Political Insider

Chapter 8

By PresRyanGOP@yahoo.com
(M, MM, anal, con, rom)

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This story contains graphic depictions of homosexual activities between consenting
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Monday, November 26, 2007

As the plane touched down it shook slightly, jostling Ryan awake. He slowly sat up and
looked around the cabin of the plane. It appeared that everyone around was getting ready
to go.

Adam looked across the isle and saw the Ryan had finally stirred awake. They made eye
contact and Adam flashed Ryan a big smile. The CODEL had gone well and the best part
was getting to kiss Ryan. He definitely wanted more.

A voice came over the announcement system on the plane "Welcome to Andrews Air
Force Base, local time is 06:34."

Ryan let out a groan as he heard the time being announced. A whole day of work ahead
of him. He had gathered some good information in Iraq and it was time to make
BlueRock squirm just a little. He smiled over at Adam and stretched his arms out as he
stood up.

Everyone filed off the plane quickly and efficiently; glad to get out of the cramped space.
Ryan went to talk to his boss, Senator McCabe who was standing outside the bus chatting
with Chris.

Senator McCabe started "Great CODEL Ryan, I think it was worth the trip. I got to see
what was happening now and we seem to be making good progress."

"Yeah, its better now that it was a couple years ago. So, you heading back up to New
Hampshire today Senator?" Ryan replied.

"Oh yes, I need to get back on the campaign trail. New Hampshire is the best shot I have,
I think we all know that." McCabe responded.

Ryan nodded and boarded the bus; pulling out his laptop to do some work on the trip
back to Capitol Hill.

The trip back to the Hill passed by quickly. Ryan typed up some e-mails and set up an
appointment with Matt Turner over at GAO. Hopefully the information he had would be

Ryan opened up one last e-mail and addressed it to Chip. "Senate Gym, 3:00 PM" and
then he clicked send. Ryan had some stuff he needed to talk to Chip about and they may
as well get a workout in at the same time.

As the bus passed by the Library of Congress Madison building, Ryan closed his laptop.
He closed his eyes and let out a sigh, he had made it home. Ryan saw Adam sitting a
couple rows ahead of him and he got up and walked over to Adam.

"Hey" Ryan started.

"Whats up?" Adam responded.

"I was thinking, you want to go catch a movie on Saturday?" Ryan said with a sly grin.

"Yeah, it's a date" Adam responded with a huge smile.

"I'll pick you up around six then."

"Looking forward to it." Adam said with a nod.

Ryan returned to his seat and started packing up his stuff, getting ready to go back to the
office. The bus pulled to a stop and everyone exited the bus, Ryan and Adams made eye
contact a couple times on the way off the bus.

Adam quickly pulled out a note pad and scribbled his address on it. Ryan needed to know
where to pick him up. He walked over to Ryan and handed him the note as Ryan was
picking up his bag. They smiled at each other, Ryan nodded and then went into the

Ryan tossed his bags down next to his desk and set up his laptop. He looked over at the
clock, its only 8:00 AM.

He looked through the folders on his desk and started reading over the Senate's schedule
for the week. There was a lot of work waiting to get done.


Chip walked onto the House floor when his blackberry buzzed with another e-mail. He
was about to grab the thing and smash the annoying device when he saw the e-mail was
from Ryan. Chip grinned and opened it up. Cool, he would get to work out with his
favorite stud today. Chip had already done his workout this morning, but he would go
again just to watch Ryan and talk about his trip.

"Excuse me! Staffers should not be blocking the isle, I need to vote!" the loud statement
from Congresswomen Tabbs-Jackson brought Chip back to reality. Chip looked up from
his blackberry and the first thing he noticed was the lime green sneakers that the
Congresswomen was wearing. He decided that he didn't need any trouble with the loud
African-American lady today.

"Oh, I'm sorry Congresswomen, I was just going to drop this off to the Speaker Pro-
Tempore." Chip held up a small stack of papers with the member leave requests on them.

The Congresswomen pushed past Chip in a huff and headed over to the voting device to
cast her vote on the latest attempt to put a timeline on Iraq.

Chip walked down the isle and handed the leave requests to the House clerk. Then he
walked out and back down the hall to the Speaker's Office.


Monday, November 26, 2007, 3:00 PM

Ryan laid down on the bench and started lifting. It felt good to work out and he definitely
needed it to de-stress from the long trip. As Ryan finished the first couple of repetitions,
Chip walked up.

"Need a spotter?" Chip asked as he started spotting the bar that Ryan was lifting.

