Jack Scribe

This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of homosexual sex, what the hell are you doing here? Bye, bye.

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From Chapter 7:

"Boys, why don't you take your chocolate sundae out to the patio. I need to talk some business with Mr. Cortwright," Eric suggested. He knew that the boys would love to return to the fire pit and the open-air space. Everyone enjoyed the strip sirloin steaks and the baked potatoes on steroids. Coffee and Grand Marnier had just been served to the adults.

"That'd be cool, Dad. Come on," Mike said to George. They grabbed their desserts and headed outside. The three adults watched as two bundles of youthful energy departed.

"I think that we need to clear the air or something." Eric looked first at Brian, then Bill and finally at his coffee cup. He slowly sipped the decaf and waited for a reply.

"Um, I guess you should start...Bill. When I knew you it was Robert," Brian said as he shot Bill a raised-eyebrow look.


"Shit...where do I start?" Bill said to no one. There was an uninterrupted, pregnant pause before he continued. "Um, Brian and I met one night at the Boom Boom Room in Laguna Beach, ah...maybe two years ago. Let's just say that our hormones kicked in and, well, the rest is history."

"They kicked in, and kept kicking in until you stood me up one night. Never saw you again." Brian said it with no emotional attachment...just as a matter of fact. Eric knew that there was probably more to it back then.

"I do owe you an apology, Brian. Here I was, living up the hill with a wife and a ten-year old kid, successful business, rattling around in my closet and not dealing with it very well. I'd drive all the way up to Laguna Beach and I wouldn't even use my real name. Sorry I didn't come clean, then. It was just too much baggage."

"Well, Bill, I accept." Brian offered his hand and Bill took it. They both offered small consolation smiles. "Everything has a way of working out. As you may have guessed, Eric and I are more than good friends." Eric noticed Brian flick on a broad grin and happily accepted his lover's pat the shoulder.

"Well, speaking of closets, I guess I've been outed to the neighbors." Eric laughed and shrugged to Bill.

"Only to me, guys. But there has always been some speculation about the mysterious Eric amongst the condo neighbors. I always said that it was none of our business and that running a restaurant probably didn't give you much wiggle-room for evening social activities." Bill sounded like he was relieved that the air had been cleared.

"I s'pose never having a woman around is a dead giveaway?" Eric said with a laugh. "Fuck'em if they can't take a joke. Mike's arrival probably will really make their tongues wag."

"Oh, I think that my divorce will be taking center stage." Bill shrugged his shoulders and sipped the coffee.

"So I guess there are now two, single, gay dads in the neighborhood?" Eric felt a little comforted to know he was not alone.

"I've got the notarized divorce papers in my car. That was what the emergency was all about, as I told you. Sometime tomorrow, the county will officially recognize the divorce and me as George's official parent. She wants a minimal custody arrangement. Probably a couple of visits a month."

"How does George feel about this?" Eric asked.

"We had a family meeting when she announced her intentions to move out and move on. George took everything we had to say very well."

"With the divorce rate in California, I'm sure that several of his classmates have been subjected to split-ups, and a new mom or dad," Eric added.

"Yeah, families sticking together are becoming a very rare commodity. Funny thing is that he really wasn't surprised. Our little charade of a marriage didn't fool him at all. Before the meeting, the wife and I had a soul-searching talk. I 'fessed up to my sexuality and apologized for not being able to hold up my end of the marriage. Coming out to her lessened her guilt. Thank God, she took it well and I'm sure we'll all be friends. The last thing we'll do is bad mouth the other to George."

"You might consider maybe not letting the doc give you a proctology exam," Brian added. This broke up the guys.

"So George isn't aware of your orientation?" Eric asked quietly after the laughter subsided.

"That's a father-son chat I need to have...soon. Honestly, it scares the shit out of me. How did you handle it, Eric?"

"It was handled for me by my wife. Let me give you the 60 second version of my life-defining moments, starting eight years ago." Eric proceeded to relate bullet points that brought Mike and him up to the present. Bill's mouth hung partially open when the story ended.

"Fuck, that's a lot for a young guy to handle."

"He's responding to weekly counseling sessions at UCSD. And our little talks have gone well. In fact, I might make a suggestion for you to consider." Eric saw that the boys were still out in the patio, talking and laughing.

