Real Estate

by Greg Bowden

July 14, 2005

"William?" the secretary called. "Hot prospect, line three."

William stabbed the lighted button on the phone and picked up his pencil. "Best Realty. William speaking."

"Hi William. My name is Red Smith and I'm looking for a gay real estate guy."

William laughed. "Well, you found him. What can I do for you Mr. Smith?"

"Call me Red, William. Mr. Smith is my father and he definitely wouldn't be looking for a gay real estate guy."

"Okay Red. What's up?"

"I've been in town for a few days, staying over at Some Guys, and I've decided I really like Palm Springs. So much so that I've decided I want to live here. Now I need you to find me the perfect place to do that."

William smiled to himself. He'd heard similar stories before and knew they generally came to naught. These guys became enamored with the atmosphere--and gayness--of  Palm Springs forgetting about things like friends, jobs and their real life. "What are you interested in, house or condo?"

Red chuckled. "Condo, definitely condo. I absolutely hate mowing lawns."

"Red, no one, but no one here mows their own grass. If they did all the landscape guys would be on welfare. Now, what sort of thing are you looking for? One story? Two story? What?"

"Hey William, you know a place called Koffee? Sort of an upscale Starbucks?"

"I should. It's about a block from my office and I have coffee there most every day. Why?" William found himself warming to this Red and the way his conversation jumped from subject to subject.

"Well, I'm sitting in the courtyard having an iced mocha. Why don't you come on down, have a coffee and we'll talk."

William pulled out his appointment book. He didn't have anything on until eleven and he could use a half hour out of the office. "Sure. Order me what you have."

"I think that can be arranged," Red laughed. "That is if you think you'll like what I have. See you soon." The connection was broken.

When William got to Koffee there were four or five guys sitting in the courtyard but he spotted Red right away. He couldn't miss the coppery red hair, cut short. When he approached the table the man stood and offered his hand. "William. Nice to see you."

Shaking hands, William took a quick inventory of the man. Probably his own age, green eyes with gold flakes in them, firm hand shake but not a bone crushing one. "Nice to see you too." Snug tee shirt hinting at muscles underneath, well fitting jeans hinting at manhood underneath and no piercing except for a tiny gold stud in the left ear. They sat and Red pushed a fresh iced mocha over to him.

It turned out that they liked each other and William's half hour out of the office turned into an hour and a half. Red's wants were definite: one story or top floor ("I can't stand someone living over me."), large kitchen ("I love to cook but I'm messy."), at least three bedrooms or two and a den ("I work from home and need space for the computers and junk.") and definitely a private place to be outside in the sun ("Another thing I hate is tan lines."). And the final one: "It has to have lots of energy."

"Energy? I don't think there's a space for that on the listing forms."

"Not to worry, William." He winked. "I'll feel it if it's there."

They agreed to meet the next morning, again at Koffee, and see what William could come up with.

What William came up with was a list of seven properties, all of which seemed to meet Red's requirements. "Well," William said when they met the next morning, "all but the energy thing. I don't know how to judge that one."

Red grinned at him. "I think I'll be able to teach you about it."

They spent much of the day wandering through the condos on William's list. One was rejected almost before they went past the living room ("Only a nun could live here."),  and one was crossed off the list when Red declared it simply "unsuitable." The other five made the first cut. William had a number of appointments the next day so they agreed to take another look the day after.

The next day was a rough one for William, though it was also very profitable with two escrow closures and one opening. By the time he got to bed he was too tired to do anything but simply go to sleep.

The alarm went off at seven-thirty and he hit the snooze button a couple of times. At seven-fifty he shut it off, stretched and lazily took hold of his dick. After a minute or so he threw back the sheet and settled in for a long, slow session. At eight-oh-five the phone rang. William was in real estate and no one in real estate can let a phone ring.

"William! What's up?"

"Red?" he answered groggily. "Just waking up."

There was laughter on the other end of the line. "Yeah, I'll bet something's up. Well, let go of it and get your body out of bed. I'll be there in twelve minutes. We're going to buy a condo." With that he hung up.

William shook his head. He had no doubt that Red meant what he said. Sure enough, drying off after his shower, William heard a car pull into his driveway. He just had time to pull on his pants before the doorbell rang. Ten minutes later they were heading for Koffee in Red's Z4 roadster.

"I spent the day yesterday poking around the places on our list," Red said, sipping his coffee. "I couldn't get in them of course, but I could talk to people. That one on Cactus Court? Off the list. Guy I talked to said they won't let you put up a satellite dish and the digital cable is out abut half the time. He laughed. "Not good for a man who needs reliable high speed Internet.

William stirred his coffee. "Seems reasonable. Anyone else off the list?"

