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Part 10, NESTING

'Is there anything better than waking up in the morning with a warm, sexy body snuggled next to you?' Eric thought as his body slowly moved in rhythm with Brian's deep and steady breathing.  He lay there and considered the unorthodox family unit that was now his life: the core of his being. The early August morning light was announcing another day.

In the past month, overnights had become more frequent. Mike's trust of Brian and acceptance as his dad's companion grew only stronger. In fact, the teenager would be disappointed if Brian was not with Eric for their 'casual' breakfasts. The level of acceptance was evident when Mike insisted Uncle Brian be present for his birthday party.

Mike had become a natural, networking, social animal in his new Southern California environment. A chip off the old Flynn block. While George Cortwright was definitely his best friend, a different, intellectual relationship with Billy Woods had been established.  Mike would adroitly juggle 'hanging' with George and deep, scholarly discussions with Billy. Their three young lives intersected on a random basis.

The community pool activities and membership at the local 'Y' expanded the friendships of young people in his life. Adding the girls into the equation...they seemed to multiply like bunnies around the guys...and Mike's 13th birthday party the end of July was a loud, crowded, fun evening. 'My son, the babe magnet,' Eric judged with a smile. He closed his eyes and thought back to that evening a month ago.


Once the guest list had been created and approved, Eric and Mike drew up the plans and logistics to have a fun party. Eric knew it would be a defining moment for Mike's arrival and acceptance in the community. That his son had accumulated a group of 30 friends that he wanted to bring into their home in the space of less than two months spoke volumes about his healing and transition.

Mike's official birthday would be Friday. However, with Eric and Brian working weekend evenings, Sunday was an agreeable compromise. Eric was impressed when Mike said he wanted to put out the word that the guests bring canned goods for the local food bank in lieu of gifts.

"Maybe some sort of chow for dinner and dancing?"

"How about silly hats and a clown," Eric replied with a laugh.

"Yeah, right. And maybe a petting zoo?" Mike stuck out his tongue and joined in the laughter.

"Seriously, I'm thinking simple stuff we can serve out of the kitchen, buffet-style. A cookout would get too messy and we don't have a large enough grill." Eric went into his restaurant manager mode and continued, "How about lasagna, meat and vegetarian, garlic bread and a tossed salad? We don't need knives and it's easy on the bank account."

"Cake and ice cream, of course," Mike added. They had already discussed his favorite carrot cake with vanilla ice cream. "Can we have cokes an' stuff like that?"

"Sure. I know your friends would expect that. Just don't get spoiled." Eric smiled and playfully slapped Mike's back.

"Actually, I've gotten use to bottled water. My Dad, the health nut," Mike said, grinning.

"This health nut thinks that the kids need a little exercise in the form of dancing. Whaduya think about a D.J. for music? I can get a dance floor to put over the carpet."

"Wow, that'd be cool. But no old fuddy duddy," Mike retorted with a wink.

"I got just the guy. He's in college and does this to earn school money. He'll know what to play."

They agreed to have the kids arrive around 4:00 pm and serve dinner at six. The D.J. was hired to play from the start of the party and wrap it up at 8:00 p.m. Eric came up with the idea to have a gift certificate to El Rancho as a door prize. This, of course, was matched by a gift certificate to The Cheesecake Joynt by Brian.

Brian came over at noon to help Eric move furniture around, erect the dance floor and be a general gofer for his lover. Mike enlisted George and Billy to fill balloons from the rented helium tank, hang some silly signs and ice down the sodas. By 2:00 p.m., everything had been set up and Mike's friends went home to change.

"Well, buddy, it's about as done as it's goin' to get," Brian said to Mike. "Looks like the makings for a great party."

"Absolutely. Thanks for being here 'n' all, Unc. I'm goin' to check everything one more time." Eric was amused that his son had adapted a new nickname for Brian.

"You do that and then get cleaned up. Brian and I are going to do that now." 'Going to get cleaned up after a little R and R in the bedroom,' Eric decided. He was relieved that Mike totally accepted and respected the two men's private time.

"See you guys later. I'll get dressed and mess around on the 'net," Mike said. Eric was pleased that Billy had turned Mike onto the site. Eric planned on nurturing Mike's interest in math during the next couple of years. 'Christ,' he thought. 'Five years and college will be a reality.'

"Let's regroup around three," Eric said. Mike nodded acknowledgement and returned to the kitchen. Eric and Brian walked to the bedroom.

"Hi, man of my life," Eric said as he pulled Brian into a tight hug with one arm and closed the door with the other. One flick of the knob and the door locked.

