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Reaching Across the Aisle


"I can't believe we kissed. Holy fuck! What the hell just happened?"


Ethan sat at his desk with the office door closed staring blankly out the window. He brushed his long bangs back a few times only to have them fall again over his face. Someone knocked at the door.

"Not now!" he proclaimed. The person knocked again. "I said not now!" The door opened.

"Sorry Ethan, I didn't come up here for a social call", said Tommy Livingston entering the room. Ethan stood up straightening his tie and mussing down his hair. "We've got ourselves a little situation, don't we son? Can't go around pushing our constituents to the ground. It's not good for our business. Now you want to explain what the hell happened?" The obese southern Congressman huffed his way over to the couch and sat down, patting beads of sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief. He appeared to have run a marathon. He stared intently at his young colleague waiting for a valid explanation. "Well son?"

It had happened so fast, Ethan didn't even know if he could give an account. And he couldn't tell the whole story. Surely Brody hadn't said anything about the kiss. He wouldn't... would he?

"I don't know, Tommy. Just a heated exchange... and I...ugh... stormed out of his office so mad I couldn't see straight. Honestly I didn't even know I banged into anyone. I should have stopped- I was just... didn't think clearly."

"Twitter is lighting up, Ethan. Someone claims they have a video of the whole thing", Tommy replied.

"The whole thing? They couldn't!"

"That's what Drudge is reporting. Now look I need to go to the Speaker's office and kiss her ass to clear this mess. When I am done I expect to find you here with a statement for my review, in which you apologize to the Congressman from Texas and Mr. and Mrs. Dumphries. Understood?"

"Who are the Dumphries?"

"The old goats you knocked over in the hall", Tommy said walking towards the door. Once he left, Ethan fell back into his chair, thinking about what had happened only 15 minutes ago. And what it might mean. His phone beeped indicating a text.

"Its Brody can we please talk"


Brody Tucker was a freshman congressman from Texas, and he was as Texas as they come. Big- 6'4'' or 6'5'', solid mass of a man, short cropped haircut, cowboy boots under his suit. He was in his early 30's, and after a successful career at Texas Tech playing Tight End had gone on to SMU law school and made his way as a prosecutor. He was everything a red-blooded Texas Republican should be: pro-gun, pro-Jesus, pro-Texas. He sought death penalties but fought against abortion rights. He had friends in oil companies and advocated a wall along the Mexican border. He was cocky, arrogant, gritty and extremely ambitious. What he wasn't- though most assumed he was- was dumb. He was sharp, educated, well read, and quick witted. And, as Ethan found out, a fierce debater.

Ethan Evans, an ivy-educated 3rd term congressman from Massachusetts began to call out some of Brody Tucker's ideas on the House floor, and he expected to find little response, or if any came, it would be delivered with clumsy, hew-haw red neck wordsmithing. You know, a Texas rebuttal. Ethan was the opposite of Brody in so many ways: stature, upbringing, ideology. A nominal Christian, Ethan came from an old line of Massachusetts liberals who for generations served in politics and public office. He summered. He knew how to tie sailor's knots and wore Nantucket red and madras pants more as proper attire than as a summer trend. He was a tall and lanky 6'0, 185 lbs of flat front suits and burberry raincoats. Ethan had been elected 5 years ago at the age of 29, and he'd seen the swagger of freshman congressman like Brody Tucker before. Maybe he had been too eager to tackle it, because this time it was more than he could handle.

"Then I ask my friend and colleague from Massachusetts again, if it is illicit for this body to pass a law wherein the inherit right of assembly, as understood in the 1st amendment, be revoked, where does, therefore, this body derive the right and authority to propose legislation to curtail the rights granted the people by the second amendment?"

The McCauley bill was going down. Brody knew it. Ethan knew it. But Ethan had seen more kids killed with guns than he cared to remember. Kids in south Boston, kids in every major city. A legislation banning the individual sale of assault weapons could put an end to this madness. But the gun lobby and the Republican majority would not let it get out of the House, let alone to the Senate. Ethan was pissed. No one could justify in his mind why anyone needed to own an assault weapon.

"Congressman, indulge me but I recall a process for obtaining permits to assemble. Did your campaign not seek the necessary authorization to hold events in public spaces? And if so, does the Congressman find these type permits unconstitutional? If then, government can facilitate the exercise of these rights to assemble, for a common good, why can it not use the same prudence in with regard to the exercise of second amendment rights?", Ethan replied.

Brody's face light up. He pointed a finger at Ethan before speaking, drawing little circles in the air, a smirk that said `I got you now'. "Yes, Congressman, we did seek and obtain the necessary permits, as required by local Texas laws. We did not and would not seek any permits from the United States Congress. But leave it to your party to bypass, yet again, the 10th Amendment. Does this body determine who speaks in my own town square? Is federalism the next victim of the overreaching Democrat party?"

