Political Insider

Chapter 5

By PresRyanGOP@yahoo.com
(M, MM, anal, con, rom)

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Light streamed in through the window and onto Chip's face as he slept on the sofa. He
squinted and slowly woke up he tried to lift up his hand to brush his hair out of his eyes,
but he couldn't move it. He looked down. Chip saw that he was intertwined on the sofa
with Joe, one of the cute twink interns in his office.err, the Speaker's Office.

The memories of last night flooded back. After getting denied by Ryan and that cute
Army guy at the bar, he had hooked up with the best looking guy available to him.

Joe was a 21-year-old intern in the speaker's office. He was 5'9", red hair, an athletic
build - Chip remembered that he played baseball or something, and 7.5" cut cock.
Delicious, Chip recalled as his cock hardened thinking about it.

Chip leaned down and licked Joe's ear. "Morning hot stuff," Chip whispered in Joe's ear.

Joe stirred awake, thoughts starting to flow again. At least his hangover wasn't too bad,
Chip had gotten him wasted last night, then they had gone back to the Speaker's Office in
the Capitol, fucked and then fallen asleep.

Joe suddenly sat upright, freaking out. "Holy shit Chip! We are in the Capitol! Naked!
And we fucked in here!" He started to panic.

Chip was amused. He knew better than to get caught like some dumbass. He reached over
and gave Joe's nipple a pinch. "Take it easy, its Saturday, no one is around," Chip
reassured the intern as he leaned down and kissed Joe's neck.

Joe was too freaked out by the whole thing. He stood up and grabbed his cloths pulling
them on quickly. Chip just fell into the sofa and groaned. "Come on Joe, its really no big
deal and I'm horny again" Chip pleaded.

Joe was having none of it, he got dressed as quickly as he could. Being just an intern,
only here for a semester, and not really being used to the Hill yet, he wasn't going to end
up in some scandal. "No way Chip, I was drunk last night. Lets just pretend this never
happened" Joe tried to direct how things would play out as he put on his polished black

"Yeah, fine. Be a prude then. Guess I'll see you at work Monday," Chip had moved on

"See you Monday. Please don't say anything about this Chip." Joe exited in a hurry,
hoping he didn't run into anyone as he left the Capitol and headed for the nearest metro

Chip sat back and stroked his cock a few times, thinking. Damn, these hookups weren't
working out. He needed something more regular. He laughed out loud, thinking about
being in the same boat as Ryan. "Nah, he is a Republican. Still it is crazy enough that it
could work."

Chip stood up and walked barefoot across the carpet and poured himself another drink of
gin. He looked out the window as the sun rose on Capitol Hill. Yeah, Ryan Whitfield
would do nicely. He finished up his drink, looking out the window, jerked off quickly,
then got dressed and went home for the weekend.


Ryan got to work early Monday, refreshed from a good weekend. He turned on the TV,
tuned to CSPAN-2, Senate coverage. The clock read 6:45 AM. The talking heads on TV
were discussing the upcoming Senate Floor action regarding the budget. Ryan walked
over to his desk and fired up his computer.

He quickly scanned through the e-mails. A couple of reports, the legislative calendar for
the week - budget work, a few spam e-mails. Oh, an E-mail from Chip.

Ryan clicked the e-mail open and read it. Chip wanted to go to lunch on Tuesday at some
fancy place near Dupont Circle. Strange, actually making a lunch date when they could
just walk over and see each other. He hit reply and typed "Fancy place in Dupont huh?
Sounds good, hope they have good food. - RJ," then clicked the send button.

So, no real work to do today, lets have some fun giving the Washington bureaucracy a
hard time. Ryan got up and walked out the front door of the building, looking down at his
watch, 8:30 AM.


Matt Young walked into his office in the massive government building in downtown DC.
The General Accountability Office or GAO was the watchdog agency for Congress.
Basically they served as the government's independent auditors. Matt was Manager of
the DoD Contracts Oversight Group. A fancy name for saying he snooped around
military contracts. Sometimes Matt thought he should have followed his mother's advice
and become a doctor, but this job paid the bills. Matt was 38 years old, 5'10", average
build, a black guy. He was married and had three young kids in school in the Maryland
suburbs where he lived.

As Matt turned the corner and pulled out the key to his office, he saw a blast from the
past sitting in the waiting area with his secretary. He wondered what would bring this
Senate Staffer all the way off the Hill.

"Ryan Whitfield, I know this isn't a social visit," Matt said in his usual blunt tone.

Ryan walked over and shook hands with Matt. "No, its not, I need some information and
I wanted to come straight to the source," he replied.