"Ready to suck a little life out of you." Brian snickered and proceeded to nibble on Eric's earlobe.

"Two can play that game," Eric said gruffly. He loved Brian 'working' on his ear. Brian's tongue bathed all the exposed parts of Eric's face before landing on a willing mouth. Eric's lips parted with minimum resistance to receive Brian's active tongue. After sufficient dueling, Brian pulled back and gently eased Eric's polo shirt up his torso. Eric automatically raised his arms so that the garment could easily be removed.

"You look great, babe. Good enough to eat." Brian roughly pulled off his tee and tossed it on the floor. The guys toed off their deck shoes and pressed their tented cargo shorts into each other.

"That's the idea," Eric uttered in a whisper. As if on cue, the guys reached down to release their shorts and briefs. After stepping out of them, Eric aggressively pulled Brian onto the unmade bed. They renewed their kisses and reached down to caress each other's hardened cocks.

"Dinner for two?" Brian chuckled and eased his body around so that his mouth was ready to attack his lover's hard, precum-moistened glans. Each positioned their legs so that the lower thigh became a muscled flesh pillow for the other's head.

"This is definitely a Big Mac." Eric moved in and started lapping the blood-gorged, velvety, steel-like phallus in front of him. He shuttered with delight as Brian McGruder duplicated his moves.

Brian planted his lips around Eric's dickhead and coaxed more natural essence from the enflamed piss slit. "Mmmm," was all Eric could groan. He took Brian's hot cock and tongued the tip as he reached under to lightly squeeze his lover's low-hangers.

"Oh, fuck, man," Brian growled after pulling away from Eric's leaking manhood. While holding the cock at its base, Brian continued his oral exploration by sucking in Eric's scrotum-encased generous portion at a time. Slowly, he started jacking the hot dick in his hand. The combination of precum and saliva aided the pumping motion as he sped up the action.

Eric matched the energy with his mouth. After burying his nose in Brian's pubes, he started a combination of oral strokes. Bobbing his head back and forth and his tongue twirling around Brian's hot dick, Eric multi-tasked his loving, sexual manipulation. As Brian's nuts started traveling inward, Eric slowed down and paused. Each rested momentarily for the body stimulation to return to a temporary safety zone.

With no warning, Brian eased his body away and moved around so that their faces were within inches of each other. He gently kissed Eric as he pinched his partner's nipples. Eric smiled, returned the kiss and found a similar pinching target.

"Seventh inning stretch?" Eric asked, still in a fog.

"Roll over on your back. I wanna see us cum." Brian winked and moved away so that Eric could move. Immediately, Brian straddled Eric's crotch with his knees so that the two hard cocks were touching. He reached over to the bed stand and grabbed the Wet. After uncapping the bottle, he generously poured lube over the hugging penises and started stroking both.

"Oh, yeah. I like." Eric loved the dominant role Brian acted out on occasion. Both had agreed earlier that 'lovemaking lite' was in order before the party. Eric smiled as he readied himself for a messy joint climax over his taut body.

Brian gradually sped up his hand. Between the jacking action and the friction of the two welded cocks, each man returned to the earlier levels of sensuous euphoria within minutes. "Shit, babe, I'm going to...ohhh," yelled Brian.

"Me, too. Urghh..." Eric shouted. At this point, he couldn't control his verbosity. 'I hope Mike is in the kitchen and out of range,' he vaguely considered as he matched Brian's fluid explosion. He wasn't sure whose shot had hit his face but there was definitely a gooey deposit on his chin.

After a PG-rated shower, the two men joined Mike to welcome his guests. Eric was impressed at the quality and quantity of friends that his son had assembled over the past couple of months. By the time the last person left, all agreed that the party had been an unqualified success. Mike had been officially launched into the teen life 'scene' of Solana Beach.


Eric re-awoke, rolled over to his side of the bed and got out. Brian was still sleeping and Eric wanted to get his bathroom duties out of the way. This was a big day but he was sure that everything would go well. Today, Eric was going to propose that Brian move in to the Flynn home...on a permanent basis.

After a morning whiz, deflation of the wood and a brushing of the teeth, Eric was ready to be chef. He had promised waffles and sausages for the guys. That alone signaled a deviation from the norm. His request that Mike and Brian meet him at eight announced the importance of the breakfast gathering.

"Mornin', gorgeous," Brian said as he shuffled in the kitchen. He kissed Eric on the cheek and poured a cup of coffee.