"ORDER! ORDER!" The Speaker pounded her gavel as both democrats and republicans began to hiss and boo and cheer the point. "The House WILL come to order," she shouted.

For some time now, Brody Tucker (R, TX-27) and Ethan Evans (D, MA-11) debated legislation every Thursday afternoon. Both parties loved it: letting these youngsters do the dirty work of name calling and political posturing for them, they could use what material was helpful and distance themselves from comments that were unpopular. The debates had been a great success. TV programs loved it: C-Span had new viewers as Americans from all sides of the political spectrum tuned in to watch old-school debate. Over time, many members of Congress began to sit in the chamber and watch, cheering on their side and causing the once soporific House of Representatives to become a feisty political crossfire.

Ethan and Brody were now mini-stars, and their debates were prompting much outside antagonizing. What had started as an honest endeavor to find common ground and mutual understanding had morphed into a parody of itself. SNL and the Daily Show had constant spoofs, and the articles in Politico and Roll Call had become biting and personal. "Congressman Evans must be intimidated knowing that, even though he should win an argument on the floor, Brody Tucker can snap him in half with his fingers." "Congressman Tucker compensates for his lack of political acumen by threatening to crush Evans' Prius with his monster truck. Yee-Haw." Lines like these comparing their provenance and physical size were unnecessary, and made each grow more fierce in their arguments.

Everyone plays better with a cheering section.

Ethan stood at the microphone on his side of the House floor waiting for the room to come to order. He recognized defeat and didn't think Brody's nasty comments were needed to prove his point. God how he sometimes disliked that stupid oaf. Just like all the assholes on the Harvard crew team except not as smart and with that stupid Texas twang. "Madam Speaker, I waive the remainder of my time", Ethan stated. He had lost that round.

Ethan was pissed. Brody showed none of the deference of a freshman member, and his smug attitude was more than he could handle. He didn't like being humiliated, and he did not look forward to the newest round of political cartoons of him depicted as a prissy rich boy and Brody as a conquering cowboy. Brody's office was right down the hall from his, and Ethan decided to go rip him a new one.

Brody sat on the couch in his office reading through some briefs but half distracted by the memory of the look on the face of Ethan Evans during their debate an hour ago. Ethan fell for his trap. He just knew he would get federal and state regulations confused, and he had. He remembered clearly seeing his pupils dilate and a little redness flush into his cheeks once he realized his mistake. It was fun. It was also kind of hot.

Brody liked taking command of another guy. It made him feel powerful and turned him on. That's what he loved about being a prosecutor and why he ran for office. Dominating is hot. He began to remember when he made a move on another guy freshman year at Texas Tech. It was after a summer practice before the season started, and he had an idea this guy was checking him out. Brody was checking him out too. Vince from New Jersey. Rutgers had tried to keep him in state, but coach made a big fight to recruit him to Texas Tech, and he was a promising fullback. Brody didn't know him well, just had had an introduction really, but they kept making eye contact. Even though his locker wasn't on the way back from the shower, Brody passed it wearing a towel just to give him a little show. He could feel Vince's eyes on him as he passed, so Brody took the towel off pretending to dry his face and neck as he walked past him, giving Vince a full access view of his ass. Brody wondered if Vince would catch on and reciprocate.

He did.

In a locker room of several dozen guys and coaches and trainers, all tired and sore, some naked, it was easy to flirt without getting caught if you knew how. Brody and Vince knew. They didn't know how they knew or why they knew- they just knew. After changing, Brody waited outside the locker room pretending to read his playbook when Vince came out. They made eye contact, and Brody walked right up to him.

"Hey man, good practice."

"Yeah, it's tougher out here than back home. These guys hit a lot harder. You holding up?"

"Yeah, I'm good. Listen I have some booze in my room. You want to grab a beer?"

"Your roommate moved in yet?"

"No, not till orientation next week."


Cracking open a beer in his dorm room, the door shut and locked, Brody asked Vince about High School football and what he thought about moving to Texas. He knew Vince was interested, but he had to go about this right. Too fast, and Vince would get scared. Too slow, he'd get bored. He had to steer the conversation the right way.

"You can take your shoes off, man. Get comfortable", Brody said, kicking off his own tennis shoes. Vince followed suit, and they sat there on the floor, beer in hand, nervous, trying to make small talk. "You fucked up your toe pretty good", Brody said, pointing to a swollen pinky toe with a black nail.

"Yeah, Rees stepped on it in the huddle. Got the cleat dead center on the nail and it split yesterday. Hurt like a bitch. I got big feet so they tend to get in the way."

"What size shoe are you?"


"Damn! That's big. I'm only a 12. Put your foot up let's see."

Vince raised his foot in the air, and Brody pressed his foot against it, sole against sole, comparing the size. Vince curled his toes over Brody's to prove how much bigger his feet were.

