Political Insider

Chapter 9

By PresRyanGOP@yahoo.com
(M, MM, anal, con, rom)

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Nothing described here is meant to imply anything about the sexuality or views of any
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This story contains graphic depictions of homosexual activities between consenting
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Saturday, December 1, 2007, 1:07 AM, Ryan's Townhouse, Washington, DC

Will's ass cheeks spread apart as Ryan's big cock slowly entered. Will was bent over the
side of the hot tub as the hot water bubbled half way up his ass. Ryan's hands gripped
Will's hips as he pummeled the tight ass over and over. Will let out a loud grunt as Ryan
thrust a little harder than normal. Ryan ran his hand down Will's back. "You okay sexy?"
Ryan asked. "That the best you got there stud?" Will responded. Ryan grinned and
continued the pounding. Will loved the feeling of the huge cock up his ass, he loved a
good aggressive fuck. "Come on, New York, you are fucking me like a New Jersey cunt"
Will teased Ryan he had learned that Ryan was a New Yorker earlier while they were
drinking. Ryan picked up the pace, continuing to fuck harder and harder, his world
focusing on his cock plowing into Will's ass. Will arched his back as his cum blasted
from his dick, Ryan went on for another five minutes, plowing the college-boy ass.
Finally, Ryan's dick exploded deep inside of Will. The two collapsed into the warm
water, Will sitting on Ryan's lap. The two slowly made out, kissing and feeling each
other up.

The basement of the Georgetown townhouse filled with the moans and groans of a bunch
of studs having wild sex. Apart from Ryan and Will, three of Will's friends, Fred, Jeff,
and Lou were in the hot tub as well. The basement had a hot tub at one side and a 60-inch
LCD TV with surround sound system and a couple of leather sofas at the other end.
There were empty bottles of wine, rum, beer, and tequila scattered across the floor.

Around 3:00 AM, the guys finished up in the hot tub. The night of wild drunken sex
came to an end. The college students stumbled back to campus and to their dorm rooms.
Will and Ryan had exchanged cell numbers earlier that night, they would no doubt have
fun again.


Saturday, December 1, 2007, 11:38 AM, Ryan's Townhouse, Washington, DC

The Blackberry buzzed loudly waking Ryan from his post-orgy slumber. Ryan reached
over to the coffee table for the noisy device. He had fallen asleep on a sofa in the
basement rather than is his own bed. He looked down to see that it was Chip calling.

"What time is it?!" Ryan mumbled into the phone.

Chip laughed slightly. "It's 11:30 in the AM and I'm standing outside your door with
coffee. So get your lazy ass up and let me in."

Ryan just hung up the phone and slowly got up. He stretched for a moment, realizing he
was naked. He walked across the room, stumbling on a empty beer bottle.

"Damn, that was a wild night" Ryan mumbled to himself as he walked upstairs. The light
flowing in through the house's windows hit is eyes harder than he was expecting. Ryan
walked over and opened the door.

Chip walked in. "Damn, you even look sexy after a wild crazy night" Chip teased as he
come in, handing Ryan a cup of coffee. "Don't get all dressed up on my account" Chip

Ryan smirked. "I thought you wanted me to take my cloths off"

"I doubt you even put them on today" Chip retorted.

They both went upstairs to Ryan's bedroom and Ryan pulled on a bathrobe. Chip was
dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, and some sneakers.

"So how was last night?" Chip asked, wanting the scoop on all the dirty details.

"It was all right," Ryan replied with a cocky grin.

"Damn, you are hard to impress." Chip was amused. "But maybe I have something that
will make you hard, well I know it makes me hard."

"What is that?" Ryan asked, genuinely wondering what Chip was up to.

Chip reached into his pocket and unfolded a sheet a paper. He handed it to Ryan.
Ryan's eyes quickly scanned the page. It was a Federal Election Commission form, used
to file an exploratory committee.

"An FEC form? Isn't it too soon?" Ryan asked.

"You need to start putting some pressure on Slaterhouse now and letting her know that
you are serious.  You were serious right?" Chip responded.

"Yeah, I just didn't think it would have to be so soon." Ryan replied.

"Well, it is no big deal until you hold a press conference and announce. House
exploratory committees are a dime a dozen. Just sign it." Chip encouraged.

"I want to. Its just that I have some stuff to take care of first, like coming out to my
Mom." Ryan felt like a little kid having to confess this to Chip.

"Oh yeah. I thought you were totally out already. It is a process, but I'm here to support
you buddy." Chip put a friendly hand on Ryan's shoulder and smiled.

