Political Insider

Chapter 4

By PresRyanGOP@yahoo.com
(M, MM, anal, con, rom)

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Hotel in Nashua, NH.

Brad stirred awake as the first daylight came in through the hotel room window. He was in bed with the stud he met the day before. His eyes roamed over Ryan's hot body. Damn, he loved being fucked hard like he had been last night. Brad slowly slid under the covers and down Ryan's body, to his cock and took it into his mouth, sucking softly.

Ryan woke up to a hard-on. Ryan moaned incoherently as he woke up. His cock felt really good. He stirred awake and realized Brad was giving him head. Brad paused as Ryan started to wake.

"Don't stop," Ryan whispered.

Brad smiled real big and went for it, sucking down the big dick. He kept licking and sucking, not letting up. Ryan's cock was the center of his universe. Ryan's loud moans echoed in the room. Brad got hornier and hornier, fucking the mattress as he sucked.

Then Ryan blew right down Brad's waiting throat. Brad came a second later, all over the bed.

"Damn, we are a mess." Ryan stated after recovering for a couple minutes.

Brad stood up and took Ryan by the hand "lets clean up then."

They went into the bathroom and showered off together, washing each other's bodies, taking their time. Brad loved the feel of Ryan's powerful body under his hands as he soaped the stud up.

Ryan had a good fling, but he was emotionally conflicted. What kind of a slut was he turning into? He was hooking up with guys all over the place, just for a cheap fling. That isn't what he wanted. It wasn't really him.

They finished up showering and dried off. Brad could tell Ryan seemed distant. "What's wrong Ryan? Did I do something wrong?" Brad asked.

"No, its not you Brad. I just have a lot on my mind," Ryan replied. He gave Brad a hug and kissed him on the forehead.

Brad was satisfied by the response. "Can I look you up when I make it to DC? I'm only in college for another semester and a half you know." Brad tried to see if he could set something up with Ryan.

Ryan panicked inside. Brad was good for a fling, but not his type. He couldn't be seen with this kind of guy around the Hill. "Yeah, give me a call when you get to DC, maybe we can go get a drink or something." Ryan tried to play it off with a lukewarm response rather than tossing on ice water.

"Oh, I want more than a drink," Brad responded with a sly grin.

Ryan smiled back to him. May as well not make an enemy, Ryan thought. They both got dressed. Brad left first, followed a half-hour later by Ryan. They were trying to be discreet and not be seen together leaving the same room.

Ryan walked out of the hotel to the bus, waiting to say goodbye to the Senator McCabe before he headed back to DC. The Senator came outside towards the bus and pulled Ryan aside.

The Senator obviously had something on his mind as he approached, "Ryan, I got to thinking about what we discussed yesterday. I think I need to go to Iraq to see the situation on the ground for myself. It's a major campaign issue, but more important we need to make sure we are doing the right thing. Can you set up the trip?"

Ryan nodded. "I believe there is a CODEL going for the Thanksgiving Holiday, we can tag along on that if that is ok" Ryan replied.

"That's perfect an official Congressional Delegation can't be viewed as a political stunt, set it up," the Senator instructed.

"Guess we'll get to eat turkey in Iraq," Ryan joked. The Senator quickly boarded the bus and got on with the campaign schedule.

Ryan returned to the hotel, packed his stuff and headed back to DC, he had accomplished  what he was supposed to here and he wanted to get back for the budget fight that was brewing in the Senate.

Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC.

Adam thought he would be the first one in to the office, it was 7:18 AM, but when he got logged in to his computer; there was an e-mail from Colonel Smith, his commanding officer for this post. The time stamp said 6:07 AM. Darn, this guy was a machine, getting into the office that early.

The e-mail read "Baker, you are going to be the logistics officer for the upcoming CODEL to Iraq for the Thanksgiving holiday. Coordinate with the DoD Liaison Office on the House side and make sure the Senators and staff are taken care of during this operation."

Adam sighed. Looks like he was headed back to Iraq for a visit. The only good part was that he would be able to add value to the trip by being able to talk to the Senators from first hand experience. He got busy working up the plans for the trip and coordinating with the Pentagon.


Passenger Train, near Baltimore, MD.