"We had a trainer in Jersey who would give great foot massages. He was awesome because I'm always cramping up."

"You dropping hints on me, man?" Brody said with a laugh. Before Vince could even respond, Brody had reached down and grabbed Vince's foot and started rubbing. Vince looked on stunned, about to speak, but Brody cut him off.

"Nah, it's cool man. I don't mind. Relax." Vince smiled and visibly became more relaxed in his shoulders and neck. "Just relax", Brody whispered. Vince closed his eyes. Brody repositioned himself closer to Vince, putting his feet in his lap. When he saw Vince's head fall back and rest against the wall, eyes peacefully closed, he knew he was home safe. He paid careful attention to the foot, rubbing his thumbs deep into the arch, squeezing the toes gently, massaging his Achilles. Slowly his hands began to work his way up his foot onto Vince's ankle. Then his calf. Vince exhaled deeply and let out a little moan. Brody could see his shorts begin to tent. He worked his way up the back of Vince's leg massaging his hamstrings and rising to move closer to Vince, kneeling before him.

Brody had his hand under Vince's shorts, running down the backs of his massive thighs, the finger tips just barely able to touch the beginning of buttock. Vince's eyes were still closed, but he was squinting, overcome with anticipation, thrilled this was happening to him. "Take your shirt off" he whispered. Brody complied, ripping off his shirt and tossing it aside, and then without hesitation pulled down Vince's shorts and briefs in one fell swoop, leaving the young talent pantless on his floor, eyes still closed, like he was in prayer. Brody reached for his cock, held it gently in his strong hand, the firm and supple erection, eager, freshly washed. He let his fingers run up and down the length of the shaft as Vince began to breath deeper. He leaned forward so he could be closer, inhaling the strong, masculine scent of his crotch, letting his tongue glide along his manhood, not sucking, just licking in short, wet flicks of his tongue, teasing him. Vince groaned softly, and even with his eyes closed, he could feel Brody sitting up, getting closer to him, closer to his face. When he opened his eyes Brody was inches away. He reached around and put his hands on Brody's face, feeling the stubble against his calloused palms. He drew his face closer, closing his eyes, opening his mouth...

"What the hell kind of cheap shot was that, Brody?" Ethan screamed. Brody awoke from his daydream to find Ethan Evans standing in his office with a face screaming murder.

"Sir, I'm sorry I tried to tell Congressman Evans you were busy", said an aid scrambling into the room.

"It's alright Becky. You can go. What can I do for you, Ethan?" Brody asked with a smirk.

"Cut the shit, Brody, what you did was dirty and I'm not going to play your stupid games. You want to debate, fine, but don't try to make me look like an asshole on the floor."

"I don't need to do that, Ethan. You do a fine enough job yourself."

"You know what, fuck you, you stupid cowboy prick. You want to start a war, you got one."

"Jesus, Ethan calm the fuck down. We debate, alright? And sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. That's life. Just lose with some goddamn dignity because this scene is pathetic."

Brody didn't hear what Ethan said next. He was too busy seeing the redness in his face heat up and the veins in his neck bulge. The bangs had fallen in front of his eyes, and he kept brushing them back unsuccessfully. His grey skinny suit hugged his hips and thighs tightly, and his thin frame looked jagged and sharp as he gesticulated wildly blurting out slurs and curse words. Brody stepped towards him, and Ethan, unafraid took a larger step in his direction. Pretty soon their faces were inches apart when Ethan finished his speech with an emphatic "asshole!", and without any restraint, Brody grabbed him from behind, pulled him close and kissed him. Ethan opened his mouth, letting Brody's tongue inside. It was instinctive... so passionate, so spontaneous, so angry, so enflamed, so... gay?

Ethan pushed back, staring at Brody, ashamed, confused, enraged. "Go fuck yourself", he blurted out. He sprinted to the door, flung it open and collided with an elderly couple waiting outside. The woman fell to the ground with a little scream. Her husband called out "oh dear God!" as he went to pick her up. When Brody ran to them, he looked left and right down the hall, saw a few people standing, but no sign of Ethan.


"Tommy you've got to rein in that little hot headed snot", Speaker Blackwell said. She stood on her balcony overlooking the mall smoking a cigarette and hiding behind the enormous stone pillars that grace the Capital Building. From "her spot" as it had become known, no one could see at any angle that she was there. And when you are the Speaker of the House, and your office is the dead center of the Capital Building overlooking the mall, you come to relish any privacy you can find. When Tommy Livingston, the Democrat minority leader arrived at her office minutes ago he simply asked the aid "Speaker in her spot?"

"I know, but they are both kids and hot heads. And their debates are good for both of us."

"But in check. In moderation."

"Funny for you to talk moderation now Ma'am, isn't it?"