"Thanks Chip. What the heck though, its just the exploratory committee. No one pays
attention to those things right." Ryan grabbed the pen from Chip's hand and signed the
form, handing it back to Chip.

"Just maybe hold on to the form until New Year's before you file it, I want to be out to
my family before the media gets wind of me running for office and starts digging." Ryan
said as he handed the form back.

"Absolutely, Congressman." Chip replied with a smile. "You have any plans for today?
The gay caucus is going out again tonight." Chip tried to encourage Ryan to accept his
decision a little more.

"Its Saturday, I uhhh, have a date." Ryan blushed slightly; knowing that Chip didn't like
Adam very much and thinking about the fact that he had just had a wild orgy the night

"Army boy. Figures. He'll run as soon as he finds out that you are coming out. Better
wait until after you fuck him before you mention that." Chip said sarcastically.

Ryan laughed at Chip's sarcastic joke. Chip was hot when he went into attack mode
though.  "We'll see, I have to see where this one goes though, I told you before." Ryan

Chip got up, gave Ryan a kiss on the forehead and said "talk to you later stud" then he

Ryan got in the shower and went on with his day.


Saturday, December 1, 2007, 4:27 PM, Adam's Apartment, Pentagon City, VA

Adam's fist banged on the door to the bathroom that he shared with his roommates.
"Hurry up Ed, I'm going out tonight." Adam shouted to one of his annoying roommates.

Ed finally opened the door; Adam rushed in and took his shower. He soaped up his body,
being sure to wash extra thoroughly. Adam slipped his soapy fingers up his tight ass a
few times; to be sure it was clean. If he played his cards right, maybe Ryan would fuck
him tonight.

Adam's hand wrapped around his 7.5 inch cut dick. He started to slowly jerk himself.
Then he suddenly stopped and whispered to himself "save it up you horny fucker."

When Adam got out of the shower, he saw that the mirror had fogged up as usual. He
wrapped the yellow towel around his 32 inch waist and walked back to his room. Adam
closed the door and methodically dried himself off. He felt nervous, like he was going on
his first date ever. Well, it was his first ever gay date. He walked over and turned on the
Heavy Metal rock station.

Adam opened his closet and looked at a couple of outfits. He couldn't believe that he was
actually coordinating what to wear instead of just throwing something on. All Ryan had
said was that they were going to the movies and then back to his place, so Adam figured
that he didn't need to get too dressed up and it was a little chilly out.

He pulled on a pair of designer blue boxers, some black jeans, black casual socks, and a
green rugby shirt. Adam checked himself out in the mirror on the back of his closet door
as he pulled on his black leather belt and then he slightly adjusted his very short brown
hair. Adam sat on his bed, took a deep breath and pulled on a pair of black sneakers. He
was nervous and excited all at the same time. After a few minutes, he got up and went to
wait in the living room, not wanting Ryan to get tangled up with his idiot roommates.

At 5:30, a loud knock came on the door. Adam jumped up and answered the door.
Opening it, he saw Ryan standing there, looking perfect. Ryan was wearing a red fleece
jacket over a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of black casual shoes. Adam's eyes ran
over Ryan and he smiled.

"Hey, ready to go?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah, all ready" Adam replied as he stepped out in the hall. The two of them walked
down the long corridor inside the massive apartment building.

"Nice building" Ryan commented.

"The management company does a good job on maintenance but they charge a high rent
to make up for it." Adam replied.

As the two of them got on the elevator, an old lady stuck her cane in the closing door and
shuffled on to the elevator. Ryan looked over at Adam and smiled as the lady fumbled to
push the "L" button for the lobby that Adam had already hit when they got on. The
elevator moved slowly from the 12th floor down to the lobby. Finally, the old lady moved
out of the way and Adam led the way out of the elevator.  

"I parked on the street" Ryan said as they got to the door. The two guys walked out to
Ryan's car parked on the street outside of the apartment building's parking lot.

Adam watched as Ryan led the way up to his red Corvette. "Shit Ryan, I didn't know you
had a Vette." Adam said as he walked up to the car.

Ryan smiled and tossed Adam the keys. "Wanna drive?" Ryan responded.

"Yeah, I just hope I don't bang it up." Adam grinned as he climbed into the driver seat.
Ryan hoped in next to him. The guys got settled and drove off to the movie that they
planned to see in Chinatown. As they drove along, Ryan put his hand on Adam's jean-
covered thigh and gave it a playful squeeze. They both smiled at each other as the radio
blared some rock-n-roll.

