Political Insider

Chapter 7

By PresRyanGOP@yahoo.com
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ryan lifted the second duffle bag into his Corvette. He was packed and ready to go on the
CODEL. November had been a fairly uneventful month so far. The budget had gotten
passed in the Senate and most of the government was getting into the holiday spirit - that
is none of the agencies do any work for two and a half months.

Ryan had spent the time getting deeper and deeper into the BlueRock contract files. He
had talked to the State Department and DoD contacts that oversee the contracts. Ryan
doubted he would be able to stir up much trouble for the mercenaries over there, but he
wouldn't pass up the chance if it presented itself.

Ryan got in his car and drove to work. He was a little worried about leaving his car in the
Senate garage for the whole week that the CODEL would be gone, but the police kept a
good watch on the garage so it should be fine.

The past month had been about the same in Ryan's personal life. He had hooked up with
Chip on a couple of Friday nights and that was about it sexually. Ryan really liked Chip,
he could tell Chip wanted to take it to the next level. Ryan shook his head as he started to
realize that he was the one that wasn't ready to commit. Maybe he needed to find a
different guy, maybe not, maybe it was him.

The car zipped into the parking spot and Ryan parked. He quickly checked his
Blackberry. the Senator had just landed, he and Nicky were on the way to the office.
Ryan grabbed his bags, locked up his car, and headed in to the office.
Ryan dropped off his bags in his office and went down to the Senate Gym for a workout.
He got to the locker room and put his work cloths away. At least he didn't have to wear a
suit on the CODEL.

As he worked out on the chest press machine, Ryan scanned the gym with his eyes. He
felt old. Everyone in there was a 20 year old intern and he was a 27 year old, old-timer
now. Maybe Chip had the right approach before, just constantly fuck the hotties. Ryan
was snapped back to reality as Chris Smith, the staff assistant in his office approached.

"Ryan! You ready to go today?" Chris said in a cheerful voice. He was excited about
going on his first CODEL.

"Yeah, I'm packed and ready to go." Ryan responded as he continued to work the weight

Chris watched Ryan working out. Damn that guy was hot. Maybe the close quarters on
the CODEL would let him get in Ryan's pants again. He hadn't said anything since
Halloween and they just acted as if it had never happened, but Chris would like more if
he could get it.

"Great, see you at the office later" Chris said as he walked over to the free weights.

Ryan finished up his workout and headed to the showers. He got dressed in a more casual
outfit for the CODEL. Boxers, khacki cargo pants, a black polo shirt, informal brown
lace-up shoes. He fixed his hair in the mirror and went back to his office.

The Senator was talking to Ben in the Senator's Office. Ryan walked over to Nicky's
cubicle. "Hey, how's it going?" Ryan asked her.

Nicky looked up "Ryan!" She jumped up and hugged him.

Vivian, one of the female legislative assistants muttered 'tramp' under her breath. She
had a crush on Ryan, he deserved better than Nicky.

"The campaign is doing a lot better. We think we are going to win in New Hampshire
now and maybe we even have momentum to take Iowa. If we did that, we could win right
out of the gate and avoid a big fight." Nicky said.

Ryan smiled "yeah, that's what I hear."

"Oh, Brad says he wants you to come back up and visit the campaign again." Nicky gave
Ryan a wink as she said it.

"Eh, I'm kind of busy Nicky. I mean I've got this CODEL and I'm going home for
Christmas." Ryan tried to convince her that he didn't have time.

"Home! That's great! You can do some events for us in New York State!" Nicky was
trying to make Ryan do campaign work.

"Yeah, I guess I could do a fundraiser or two while I'm there." Ryan replied.

"Perfect, Brad can help you organize it, perfect RJ!" Nicky was trying to set Ryan up
with Brad again. Uggg, he already had enough drama going on with Chip, Chris, and
Adam flying around in his head, he didn't need any more. Oh well, looks like he was
getting it.

"I was going to go watch the opening, you want to go?" Ryan said.

"Nerd." Nicky responded in a teasing tone as she went back to her work.

Ryan shrugged and left, walking over to the Capitol to watch the Senate opening. He
knew he would be busy for the rest of the day so may as well take some time now.


11:15 AM.

Ryan looked down at his watch as he hurriedly walked down the hall, he was late for the
CODEL meeting. He had gotten tied up talking to one of Senator Backridge's (R-KS)
legislative assistants. Ryan had been telling the guy to tone down the religious rhetoric in
Kansas Senator's speeches and they had gotten into some bible debate. Darn religious
conservatives, why couldn't they just accept a good conservative tax policy without all
this dogma.

Ryan walked into the meeting room and saw that most everyone was here already, except
for Chairman Levenworth. Good, they won't have started yet. Ryan found Senator
McCabe and Chris, then took a seat near them.

