Jack Scribe

This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of homosexual sex, what the hell are you doing here? Bye, bye.

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Summer was nudging towards the first of July and the Southern California weather provided one perfect day after another. Mike was becoming accustomed to the idyllic surroundings of his new home, the love he shared with his dad and his growing trust of Uncle Brian.

He liked the lady at UCSD who was helping him deal with the death of his mom: missing her and resolving all the weirdness that had been part of their lives back in Richmond. Phone calls to old friends were becoming less frequent as he became more acquainted with the neighborhood and a loose knit group of new friends. George had moved to the top of the list and was considered a really close buddy by Mike.

It was just after noon and the two boys were lazing on chaise lounges. They had both worked hard at their homes earlier in the day and decided to 'hang' at the pool. Later, around dinnertime at six, they would join Susan Moreno and Cathy Gross at Cathy's house for a burger cookout.

Mike had promised that he'd be home at 8:00 p.m., to meet up with the guy that his dad had scheduled to be with him until Eric got home from the restaurant. He was glad that his dad always referred to the people staying with him as 'company'. 'Man, no one approaching 13 wants to be considered in the need of a sitter,' he thought.

"So, um, has your dad talked to you about stuff? Ya know, sex stuff?" George asked off the cuff, trying to be casual.

"Yeah, we've had a few talks. You?"

"He really took me by surprise last night after supper and said he thought it was time we discussed things. Jeez, I didn't know what to expect. I was kinda nervous. I mean, we never really had talked, you know..." George had a nervous expression creeping over his face as he talked.

"Hey, who better than your dad. When I was living with Mom, there were things I wanted to ask, but...with your mom? I don't think so." Mike momentarily thought about her but didn't feel uncomfortable. The counselor had told him to think about the positive parts of his past. 'Bless you, Mom,' he thought.

"I s'pose so. I jest figured that I'd pick up what I needed to know from the guys like you and school."

"I'll help if I can." Mike considered George's boyish voice and general lack of hair under his arms and on his legs. 'Could be that George hasn't started those changes?'  "So, ah, did him and you talk?"

"Jeez, yeah. For about an hour. An' I guess that after I got over being scared, it was the best time I've had with Dad for a while. I mean, I didn't know about all this shit that I'm about to go through," George said with the confidence of someone with newfound knowledge.

"Yeah, same for me. If you don't mind me asking, have you had any strange stuff happen to you at night?"

"Naw. You mean the wet dreams? Right? Dad gave me the rundown on what I can expect. Ya know, I hadn't really thought about those, ah, things. How about you?"

"Since winter. Man, when I woke up all messed up, I thought something broke in me. I was really worried so I asked my dad what was wrong. Was I relieved when he told me about that and the other stuff. Guess everything's working out?" Mike noticed a worried expression on his friend's face.

"For you," George mumbled.

"Believe me, it'll happen soon." Mike reached over and patted his friend's back. "We don't all change at the same time. Um, I've got a good book at home that Dad gave me that really explains everything. Even drawings. If you like, we can go back to my place sometime and check it out?" Mike thought that he might be able to help his friend get over this hurdle.

"Dirty pictures?" A sly smile crept over George's face.

"Naw, kinda medical. But it really helped me. Dad got it at 'Y' camp when he was our age."

"That'd be rad. How about bringing it over to my place today and we can check it out after we eat some lunch. I make a wicked grilled cheese sandwich. But we don't want to spoil our appetite for the cookout with the girls."

"We can do that. And you can keep the book for a while. It really took me a couple of times to figure out everything," Mike said with confidence.

"Let's jump in the pool and do a few laps and then leave."

"I'll race you to the other end," Mike said with a giggle. The two guys leapt off the lounge chairs and dove into the pool. There was only one other boy in the far corner quietly treading water.

"Beat you," yelled Mike when George touched the side, seconds later.

"Dude, you musta been moving pretty fast. You goin' to go out for the swim team when we get to high school?"