"6:07, we got plenty of time" Ryan stated since they were going to a movie at 6:20 PM.

They went inside, purchased their tickets and some popcorn, quickly getting settled into
the theater just as the second preview started on the screen. As the lights dimmed for the
movie, Ryan reached down and took Adam's hand. It was a simple act that no one would
be able to see, but it made Ryan feel liberated about being gay.

As the movie progressed, Adam decided to get a little naughty. Adam untangled his hand
from Ryan's and reached over. He started by rubbing Ryan's thigh, getting closer and
closer to Ryan's crotch. Adam got hard at the thought of Ryan's dick. Finally, Adam's
hand was resting on Ryan's cock. He slowly stroked it through Ryan's jeans.

Suddenly Ryan leaned over and whispered in Adam's ear "that feels awesome babe."
Adam kept going. He was tempted to unzip Ryan's jeans and pull it out, but he decided
that the place was too crowded for that. As the movie finished, the two got up with big
grins on their face, both thinking about the rest of the night.


Saturday, December 1, 2007, 9:08 PM, Ryan's Townhouse, Washington, DC

Ryan quickly fumbled with his key and opened the door, pulling Adam inside. He was
hot for this stud.
Ryan pressed Adam back against the door as the locked lips. Their tongues danced across
each other as they made out hard and heavy. After a few minutes, they broke off.

"Wow, don't I get the tour first?" Adam teased, referring to touring Ryan's house.

"Yeah, right this way to the bedroom." Ryan grabbed Adam's hand and led him upstairs
to his bedroom.

"Make yourself at home," Ryan said with a sly grin. Ryan walked over and lit a couple of
candles in the room and turned off the lights.

Adam approached Ryan and ran his hands over Ryan's chest. Adam pulled Ryan's shirt
off and then started fumbling with Ryan's belt.

Ryan pulled off Adam's shirt and then pushed him back on the bed. Their bodies
intertwined as they rolled around. Their lips locked again as they made out. Their hands
explored each other's hard muscled bodies.

Ryan slide off his own shoes, then used his feet to push off Adam's shoes as they
continued to make out. Their lip-lock didn't stop for ten minutes. Finally, they moved
fully to the head of the king sized bed and got settled on the pillows.

Adam reached down and unzipped Ryan's jeans. Ryan lifted his hips and let Adam pull
off his jeans and underwear.

"Finally, I got you naked." Adam said with a grin.

Ryan returned the favor and finished stripping off Adam. They kissed some more. Ryan
ran his hands over Adam's firm pecs, to his nipples, which he slightly played with. This
made Adam squirm with delight.

Adam felt their cock's rub together and got even harder, he was sticking straight out.

Ryan maneuvered himself so that his face was at Adam's cock. The two moved into a
classic 69 position. Adam leaned in and deeply inhaled another guy's cock for the first.

Ryan smiled and giggled slightly as he sucked down Adam's cock. As Adam let out a
moan, Ryan pushed his cock into Adam's mouth. Adam was surprised by the action but
gladly took in. Soon their sucking was in unison, hips bucking as they sucked each other
back and forth. Then suddenly, Adam came right into Ryan's mouth. Ryan kept sucking
and sucking, he wanted to make Adam feel good.

After he shot his load, Adam wanted to get Ryan off. He tried and tried but Ryan was
holding out somehow. Ryan was driving him crazy by licking his post-orgasmic cock and
Adam wanted to get Ryan off even more. Finally, Adam pulled Ryan out of his mouth.

"You are such a tease" Adam panted.

Ryan grinned. "Just saving it for your ass baby."

Adam shuttered. He'd never been fucked before, but Ryan was the only one he ever
wanted to do it.

"I'll be gentle" Ryan assured him as he turned around and they kissed some more. Ryan
opened a drawer in his night table and pulled out a tube of lube. He slid down Adam's
muscled torso and got up on his knees.

Ryan pued Adam's legs up on his shoulders. He looked up at Adam's eyes and saw a hint
of fear, mixed with a lot of lust. "Trust me babe, you'll like it once you get through the
first part"

Ryan gently reached in Adam's ass with a lubed finger and probed the virgin hole. Ryan
couldn't help but smile at the thought of fucking a hot virgin Army stud. A second finger
slipped in and then a third. Ryan spread the lube around to make sure it was as slick as he
could make it.

Adam let out a groan as he felt the cock entering him. He felt each and every inch as it
went in.