Ryan looked up from his book and sighed. Almost back, he thought as he realized they were passing through Baltimore. His to-do list was running through his head. Number one was to get the Senator signed up on the CODEL. Number two was to get to work on the budget. Suddenly he remembered something... he was supposed to go home to Rochester for Thanksgiving... that would have to change.

The Blackberry clicked on and Ryan's thumb scrolled through the contacts. He clicked the one that said 'Mom - Home'. Ryan cringed slightly; he wasn't looking forward to this conversation.


Whitfield Estate, Rochester, NY

Molly Hastings, private secretary to Mrs. Elizabeth Whitfield, walked briskly down the hall to her boss' office carrying the cordless phone. "Ma'am, your son is on the phone."

Mrs. Whitfield took the phone from her assistant. "Thank you Molly" she said as she took the phone and closed the door on Molly.

"Ryan, dear, how are you?" she asked.

"I'm doing all right Mom, just getting back to DC, I was in New Hampshire for a few days" Ryan replied through the phone, hoping there wasn't too much train noise in the background.

"That's nice dear, hopefully the Senator will win up there. I know a lot of our friends here in New York are fans of his," Elizabeth continued.

"Yeah, I hope so too Mom, he is a great guy. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I'm not going to be able to make it to Thanksgiving like we had planned" Ryan tried to get the bad news out of the way, mentally steeled for the backlash from his overbearing mother.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Why not dear?" Mrs. Whitfield was not pleased. She had plans for her only child this Thanksgiving Holiday, starting with the three socially acceptable young ladies that she wanted to introduce him to.

Ryan paused and really cringed, here it goes. "It's work related, but I can't tell you any more than that right now" he said.

"Ryan Whitfield! The last time you told me that, you went on some trip to Iraq, putting yourself in danger just to study some kind of spending or something!" Mrs. Whitfield was not happy at all; she had heard this stock answer about not telling before. She knew it was Iraq or Afghanistan.

"You know I can't confirm or deny that Mom. I'll be fine, don't worry" Ryan tried to be as reassuring as he could with the rules he had to follow about not telling anyone. He had been through this drill before on a CODEL to the war zone.

"Ryan, please, after your father died in that awful plane crash, you are all I have dear" Elizabeth got a tear in her eye thinking of her husband that had died 12 years earlier when Ryan was just 15.

"Mom, I'll be fine, nothing will happen. President Rush goes there all the time and nothing happens to him, I'm a much lower profile than he is." Ryan tried to convince her not to worry.

Mrs. Whitfield realized she couldn't change his mind. Ryan was as stubborn as she was, if not more so. "All right dear, just be careful. I want to see you for Christmas though, no excuses."

Ryan relaxed now, the hard part was over. "Christmas would be great Mom. At least you'll have snow up there, I don't like Christmas without snow like they have in DC" Ryan tried to lighten things up a little bit.

"I'll get a snow machine if we don't have enough dear." Elizabeth laughed, sharing an awkward joke with her son. She had no real sense of humor.

"Ok Mom, I'll call again before I leave and then when I get back." Ryan wanted to make sure that someone in the world knew what was going on.

"By the way dear, the Family Office has some paperwork that you need to go over next time you are here. They also don't enjoy your taste in fancy cars." Mrs. Whitfield had to get the lecture in, she never liked the idea of her son being spoiled, but he was in charge now, so all she could do was be a bit of a moral compass.

"Yeah, I know they always have paperwork. Bloodsucking vampires." Ryan joked. They didn't like his taste in cars but its not like he was going to be broke in his lifetime or a hundred generations from now.

"Now Ryan, they are there to help you. Take care dear. Call me before you go." Elizabeth could tell that her son had gotten through what he needed to tell her.

"Bye Mom. Love you." Ryan said as he ended the call.


Passenger Train, near New Carrolton, MD.

Ryan clicked the call off and looked out the window. Excellent, back in the DC he thought as he saw a Metro Train go by.

His brain started down his to-do list again. Number one, CODEL. All right, who is going. The Senator, me, and a legislative assistant - that new guy Chris hasn't been anywhere he'll do.

Scrolling through the contact list, clicking on Emily Gifford, Senator Williams Office. Senator Jack Williams of Virginia was the ranking Republican on the Armed Services committee. Former Secretary of the Navy and he had been Chairman before the Democrats got the majority.

