Political Insider 2

Chapter 2

By PresRyanGOP@yahoo.com
(M, MM, anal, con, rom)

This is my first attempt at writing a story for this type of audience but I have been reading
Nifty for a while and wanted to give something back. I know politics is a controversial
subject, so lets just all take this for what it is meant to be – fun and entertaining. Please
no political hate mail, the story does not express my own views and is a pure work of
fiction. Constructive feedback and ideas for how to take the story forward are welcome.
I'd love to know what the readers think. Thanks for the responses on Chapter 1 of the
story, I've tried to fix the line breaks this time, hopefully it will work. Send e-mail to

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. The people and events described do not exist.
Nothing described here is meant to imply anything about the sexuality or views of any
real person. To my knowledge the story does not in any way express any accurate or
factual information regarding any person, place, or event.

This story contains graphic depictions of homosexual activities between consenting
fictional adults. If it is illegal or improper for you to view this content, then please leave
this page immediately.

The alarm clock blared loudly on Monday morning. Ryan rolled over and groaned as his
hand hit the off button. It was time to get ready for work and to get going to New

The weekend had been very fun; Ryan's lacrosse team had won their match on Saturday.
He partied with his teammates – no one else from the Hill, just a bunch of guys that
worked at the agencies and a few that worked for the contractors. They were all straight
as far as he knew. He spent Sunday watching the political talk shows and taking care of
some chores around his house. He really needed to look into getting a cleaning lady or
something, all the dusting and vacuuming was very boring and he hated having to do it.

Ryan got out of bed, wearing just boxers, he stretched. Ryan's long muscled arms pulled
above his head. Ryan looked over at the clock 5:00AM. He smiled to himself, knowing
his early morning workout routine was keeping him in great shape. Ryan quietly pulled
on a jock strap, lacrosse shorts, a t-shirt, and slid his size 12 feet in some sneakers and
laced them up tight. He got a glass of water and drank about half of it, then grabbed his
keys, his MP3 player, and left the house for his morning run.

Ryan's workout routine had become second nature a few years ago, he really gotten into
the routine, it let him clear his head, prepare for the day mentally, and stay in shape. Ryan
left his Georgetown Townhouse and ran down towards Georgetown University, then
across the bridge into Virginia. He ran along the Potomac on the Virginia side for a while
before turning back and going back across the bridge, up to M Street and then past the
many Georgetown shops, north back to his townhouse. About six miles total. Ryan was
sure there were people checking him out, but he never noticed, he was more into the
workout than the eye candy, at least on his run. The gym was a different story.

Ryan got home at about 6:00AM. He thought to himself, 'darn, I have the timing down
perfect on this routine.' He went up to his room where he pulled off the t-shirt, tossing it
in the empty laundry basket; he had done laundry on Sunday too. Next he pulled on a
long-sleeve athletic shirt that clung to his body. Need to look good for the gym after all,
he thought. Ryan put stuff in his gym bag and grabbed his cloths for the day on a couple
of coat hangers. He made a quick blackberry check… nothing important. He went out to
his car and zipped off towards the Hill.

Ryan was in the Senate Gym by 6:30 AM. He put his stuff away in the lockerroom and
then walked out into the gym. A quick scan of the place for Senators and any potential
problems. None to be seen. Good, he didn't want to deal with some tree hugger this
morning. Funny that only a few on the far right were here in the mornings, but the
liberals came out of the woodwork. Ryan got on the treadmill for a few minutes, then
started lifting. Looking around the room, there was plenty of eye candy. Mostly interns
and legislative assistants, but still there were some hot ones. His cock stiffened slightly as
his eyes glided over a redhead on the bench press. Ryan was working his biceps with free
weights when Tim approached him with that usual swagger.

"Ryan! How are you doing, haven't seen you for a couple weeks" Tim said as he
approached. Ryan set down the weights after he finished his set and shook Tim's hand.
"I'm doing all right, heading up to New Hampshire tonight, how are you?" Ryan replied.

