Jack Scribe

This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of homosexual sex, what the hell are you doing here? Bye, bye.

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The drive home, at this hour, only took five minutes. Eric pulled up to the private road and slowly entered, checking behind to make sure that his Cherokee's mechanical 'little brother' was following. The two cars continued until Eric stopped. With a remote, he opened the two-car garage and eased in, motioning Brian to follow.

Brian turned off the engine and got out. "Really takes care of nosy neighbors." He slipped out of his seat and stood by the Wrangler.

"This isn't the most glamorous way to enter my place," Eric said, walking over to his guest. "But it is private." He pulled Brian close to him and zeroed in on a proper, welcoming kiss. This time his tongue didn't hold back.

"Ummm," Brian uttered. He welcomed the invading tongue and playfully twisted his tongue around Eric's. His knees were getting weak, and his cock was coming alive at the close, intimate contact. He felt Eric's hard-on pressing against his leg.

"Welcome to Casa Flynn," Eric said, pulling back. "I didn't mean to attack you here in the garage. I thought I'd at least wait until we were in the kitchen." Eric laughed and Brian joined in.

"I haven't felt this frisky for a long time. Where's the kitchen, hot stuff?" Brian asked seductively.

"Follow me." Eric walked up one step and opened a non-descript door. They walked in and were immediately standing in a typical, large, condo kitchen from the 80's, illuminated only by a counter light. Functional and nothing more.

"This is a big space for a single guy," Brian said. "You ever cook?"

"Only what the microwave can handle." Eric laughed, as he turned.

"My sentiments exactly. Thank God for the frozen section at Trader Joe's."

Eric moved closer and offered Brian a brief, wet, tongue-less kiss before moving around his face. He tenderly kissed his visitor's brow, cheeks and earlobes.

"Is that all I get?" Brian asked with a fake expression of pout.

"How about a beer and a great view. If ya don't mind, I really want this evening to last," Eric suggested with casual resolve. 'This guy is definitely worth playing the evening activities out slowly,' he thought.

"Buddy, a beer and you is all I need," Brian said with a wink. Eric retrieved two beers from the sturdy, old fridge.

"Come with me, then." Eric grabbed Brian's hand, walked through a formal dining room into the living room and turned on an 'up' spot that illuminated a plant. It was enough light so they didn't trip over anything.

The two new friends arrived at the large, sliding glass doors and stopped. Beyond the attached outside deck, the night view was breathtaking. The snaking lights - head and tail - of traffic on the I-5 San Diego freeway created a moving, visual mosaic. Looking to the north and south was the twinkling panorama of beach communities, contrasted with the sudden blackness where the Pacific Ocean touched land.

"This must be a fantastic view in the daylight?" Brian asked.

"Brian, that's something I'm promising for tomorrow morning. Wanna sit down?" 'Sounds like I definitely have a guest for the evening,' Eric surmised. It was taking all his resolve not to physically attack this stud on the spot.

"As long as you're part of the package," Brian said.

"Like Velcro. Wait for a sec," Eric said, squeezing Brian's shoulder. 'Or human glue,' he thought, chuckling to himself. He walked over to the fireplace, turned on the gas and lit a fire. The blue and orange flames immediately danced over the simulated logs.

"Cool. I gotta warn you that I like closeness," Brian added.

Eric grabbed Brian's hand, and they gently flopped down on a long, multi-sectioned couch that faced the flagstone fireplace, careful not to spill any beer. Dancing light from the fire bounced off the two clothed bodies.

"Here's to a nice guy I met tonight," Eric said. They clinked the bottles together, and each had a long pull. When Eric set his bottle on the coffee table, toed off the shoes and propped his stretched legs on the solid, glass top, Brian did the same thing.

"Ahhh," Brian sighed. He scooted closer and rested his head on Eric's chest, while his hand found its way to his host's thigh. "I definitely met a nice guy."

Eric moved his arm onto Brian's shoulder and pulled him even closer. With his free hand, he grabbed a remote and turned on the FM tuner. Michael Bublé was softly singing:

"You give your hand to me
and then you say hello.
And I can hardly speak
my heart is beating so.
And anyone can tell
you think you know me well,
but you don't know me..."