"I'm open to anything. I don't want to create any friction between my son and me."

"Have you had any detailed conversations about sex with George?"

"Um, not really. His mother was bugging me this spring to sit down with him. I just didn't know how to bring up the subject."

"If you don't mind me asking, has George experienced wet dreams yet?" Eric looked squarely into Bill's eyes and his startled expression.

"I...err, don't, your asking. I, ah, don't think so," Bill replied, squirming a little. "I mean, I'm Mr. Mom now and there's nothing about his laundry to suggest so. But then, I really haven't been looking carefully."

"Maybe George is blooming a little late but we all know that'll change very soon. Mike came to me when he moved in. Things were happening at night and he thought something was medically wrong."

"Yeah, I remember the first time and trying to figure out what happened," Bill said with a smile. "As I recall, my school buddy, who later became a buddy in more ways than one, filled me in on that." That brought chuckles and nodding heads from all the guys.

"My suggestion is to start out a talk about puberty and how his body will be changing." Eric observed Bill becoming more at ease with the conversation.

"I feel like I'm attending Fatherhood 101," Brian said, intently listening to the two dads.

"You may become a second father to Mike, sooner than later," Eric replied with a smile.

"If and when the time comes, I would be very proud."

"It will definitely be 'when',' Eric said with resolve.

"I'd like that. In the meantime, continue with your advice, old sage."

"Right." Eric was happy to get back on track. He didn't really want to discuss their relationship in front of his neighbor. "Bill, I used this to go into pretty frank discussions about the male and female body, functions, sex...well everything heterosexual. My recommendation is to use the proper terms and definitions. By the way, from what I've observed I'd say that our sons are really finding girls interesting."

"With George and Mike becoming good friends, I think I'd better move fast. I really want to be the first person to share this information."

"Right. In fact, after you've had a satisfactory meeting, I could suggest that Mike let George read an old sex ed booklet that I found recently and gave the boy. It was from a class I went to at 'Y' camp when I was that age."

"Let me consider that. You've really given me a lot to think about. Maybe after the sex talks I can focus on some guys orientation and where I fit into the equation?" Bill said.

"Good plan. And, if everything goes reasonably well, you might let George know about my deal. Again, Mike could be a good reinforcement." Eric saw the boys enter the dining room.

"Eric, this has probably been one of the most important days of my life. First, getting the divorce papers. Then meeting you two. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your advice. And Brian, I hope we can become friends."

"I do too," Brian said as the boys returned to the table.

"Dad, George and I are getting a little tired. Are we ready to go?" Mike asked.

"Let's do it, guys." Eric stood and took out some money. Brian and Bill stood, also.

"Whoa. Let me handle the tip. Your generosity with the dinner is enough," Bill said. "Thanks for everything. And I do mean everything." Bill smiled broadly as he set a couple of twenties on the table.

"Okay, men. Give me a minute to say hello to a few guests and then we'll head back up the hill," Eric said as the party left the table. "I'll meet you out in the parking lot."

"We'll get the cars," Brian replied as he opened the front door for the rest of the group.

"Mike, let me talk with you just for a second," Eric said just before his son walked out of the restaurant.

"Sure. Whazzup?"

"I'm, ah, concerned about Brian driving home with the drinks we had. Are you okay if I ask him to stay over and go back in the morning?"

"Like I have a choice," Mike said with exaggerated indignity and a larger-than-life shrug.

"You absolutely do. If you're not comfortable with Brian bunking in my room, I'll have him sleep on the couch." Eric looked into his son's eyes in an attempt to read behind his comment and actions.

"Daaaad, that's not what I mean. We covered the subject this morning. I mean I'm almost 13. Give me some credit for knowing what's up." Mike offered his dad a sly smile.

"Then, you're okay with it?"

"Yeah, more than okay. I like Uncle Brian and I know you really do. I'm looking forward to breakfast in the morning," Mike concluded with a snicker.

"Thanks, son. Breakfast for three, it is." Eric placed his hand on Mike's shoulder and they left the foyer. Eric said goodnight to the front desk crew on his way out.


Brian had always been a light sleeper and the added attraction of being with Eric for an entire night kept him on an edge. He therefore perked up when he heard the bedroom door handle turn and the door slowly open. 'Hmm,' he thought, 'this is either some mystery intruder or my nephew.'