Tim smiled, knowing Ryan's boss was having a hard time in New Hampshire right now.
Tim's on the other hand was the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Tim was
the Third Deputy Chief of Staff for Senator Hilda Minton of New York. She was also a
former first lady, so she had a different office setup than the others. Being from New
York also gave her a huge office budget, meaning there were more staff to manage and
Tim therefore had a title bigger than his actual job responsibilities.

Ryan continued "Yeah, I'm going up there for a few days." He eyed Tim; Ryan had to
admit the guy was hot. Tim was 33 years old, 6 feet tall, about 180 lbs, black hair, and
brown eyes. He had a deep Brooklyn accent. Tim said "So, we have a legislative opening
on the staff, any chance you'd be interested in coming to work for your home state?"

Ryan chuckled. He actually liked the other Senator from New York, Shimler, but Senator
Minton had far too much baggage from her time at the White House for Ryan's taste.
"Come on Tim, you know I'm not on the job market right now. Even if McCabe loses the
nomination, he'll still be in the Senate and I'm good with that." Tim laughed, "that's why
I like you, one of the few around here that isn't a power hungry SOB. Well, if you are
ever on the job market, you make sure to let me know." Tim patted Ryan on the shoulder
and then walked off over to talk to some other people. "That's why I don't like you, you
arrogant SOB" Ryan mumbled to himself as he finished up his workout.

The hot shower felt good, even if it was just a locker room shower. Ryan cleaned himself
off quickly and went back to his locker. Ryan grabbed his grooming kit and started to
shave, standing at one of the sinks. He ran the electric razor over his face and cleaned up.
Ryan got dressed in black boxerbriefs, khakis, a white dress shirt, navy blazer, red tie,
and polished lace-up black shoes. As Ryan ran the comb through his short blond hair,
Chris walked up to Ryan.

"You are Ryan Whitfield right?" Chris asked. "That's the name," Ryan replied in a good
mood. His eyes darted over Chris' body – early 20's, 5'9", 150 lbs, brown hair, runner
type build. "You are A.L.D. in McCabe's office right? I'm the new staff assistant, started
last week" Chris said. Ryan smiled, reached out his hand, and replied "oh yeah, sorry we
haven't met yet. I was real busy last week." Chris shook Ryan's hand nodded and said
"yeah, I'm Chris Smith, I noticed you running around and then saw you here so I thought
I'd introduce myself." "Nice to meet you" Ryan said in a friendly voice.

Chris went off to his locker and Ryan finished getting dressed. Ryan checked his
Blackberry. Ben, Ryan's supervisor, was already at the office sending e-mails. Ryan
mumbled "damn, its only 8:00 AM. Ben had sent Ryan a laundry list of items to get
together for his trip and at the bottom of the e-mail it mentioned "by the way, since Sept.
30 is the end of the fiscal year, money is tight. You mind taking the train to cut down on
the airfare?"

Ryan groaned. The damn train. Ryan hit the reply option on the Blackberry and decided
he might as well try to get to leave early if he had to deal with the train. Ryan wrote "Get
right on the list. Train no problem, but can I leave at lunch time for the longer trip?"

An e-mail from Dan came flying back less than ten seconds later. "Sure, have a good trip,
call me if any problems." Ryan rolled his eyes. "Good trip my ass, it's a hell of a train
ride to Boston."

Ryan gathered his stuff and walked up to his office. The usual morning festivities were
going on. Ben was assigning work to the Leg. Assistants. The Chief-of-Staff was yelling
at some intern for answering the phone. Ryan quietly slipped into his office and dropped
off his stuff and made it back out the door without having to deal with anyone. He had his
list of stuff to get before noon, it wouldn't take half that time but why not take a side trip
or two along the way.

Ryan walked down the hall to Senator Connely's Office. He found Nathan Royce,
Connely's legislative director, sitting at his desk. Nathan was a 46 year old, balding,
slightly portly gentleman from Kentucky but he had always been nice to Ryan even if
their bosses didn't totally get along. Nathan looked up and shouted "Ryan-boy! Get in
here, you want some good Kentucky burbon?!"

Ryan grinned as he walked in and said "No thanks Nathan it's a little early for me, I just
need a copy of the newest official legislative calendar. You know the stuff on the website
never prints out in a nice format."