"The song says 'you don't know me', but I'd like to change that," Eric said in almost a whisper. He shifted his body so that his lips were within striking distance for a kiss. As he moved in, he cautiously placed his free hand over Brian's sweater-covered chest. Each other's lips became engaged, and Eric started massaging his friend's firm pecs.

"Oh, fuck," mumbled Brian, just before Eric accomplished his lip lock. While their tongues reacquainted themselves, Brian slowly moved his hand up the thigh until it landed on Eric's warm, hard cock.

"Welcome to my home. It's a pleasure to have you," Eric said with a smile, as he pulled back. 'Have you in several ways,' he quickly envisioned.

"The pleasure is mine." Brian's hand slowly traced the outline of his host's obvious erection.

Eric shivered slightly at the touch and inspected the almost flawless, handsome face of Brian. "Wanna lose the sweater? I think you'll be warm enough without it."

"Is that the only thing I'm going to lose?" Brian threw back, with a raised, mocking eyebrow.

"I figure it's not going to be your virginity."

"That's something that I don't think either of us have to worry about," Brian answered. "For the record, I don't sleep around just to add another notch to my gun."

"Buddy, ditto, again. But I wouldn't mind checking out that gun," Eric said with a chortle.

"Take off your shirt and pants, and I'll match you." Brian squeezed Eric's bulging trouser-snake for emphasis. Slowly, he removed his black sweater to reveal a trim chest and torso with just a dusting of light brown chest hair.

"I like," Eric said, as he leaned down to kiss the nearest nipple. He then started unbuttoning his shirt, while Brian stood to unbuckle and ease out of his khakis. Almost simultaneously they placed the shirt and pants in the same area of the floor. 'Wow,' thought Eric as he scanned Brian's body, 'that trail really does lead to some treasure.' He focused on the black, low-rise, bulging briefs.

"Stand up and let me help you," Brian commanded with a smile. Eric stood and let Brian undo the belt, pant clasp and zipper. He knew that his trim, swimmer's build projected a manly image. But Eric never flaunted it.

"Oh, shit, bro," Eric said, as he felt Brian's hands run down his legs when the pants were pulled down. Eric stepped out of the puddled material, revealing more conventional, white boxer briefs. They paused to pull off their socks.

"Come here." Brian opened his arms and beckoned his host to join him. Eric eased in place for the expected embrace and kiss.

Eric pulled back from the wet kiss and said, in a low voice, "Buddy, just for the record, I'm definitely looking forward to knowing you many ways."

"I think we're both mature and single enough to be thinking this isn't just a quick trick...or whatever we're going to do." Brian looked into Eric's eyes and continued, "But I also think that it's time we loose the 'U-trou'. My dick is strangling." That brought a laugh from both guys.

"And I thought that it was just tears," Eric rejoined, touching a wet spot on the material covering the tip of Brian's hard cock.

"Looks like we're both having a crying jag," Brian said, noticing the fresh pre-cum stains on the white fabric of Eric's boxer briefs. He pulled down his black '2(x)ist' briefs and kicked them aside. Before Eric could move, Brian said, "Allow me."

"Permission granted," Eric said in an anticipatory, sultry tone.

Brian went down on his knees and brought his mouth over the tip of Eric's cotton-contained erection that angled over to the left. After sucking for a moment, Brian gently pulled down the boxer briefs and was finally face-to-face with the real thing.

"Oh, yeah, take it, big guy," Eric moaned.

"At the very least." Brian lapped at the dripping pre-cum oozing from Eric's piss slit before taking the hard, veined, seven inches of manhood. Brian smiled to himself when his nose reached Eric's trimmed pubic patch. Slowly, he bobbed his head back and forth to produce an intended natural friction of skin touching skin.

"Hmmm," was all that Eric could expel as Brian's tongue teased his sensitive, flared dickhead. After a few moments, Brian released Eric's cock and aimed for the hairless low-hangers. He started nibbling the scrotum as his finger found its way to the rough, inflated perineum. Brian started sucking Eric's balls, one at a time, as the finger ventured further to the wrinkly surface of the anal entrance.