"That's the plan. I wanna take lessons and work out at the swim club next year."

"Cool. We can work out here and maybe do that together next summer? I would really like to be on the team, too." George saw the boy in the corner of the pool and nodded slightly, but only slightly.

"That'd be great," Mike said while scanning the pool. "Who's the geek over in the corner? I haven't seen him before." He thought it a little odd that someone would be wearing a baseball cap with eyeglasses in the water. Only the kid's head and shoulders were above the surface.

"Oh, that fag? That's Billy Woods. He'll be in our class this fall."

"Fag? Whaduya mean by that?" Mike asked with a little agitation. In the water, he really couldn't tell too much about Billy. He seemed to look younger.

"I dunno.  He doesn't say much and is always reading to get good grades. 'Cept for a few brainy nerds, Billy hasn't many friends and one of the bigger guys is always bullying him."

"So what you saying is, that this guy Billy is shy and smart? And because he's small and without many friends, you think he's gay? Is that what you mean?" Mike was focused like a Doberman ready to attack its prey.

"Hey, wait Mike. I, err, really didn't mean it that way. It's just what that big guy and a few others call him at school. What are you getting so pissed about?" George asked with a mixture of confusion, defensiveness and apology.

"Buddy, I've learned that calling someone a fag or a queer is pretty lame. I really like you, George. But I've also learned to be accepting of other people's differences."

"Well, I, ah..." George stuttered before being cut off.

"Jeez, you don't even know if this guy is gay and you're dumping on him. We're friends but you need to know where I'm coming from." Mike was aware that Billy was watching them and probably had been able to hear the conversation.

"You're serious, aren't ya?"

"Very serious. I've got, um, a best friend who's gay. You with me on this?" Mike carefully studied George and waited for his answer.

"Okay, Mike. I read you loud and clear. You're right; I guess I kinda fucked up. I'm sorry I shot off my mouth. Truce?" George asked.

"Hell, yeah. Let's shake." Mike and George, standing waist deep in water, shook hands and smiled. "Now let's go over and say hi to Billy," Mike added. The two guys body-glided in the water over to the corner of the pool and cornered the smaller boy. Billy cringed and closed his eyes.

"Hey, Billy. It's George...from school."

"Um, I know," Billy replied as he opened his eyes.

Mike was privately amused that the young-looking kid had a very deep voice. 'This guy is prolly older than me,' he considered.

"And this is someone new in our neighborhood. Meet Mike Flynn."

"Hey, dude. Billy Woods, right? I'm Eric Flynn's son. Just got here," Mike said. He raised his fist to bump knuckles.

For a moment, Billy seemed unsure what to do. He slowly rose up from the water, stood waist-deep, smiled and bumped back. Mike was impressed that the guy was pretty trim and had firm muscle development for a guy his age. He guessed Billy was probably around 5'4".

"Your dad runs El Rancho? Cool. I love the place," Billy replied with a bigger smile that created lines on his smooth, pale skin around his light blue eyes.

"Yep. Good food." As usual, Mike felt pride swell within him.

"Where ya been, Billy? I haven't seen you since school let out?" George asked.

"I just got back from Seattle. I spend a month with my real mom every year. Got back last night." Billy started relaxing before Mike. "I'll be home for the rest of the summer. Are you just visiting, Mike?"

"Ah, no. I was living back east with my mother until she died. I'm here now with Dad." Mike took a deep breath and smiled to cover a sudden flash of sadness.

"Sorry 'bout that. Hope you're goin' to like it here." Billy had a soothing tone in his young, baritone voice.

"Thanks. Yeah, I really do like it out here, already. Dad's neat, and I'm making some new friends. Like you," Mike replied. He offered his hand and Billy shook it. He noticed a firm, vise-like grip and a bicep bulge as the two shook hands.

"Dude, don't break the fingers," Mike said with a grin. "You're a strong little shit." Mike patted Billy's shoulder to signal he had made the comment in a good-natured way.