Nathan frowned slightly and said "Nonsense, its never too early! But yeah, we are
working on that website but Riden's people are more interested in derailing Yucca
Mountain than being productive."

Ryan took the copy of the nicely printed legislative calendar and thanked Nathan. He got
out of the office with time to spare, so Ryan decided to take a walk. Checking his watch,
it was 9:30 AM, so he went on over to the Capitol for the opening of the Senate at 10:00

As Ryan walked into the staff gallery, he noticed Senator Riden and Senator Connely on
the floor. Senator Rockingham of West Virginia was in the President's seat. Ryan stood
at the railing and waiting for the proceedings to start. He saw the pages going around,
putting copies of the Congressional Record on the Senator's desks. He smiled,
remembering when he had done that.

A loud voice interrupted Ryan's thoughts. "RJ, do you ever quit working." It was Sally
Hinkley. "I swear, I saw you last thing Friday and first thing Monday" Sally continued.

Ryan smiled. "I just like seeing the opening, its one of my favorite parts" he replied.

Sally stood next to him. "I remember when you were one of those pages running around
down there. You just make sure you always put this institution above your own ambition
and you will be fine. I know you are going to be a member one day."

Ryan smiled at the compliment. "Yeah, but I hate the media, I'm not sure. What are you
doing here again anyways?"

Sallay gave Ryan a toothy grin. Sally said "I always watch the floor for Senator Biddie,
he is Pro Tempore after all. He likes to make sure the rules are enforced correctly, so if I
see a rule violation I have to call him right away and he will give the Parliamentarians a
good talking to." Ryan laughed. That summed up Senator Biddie perfectly.

Senator Rockingham banged the gavel and said "The Senate will come to order. The
Chaplin will offer the morning prayer."

The Senate Chaplin stood at the front of the Senate and gave the prayer "Oh heavenly
father, help to guide the Senators and our country during these difficult times. Grant them
the wisdom to guide our nation…"

Sen. Rockingham then began the normal procedural motions. "By unanimous consent,
the Journal of Proceedings is approved to date, the time for the leaders is reserved for
their use later in the day. The pending business before the Senate is S. 878, a bill to
amend the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and for other purposes. The Senator from
Nevada is recognized…"

Ryan turned away and gave Sally a nod as he left the gallery. He always liked the
ceremony of the opening for some reason. It was just so…American.

Ryan walked out of the staff gallery and down the hall. He passed by the numerous tour
groups with interns guiding them around. The normal chatter of the Capitol in the
background. He walked down to the basement and to the tram stop. He got on and went
to the Hart building. Time for the next stop on his list. After a short ride, Ryan got off the
tram and looked at his watch. 10:30 AM.

He made his way through the building to the Armed Services Committee office suite. He
walked through the staff offices to the back and to an anteroom. He was entering the
Offices of the Armed Forces Senate Liaison. Each branch of the military kept people on
staff to make sure the Congress kept money flowing.

Ryan walked up to a good-looking female blonde secretary sitting at the reception desk.
"Good morning, I need to see the duty officer." Ryan asked. The receptionist gave Ryan a
flirty smile and said "just one moment Mr. Whitfield." People in this office knew
everyone's name, they even studied pictures. Senators had to appoint specific people that
were authorized to deal with the military liaison staff for them. The receptionist spoke
into the phone and Ryan waited.

A couple of minutes later, an Army first lieutenant opened a door and walked out. Ryan's
mouth dried up and his tongue almost fell out of his mouth. This guy was HOT. Ryan
never got like this at work, but his cock stiffened just seeing the way this guy filled out
his uniform. He was definitely newly assigned to the staff here, Ryan had never seen him
before - he would have remembered such a hottie.

Ryan's eyes scanned the lieutenant's body. This guy had a chiseled jaw line, flawless
face, and buzzed brown hair, slightly longer than a crewcut on top. Ryan's eyes looked
into the deep blue eyes as he extended his arm and shook hands. The soldier opened his
mouth and snapped Ryan back to reality "Lieutenant Baker, nice to meet you Sir."

