't-ask-don't tell. It is all advanced by us putting gays everywhere, being in their face.
Nothing is going to be more in-their-face than having a gay Republican in Congress."

Barry seemed to settle down as Chip reminded him that they were working towards the
same goals.  "What do you need from me Chip? Money? I won't fund a Republican. I
might give some back of the glove support to a gay one, but no way to I send a donation
to the RNC."

"Money won't be a problem. He is going to self-fund. What I need help with is making
sure the gay media stays in line. No surprise stories about some guy he has hooked up
with." Chip replied.

Barry scowled. He liked having control over candidates by being a big-time donor. He
had never seen a gay guy self-fund his campaign before.   "Who are we talking about

"Ryan Whitfield, of the Rochester Whitfield's" Chip said using his best imitation snob

Barry laughed loudly.  "Isn't that your DC fuck buddy?  How much money do you think
a low paid staffer has?"

Chip looked annoyed. "Was my fuck buddy, he has an Army-guy for a boyfriend now,
but I'm working on that.  And I think he is a billionaire, with a B."

Barry slouched back.  "We can't control a billionaire Chip. This is risky. We would be
better off destroying him in the media."

"I don't think that would be a good idea." Chip said coldly. "That is why I'm here."

Chip slid forward in his chair. "Look, this will bring the gay issues debate front and
center in the GOP when they have to deal with a gay house member. And I'll be his
chief-of-staff; you know I'm going to push the agenda."

Barry took a sip of his drink.  "All right Chip. I do trust your judgment. You have my go-
ahead. But, I am going to make sure we have dirt on this guy. He slips up just once one
time saying he supports DOMA and I let loose the media hounds in NYC and LA. A gay
Republican could hurt them, but it could hurt us too, let's make sure the dice land in our

Chip nodded. "It will work out, you'll see."

Chip got up and left. That went better than he had expected.


Saturday, December 8, 2007, 4:30 PM En Route to the Whitfield Estate just outside of
Rochester, NY

Ryan pulled out his cell phone as he got into the limo that was parked in front of the
downtown office building. He couldn't believe how long the family office had kept him
there to deal with the ridiculous legal paperwork. Trust documents, taxes, distributions,
re-investments, family trees, squabbling cousins, and teams of lawyers haggling over
trusts from the early 1800s. It all made Ryan want to scream.

Ryan texted Adam again.  "How's it going?"

Adam saw the text and smiled, replied "Slow day, got in a good work out. Probably go to
a movie tonight with the roommates. It's nice here when Congress isn't in session."
Ryan chuckled. He texted back "Lots less hot air.  Love you, see you soon."

Adam sent back "XOXO" and they both closed their phones.

The limo pulled up in front of the large mansion and Ryan got out.  A uniformed
attendant that Ryan didn't recognize opened the door and Ryan got out. He walked up the
front steps and inside. Harvey, Ryan's valet, an early 60s gray haird, fit gentleman was
waiting at the front door. He nodded respectfully "Master Ryan, good to have you home."

"Come on Harvey, the Master stuff is a bit over the top, don't you think." Ryan smiled at
him as he walked in. "Where is everyone?"

"I was instructed to wait for your arrival. Your mother and Ms. Hastings are in the grand
ball room going over the arrangements."  Harvey said in a slightly less formal tone, if that
could be accomplished.

Ryan walked through the house. He saw the downstairs maids busily cleaning the formal
living rooms. He walked across to another wing of the house and into the ball room. Who
even has a ball room anymore? Ryan thought to himself.

"Hey Mom, I'm home." Ryan loudly shouted as he walked into the room without looking
at what was going on.

There was a startled scream as one of the decorators almost fell off a ladder from the
surprise.  Molly shouted "careful! That banner needs to be six inches higher" as she
stayed focused on the task at hand.

Elizabeth Whitfield jumped up from the chair she was sitting in and briskly walked over
to Ryan.

"Ryan dear, how are you?" his mother grabbed his arm and started to turn him to take
him off to another room, but Ryan did a double-take as he saw Brad sitting there.