Brian disengaged his arm wrap around Eric and eased himself away from his lover's back. He turned to the shadowy figure as it approached the bed.

"Um, Uncle Brian, can I join you guys?" Mike's voice sounded small and tentative with just an edge of worry.

"Hey, guy. Hop in." Brian gently turned down the covers and scooted around to make room. He was thankful that Eric suggested they stay in their briefs in case Mike came in during the evening. Although there was a lock on the door, Eric didn't want to create any barrier in case Mike needed him late at night.

"Thanks." Mike quietly eased onto the bed and looked, face-to-face, at Brian. "I suppose this sounds crazy but I was having a bad dream and didn't want to be by myself. This has only happened a couple of times."

"Wanna talk?"

"Naw. I just need to be with Dad...and you."

"That's cool. How can I help? Looks like your dad is really zonked out. Should I wake him up?" Brian said as he attempted to hold back a snicker at the double meaning of 'zonked out' that had been established.

"Um, naw...that's okay. He usually pulls me close and I feel better. Would you do that?"

"Okay. Turn over on your side and snuggle up."

Once Mike had arranged himself, Brian draped his arm around the boy, letting Mike's back touch his chest. Mike wiggled a little to find a comfortable position and sighed.

"Goodnight, Brian."  Mike sounded relieved.

"Night, buddy. Get some rest." Brian noticed that it was a little after 2:00 a.m. as his butt grazed against Eric's buns. 'I've just graduated to Fatherhood 102,' Brian thought, as he lay in a comforting, nonsexual repose. 'Another not-so-small step'.

About two hours later, he felt the younger Flynn move around, slowly detach himself from Brian and get out of bed. He was also aware that Eric had rolled over and was now in a tight spoon position.

"You doing okay?" Brian whispered to Mike.

"Just fine. I'm going to pee and go back to my bed. Thanks, Brian. This really helped. I'll see you guys for breakfast."

"I hope you know that you can count on me to be there along with your dad?"

"I'm finding that out. I think that this is going to work out." Mike leaned down and kissed Brian on the forehead. "You're definitely my favorite uncle. By the way, breakfast is casual. Dad will 'splain."

Brian was glowing internally as Mike quietly left and closed the door behind him. 'You're special, buddy,' he considered. Brian smiled as he inched his way backwards to be closer to Eric. He lightly grabbed Eric's hand and held it. Slowly, Brian fell into a fitful sleep propelled by his lover's rhythmic breathing and the feeling that he and Mike had bonded in a special way.

The next conscious moment occurred two hours later. It was 6:15 a.m. and the first rays of morning sun lit the room. Brian was aware of three things: he had a ferocious hardon, Eric's morning wood was parked up his ass crack and he had to empty his bladder in the worst way.

'First things first,' he thought as he slowly eased away from the stimulating warmth of Eric. He looked down at his lover after getting out of bed and smiled as Eric stirred and curled into a fetal ball in response to his absence. Brian kissed him lightly on the forehead and went into the bathroom to take care of business.

Once finished, he rummaged through the cabinet and found some breath strips. Brian placed one in his morning mouth and felt the mint freshness go to work as he splashed water on his face.

"Morning," mumbled Eric as he shuffled in and over to the toilet.

"I guess I don't have to worry about you needing Viagra," Brian said with a laugh. Eric scowled as he stood with his feet wide apart and tried to aim his woodie.

"If we didn't have 'mini-me' in the next bedroom I'd give you some ideas about how to help me out back in bed." Eric winked as his powerful stream of pee hit the water.

"Let's start with a breath strip. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue."

"Yes, Uncle Brian," Eric answered in a mock, childlike tone. He did as he was told and Brian laid the strip on the target. Eric continued to do his thing while watching Brian move over to the shower. He opened the door and turned on the water.

"Um, you okay with us taking a shower? Your mouth and tongue have given me some wicked ideas," Brian said. "By the way, I should tell you that Mike visited us last night."

"Oh, yeah? When was this?" Eric raised his eyebrow as he continued the power whiz.

"Around two. He came and crawled into my side of the bed. Apparently he had a bad dream. When I asked if I should wake you, he said that I could help him. He just wanted to be held." Brian reached in and adjusted the water temperature. He noticed Eric's dick becoming a little more relaxed. 'Only a temporary measure,' Brian considered. He had plans.