"I, um, have weights an' stuff at home. I've been seriously working out since winter to build myself up for gymnastics. I'm, err, a little too small for any other sports and my dad is sending me to a tumbling and gymnastic camp in August," Billy replied modestly. "I plan on going out for the team when we get to high school."

"Well, buddy, we've got the same idea with swimming. George and I are going to train for the swim team. I guess great minds think alike."

"And from what I see, Billy, you might not be taking shit from the asshole that has been picking on you for much longer. I didn't realize you were packing so much muscle," George said in an admiring manner.

"I guess that's 'cause my folks are always buying loose, baggy shit for me to wear in hopes that I'll be growing into them. Hasn't happened," Billy said and wrinkled his face with an 'oh, well' expression.

"Well, that big kid at school is in for a few surprises." George nodded with approval.

"Mom's new husband is really great. When I was in Seattle he enrolled me in karate classes an' I'm going to keep it up down here. That 'asshole', as you put it, will get a few hurts if he tries any more crap on me." Billy said that as a matter of fact, without any threatening timbre in his voice.

"Dude, Mike and I are going over to my place for a sandwich. You wanna come along? I've got plenty of food."

"Great idea." Mike appreciated George's offer to the new kid. In fact, he thought that Billy might become a good friend.

"Yeah, I'd like that. It's time to get out of the sun, anyway. I burn too easily."

"That explains the cap," Mike said.

"Yeah. I plan on swimming in the late afternoon. That way I can work some different muscles." Billy waded over to the ladder and lifted himself up.

"How old are you?" Mike asked as he followed Billy up the ladder. 'Jeez,' he thought, observing his muscles from behind, 'I better starts a weights program with this guy.'

"Turned 13 in May. You?"

"Do that next month. I'm planning on having a party and you'll be invited." Mike waited for George to join him on the deck. "Towel off and come over to our chairs. You can walk over to George's house with him. I need to stop off at my place and get something. I'll meet up with you guys in five." Mike's private wink at George brought a smile to his friend's face.

"Okay. See ya in five." George waved as Mike left the group.

"Mi-tee fine," Mike said, after the guys finished the sandwiches and washed down chocolate chip cookies with milk.

"You make a great grilled cheese." Billy had become relaxed and let his defenses down after everyone answered the basic questions new friends ask.

Mike thought he had a terrific, dry sense of humor. Like him, Billy enjoyed math and reading history books. 'I just gotta hide my geekishness at school,' he decided.

"Thanks, guys. Mom taught me the basics of cooking 'cause she was busy with meetings and dad worked so many late hours. Now she's gone and I gotta fend for myself...a lot." George shrugged and started picking up the dirty plates. Mike noticed that George was also relaxing in front of his new houseguest and having a good time.

"I dunno why parents can't stay together? I'd give anything for my mom and dad to be back together," Billy said.

"I just wish my mom was back," Mike added. "But it's not to be and I've got a great dad." He was pleased that he seemed to be definitely on the mend. Mike was going to help George with the dishes when he saw Billy reach for the 'Y' booklet he had brought over. Mike had set it face down earlier and forgot about it.

"What's this?" Billy asked as he turned the booklet over to its cover. He smiled a little and said, "Jeez, this is the same book my dad gave me to check out this winter." He absentmindedly started thumbing through it; pausing a couple of times to look at a page.

"Our dads musta gone to the same 'Y' camp," Mike replied. Me and my dad have been having some discussions about, um, you know. Same with George's dad and him. I thought that he would find the book interesting."

"At least you guys had your dad around to answer questions. All I got was the booklet and my dad saying, 'you read this'. I had to figure things out for myself...and, with the help of a few friends."

"So, err, did you figure things out?" George asked.

"Yeah. I mean, after you got this under control, everything else falls into place," Billy said with a laugh as he jerked his fist up and down.

'You mean, um, what the book says about, err, masturbation?" George asked, a little nervous.