The chairman arrived a few minutes later and took his seat. The military guys got up and
started their presentation. A Navy Captain in his 50s was going over the outline of the
trip. Ryan's eyes darted over the military guys that were assembled in the front of the
room for the presentation.

Ryan's gaze settled on Adam, Ryan flashed him a quick smile, which Adam returned. His
cock twitched. Damn, Adam looked hot in his Army Combat Uniform (desert
camouflage). This was the first time Ryan had seen Adam in anything other than his
green dress uniform. Ryan's eyes darted over the handgun that Adam had holstered on
his waist. Dang, that made him even sexier.

The Navy officer finished up the overall objectives and handed the meeting over to Lt.
Baker to go over the logistics. Adam walked up to the podium a little nervous.

"Good morning" Adam started.

"We will be departing from the South entrance at 15:00 hours and will proceed via bus to
Andrews Air Force base in Maryland. There will be Air Force Crewman to load your
luggage on the bus and they will handle it for the rest of the trip. You'll pick it up
planeside in Baghdad.

>From Andrews, we will fly on C-17 to Germany. After a brief one-hour stopover and
refueling in Germany, we will continue on to Iraq.

We will land in Baghdad and plan to be in-country for three days. During that time, you
will be able to meet with Iraqi and US Officials in the Green Zone. I understand we have
a request from one Senator to go outside of the greenzone, that will be subject to
arrangements that can be made on the ground."

Ryan looked at the different Senators, trying to figure out who had asked for that, he
knew it wasn't McCabe. Ryan wanted to go out of the Green Zone too, mainly to snoop
on some BlueRock activities. Senator Wibbly looked more annoyed than usual, it was
probably him. Ryan sighed to himself, figures.

Adam continued "On the return trip, the Chairman has requested a stopover in Germany
for one day to visit wounded soldiers at the military hospitals there and we were able to
accommodate that request. The schedule is to be back at Andrews and back to DC by
next Monday morning." Adam concluded his presentation and an army private handed
out an itinerary/projected timeline for the trip.

The Navy Captain returned to the podium. "That concludes the briefing, we look forward
to seeing everyone at the South entrance of this building at 15:00 hours. Please remember
that this trip is not to be disclosed to anyone."

Ryan was glad the meeting didn't take too long. He chatted with the Senator for a few
minutes and then headed back to the office where Ryan packed up some notes he made
from reviewing the contract files on BlueRock.


Ryan looked down at his watch as he walked down the steps towards the bus, 2:45 PM.
The CODEL participants were assembling. Ryan saw that Chris was getting the Senator's
luggage loaded. Good, this was working out well - Ryan had told Chris to take care of
the Senator on the trip, that left him a little freer to check things out for himself.

He walked down the steps and handed his two bags to Air Force guys that were loading
the bus. Ryan kept his laptop bag with him, he wasn't giving that up. Adam was standing
at the entrance to the bus, checking people off the list. Ryan flashed him a smile as he
walked by. Adam smiled back as Ryan climbed on the bus.

The bus left on time, exactly at 3:00 PM. Ryan looked around the bus. Senator McCabe
had Chris and himself. Wibbly didn't bring any staff. Levenworth and Williams each had
two female staffers with them. Libowitz had one slightly chubby guy in his mid-20s.
Very little staff, Ryan thought to himself as he leaned back in the seat. He had gotten a
seat close to the back by himself. He had his laptop and some papers spread out and was
working on some stuff.

Adam walked to the back of the bus, acknowledging the Senators as he passed by them.
He approached Ryan and took a seat in the empty row in front of Ryan.

"Hey" Adam started.

Ryan smiled at him "Hey, staying busy with all the logistics?"

"Nah, its all arranged, I just have to make things go now" Adam said.

"Good, because I have a special request" Ryan smirked.

"Oh? And what would that be?" Adam said in a somewhat sexy tone.

Ryan turned the screen of his laptop around, it had a map on it. "I want to go there" Ryan
said as he pointed at a remote area.

"No way, that is too far, we aren't planning on that Ryan!" Adam was getting frustrated
with Ryan's obsessing over the BlueRock stuff. Then he thought to himself, well Ryan is
a political guy, what else should he expect.

"Come on Adam, it will be cool, all we need is a hummer and a few guys" Ryan pushed.

"Absolutely not, we are not breaking the plans, you have no idea how much work went
into getting you to the limited places that you are going." Adam got up and went back
towards the front of the bus, somewhat in a huff. He was just annoyed that he had put in
all this work and Ryan wanted even more.

Ryan sighed. He really liked Adam, but would never forgive himself for not even looking
into this BlueRock stuff. Ryan went back to working on his laptop until they pulled into
Andrews AFB.

The bus unloaded and the group walked across the runway to the waiting C-17. Air Force
crewman were moving the baggage into the plane. Ryan followed the group of Senators
and staffers, he eyed some of the Air Force guys through his mirrored sunglasses. Nice
asses, he thought.