All Eric could do was massage Brian's scalp and shoulders. He felt sharp, pleasurable jolts when the stray finger slowly entered his chute. 'Hey,' he registered, smiling, 'this is an equal opportunity house.' Gently, he put his hands under Brian's warm, damp armpits and lifted to disengage the one-sided foreplay.

"Sorry if I got a little carried away," Brian said, staring into Eric's glistening, blue eyes.

"No apology, babe. I like your technique." 'Whoops,' Eric thought. 'I used the "B" word.' He thought he saw Brian's smile expand, just slightly, at the word indicating a growing fondness.

"There's just so much to do, down there." Brian chuckled and sucked his finger. When it was offered to Eric, he eagerly took it in his mouth.

"Ummm, I recognize the flavor," Eric said, while winking. He moved his hand down Brian's six-pack, through his trimmed pube patch, passed over his cock, and started fondling Brian's large, soft, smooth, full nut sac. "Feels like we go to the same barber?"

"I like to be trim but not a hairless look," Brian replied.

"Like minds again." Eric smiled as he pictured the straight guys at the gym who had discovered, probably from Internet porn sites, groin grooming. He thought of some of his macho, hetero friends, running around the locker room, looking like a group of 11-year old boys.

"But I'm not into grizzlies," Brian concluded.

"Maybe we can shave each other's balls sometime?" Eric said with a friendly leer.

"Yeah, I'd like that. But we need to know each other better before I allow you to take a blade to me down there," Brian answered with a laugh.

"I always find a fireplace conducive to knowing a person better." With Brian's balls still in hand, he grabbed a throw blanket from the couch and tossed it over to the floor by the rustic, redwood mantle. "You game to find out more about me?" Eric said, as he moved his hand from Brian's crotch to his waist.

"Absolutely. And vice versa."

They walked around the coffee table, and Brian helped spread the cotton, Indian-weaved blanket over the carpet. He lay down on his side and watched as Eric joined behind him.

"Warm," Eric said, "but not toasty. You okay?"

"I'm getting hot, buddy. But it's not from the fire. But enough about me. Tell me more about yourself."

"Solana Beach native, only kid, grew up in this house, graduated from San Diego State and had a shitty marriage." Eric rolled out the bullet point statistics in verbal precision as he spooned up against Brian's back and buns. His dick, now dormant, parked against Brian's appealing ass crack.

"Kids?" Brian asked.

Eric moved his hand under Brian's arm and rested it on Brian's stomach. "One boy. My last stab at a straight life." Eric smiled at the non-intended pun. "But the mother moved far away, and I haven't seen my son in eight years. How about you?" Eric said, letting his fingers absent-mindedly play with the handy trail of hair.

"That was a shitty thing for her to do," Brian considered. "Okay, in your order, grew up in Colorado Springs, you met my only sibling, U. of Denver graduate, and came out to my family when I was 19. One lover during college but pretty dull since."

"Let's see, what else?" Eric moved his hand to Brian's pubes and explored the base of his friend's cock. "My folks retired, moved to an inland retirement village three years ago, and I got the condo. They're supportive and hope I find the right person. 'Oh, shit,' Eric thought. 'TMI. I really like this guy and don't want to scare him away.'

"Sounds like we both lucked out with great folks."

"Absolutely. And they raised great sons," Eric replied. 'God, please say that he's not a child molester, bank robber or "master" in search of a submissive slave.'  

"I agree." Brian snuggled his ass closer to Eric.    

"When I get time off, I love to eat out at a place with a great wine list, see a movie or check out the Padres when they play a mid-week home game." Eric's hand moved further down Brian's now-hard cock and started rubbing the pre-cum around the sensitive head. 'Gee,' Eric thought, 'it's been a long time since I felt this tuned-in to someone.' His fat dick, now fully awake, innocently burrowed into Brian's buns.

"Yeah. And after the movie, come back to a warm fire and have a special person get me all hot and horny," Brian said. He gently scooted around and adjusted, so that he was now on his back and looking at Eric. He flashed a smile, tweaked Eric's nipple with one hand and returned Eric's warm hand to his crotch.

