Political Insider 3

Chapter 3

By PresRyanGOP@yahoo.com
(M, MM, anal, con, rom)

This is my first attempt at writing a story for this type of audience but I have been reading
Nifty for a while and wanted to give something back. I know politics is a controversial
subject, so lets just all take this for what it is meant to be – fun and entertaining. Please
no political hate mail, the story does not express my own views and is a pure work of
fiction. Constructive feedback and ideas for how to take the story forward are welcome.
I'd love to know what the readers think. Thanks for the responses on Chapters 1 and 2 of
the story, I'm still trying to fix the line breaks, hopefully it will work this time. I will re-
submit the badly formatted parts once I find out how to send them in correctly. Sorry for
the difficult reading so far. Send e-mail to PresRyanGOP@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. The people and events described do not exist.
Nothing described here is meant to imply anything about the sexuality or views of any
real person. To my knowledge the story does not in any way express any accurate or
factual information regarding any person, place, or event.

This story contains graphic depictions of homosexual activities between consenting
fictional adults. If it is illegal or improper for you to view this content, then please leave
this page immediately.

Ryan boarded the bus waiting outside the hotel to go to the first campaign event of the
day. Nicky followed and gave a coffee to Ryan, who sat towards the front of the specially
equipped charter bus. Senator McCabe was in the back of the bus talking to some
reporters. Nicky walked back and handed the Senator his coffee, then went back to the
front to join Ryan.

"So how are things going back at the office?" Nicky asked.

"About what you would expect. Half the Senate is running for President." Ryan replied
with a smile.

The bus rolled along, heading to a small town in Northern New Hampshire. Ryan looked
around the bus. A few campaign workers and a whole pack of reporters. He couldn't
imagine having to answer to the media - that is honestly why he didn't want to run for
office himself. Being under that spotlight all the time isn't worth it.

The bus pulled up in font of White Mountain Coffee and everyone exited the bus. Ryan
watched as the Senator held his event, walking through the coffee shop talking to the
people. Ryan admired Senator McCabe a great deal; he really seemed to connect with the
people here in New Hampshire. This place reminded Ryan of home a bit, it wasn't that
far from Upstate New York, really. The Senator worked the room for about an hour and
then boarded the bus again. The bus rolled back to the hotel, Ryan knew he was up.

Ryan walked into the Senator's suite, carrying his laptop, folder, and the envelope he had
gotten from Adam yesterday. He set up his computer quickly.

Senator McCabe started "Thanks for doing these briefings Ryan, I like to try to stay up to
date on my Senate work as best I can."

"No problem at all Senator, its my job. Shall we start with the legislative calendar?" Ryan

They went over the legislative calendar and then opened the envelope. Ryan went over all
the materials with the Senator and put the envelope in the Senator's room safe for him to
go over later.

"You staying up here for a while Ryan?" The Senator asked.

Ryan replied "Yeah, I'll be up here until Thursday, Ben wanted me to at least make a few
contacts with the new campaign staff."

The Senator grinned "there has been quite a shake up, but I'm sure you knew that."

"Yeah, hopefully it will help." Ryan commented.

"Don't worry about it Ryan, I have a good feeling about New Hampshire. And as goes
New Hampshire, so goes the Republican nomination. The real challenge will be the
Democrats" Senator McCabe stated.

Ryan was a little surprised "What about governor Roony?" he said.

"Roony has changed positions on every major issue. He may put up a fight with some of
the big business Republicans, like you, but he won't get the people with him." McCabe

Ryan cringed; he hated being thought of that way. "Senator, I know my family has
certain business interests but I don't let that influence my policy views."

"Of course you do Ryan, we all do. We are the sum of our experiences. Most of mine
were in the Navy, yours have been different and that is a good thing. Differences and
diversity help our party become stronger." McCabe tried to be tactful.

"I understand Senator. I'd think of my family as more country club Republican than big
business now-days anyways." Ryan tried to make a joke.

McCabe laughed. "You've always done good work for me Ryan, you always have a spot
on my staff."

"Thanks Senator, it means a lot that I have your respect. Anyways, Nicky is going to kick
my butt if I keep you tied up too long." Ryan said with a smile.

McCabe laughed again "Nicky keeps me on schedule, I don't know what I'd do without

Ryan packed up his laptop and they both exited the suite. Nicky was waiting in the hall
where she gave Ryan a quick slap on the arm, right in front of the Senator. "You kept him
too long, you policy nerd. We are late for the town hall meeting!" Nicky and the Senator
quickly boarded the bus, leaving Ryan at the hotel to meet the rest of the staff.

