Jack Scribe

This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of homosexual sex, what the hell are you doing here? Bye, bye.

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Mike was proud of his progress with the weights and strength building program that Billy had insisted he follow on their visits to the 'Y'. Even while Billy had been involved with the gymnastic camp, Mike religiously biked down to the gym three times a week. Now that Billy had returned, they were workout partners again.

"Hey, buddy, lookin' good," Billy said as Mike was working 20-pound hand weights. "Your biceps are really pumpin'."

"This, urphh, is my third set of reps. You're really pushin' me." Mike looked at himself in the wall of mirrors and was pleased at the results. 'Man,' he observed, 'I'm really filling out my old T-shirt'.

"No pain, no gain." Billy smiled at Mike and gave him a thumbs up.

"No shit," Mike grunted as he finished the last set. "That's about it for me," he said while returning the weights to the rack. "You want me to spot you?"

"Naw, today was legs. I've about had it. You wanna come home for a snack? There are some fresh chocolate chip cookies." Billy grinned and adjusted his tank top.

"That's my man. Some good eats as my reward," Mike said with a grin. He playfully slapped Billy on the shoulder and continued, "I don't have to be home until four." Mike couldn't help but admire Billy's abs prominently displayed beneath the thin, tight, ribbed material of his top.

"Let's do it. Maybe we can play a few games on the cool math website. It's only 2:15 p.m."

"If ya don't mind me whippin' your sorry ass," Mike said with a chuckle.

"Fuck you, Einstein." Billy gave him the finger, to which Mike visually responded with the same. Billy and Mike went back to the locker room laughing, retrieved their backpacks and headed outside to the bike rack.

They pedaled back to Billy's house and entered the kitchen 10 minutes later. It was a good stopping off spot for Mike; his house was only a mile further up the road.

"Where's your mom?" Mike asked. He took off his backpack and sat down.

"This is her bridge day." Billy opened the fridge and grabbed the milk. The cookies were on the kitchen table in a glass-covered dish. "She won't be back until five."

"I'll just eat a couple of cookies. Grandma is coming over tonight to cook dinner. She'll really be pissed if I don't clean the plate," Mike said.

"Same here. We're going out for dinner. In fact, maybe to your dad's place. I love the food at El Rancho." Billy set down two glasses and the milk before flopping into a chair. He poured the milk and lifted the dish cover. They both rapidly reached in for cookies.

"Let me know and I'll call Dad so you guys get a little VIP treatment." Mike winked, took a huge bite of a cookie and washed it down with the milk.

"Thanks, Mike. I'll call you at your house if they decide to go there." The guys continued to inhale the remainder of their cookie limit. They both belched at the same time and that set off a round of giggles.

"You wanna check out the Internet?" Billy asked.

"Cool math here we come," Mike replied. "Lead the way, my man who's about to get his balls crunched by my superior talents."

'Ain't happenin', asshole. Back to my dungeon." Billy nodded for Mike to follow him.

Mike was a little envious that his friend had a TV and PC in the bedroom.

"Let's fire this puppy up," Billy said as he pushed the 'on' button. Turning, he put his nose close to his armpits. "Phew, my pits smell. I gotta loose the top." Billy slowly took off his tank top and tossed it aside. The big 'Windows XP' logo came on the screen and signaled that everything was warmed up.

"Man, I'm impressed that this fucker is up so fast." Mike was only vaguely aware that Billy was shirtless and had toed off his shoes.

"Just got it. Mega giga bites and memory. And with the cable modem, I've got instant downloading. Here check out this site." Billy clicked on the 'E' Internet Explorer logo and the Discovery website came up.

"Cool. I love Discovery," Mike said.

"Wait a sec, bud." Billy hit his 'favorites' and before a few seconds passed, a new screen popped up.

"Um, ah...Campus Pussy? Hey, dude, what's that?" Mike was a little taken back that the screen was suddenly filled with hot chicks showing everything.

"Welcome to my world of porn," Billy said proudly.

"P...P...P...Porn? Jesus H. Christ, this is wild." Mike stood with his mouth gaping as Billy flicked through the site. Mike could feel his loins tingling with excitement.

"Oh, yeah. I can tell you're interested," Billy said with a laugh.