"Like you could really handle it if I dropped it" Ryan replied with a cocky smirk.

Chip smiled back "I'm stronger than you think dude. What is so important that you
needed to interrupt my busy day with?"

Ryan chuckled as he set the bar on the rack after he finished the first set. "Like you do
any work anyways."

"Seriously though, I thought of some stuff on the trip and made a few decisions." Ryan

"Oh really, well do tell" Chip's tone got a little more excited.

Ryan leaned in a little closer "Well, number one is that I kissed Adam and have a date
with him on Saturday."

Chip was slightly hurt by that. He wanted Ryan, they had talked about it before. "Who,
Army boy? You gotta be kidding me."

"I just get this feeling around him Chip, I have to explore it."

Ryan sat back down and started working on the next set. Chip spotted as he checked out
Ryan's pecs flexing under the t-shirt that he was wearing.

"So is that what you called me down here to tell me? That you want to play soldier? I
already knew that." Chip said in a teasing voice.

Ryan finished the next set and put the bar on the rack. "I got some other news too. I've
decided to run in 2010. Everyone keeps pushing me to do it and I really should do it, but I
need it to be planned out, so that should give time."

Chip's eyes lit up like fireworks. "Really?!" He said louder than he should have. A few
people turned and gave Chip an evil eye from across the gym as his question had
interrupted their workout.

"Yeah, its time I think." Ryan responded calmly.

"What district? You going to buy a house in Maryland or Virginia? That's what most
staffers do when they want to run." Chip started churning the possibilities through his

"Nah, I'll run from back home. I think Slaterhouse cane be convinced to retire from the
House by then." Ryan responded.

Chip was incredulous. "You are kidding, she isn't that old."

"Well, when she runs into some fundraising issues, she'll choose retire with dignity. I
think my family has just enough pull to make that happen in Rochester." Ryan smiled at

Chip had never really thought about that before. He knew Ryan was a rich kid, but how
rich was he? Definitely something that he would have to try to figure out.

"So, you'll need a Chief of Staff then won't you?" Chip wanted a Chief of Staff job
anyways, he was ready for that and he would never get that in the Speaker's office.

"Yeah, actually I will" Ryan said with a wink.

Ryan leaned back down and finished up his third set before getting up. He traded spots
with Chip. Ryan took a plate off each side of the bar, adjusting it to what Chip normally
lifted. Chip finished his set as they were both thinking.

As they walked over to the rack of dumbbells to work their biceps, Ryan said "oh, there
is one more thing. I've decided that if I'm going to run, I need to be myself, so I'm going
to come out of the closet."

Chip stopped dead in his tracks. "Who are you and what have you done with my shy
closet case Republican friend Ryan?"

Ryan laughed at the cornball joke. "I'm just tired of hiding it. The only reason I do is for
my Mother's benefit. So, its time to tell her. Then I'll run for Congress as an openly gay
Republican. It should be possible in NY State, I guess."

Chip rolled his eyes "Ryan, this is upstate NY you are talking about, not Cape Cod or San
Francisco. The blue-collar types up there won't like a gay Congressman. I wish they
would but you know better than that."

"Well then, it'll be a good campaign won't it? I thought you were the one that always
says we have to push the envelope to advance gay rights." Ryan responded as they both
grabbed the dumbbells and started doing bicep curls.

"Yeah, I guess you are right. Well, you know I'll support you, I just hope it can be pulled
off the way you plan." Chip smiled at the thought his fuck buddy becoming a

"Don't worry, it will, you'll see." Ryan grunted as they continued to work out.

After they finished up with the bicep curls, they went over to the lateral pull machine and
Ryan started on that. As Ryan was sitting Chip noticed a guy walking through the gym in
a suit. It was Leon Jones, the chief of staff for an Illinois Congressman. Chip also knew
that Leon was gay.

Chip motioned him over. "Hey Leon, how is it going?" Chip asked.

Leon was older, 42, 5'9" with a slightly stocky build, and wore glasses. He was in the
closet, but he had admitted it to Chip one day, since everyone knew that Chip was gay
and he seemed like a nice enough guy.

"Hey Chip, who is your friend here?" Leon asked as his eyes scanned Ryan. Leon had
never seen the guy before, but his cock stiffened just from seeing him.

"This is Ryan Whitfield, he works in Senator McCabe's office. What are you doing in the
Senate Gym anyways?" Chip made the introduction.

"Oh, well my Congressman was over here working out with some Senate Chief of Staff,
talking about some bill and he forgot his watch in the locker, I had to come get it."

