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Chapter 6

By PresRyanGOP@yahoo.com
(M, MM, anal, con, rom)

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Wed., October 31, 2007

Ryan clicked through the interactive poll results on his computer screen. The level of
detailed breakdowns was amazing. Brad had sent him the latest data for New Hampshire
and Iowa.

Looked like his boss, Senator McCabe was making some small level of progress in New
Hampshire. Iowa was a different matter entirely. Governor Roony, the former governor
of Massachusetts was ahead in the polls. Governor Hinkman of Arkansas was also
polling well in Iowa.

Ryan leaned back in his chair and glanced up at the TV in the corner of his office, it was
almost always on CSPAN-2. The TV showed the Senate Clerk reading off the names in
the quorum call. The clock at the bottom right of the read 3:30 PM. Almost time to go,
Ryan thought.

Chris Smith, the staff assistant that had worked in the office for about a month walked
into the office. Ryan was the highest ranked person left in the office so he was kind of in
charge. Chris scanned Ryan, damn that guy looked good. Ryan was wearing a navy blue
suit and an orange tie that had a black cat on it. It was Halloween after all.

"Hey Ryan" Chris said as he entered casually.

Ryan was half-startled, looking over from the TV. He smiled at Chris, who was wearing
black pants, white button down shirt, and a pink tie. Ryan noticed the tie.did that mean
something? Nah, although thinking about it, Chris did wear pink or purple ties a lot.

"Hey Chris, what's up?" Ryan responded.

"Looks like they are about done. Would it be ok if I change into my Halloween costume
now since we'll be out of here in a few?" Chris asked politely.

Ryan smiled, amused that Chris needed his permission. "No problem, what are you going

"The Joker," Chris said with a grin.

Ryan laughed. "Need a superman to tag along? I don't have any plans." Ryan teased.

Chris' cock got rock hard thinking about Ryan in a superman suit. "Uhh, well you are
welcome to come to the party, actually its just some staff assistants and a few interns
from the offices right around here. Didn't you see the sign-up sheet?" Chris informed
Ryan of the party that had been circulating the office.

"Nah, I must have missed it. But sure, go ahead and change. I think I'll crash the party
too." Ryan told the younger staffer.

"Great! Sorry, I don't have a superman costume for you." Chris said in a almost flirty
tone. He went down the hall to the bathroom to get changed.

Ryan leaned back in his chair again. He picked up the phone and called Adam.

"Hey Adam, its Ryan."

"Ryan! How are you doing, any big plans tonight?" Adam said.

"Eh, going to a party with some of the staff in the offices here. I was thinking if you
weren't doing anything, you could come over and join our party." Ryan responded.

Adam wished he could go to the party; he really wanted to spend some quality time with
Ryan, which they hadn't seemed able to arrange yet.

"Sorry, I can't go. I'm going to a party with some of the guys over in Crystal City. The
Navy Officers are putting on some kind of charity show." Adam informed his friend.

"Oh, well we'll get together another time then. Hope you have a good time!" Ryan
politely ended the call.

"Thanks for the invite, give me a rain check." Adam tried to encourage Ryan to keep
trying. They ended the call.

A few minutes later, Chris came back in the office. "We are the last ones here" he said.

Ryan's eyes shifted from the TV over to Chris and his cock hardened instantly. Good
thing he was sitting at the desk or Chris would have seen the tent in his pants. Chris was
standing there in a spandex, green and white, Joker suit. His build looked totally hot in it
and the suit hugged Chris' tight ass perfectly.

"Looks good." Ryan commented.

"They done yet?" Chris asked, motioning to the TV.

"Almost, here comes Riden." Ryan nodded at the TV.

Senator Riden appeared on the TV "Mr. President, I ask that the quorum call be
dispensed with."

Senator Wibbly was in the Pro Tempore's chair and said, "without objection, so ordered"

Senator Riden then started on the usual end of the day information. "Thank you Mr.
President. For the information of all Senators, we will finally be voting on the cloture
motion for the Omnibus Budget Bill tomorrow afternoon. If that vote is successful, we
will run out the remaining debate time over the weekend. The Senate will not adjourn for
the weekend unless we get agreement from both sides to proceed to the vote on final
passage of the bill without the final debate time being needed."

Ryan let out a groan. They were going to work all weekend unless the Republican side
agreed to go to a vote. He knew Connely would never give in.

Senator Connely stood up and said "Mr. President, we are still working towards reaching
an agreement, but at this time we have a number of Senators on our side that want to

Riden continued, "That's fine Mr. President, our side is prepared to be here all weekend.
At this time, I ask that the Senate stand adjourned until 10:00 AM tomorrow."

Wibbly responded "Without objection the Senate stands adjourned until 10:00
tomorrow." Then he banged the gavel.

Ryan stood up and walked around his desk, "lets go."

The two walked down the hall to a meeting room where some of the Senate staffers had
set up a Halloween Party.

The party had been organized by staff assistants from Senator Raine's (R-ME) Office. As
Chris and Ryan walked in, they heard music playing and a lot of laughter.

They went in and mingled with their co-workers on the hall. As Ryan scanned the room,
he realized he was the most senior person there; this really was a party for the staff
assistants. He felt empty and out of place, like he should have a real boyfriend to share
Halloween with.

The party went on for a while, candy and alcohol was flowing freely. Ryan made polite
conversation with a few uninteresting people. He didn't even remember their names after
the conversations. Someone cranked up the music and a few people started to dance.
More people just mingled in a crowed off to the side of the make-shift dance floor,
occasionally joining in when a song they like played.