The C-17 took off for the long trip to Germany and everyone got settled. The Senators
were sitting together, talking about the Presidential race and the war. Typical stuff that
they talked about. Ryan had some more work he could do, but he didn't feel like it right

Ryan reclined his seat and closed his eyes drifting off to sleep. He awoke several hours
later as he felt a hand on his leg, moving towards his crotch.

Ryan sat upright like a bolt, looking around. Chris put his hand on Ryan's shoulder
"whoa Ryan, take it easy" he said.

Ryan looked around, realizing the rest of the passengers were asleep. He relaxed a bit.

"You looked so cute sleeping, I had to come over and touch you" Chris whispered.

Ryan blushed "We can't do this here Chris."

"Yeah we can, just sit back and don't make too much noise." Chris responded.

Ryan didn't like this situation, the risk of getting caught was just too high.

"No Chris." Ryan said in athoratative voice.

Chris frowned. "Maybe we when we land then" Chris said with a wink as he got up and
returned to his seat.

Ryan looked down at his watch, it was 10 after midnight. He got up and walked towards
the restroom. Ryan needed to take a leak bad. As Ryan walked through the plane, he
noticed Adam asleep, he looked totally cute. Ryan's cock hardened thinking about Adam.
Damn, he should have let Chris suck him off.

As Ryan approached the restroom, he noticed a hot looking Air Force Crewman sitting
there. He looked to be the only one awake in this section of the plane.

Crewman Dave Applewood had been in the Air Force for the two years since he left high
school. The 20 year old was 5'10", 160 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, and a lean build.
Ryan looked him over as he passed by. The Crewman locked eyes with Ryan.

As a matter of fact, Dave had been checking out all the passengers. He thought one of the
Army guys was hot, a couple of the Navy guys were too, and so were a few of the
staffers. Dave watched Ryan approaching his post, he decided to see if he could be of

"Can I help you with something, Sir?" Dave asked.

"Just going to the restroom." Ryan said in a somewhat abrupt tone.

Dave pointed it out "Right over there, Sir."
Ryan walked towards the door as Dave watched him. Dang, Dave thought, this guy is

Ryan paused as he got to the door. He wondered. He knew he shouldn't, but he had a
thing for guys in uniform. Ryan opened the door, paused, looked Dave right in the eye,
then reached down and gave his crotch a quick squeeze. Then he stepped into the
restroom, closing the door but leaving it slightly cracked.

Dave couldn't believe his eyes. Did that guy just make a move on him? Dave walked
towards the restroom a few seconds later and saw that the door was cracked. Now he
knew something was up, the hot guy should have closed and locked the door behind him
like a normal person would.

Ryan's heart was pounding, this by far had to be the craziest thing he had done. Well
maybe fucking Chip in the Speaker's Room beat this, but this was up there. Ryan undid
his belt and dropped his pants, acting like he was about to take a piss in case this didn't
work out.

Dave nervously approached the door, his hand shaking as he gripped it and pushed it
open. "Sir, did you mean to close this door?" he asked, trying to play it off as a concern
in case things went south.

Ryan turned, cock in hand, towards Dave and said "yeah, I did, uhhh, you can if you
want." Ryan stroked his 9-inch cock.

Dave licked his lips and entered. Closing the door behind him.

"Nice uniform" Ryan said as he reached out and ran his hands over Dave's hips.

Dave smiled "ever been in the mile high club?" he whispered.

"Nah, why don't you initiate me" Ryan thought it was kind of funny that he had never
done anything in a plane; after all he had his own private jet.

Dave got down on his knees and reach out, touching Ryan's cock. "Damn, this thing is
huge" he commented.

Ryan grinned and let Dave get to work. Dave leaned in and started slowly licking the
head of the cock.

Dave was in heaven, he loved the feel of a big stud cock in his mouth. He had never
gotten to taste a nine-incher before and it was great. Dave slowly bobbed his head up and
down the shaft and reached up, gently toying with Ryan's big balls.

Ryan braced himself as the plane moved along. His breathing was heavy. Damn, this guy
was a good cocksucker. Ryan's hips slowly bucked forward and then pulled back.
Dave couldn't get enough. His own cock hardened as he rubbed it through his flight suit.
He only regretted that he couldn't get to his own cock to really jerk it off. Dave reached
up and held Ryan's hips, slowly slurping.

Ryan blew his load. 7 ropes of hot cum hit the back of Dave's throat. Ryan let out a soft
sigh, coming down off the climax as Dave milked out every last drop. Finally Dave
pulled off.

Ryan's hand reached down and rubbed Dave's shaved head. "Thanks man," Ryan said.

"All my pleasure, Sir" Dave replied as he stood up and exited the restroom.