"Eagle Drive. That's an irrational one but walking around it yesterday, I just got bad feelings about it." He shrugged. "What can I say?"

William smiled. "You can just say no. Who else?"

"That's all. So." He drained his coffee cup and stood. "Only three to look at again. You ready?"


The first one was at the back of a so-called "Gated Community" which had an open gate and no guard. They drove right in.

The condo itself was nice and, importantly, fairly priced. Red walked slowly through the place, standing for a minute or more in the center of each of the rooms with his eyes closed. He stood for a long time in the bedroom, slowly turning to face each of the walls. William kept quiet, figuring this was some sort of testing of the energy of the place.

After the bedroom Red took William's hand and led him into the kitchen. "I'm sorry about this morning, William. I mean pulling you out of bed before you were ready." He stepped around behind William and put his hands on his shoulders. "That really wasn't nice of me, was it?" His hands slipped down onto William's chest and pulled him back against him.

"Well," he said, just above a whisper, "I'll make up for it." He slowly ran his hands over William until one hand found it's way to his zipper. "Really I will."

William didn't quite know what to do... so he did nothing. Red's hands felt nice on him and he found he liked being held by him. He was a little startled when Red pushed his zipper down and even more so when Red reached in and pulled out his dick.

"No underwear," Red whispered, nuzzling William's ear. "I like that in a man."

William went hard almost instantly.

"See? I said I'd make up for it." He gently stroked William's dick and William found himself giving himself up to him, leaning against him and letting the pleasure  wash over him. He made no effort at control and just let Red do as he wished. It wasn't long before he was approaching his orgasm and he moaned to let Red know where he was.

Red neither slowed nor sped up his stroking and he was soon rewarded. William's dick began to swell and become very rigid. "It's happening isn't it? Good man, William. Just let it go."

William arched his back and had an explosive orgasm. He cried out and thought he might fall but Red held him tight, keeping him from sliding to the floor.

When it was over Red kissed him on the ear and said, "Now, wasn't that better than doing it yourself this morning?

William nodded and laughed a little. "Yeah, it was. Messier, to."

Red let him go and produced a small pack of tissues from his back pocket. "Hey, like any good boy scout, I come prepared." He milked down William's dick and carefully wiped it before gently tucking it away in William's pants, on the right, where William wore it. Then he wiped the floor and cabinet William had hit.

When he was finished he said, "Okay, enough of this place. You ready for breakfast William?"

They went to a place called The Rock Garden and breakfasted on seafood omelets and whole wheat toast. While they were eating William asked Red what he thought of the condo they'd just seen.

Red thought for a few moments. "Generally? Okay. Specifically? I doubt it. I didn't like the open gate, the bedroom was kind of small for my stuff and all the energy in the place was concentrated in the kitchen. That's all well and good when you cook but it should be distributed and there should be more in the bedroom than the kitchen for god's sake."

"Energy?" William looked quizzically at him.

Red nodded. "Yeah. Didn't you feel it? In the kitchen?"

William chuckled. "Well, I felt something in the kitchen."

"See what I mean? Hell, I'd have to put the bed in there."

"Not big enough." William smiled. "Okay, where next?"

The next one was called Palm View and was in a very well maintained complex in the south part of Palm Springs. It was on the second floor with views of the mountains from every room and the master bedroom and living room shared a good sized balcony.

After they'd gone through all the rooms and looked in all the closets Red started his routine of standing in the middle of each room, eyes closed, seeing some inner vision. When they got to the bedroom Red's breathing changed and he quietly said, "Yeah."

"What," asked William.

"Come here." Red took him by the hand and led him to the middle of the room where they stood for a moment and then out to the balcony. They stood in silence looking out through the thick pine trees, towards the mountains.

"Nice," Red said, moving behind William and putting his hands on William's shoulders.

"Oh no you don't," William said. "This one's mine." He turned, facing Red and gave him just the lightest brush of a kiss before slowly sinking to his knees.

Red made no move either to stop him or help him as William began unbuttoning his jeans. As the jeans slipped down Red's legs William smiled to himself. Red didn't wear underwear either.

"Oh, yeah," Red whispered when William began exploring his dick, first with his hands and then with his mouth.

Taking in Red's dick seemed the most natural thing in the world to William. It smelled slightly musky and tasted... Well, it tasted like Red he decided.  He couldn't focus on the pubic hair, seeing only a vivid copper haze before his eyes, but that was part of Red too, like the taste of his dick. Good.

"William?" Red's hands were on William's head, not directing him but just resting there. "Don't look now but we're being watched." William's impulse was to pull back and look but Red's hands held him steady.

"He's up in one of the trees, pruning it or something. Well, not now. Now he's rubbing his crotch and watching us."