"Em! Its Ryan Whitfield, how are you doing?" Ryan said into the phone in a friendly tone. Emily Gifford was Senator Williams' chief of staff; Ryan knew he had to give the office a courtesy call.

"I'm doing well Ryan, what can I do for you?" Emily was having a crazy day with all the budget stuff that was going on, so she was a little short with Ryan.
"I just wanted to let you and Sen. Williams know that Sen. McCabe plans on participating in the Thanksgiving CODEL. I'll take care of signing up with the liaison office, just wanted to give you a heads up. Do you know which other Senators are going?" Ryan wanted information from her more than he wanted to brownnose with a courtesy call.

"Thanks for letting us know. So far its Williams, Wibbly, Levenworth, Lebowitz, and now McCabe. I think that is probably going to be it because we got the brush off from everyone else." Emily gave him enough to get him off the phone.

"Thanks Em! You going on the trip?" Ryan asked.

"Nah, I'm busy. The liaison office is sending some people. I know Wibbly isn't bringing any staff. Not sure about the others. Are you going?" Emily figured she might as well get any details Ryan would give up.

"Probably just me, the Senator, and an LA. Thanks for the help" Ryan responded.

"My pleasure Ryan. Remember, you still owe me that drink!" Emily tired to keep up a good relationship with Ryan. After all, her Senator was retiring at the end of his term; she needed all the friends she could get to find a new chief of staff job on the Hill.

Ryan clicked off the phone call. Two Republicans, Two Democrats, and an Independent that organizes with the Democrats and acts like a Republican. Ryan smiled. He liked all the Senators on the trip with the exception of Wibbly. Wibbly was such a single-issue Senator - he was elected on the mistake of his Republican opponent and promising to end the war. Virginia had Wibbly and Williams, both former Secretaries of the Navy and both on the Armed Services Committee. Wibbly even had a son that was a Marine, Ryan had to at least respect that. He just didn't like the idea of a single-issue Senator. Senators are supposed to consider all the nation's issues not just focus on a single one to the exclusion of all others.


Union Station, Washington, DC

The train pulled into the station and stopped. Ryan got off with his stuff and quickly made his way out of the station. He paused as he exited the main door, admiring the view of the Capitol and the Statue of Freedom on top of the dome.

He quickly walked the few blocks to his office and went in. The office was in chaos, ah the federal budget was on the floor. Of course, the fiscal year had already ended, the federal fiscal year starts October 1, but here we are on October 5, still debating. Ryan shook his head, he loved Congress.

Ryan set his stuff down in his office. Ben was nowhere to be seen. Probably in the conference committee Ryan thought. He looked at his desk and saw the stack of neatly bound books piled up on it. He picked up the first book and read the cover "Budget of the United States for Fiscal Year 2008, Volume 1 of 27." He set the book down - he wasn't dealing with this.

Ryan walked out into the Legislative Analyst bullpen of cubicles. He almost tripped over the take-out Chinese and pizza boxes that littered the floor. "Damn it clean this shit up" Ryan blurted out. Vivian Jenkins, on of the legislative assistants looked up from her work. "Oh hey Ryan, we've been pulling all nighters while you got to play in New Hampshire" she loved giving Ryan a hard time, he was so cute.

"Ok Vivian, what is going on with the budget?" Ryan wanted to get up to date more than he wanted to give them a hard time over being slobs.

"I'll forward you the daily summary when we get it done tonight. Basically, Senator Cristoff (Republican-Minnesota) gave them a hard time over the pork barrel spending and Connely and Riden got in a huff over him calling them out on it. Ben is in the conference committee and he said for you not to get too worked up about it like you did last year because you have a trip to arrange" Vivian rattled the information off in a sassy, smartass tone.

Ryan smiled and replied, "One man's pork is another man's job" he loved quotes like that from Senator Biddie and the other old timers.

Vivian chuckled at the joke. "Sure Ryan, how about we put some extra in the budget for my job then."