Ryan just shook his head, in disbelief that he just got it on with a Air Force crewman on
C-17 in flight. Ryan took a long piss, washed up a little, got dressed, and then went back
to his seat. He winked at Dave as he returned to his seat.

Ryan looked down at his watch, 12:45 AM. He reclined in his seat, trying to get a little
more sleep; he knew he wouldn't get much once they got to Iraq.

The plane landed in Germany, refuled, and took off, Ryan slept through it all. He was
suddenly jolted awake by Adam nudging him on the shoulder "hey sleeping beauty"
Adam teased.

Ryan stirred awake "I thought you were mad at me" he said.

"I can't stay mad with you" Adam responded with a smile. "But we are almost there and
you have been sleeping for a while." He informed Ryan.

Ryan sat up and looked out the window, seeing the desert spanning as far as he could see.
He looked down at his watch, 10:00AM. He was staying on US Eastern time, no reason
to change his watch for this quick trip.

Everyone was looking out the windows as the plane landed. Fortuantely, it was an
uneventful landing. The group exited the plane and approached a group of waiting

Adam took the lead, walking up to a very tall and large built guy. Ryan looked the guy
over, dang he was huge. About 6'6" and around 300 lbs by Ryan's guess. More
disturbingly to Ryan, the patch on the guy's shoulder said BlueRock.

Adam spoke with the guy briefly and then large guy stepped forward, addressing the
group. "Welcome to Baghdad. My name is Frank and I am a contractor from BlueRock.
We are responsible for VIP Security in Iraq, so while you are here, we will be guarding
you. We have received your itinerary from Lt. Baker and we intend to follow that to the

Ryan rolled his eyes. All right, this would be harder than he thought.

Everyone grabbed their bags and they were taken to the hotel in the green zone that they
had been assigned to.

The rest of the day went by quickly, the Senators and staff met with Iraqi officials.

At dinner, Ryan turned to Chris "so what are we doing tomorrow?" he asked.

Chris looked down at the schedule "going to see a new water treatment plant" Chris

Ryan rolled his eyes. Boring. He got up and walked over to the Senator's table and sat
down with them.

"So, I was thinking that it would be good to go see some of the troops in the field. I
mean, why are we here if not to see them?" Ryan was trying to get them to go along.

Senator Williams laughed. "In my younger days, I would agree, but they have us on a set
schedule and its fairly reasonable Ryan, lets just stick to it."

Senator McCabe added "Well, if you want to go out and see for yourself, I think that'd be
a fine idea. Even without us old timers."

The group laughed. Then Senator Wibbly piped up "I agree with Ryan, I didn't come
here to be given the velvet glove treatment." He leaned back thinking for a minute, then
turned to Ryan "Sure kid, I'll go, you set it up."

Ryan cheered on the inside, now he had a Senator wanting to go into the field, even if it
was Wibbly. "Thanks Senator, I think it will give us a better understanding of the
situation." Ryan said as he got up.

Dinner ended and the group got a briefing from some Marine Intelligence Officers. After
that, they all went to bed after a long day.


Ryan woke up early, the sun was just rising as he looked out the window. Wearing just
his boxers, he walked down the hall to the shared shower room. This place wouldn't
survive as a hotel back home, but here it was considered a luxury resort.

As Ryan turned a cornor, Adam was walking down the hall wearing sneakers, shorts, and
a sleeveless green t-shrit. The sweat dripped off Adam's face.

"Hey" Ryan said as he saw Adam.

"Hey back, just got in from a run" Adam responded.

Ryan smiled "yeah, I can see that"

Just then, Ryan noticed Adam's tattoo for the first time. He reached out and grabbed
Adam's arm.

"You didn't tell me you had this tat." Ryan said in a hushed tone.

Adam smiled "yeah, its my unit, 101st Airborne, 2nd Battalion"

"It looks sexy as hell on you Adam" Ryan said. He took Adam's hand and pulled him
into the shower room.

There were three showerheads on one wall and a few hooks on the other for towels. Ryan
pulled Adam into the room and grabbed his head, locking lips with him. Ryan's tongue
dove into Adam's mouth.

Adam was startled by the sudden action but his brain felt like fireworks were going off as
he made out with Ryan. Something about it felt totally right. The two guys made out for
three solid minutes, finally Adam broke off the kiss.

"Ryan, uhhh, we can't here, but that, you are awesome" Adam stammered.

"I had to travel half way around the world for that and I'd do it again." Ryan said.

They locked lips again, their tongues gliding over each other. Their hands roaming all
over each other's upper bodies. Finally they broke off.

"Dude, we can't risk getting caught. I promise we'll spend more time getting to know
each other when we get home." Adam said.

"That tasted so good Adam. You better keep that promise." Ryan replied.

Adam slipped out of the room and Ryan showered off.