Chip laughed. "So they sent the Chief of Staff to do a intern job?"

"Well, I don't mind." Leon said with a smile. He checked out Ryan again, he couldn't
help it. "Well, see you guys around" Leon said as he walked off to the locker room.

"He is totally hot for you dude" Chip said to Ryan.

Ryan just rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I could tell."

Chip chuckled. "We should do a threesome with him, it'd make his year."

Ryan just let the comment go. Ryan and Chip finished up working out and hit the
showers. They had to get back to work.

Friday, November 30, 2007, 9:30 AM

Matt Turner walked down the long winding corridor towards his office at the
Government Accountability Office, GAO.  He hated that they changed the "A" from
"Accounting" to "Accountability" just to make the place sound more modern than it
really was.

Matt opened his door and set down his briefcase. He had just logged into his computer
when Ryan poked his head around the corner. Matt looked up and saw Ryan entering.

"Well, you'd think I was a stop off on your way to work, the way I see you around here
in the mornings." Matt chided.

Ryan smiled. "Well, yeah, there is no reason for me to make an extra trip when I'm
passing by anyways." Ryan walked into the office wearing khakis, a blue dress shirt, red
tie, and a navy blazer. He dropped a file folder on Matt's desk.

"Whats this?" Matt asked.

Ryan smiled. "I told you BlueRock needed to be taken down a few pegs. That's just a
few contract violations I noted. Next time you audit State or DoD's contract files, I'm
sure your follow-up can turn up the same stuff." Ryan had a cocky grin on his face.

Matt scanned the pages and generally agreed with Ryan's assessment. Then he leaned
back in his chair. "So tell me something Ryan. What is a billionaire doing down here in
DC and crawling around in the desert after BlueRock for?"

Ryan was shocked that Matt knew about his family wealth, he tried to keep it under
wraps to an extent here in DC. "Uhhh, well I have to do something with my life and I like

Matt smiled. "I do too kid, that's why I picked this place over one of the Big 8, well Big
4 now." Matt said, referring to the big accounting firms in New York City.

"I'd appreciate you not mentioning that to anyone. How'd you find out anyways?" Ryan

Matt reached in his desk and pulled out a file folder with the one article about Ryan's
family trust company in it and handed it to him.

"My Mom was furious when this article came out. Still it was just one article and it isn't
in any of the databases. You have to have a print copy of the magazine to find it. You are
very, thorough. I hope you do this much digging with BlueRock." Ryan said as he took
the folder and kept it.

"I don't have to be, a Hill staffer has done some excellent research on them and we know
where to start." Matt responded, holding up Ryan's research.

Ryan smiled and nodded his head as he turned and left Matt's Office, walking back to the

As he walked across the Capitol grounds, Ryan found a trash can. He looked in and found
a discarded soda can. Ryan paused and slowly ripped the article to tiny shreds and shoved
them I the soda can. Then he stomped the can and tossed it back in the trash.

"One more copy down" Ryan muttered as he headed back to his office.


Friday, November 30, 2007, 11:45 AM

Ryan glanced down at his watch. Almost lunch time on a Friday and the Senate wasn't in
session. Ryan smiled to himself. The Chief of Staff and his boss Ben, the Legislative
Director were both gone. That left Ryan in charge of the office. The staff would be
leaving early today for sure.

Chris Smith was busy typing up an e-mail when he suddenly felt some hands massaging
his shoulders. Big hands. Chris looked over his shoulder and saw Ryan, no one else was
around the office at the moment. "Mmmm, please don't stop stud," Chris said
Ryan smiled at Chris' reaction. The guy was a good piece of ass and pretty smart too.
"Chip and I are going to grab lunch, you want to tag along?" Ryan invited.

"I don't want to be a third wheel," Chris responded, trying to be polite but deep down he
wanted to go if just to gawk at Ryan some more.

Ryan's hand firmly clamped down on Chris' shoulder giving it a playful squeeze. "You
seem tense, I think you should go. You won't be a third wheel anyways, Chip isn't my

"Sure seems that way lately, but sure I'll go" Chris didn't need much convincing.

Ryan and Chris walked over to the Cafeteria in the Longworth House Building. They
went through the line and found Chip sitting at a table in the middle of the room with a
couple of staff assistants from the Speaker's Office.

Chip looked up and smiled as he saw Ryan approaching. "Hey Congressman," Chip

"I'm not a Congressman, yet." Ryan responded with a grin.

Chris and Ryan sat down and Chip introduced them to Steve and Eric, a couple of hot 23
year olds.