"Umm, I like." Eric visually scanned the horizontal, sensuous, naked form.

"Just for the record, I'm into a guy who is tender, gentle and loving. I'll leave the rough stuff to others," Brian said in a husky, low voice.

"Message received. I feel the same way." Eric saw opportunity knocking. It didn't take a rocket scientist - or a gay restaurant manager - to understand what to do when lying next to a nude, buff, handsome man with a great erection. 'Hmm,' Eric considered, 'plan A, going for the drooling cock, is too obvious. Ergo, plan B.' Eric rose to his knees and moved around. After spreading Brian's muscular legs, Eric moved in between them. He lowered his head to within centimeters of the red, flared cockhead and started blowing on it as his hand palmed Brian's balls.

"Fuck. How did you know I love that?" Brian squirmed at the warm air blasting from Eric's mouth. "You're taking foreplay to a new level," he crooned.

"I told you that I was in no hurry." Eric kissed the moistened head and teased the piss slit with his tongue. He then kissed the entire length of the cock before landing on the scrotum. Eric placed his hands under Brian's thighs and started a lifting motion.

"Oh, man," was all Brian could utter as he raised his legs. He grabbed his knees and rocked his body slightly upward to give his partner easy access to a man's most private area. "I trust you, buddy."

"Let's trust each other," Eric said, moving a finger from Brian's nuts to his puckering hole. It had been a while since he had enjoyed fingering a man. But like they say about riding a bike, he wetted his finger with saliva and started a massaging, stroking action around the wrinkled perimeter of Brian's asshole. He noticed a contented smile and closed eyes on his accomplice's face. This encouraged him to start a tentative probe.

"Eric, you devil. It's been a long time, but I'm literally and figuratively in your hands," Brian said with a laugh, his eyes still closed. "Go where you want to go."

Continued stretching allowed Eric to insert a second finger as he slowly moved past the flexible, protective sphincter. As he extended past the second knuckle, Eric found the hard spot he sought. He teased Brian by grazing the 'nut'. 'There you are, my little friend,' Eric thought, as he watched Brian shiver with joy.

"If you like that, check this out," Eric said in a lustful tone. He slowly withdrew his finger and eagerly replaced it with his moist, point-shaped tongue. He loved diving down on a well-groomed man who possessed masculine, musky flavors and tastes. 'I could get used to this...often,' he thought. Damp strands of curled, short hair surrounded the pink and brown surface of the chute entry.

"I...ohhh, you really...ah, Jeez," Brian said, as the tongue took over. He raised and spread his legs further to give Eric more access. "Eric, fuck me, babe. I want you in me."

Eric took one final swipe in the tunnel before he withdrew, rose on his knees and said, "Let's go back to my bedroom where we can be more comfortable. I've got condoms and lube we can both use." Eric hoped that Brian picked up on the operative words, 'we' and 'both'. He had every intention of fucking the shit out of his new friend. But he planned on a reciprocal arrangement. He leaned down and kissed Brian, purposely sharing his tongue. Brian greedily sucked on it with a smile.

Pulling away, Brian said, "You lead the way, stud."

Eric rose and said, "Give me your hand." With a vise-like grip, he pulled Brian up to his feet. After turning off the fire, Eric led his new friend down a dimly lit hallway. They stopped half way, and Eric gestured for Brian to enter a bedroom that was obviously not the master.

Brian looked around the room after he was led in. The nightstand lamp was enough illumination for him to identify a Phi Delt pledge paddle, class pictures and a few San Diego State beer mugs. "This is your old room, isn't it?"

"Yeah. Like most everything else, I haven't done too much to the condo except to renovate the master last year," Eric said with focused intent. "There's only one thing I haven't done in this room. I've been saving that for someone special."

He moved closer and tenderly clasped the sides of Brian's head. With their bodies melding as one, Eric planted a short, welcome-type kiss on Brian's eager lips.

"I'm honored and accept." Brian duplicated the peck and added, "Let me go to the bathroom for a sec."

Eric smiled and pointed to a closed door. "The new toothbrush is in the right hand drawer," he said, as he admired Brian's backside.