"Look I've asked Congressman Evans to write an apology to your cowboy and to the old folks he barreled over in the hall, and I'll tell him to lay low for a few days until it blows over."

"Get them a flag will you? William! WILLIAM!" shouted the Speaker. An aid came running to the balcony door.


"Get today's flag and give it to Brody Tucker. Tell him it's an apology from the House for those old people that moron from Massachusetts knocked over."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Tommy, you tell Mr. Evans to look where he's going."

"I appreciate your help, Madam Speaker. Good day to you."


Ethan stared at his phone, afraid to hit the send button. All he had typed was "ok" but he was hesitant to send it. "ok" to him meant "ok- let's talk", not that what happened was ok. Or that he was ok with it. Who knew two letters had such power of mixed messages..? Finally he hit send. And waited.

Within 10 seconds he got a text back. "2nite ok? In private please"

Ethan hesitated again. Those same two damn letters had him confused. "ok"

Brody texted his address and 9pm. Ethan wrote back "works" thinking it sounded better than "ok." He looked at his watch- it was already 7pm. He decided to go home and change into something less congressional- no tie, no pin, just a pair of jeans, loafers and a zip sweater over a tee shirt. Last minute he put on a baseball cap- that magical piece of clothing guys think can make them disappear. At 9:10pm he knocked on the door. Brody greeted him in a Houston Astros tee shirt that clung to his torso and jeans.

"Congressman, come in. And thanks for coming over", said Brody quickly surveying the street before closing the door. "Can I get you a beer?"

"Lemme guess. Shiner Bock?"

"No. Bud light", said Brody holding up his bottle for Ethan to see.


"I'm sorry. The most important thing I can say is I'm sorry." They sat in the living room holding their beers facing each other. Ethan was surprised how blunt Brody had been. "I got carried away in the debate, and then when you came to see me and I was unfair to do that and I'm sorry."

"`Do that', you say", said Ethan making air quotes. "You mean the nasty comments on the floor or the kiss?"


"Why did you kiss me?"

"It was an... um... it was a moment of... um... weakness."

"Your weakness or mine?"

"Mine! No definitely mine. You want another beer?" asked Brody getting up.

"If we are going to talk about this then I want something stronger." Brody returned with a double makers mark on the rocks for both of them. He took a big sip and nearly finished half of his. Ethan could tell he was nervous and uncomfortable. Who'd have thought this big conservative Texan was into dudes...

"You know I don't dislike you, Ethan."


"I don't. I know the press thinks I do and it's the common belief on the Hill- but I think you are a good guy and I like debating you. Yeah we disagree on everything, but I don't dislike you."

"Apparently..." said Ethan, letting the "eee" sound drag a little as he sipped his bourbon. Brody squirmed.

"You did open your mouth."


"You did."

"I did not."

"Ethan, that kiss lingered for a good 3 or 4 seconds and you opened your mouth. Now I instigated it, and I know that you didn't appreciate it, but in the kiss proper, you were an equal participant regardless of initiation."

"The kiss PROPER? You want to explain that bit for me?"

"Look let's just pretend it didn't happen, accept my apology and let's just please leave this between us. Please."

Ethan nodded and they sipped their drinks for a few seconds of awkward silence. Ethan knew he had the upper hand. Clearly Brody was trying to keep this quiet, and he was afraid Ethan would go public with the story. He remembered the humiliation he felt on the House floor earlier that day. Payback... she is a bitch.

"I'll keep it quiet Brody, but it will cost you."

"What's it going to cost me, Ethan?" Brody asked.

"You switch on the McCauley bill."

"See, now I know you are joking because you'd never ask me to do that."

"OK, OK. But I get one of your future votes."

"Maybe on naming a post office. But that's about it."

"It's got to cost you something" Ethan said with a smile.

"Name it- other than legislation."

Ethan smiled devilishly and looked down at his crotch, then back up at Brody, flashing him a wink. "That's the price?" Ethan nodded. Brody put his drink down and knelt down before Ethan. He grabbed a hold of Ethan's belt and undid it. "And here I am thinking you were going to make this difficult for me" he said with a smirk as he unzipped Ethan's jeans. Before he could reach in and grab his cock, Ethan stopped him, putting his hands over Brody's and squeezing.

"Don't. You don't have to. Just... stop." Brody looked up puzzled, and a little deflated.


"Yeah I just wanted to see if you would." Brody didn't quite understand, but he returned to his own seat and took a sip of bourbon.

"You embarrassed?" Brody asked.

"Embarrassed by what?"

"Me seeing you naked. Me doing that to you."

"No, not embarrassed. Just, I don't know, I just don't want to do it that casually. I'm not casual about sex."

"Well me neither."

"Really? You were just about to suck me off pretty comfortably."

"That's because you said I had to."

"And all this time I thought you wanted to."

"Not mutually exclusive", Brody replied with a wink and a smirk. It made Ethan chuckle.

