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Polk Street Beat

Chapter 3

I couldn't get that note out of my head all day. How could someone get into my apartment building to slip that note under my door? That gave me an uneasy feeling. But they could live in this building too. I wonder if they do? Well I would find out in less than 12 hours.

I hurriedly completed my household chores for the day. Not that I am a very good housekeeper but being a Virgo, I had this neatness complex that was always nagging me, so I picked up a few things and kind of made the place look like it was clean. I have so much junk that I can't seem to get everything put away. I have projects laying all over the place, all unfinished. That is a bad habit of mine, I start something and before I can finish it, I get interested in something else and off I go in another direction. I do eventually get back to the old projects but they sure do leave a mess until I do get them finished. By the time I had finished washing the dishes, it was getting dark. I hate winter, the days are so short. I was off tonight so I will go out in street clothes. I will be less obvious in street clothes and it would be easier to mingle with the crowds.

"Hmmm, I guess I should eat something." I mumbled to myself.

"Maybe some pasta?"

"No, you had pasta last night."

"So what if I did. That is what I am hungry for and that is what I am going to have."

"You'll just get fat if you keep eating like this."

"Oh, shut up."

What? I can hear what you are thinking. This guy must be crazy to be talking to himself. Well, I will tell you something. If I want to have an intelligent conversation, the only person that is smart enough to talk to me is myself. So there!

So, I had pasta. The hell with getting fat. I am old enough to put on a little weight. I'm only 170 pounds and being over 6 feet tall, that isn't bad is it? By the time I had finished fixing and eating my meal, washing the newly dirtied dishes it was getting late. I wanted to go out and have a little fun before I had to meet the informant.

I climbed into the old elevator, once again amazed that it still worked. I had a feeling that one day the thing was going to break and I would fall all the way to the basement. Not that I am afraid of elevators but this thing is amazing. I have had it stop between floors before and not want to move. But luckily, I was able to jimmy the door interlock and get it moving again.

The night was cool again. The fog was already blanketing the city. Mist had covered the street, making it shine with the lights of the building around it. Traffic was still heavy. The constant noise of the city was something that I thought I would never get use to. It was deafening the first few days I lived here. Now, I don't hear a thing except when I want to.

I turned the corner of Polk and Geary. I crossed Polk and walked a block and a half up the street. Looking down Hemlock toward Van Ness as I crossed the alley. As I approached the Depot, I looked across the street toward the Crossroads to see if there was anyone standing outside that I knew. I didn't recognize anyone so I turned and walked into my home away from home. I was always amazed at how few recognized me when I am out of uniform. Only those that had known me before I joined the PD knew me in my street clothes.

"Hey Sam, out and about tonight?" Yelled John, the bartender on shift.

"Hi John. Yep, out for a little socializing tonight. How are things with you?"

"The same as always Sam. What it be tonight? The usual?"

"Yes the usual. I'll sit in my regular seat."

John went about making my rum and coke as I walked the length of the bar and sat at the end the away from the door. I usually sit here when the seat isn't already occupied. I am able to observe all who enter and leave the establishment. I had always sat here. I guess it is a part of my early law enforcement training that makes me do things like this. Even in restaurants I sit with my back to a wall or at least facing the door. I am not sure if it is a good habit or a bad one. John brought me my drink and I gave him a $5. He brought the change back and I left my usual $1 tip. I know I tip high but I usually wind up getting a few comp drinks from the bartenders so it is worth it. They all know that I tip well and they always give me great service.

I nursed my drink as I watched the patrons come and go. Some settling in for an evening of drinking and socializing. I did talk to a lot of people, casual conversations, keeping up on the gossip. This only happens when I am off duty, but it does help me when I am on duty. I am able to keep my fingers on the pulse of the community this way. People that know I am a cop seem to relax when I am out of uniform. I like it that way too. I feel more like it is home that way. I looked at my watch and it was fast approaching midnight. I drained the last of my drink and told John I would be back in a while. As I was saying my good-byes, I noticed a guy watching me from the upper part of the bar. He was just a bit shorter than I am, radiant black hair and intense blue eyes. I was awestruck at his beauty. He had a defined, sharp facial features and he was rather thin like I am. His hair flowed over his collar and down his back. If he hadn't had blue eyes, he would look just like a Native American. I hadn't ever seen him in the area before, I know because I would have remembered him.