"Whoa, wait a second, they sent Brad?" Ryan asked his Mom.

Brad got up and come over with a cheeky smile on his face. "Hey Ryan, we've been
decorating all day."

This was a surprise. Ryan was not expecting to have a hook-up happen here. Maybe he
could play it off and Brad wouldn't try anything.

"Hey Brad, uhhh, we need to talk. Let me catch up with Mom first and I'll find you."

Elizabeth interrupted her son "Pish posh, Bradford has been very helpful even if he was
two days late. He told me all about what great friends you became while you were up in
New Hampshire you should have told me he was coming rather than just some low-
level volunteer. You two catch up and then I'll chat with you at dinner Ryan.  Take him
up to your room and see if you can find anything suitable for him to wear to dinner while
you are at it."

Ryan was mildly annoyed. His mother was unintentionally putting him into a tempting
situation with Brad.

Brad grinned big time. "Yeah Ryan, I haven't seen your room yet." Ryan grabbed Brad
by the elbow "Right this way Bradford" he said gritting his teeth slightly and squeezing
Brad's arm a little harder than he should.

Ryan led Brad over to an elevator and hit the fourth floor button.  Brad was shocked; the
elevator came out of nowhere. It looked like a closet or something, but when you opened
it was an elevator.

"Who has an elevator in their house?!" Brad exclaimed once the doors closed.

"Some people. Never mind being impressed, what have you told my Mom?" Ryan was
clearly annoyed.

Brad laughed. "Nothing! Seriously! Just that we were buddies and worked on the
Senator's campaign in New Hampshire. You seriously think I was going to tell her that
you are my campaign fling? Silly Ryan."

Ryan let out a sigh of relief as the two of them got off the elevator and walked through
the long corridors. They entered the family wing of the fourth floor which had a slightly
warmer feel to it than the hard and formal feel of the rest of the house.

Ryan pointed to the first room "that's Mom's room."  Next he motioned to several rooms
as they passed by "these are rooms for overnight family guests, you'll probably get one of

At the end of the hall, Ryan pushed open a door and they entered his room.  Ryan's
bedroom was over 1,000 square feet by itself. Bigger than some people's whole houses.

"Wow" was all Brad could say as Ryan closed the door.  Brad looked around, seeing the
large king size four-poster bed, the large desk in the corner with a laptop on it, a full
bathroom with a shower stall and a Jacuzzi and two sinks. Large screen TV. Brad's eyes
ran over the walls framed posters for Ryan's high school- Rochester Boy's Latin Prep
and Cornell, his college. There was a table with pictures of Ryan's family, many of his
parents together, some of his extended family, and some lacrosse team photos on the
table also. There were several high school lacrosse trophies scattered around the room
and a couple of lacrosse sticks in the corner next to the desk.

Ryan always felt like he was in a time warp coming home. He really should revamp his
room to something more appropriate, but he was here so little now-days and the nostalgia
was nice.

Brad wandered over to the closet and his mouth dropped open he walked into it, it kept
going and going, making a U shape with one opening in the bedroom and another in the
bathroom. Brad looked down and saw all sorts of sneakers, shoes, boots, and even some
lacrosse cleats lined up across the bottom of the closet. He got hard. He wanted to sniff
those right on the spot, but told himself not to be such a slut.

Ryan let Brad take it in. As Brad went to the closet, Ryan said "so what of mine is going
to fit you and not look ridiculous?"

Brad shrugged. "Ummm, why do I have to change?"

"Dinner is a very formal affair in the Whitfield household. Mom will expect you to be
wearing at least a coat and tie and you'll get the sharp end of Molly's tongue if we can't
get you in a tux." Ryan informed him in a monotone voice.

Brad got closer to Ryan, putting his hand on Ryan's waist and looking into his eyes.
"How about we say we are sick and stay and fuck on that big bed." Brad said as nodded
over to it. "Have you ever even fucked on it?" Brad asked.

Ryan glared at him. "Brad, I have a boyfriend now.  Look, we are not hooking up at my
Mom's house!"  Ryan still thought of it as his parent's house. But truthfully it was his, all
the trust rules for the family money put everything in the male line, basically cutting out
girls and spouses he always thought that was kind of brutal but he had no real say in it.