"I, I've never seen this shit before. We've got some serious blocks on our Internet at home." Mike's eyes popped even larger when suddenly two gals were joined by three men...all nude and sporting big, hard dicks. He was aware that his own dick was starting to grow. "Kee-rist, those guys are hung like horses."

"Yeah, I think ya need special assets to be in one of these things."

"Well, they make me feel like a midget," Mike replied.

"Hey, buddy, we're still growing. Those guys are adults." Billy started rubbing his tented crotch and clicked on a few other pictures. "Well, enjoy."

"This is hot." Mike was intrigued with the two gals fingering each other. 'So that's what a girl looks like down there,' he considered. Like Billy, he started working his hard-on.

"Ya wanna jerk a little?" Billy asked with a leer. "Looks like we're both getting turned on."

"Got some stuff?"

"Lose the shorts and tee while I get us the lotion." Billy trotted over to his bathroom and Mike peeled away his workout clothes.

"Fuckin' A," Mike said as he started pinching his nipples and fondling his balls. 'These women are fantastic,' he thought. The men were just a curiosity that faded away after the initial shock.

"Look at Mikey," Billy said as he returned, butt naked. "I can tell the pictures turn you on." He squeezed some lotion in his hand and passed on the bottle.

"Yeah, right. Like you're not turned on, shithead," Mike said with a wink. He noticed that Billy's monster was pointing to the ceiling. "I think that peter of yours has grown this summer."

"I think we're both doin' okay." Billy grinned and applied the lotion while looking at Mike.

"Those gals are awesome." Mike took the bottle and poured lotion directly onto his hard dick. Without missing a beat, he coated it while watching the screen.

"Check out the next pictures. Aren't the guys something else?" Billy asked as he started stroking.

"Hmmm," was all Mike could utter as he started jacking. He did register that Billy seemed to be focusing on the men. Both guys started an acceleration of their hands.

"Can I help you out?" Billy asked as he reached out and grabbed Mike's lube-coated hard-on.

"Hey, you got enough to take care of," Mike said rather abruptly, as he moved Billy's hand away. "Let's just take care of ourselves."

"Oh, okay," Billy replied. He looked concerned but continued to stroke. The movements became faster and Billy kept clicking on new images.

"Man, I'm getting there." Mike sat down on the end of the bed and lay down. With his tensed, muscled legs spread apart and his feet anchored on the floor, Mike pounded furiously as he fantasized about the nude women on the screen.

"Me, too," Billy yelled as he grabbed a towel. "Oh, shit..." He started shooting semen into the towel.

"Ieee, ahhh..." Mike screamed. His dick was pointed up to his torso and the first load landed squarely on his mouth and chin. Several volleys followed, finding a home on his sculpted young, teen chest and abs. Slowly, both guys stopped stroking.

"You're a fuckin' mess," Billy said with a chuckle. He laughed even harder when Mike licked the cum from his lips.

"What? Don't tell me you never tasted your stuff," Mike asked with mock indignation.

"Okay. Fair enough. Here," Billy said as he tossed the towel. "Wipe yourself off with this."

"Thanks. I am kinda messy." Mike took care of all the puddled semen and stood up. He wasn't sure what to do with the towel so he just handed it back to Billy. "I guess we both have souvenirs on the towel."

"I'm going to do laundry after you leave. What'd you think about the porn?" Billy took the towel and tossed it into the bathroom.

"I think that I've become spoiled. Unfortunately, I can't check out this stuff at home." Mike shrugged with a 'that's the way it is' look. He found his shorts and put them back on.

"Well, you can come over here anytime," Billy said. They both laughed at his unintended double meaning.

"Listen, how about a Coke before I leave?"

"Sure. Let me get my shorts on and we'll go back to the kitchen." Billy put on his gym trunks and Mike covered himself with his sweaty tee and they made their way back to the kitchen.

"That was quite a workout back there." Billy went to the fridge and got two Diet Cokes.

"Thanks," Mike said. He popped the top and sat down. "Um, let's talk."

"What's on your mind, big guy?"

"Let me have my say, okay?"

"Yeah." Billy had an uncertain look on his face.

"Billy, we've become really good friends. An' I want us to continue to be...friends. I gotta tell you that what I saw and experienced in your room was hot. But I also think that different things were turning us on. I could be mistaken but it seems that you were more turned on checking out the guys."