I looked at him and smiled. He quickly looked away as if to shun my compliment. For those of you that don't know how to flirt publicly, that is the way to do it. If you see someone that you are interested in and they hold eye contact with you, they are fair game. If they return your smile or smile at you, the door is wide open. This one had turned away from me so that meant that he was out of bounds or shy. I don't have time for this tonight though. If he is still here when I return, I'll find out which one it is.

I walked out of the front door of the Depot and turned immediately into the alley. I walked about half way up toward Van Ness and leaned against the wall. Waiting. I scanned the alley to see if anything was out of the ordinary but there wasn't even a homeless person bedded down for the night. It was eerily quite. There were cars parked along the opposite side of the alley from where I stood all of them belonging to people out on the town for the night. I stayed where I was at for several minutes, looking at my watch I noted that it was half past midnight. Well, I guess the person isn't going to show up. I started to turn back down the alley when I noticed someone walking in from Van Ness. The shadowed person cautiously walked toward me. I quickly moved my hand under my jacket, feeling for my 357 snub nosed revolver.

"Is that you Officer Peterson?" The voice asked.

It was a male voice and he sounded very nervous.

"Yes it is me. Come closer so we don't have to talk as loud."

As he moved closer, I couldn't believe who it was. Both of us froze when we recognized each other. It was the cute guy from the Depot.

"I didn't realize it was you in the bar." He finally broke the silence.

"Well, yes it was me. I thought you knew who I was?"

"Not out of uniform. I expected you to be on duty tonight. I saw you at Mother's."

"You were at Mother's? I don't remember seeing you."

"I am out of uniform also Officer." He replied with a smile.

"Oh, I get it. Ok. That isn't a problem. So you have some information for me?"

"I hope it will help. The medallion that you described. Do you have a photo of it?"

"No, not yet. I have to pick it up from the lab. Did it sound familiar?"

"Actually, I met a couple of guys about a week ago and one of them had a bracelet that had something similar to what you described on it. I asked him about it but he told me it was nothing special."

"Where did you meet them?"

"Down on SOMA. It was at the Sunrise during one of our shows. We put on a show there every Tuesday night." He said as he looked at the sidewalk embarrassed.

"I have been to a few of the shows. I might have seen you perform. What is your stage name?" I asked, hoping to relive some of his embarrassment.

He quickly looked back up at me. A smile slowly forming on his face. I could see that he was becoming more relaxed talking with me.

"I am Tatrina on stage."

"Tatrina? Doesn't ring a bell. I'll make sure I pay closer attention the next time I watch a show at the Sunrise."

"I'll be performing at Kiddo's tomorrow night. That way you won't have to go all the way to SOMA." He replied happily.

"Ok, it's a deal. I'll be there." I said as I thought to myself, `Wild horses couldn't keep me away.'

"Can you tell me any more about the guy with the bracelet?"

"A little, he was about 24, white, 6 feet tall, brown hair, brown eyes. He had a really cute dimple in his chin and he acted like a jerk."

"That is a lot of information. Did you happen to get his name?"

"He did say his name was Jack, but I don't think it was his real name. He didn't respond to the name like he should have when his friend called out to him. I am fairly observant. I have this weird sense with people. That is why I didn't go with them when they ask me to. It didn't feel right."

"I am very happy that you didn't go with them. So what do your feelings tell you about me?" I asked holding my breath. What was I hoping for? Well if you can't guess by now, you are really dumb. I am infatuated with this guy. I don't know why but he intrigues me. Everything about him excites me.

He peered into my eyes for the longest time. His smile growing bigger the longer he stared. "I feel someone that I can trust. Someone that would protect me. Someone that would love me for who I am." He said as he lifted his arm and placed his hand behind my head and pulled me to him.

He gently kissed me on the lips. I literally melted into his kiss and wrapped my arms around him. We stayed in the embrace for what seemed like an eternity. I didn't want this to end. Could I have fallen in love at first sight? Was it possible? I don't even know this person. Hell, I don't even know his name. No, I can't be in love with him. It has to be hormones doing this to me. I was just acting like a sex crazed faggot. Out on the streets, necking with a complete stranger. This is not like me at all. I pushed him away from me. He was startled by my sudden reaction and looked at me with confusion on his face.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I, I. This isn't like me. I don't do things like this. I don't pick up strangers and start necking with them. Hell, I don't even know your name." I replied apologetically.

"I'm sorry. I thought you wanted it."

"Oh, I did want it, believe me, I've wanted it from the first moment I saw you in the bar. Look, I don't do one night stands, ok? That isn't who I am. I need someone that wants more than sex. Someone that needs the stability of a loving, monogamous relationship like I do."