"Masturbation, beating off, whatever. I've been doing it for about a year."

Mike was amazed that quiet, shy, Billy could be so matter-of-fact about doing it. He had already figured out that George had not experienced the full effect of jerking off.

"I'm, um...ah..." George mumbled meekly. "I don't think my body has grown as fast as yours."

"Well, I am a little older. How about you, Mike?" Billy was definitely a take-charge guy when given the chance.

"Gee, that's kinda personal, ya know?" Mike replied, squirming a little.

"Oh, come on. It's just us guys. This is something most buddies do. It's not a big deal," Billy said.

'Billy was really warming up to the subject at hand', Mike thought. He smiled when he realized he had made up an unintended joke in his mind.

"Yeah, it's just us. I'm not going to say anything to anyone else," George said, chiming in. Mike was inwardly amused that George was really getting into the topic. "I think I got some learnin' to do."

"Well, as long as it stays with us." Mike looked intently at both the other guys. 'Warming?' he considered. 'Fuck, make that hot.' Thinking of jerking off was creating a stirring in his body.

"Let's just consider it an x-rated show 'n' tell," Billy said with a snicker, looking at each of the guys. "We can learn from each other."

"Okay. I, ah, just started doing it recently. But now that I understand how things work, I'm going to make up for lost time," Mike added with a combination of humor and seriousness.

"Looks like George needs help from his friends and a little lesson." Billy waited for a second as the comment sank in. "If your dad isn't due home for a while, why don't we get around each other and do it. I shoot jizz pretty fearsome so the kitchen is a good place."

"Jizz?" George's eyes were becoming bigger.

"He means semen or cum," Mike added. He felt his penis starting to grow and wondered what effect this conversation was having on the other guys. Mike didn't have to wait long. Billy stood and there was a definite boner underneath his shorts.

"If you guys are game, all we do is stand around in a circle and see who can shoot first. Mike, how about you?" Billy asked.

"I guess I can get into it. George, this might be a good experience for all of us. I guarantee you it'll feel good. An' if you don't, um, cum...well, you can watch us. But, we gotta pledge that this is just between us." Mike stood and adjusted his hardon.

"Well, shit. It looks like we're all in the same boat." George walked over to the other two and held his hand in front of his bulge. "I, um, have never shown myself with a stiffie to anyone," he said with concern.

"Me neither. But I saw some guys with boners at the 'Y' locker room back in Richmond. I don't know, we've all got the same's no biggie, I guess," Mike said with a shrug.

"Biggie? That's exactly what it is," Billy said with a giggle. "You got some lotion for our dicks?"

"Um, under the sink." George pointed to the counter and Billy went over. He opened the door and pulled out a bottle of Nivea hand cream.

"Yeah, that'll work. Okay, boys on three, drop your shorts. Ready?" Billy asked. Mike and George nervously nodded. "One...two...three." Billy unsnapped his shorts and pulled down the zipper. Reluctantly, the other two followed suit. As if on cue, the three guys slid down the shorts and stepped out of them.

"Ah, fuck. Let's lose the shirts, too," Billy added. He lifted his tee and tossed it aside. Mike, in all his straightness, was aroused at the sight of this short, well-built, hung guy. 'So much for equating tallness with a guy's dick,' Mike judged.

"When in Rome..." Mike did the same thing and was followed by George. The sexual charge in the atmosphere negated any awkwardness of three naked, young men standing before each other with raging erections.

"So much for never seeing another guy's hard peter," George said with a nervous laugh.

"There's a first for everything, buddy. I'll apply a little lotion and pass it on.'" Billy poured some lubrication on his dick, rubbed it in and gave the bottle to Mike. After duplicating Billy's movements, he handed the Nivea to George.

Mike was impressed at the amount of hair around Billy's large cock. He also was aware that George was packing a nice piece of meat, although pretty hairless. 'Yep. Definitely a first for several things,' he thought.

"Work it under the tip. It really feels good there," Billy said with authority.