"Let me ask you something. All this time you play Joe Conservative out there. Why don't you tell people you are gay?"

"Why do I have to?"

"I don't know. Might make you more sympathetic to certain people."

"Being gay isn't going to change what I think about the issues. Gay guys can't support gun rights?"

"No, I'm just saying you play up this caricature of the red-blood Texan alpha male, and you're not."

"Christ, that's offensive."

"How is that offensive?"

"Because my beliefs aren't defined by my sexuality. I believe what I believe, I ran on those issues, I don't hide behind a caricature."

"And yet no one knows you are gay."

"That's not true."

"OK, so very few people know, and the general public doesn't."

"It's no one's business."

"You think it could hurt you?"

"I think, in campaign season, it could be an issue. No doubt."

"So you are just going to deny it?"

"No, I'm going to establish myself as a great Congressman, and when people find out and make it an issue, I've got an entire record to defend my beliefs."

"No offense, Brody. But that seems cowardly."

"OK, two things. One, it's not cowardly. It's strategic. The best way to fix anything is from within. Once I'm established, I can fix the party from within. Whooping your ass on the House floor is part of that strategy."


"Second thing, I don't see you going around telling people you are bisexual, fighting for bisexual causes, or anything about gay rights on your website either. You want to talk cowardice? How about you fancy pants in Martha's Vineyard yachting with a gay man rather than just liking them from a far. You know you liberals like your minorities in theory. But in reality, your district is whiter, straighter, richer than mine. So don't talk to me about cowardice." Brody's temper was beginning to flare, and Ethan could see this conversation ran a lot deeper, and was much more personal and difficult than Brody was willing to admit. Lucky for Brody, Ethan was really a kind hearted person, and he did not push him. He could have, he could have said a few things that could result in chairs being thrown across the room. But Brody needed some venting and some trust much more than debate.

"Look I didn't mean to call you a coward. I'm sorry."

Brody took a big sip of his drink, and Ethan could see his hand was shaking. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get all... I'm sorry."

"You know if you ever want to talk to someone, just about what you are going through, I can always listen."

"I'm a lot better at debating than talking. Seems like when I really need to talk about myself, I just... don't."

"You ever thought of therapy?"

"We don't do therapy in Texas. We shoot guns instead." Brody smiled, and Ethan knew it was an attempt at levity.

"No, serious. Why don't you?"

"Cause it's my problem and I have to figure it out."

"I'm no shrink here, Brody. But I will say that calling it a "problem" is part of the problem. It's not a problem. It's who you are. Maybe the problem is that you don't accept it."

"You need another drink?" Brody took Ethan's glass without waiting for an answer, and walked to the kitchen. Alone in the room, Ethan felt something for Brody he never had before: compassion. He felt sorry for him. Brody returned with fresh drinks, and sat down opposite him again. Ethan decided to go for the compassion card, with a touch of honesty.

"I did open my mouth. You were right. I let you kiss me."

Brody smiled. "I have that effect on a lot of people" he said with a chuckle.

"You just surprised me is all."

"Yeah it surprised me too. Can't stop yourself from feeling something, I guess."

"And what do you feel for me?" he asked coyly. Brody's face flushed a little red. "Don't be shy. Tonight is all about honesty. I'll be honest, too. I think you are an asshole, a red neck, a bit of a Neanderthal..."

"Don't forget troglodyte."

"troglodyte, thank you, an oaf, with a really good body and a nice face." Brody smiled, and Ethan felt his crotch twitch a little. He did have a cute smile, and it was nice to see him less angry.

"I think you are a pencil necked, snobby, out of touch..."


"ENTITLED prick who dresses really well and who would look good in a bathing suit."

"I'm too skinny."

"I kind of like that."

"You making a pass at me, Congresman?"

"What? You said honesty. I'm being honest. I like `em small framed like you."

"Everyone is small framed compared to you."

"I guess."

"I'm just assuming you've slept with other men. Have you ever dated one though?"

"No. I think that's part of my problem."

"Again with the word problem."



"I think I'm kind of..."


Brody got quiet, and his body language changed. His massive shoulders fell. "Yeah."

"I think that goes for gay and straight and those of us in the middle. I think everyone needs love. You never dated someone special."

Brody hesitated and breathed deeply. "When I was in college I thought I dated someone. I mean we didn't date any girls. Yeah we messed around with them, but not like dated. And we were always together."

"Were you sleeping with him?"

"Almost every night. And then I remember asking him like senior year if he wanted to go away for a weekend or something. I don't know I had this idea of dinner and holding his hand or something."

"Not having to hide."

"Not having to hide. I think it freaked him out. He said no, and then said it was a stupid idea. And then that sort of ended it. He didn't want to stay over, and I tried to go to his place and he wouldn't let me stay. And it just ended."

"He broke your heart."