"Officer Peterson, that is exactly what I need. I am not looking for a one night stand. I can get that anytime. I need someone stable in my life. I have been watching you for months now. Always from afar but always with love. It is strange that I could fall in love with someone and not really know them but Officer Peterson, that is exactly what has happened to me. I am in love with you."

"Uh...Wow! I am honored. But please call me Sam. If we are going to be dating, don't you think that calling me Officer Peterson is a little formal?"

He giggled and nodded his head. "Ok Sam. I like Sam. It is a favorite name of mine. I guess it is only fair that I tell you my name too."

"Yes that would seem appropriate."

"Please don't laugh."

"I won't, I promise."

"Are you sure?"

"YES, I am sure."

"My formal name is Black Hawk Aaron Richard Stormwater." He said waiting for my reaction.

"What a beautiful name. I love it."

He smiled again looking into my eyes. "I can see that you truly do love my name. I can also see that you have a love for Native American lore."

"Yes Black Hawk Aaron Richard Stormwater, I do love Native American lore. I am also part Native American. My tribal name is Avonaco. That is Cheyenne, meaning `lean bear.' I have always been skinny and when I was younger and visited my tribal home, they gave me that name. I was 23 at the time and I weighed about 145 pounds."

"You are Cheyenne?"

"Yes, but only about a third Cheyenne blood." I replied.

"I am one half Chippewyan. I am originally from Canada."

"But those blue eyes of yours?"

"My mother is white. She is a beautiful blue eyed, blond. I was very lucky to have inherited her eyes and her features. My tribal home is where I grew up, but as I became older, I had to venture out in the world. I was amazed at what I saw and learned. I wound up here in San Francisco four year ago. I knew it the moment I sat foot in this city that I was finally home. This is where I belong. The only thing that has been missing was my soul mate. Now I have found him."

"Are you. sure about that. You don't really know me."

"Yes Avonaco Sam Peterson, I am very sure. You are the one I have been looking for all of my life."

"Well Black Hawk Aaron Richard Stormwater. Don't you think we should become a little less informal? Please call me Sam."

"I will Sam as long as you call me Aaron."

"It is a deal Aaron." I said with a stupid grin on my face. God, how did this happen? I was falling in love with this guy and it has only taken me minutes to do it. Is this too good to be true? What is going to happen to spoil it?

"Why don't we get out of this alley and into someplace that is warm?" Aaron said as he grabbed my hand and started pulling me toward Polk Street.

"Where are you taking me sir?"

"Just back to the Depot. I want everyone to see what I have caught in the alley." He said laughing as we entered the bar.

Aaron walked into the Depot with a very large smile on his face. He had a grip on me that was like iron. He stopped just inside of the door and stood there looking at the crowd. People started to notice us standing there and the buzz of voices quieted down.

"My God, I think he is going to make an announcement." I thought to myself.

Aaron motioned to John to turn down the music. John smiled and quickly turned the music off.

"I would like everyone to know that from this moment on, Sam Peterson belongs to me and I belong to him. Anyone that trespasses on either of us will have to deal with the consequences and you will not like those consequences. This is not a threat to anyone here. It is a promise. Sam Peterson and I are soul mates. We have been bound from the day we were born and we will be bound for eternity." Aaron looked at me. His face and his eyes showed that he was very serious. I could see that he was wanting me to confirm what he had just announced. I wasn't usually shy when talking to crowds but for some reason this night was different. My face turned red and I stammered for the right words.

"I, ahhh, I am a little overwhelmed at what has transpired tonight. Something like this has never happened to me before. Actually I am at a loss for words." I stopped to try to organize my thoughts a little more.

"Hey Sam, what happened? Did the love bug bite you?" A voice called from the back of the bar.

"One tumble with the kid and you are hopelessly in love? That isn't like you at all Sam." Yelled another.

"OK, WAIT A MINUTE HERE." I was getting pissed. "First of all, I have not had a tumble with Aaron. We were just talking and what he said is right. We are soul mates and I think some of you are jealous. Well, I am sorry if you are but I am not going to apologize for what we have found. It is not that often that two people who were destined to be together actually find each other. I think it is a miracle. I fell in love with Aaron the first time I saw him and that was only a few minutes ago. Now that I have had a little time to think about it, I am truly in love with him." I said that last as I leaned to Aaron and kissed him deeply, right there in front of the whole bar.


The whole bar erupted in cheers. It seemed as if the whole bar was trying to personally congratulate us. We were overwhelmed with people.

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