"I'm proud of both of you. He trusted you and you handled the situation perfectly." Eric discharged the remaining drops and automatically shook his softening penis.

"He also invited me to breakfast. Mike said that it was casual and you'd explain what that meant." Brian opened the shower door wider and nodded for Eric to enter.

"Hey, buddy, you have arrived," Eric said with a chuckle as he walked into the large shower. "We have breakfast in our briefs or boxers. You're going to experience a Flynn tradition." He pulled Brian into the stall and playfully pushed him under one of the two showerheads.

"Right now I want to experience another tradition," Brian said as he cupped Eric's balls.

"I think this is something I could wake up to...often." Eric pulled Brian into an embrace and brought their lips together. Brian opened his mouth slightly to invite the second part of their kiss. He was delighted to receive the probing tongue.

"Mmmm," groaned Brian, as he started dueling with Eric's tongue. They both darted around each other's mouths before he finally yielded to Eric's curling forcefulness. At the same time, two hard, precum-leaking cocks were getting to know each other very well, pressed against each other.

Eric disengaged after a few minutes of trading spit and slowly lowered his body in front of Brian. He then tenderly left a trail of kisses from Brian's neck, pecs, stomach, and navel to a groomed pubic patch of light brown hair. Eric finally sat on the floor for easy access and comfort.

"Oh, man. I could definitely get used to this," Brian said as he took in a deep breath and exhaled. He gently stroked Eric's scalp as his lover started kissing the glans of a very excited penis. "Fuuuck."

"Soon," Eric said playfully. He wrapped his lips around Brian's erection and steadily moved forward until his nose was touching Brian's pubes. Slowly he started movement back and forth, taking time to twirl his tongue around Brian's cockhead when he was on the up stroke. He was thrilled when Eric's finger found its way back to his pucker and beyond the wrinkly surface.

By instinct, Brian started a fucking movement to supplement Eric's expert sucking. He was impressed that Eric was able to negotiate the entire shaft down his throat again, and again and again. Brian started feeling a delicious tingling throughout his body. The epicenter was the groin and he knew by his balls tightening that a crescendo was due...soon.

"Oh, shit, babe...I'm...cummmming," Brian croaked as he started pumping hot semen into Eric's willing mouth. Brian could feel his balls being stroked as Eric concentrated only on having Brian's shooting dickhead in his mouth.

"Urghh," was all Eric could utter as he took the entire load and didn't spill a drop. The shower water continued to pelt the two bodies.


"Damn," Mike said to himself as the shower water started getting cold. 'I better mention this to Dad,' he thought. 'There might be something wrong with the water heater.' He quickly rinsed off and turned off the water. It was 7:15 a.m. and he didn't want to be late for breakfast.

He toweled off, brushed his teeth and applied some extra-hold hair gel so that the front of his hair stood straight up. He retrieved a clean pair of briefs and made a mental note to suggest that they do laundry soon.

Mike smiled when he saw dad's bedroom door open and smelled the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. He was still partial to hot chocolate.

"Hi, Dad...Uncle Brian," he said as he entered the kitchen. Mike smiled to himself at the sight of these two adult guys: Dad was in boxers; Brian in dark boxer briefs. 'Ole Brian is a pretty buff dude, too,' he observed.

"Morning, buddy. The usual?" Eric stood, grabbed a clean cup and walked over to Mike. He loved it when his dad ruffled his hair and squeezed him on the shoulder.

"Absolutely." Mike watched Eric walk over to the stove to fetch the hot water for the Hershey's cocoa mix.

"Mike, you doing okay?" Brian asked as he offered a good morning handshake.

"Just fine, Uncle Brian. Thanks for helping out last night," Mike replied low enough so that just Brian could hear.

"Anytime you need us, we'll both be there." Brian shook his hand firmly and winked as Eric returned with Mike's chocolate brew.

Mike nodded at Brian and returned the smile. He picked up on Brian's use of the term 'us'. Mike was pretty sure that this guy was going to become an important part of his life.

"Okay, guys, how do you want your eggs? Scrambled or over-easy?" Eric asked.

"Over-easy, Dad. I'm done with scrambled."  Mike was caught up in memories of his young life. He was ready for a positive, permanent change.

"Me, too," Brian replied, as he winked at Mike.