Ryan pushed in about half way, stopping and letting Adam catch his breath before he
continued. Then Ryan pushed his nine-incher all the way in. May as well break him in
right, Ryan thought.

Adam let out a howl. "OHHHH fuck that hurts." He panted loudly.

Ryan knew he had to keep going to get Adam through it. He started to slowly fuck the
stud harder and harder. Not too fast though, he would take it easy for the first time.

After a few minutes, Adam releaxed a bit and it started to feel good. "Damn, that is
amazing Ry." Adam loved the feeling of Ryan in him.  The two looked into each other's
eyes as Ryan fucked Adam's hot tight hole. Suddenly, Ryan exploded, he couldn't hold it
back any more. Ryan let himself go soft inside Adam before slowly sliding out.

Ryan leaned down and kissed Adam, collapsing on top of him. "I'm glad my first time is
with you Ryan" Adam said.

On hearing that, Ryan's heart melted. He didn't get emotional all that often. He had
fucked virgins before, but this was the first time someone said it to him that way. Ryan
just leaned in and kissed Adam.

"Can you stay over?" Ryan asked.

"I hope your not planning to toss me out after that!" Adam responded with a smile as
they kissed again.

They fell asleep, Adam's head resting on Ryan's shoulder.


Sunday, December 2, 2007, 7:00 AM, Ryan's Townhouse, Washington, DC

Ryan's Blackberry started to buzz and vibrate. Ryan quickly stirred awake and grabbed
it, pushing the button to silence it. He felt something next to him, then remembered Adam
and smiled. He set his alarm for 7:00 AM on Sunday so that he would have time to run
before the Sunday news shows.

Ryan leaned down and kissed Adam on the cheek softly. "Morning sexy." Ryan said.

Adam stirred awake slowly. "Ummmm, can't we stay like this all day, it is Sunday."  

"Gotta stay in shape Army boy, want to go for a run." Ryan teased.

"Yeah, think you can keep up?" Adam joked back.

"I like the view from the rear just fine" Ryan said as he leaned down and locked lips with
Adam, kissing him passionately.

After a minute, Ryan pushed the sheets off of them and got up. Adam got up a little
slower. Ryan walked over to his dresser and pulled out a jock, track pants, and a
sweatshirt, handing them to Adam. Ryan dressed in a similar outfit since it was a cold
morning for the run.

"Where do you like to go from here?" Adam asked as the two were walking out.

"Just around Georgetown, sometimes over to Rosslyn." Ryan replied.

The two set off on the run, Ryan led the way and set the pace since he knew the area a
little better. They jogged around the Georgetown Campus and then across the Key Bridge
into Virginia, then back into DC and to Ryan's house. It was about seven miles by the
time they had completed the whole route.

Ryan opened the door and the two went back upstairs to get cleaned up. Adam pulled off
the sweat-soaked shirt and stripped off. Ryan did the same.

Adam walked up to Ryan and ran his hands over Ryan's pecs, briefly playing with his
nipples. "You look hot when you are all sweaty and messy" Adam teased.

They got in the shower together and washed off in the hot water. They took their time,
soaping up each other's bodies and getting clean.

About half-way through, Ryan turned Adam around and started soaping up Adam's ass
real good. His fingers slipped inside Adam's hole, making it slippery with soap. Adam's
hips bucked backwards slightly, that was all the invitation that Ryan needed.

Ryan slipped his hard cock in Adam's ass with the soap lubricating the way. Adam jerked
his cock as Ryan pounded him and the hot water and steam ran over them. The room
filled with grunts and moans as the two studs fucked hard.

Ryan's hands grabbed Adam's hips as the thrusts got harder and harder. Finally, Ryan's
cock erupted in Adam's ass as ropes of hot cum shot out. Adam arched his back and let
out a yell as he shot his hot load against the shower wall.

They stood in the stream of water for a while, letting the shower clean and relax them.
Then they scrubbed off once more and finished up. As they got out of the shower, Ryan
grabbed a towel and they shared the towel as they dried each other off slowly.

They went back to Ryan's room and each put on a pair of Ryan's lacrosse shorts and a t-

"You hungry?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah, starving, what you got?" Adam replied.

They went downstairs to the kitchen and fixed a simple breakfast of cereal. They sat at a
table in the kitchen as they ate.

"So what is your Sunday routine?" Adam asked.

"Usually watch the political shows and yell at the TV for a couple hours, then do stuff
around here." Ryan replied

"Sounds fun" Adam said with a sarcastic smile. "Still, I may as well learn to put up with
the political stuff around you."