"So I suppose Chip has been blabbing my plan to every gay guy on the Hill by now."
Ryan said to Eric.

Eric smiled "yeah, well it would be awesome to have the second gay Congressman and a
Republican at that. It would finally show the world that gay people have diverse political
views." Ryan was surprised by Eric's deep thought on the topic.

"So how about we go out and celebrate that tonight," Chip interjected. "I think Ryan here
needs to go out to a DC gay bar for the first time," he continued.

Ryan choked on his ham and cheese sandwich "What?!" he said.

"Come on Ryan it will be fun, we'll go to." Chris jumped in. Eric and Steve nodded as
well. They couldn't think of a better Friday night than a gay bar with hot guys like Ryan
and Chip.

Ryan shrugged. "Yeah, it'll be good practice for being out of the closet I guess" he
thought about it for a minute "We are leaving here by four o'clock though, this place is

"We'll have to go change anyways, we should just pick the place and meet back up there
around eight." Steve said.
The group finished eating and had some polite chat about what was going on in the
House and Senate, which amounted to about nothing since Congress wasn't in session.

"So how about we go to LightningBolt," Chip said as they finished up. Everyone agreed.
As the group walked out in the hall, Chip pulled Ryan aside. "I'll stop by your place
around five to help pick out your outfit, I want you looking sharp on your first night at a
gay bar" Chip half-teased, but he also knew that Ryan needed help with this, since the
guys at the bars were so stuck up about cloths.

"You are so good to me babe" Ryan responded with a smile.

"Hey, I can't have a future gay Congressman making a fool of himself in a gay bar."
Chip responded. Ryan reached down and gave Chip's butt a firm squeeze and then
headed off down the hall, turning back and flashing a smile at Chip.


Friday, November 30, 2007, 5:32 PM, Ryan's Townhouse in Georgetown

Chip finally found a parking spot. "Damn Ryan for not having decent parking around
here" he muttered as he grabbed the shopping bags out f his BMW and ran up to the
house. He rang the bell.

Ryan opened the door wearing khackis and a black turtleneck. "Oh my gosh, what are
wearing?! You aren't going out like that!" Chip barged in.

"What, I think it looks ok." Ryan responded.

"Yeah, ok doesn't cut it stud. You need to look smoking hot. You work out for that body,
time to show it off." Chip grabbed Ryan by the arm and led Ryan into the bedroom that
they had made love in so many times.

Chip dumped the contents of the bag out on the bed. "First up, good quality jeans" Chip
said as he pulled out a pair of $350 jeans and set them on the bed. "A hot shirt" he pulled
out an ANF t-shirt. "Can't forget the accessories," Chip pulled out a white belt. "Well, go
ahead and put them on." Chip ordered.

Ryan laughed. "This is ridiculous," he said as he rolled his eyes. "But I'll do it, may as
well step all the way out of the closet for a fun night." Ryan stripped out of what he was

"Ryan its your gay birthday, you need to look hot." Chip's eyes ran over Ryan's muscled
body. "Actually, you could just stay in your birthday suit and I'd be happy." Chip teased
as he leaned in and gave Ryan a long kiss on the lips. Then he reached down and swatted
Ryan's ass. "Let me pick out the underwear too."

Chip walked over to Ryan's dresser and opened the underwear drawer. He rifled through
it for a minute then pulled out a black jockstrap. "Dude, if you score, this will add to the
fun." Chip handed the jock to Ryan.

"If that's what you want to see tonight when we fuck, I'm good with that buddy." Ryan
responded. Ryan took the jockstrap and put it on, tucking in his 9 inch cock.

Next, Ryan pulled on the jeans. "They are just jeans, why do they cost so much?" Ryan

"Ryan! They aren't just any jeans, they are made by the best gay designer on the planet!"
Chip was going into hard core gay fashion mode now. Chip opened the closet and
scanned Ryan's shoe rack on the floor. He grabbed a pair of shiny black slip-on shoes
with a squared toe. "At least you have the shoes." Chip joked as he sat the shoes on a
chair and watched Ryan pull on the t-shirt. The red t-shirt looked like a second skin on

"Dude, this thing is a size too small." Ryan complained.

Chip smiled "yep." Then he walked over and ran his hands over Ryan's pecs under the
shirt. "I want to feel those slabs of muscle when we are dancing. Besides, I think you
should take your shirt off at some point anyways."

Ryan was shocked. "No way Chip, no freakin way."