"Come on stud, I'm here, you are here, and le boyfriend is in DC. It's a campaign fling,
he will never find out."  Brad said seductively.

Ryan pushed away, but he was tempted. Brad could be a good distraction while he was
dealing with some of the stuff he had to. "Look, not now, maybe later. But there is some
political stuff I'm going to let you help with."  Brad smiled, knowing he was working his
way into Ryan's trust.

Ryan walked away suddenly pushed a button on wall-mounted intercom and said
"Harvey, can you come up to my room I need some help figuring out what Brad is
going to wear to dinner."

Harvey quickly responded "Yes Sir, I'll be right up."

Brad said "who is Harvey?"

"He was Dad's valet and he does that for me when I'm around now."

Brad couldn't believe how used to all this Ryan was. This place was like something out
of 1800s England or something.

"How many people work here just to maintain this house for you and your Mom?!" Brad
thought this was truly silly.

"About 50, but some come and go." Ryan said calmly, I only know about half of them
now since I'm down in DC most of the time.

A knock come on the door and Ryan said "come on in Harvey."

The older gentleman came in carrying several tuxedos.  "I went to the attic and brought
down some of your things from your younger years Ryan. Some of this may fit." Harvey
proceeded to hold up the different tuxedos against Brad.

"This one should do" he handed it Brad.  Ryan nodded.  "Thanks Harvey, could you take
him to his room and help him get ready, I'll be fine here."

Harvey led Brad down the hall to one of the guest rooms and Ryan breathed a sigh of
relief. This was definitely not going to plan though.

Ryan got undressed and took a quick shower, letting the hot water run over him. It
seemed to wash away the stress of the day, and it was only half over. Ryan got dried off
and put on his tux for the formal dinner that he knew was coming. He still wondered why
his mother insisted on maintaining this level of formality even though it was just her.
Ryan decided that she was just used to it from her whole life and was comfortable with it.

Ryan finished his bow tie and Brad walked back into the room wearing a tux also. Ryan
smiled. "Harvey help you out?"

Brad rolled his eyes. "This is ridiculous Ryan, I can't tie this thing." Brad pointed at the
bowtie. Ryan walked over and fixed Brad's bowtie. Brad smiled from the attention.  

"I'm going to make a power play on a Congresswoman tomorrow night and you could be
helpful." Ryan said as he adjusted the tie.

Brad beamed. "Really?"

"Yeah, it'll be fun. So let's just get through tonight with minimal drama, ok?"  Ryan said.
At least he could minimize the Brad drama. His mother would be another matter entirely.

Brad nodded and said "lead the way Congressman."
Ryan and Brad went down the four flights of stairs to the ground floor and walked into
the main dining room.  Molly Hastings stood just outside the entrance and gave Brad an
approving smile as she walked off, her job of making sure he was properly dressed was
done for the day and she was ready to get home.

Elizabeth Whitfield followed shortly behind and walked around to one head of the table.
Ryan sat to her right and Brad sat to the right of Ryan.

"Really Mom, the good silver? Are we showing off for Brad now?" Ryan had to give his
mom a bit of a hard time about using the Revere Silver (as in Paul Revere the American
Revolution's most famous silversmith).

"We had it out for the fundraiser, so I figured we may as well use it tonight."  Mrs.
Whitfield replied as she rang a small bell.  Several butlers entered the room carrying the
salad course and dinner started.

The dinner lasted an hour and there was some polite conversation about Brad and Ryan's
trips today. They had salad, followed by filet and string beans, followed by orange sorbet  
for dessert.

As the group finished dinner, Ryan said "Brad, I'll catch up with you, I need to talk to
Mom for a bit."  Brad nodded and went up to his room, getting lost for 10 minutes along
the way.

Ryan walked with his mother into the den and sat down on sofa next to her.  "Mom, I
really need to talk to you about something."

Mrs. Whitfield was a little surprised by this, Ryan was never serious like this.  "Of course
dear, what is it?"