Ryan firmly shook Baker's hand. "Ryan Whitfield, from Senator McCabe's Office. Very
good to meet you as well Lieutenant." Ryan continued to check this guy out. Baker was
25 years old, 6'2" tall, about 200 lbs of solid muscle. His pecs looked great under the
uniform shirt and jacket.

"Right this way Sir" Baker said as he led the way to an office. Ryan checked out his ass
next. It was very firm, two nice round globes bouncing perfectly under the green dress
uniform pants. Ryan's cock twitched right is pants, as he couldn't help but stare.

The lieutenant stopped at a door and entered a code, then put his thumb on a fingerprint
reader. The door clicked open and the lieutenant held the door open as Ryan walked in.
Ryan was used to the procedure for getting the armed forces briefing material. Baker
followed Ryan in and closed the door; they both heard the loud click of the lock.
Baker started off "Sir, this is my first time doing this so I apologize in advance for my
unfamiliarity with the process. Colonel Smith would have been here but got called away
by Chairman Levenworth."

Ryan smiled. "I understand, the Senator from Michigan certainly takes priority over me,
but please call me Ryan or RJ" Ryan replied as he gave Baker a quick smile.

Baker returned the smile and said "Adam Baker, Sir. Nice to meet your Ryan but I have
to call you Sir while on duty here" he said with a wink.

Was that a flirt?! Ryan thought to himself. Nah couldn't be this guy is in the Army. Ryan
licked his lips and said, "So you've just been assigned here Adam?"

Adam responded, "Yes Sir. I graduated from West Point and got sent straight to the Sand
Box. I'm sorry, I mean Iraq, Sir. I was assigned to the Pentagon for my next tour and they
put me in the liaison office."

Ryan smiled at the sandbox comment. "Its okay, I know most of the Army and Marines
call it the sandbox." Ryan decided to see if it was really flirting. Ryan obviously ran his
eyes over Adam's body.

Adam responded by settling his eyes on Ryan's crotch. Ryan flashed a big smile. But
Adam suddenly seemed to get nervous. "We should get on with this Sir, we shouldn't be
chatting in here too long" Adam said and his eyes darted up towards the video camera.
Ryan nodded his head in agreement, understanding that Adam had to be ultra discreet –
after all he was at work, with a video camera on him, handling important materials.

Adam walked over to a safe and dialed in the combination. He opened the door, which
allowed access to a second door. Adam pulled out his key and opened the second door
with it. He removed a large, page sized envelope, and closed the two safe doors.

Ryan pulled out his wallet and found his Senate ID and his Armed Services Committee
authorization card. He handed them to Adam.

Adam said, "an ID check must be performed." He then opened a desk drawer and pulled
out a sheet of paper, comparing Ryan's identification to the information listed on the
sheet. Adam then announced "Identification and pictures match."

Ryan thought Adam was very cute with the way he was being so formal, the officers that
were used to this procedure never went through all this – they knew the Senate staff well
enough to cut a couple corners that could move things along, like they didn't need to
compare pictures.

Lieutenant Baker handed Ryan the inventory sheet and they went through the documents.
Ryan initialed the inventory as Adam spread the documents out on the desk. After they
went through the dozen or so items, Ryan handed the initialed inventory back to Adam.

Adam piled up the documents and included another inventory sheet and a cover sheet.
Adam then returned the initialed inventory sheet to a file cabinet and then sealed up the
envelope. He handed it to Ryan and stood up straight, saying, "this information is being
furnished for the benefit of a member of the Armed Services Committee. It is not to be
opened until you are in the Senator's presence and no staff other than those authorized to
do so may be privy to this information. This information is not for disclosure outside of
the Senate Armed Services Committee. Public disclosure and other violations of the
standing policy of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Executive Orders are
subject to severe disciplinary actions and prosecution."

Ryan took the envelope and said "thank you lieutenant, good job for your first time."
Adam beamed with a big grin. Adam held the door open as Ryan walked out, envelope in

Adam walked Ryan back to the receptionist and to the outer office. Ryan said, "I'd ask
you to go get a cup of coffee… I would like to hear more about Iraq, for committee
education and stuff, but I have a tight schedule today."