Brody's eyes began to moisten ever so slightly. "Yeah I guess he did. And it was like 12 years ago."

"Heartbreak is heartbreak. There is no cure. Sometimes not even time."

"You know he got married and had a bunch of kids. Last year he went through a messy divorce. I sent him an email and asked if he was OK but I never heard back."

"What was his name?"


"You think he got divorced because of you?"

"Not because of me, no. I barely saw the guy in 10 years. But I bet because he was"

"Poor guy."

"Poor wife."


"How about you? Fine looking guy like yourself, not married, you sleeping with your chief of staff or something?" Brody said with an exaggerated cheeriness in his voice.

"No, not sleeping with anyone these days. I feel like since I first ran for office 6 years ago I haven't done anything but work and campaign and try to sleep on the plane."

"So you are a little lonely, too?"

"Little bit. You know I was engaged, right?"

"Yeah I heard about that. Sorry it ended."

"I screwed that up. Didn't pay her enough attention, just kind of assumed she'd always be there when I wanted. And she got tired of it."

"Maybe that was a sign?"

"In a sense, yes it was. Work was more important, and I feel like if a person is not the most important thing in your life then you shouldn't marry her. Or him."

"So here we are, two lonely Congressmen. To being a lonely stud" Brody proposed. He half stood, as did Ethan, so they could toast. Their glasses clinked, bourbon swirling around the ice cubes, and they sat down, each curious, eager and nervous. Brody was braver of the two. "We could find something to make us less lonely."

Ethan smiled devilishly. "We'll get there, we'll get there. So, we continue with some honesty?"

"More sexual, less personal" Brody suggested.

"So that's your plan. Ply me with bourbon and get me to talk sex."

"We'll start with the talk part. Is it working?"

"Little bit. So I get to ask you a question. How many men have you slept with?"

Brody smiled nervously. "Way to jump in with both feet."

"How many?"

"I don't put notches in my belt. I don't know."

"A lot?"

"What's a lot?"

"More than 30?"


"More than 15?"

"Around 10. No. 10."

"Hmmm... That's still a good number of guys."

"You trying to make me uncomfortable with these questions? I'm not embarrassed. Just cause I don't advertise my sexual life doesn't mean I hide from it neither."

"So you don't mind me asking you some more questions then, Congressman?"

"By all means, Congressman. So long as I get to ask you, too. Deal?"

"Deal. First question- you top or bottom?"

"Aggressive question."


"I didn't say I wouldn't answer."

"Then answer."


"Both top and bottom?"


"Wow. Lucky guys" he smirked.

Brody laughed. "Which one, the top or the bottom?"

"Both" Ethan winked, getting Brody to smile broadly. He felt his groin swell.

"My question for you: ever been with another man?"

"Depends on how you define `been with'. Do you own a sex toy?"

"You've played this game before?"

"Answer the question."

"Yes. Have you ever sucked another man's dick?"

"No. Have you ever done a threeway?"

Brody smiled. "Yes. Have you ever had another man suck your dick?"

"Including your offer?"

"That doesn't count cause I didn't."

"Still a yes. Have you ever jerked off in your Congressional office?"

"Good one. No. Have you ever cum in front of another man?"

"Yes. Have you ever taken a load on the face?"

"Of course. Would you ever sleep with another man?"

"I thought this was what we HAVE done, not what we WOULD do."

"I never said that."

"You can't change the rules."

"You can ask me, too."

Ethan liked the idea of putting those questions to the Texan, so he accepted the rule change. "Um... yeah, I guess I would."

Brody smiled. "Cool."

"I'm out of bourbon, Congressman Tucker." Brody rushed to get the bottle and refill their glasses too excited to let the game stop.

"Shall we continue? Your turn or mine?" he asked Ethan.

"Hang on- I want to hear about this threeway."

Brody smiled and shook his head with an "awe shucks" expression. "It was in high school- my senior year, and it was me, this girl and another guy. We were friends and she approached us about this fantasy idea so we were all gung ho for it. It was the first time I ever saw another guy like that and watching him up close got me starting to think things I'd never thought before. He was fucking her and I said something like "let me taste her" all so I could suck his cock. And he was stunned- like he didn't know what to do. But I shot him this look like "you tell anyone or make a big deal I will fucking kill you." She loved it said it was real hot. And that was my first time."

"And the world would never be the same."

"I was never the same, no. Now I get to ask you a question: when was your last time with another guy?"

"So long ago I can't even remember." They paused for a few seconds of silence.

Brody smiled and adjusted his bulge. It's your turn to ask me a question."

"Have you ever filmed it?"

"Oh, fuck no!"

"Yeah, I didn't think so."

"You said you would sleep with another man."


"What are you waiting for?"

"I guess the right guy?"

"What kind of guy is that?"

"We'll he'd have to be really nice."