"Well, you know how you've tried to set me up on dates and it never seems to pan out."
Ryan started.

"Oh, we just haven't found the right one yet dear, you are highly desireable even if you
are a bit old, I'm sure we will find someone soon"  Elizabeth said, starting to brush off
Ryan's concern.

"No Mom. The reason we haven't found one is because you were trying to set me up with
the wrong type of person...I'll always be your son and I love you.  I'm gay and I'm just
at the point in life where I need to tell you that and I need you to accept it."  Ryan looked
at her with pleading eyes. This is the most vulnerable he has ever felt in his life.

Elizabeth Whitfield, the premier hostess and socialite of Rochester, NY sat in stunned
silence for what seemed like an hour to Ryan, but it was just a minute.

"Really? I mean... are you sure?  I have nothing against gay people Ryan, but I mean...
are you sure?"  she stuttered out.

"I'm very sure Mom. I'm gay."  Ryan tried to be firm. All the stuff he had read about
how to come out didn't seem to apply in his case, he was trying his best here.

"Well, you are my son and of course I love you Ryan.  But, maybe we can get you some
help with this." The wheels in her head started to spin, she could cover this up, yes that's

"What do you mean by help Mom? I'm gay, it's the way god made me."  Ryan decided to
try the firm religious approach.

"Ummm, well dear, they have programs to help people who think they are gay work
through these things. I read about one out in Utah the other day.  I know we aren't overly
religious, but maybe we should try that."  She was grasping at straws. Even if Ryan is
gay, she thinks she can talk him out of it for social appearances.

Ryan glared at her. "Mom, are you serious?!  The people that run those programs are total
whack jobs, there is no truth behind any of their claims at all."

Elizabeth got up from the sofa and walked over to a liquor cabinet, pouring herself a
glass of gin.  "This is just a major shock to me Ryan. It will take some getting used to."
She said as she sat back down.

Ryan grabbed the glass and set it on the table, taking his mother's hand and holding it.  
"Mom, it's who I am. You already know who I am, it doesn't take getting used to."

"Well, I can't deny that I have always wanted grandchildren Ryan, and this puts a big
damper on that now doesn't it." She regretted the outburst as soon as she said it.

Ryan's eyes started to water slightly but kept control. "Sorry to disappoint you then

Elizabeth looked at the pain she was causing her son. She leaned over and gave him a
hug. Ryan's emotions went off the charts. She hadn't hugged him since he graduated
from college; his mother was never very emotional. Ryan hugged her back.

"You shouldn't apologize Ryan. You are my son, I love you. You are the only close
family I have left and this won't come between us."  Elizabeth decided that she needed to
show some compassion, but she was internally very conflicted. Ryan's body relaxed a bit
at the words.

"So, why tell me this now dear? I there someone special I should know about? Is it
Brad?" Elizabeth tried to change the topic slightly.

Ryan wiped his eye and pulled himself together a bit as he heard his mother ask about
Brad.  "What? Brad?! Uhhh, no. I am seeing someone though, but not Brad."  Ryan
couldn't bear to tell his mother that he had a boyfriend and fuck buddies, that was just too
much information.  "Adam, my uhh, boyfriend is back in DC. He's a Army guy."

Elizabeth smiled. "Always so patriotic Ryan, even picking a boyfriend" she couldn't help
but chuckle. Ryan smiled back at the joke.

"But, umm, well the real reason I needed to tell you is that I am planning to run for
Congress in 2010 and be open about it. So you needed to hear it from me first." Ryan
figured that he may as well get all this news over-with in one night, that was the point of
this after all.

"What? Absolutely not!" Putting up with Ryan being gay was one thing, making a public
spectacle of it was quite another, Elizabeth Foster Whitfield would not have her family
dragged through the political mud that this would cause.

"Mom! Why not? I'm totally qualified, I know Congress.  I can work on dealing with
Slaterhouse. This won't be a problem. We just have to handle a little media attention."
Ryan had suspected that his mother would object more to the Congress part than the gay
part, but they were both getting worn down. Ryan wasn't leaving until he "won" the
argument though.