Ryan smiled back at him. "We can do something else if you want, stud"

"We just fucked! You can't possibly be ready again so soon" Adam responded.

"I'll be ready after the shows"  Ryan teased.

"Ok, sounds good." Adam said, as they finished eating and went into the living room.

They got settled on the sofa, bodies touching, Ryan's arm around Adam's shoulder. Ryan
grabbed the remote and turned on the 50-inch LCD TV mounted on the opposite wall.

The TV started...
"From NCB News, this is Meet the Policymakers, with Russel Tipton...

One month to go to Iowa and New Hampshire. Our guests this week are the front runner
for the Republican nomination, Governor Mitchell Roony of Massachusetts and the front
runner for the Democratic nomination, Senator Hilda Minton of New York. Roony and
Minton, only on Meet the Policymakers.

Also this week our roundtable with journalists from America's leading news

"No way is Roony the frontrunner. McCabe is winning New Hampshire and probably
Iowa too!" Ryan interrupted Adam's thoughts as the TV was going.

The TV show continued, Adam got up to speed on the election from watching it. Ryan
knew all of it already and just wanted to see if the two supposed frontrunners had
anything new to say.

Once the show finshed, Adam turned to Ryan. "So when are you running for President?"
Adam asked.

Ryan laughed. "Well now that you mention it, I do need to tell you a few things." Ryan
started to get a little more serious, but tried to keep it light and playful.

Adam smirked. "Yeah right right Ryan, you aren't running for President/"

"No, but I am running for Congress in 2010." Ryan blurted out.

Adam was shocked. "Wow, that is great Ryan. When did you decide this?"

"Yesterday, well I decided a few weeks ago, but signed the paperwork yesterday." Ryan

"That is fantastic, I know you'll be great Ryan." Adam was really happy for a second, but
he quickly started to think things through from the perspective of their relationship.

Ryan started "Thing is Adam...if I'm going to run, I have to run as myself and not be in
the closet. I can't be one of those gay politicians with a wife that gets scandalized. I'd
rather be the gay politcian that is respectable for who he is." Ryan tried to explain.

"Yeah, I can respect that. But a Republican. Ryan, come on, you will be run out of the
party." Adam said.

"Let me worry about the political backlash" Ryan responded as he leaned over and
locked lips with Adam. Their tounges explored each other's mouths.

"I know this puts you in a hard spot Adam. I mean, with your career and all. You can't
exactly be seen paling around with the gay congressman if I win or even with me after I
make the public announcement." Ryan said seriously.

"When I got posted to the Senate staff, I wanted to see if there was a way to end don't-
ask-don't-tell. I actually thought that maybe I would get a chance to influence that, even
in some small way. You running and our uhhh, I guress, relationship, is the best way to
do that Ryan." Adam responded.

Ryan was shocked. He never expected that response from Adam. He had expected a
more-or-less breakup at this point. Events were getting ahead of him, but in a good way.

"Come on Adam, I know you don't want to be the poser child for challenging don't-ask-
don't tell." Ryan knew that had to be true.

"Of course not. We'll work within the system until you get rid of that terrible policy that
stifles us, however long that takes." Adam replied with an authoritative tone. He had
thought about this before, not particularly with Ryan in mind, but he knew what could

"Live within the system? What do you mean?" Ryan said, kind of confused.

"Look, obviously while I'm wearing a uniform, I can't show public affection. Behind
closed doors though, there is nothing stopping me, that is the difference. Now how about
if I wear a tux to some event with you? I don't know and we probably shouldn't push
that, but there is a lot of gray area. It doesn't really matter as long as my superior doesn't
ask directly, which they won't and I don't tell directly, which I won't. Its pushing the
line, but the line needs to be pushed... And I think you are worth pushing it for." Adam
looked into Ryan's eyes for confirmation and saw what he needed to see.

Ryan was truly taken aback. No one had ever been willing to go out on a limb for him
like that. But he and Adam just seemed to fit together. For the first time in his life, Ryan
was really ready to commit to a guy.

Adam suddenly leaned in and passionately kissed Ryan. As he broke off the kiss Adam
said "only one condition... you don't stop until don't-ask-don't-tell is history... and if
that means you run for Congressman, Senator, President, and Pope, then so be it."

Ryan grinned at Adam's joke. "You got it babe, just call me Pope Ryan I."

They fell into each other's arms and spent the rest of the day together before work on