"I understand Sir." Adam replied.

Ryan sighed, "Well have a nice day lieutenant."

Adam said "You too Sir. I look forward to working with you on the committee."

They shook hands again, making some strong eye contact and Ryan left, doing a look
back just as Adam was doing the same. Yeah, I want that one, Ryan thought to himself.
Ryan strolled back to his office, absolutely smitten with Adam.

Back at the office, everything was quiet more or less as another week in the Senate was
underway. Ryan entered his office and Ben was there. "Formalities are done," Ryan
announced. That was the system to let Ben know that he had the briefing packet from
Armed Services.

Ben looked up at the clock 11:30 AM. "There is 12:20 train, you can make it if you get
going kid," Ben said.

"You fucking owe me for this train shit," Ryan replied as he put the envelope and his
laptop into his backpack, then put a tiny padlock on it.

Ben said "You get to go on the next delegation to someplace good. That a fair trade."

Ryan laughed, "yeah, that someplace good better meet my standards of good though."
Ben replied, "Sure, you pick it."

Ryan packed up and got out of the office. He pulled off his tie as he left the building and
walked down the street with his backpack and a small suitcase that he carried. Ryan
tossed the tie in one of the smaller backpack pockets.

As he walked into Union Station, Ryan was nearly run over by a pack of tourists going to
lunch in the cafeteria in the basement of the station. "Damn tourists," Ryan grumbled as
he walked up to the ticket counter.

"Reservation for Whitfield," Ryan said when he got up to the underpaid clerk. The lady
barely looked up as she handed him the ticket and then shouted "NEXT!"

Ryan walked towards the gate area. The train boarded after Ryan waited a short five
minutes. His eyes scanned the waiting area, not too many people, but he noticed a couple
of nice looking guys in business suits, probably headed for NYC he thought.

The train boarded and Ryan took a seat, putting his suitcase in the overhead bin and his
backpack between his feet on the floor. The train car was almost empty. Thank Goodness
Ryan thought.

Just as the train was pulling out, a guy in a suit sat in the seat across the isle from Ryan,
he looked to be about 35. The guy wasn't bad looking, but compared to Adam he was a
slob, Ryan thought. This guy was 5'10" blond hair that was a little longer than Ryan's but
not real long, bangs across his forehead. He weighed about 160 lbs. and had a slim build.

The conductor made his way through the train car and checked Ryan's ticket. As the train
rolled north into Maryland, the guy across the isle was obviously giving Ryan the eye.
Ryan was bored on the near-empty train, so he decided to mess with the guy's head and
see what happened.

Ryan looked over at him, right in the eye, and then obviously checked him out back. The
guy licked his lips, then stuck his pointer finger in his mouth and pulled it out, then
repeated it. He wanted to suck Ryan.

Ryan looked out the window and thought about it for a second. The train was empty, they
could go in the handicapped bathroom, it didn't seem that risky. Ryan turned back to the
guy and looked him in the eye, reached down and grabbed his crotch, giving it a good
squeeze. The guy shook his head up and down in yes motion.

Ryan turned around, scanning the car behind him, then in front of him. He got up and
walked back to the bathroom, closing the door but leaving it cracked open slightly. The
guy waited a couple of minutes and got up and followed, opening the door and stepping
in. He locked the door behind him.

Ryan stood there, looking at the guy. Not really believing he was doing this after the
incident with the Senator in the airport. But what the hell, he was damn horny and this
guy offered, he didn't solicit.

The business guy immediately dropped to his knees and Ryan stood there, looking down
at him. The train shook slightly and Ryan grabbed a handle one side to brace himself. The
guy on his knees reached up and unzipped Ryan's khakis.

Damn, Ryan was horny. Adam was still on his mind, that is who he thought about as the
guy on the floor fished out Ryan's hardening cock. The guy pulled it out and ran his hand
over the long fuck stick a couple times. It was one of the biggest cocks this guy had
gotten to blow.