"Just consider it, you'll want to, I promise." Chip responded as Ryan pulled on the white
belt that Chip had picked out. Finally, Ryan put on some black socks and the shoes.

Ryan walked over and fixed his hair in the mirror, checking himself out. He did look hot,
he had never been one to get fussy about cloths, but he had to admit, Chip had good taste.

Chip walked up to Ryan "you look totally hot stud." Then he leaned in and whispered "its
your coming out party babe, you can have whatever you want tonight. I think bringing a
few guys back for an orgy would be hot."

Ryan smiled at Chip "always sex huh buddy" Ryan said as he turned and led the way
back downstairs. Chip followed.

"I guess we could go a little early and scope the place out some before the action starts."
Chip said as they walked down.

Ryan responded, "Yeah, that sounds good to me, I'm a little nervous actually. Lets go by
metro though, we can take a cab back, that way we can drink."

Chip smiled "I like the way you think stud."

As Ryan and Chip walked through Georgetown, Chip's Blackberry went off.

"Hey Chip, its Eric."

"Hey, you guys still coming?" Chip responded.

Eric replied, "Yeah, just wanted to confirm that it was a go still."

"Ryan and I are heading over a little early, actually heading to the metro now, so
whenever you guys are ready, come on down." Chip updated his friend.

"Ok, see you then." Eric finished the call.

As Chip ended the call, he noticed the time on his Blackberry, 7:04 PM.

They walked onto the escalator at the Rosslyn metro station and swiped their metro cards.
As they waited on the platform, Ryan scanned the people trying to see if people were
looking at him funny for being dressed the way he was. He noticed a couple of people
checking him out, but no one thinking that he was dressed funny.

An Orange Line metro train pulled up and Chip walked on first followed by Ryan. The
doors closed and Ryan scanned the train to see who was on there. Looked like mostly a
crowd getting off work.

Ryan caught eyes with a guy who was checking him out. The guy was slightly older,
Ryan guessed about 40, had an average build, and was wearing dress pants and a sweater.
Typical executive branch worker was the first thing that floated through Ryan's mind. He
decided to totally mess with the guy's head. He looked back over at the guy and licked
his lips while looking right into the guy's eyes. The stranger turned away slightly, then
looked right back at Ryan again. Since Ryan was standing, holding a vertical bar for
balance, he had an arm free. Ryan slowly flexed his bicep a couple of times, letting his t-
shirt sleeve ride up a bit.

George Remington was riding home on the metro when he saw this hot blond stud enter
the train car. His jeans looked perfect on his ass and his bulge. He scanned up the guy and
damn that red t-shirt hugged his chest just right. Before he knew what was happening,
this guy was putting on a flex show for him right on the metro. Everyone else was
oblivious, George got hard as a rock.

"I'm messing with his head," Ryan whispered to Chip. Chip quickly looked over and then
smirked. "Dude, you are way out of his league." Ryan reached down and grabbed Chip's
waist. "Yeah, but I like messing with his head, you know he'll be jerking off to me
tonight." Ryan responded. Then Ryan leaned down and locked lips with Chip, right there
on the metro. George nearly came right there on the spot, those two guys were hot.

Chip beamed from the attention "a little wild tonight huh big guy." Just then Ryan
noticed the dirty looks they were getting from other passengers. Luckily, they had arrived
at Farragut West.

"Lets just walk the block to Farragut North." Ryan said as he walked off the train with
Chip. It was a bit of a short cut rather than going to Metro Center and backtracking. They
boarded a Red Line train at the Farragut North stop and reached Dupont Circle quickly.
Chip led the way up to 17th and R Streets to the Lightning Bolt.

Chris, Eric, and Steve were waiting outside the Lightning Bolt to meet up with their
friends. Chris' eyes got big when he saw Ryan approach. "Damn, you look real good
Ry," Chris complimented.

"Thanks bud," Ryan responded by giving Chris a quick one-armed hug around the neck.
The group entered the bar and showed their identification at the door. The bouncer put a
stamp on each one's hand.

The first floor was kind of dull looking, just a bar, hardwood floor, and guys milling
around. Ryan was a little disappointed, he was expecting more.

"This is it?" Ryan asked Chip.

Chip laughed "oh, you have a lot to learn straight boy."

Eric held the door open and the group went up to the second floor. As they walked in,
Ryan commented to Chip "much better."

The second floor had strobe lights, a disco ball, a bar with shirtless bartenders, and a
large dance floor. There were a few guys there, but it was still a little early.

