Queer Behavior
Chapter 1

Steam was filling up the mirrors of an elegant looking bathroom. Marble counters lay underneath a set of mirrors that covered the wall like wall paper. The sound of the shower being switched off allowed the room to be filled with the sound of Clint Mansell's "Lux Æterna" coming from a cd player outside. The shower door opened and a 6'1" tanned man stepped out of the shower. The man admired himself in the mirror, his muscular legs rising up to a well proportioned, well trimmed penis. The six-pack fitted inside his v-line perfectly to be meeted by bulging pecs and broad shoulders. The arms were muscled but they ran down into delicate fingers, a pianists fingers. The man brought his eyes up to see a perfectly chiseled jaw, meaty red lips. ice blue eyes and cropped hair.

"Leo Gylikos, you're looking particularily handsome tonight!" The man said to himself. Leo grabbed the towel off the rack and dried himself off. While his face was perfectly smooth Leo still felt that it wouldn't hurt to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise, he had to look his best for the hunt. Leo knew that he was good looking anyway but good habits are hard to break, plus the guys at the club seemed to love it.

Once he was dry Leo left the bathroom and went into the adjoining bedroom. Walking past the king size bed he opened the wardrobe and took out his attire for the night. Boot cut jeans, a tight long sleeved shirt and trench coat, all in midnight black, would make his already toned body stand out more but at the same time wouldn't make him stand out in general. He'd be like a snake in the grass, only being seen before the strike. Leo dressed himself and admired himself again in the mirror, he took a jar of hair wax from his night stand and styled his hair. He reached for the keys, wallet, lighter and packet of cigarettes from on top of the stand and he left the house in high spirits.

It was a cold and rainy night in the city of Dublin, as per usual. It was quite dark and a bit windy but the difficult weather didn't dampen the spirits of the people enjoying themselves in The Spartan. The Spartan was a relatively new bar in Dublin, gay of course, it was spread over three floors and it had a Greek themed décor specifically Greek mythology, the entire place was adorned with statues of Greek deities. The first floor was very long and split into three parts: the first part was where you entered the bar. There were quite a few couches and tables were one could relax, there was a cigarette machine and a small bar.

The second was the main part of the bar, there were four little alcoves that created a romantic, sexual feel for if you went with a partner and in front of these alcoves were three tables and in front of them was the bar. The bar in The Spartan was particularly famous for the wide range of cocktails made there and then of course the regular mixers, beers, and soft drinks.

The third part of the downstairs was the dance floor, it was small and kind of in the way of passers-by but that didn't stop anybody from going up and dancing. The dance floor was also surrounded by more couches and tables and the DJ stand was to the side of it.

The second floor was then split into four parts: the first part being just the upstairs bar with plenty of room for the customers to stand around and socialise. The second part was just couches, tables and another cigarette machine but there was also a balcony so that people could look over into the first floor. The third part had even more tables and seats but there was also a statue of a Herculian figure strangling a snake, possibly a metaphor for the end to oppression towards homosexuality in Ireland.

The fourth and final part was the smoking area, it was full of tables and chairs, trees and ashtrays. Since the smoking ban was introduced to Ireland a lot of businesses suffered but The Spartan took this as an opportunity and created this smoking area were one could still socialise and not feel the cold, the wind or the rain so much.

The final floor was the basement and that's where the toilets and the cloakroom where located, the only real piece of decoration was a large mirror hanging on the wall of the hairs with very elaborate symbols etched into the frame of the mirror.

The clubbers were taking part in a variety of activities: some were dancing on the dance floor, some were drinking and chatting to their friends, some were trying to score with some guy and others were doing their fill of narcotics.

Leo arrived at The Spartan at around 10pm and he had a very good feeling about the night ahead of him. He ordered a vodka and orange juice and went upstairs. At 10pm The Spartan was already packed, most people wanted to be in before the bar started charging entry. Leo went upstairs and straight towards the balcony, from there he could see most of his surroundings. He'd been to The Spartan a few times before and knew it quite well, the balcony gave the best view of the guys dancing without looking too obvious. The perfect camouflage.

Within 20 minutes he'd already spotted his prey. A gorgeous guy, just a bit taller than Leo, he had delicate body expressions, a beautiful body (from what he could see) and he looked like he was here alone tonight. This was going to be a very good night for Leo indeed. Leo watched the guy like a hawk for about an hour and still no one had come to meet him, no one even talked to him. There was a clubber dancing dangerously close to Leo. He found this kind of behaviour pathetic, he often wished that men would be more tactful when trying to pull. The clubber tapped Leo on the shoulder.