"Talk to Senator Christoff about it, I'm sure he'll do you the favor since your Senator is out of the office." Ryan loved teasing her back. He made a quick bee-line out of the office. One of those Chinese food containers came flying through the air at him, but Vivian missed. "And you are a bad shot too!" Ryan teased as he left.

Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC
Office of the Senate Military Liaison

Ryan walked into the Military Liaison Office, he needed to officially sign up for the CODEL. He walked up to the receptionist and smiled. She recognized him immediately.

"Hello Mr. Whitfield, what brings you here on a Friday afternoon when you should be out drinking?" she knew every Hill staffer was busy with the budget, but figured she should lighten up the situation.

"I'm here to sign up for the CODEL, who is running it?" he wanted to get past the receptionist and get on with it.
"That would be Lt. Baker, I'll get him for you" the receptionist responded with her usual friendly tone and a smile.

Ryan's stomach turned in a knot. Why did he get like this around that guy? He had just fucked Brad this morning without a care. Sure Adam was hot but there was something more to it.

Lt. Baker walked out from his cubicle in the back and approached Ryan/ "Mr. Whitfield, what can I do for you?" Adam asked, extending his hand to shake Ryan's.

Ryan shook Adam's hand. "Senator McCabe, myself, and one of the L/A/s from the office want to go on the CODEL." Ryan responded.

"Certainly, I'll take care of that for you Sir" Adam responded. His eyes ran over Ryan's body. Something about this guy struck a chord with him. Obviously there had been interest the other day, but Ryan came off as completely natural and not some flamer that would drag him out of the closet and ruin his career. Funny that he was reading that much into Ryan.

"You got time to go get a cup of coffee? We can talk about the trip and I need to stop by the conference committee for a second" Ryan tried to bait Adam into at least walking around the Hill with him for a bit.

"Sure, I think so. Let me just check with my commanding officer and then we can go discuss the objectives for the trip." Adam smiled, letting Ryan know he wanted to play along a bit.

Ryan waited for just a couple minutes while Adam went back and talked to his boss. It didn't take long and then the two of them were walking down the hall towards the cafeteria.

"So what exactly is your job anyways, other than hanging out with the military guys?" Adam started in with a joke.

"Mainly taking care of the Senator and working on various policy items. I cover military, foreign affairs, and energy; my boss covers all the domestic stuff. That's how we split it since the Senator has a good military and foreign policy background, so the more junior guy gets those issues." Ryan tried to explain the high-level split between Ben and himself.

They entered the cafeteria that was fairly empty on a Friday afternoon. Ryan walked over and got some coffee. "Want any?" he asked Adam.

Adam said "Nah, I'll just grab a snack." He walked over picked up a banana.

They went to the cashier and paid, then took a seat in a corner of the empty seating area. "Any plans for the weekend?" Adam asked, trying to make conversation. He started to peel the banana.

"Just work, I need to get caught up on this budget stuff some" Ryan responded.

Adam smiled and gave the banana a suggestive lick, then did it again. Ryan noticed, and smiled as he took a sip of coffee.

"Seriously though, I've never done it." Adam tried to explain his situation, hoping Ryan would understand.

"You are kidding me, right?" Ryan said, trying to lighten things.

"Serious man, need to take it slow and careful." Adam wanted to get his point across.

Ryan's head was spinning at a million miles an hour. Was Adam really coming on to him. "We'll go slow" Ryan responded. He reached his hand across the table and lightly ran his fingers over Adam's hand. The simple contact said more than words could between the two. Adam looked into Ryan's eyes and nodded. Ryan pulled his hand back and took another sip of coffee.

"Seriously, nothing with a guy?" Ryan asked.

"Nothing with anyone, well a girl gave me a blowjob in high school, but that's about it." Adam confessed.

"Wow, ok. Lets take it slow and easy, no need to rush things Adam." Ryan tried to reassure his new friend.

Adam smiled "Thanks Ryan. I mean, Sir. We have to be careful at work." Adam gave Ryan a wink.

"Don't ask don't tell" Ryan responded, rolling his eyes a bit. "But don't worry, I'm a closet case Republican anyways, so I don't want it to get out either." Ryan was shocked at how quickly the two of them had leveled with each other, it just felt natural.

Ryan decided to change the subject. He wanted Adam as more than a quick fling and this could really work out if he didn't go have sex with him right away and scare the guy off. "So, have you gotten a tour of the Capitol yet?" Ryan asked.