Matt unlocked his office and invited Ryan in. He knew all about Mr. Whitfield, being an
auditor, he was nosy. He knew that Ryan was a rich kid that was playing Senator on the
Hill. Well, not just any rich kid mind you, his family's wealth was estimated at $5.65
billion. But that only got out in one article ten years ago. Some families, like Ryan's, kept
their wealth private. It didn't bother Matt too much. Ryan had given him some key
information on an audit; he had given Ryan some information. They helped each other
out when their positions allowed.

"What can I do for you bright and early on this Monday morning?" Matt started as he
hung up his coat on the small coat rack in the corner of his drab government office.

Ryan closed the door so that the secretary couldn't hear. He took a seat at one of the two
chairs in front of Matt's desk as Matt sat down at his desk and fired up his computer.
Ryan leaned down and helped himself to a candy out of the dish on Matt's desk and
tossed it in his mouth.

"I'm going on a CODEL next month and I'd like some information on BlueRock's
activities overseas." Ryan said as much as he could without giving away the details that
he wasn't allowed to talk about. Still, Matt got his drift.

"You boys on the Hill aren't seriously going to go another round with BlueRock are
you?" I thought that was all over, Matt said in disbelief.

"For some it is, but I have never liked them, so I thought I'd snoop a bit. All I need is
contact information for their Contract Officers, Copies of the Contract Files, and the most
recent performance evaluations." Ryan figured he'd ask.

"Why don't you put in for the kitchen sink while you are at it." Matt said with a chuckle.
Damn this kid had some nerve; he'd make a good auditor.

"There is no ongoing investigation, I just wanted to be able to get a few non-performance
fines put on them since I'll be able to make observations first hand." Ryan continued.

"I don't understand, why don't you just request the records from DoD, they have to turn
that stuff over to Congress." Matt continued, already knowing the answer.

"Well, I'm kind of doing this solo so far, the committee doesn't know I'm up to this yet."
Ryan confessed.

"I'll have our audit work papers sent over to you, they are about six months out of date,
but they have what you'll need. But Ryan, be careful, BlueRock is one nasty son-of-a-
bitch company. They didn't want to cooperate with us until we pulled out the big stick of
debarment from future contracts." Matt didn't want Ryan to get too caught up in this; he
liked the kid, one of the few Senate staffers that actually cared about the country ahead of

"I know Matt, I won't get in too deep. Just enough to keep DoD and State on their toes.
Thanks for your help." Ryan stood and shook hands with Matt again as he left.

As Ryan strolled back to his office, pulled out his Blackberry and wrote a note to himself
to add Matt to his Christmas card list.


Lt. Adam Baker had a hectic morning. His commanding officer had already chewed him
out over some petty detail of the trip he was supposed to be planning. Sometimes he
thought the battlefield was less hostile than this assignment. Capitol Hill was like a high
school on steroids - backbiting, clicks, cool kids, uncool kids, the works.

Adam finished up writing an e-mail to one of the Navy guys he was working with on a
committee research request. He looked up at the clock, 11:30 AM. He wanted to take
lunch early. As he got up to leave, Ryan walked into the office, bypassing the receptionist
and heading straight to his cubical. Adam gulped.

"Hey there soldier," Ryan said in a playful tone after making sure only Adam was in

Adam smiled at Ryan. "Hey, what's up with you?" Adam replied.

Ryan was happy that Adam finally seemed to be letting his guard down around him a bit.
"I want your opinion on something, want to go for a walk?"

"Sure, but I need food," Adam replied.

The two walked down the hall of the office building. "Union Station has good food
court," Ryan suggested.

The pair walked the few blocks over to Union Station. They went down into the food
court and Adam picked out the deli. They went up and got sandwiches. Adam got roast
beef, and Ryan got Turkey.

"So, I'm doing some research into BlueRock's contract abuses and I'm planning to check
out how they are doing when we are on the CODEL," Ryan informed his friend.

Adam almost choked on his food. "Ryan, they are nothing but trouble. Please don't start
anything with them," Adam pleaded.

Ryan smiled. "Its my job to seek out wasteful practices and handle them. Those
mercenaries are the worst thing that has happened to the US in a long time" Ryan

Adam rolled his eyes. "Look Ryan, I know what a pain in the ass they are. They make the
situation much worse over there; I've run into them on the battlefield first hand. But they
belong to State. DoD has tried to get them under control before. It hasn't worked. Best
thing to do is to isolate them" Adam tried to convince Ryan of his point.