Within moments, all three were stroking and looking at each other. Mike noticed that Billy was using his free hand to play with his nipples. 'Hmm,' he thought. 'Something to try when I'm by myself.'

"Oh, man, this is great," George shouted as he started speeding up his hand motions. All three were breathing heavily.

"Yeah, I'm getting there." Billy was groaning almost breathlessly.

Mike could also feel that he was close. He opened his eyes long enough to see both guys with the biggest shit eating smiles as they all pounded away. Mike stepped it up a notch and started fondling his balls.

"Ah, ah...oh," George yelled as his body tensed. Mike was aware that his buddy had experienced something but had not shot out anything.

"Ieee, I'm...oh shit." Billy was on the balls of his bare feet, muscles taut, and he fisted a full-blown ejaculation. The first rope of semen shot out and landed on the floor. Four or five lesser spurts followed, more or less landing at his feet.

"Okay, fuckers...blasting off," Mike shouted to everyone and no one. He immediately came with formidable force. The initial blasts joined Billy's gooey puddle on the floor. He kept jerking at a slower rate. Like Billy, the final releases landed directly below him and in his hand.

"Wow, that was hot." Billy was still holding his hard dick. "How'd you do?" he asked George.

"It felt, um, really cool. I guess what you guys did will happen to me soon?" George looked down at the floor and stared at the mess on the floor before he reached for his shorts.

"Count on it, buddy. Think of this as a learning experience." Mike didn't want his friend to think that he felt any less of him. "I was where you are at six months ago."

"Um, it's just friends helping out each other. I'd like to be friends with both of you. And I'm not saying anything to anyone. What we did was just a little experimenting." Billy reverted back to his former shy self.

"New school, new friends," George said. "I'd shake hands but, but..." He smiled, raised an eyebrow and looked down at Billy's cum-slicked hand. Everyone laughed at the moment.

"Well, I don't know about you guys but I'm going to use a kitchen towel to clean me off and get the floor wiped up." Mike smiled and walked over to the sink. He tore off several sheets of towel and gave his friends a couple of squares each. Quietly, they followed suit. Billy and George put their shorts and tees on while Mike tidied up the floor. After his housekeeping efforts, Mike got dressed.

"I really need to read the book," said George.

"Maybe we'll have another pop quiz," Mike added with a snicker.

"Oh, fuck. That's so lame." George giggled and playfully slapped Mike on the back.

"Okay, guys. I'm outta here. Seriously, I really enjoyed getting to know you two an' wanna be friends." Billy radiated a contented smile.  

"Dude, for sure," Mike said.

"Later." Billy gave each of the guys a 'high five' and left.

"Well, that was unusual," George said with hesitation.

"Actually, what I've heard from older boys talking, it's not so unusual. I was a little nervous at first, but I'm okay. You cool with what we did?"

", sure. It's just a little funny to all of a sudden be doing that with you and Billy.

"It was a first for me, too. But I think a lot of guys mess around to figure things out. I mean, it's just the way it is. Go with the flow. Like, I'm now really looking forward to seeing the girls for the cookout."

"Yeah, so am I. See you at Cathy's house."

"Later." Mike bumped fists with George and returned home.


Eric was sipping his morning caffeine brew when Mike entered the kitchen.

"Morning, Dad," Mike said in an upbeat manner. He walked over to get a cup and the Hershey's mix. Eric kept hot water going on the stove for his son in the morning.

"You sound pretty perky, young man." Eric replied. 'Musta been a good day?"

"The best. Met a nice guy at the pool who'll be in my class this fall. I got a feeling that we'll be friends. Then the cookout at Cathy's was super. The girls are sooo smooth...really neat. I'm sure we'll all be close for a long time. And George and I just keep getting tighter. It's a good time, Dad." Mike sat down and joined Eric for breakfast.

"Mike, it's a good time for both of us." Eric winked as he poured milk into his cereal. 'I'm so proud of this kid,' he thought.