"Excuse me sexy! Can I buy you like a drink?"

"No! You're not my type!" Leo really wished that most men had a bit more grace at these lame pick ups.

"Oh come on man, it's only a drink. Nothing has to happen".

"I can understand why you find me attractive but by the look of you I'd say that no one's touched you since the last millenium"

The clubber shifted his balance and folded his arms, Leo continued

"Now that your arms are covering your chest I can see that you're defensive and I've hit a nerve. So how about you fuck off and we can both try and enjoy the night?"

This kind of stupidity was enough to make Leo miss his only chance if he wasn't careful, but luckily the guy was still sitting by himself, staring into his drink. Leo decided to try a change of tactic, he made his way down to the beautiful guy and he sat in the empty seat next to him. Leo had already finished his first drink and he ordered another vodka and orange juice. He began to drink it slowly all the time his eyes were carefully watching the guy. After 15 minutes of examining the guy from head to toe Leo turned around and caught the man's eye.

"If a long dress is evening wear, what's a suit of armour?"

"I don't know. What?"


The guy started laughing and that's when Leo knew that he was in.

"Hi, my name is Leo and you?"


Leo's initial analysis of Michael was that he was a very shy person, probably new on the scene and he couldn't have been any older than 22. Leo knew this would be to easy but the guy was gorgeous. Michael gave of a nervous air that came from virgins, this excited Leo. Virgins were so much fun, unmarked territory.

"... well I'm 21 years old and you?" Leo asked

"I'm 20 actually. This is my first time at a gay bar to be honest" Michael said shyly "I've never really had the chance to go out on the scene and so I wanted to see what the bars are like."

"Oh really?" Leo asked, feigning surprise "I wouldn't have thought so, you give off a feeling of confidence and I must admit it's very attractive"

"You think I'm attractive?" Michael was in shock, he was getting butterflies in his stomach. This was the first time that any guy had tried to chat him up and it was working. Michael really wanted to have sex with a guy and if Leo thought that he was attractive then why not him?

"I hope that I'm not coming on too strong but all my flat mates are away for the week, would you like to get out of here?"

There was a brief awkward silence, Michael thought that he'd fucked up his chances. He turned back to the bar and began listening to the music, "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. He started tapping is fingers to the beat on the counter nervously

Leo couldn't believe his luck this was too easy, this shy boy wanted to go to go with him. Leo felt a bit but down, he was really in the mood for a challenge but he wasn't going to pass up free cock.

"Of course! I'd love to, just let me get my coat" Leo went downstairs and got his coat from the locker room. He inspected the pockets to make sure he had everything, upon inspection he returned to a hapless Michael.

The rain had subsided but the wind grew stronger and made the cold even more bitter. Michael was half a step behind Leo, his nervousness kept growing. He'd never slept with anyone, let alone a guy. His right hand hand been his best friend for the last 8 years so he couldn't help but wonder what it would be like. Would he fuck or be fucked? If he was fucked, would it hurt? What a blowjob would feel like? He'd seen plenty of porn but watching and experiencing were two different things.

The thoughts of what was going to happen were getting him hard but the nervous flutter of butterflies in his stomach created a rather odd feeling.

"What are you thinking?" Leo's curiosity was genuine.

"I'm just wondering what it's going to be like?"

"What what's going to feel like?" the little game was pleasing Leo. He considered it foreplay.

"You know... what "it" will feel like?" Michael's voice was getting softer unlike his dick.

"Hahaha, don't worry Michael! We'll take it slow, you'll enjoy it. I think you'll find the night surprising to say the least"

This made Michael feel slightly better but he couldn't get rid of the butterflies. They continued down the road, Michael was so consumed by this thoughts that he didn't even see Leo hailing a taxi.

"So are you just going to stand there all night or are you getting in?"

Leo's question knocked Michael back into this world, he gave a nervous smile and got into the back with Leo. Michael kept to himself, he didn't feel like indulging Leo with his life. The nervousness consumed his thoughts, they devoured any erotic thoughts he'd had of Leo. His gaze wandered to the window and he looked out at the passing scenery, oblivious to everything. Sudden pressure on his thigh brought Michael back to his senses, he looked down to see Leo's hand resting on it. Michael stared in amazement as Leo's hand worked it's way up to his crotch. The ever growing proximity of Leo's hand made Michael's cock spring wide awake. Michael turned his gaze to Leo now but Leo kept his eyes fixed on what was outside the window, he didn't advert once not even when he opened his zipper and put his hand in. The warmth of another man's hand on his cock sent a shiver up Michael's spine, a good shiver. Michael was so concentrated on the physical feeling of the taxi wank that he didn't even realise he was close to the point of no-return.