Ryan was having none of it. "Sorry buddy, the Roman Empire fell due to the fact that
they used mercenaries. The same won't happen to the US." Ryan made a forceful historic
point, and then chuckled "Dang, I sound like one of the old-time Senators." Ryan
lightened the conversation.

Adam smiled; Ryan was cute when he acted all important like that. "So what do you
think you can do about BlueRock?" Adam asked.

"Best case, get them a fine for poor performance on their contract" Ryan responded. Then
he continued "damn, you know I'm turning into a bureaucrat when all I can do is get
them fined."

"They do deserve it. I just wish you could get them out of the war zone" Adam
confessed.  "I'll do what I can, but when we are over there, I don't know how much
snooping they'll let you do."

"Thanks Adam" Ryan said as they finished up lunch and went back to work.

Tuesday, 9:00 AM

Chris Smith, a legislative assistant in McCabe's Office finished carrying the last of the
three boxes over to Ryan's desk.

Ryan strolled in a few minutes later after having finished his workout in the Senate Gym
and dropped his bag behind his dask.

"What's all this stuff?" Ryan asked as he looked at the three large boxes stacked on his

Chris looked up from his work. "Some guy from GAO dropped those off for you this
morning" the staffer informed Ryan.

Ryan looked at the side of the box. Sure enough, it was marked "BLUEROCK" in big
bold letters. Ryan reached in and started reading through the files.

The next thing Ryan knew, the morning was gone. The Blackberry on Ryan's hip buzzed
loudly. He had gotten sucked into the world of Federal Contracting. No wonder there was
a shortage of Contract Officers in the government, this shit is boring as hell, Ryan

Ryan answered his Blackberry "Ryan Whitfield" he said into the phone.

"You ready to go?" Chip asked.

"Damn, I totally forgot. Yeah, I'll meet you in the House Garage in a few." Ryan said,
assuming that Chip would drive since he knew where they were going.

"See ya in a few." Chip hung up the phone. He frowned; Ryan had forgotten their date.


Chip sat in the driver's seat of his silver BMW 550i waiting. He brushed the dust of the
shoulder of his navy blue blazer and smoothed a wrinkle in the leg of his khakis. Then he
took off the yellow tie he had been wearing, tossing it in the back seat and unbuttoned the
collar of his blue shirt.

Chip looked up and saw Ryan walking towards the car in a black suit, white shirt, red tie,
and mirrored sunglasses. He smiled, Ryan looked like a secret agent or something. Ryan
walked up to Chip's car and got in.

"Hey sexy," Chip said as Ryan climbed into the passenger seat.

"Hey Chip, this an official date or something?" Ryan joked, knowing it wasn't. Maybe
it'd be a hookup, but they were just from different worlds.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact it is, so don't be a conservative prude." Chip teased.

They drove through downtown DC. Chip drove aggressively to Dupont Circle and found
a parking spot, cutting off a Hummer from getting the spot. The guy driving the Hummer
honked loudly, but Chip just flipped him off. Ryan laughed at the antics.

The two went into the small Italian place that Chip had picked out. When they got up to
the door, Ryan paused looking at the rainbow flag sticker that was discreetly placed near
the bottom of the door.

Chip noticed what Ryan was looking at and grabbed him by the arm. "Don't worry about
it, anyone that sees you in here has the same issue you do. Besides, I want you to relax
and be yourself" Chip was trying to put Ryan at ease.

"You sure no one from the Hill see us here? It is still DC." Ryan got nervous.

Chip rolled his eyes. "Ryan, no one will know who you are. The only thing you have to
worry about in here is getting propositioned for sex and I know that you like sex." Chip
opened the door and held it.

Ryan took a deep breath and walked in. The place was small, dark, and quiet. As a matter
of fact, they were the only patrons in the place.

"Reservation for Saunders," Chip said to the hostess as he walked in behind Ryan.

The hostess showed them to the table. Ryan removed his sunglasses as they sat down at
the two-person table.

A waiter, dressed in a black pants and a black t-shirt walked over. Ryan checked him out.
Late 20's, 6 ft. tall, nice athletic build, buzzed black hair, and a  go-tee. Not bad at all,
Ryan thought.

"My name is Edward, I'll be taking care you gentleman today," the waiter started. "We
don't have any specials at lunch, so its just the menu" he continued as he handed Ryan
and Chip each a menu.

As they reviewed the menu, Edward brought over two glasses of water. Chip looked
down at the water and thought about it for a second, ah what the heck.

"I'll have a martini and he'll have a scotch on the rocks with half a splash of water." Chip
informed the waiter. Edward nodded and went off to the bar as Chip checked out his ass.