The group went up to the bar and each one ordered a drink and paid. Ryan couldn't help
but check out the bartenders, they were hot so at least the place had decent eye candy.

Ryan downed his scotch quickly and turned to the group "hey guys, let me work the
crowd for a bit." He figured he should see how strangers who knew he was gay reacted.
Ryan couldn't shake the nervous feeling in his stomach though.

Ryan walked across to the far side of the dance floor from his friends. A gray-haired guy
that was in good shape approached him. "Hey, I'm Clint" the guy started.

"I'm Ryan" he responded as they shook hands. Ryan sort of danced with Clint for a bit,
but they didn't touch, it was stand-offish. Ryan scanned the room for someone more
interesting. He spotted a bunch of college guys.

Ryan excused himself from Clint and worked his way over to the group of college guys.
He decided to get bold and picked one out. The guy was 5'10," brown hair, and an
athletic build. Ryan walked up behind him and rubbed the guy's back.

Will nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt the hand on his back. He turned to look at
who made the move on him and he about melted at the sight of the taller blond stud. Will
smiled. "Hey, I'm Will" he said as he turned and shook Ryan's hand.

"I'm Ryan. You want to dance?"

"Yeah, sure." Will replied. They started to dance next to the group of college guys.

"You in college?" Will asked, trying to start up some conversation as they danced,
getting closer and closer.

"Nah, I'm a Hill Staffer. Just out having some fun. You must go to GW?" Ryan said.

Will chuckled. "Actually we are all Hoyas." Will said as he motioned to his group of four

Ryan grinned. "Yeah, I live up in Georgetown, not far from your campus. So you play
any sports?"

"I play baseball." Will said kind of quietly.

"Nice man." Ryan replied.

Will quickly announced to his friends, "hey guys, this is Ryan." The guys quickly
introduced themselves. Ryan checked them all out. He would fuck any of them in a
heartbeat. Will danced a little closer to Ryan "dude, you are freaking hot as hell" he
whispered in Ryan's ear.

Ryan beamed; he loved getting attention for his body like this. "Be right back" he
whispered into Will's ear.

Ryan went up to the bar and got another scotch and soda. Chris walked up beside Ryan
without his shirt on. "Still drinking the old man's drink huh Ry" Chris said in a bit of a
slurry voice.

"How many drinks have you had?' Ryan asked the younger staffer.

"A few, but I need more." Chris responded as he grabbed his next drink off the bar and
drank some. Chris walked off and Ryan watched where Chris went. He saw Chip, Chris,
Eric, Steve, and a couple other guys with them, all shirtless. Ryan smiled and pulled out
his cell phone, calling Chip across the dance floor.

"I bet my guys are hotter," Ryan said into the phone when Chip picked up.

Chip grinned, looking over at the bar. "Yeah, well lets see, hard to tell with all that baggy

Will came up to the  bar and grabbed Ryan by the hand. "Hey, you can't leave me all
alone!" Will complained as he pulled Ryan back over to his group of friends.

Ryan followed and danced a bit with Will. Then he put out the challenge "hey, I'll take
my shirt off if you guys do too. I know we are hotter than that group over there."

Will's friend, Fred, piped up "damn right we are" as he pulled off his t-shirt. Ryan did the
same, followed by Will and the others. The group started dancing shirtless. Ryan checked
them all out, damn they were hot. Ryan grabbed Will and started making out with him
hot and heavy right there on the dance floor. For the first time in his life, Ryan felt
sexually liberated. Gay public display of affection made everything feel right to him.
Ryan's pent up closeted feelings started to melt away finally.

"How about we all go back to my place and get really drunk? I got a hot tub that would
be fun." Ryan asked Will.

Will's eyes got big. This was the first time he had ever met anyone at a DC gay bar that
he would seriously consider. Finding guys on campus was usually easier and safer. But
this guy seemed really cool.

Chip turned to Steve who was dancing next to him. "Ryan is going to ditch us for those
guys, I bet" Chip said as he watched the group from across the room.  Just then, Chip's
phone rang, it showed the caller as Ryan.

Chip picked up "I told you to have fun, not find a harem of hot college guys."

Ryan laughed. "Well, I'm taking my buds home with me so I'll talk to you later." Ryan
said, looking across the dance floor at Chip.

Chip grinned. At least Ryan was going to have a good coming out party. Chip was
convinced that Ryan would be his boyfriend in time. First he needed for that Army guy to
fall flat on his face, then he would be there to pick up the pieces.

"Don't do anything that I wouldn't. I'll stop by later" Chip said as he closed his phone.