"No! I want one so bad, but every time I try to go, I can never find anyone who knows all the stuff." Adam said, somewhat frustrated at the truth.

Ryan smiled "I know the stuff, I think. Want to go?"

"Yes, if you will make sure to show me all of it and do a real tour." Adam tried to push Ryan a bit.

"I always give a good tour." Ryan responded as he stood up.

They tossed out the trash and walked down the hall and across the grounds to the Capitol. Ryan stopped along the way to point out the cornerstone of the building that George Washington himself had placed. Ryan and Adam passed through the security checkpoint and entered the Capitol Building.

"I just need to make one stop at the conference committee first, then we'll do the tour." Ryan quickly led the way to the large meeting room where the staff, some Senators, and some senior Representatives were gathered, hashing out details of the budget.

"I'll just be a minute" Ryan said as he motioned toward a bench outside the door for Adam to wait at.

Ryan straightened up his tie and entered the crowded room. Some loud Representative was lecturing the group about including his pet project. Ryan couldn't care less, neither could half the room. Ryan scanned the room and found Ben sitting in Senator McCabe's normal chair. He walked over and kneeled down next to the chair so that Ben could lean over and whisper.

Sitting along the back wall, Chip Saunders perked up when he notice Ryan walk into the room. Chip smiled. Maybe he could get fucked tonight if he played his cards right. Chip got up and moved to a chair by the door so he could talk to Ryan on the way out.

Ryan talked to Ben and found out there was really not much he needed to do, the budget negotiations were half-done and basically the Congress was caving into President Rush's request again. A few extra projects were being added, no surprise there. The good news was that there would be no government shutdown this year.

As Ryan was leaving the room, Chip tugged on his sleeve and pulled him aside. "Some of us are going to The BullMoose after work, you should come" Chip tried to get Ryan to go drinking with his friends again. He picked the famous bar on Capitol Hill because he knew Ryan liked it.

"Yeah, ok. Can I bring someone with me?" Ryan asked.

Chip sighed inside, but he had extended the invite and Ryan was fun to hang out with. "Yeah, its all good, a lot of people want to blow off some budget steam." Chip tried to rebound some, make it sound more like a group thing instead of him trying to get laid.

Ryan finally got out of that room and saw Adam still waiting, they smiled at each other. Ryan took Adam on a complete tour of the Capitol, even showing areas where the public usually doesn't get to see. Since Ryan was staff, he had access to everything except the floors and the dome.

The last stop on the tour was the Senate Chamber itself. Ryan took Adam into the staff gallery, telling the guard "he is with me" as he the guard inspected Ryan's staff ID. They went into the staff gallery that was more crowded than normal. They took a seat and watched the debate for a while. Ryan decided he would try to impress Adam a bit, why not. He scanned the floor and looked for a Senator that he could work to get floor access for the two of them. Ryan saw Senator Lebowitz of Connecticut sitting at his desk, perfect - on the Armed Services Committee.

Ryan leaned over to Adam who was sitting next to him and whispered "want to go on the floor?"

Adam looked surprised "can we do that?" he whispered back.

"For you, anything," Ryan smiled. The gallery attendant gave them a stern look for talking.

Ryan got up, leading the way, Adam followed. They went down a staircase to the reception room just off the floor. Ryan walked up to the railing that was the dividing line and motioned a page to come over.

The page came over and said "what can I do for ya?"

"Oh, you got a pen and paper?" Ryan half-asked the page and half-asked Adam. The page whipped out a notepad and pen, he got this a lot.

Ryan scribbled a note on the paper. "Senator, I was giving Adam Baker, a new Army guy on the Armed Services Liaison Staff a tour and thought it would be cool to show him the floor. Could you get us privileges? Thanks! Ryan Whitfield (McCabe's Office)." Ryan folded the note and handed it to the page. "Would give that to Senator Lebowitz, please." Ryan knew to ask nicely, he remembered being a page back in the day.

Adam watched, surprised that Ryan had the balls to pull this kind of stunt in the middle of a budget debate. Senator Lebowitz took the note from the page and read it. He looked over in Ryan's direction, his eyes darted over Adam. The story made sense when he saw the uniform. He nodded at Ryan and stood up.