"Ordering for me now too?" Ryan said in an amused tone.

"You'd have given some BS about working hours, but caved in, I shortened the useless
conversation. You Senators like a lot of useless talk." Chip teased.

Edward returned with the drinks. "Thanks Ed," Ryan said as he took his scotch.

"Edward" the waiter said abruptly. "What can I get for you two today?" he said as he
squatted down and pulled out his note pad.

"Chicken Caesar for me," Chip put in his order.

Ryan hesitated for a minute, changing his mind around at the last minute. "Half-size
Shrimp Pasta" Ryan finally decided. Edward scribbled down the order and went off to the
kitchen, returning a minute later with a basket of bread.

Ryan took a sip of his drink and leaned back in his chair. "So what is all this about
Chip?" Ryan asked. They had never had this type of lunch date before.

"I've decided it's my mission to loosen you up. But I have a selfish motive and that is to
convince you that you can have me for a regular fuck buddy or even, gasp, a boyfriend."
Chip put his cards on the table, hoping Ryan would accept them.

Ryan was shocked. Worse yet, he was very conflicted internally. In a way Chip was
perfect for him, they were both political animals. Both very good at their jobs. But he was
totally closeted and even if he wasn't, could he really believe that Chip would be
monogamous? He didn't know, but he may as well let it play out a little more. Ryan had
learned politics well, keep his options open.

"I don't know Chip. I mean, it could work. I'm just not sure. What would the Speaker
think if she found out you were sleeping with a Republican staffer? I doubt anyone in my
office would be happy with me sleeping with a guy, let alone a liberal Democrat." Ryan
said in a conflicted tone.

"Lets just try it and see where it goes. Think of it as regular fuck buddies for now. No
strings." Chip thought he could start it out like this and work his way up.

"So how would it work? We just have a regular night? Like Friday nights or something
like that?" Ryan asked, still in disbelief.

"Yeah, exactly like that." Chip stated.

Edward brought out the food, glancing over the two hot guys. Damn, they were both cute,
good thing it wasn't too busy today.

They ate for a few minutes and Ryan excused himself to go to the restroom. Edward saw
his chance, walking over to Chip and standing at the table.

"Your boyfriend is cute," Edward started. They were obviously in a gay restaurant.

Chip laughed. "What makes you think the Senator is my boyfriend?" Chip decided to
have a little fun with this guy.

"Senator?! No way" Edward thought this guy was full of BS.

Chip thought he could have real fun here. He whipped out his Congressional ID and
showed Edward.

"Wow, I've wanted to mess with a Congressman since I've been in DC. I didn't know
there were any gay ones!" Edward continued.

Chip laughed. "I'm just a staffer, but yeah the Senator is gay, you shouldn't have gotten
in a huff with him before."

"Oh my gosh, I'm so embarrassed." Edward confessed.

Ryan came back out of the restroom and returned to the table. Edward played it off like
he had just been checking on how things were. "Glad to hear everything is good" he said
to Chip as he walked off.

Chip grinned and leaned across, whispering to Ryan "I think the waiter likes you
Senator." Ryan assumed the Senator part was just the inside joke they shared, Chip
calling him Senator, he called Chip Mr. Speaker sometimes.

Ryan blushed. "See I knew we shouldn't have come to gay place" Ryan said.

They finished eating and requested the check. Edward brought it over, standing it up in
the leather folder in the middle of the table. Ryan grabbed it before Chip had a chance.

"You bought last time, I got this." Ryan said as he put his Black Amex card into the

Edward's eyes got big at seeing the exclusive credit card; he had read an article about
those. Only real rich people got a black card like that. That other guy must not have been
joking about him being a Senator. Chip was oblivious and just thought it was a normal
credit card, so do most people.

Edward took the folder and ran the check. He quickly scribbled a note on the bottom of
the customer copy of the receipt. "Senator, sorry for being short earlier. I'd love to make
it up to you. meet me in the bathroom =) Edward"

The waiter brought the check back to Ryan. He noticed some writing on the customer
copy, but assumed it was the normal thank you stuff. He filled in a 20% tip on the
merchant copy, and then picked up the customer copy of the receipt. He always took
them and threw them out when he got home at the end of the day.

Ryan glanced down at the writing and blushed. Then his cock hardened a little at the
thought of it. He smiled.

"What?" Chip asked. Ryan just handed him the receipt.

"Dude, you gotta do it. I'll go with you." Chip pushed.