"Ryan, dear, we can't make a public spectacle out of this family. Imagine what they will
say about you, about us." She was getting less rational by the second.

"Mom, it's my decision and I am running. I'm asking you to support me." Ryan tried to
keep it together, but on the inside he was in turmoil.

Elizabeth suddenly got an idea. Ok, Ryan wants to run for Congress, she will show him
what it really means.  "Ok dear. You are right. I'm just absorbing this news for the first
time. Give me a couple of days; it is a lot take in. But I support you and I love you no
matter what." Elizabeth hugged Ryan again. "You better go see what Brad is up to, make
sure he hasn't destroyed the place." She said forcing a smile.

Ryan smiled back. "Thanks Mom. I know it's a lot. Just know that I love you always."  
Ryan kissed her on the cheek and got up, walking out of the room.  Then he made his
way through the house quickly. He didn't go to his room; he went up to the massive attic.
He used to play in it as a kid. Lots of stuff was stored up there.  Ryan found his usual
corner behind an old desk next to a window; he slouched down and sat on the floor,
pulling his knees up to his chest.

Ryan cried for a minute, just letting his emotions out. His mother's first reaction to him
being gay was to want to send him to a quack therapy program to make him straight.
Normal parents were supportive. His wanted to change him because he didn't measure up
to her standards. At least she seemed to be understanding and trying by the end of their
talk, Ryan thought.  He let the tears stream out for a few minutes before pulling himself
together.  He wouldn't let anyone else see him like this; he would never be ashamed of
who he is.

Ryan reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone. He called Adam.

"Hey" Ryan said as Adam answered.

"You told her, I can tell" Adam said.

"Yeah, it was a little rough, but I think it will be ok." Ryan said, trying to put a good face
on it.

"Ryan... I can tell it is bothering you." Adam could tell, Ryan's voice didn't sound quite
the same as normal.

"Her first reaction was to send me to therapy, but we got over it I think." Ryan said in a
half-joking tone.

"That's awful Ryan! How can she say that?" Adam seemed more upset than Ryan was.

"She didn't mean it. She didn't know what to say, this was a total shock to someone that
doesn't like surprises. She already knows I'm going to get her jewelry for Christmas
because that's what Dad did and it's what I've always done since he died."  Ryan was
trying to move on mentally.

"Ryan! This isn't about Christmas presents; it's about her accepting you for who you
are." Adam tried to remind him about what needed to happen, but he realized that he was
no expert himself.

"Yeah, I'm here for a while, she will get used to the idea before I leave."  Ryan wasn't
sure if he was convincing Adam or trying to convince himself.

"How are things with you?" Ryan tried to change the subject.

Adam decided to let him. This conversation wasn't comfortable for him. "Uhh, going ok.
Been hitting the gym a lot with the free time. Wish you were here."

"Trust me, I wish I was there too." Ryan said, his voice returning to something more

"Ok, I'll talk to you later, thanks for listening Adam." Ryan decided there really wasn't
much more to talk about; he just needed time to think.

"Ryan, I love you." Adam said.

"Love you too Adam. I'll call you tomorrow."  Ryan said as he ended the call.
Ryan looked at his watch. 9:00 PM. He made his way back down from the attic to his
room. He stripped down from the tux to just his boxers and he looked in the mirror.

He got close to the mirror and said out loud "you are Ryan J. Whitfield IV, one of the
most powerful people in the world, you will be in Congress and you are a great American
leader."  Ryan gave himself a little pep talk.

Just then, he heard something in his closet. He turned and walked in to find Brad in there,
his face buried in a Nike lacrosse cleat.  "BRAD!" Ryan exclaimed.

Brad hadn't heard Ryan come in. He been too wrapped into the smell of Ryan's hot
sneakers, boots, cleats, shoes it was a foot fetishist's dream in this closet and Brad was
going to partake. Brad was sitting on the floor in boxerbriefs and a t-shirt with his hand
stroking his dick in his underwear and the other hand holding the cleat up to his face. He
dropped the cleat and stood up once he heard Ryan call his name.