Ryan checked his Blackberry. Nothing much going on at the office. Connely and the
Okalahoma Senators were going on about global warming again. Ryan wandered down
the hall to the large ballroom that had turned into a makeshift campaign headquarters.

The room had a few tables along the wall with computers set up. One side of the room
had an assembly line of volunteers stuffing mailers. The other side had a phone bank. A
bunch of college-aged supporters were running around. It looked more like a campaign
for mayor than a Presidential Campaign. The high paid consultants and pollsters were
nowhere to be seen. Ryan was sure that they'd be along soon enough.

Ryan's Blackberry started to vibrate on his hip. He picked it up and answered, it was
Nicky. "Hey, I forgot to tell you, go introduce yourself to Brad Easterly, he is one of the
campaign workers, I think you'll get along if you get my drift."

Leave it to Nicky to try to set him up. Ryan talked to the people that seemed to be
running the show; it was fairly uneventful, boring almost. It was lunch time, Ryan was
hungry. Suddenly a cute looking college aged guy approached Ryan. "We are getting
ready to order pizza, what kind do you like?" Brad asked.

"Cheese is fine for me. I'm Ryan Whitfield by the way, from the Senator's DC office."
Ryan replied as he checked the guy out. Brad was 5'6", 140 lbs, a runner's build. He was
a 21-year-old junior at Dartmouth that volunteered to work on the campaign. His hair was
blond, but obviously dyed; it was naturally brown or black. "Gay guy" was the first thing
in Ryan's head when he saw him; still he was cute enough to get Ryan's attention.

"I'm Brad Easterly, I volunteered to work on the campaign. Hopefully I'll get to intern at
the White House." Brad stated. Ryan couldn't help but chuckle to himself at how forward
this guy was.

Brad went off with the pizza order. The rest of the afternoon was fairly uneventful. Ryan
checked out what the campaign was working on and gave Ben a call back at the office.
Around 4 PM, Brad came over to the table where Ryan was working.
"Whatchya doing for dinner tonight?" Brad asked.

"No plans as far as I know. I'll probably grab a burger or something." Ryan replied.

Brad smiled "I know a quiet diner if you'd be interested." He was clearly checking Ryan
out now.

Ryan's cock got the better of him again. Hell, why should Chip have all the fun in
banging the college guys? Ryan reached out and put his hand on Brad's, looking deep
into his eyes. "Yeah, that sounds like fun."

Brads eyes lit up and a huge grin spread on his face. "Ok, pick me up from my table
when you are ready, hot stuff." Brad was giddy at getting a chance with Ryan. Nicky had
hooked him up, he definitely owed her one.

Ryan finished up some work on his laptop, then stood up and stretched. He looked
around the room, it had mostly cleared out. The clock on the wall said 5:15 PM. Ryan
walked over to Brad's table where he was finishing up the mail summary for the day.

"Ready to eat?" Ryan asked.

Brad looked up "Oh yeah." He responded in a cute tone.

They walked out of the hotel and got in Brad's car, a Toyota Prius. Brad drove to a local
diner. The dinner was all right, not what Ryan would normally eat back home, but it
would do. There was some polite conversation, where Ryan went to school, what his job
was, etc. Brad was surprised to learn that the legislative staffs on the Hill had very little
to do in an election year. Ryan heard all about Brad's political zeal and what he was
studying in college.

As they drove back to the hotel, Brad broke the subject of the sex that they both
understood they were going to have. "So, I have a foot fetish," Brad blurted out.

Ryan laughed "really?" he asked.

"Yup and I've had my eyes on those big feet all day" Brad continued.

"I'm cool with that," Ryan stated. Something new and even kinkier than he was

They drove up to the hotel and went to Ryan's room. The door quickly clicked locked.

The two guys quickly stripped down, both realizing this was just a quick hookup. They
started making out on the bed. Brad was totally turned on by Ryan's big frame and
muscles. Ryan liked having a college boi toy to fuck. They locked lips and rolled around
on the bed for a while like that. When Brad finally got on top, he broke off the kissing

"Can I try your feet?" Brad asked.

"Can I try your ass?" Ryan teased.

"Sounds like a good trade to me." Brad replied.

He slid down Ryan's hot body to his size 12 feet. Brad grabbed one and lovingly started
to lick it. Brad slurped on the hot foot, the toes, sliding his tongue between them.