William took a deep breath and deep throated Red, swallowing on him until he had to back off for another breath. Red tightened his hands on William's head. "Wait. Let's give him a little show." Red began stroking himself in William's mouth, long, slow strokes, pulling his dick completely out, waiting a beat or two and then slowly pushing it halfway back in, obviously letting the man in the tree see it.

"Ah, that's it. His dick's in his hand now, balls out, too." He took a few more lazy strokes in William's mouth. "If he doesn't slow down he's going to finish before we do."

William pictured the guy in his mind's eye, hanging in a tree, jacking off like crazy.

"Here, quick look," Red said, stepping back and turning William's head. The guy was better looking and had a bigger dick but otherwise was just as he had pictured. Red came forward and William took his dick back in his mouth. This time Red stroked faster and didn't pull all the way out.

It wasn't long before William felt Red's balls pull up, close to the base of his dick. "Oh, yeah, we're going together," Red said and pushed his dick back into William's throat. William swallowed down on it a couple of times and Red let go, almost doubling over with the force of his orgasm. He let William hold him in his mouth until he began to soften.

The guy was innocently pruning the tree when William stood and tried to tuck Red away in his jeans. He couldn't manage the buttons from the front and had to stand behind him, buttoning them as if they were his own. Red pushed back against him, teasing William's hard dick with his butt.

Red walked slowly through the place again and announced he was ready for the last one.

Palo Verde Commons was in the central part of Palm Springs, a large development of condos with most of them facing a golf course. The one Red was looking at was on the second floor, just to the east of the fifth green.

Inside Red took his usual walk around, looking at each room critically. Then he did it again, standing in the center of each room with his eyes closed for several minutes. William watched him, alternately wondering what the hell he was doing and thinking he was an awfully handsome guy.

When Red was standing in the space which would be his office William watched as his breathing pattern changed, becoming more rapid and a little labored. He held out his hand, "William? Come here William."

William took his hand and was pulled into a loose embrace. "You feel it William? Close your eyes and let yourself feel it."

William did close his eyes but wasn't sure he felt anything in particular until Red kissed him. Then it hit him all at once, a level of lust he'd never felt before, a blind need for the man holding him. His dick went hard in his pants and demanded relief.

"Oh my god, William. Oh my god." They were trading breath, each sucking it in as the other let it out. They broke when they became dizzy but only long enough to gulp in a fresh breath.

They slowly sank to the floor and then all hell broke loose. There was a frenzy of clawing at each other's pants, tearing flies open and then, with a great sigh of contentment, feasting on each other's dick. For a long moment they each lay quietly, each savoring the dick in his mouth, each feeling himself being engulfed by the other.

Their passion rose again and they couldn't get enough of each other, licking, sucking, swallowing. It was as though they were trying to get inside each other.

It was fast, noisy and explosive and when they came it was together, at the same time and with what was the sharpest, closest to pain orgasm either of them had ever had.

For a long time afterward they didn't move, holding each other in their mouths, waiting for their hearts to quit racing and their breathing to quiet. Then they stood and looked at each other, drinking each other in for a moment before they broke into laughter.

"Well," Red said through his laughter, "aren't we a sight. Clothes rumpled, dicks hanging out... Hell, even your balls are out."

"Don't look now, Red but so are yours. And pretty balls they are, too." William reached out and gently hefted them. Red pulled him into a hug and moved his hips, rubbing their dicks together.

"You do that and we're back on the floor, Red," William said, moving away from him.

"You're right. Let's get out of here."

They went into the living room and put themselves back together, tucking in dicks and balls, straightening clothes and smoothing their hair as best they could. Marginally presentable, they decided it was time for lunch.

They went to Plum where they had rare hamburgers and martinis. When the drinks had been served William sat back and looked at Red. "Okay guy, what was that all about?"

Red smiled. "The energy. It was all about the energy."

"The energy."

"Look, don't worry too much about it. I'll explain it all later. But it was fun, wasn't it?"

William had to admit that it was. He'd never done anything like that.

After lunch Red said they had only one more thing to do. They had to revisit Palm View.

"With the guy in the tree?"

Red laughed. "Yeah, but I doubt he's still there, at least in that particular tree."

They walked around the complex, admiring the landscaping and looking at the various facilities. At the tennis courts Red asked William if he played.

"Tennis? A little, yeah. A long time ago. Why? You want to have a go at it?"

Red laughed. "Not now. But later..."

They looked at each of the three pools and Red put his hand in the water of the one nearest the condo he was interested in.

"To your liking?"

"Nice. A little warm for the daytime but it'll be great at night which is when I'll use it." He looked at William, "You know, when I'm working and get frustrated. I can come down here and do some laps."