"Looking pretty good, yourself." Eric turned to observe his lover take a sip. 'Fucking hot,' he thought, 'in spite of a bed head of hair going off at different angles.'

"Need any help?"

"Naw, got it under control. I figure we can eat first before we get down to the heavy duty stuff." Eric poured juice for three and motioned Brian to sit down.

"If there's any indication that Mike isn't comfortable with the idea, I'll be happy to stay where I am. I've got kinda used to commuter loving. It's just a lot of wear and tear on the Jeep," Brian replied with a laugh.

"Let's see how it plays. I'm confident that Mike will buy into it." Eric poured the batter onto the waffle iron and closed the lid. Next he made the hot chocolate.

"Buy into what," Mike said from the doorway.

"Buy into having dingleberry syrup with the waffles." Eric turned around and smiled at his son. He thought Mike had definitely grown some since his arrival three months earlier. He knew that the teen's body tone was developing from the swimming and weights workouts.

"Oh, yuk. Sooo, gross," Mike said with a wrinkled nose. "Maple's just fine. Hi, Dad. Unc." He returned the smile when Eric ruffled his hair. Mike ducked, grabbed the hot chocolate and moved over to the kitchen table. He squeezed Brian's shoulder and sat down.

"Hey, big guy. Ready for your dad's waffles?"

"Waffles, absolutely. But this isn't Sunday or a holiday. Whazzup?" Mike looked at Brian intently before turning to Eric.

"The first batch of waffles, for openers," Eric replied. He lifted the waffle out of the maker and forked it onto a plate in the center of the table. Next came the sausages that were on hold in the oven. "You guys get going and share. I'll make the next batch right now." He knew this would be a logistics exercise until he had enough waffles made.

"I can take a hint." Mike divided the waffle for Brian and him and lavishly applied softened butter to his half. He offered Brian the syrup first. They both silently helped themselves to the sausages and started eating.

"Yum, this is great. Thanks, Dad." Mike was already half finished when Eric joined them with another waffle after he poured batter for a third batch into the maker.

"Yeah. Great, Dad," Brian said with a snicker and a smile directed to both guys.

"Hey, I'm just providing for both my boys." Eric winked and prepared his waffle. He looked over at Mike and picked up a curious expression. 'Hmm,' he considered, 'I think that Mike deciphered my message.'

"Oooookay," Mike said as he rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He politely took a quarter-waffle and offered the other piece to Brian.

"Thanks." Brian speared it as Eric returned to the waffle maker to retrieve the last batch.

"That should do it," Eric said as he sat down. The silence was deafening as the breakfast was eaten.

"Son, I know you figured out we needed to talk about something. I guess this is as good a time as any." Eric refilled the coffee cups and smiled at Mike.

"Is this sumpin I'm not goin' to like?" Mike asked nervously.

"I hope that you're going to be happy. That's the plan." Eric studied his son's face for a reaction.

"The plan?"

"Well, you know that Brian and I have become very close. I mean we're not running out to get married or anything...although we would if we could." Eric felt Mike's eyes drilling into him. He held out his hand and Mike took it. Father and son held each other, tightly.

"Um, yeah, we discussed all that," Mike said. "I'm cool."

"Ah, would you be cool if Brian shared the house with you and me on a permanent basis?"

"Live here, fulltime? Like forever?"

"That's what we'd like to do. But your Dad wants to make sure that it's okay with you. If you're not comfortable with me on a fulltime basis, I can continue coming over at night, ya know." Brian reached out his hand and offered it to Mike. The teen studied Brian, reached over and they joined in a clasp.

"Ah,, shucks...sorry, Dad," Mike replied, his voice unsteady. "I'm just a kid. You don't have to ask me."

"Son, this is just as much your house as mine. And from what I see, you have definitely moved on from kid status," Eric said with a chuckle. Mike blushed a little before Eric continued, "Seriously, I'd like us to be a family unit. There are two people sitting before me that I love very much." Eric reached over and grabbed Brian's hand. Eric was sure that all understood the symbolism of unity and he felt his son grip his hand even more firmly.

"I um, don't have any problem with you being gay. And I love Brian like...well, more like another dad," Mike replied, squeezing both hands for emphasis. "I jest wonder what the neighbors and, well...ah, what they'll think." Eric picked up on Mike's constant blinking.

"And your friends, too? Yep, I know that's in your mind. I won't deny you might get some crap from a few. But if that's the case, they really aren't friends. I certainly don't think that George or Billy are going to give a rat's ass, one way or the other."