"I don't need a babysitter, but you are welcome if you want." Ryan said in a cocky voice.
He looked around the place. Just one other table was occupied and it had a different
waiter. Ryan nodded in Edward's direction and got up, going to the bathroom.

Chip waited a couple minutes, and then followed. Edward was right on Chip's heels.

The bathroom was designed for two people, one urinal, one stall, so there was some
space. Chip locked the door behind Edward.

"I'm so sorry Senator, I'm a big fan of yours, I just didn't recognize you at first. Your
uhhh, assistant told me." Edward started nervously.

Chip cut him off. "Put up or shut up, you promised us a blowjob, now get on your knees."
Chip loved pulling a power play.

Edward didn't know what else to do, he just got down on his knees. Hell, he would suck
these guys off whoever they were, they were hot as heck.

Ryan reached down and unzipped his black suit pants and pulled his cock out of his
boxers, letting it hang there in front of Edward.

"Well, get to it cocksucker," Ryan said in an authoritative voice.

Edward's eyes got big again. Damn that was a big cock. His hand shaking, Edward
nervously gripped the cock. He slowly leaned in and licked the head.

Ryan let out a moan. "Yeah, that's a good little cocksucker" Ryan was on a power trip
over this whole thing, he was starting to see why Chip liked it.

Edward started to suck on the mushroom head of Ryan's dick, his face looking right into
the neatly trimmed blond pubes still in the boxers.

Chip unzipped his khakis and whipped out his dick, slowly stroking as he watched Ryan
getting sucked. He decided to keep the fake power trip going "see Senator, I told you
there are cocksuckers all over DC that will go queer for you whenever you want."

"Yeah, I see what you mean." Ryan played along. Ryan gripped the waiter's head and
slowly skull fucked him, enjoying it.

Edward slurped on the nine inches of cock, loving every second of it. Ryan's precum
slowly leaked into Edward's mouth. Ryan's senses were overloading. His palm continued
to grip the waiter's shaved head, bouncing it up and down his cock like a basketball.

Chip was hard as steel. He'd let Ryan go first, but he was using this little slut before they

Edward pulled Ryan's cock out and continued to stroke it as he slurped on his balls now.
He was driving Ryan totally wild.

Ryan grabbed Edward's head and shoved his cock down the guy's throat. Edward
gagged. Ryan didn't care. He face fucked the guy, one-two, one-two.

Edward felt the first blast his the back of this throat forcefully. He had no choice but to
swallow. Ryan shot five big blasts of cum into Edward's waiting mouth.

Ryan panted as he slowly recovered. Edward just kept suckling on the soft dick. Finally,
Ryan pulled out and stepped away.

Chip stepped up. "My turn faggot," Chip said rudely, actually he was kind of pissed that
it had been Edward sucking Ryan instead of him.

Edward swallowed the last of Ryan's cum just as Chip's 7-inch dick was shoved into his
mouth. Edward sucked on Chip's cock, without much of a choice he figured.

Chip gripped Edward's ears with both hands and really skull fucked him. It didn't take
long before Chip was cumming down Edward's throat. He had gotten so turned on
watching Ryan that he just needed to get off.

When he was done cumming, Chip roughly shoved Edward off, causing him to fall to the
floor. "You are lucky I don't fucking piss down your throat, you little cum slut" Chip said
as he put his dick away in his pants. He was getting into the role of being bossy.

Ryan looked down at Edward on the floor. He felt guilty, like he had used the guy. More
like Chip had used the guy and he had been an accomplice. He reached down and helped
Edward up "thanks man," Ryan said.

"Totally my pleasure Senator" Edward replied. He understood why the staffer was mean
like that; he probably took care of this normally. Besides, if he hadn't liked being a slut,
he wouldn't have hooked up with these guys in the bathroom of a restaurant.

Ryan washed his hands and left first, followed a couple minutes later by Chip.

Ryan was quiet on the ride back to work, he felt so dirty for having just done that. Oh
well, that's the life of a closet case, he thought to himself.

Chip started in on Ryan "dude, that was so freaking hot Ryan. You should run for office
just to be able to have that power trip for real. I'd so be your chief of staff and cover up
the tracks."

Ryan laughed "funny Chip." Deep down, the thought excited him and made him feel like
a cheap slut all at the same time.

"Joking dude, but it was way hot. And for the record, I do think you'd be an awesome
member of Congress." Chip said.

They pulled in to the garage at 3 PM, having taken an insanely long lunch. Ryan checked
his Blackberry quickly as he got out of the car. No one had missed them; good he didn't
want to have to make something up to explain where he was.