"Will do. However, where our mouths have been already, I doubt a new toothbrush is necessary," Brian added with a chuckle as he turned on the bathroom light and closed the door.

'And I'm definitely planning on returning my mouth to those areas,' thought Eric, as he hastily prepared the room. He found the candles, stowed away for emergencies, placed them on the nightstand and lit the wicks. Before turning off the lamp, he positioned a bottle of lube, opened a couple of condoms and turned down the sturdy double bed. Eric's last touch was to turn on the speaker of the centrally wired stereo system.

In the background, Mariah Carey was singing:

"...Loverboy come on and love me
Give me more
Touch me and touch me
I enjoy the way you rock me
All night long
Loverboy come on and take me
Only you knows how to make me
Shudder with anticipation
All night long, babe..."

Brian finished his bathroom duties, including a little tidying up around his chute. 'What a great, unexpected stroke of luck,' he decided, 'that Steve wanted to check out El Rancho. He didn't know I wanted to check out the manager.'

Not to spoil the moment, he turned off the bathroom light at the same time he opened the bathroom door. There was Eric, lying on the turned-down bed, expectantly watching him move forward. It wasn't lost on Brian that the only illumination was candlelight. He also noticed the lube and condoms.

"Hey, buddy," Eric said. Both dicks were at that elongated, flaccid state just before the hormones and blood kicked into overdrive.

'Wow,' Brian thought, as he drank in the combination of Eric's taut body, brilliant blue eyes, pale Irish skin and soft, black hair. He studied Eric's hard, flat stomach with the line of hair that started at the navel and continued downward to his trimmed pubes. Finally, his unbelievably beautiful dick. 'Just, fucking, wow.' He moved over to the bed and accepted Eric's hand.

Eric moved onto his side as he led Brian onto the bed. "I want to warn you that I have every intention of granting your earlier wish." Eric's lecherous intonations were not lost on Brian.

"Since I see your 'wand' getting hard, I figure that I must be talking to the fairy prince?" Brian replied with a chuckle. He lay down on his side and pressed closely to Eric's warm body. He reached down and adjusted both of their growing cocks so that they pointed upward against each other's groin. Brian kept his hand on Eric's cock just long enough to stroke it a couple of times.

"If I'm the fairy prince, you must be the frog?" Eric widened his eyes and licked his lips.

"Ribbit, ribbit," Brian croaked. He vividly remembered yelling in the living room that he wanted to get fucked.

"My wand definitely wants to get to know you better." Eric leaned over and placed his lips on Brian's for an initial kiss. His tongue easily entered Brian's mouth. As the tongues maneuvered for dominance, the kiss became more intense.

Before Brian got totally lost in the sensations, the scenario of what was happening flashed through his mind: the initial meeting, getting to know each other, small talk, intellectual curiosity, adult foreplay, lustful desires and, now, preparing to make love. 'Yeah,' he thought, 'this was definitely going to be making love.'


"Amazing," Eric groaned. The men were sated with the culmination of their sexual desires.

"It wasn't bad," Brian said with a wink. 'How do I tell him that this was the most awesome, emotional, orgasmic high of my young life?' he wondered.

"Don't give me that. You loved every minute of it."

"Yeah, it was pretty special," Brian said with a sigh. "You hit some new spots and it felt wonderful." His mind-bending ejaculation had occurred without any stimulation to his dick at all. 'I don't even remember my dick,' Brian considered.

"We need clean sheets," Eric mumbled with a smile. He removed the spent rubber and tied a knot at the end.

The spell was broken. "And a shower, too. Jeez, I really made a big mess." Brian looked at both bodies and chuckled. Eric joined him in the laughter.

"About as much as I did. That was a fantastic experience, buddy," Eric said, as their laughter subsided. "As you said, it was really special."

"I bet you say that to all the guys?" Brian asked with playful indignation.

"No, I meant it. I've never experienced this with anyone. It was beyond special." Eric leaned over and gave Brian a little love peck.

"Um, me too. We need to talk about this." Brian was searching for a way to properly express his feelings. He was convinced that this was his big head, not the smaller one, thinking.