They climbed the stairs to the condo and William retrieved the key and let them in. Inside Red took him by the hand and led him into what would be the master bedroom. They stood in the middle of the room.

"Close your eyes," Red said, "and let it come to you."

"The energy?"

"Yes. Just breath normally and let it find you." They stood for half a minute or so before Red whispered, "Yeah, there it is." He put his arms around William and kissed him. "You feel it?"

William didn't answer but kissed him back, gently at first but then harder, pushing his tongue through Red's lips and exploring his mouth. He felt Red quiver and sigh. When Red did the same thing to him he lost himself in it.

He became aware that Red was no longer holding him but was fumbling with his shirt buttons. When the shirt was open Red pushed it back, over William's shoulders and let it slip to the floor. Then they had to break their kiss while William pulled Red's polo shirt up and over his head.

Shirtless, they hopped around for a minute, pulling their shoes and socks off before, without artifice or show, they pushed their pants down to their ankles and stepped out of them. Then they stood for a long moment simply gazing at each other.

"You are more beautiful than I could have imagined," Red whispered, stepping forward to take William back in his arms. They kissed for a long time before, by some unspoken agreement, they let themselves down to the floor. There William stretched out on top of Red, supporting his weight on his forearms.

Red moved and spread his legs. William lay between them and began a slow, leisurely trip down Red's body with his lips and tongue. When he got to the brilliant copper bush Red groaned and said, "Come into me. Please? Now."

"Do you..."

"Of course. I told you I was a boy scout." Red fumbled at his pants and came up with a condom and a little pouch of lube. He tore open the condom and sat up so he could apply it to William. His hands were shaking. When he was through he laid back and pulled his legs up against his chest, opening himself to William.

William put a little lube on his finger and began to rub it over Red's ass.

"No," Red whispered. "Just come into me."

William spread the lube on his dick and moved forward, placing the head against Red's little pucker. When he pressed gently in he felt it open to him. He thought it was like a flower opening and he felt welcome.

When he was in Red let his legs down, sliding them along William's body and locking his ankles across William's ass.

William moved gently in Red, establishing a rhythm that took them slowly but steadily up that precarious cliff of pleasure. At the top he tried to keep them both just on the edge but wasn't very successful. They were both anxious.

Red fell over first, arching his back and shooting his seed up between them. His body spasms took William over and he came as though he would never stop.

After a bit William looked down at Red. "I don't think I've..."

Red kissed him and murmured, "Me neither."

They lay together until William softened and slipped out of Red. Then they cleaned themselves with some of Red's boy scout tissues and dressed.

"We need a shower," Red said, kissing him. Then he pulled back and gave him a wicked grin. "If we go to my place we can do it outside, maybe with an audience."

They were silent on the way to Some Guys, each lost in his own thoughts. Once there, Red introduced William to Roger and Bob who owned the place and who welcomed him to stay as long as he liked. They left their clothes in Red's room and went to the outdoor gang showers where, in fact, they did have a audience.

Later they stretched out on a double lounge by the pool and shared a beer.

"You know," William said, turning to Red, "even if I don't sell you one of those condos, you will always be the most interesting client I've ever had. And showing you properties is the most fun I've ever had in the real estate business."

"Not to worry, William. I'm going to buy." He gave William a light kiss. "Let's see, how do I explain this?" He thought for a moment and took William's hand in his.

"See, I've got this crackpot theory about places and the energy they create or focus or some damn thing. I think the Chinese have a thing they call Feng Shui but that's more formal than me and more about furniture and stuff. It's pretty simple, actually."

William squeezed his hand. "Go on. Let's hear it."

"Well, I seem to feel the energy in a place, feel the way it's focused, how strong it is. How sexual it is. Take that first place. There was some energy but it was all focused in the kitchen. And that third one, Palo Verde Commons had a huge energy but it was focused in that room that would have to be my office." He laughed. "If I took that place I'd never get any work done. I'd spend my whole life looking at porn on the Internet and jerking off."

"What about the second one, Palm View?"

Red looked at him and smiled. "That was a problem. I was just beginning to feel the energy when you attacked me out on the balcony."


"Well, you did you know. And then there was that guy up in the tree. There had to be a lot of energy out there, too. All in all I was quiet confused. That's why we had to go back."


"Oh, the energy's there all right. Lots of it and focused right where it should be, in the bedroom but with a lot spread out over the rest of the place, too. And yeah, you guessed it. That's the one. Sell it to me, William."

William laughed. "Well, okay. But isn't it a little big? I mean for one guy just rattling around in it?"

Red turned and kissed him rather soundly. "William, I guarantee to you that inside of six months there will be two guys rattling around in it and then it will be just the right size."


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