It felt good on his feet, but Ryan was a little turned off by it. He was never really into
feet, but he would humor the guy, after all he was going to get some ass, so if this guy
wanted feet, so be it. Ryan decided to see how far Brad wanted to go with the foot thing
"You like those big jock feet, you little foot slut?" Ryan asked.

Brad moaned. His cock stiffened at the words. This guy really turned him on, he wanted
to be dominated by Ryan totally. "Oh yeah man, fuckin own me like a little bitch whore."
Brad replied as he continued to lick the sole of Ryan's foot.

"My turn," Ryan replied as he reached down and pulled Brad back up on the bed. Brad's
cute little ass stuck up in the air as Ryan started to plow it deeply. Ryan grabbed the
college guy's hips as he thrust his nine-inch cock deep in the guy. Brad let out moans.
"Oh Ryan, oh yeah, fuck my ass, oh baby," Brad called out. Ryan kept going until he
couldn't take it anymore. Cum exploded into Brad's tight ass.

Ryan sighed and rolled off of Brad. Then Brad snuggled up against Ryan. Ryan had
never expected that. "Can I sleep here?" Brad asked in a tired voice.

Ryan was very surprised, his emotions conflicted. "Please Sir" he heard Brad say. "Yeah,
just this once," Ryan replied. He was 27 and never actually spent the night with a guy. He
knew it was a fling, but still he wanted to try it. The two dozed off at 10:00 PM.


Meanwhile, in Pentagon City, Virginia, Army 1st Lieutenant Adam Baker was getting
back to the apartment in the non-descript high-rise building that he shared with two
roommates. He had stayed late at work downtown that day talking to his new
commanding officer and then going over to the Pentagon to grab a drink with a buddy
from his unit that he had been stationed with in Iraq.

Adam walked in and kicked a dirty t-shirt out of his path. "Slobs," he mumbled to
himself as he made his way to his bedroom. He tossed his bag down in the corner of the
room, neatly took off his uniform and stripped to his boxers and sleeveless white t-shirt.

Adam walked up to the mirror on the back of his door, quickly checking himself out. He
looked good. His eyes scanned from his face, down his worked out chest. He looked at
the tattoo on his right shoulder – a tattoo of his unit patch, 101st Airborne. He thought it
was a good idea at the time and it still looked sexy to him. His mind wandered to the hot
guys he had seen since being assigned to the Hill. He almost lost it with that guy the other
day, what was his name? Ryan. He had to be careful, being in the military and all; he
definitely couldn't bring anyone back here.

What the fuck was he thinking, he had never had sex with a guy, he wouldn't know what
to do. Truth be told, he had never had sex period. A 25-year-old virgin. Adam shook his
head. No one would believe it, but he had always been attracted to guys, so why mess
with girls. But growing up with his bigoted uncle as his only family, in a small town in
Wisconsin, then West Point, and now the Army, he had always been too scared to act on
his desires. He hated Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Maybe, just maybe his new assignment
would give him the chance to see that horrible policy ended.

A loud knock on Adam's door shook him out of his daydreaming. "Adam, you in
there?!" Paul asked. Adam sighed to himself, he wished he had never used that website to
find roommates when he got assigned to DC. He would have been better off in the
barracks at some base in the area.

"Yeah Paul, what's up?" Adam replied as he opened the door.

"Sorry to bother you late, but I heard you come in. Rent is due soon; can you write me a
check? Also it is your turn to clean the bathroom." Paul started in on his usual routine to
weasel out of cleaning the bathroom.

"Yeah, let me write you the check" Adam walked over and grabbed his checkbook,
quickly writing the check for the normal amount and ripping it out. He handed the check
to Paul, who would deposit it in his own account and pay the landlord, since the massive
company only accepted one check per apartment.

"I cleaned the bathroom last weekend, its your turn man" Adam tried, but he knew it was

"Oh no, I cleaned it on Monday, Ed saw me!" Paul protested, invoking the name of the
third roommate, which Adam knew was probably not true.

"Paul, I just cleaned it Saturday, there is no way…" Adam tried to convince him to back

"Adam, we all have to do our share around here, you are always working, you need to
pull your weight around the apartment." Paul continued.

"Ok, I'll get to it this weekend." Adam gave in. No point in arguing with a idiot. He
could have cleaned it in the time they already spent discussing it.

Paul left quickly, having won the battle of the bathroom for the tenth straight week.
Adam got into bed and turned off the lights to dream of being able to find the perfect guy.