"Yeah, I agree. But first things first. Why don't you get your ass in there and start the shower?' Eric said, pointing to the bathroom.

"You mean my well-used ass. Okay, see you in a sec." Brian slowly got off the bed, turned to look at Eric, winked and walked away.

"I'll get some new sheets, change the bed and join you," Eric called from behind.

"Is your shower big enough for two?" Brian asked as a challenge, as he considered the standard bathtub-shower combination.

"It's only been me and my ducky in the past. Somehow we'll manage, hot stuff," Eric replied with a laugh.

"Then get in here soon. This ducky needs to get cleaned up."

Brian stopped first for a long, overdue pee before turning on the shower. While the temperature of the water heated, he looked at his face in the mirror. Aside from the unruly bed head and the crustiness of drying semen on his chest, he noticed the glow of contentment on his face. 'What a change just five hours can make,' he thought.

Satisfied that the shower water was warm enough, he slid the tub door panel back, stepped into the tub, closed the panel and enjoyed the first contact of pulsating bullets of moisture coming from the showerhead. Brian adjusted the setting on the head and aimed the water at his chest. What had been warm, erotic-fragranced evidence of his earlier sexual release was now a dry and crusty remnant.

He closed his eyes and held his head under the water. While thinking about his host, Brian quietly slid back the door panel.

"Wow, my ducky is all grown up," Eric said, as he came up behind Brian. After closing the panel, he stood close and brought his hand around to Brian's chest. He started circular motions, while moving even closer. Brian felt vulnerable and excited, as Eric's warm fingers started playing with his chest hairs, areola and nipples.

"Quack, quack, you beautiful man," Brian replied, as he backed his buns into Eric. "Um, as much as I'd like to play, I think that what I really need is to get clean and a little rest." He turned and looked into Eric's eyes...those beautiful Irish, blue eyes.

"Yeah, I'm good for the night," Eric replied with raised eyebrows and a smile. "Us old farts need to save something for morning sex. You're the one who said you like cream when you wake up." They both laughed at Eric's analogy.

"I hardly think that 32 is an old fart. You're only two years older than me. But if ya wanna wait, I'll respect that."

"Believe me, it'll be worth it. Let's take a real shower and get some rest. Tomorrow morning I want to know all about this man who is stealing my heart." Eric looked deeper into Brian's eyes and gave him a light peck on the lips.

"And I want to know more about you. There's something happening that I like," Brian said, before he returned the kiss.

The two men proceeded to 'suds up', rinse, and dry each other. By the time they hit the bed, both were ready for some sleep. Eric pulled up the fresh top sheet for cover and rolled to his side, facing Brian. Brian got the message and moved to his side so Eric could ease into a spoon position; Eric's chest against Brian's back.

"Night, love," Eric said softly.

"Night," 'Yeah,' he thought, 'love.' He smiled when he felt Eric's arm wrap itself around him.


Eric was in a deep sleep when he became aware of two things: an incredibly nice man lying next to him with whom he had shared an exquisite, intimate experience and the telephone ringing. He opened one eye and saw the digital clock reading 6:33 a.m. 'Fuck,' he thought, 'who would be calling at this ungodly hour?'

"Mmmm," Brian audibly sighed, as he rolled over on his back.

The phone rang again. Eric, free of his bed companion, leaned over to check the called I.D. number. '804. Where the hell is that area code?' he wondered. On the fourth ring, it dawned on him that it was Richmond, Virginia. 'Must be Brenda?'

He reached over and grabbed the telephone receiver. "Hello?"

~~~ "Hello. Is this Eric Michael Flynn?"

"Yes, that's my full name. Who's this?" Eric was now fully awake and attentive.

~~~ "This is Mrs. Tulliver from the Henrico County Child Protective Services in Richmond, Virginia. Sorry to be calling at such an early hour out there in California, but I'm urgently trying to track down the father of a 12 year old boy by the name of Mike Summers."

"Um, I'm the father of a 12 year old boy that was baptized Eric Michael Flynn, Junior. Summers is the maiden name of my ex-wife, Brenda Summers. She must have changed the boy's name. She cut off all communication several years ago."

~~~ "That's what we figured. We need to talk to you about your child."