"Let me finish. I'm cool if you're gay or sumpin' like that. If that's the way it is, go for it. I'm just not made that way." Mike took a sip and looked at his friend. Billy's eyes were large and emoted fear.

"I'm not gay. I just got carried away 'n' all. I...oh,'re not going to hate me?" Billy blurted out.

"No, I'm not going to hate you. I'm really okay with you liking guys." Mike took Billy's hand and squeezed it.

"We've become good buds. I just don't want to loose you." Billy was trembling as he looked at Mike.

"Billy, do you understand that I don't give a shit if you're batting for the other team? But I'm not on that team."

"Busted," Billy said in a small voice. "I'm scared, Mike. That I like other guys is something I've been holding inside for the past couple of years. I know it's wrong and dangerous...but that's the way it is."

"I don't think it's wrong. It's just how you're put together. Next time we're together, I'll let you in on a little secret. In the meantime, I want us to continue to be friends. Just know that I really dig girls and I hope that you find a boyfriend. You deserve it." Mike finished his Coke and stood up.

"Friends, then?" Billy stood and walked up to Mike.

"Absolutely." Mike opened his arms and welcomed a hug. "And I wouldn't mind checking out the Internet with you, soon," he said with a knowing snicker. "Just so you know the ground rules."

"Understand. I'll find something we can both enjoy," Billy said bashfully.

"Deal." Mike left a little wiser and much less innocent.


Labor Day weekend came and went, as did the summer season. Eric got Mike enrolled in middle school and set up a routine to get him off to the bus on weekday mornings.

Eric and Brian began planning on the 'big move' almost immediately after Mike gave them his blessing. Because his son would need the den for studying as much as it being the 'flop' room for TV watching, Eric decided to turn the remaining bedroom into an office and personal retreat for Brian. The only stipulation that Brian made was that he wanted to pay for any improvements and furniture. The first decision as a couple was the carpet, paint colors and furnishings for the office. A few pieces would be moved from Brian's apartment, along with some artwork that would fit nicely into the living room and office.

"I'm sure this is ass-backwards," Brian said as he took the roller and absorbed paint from the pan.

"Timing's everything. You and I were working and the carpet had to be laid before we could get to the painting. The drop cloths should do the trick, catching any spills." Both guys were stripped down to their shorts and shared dribbles of paint on their bodies.

"I guess this is why they made Sunday, hon. I figure we can get finished before two and check out the Chargers game. When is Mike going to be home?" Brian asked as he rolled a coat of taupe color on the wall. Eric was using a brush to do the detail work.

"He and Billy are over at George's house. They're working on some science project. I get the feeling that Mike and Billy are the driving force and George is along for the ride. But that's what friends are for."

"Interesting mix of friends Mike is making. If the birthday party was any indication, he's going to be one popular dude in school."

"The healing process really worked, Brian. I occasionally see him with a far away look...just for a few moments. Then he snaps back. We've had some good talks and he really feels comfortable with both of us."

"I get the same feeling. I'm proud that he'll occasionally call me 'Pops' when we're alone."

"I know that we're doing okay when he shares with me confidences about his friends. By the way, the other day Mike mentioned that Billy came out to him."

"Really?" Brian replied as he stopped for a moment. Eric and Brian shrugged and returned to the task.

"He didn't exactly say how this all transpired. Just that he urged Billy to be honest with him and that Mike planned on being friends with him no matter what. I get the feeling that Billy is only out to Mike and maybe George. That little stud will probably become a jock gymnast, which should confuse the issue."

"From everything you hear about teenagers and the cruelty that some junior homophobes inflict when confronting gay boys, I'd say Billy is lucky to have Mike for a friend," Brian added, nodding his head.

"Yeah, Mike's solid. The way Billy is developing his body and karate skills, I'd say that he could kick the shit out of most guys if they gave him any grief. The kid has become very proficient in karate, I'm told."

"There you go: a gay jock and a shit-kicker," Brian added with a chuckle.

"He wanted to know if we had any problem with telling Billy about his two gay dads," Eric said. He stopped his paintbrush and turned to admire Brian. "He'd like to invite Billy over to dinner some Sunday. I guess that Mike would like us to be available for advice."