"There might be some talk, but we're not going to prance around in makeup and dresses," Brian added with a smile. "We're just two men who want to have a normal home life and be there for you for the final years of your journey to becoming an adult. Pretty simple, really."

"What you say makes sense. I guess my close buddies won't have any problem. The girls, neither." Mike looked up at the ceiling and contemplated the situation silently.

Eric looked at Brian, raised his eyebrows and turned his attention to Mike. 'Okay, Son, think this out,' he thought.

Finally, Mike brought his eyes into alignment with Eric. "Any others who do have a problem? Close your ears, Dad." Mike turned to Brian and added, "Fuck 'em." All three guys let out a series of whoops and hearty laughs.

"Buddy, I couldn't have said it better," Brian said as happy tears appeared.

"Promise me that you let me know if you have any problems with any of the kids at school? Okay?" Mike asked.

"I'm pretty sure I can handle any crap that's dished my way. Billy's been showing me some pretty cool karate moves. It'll be cool."

"I guess that's it, then? Son, stand up and give me a big hug." Eric, still holding Mike's hand stood with his son a pulled him into a loving, body crunch.

"Yeah, Dad. That's it." Mike nestled his head into Eric's shoulder.

"Brian, get your butt over here. This is a family, group hug." Eric opened one arm and looked at Brian. Mike did the same.

"One group hug coming up." Brian stood, joined the guys and kissed each on the forehead."

"I think Dad's expecting more than a peck," Mike said, grinning broadly.

"Later, Mike. We've got lots of time." Brian winked and lightly squeezed Mike's neck.

"Ah, when are you moving in?" Mike asked casually. The guys pulled apart and sat down.

"We hadn't planned anything. You being okay with me moving in was first on the list."

"Brian's sister is going to stay in their apartment. Karen can afford to pay the rent with no problem," Eric added. "The two little boys will have more room."

"I figure that I'll get a panel truck and do it sometime next month. Maybe a Sunday when we're all off?" Brian looked at both Flynns for approval.

"Sweet. I could get George to help," Mike said with enthusiasm. Eric just smiled and nodded.

"You and George have become close friends," Eric said. "Right?"

"The best. We're really tight and I trust him."

"He may be needing a good friend and support when you see him today." Eric stoically looked at his son.

"Support, Whaduya mean, Dad?"

"Mr. Cortwright is having a talk with George this morning. He gave us - Brian and me - permission to give you the rundown in case your friend needs help sorting out the news."

"News? Is something wrong with his dad?" Mike asked anxiously.

"No. Bill Cortwright has decided that he had to tell George the real reason he's a divorced man," Brian added.

"Real...what the fu...heck?" Mike pulled back and stared, first at Brian and then at Eric.

"Seems Bill figured out some time ago that he really had an attraction for, um, men. Mrs. Cortwright and he grew apart, and finally she found someone else. When she asked for a divorce he admitted that he was, ah, gay. Funny thing is, this honesty with her has made them better friends." Eric wished that his parting with his 'ex' had been as easy eight years earlier.

"Holy smoke, Batman," was all Mike could say.

"Yep. And you're going to have to be George's Robin. We have no idea what your friend's reaction will be but we know he'll need your help. Eric and I want to give you permission, Mike, to 'out' us to George. Let him know that there's another gay dad in the neighborhood. And as we just decided, maybe two gay dads."

The quietness in the kitchen was disturbed only by a light wind coming off the ocean and a whir from the refrigerator. Mike stared intently at his empty plate and appeared to be weighing the options. 'I hope,' Eric thought, 'he can work out a way to digest all we've thrown at him.' Moments became minutes as Mike pondered this new challenge.

"You're right. George is going to need me," Mike finally replied. He reached over and grabbed Eric's hand again. "We're going to meet at the pool in a couple of hours. Let me figure this out."

"I know this is a lot of stuff to consider. You going to be alright?" Eric asked with a concerned expression.

"Yeah, Dad. I'll be just fine. I really am cool with you guys. Two dads for the price of one." Mike grinned and stood up. "I'm going to go to my room, pull it together and do some thinking before I meet George. Okay?"

"More than okay. I trust you to help him the best way you can. Love ya, buddy." Eric rose and wrapped an arm around him. Brian did the same and the two men flanked Mike.

"Love back at you, Dad. too." Mike smiled and walked away when he was released.

Eric went back to the table and started clearing the dirty dishes.

"Well, that was a Kodak moment," Brian said to lighten the atmosphere. He proceeded to put away the juice, butter and syrup.

"In living color...with apologies to the Wynan's." Eric had been a big fan of their TV show when he was Mike's age.