Brody went and sat next to Ethan . "Someone to tell you how good looking you are, and how lucky he'd be to spend the night with you."

"And he'd have to win me over, you know, lots of foreplay, lots of attention."

He began to rub Ethan's neck and shoulders. "Like if he was willing to give you a complete backrub, massage your legs, touch you really carefully, making you comfortable."

"And he'd have to be a good kisser."

"So good that you'd open your mouth just to be able to taste him better." He turned Ethan's head and brought him closer. They kissed, open mouth, tongues intertwined, Brody still with his hand on the back of Ethan's neck, holding him close. When they finished, Ethan laughed a little, shy and embarrassed they he had done it.

"You know any guy like that?" Ethan asked with a smile.

Brody's eyes sparkled. "Your turn to ask a question."

"Would you be patient with a guy who was interested but really nervous?"

"Very patient", he said rubbing his fingers across the side of Ethan's face, scratching softly behind his ears.

"Your turn, Brody."

"Would you like to go upstairs with me?"

"That's the question I was waiting for."

"Is that a yes?"

"So long as you stick with your pledge to be patient."

"How about this? You be in control. You just tell me what to do."


"I won't budge without your command."

"Wow, so I get to call the shots?"

"Give me your first order."

Ethan thought for a few seconds. "Lock up down here, and I'll be upstairs waiting for you."

"Yes, sir."

Ethan smiled. "I'm going to like this."

Brody heard Ethan's footsteps above and was eager to get upstairs. He locked the front door but left the lights on just in case a reporter was outside and saw Ethan come over. He climbed the stairs and found Ethan in his bedroom wearing only boxers and a tee shirt. His thin frame was clearly outlined under the shirt which hung loosely off his shoulders. His loose fitting boxers were bulging awkwardly. Brody thought it was hot. He stood in the door with a grin.

"Shirt, off." Brody pulled his tee shirt off and tossed it on the floor. "Turn. Nice", he said admiring Brody's back. "Flex. Good. Turn and face me again. Down to your briefs."


"Boxers? No, that won't work. You have a jock?"

"I do."

"Go put it on in the bathroom. Come back wearing only that."

Brody eyed him slyly, wondering if he had agreed to let too much power go to Ethan's head. But he was intrigued. And horny. So he complied and got a jock out of his dresser and departed. "And be quick about it!" Ethan yelled out after him. Brody shook his head and snickered.

He returned and Ethan was lying on his bed. He saw Brody and whistled. "Lucky me". Brody smiled. "Turn and let me see that great ass. Wow. Put your fingers in the straps. Pull down a little. Like that. Damn, Tucker, you have one great looking body. I might just have to take it tonight. You OK with that?"

"You know I am."

"Can I see that sex toy in action?"

"If you want", Brody said. He opened a dresser drawer and pulled out a discreet bag, untied it and brought out a 6 inch flesh colored dildo and a bottle of lube, and then lay down next to Ethan who took the dildo out of his hand and held it carefully. "You can take this whole thing?"


"You know I'm probably bigger than this."

"You dropping hints on me there, man?"

"I thought I got to call the shots?"

"It's cool", he said putting his hands on Ethan's face and bringing it in closer for a kiss. Ethan put his hand on Brody's shoulder, letting it run down to feel his bare chest. His muscles were tight and hard, and his skin was warm and rough. It felt good under Ethan's palm, inviting, masculine, hairy and manly. Brody was an aggressive kisser, working his tongue deep into Ethan's mouth, sucking on his tongue and lips, breathing deep inside him. Ethan wanted to take the upper hand again.

"Get to it" he commanded.

"Keeping the jock on?"

"Damn straight."

It took a few moments and Ethan watched his face, the serene and concentrating look on his face, eyes closed, breathing deeply as he worked his toy fully inside him. Ethan continued to feel his chest and arms, running his hands down the pumping biceps, touching lightly against his stomach, gently fingering his navel. When he heard the first moan, he leaned forward and licked his nipples, flicking his tongue on and off the tips, and with the slightest care nibbled carefully. He could feel Brody shiver and the sucking, suction sounds from below confirmed the toy was fully inserted.

"Let me" he said, putting his hand over Brody's until he released and let Ethan take control of the handle slowly inserting and twisting it while they kissed. He could feel in his kiss and breath, when his maneuverings hit the right spot as little gasps and grunts poured into his mouth. "Is that good?" he asked.

Brody looked at him. "Can't believe this is happening right now" he said with a sly grin.

"Too much bourbon."

"Too much hormone" Brody whispered in a breathy gasp. "Fuck that feels so good."

"You look so hot right now" Ethan commented, admiring the slight sheen of perspiration on across Brody's chest and shoulders as the intensity built inside him. "Now I want you to make good on your former offer." Ethan removed the dildo and dropped it on the floor, and Brody knelt over him, stripped off his tee shirt, and then pulled down his boxers.