"No problem, whatsoever. How's his home life?"

"Pretty good. I know his dad. He's on wife number two. Billy's real mom is up in Seattle. From what Mike says, I guess they all get along but Billy doesn't want to risk that."

"Yep. Fly under the radar until ya fly out of the nest. Been there, done that," Brian said as he started painting.

"It's getting better but we've got a long way to go. Maybe by the time Mike's generation has kids it'll be okay to be different."

"Ouch, don't rush it. I haven't even moved in yet and all of a sudden I'm a potential grand pop." Brian turned to Eric and grinned.

"Bud, let's finish this painting and I'll pop you, old man." Eric said lustfully.

"How domestic. Home chores, football and a fuck."

"But not in that order. Let's take a break," Eric said. He walked over, slapped his lover on the butt and moved in for a big, sloppy, wet kiss.


Moving day the end of September was well coordinated. Brian methodically had boxed and packed many of his possessions over the past month when he had a few moments. 'A good way to weed out some old shit', Brian thought. 'Time to say bye-bye to some of my college stuff'.

Mike enlisted Billy and George to help. With adequate manpower, a rental van and good weather, the move was expected to be easy. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow would be pizza back at the Flynn-McGruder home.

"That was a great idea to have Karen take her kids to the movies," Eric said. The guys had just placed the large sleeper couch in the van and were loading everything else around it.

"I was afraid the kids might be in the way and could accidentally get hurt. I'll come back tomorrow and help her get organized. She's taking off from work."

"Hey, Dad, Can you give us a hand? George and I don't want to damage the big painting."

"Can do. Brian, why don't you and Billy grab a few bottles of water on your next trip back to the van for a little break?" Eric suggested. "I think that the painting is the last item to be moved."

"Sounds like a plan. Gives me a chance to see if there's anything else that needs to be taken from the apartment."

"Let's do it," Billy said. Brian smiled and they walked back to the apartment.

Brian hadn't seen Billy without a shirt and was impressed at the tone and muscle mass he was packing. 'This kid is going to make some guy very happy', he thought, stealing glances. They arrived in the kitchen and Brian opened the fridge door to retrieve the bottled water.

"Um, Brian, can I ask you somethin'?" Billy said quietly.

"Yeah. Whazzup?" He could almost hear the cogs turning in Billy's mind.

"I guess you know that Mike gave me the 411 on you and his dad."

"And vice versa." Brian handed a bottle to Billy and cracked the cap on his own.

"I think it's really cool about you two an' all that stuff. Gives me some hope about later on," Billy said wistfully.

"You got plenty of time to figure everything out. How's everything at home?" Brian was curious if Billy was just opening the door or if something was bothering him.

"Cool. I got a neat dad and the step mom is okay. I'm just not ready to talk about...things."

"I understand. I s'pose Mike told you that Eric or I, or both, would always be available to talk about anything that's on your mind. And I mean anything, bud." Brian smiled and nodded. "There are several things that young gay guys need to know."

"That's what I wanted to clear with you. I mean, there's a lot of shit, um, stuff that I need to find out and Mike can't help me there," Billy said with a small giggle.

"Yeah, I think that Mike is a committed skirt chaser. But you couldn't have a better friend."

"Don't I know it. I'm lucky. I originally kinda thought, well...ah...that Mike and I would be special friends, er, ya know? Well, that's not goin' to happen. But I'll settle for being buddies...for a long time. George, too." Billy shuffled as he looked at the floor.

"Why don't you run the water down to the guys? I want to do one more walk-through and make sure I didn't forget anything." Brian thought he knew what Billy was thinking and thought it best to change subjects.

"You got it, boss," Billy said with a mock salute. He grabbed the waters left.

Brian walked through the apartment and looked in the closets for anything that had been overlooked. Although he hadn't been in the apartment very long, every move tweaked his memory banks. Brian smiled when he remembered the first intimate night he and Eric had shared in the bedroom.

Today represented the biggest step in his adult life: a commitment with another person, living together. A commitment to share a life...or in this case, lives...for better or worse. He was sure that the 'better' would out-weigh any negatives. Only time would tell. 'A long time' he thought. Brian smiled and closed the door on his old life.