"Babe, we accomplished a lot today. I only hope that Mike gets over the next hurdle with George," Brian added.

"I guess we'll find out at breakfast tomorrow." Both Eric and Brian would be working that night.

"If I don't hear from you later, that'll be the plan: cuddles tonight and the whole story in the morning," Brian said with a smile. "I'm going to get dressed and get home. I've got some initial planning on the move and Karen needs to know."

"Right, hon. See you back here tonight." Eric pulled Brian into a welcomed wet kiss. Out of the corner of his eye, Eric saw Mike staring at the intimate moment. Before Eric could uncouple, Mike grinned and gave Eric a thumbs up.

"Thanks," Eric mouthed silently said so that Mike could read his lips. 'That's my two boys,' he thought, as he pressed his head against Brian's.


Mike walked over to George when he spotted his friend slumped in his chair at an umbrella table next to the pool. It was just after eleven and Mike had brought some sandwiches for the two. George looked up but said nothing as Mike approached.

'Hey, dude. How they hangin'?" Mike asked in an upbeat manner. He picked up his friend's reticence.

"Um, not so good."

"One of those days?" Mike decided to subtly direct the conversational flow.

"Shit, Mike, it's one of those years," George replied. Mike noticed that his eyes were red and a little moist.

"Heavy duty, huh?"

"Ya don't wanna know."

"What's the problem, bud? Maybe I can help." Mike sat down and pulled his chair up next to George.

"I can't say. I'm too confused an' all that," George answered, looking across the pool.

"We're best friends, asshole. If ya let me, I'd like to help."

"It's family stuff. Something my dad said. It's just a shock, that's all." George leaned back in his chair and stared at Mike.

"Trust me, I've had more than my share of shocks in 13 years on this planet. Come on. Whazzup?"

"Err, Dad, um...well, he told me this morning that he's," George swallowed hard and frowned.

"Gay as in he likes guys?" Mike was proud that his friend hadn't used any derogatory slang words.

"I guess. Apparently that's part of the reason he and Mom divorced."

"Wow. That's heavy when it comes out of left field. You had no idea?"

"Of course not. Jeez, it's not like Dad has a boyfriend or anything."

"You mean as opposed to my Dad and Brian." Mike thought that he'd use this opportunity to drop the 'bomb'.

"Your Dad and Brian? What the fuck you talking about?" George asked, puzzled at the reference.

"George, I'm going to tell you something that stays between us...only. Okay?"

"Yeah, I...ah, sure. Wait, are you saying that...?"

"My Dad's gay, too. That was the reason he and Mom split up when I was little. Mom didn't take it very well and moved me away." George immediately sat up straight in his chair, his mouth popped open and his eyes became elliptic.

"Holy, fucking shit. Gay? Both? Jeez, I...well...Christ, this is something I hadn't counted on," George exclaimed. He studied Mike for a few moments before he continued, "Ah, are you, um, ya, also?" His stare penetrated Mike's defenses.

"Me, gay? Naw, somehow these California girls are too hot to make me consider switching over to the other side," Mike said with a smile. "Like you, doofus, I'm into girls. Our dads got wired a little differently...that's all. The 'whys' no one knows about."

"How about that stuff that Billy, you and I have done?"

"Oh, come on. I think that we've all figured out that this was jest a little experimenting, an' all. I mean, ya gotta admit that jerkin' together was kinda fun," Mike said with a grin.

"Yeah, I know." George immediately went into major blush-mode.

"So, can I ask how you left it with your dad?" Mike asked.

"I was a real shit. I just clammed up and came down here. It wasn't too smart to run but I just couldn't figure out what to do." George hung his head and stared at the ground.

"Okay, here's what I think we should do. Let's eat these sandwiches I made and go over to your house. The pool can wait. Your dad is prolly really worried, an' all that stuff. Maybe we can let him know that his news is cool with us. Is that okay with you?" Mike asked with concern.

"Um, yeah...I guess,' George replied as he continued to process all the news.

"No. I mean, are you really okay with this. Ya gotta mean it. No half-ass shit." Mike was determined to get George to turn the corner and go forward. He could almost hear the cogs turning in George's head.

"You're right. He's my family," George said suddenly as he looked at Mike. "I gotta support him. Fuck, yes. Sounds like a plan."

"And I got your back covered." Mike and George bumped knuckles and high-five'd.

"I hope that we're friends for a long time. You really came through for me." He smiled as Mike offered him a sandwich.

"Buddy, I'll be there for you, when and where ever," Mike said.

"Let's make sure our dads are, too."