"What? You knew I'd be in your sneakers once I saw this great collection." Brad said
with a cheeky grin.

"Brad, I've had a long day, just go back to your room and lets get some sleep, ok?"  Ryan
was trying to get rid of him as quick as he could, but Brad didn't go. Instead he just ran
his eyes over Ryan. His hot face, that muscled bod, the blond happy trail going into is
boxers, those big jock legs, and the big feet. Brad couldn't take his eyes off those hot

"Uhhh, how about I help you relax? Like a massage or something" Brad suggested.  Then
he added "I just want to make you feel better, coming out is rough Ryan, I remember
when I told my parents.  Come on, you'll feel better... how about just a foot massage."  
Brad took a step closer to Ryan.

Ryan knew he was at a moment of decision. He could have Brad if he wanted. His
stomach churned. He thought about Adam. He had needs though and Brad was right here.
Ryan hesitated.

Brad took Ryan's hand and guided him over to the bed. "Lay down." Brad instructed.  
Ryan wasn't thinking, Brad was right, his day had been rough. What harm was there in
letting Brad give him a foot massage.  "Ok, just a foot massage" Ryan said.

Brad smiled as Ryan stretched out.  Brad sat at his feet and took one of them. His hands
working it over, trying to make Ryan feel good. Ryan closed his eyes and let Brad do his
thing, it did feel good and relaxed him some. Brad stayed quiet for a bit and then
switched feet.

"So, did it go ok?" Brad asked. "Huh? Yeah, it went about as well as I expected, not great
but it will be ok." Ryan fed Brad the same story as he had told Adam.  "Well that is better
than a bad reaction." Brad said casually.

"Hey, I saw a couple of domed buildings outside earlier, what are those?" Brad asked
curiously, trying to change to a lighter subject.  "Oh, one has a indoor pool and gym; the
other is a indoor lacrosse field my Dad had built when I started playing in 6th grade."  
Ryan responded as if it was nothing.

Brad glared at him. "An indoor lacrosse field? Fuck Ryan. You are loaded."  Brad smiled
after the statement then thought about what a jock Ryan must have been in high school.  
"I bet you were one of those jocks that picked on all the newspaper geeks like me in High
School." Brad said sort of flirtatiously.

Ryan laughed. "Sometimes. I protected some of them from the other jocks too." Ryan
opened his eyes and looked down at Brad.  Brad looked up at him and smiled "I had such
a crush on the jock guys at my school" Brad pushed things a little futher, his hand
moving up to Ryan's calf muscle from his foot.

"Fuck it." Ryan gave in. "It's a campaign fling and it's over, right?" Ryan needed the
confirmation.  "Yeah and no one will ever know Ryan, trust me." Brad re-assured him,
moving his hand up to Ryan's thigh and then pulling down Ryan's boxers.  Ryan's semi-
hard 9 inch cut cock flopped out.  Brad gave it a quick stroke with his hand and Ryan

As Brad leaned down and put his mouth over Ryan's big dick, Ryan couldn't help but
feel like he was cheating on Adam. They had never officially agreed to be monogamous,
but it was sort of implied. All those thoughts disappeared as the horny feeling rushed over
Ryan and his hand gripped the back of Brad's head. He started to face fuck Brad. This
was the first time he'd ever done anything in his bedroom at home, he may as well break
it in.

It didn't take long for Ryan to cum. The pent up frustration from the day spurted out into
Brad's mouth and Brad swallowed eagerly.  Ryan thought about how Brad knew how to
swallow a lot better than Adam, he had obviously had more practice. Ryan groaned as he
finished cumming; Brad slowly and softly licked Ryan's cock.  "That was awesome"
Brad said with a smile.  Ryan smirked down at him "good little campaign fling

Brad pushed his way up next to Ryan on the bed and leaned in and kissed him deeply.  
"Feel better?" Brad asked. "Mmm, much" Ryan responded somewhat sleepily. He had
gotten off, now he was ready to fall asleep.  "See you tomorrow stud."  Brad kissed
Ryan's cheek then got up and slipped back to his own room. They both couldn't risk
anyone walking in on them together in Ryan's bed.