As Chris watched the festivities, he felt a firm hand grab his ass cheek and squeeze.
Startled, he turned around and saw Ryan smiling at him as Ryan pulled his hand back.

Ryan had figured that he might as well give that hot ass a squeeze, he could always play
it off as a joke, but there was a chance it could lead to him getting to fuck that ass too.

"Hot ass," Ryan said in a joking tone so that he could play it off as a joke if need.

"Thanks. you ready to leave here?. and go bump in the night?" Chris responded, kind
of joking but giving Ryan an opening if he wanted it.

Ryan grinned down at Chris. "It is always fun to eat Halloween Candy, as long as you
don't remember it in the morning." Ryan was a little worried about messing with
someone from his own office.

"Halloween does funny things to the memory." Chris responded, beaming with a smile.

The two exited the party, thanking their hosts on the way out. Ryan tossed in a $50 to
help cover the alcohol.

"Hey, you got a camera?" Chris asked as they walked down the hall.

Ryan held up his Blackberry "yeah, has the camera feature."

"I want to get a couple of pictures of the Joker in the Capitol." Chris said with a cute

"Sounds fun," Ryan replied.

The two went to Statuary Hall and took a picture of Chris wearing his Joker suit in a
couple of different poses. Next, they went out on the Capitol steps and took a picture of
the Joker going up the steps, looking like a villain trying to get in. Finally, they took a
picture of Chris as the Joker by the reflecting pool riding on the statue of Grant on his

All this picture taking made both of them horny. After the last picture, Chris suggested
"we can go back to my place, my roommates will be out real late tonight."

"That's cool, I have my own place, but it's a drive, you on the Hill?" Ryan replied.

"Yeah, just a few blocks," Chris responded.

They walked a couple blocks, they passed the Library of Congress buildings and then a
couple more blocks into a Victorian house that had been sectioned off into apartments.
Chris unlocked the door to the two-bedroom apartment and they entered. Ryan looked
around. It was a total mess with beer cans everywhere and the place hadn't been
vacuumed in a few weeks. Definitely belonged to low-level Hill Staffers.

Chris didn't bother to turn on all the lights, he just led Ryan back to his room and closed
the door. Chris had been hot for this stud since they first met, he just never thought it
would happen. Chris stood there nervously for a minute.

"You ok?" Ryan asked.

"Oh, yeah, just shocked a little." Chris replied

"Its ok Chris, I know how you feel." Ryan said as he gave Chris a hug.

"It ok if I get comfortable?" Ryan decided that Chris wanted him to take charge.

Chris gulped. "Yeah," Chris croaked out.

Ryan slowly stripped out of his cloths, neatly folding them and setting them on a chair.
Standing there in just his boxers he approached Chris and gave him another hug as his
hands ran over Chris' body in the spandex suit.

Chris ran his hands over Ryan's chest and down his abs. "Damn, you must work out a
lot." Chris commented.

Ryan reached down and pulled the top of the costume off Chris. He was about to toss it in
on the floor when Chris grabbed Ryan's hand.

"No, put it on, you need to get dressed up for Halloween" Chris said with a grin.

Ryan was a little surprised, but why not if it would get Chris into things he would do it.
Ryan struggled to put on the smaller sized spandex top. It was like trying to crawl into a
second skin for the bigger built guy and since he was quite a bit taller, the top only came
mid-way down his abs.

"Like that?" Ryan asked when he finally got into it.

"Fuck yes," Chris said as he ran his hands over the top and Ryan's chest.

Ryan flexed his bicep and let Chris feel on it for a while. Chris was in awe of how hot
Ryan's muscles looked under the tight top. Chris' hand ran down Ryan's arm, over his
pecs, and down his abs. The bulge in his spandex pants grew bigger, he was glad he
hadn't worn underwear now.

Ryan let Chris feel him up for a bit, the younger guy was obviously nervous but liked
what he was getting to do. Ryan grabbed Chris by the shoulders and turned him around,
gently pushing him onto the bed. His hand ran over Chris' tight ass that was covered in
green spandex. Next, he shoved down his boxers, kicking them aside.

"It ok if I waste this costume?" Ryan asked in a deep husky voice.

Chris just moaned in pleasure. "Mmmm, yeah, whatever you want stud."

Ryan gripped Chris' ass cheeks through the spandex, then started to push on the seam
between the ass cheeks with his thumbs. Slowly increasing the pressure, Ryan ripped into
the ass of the costume.

Ryan's hands spread the ass cheeks wider, expanding the rip slightly. His big nine-inch
cock slid into the green spandex.

Ryan's cock pounded deeply, over and over. Chris let out loud moans as the stud
slammed his ass. The bed shook loudly as the fucking continued for 20 minutes. Chris
just let go totally, his body submitting to the hard pounding. Finally, Ryan had as much
as he could take and shot a huge load of cum into Chris' waiting hole.

Ryan collapsed on top of Chris, his breathing slowly returning to normal. The two
stretched out there on the bed for five minutes without saying anything, each wearing half
of the costume still. Chris slowly got up and walked across the room, grabbing two
miniature chocolate bars. He got on the bed and fed one to Ryan slowly.

"Thanks sexy, that was awesome," Chris said.

Ryan smiled. "You're welcome, I liked it too," Ryan replied after he ate the chocolate.

Chris tossed the other candy bar in his mouth. "You know, this chocalate made me forget
what happened for the past hour." Chris said in a cute voice.

Ryan got dressed slowly as Chris watched him. They both liked having the sex, but knew
they couldn't let word about it get out.

The weekend was uneventful. A few of the Republican Senators talked about the budget
on the Senate floor Saturday. The budget passed the following Monday, avoiding the
dreaded government shutdowns of past administrations.