The guy started in, licking the head first and then going at it. His head glided up and
down the big cock. Ryan moaned softly. This guy was a great cocksucker. He thought of
Adam again. After about five minutes, Ryan blew a huge load of cum down the guy's
throat. The cocksucker lovingly suckled on Ryan's big dick for a bit locker. Licking and
licking as the cock slowly softened.

Ryan pulled back a little. The guy frowned, like he wanted to go again. Ryan didn't, he
felt dirty. The guy put Ryan's cock away and zipped up the khakis. Ryan politely said
"thanks" and left the car kind of fast.

Ryan walked back into the train car, no one seemed to have noticed. Good. He went back
to his seat, his eyes darting to where his backpack should be. He immediately panicked, it
wasn't there. Ryan thought to himself…. "FUCK, I am SO dead!"

He quickly looked around and realized that he was one row off in finding his seat. His
backpack was in the next row forward, right where he left it. Ryan sat down and realized
that had not been a good idea, he wouldn't to something like that again. The cocksucker
came back to his previous seat and sat down as well.

The guy kept looking at Ryan throughout the trip, like he was checking if Ryan would do
it again. Ryan tried to ignore him and read a copy of the New York Times he had brought
along. When the train stopped at New York's Penn Station, the guy gave Ryan a parting
glance as he left the train. Ryan was glad that guy was gone.

The train left New York after a short stop-over, heading for Boston. Ryan grabbed his
Blackberry and punched a couple of buttons to make a phone call.

"Hey Nicky," Ryan said into the phone.

"Could you pick me up at the train station in Boston? Yeah, I know, Ben was too cheap
to fly me…. Thanks a bunch.," Ryan finished the call.

Nicole Venton was Senator McCabe's official scheduler. She was up in New Hampshire
with the Senator to make sure he stayed on schedule with Senate duties and the
campaign. Nicole was 5'8", about average in build, flowing auburn hair that reached her
shoulders. She usually wore it in a ponytail. She also had a nice ass and a big set of tits
that drove straight guys wild.

She was also good friends with Ryan. In fact, Ryan had been her date for a few formal
functions in DC and even partied with her a couple of times, mostly as arm candy to
show off for her friends. Nicky had a feeling that Ryan was gay, but never said anything.
It was more an unspoken understanding that they could both deny later if needed. She
gave Ryan a good cover around DC and she got to show off to her friends that she was
with a great looking guy. The arrangement worked out for Nicky, at least until she found
a straight guy that looked as good and acted as nicely as Ryan. She genuinely liked Ryan
and thought the world of him. Nicky liked to watch out for Ryan on stuff and help him
where she could. He did the same in return.

The train finally pulled into Boston. Ryan grabbed his stuff and got out as quick as he
could. He looked down at his watch, 8:30 PM. Damn, the train really sucks. He walked
into the station and found Nicky waiting.

"Hey there you!" Nicky ran up and gave Ryan a hug when she saw him.

Ryan hugged her back and said "so I hear stuff isn't going so great up here huh kiddo."

Nicky scrunched up her nose, "eh, we'll be fine. The Senator really knows the people in
New Hampshire, the campaign is almost restructured."

"Everything is fine back at the office too, but the interns miss getting to check you out,"
Ryan teased.

Nicky gave him a good smack on the arm for that and led the way out to her car. "You
want to drive?" she asked.

"You know I do," Ryan replied. Glad to at least get to do some activity instead of sitting
on that stupid train. They got in the car and started to make the drive up to Nashua.

"So there is this guy working on the campaign I think you will like to meet," Nicky

"Yeah, that'll be cool," Ryan replied. Trying to notch down the tension a bit, he didn't
feel like coming out to Nicky and he knew she didn't really want him to. "So what's the
Senator's schedule tonight and tomorrow?" Ryan continued.

"He'll be asleep by the time we get back and he is going to a coffee shop fisrt thing in the
morning for a meet and greet. You get him from 10 to Noon," Nicky stated.

"Thanks, always looking out for me huh," Ryan smiled.

"Doing my job and that includes you RJ," Nicky patted him on the knee, but moved her
hand back after a minute.

They drove up to the hotel where the McCabe Campaign was based in Nashua. Ryan got
checked in, thanked Nicky and then crashed for the night.