Ethan wasn't lying. He was bigger than the dildo, but Brody liked a challenge. It had been so long since he was intimate with another man, since he was in this position, he relished the moment, enjoying the scent of Ethan's groin, the twitch and throb of his shaft, the slight ooze of leaking fluid, hearing him pant and breathe deeper, concentrating on making it last.

"That good?" he whispered, slowly stroking the saliva lubricated cock.


"You call the next shot."

"Suck on my balls?" Brody lowered his body on the bed to get under Ethan's sack, and he gently took on ball in his mouth, rolling it slowly over his tongue, tugging gently with his lips, causing just enough tension to be pleasurable. Ethan's sighs became more guttural, deep and shaky. "Go lower." Brody knew what Ethan wanted, and knew he was embarrassed to ask. Without hesitation he lifted Ethan's ass off the bed with his hands, and dove down deeper getting his tongue down into his taint and flickering it across his hole. Ethan jolted, like he had rubbed his whole body on the carpet and then touched a metal doorknob with his tongue. "Ah, fuck" he whispered, afraid to make too much noise. Brody lapped repeatedly at the hole, working it over with warm, wet strokes, tasting Ethan's flavor in each swallow, feeling his thighs shaking and weak on either side of his face.

"Now what, boss?" Brody said with a laugh. Ethan had his eyes closed and had get to touch ground after being transported to another dimension. Brody looked at him sweetly, like he was still such a kid, so new to this. He found Ethan's newness incredibly sexy.

"I... I don't... I don't know" he whispered, still in aftershock at the amazing rimming sensation. Brody was pumping his cock in slow, deep thrusts, feeling the pressure within mounting.

"Yes you do. Just say it."


"You want to fuck me wearing this jock, don't you?"

"God yes."

Ten minutes later Ethan had collapsed on Brody's back. Brody was on all fours on the bed and Ethan held onto the straps of his jock with all his might to keep the bucking bronco in position, but those powerful legs and that powerful ass made it difficult, an exhausting challenge, and Brody's lively ass did most of the work. Ethan had cum with more force and more energy than he could possibly remember, and lying across Brody's sweaty back, embracing him from behind, he struggled to catch his breath. Brody kicked his legs out and lay flat on his stomach, Ethan still lying on top of him, and their chests gradually fell into unison as their breathing relaxed. For a few moments they lay together in silence, intimately embraced, intimately connected in an act that sealed a new fate between them.

Finally Brody turned over to face his colleague, and he pulled Ethan close to lie on his chest stroking his hair and kissing him on the head. He enjoyed putting his ass on the bed, feeling the pressure against his used and torn up hole. Ethan rubbed a film of sweat off the massive Texan's hairy chest, enjoying the pungent aroma of sex, cum and passion.

"You OK?" Brody asked.

"Yeah. That was insane."

"Insane good or insane bad?"

"Really good. Really good."


Ethan sat up. "Shit man, I'm sorry I'm being selfish. You didn't finish."

"No, I did."

"Huh?" Brody pulled down his jock so Ethan could see an enormous, cum splattered cock, basting in a pool of its own juices. "No way."

"Yeah, man. That may have been your first time, but you are meant for this. Can't fake an orgasm like that one."

"Now that's an ego boost, I'll tell ya", Ethan said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Not bad for liberal yankee elite."

"Yeah, and you're not bad for red neck hick."

Brody pulled him up higher so they could lie face to face, and they kissed for several minutes, caressing each other's naked body, so close in their embrace nothing, not air, not light, was between them. They truly were one.

"You need to stay" Brody said.

"Because it's too late?"

"No. Because this is where you belong."


"I join Congressman Evans in this latest immigration proposal, and I encourage my colleagues to reach across the aisle as well and put the good of the country first. Bob."

"Congressman, many are curious as to the recent partnership between you and Congressman Evans. After several months of intense bickering and debate it seems you two have become leaders in mutual cooperation and bipartisanship. What caused the change?" asked Bob Gossmer from the Post.

"I think we are all bipartisan to a certain extent, and we just need to accept the side of us that is and embrace it. We'll all be better off when we do. As for the cause- I don't know, Bob, I think when you sit down with someone and hear their side, you learn a lot about your own beliefs, too. Tina."

"Congressman, are you concerned this next election year you are more vulnerable given your relationship with Congressman Evans? Several candidates have questioned your Conservative credibility and are proposing a primary challenge. Thoughts on that?" asked Tina Brown from NPR.

"I'm not more concerned than Congressman Evans is of a primary challenger because his liberal credibility is being questioned in his district. If they vote me out, then so be it. I've never compromised my beliefs; I've only worked the best way to get them implemented. Last question, Steve."

"Congressman, have you and Congressman Evans set a date yet?"

"August 18. And don't ask for an invitation; it will not be open to the press."