"Not now!" Michael shouted without realising his tone and he could feel the embarrassment sweeping over him.

Leo removed his hand with a wide grin on his face, the taxi driver however paid no attention.

The taxi arrived at Sandycove DART Station at 1.30am. Without saying anything Leo just suggested to Michael that he was to lead the way. He followed closely behind Michael, studying how he walked, there was an obvious difference to his walk now, it looked more macho, more forced. They kept on the road for five minutes when Michael turned into a housing estate and walked up the pathway of the first house on the right. Without invitation Leo stepped into Michael's house and waited for him to close the door. Once the door was firmly shut Leo pounced and started kissing Michael passionately, his hands smoothly ran from Michael's shoulders to his ever growing bulge. Leo put his hand in through the top of the jeans and had another feel, he estimated six inches but plenty of pube forest to play with. From the corner of his eye Leo could see the couch and he began to steer Michael towards it. After more tonsil tennis and well placed hands Michael pulled back and looked at Leo.

"Let's take this upstairs"

Michael excused himself and he went to the bathroom to freshen up.

Leo took time in removing his clothes, placing them in a particular way, almost obsessively and he lay down on the bed. He got back up and removed his goodies from his coat pocket and placed them under the pillow, then he resumed his previous position on the bed. The thoughts of what was going to happen, excited him to no end. His cock stood firm and saluted the ceiling with pride and it anticipated the orgasmic pleasure that it was about to receive. A trickle of precum began to drip down his cock and pooled at his balls.

Leo started to fondle himself as he saw Michael entering,

"Wow, your cock is huge! How big is it?" Michael couldn't hide the O his mouth made.

"It stands proudly at eight inches, now shut up and get that sexy body of yours over here!"

Michael obeyed without question, he couldn't hide is excitement as he lay down on the bed.

Leo got down on his knees and stuck his head in between Michael's legs, stuffing himself on man meat, which Michael was more than happy to feel. Leo stopped sucking, reached his arm up and over Michael, and retrieved a condom and some lube from under the pillow.

"Come here!" Leo ordered.

Michael came obediantely and he started to lube himself.

Leo rammed his dick into Michael's ass, not caring if it hurt Michael, and then he started to fuck Michael very fast and very hard. Leo could feel the climax coming while Michael was moaning in either pain or ecstasy, Leo didn't know or care. Michael's ass was tight and this made the friction even better, stimulating Leo more and more. As the climax drew closer Leo brought his hand back to under Michael's pillow and found what he was looking for. Leo began to pound Michael's ass even harder, one hand digging into Michael's skin and the other digging into underneath the pillow. The orgasmic sensation continued to grow, the point of no return was imminent. Just as he was about to shoot his load he pulled out a large kitchen knife from under the pillow and slit Michael's throat as he came in Michael's ass. The orgasm was earth-shatteringly mind-numbing, the best of his life. Leo kept himself inside of Michael, just to enjoy the feeling that he'd experienced. He then pulled himself out of Michael and he got into the shower while Michael was quickly passing into the death.

Searching through the cabinets Leo came up with a loofah and medicinal bleach. Using his new found toys Leo scrubbed Michael from head to toe and then he did the same for himself. Leo then put on his clothes, collected his shoes that he'd left at the front door and he waited to leave the house before he put them on.

Leo couldn't think of anything, his head was filled with the ecstatic sensation he'd just experienced, playing through the imagery and seeing what he'd've done differently. Nothing at all! He let his feet do the walking only barely conscious of where he was going and within forty minutes of walking he'd made it home. He didn't even bother to switch on the lights instead he went into his kitchen and switched on the kettle. As the kettle was boiling Leo climbed the stairs of his house and followed the medium sized hall to his bedroom. He entered and sighed a sigh of relief, he began on his coat and within minutes he was naked. He headed back down to the kitchen butt naked and waited for the kettle to boil. Once it did Leo made a cup of tea, went to his piano and fingered each key delicately. He sat down on his baby's seat and started playing "Moonlight Sonata".