"Mr. President, will my friend yield for a brief administrative request." Senator Lebowitz interrupted the debate.

Senator Donatelli (R-NM) looked slightly annoyed that he was being interrupted in the middle of reading his speech. "I'll be happy to yield for my friend," Donatelli figured he could be nice on some administrative stuff, no big deal.

Sen. Lebowitz went continued "I thank my friend for yielding. Mr. President, I request unanimous consent that Ryan Whitfield of Senator McCabe's Office and Lt. Adam Baker of the Armed Services Committee Liaison Staff be granted floor privileges for the rest of the day."

Senator Biddie himself was in the President's chair for once. He liked to make sure that his pork was included in the budget and floor presence was a good way to do that. He scowled slightly, he didn't believe in having a lot of staff on the floor, but at least the Senate was working on Friday for once. He wouldn't press the issue today. "Without objection, it is so ordered," Senator Biddie said in an efficient tone.

"Thank you Mr. President. I thank my friend from New Mexico for yielding," Lebowitz took his seat again and Donatelli continued.

Ryan waited a minute, then walked out on the floor, telling Adam "ok, we can go in there now."

Adam was shocked at the elaborate procedure required just to walk a couple more steps. Ryan took him around the Senate chamber itself, pointing out the Daniel Webster desk and the bayonet marks from the Civil War in the Jefferson Davis desk. After about 15 minutes of looking around, they left the floor. Ryan looked back and exchanged a nod with Senator Lebowitz, thanking him silently.

As they walked back across to the office buildings, Ryan mentioned "you doing anything tonight? Some of the staff are going to The Bullmoose after work."

"I'd love to go. That an official date then?" Adam teased.

Ryan smiled "We aren't official yet, you aren't supposed to rush me remember," he tried to put Adam at ease.

"Meet up over there at 5:30 then?" Adam asked.

"5:30 works. I need to check a couple things at the office anyways" Ryan said as he checked his watch, 4:00 PM.

They parted ways and went back to their offices to finish up the day.


The Bullmoose, an upscale bar on Capitol Hill, 5:30PM.

Adam walked in to the crowded bar, noticing he was the only military guy there. He was quickly getting used to that on the Hill. He looked around but didn't see Ryan,  so he went up to the bar, got a beer, and then found a small table in the middle of the room.

Ryan showed up a little late, but smiled when he saw Adam sitting there waiting. He quickly scanned the bar, Chip was in the back with a wild sounding group. Looked like they were doing tequila shots.

Ryan walked up behind Adam and have his shoulders a squeeze and leaned down. Adam half jumped out of his chair.

"Hey, lets go hang out with the group over there, I'll introduce you to some of the House staffers," Ryan said to Adam.

Ryan went up and got a scotch from the bar and led the way over to Chip's table.

Chip motioned Ryan over to join them, when Adam followed Ryan, Chip scanned him. Damn, a Army guy, was Ryan nuts.

"Hey Chip, this is Lt. Baker, he is on Senate Armed Services. Adam, this is Chip Saunders, the Speaker's Legislative Director," Ryan made the introduction.

Chip gripped Adam's hand, his eyes lingering on Adam's body a bit too long. "Nice to meet you," Chip stated. "Likewise," Adam responded.

Chip introduced the group of other staffers. There were no hookups made that night, it was mainly just some drinking fun to let loose after working on the boring budget.

After the festivities were concluded, Ryan walked towards the Capitol South Metro stop with Adam. "You sure I can't give you a ride home?" Ryan asked Adam.

"No, its out of your way, the metro is fine" Adam said as he checked his watch, 8:00PM. Dang he had been in that bar for a while.

"Well, thanks for hanging out today." Ryan said awkwardly. He didn't really know how to leave it with Adam.

"Like I said the first time we met, looking forward to working with you. But now maybe we should add playing to that list." Adam said with a grin.

"Lets just stay in the comfort zone and figure stuff out," Ryan suggested.

"That's good. I want to get to know you, you seem like a great guy." Adam responded.

"Night buddy." Ryan shook Adam's hand as he left, heading back to his car. Adam turned and went down into the subway.