Road Rage

Chapter 10:

We've been living together for almost a month now. Christmas is in two days and we're driving around town looking for the perfect tree. Jared and I told Mark we should've done this like two weeks ago but he wouldn't hear of it. He said you had to get the tree the day before Christmas Eve; that was tradition. I don't know whose tradition it was but he was sticking to it.

I wasn't sure what kind of step-parent I was making. I was so concerned about Jared liking me that I think I've become his buddy and friend more than any kind of parental figure. We joked around a lot and pulled pranks on Mark. I guess that wasn't very grown up of me but it was fun. I'd talked to Mark about it and he told me that I was doing fine. I needed to stop taking Jared's side all the time; that kissing up to him wasn't really helping anything, but that overall he understood what I was doing and why. He said I would have to learn to be a little more parent like in the future but for now it was OK.

We pulled up in front of a tree lot and started walking around. Mark stopped at one and then looked and me and Jared.

"How about his one?"

I smirked and looked at him. "You were a huge fan of `A Charlie Brown Christmas', huh?"

Jared busts up laughing. Mark looks at me, grinning. "Fine, smart-ass, go find a tree. I'm communing with this one."

"Oh no you don't. If we pick out a tree and you don't like it we'll never hear the end of it. Come on, Obi Wan, let's go find a tree that has a life expectancy greater than three hours."

Jared laughs again and we start walking around the tree lot. Mark stops at another one, looking at us and smiling. Jared and I look at each other then at the tree and back at each other. We both smirk. I look at Mark.

"It's kinda small, isn't it?"

"I've never heard you complain before."

I grin. "Down boy; there's an impressionable teen right here."

Jared finally clues in and blushes and laughs. "Oh man... Don't talk about dick size with me standin' here; that's not cool."

"That's what I just told him. So, what do you think; isn't it kinda small?"

Mark and Jared both bust up laughing. Jared looks at me, grinning from ear to ear. "I don't know; I haven't seen it yet. Pull it out."

I flush crimson and they both laugh again. I actually put my own foot in my mouth this time. I don't do it a lot but when I do I shove the whole damn thing in. I look at both of them, blushing and shaking my head. I turn to Jared.

"That was cold, dude."

"Like I was really gonna let that one go by; get real. Would you have?"

"Well no, but..."

"But nothing; you got served."

I laugh. "I did. You da man. OK, now I don't like this tree at all. Let's keep looking."

They both laugh again and we start walking some more. I stop in front of one that's about seven feet tall and still has most of its branches. I turn to the other two, pointing to it.

"It's big; just like I like `em."

They both smirk. Mark grins at me. "I can't compete with this; we can't get it."

Jared laughs and I look at Mark, grinning. "Well I don't plan on shoving it anywhere so you don't have to. Seriously, all dick jokes aside, what do you guys think?"

They both walk around it, looking it over and shaking it; seeing how many needles fall off. It loses about twenty. You'd think living in the great northwest there'd be sturdier trees available. I look at them.

"Well it's not like we're gonna be shaking the stupid thing; at least I hope we're not. Or is that another tradition I've never heard of?"

Mark grins. "What, your family never did the Christmas Eve tree shake? It's to prove the ornaments are all tight."

I roll my eyes. "Where are you two from anyway?"

"We're from right here; you're the offlander."

I laugh. "Blow me. Well short of it falling to pieces on the drive home, do you guys like it?"

Jared grins at me. "Let's look around some more. It's not like it's going be snapped up in the next two minutes. We're the only desperate ones here."

"Fine... Let's look some more." I smile at him and wink.

He grins. "I guess we could just let Dad have his Charlie Brown Christmas."

Mark looks at Jared, smiling. "Watch it, boy; before you're the ornament on top."

I smirk and they both look at me. "Sorry; just a crude thought."

Jared looks at me. "What? I like crude."

I laugh. "You wouldn't like this one. Guess how the ornament on top is held on there?"

He thinks for a second and then laughs, looking at me and shaking his head. "That's rude, dude; thinking about me with a tree shoved up my butt."

I laugh. "I said I was sorry."

He grins. "Perv."

I laugh again. "If it helps you at all, I wasn't picturing you naked. Actually, you were dressed like an elf."

We all laugh. Mark looks at both of us. "Are we done, boys? Jeez, I can't take you two anywhere. It's like smart-ass and wise guy; the dynamic duo."

I turn to him, grinning. "I'm sorry, Daddy. I don't know about him, but you can spank me later."

Jared laughs his ass off while Mark grins at me. "Shut up, boy."

"Yes Sir."

He smiles and takes my hand, intertwining our fingers. "Come on, guys, let's keep looking. We're bound to find something; there's like thirty trees still here."

Jared looks at us. "Yeah, `cause all the good ones are already gone; these are the rejects."

Mark looks at him. "I can still spank you too. Start walkin'."

Jared grins. "Yes Sir."

"That's more like it."

"You gonna hold my hand too?"

"Give it here."

Jared grins. "I love ya, but I don't wanna hold your hand walking around a tree lot. Sorry, Dad."

"Gee thanks. You know Santa's not real, right? All the gifts come from me and I can forget to bring `em home."

"What do you mean Santa's not real? I know he's real; I just sent him a letter two weeks ago. You're lying. Santa's real." He starts laughing.


It takes us about ten more minutes but we finally manage to find one we all agree on. Mark pays the guy for the tree and we drag it out to the Jeep, looking up at the roof of the Jeep and then at the tree and back up.

I grin at Mark. "This Jeep didn't seem so tall an hour ago."

He smirks and looks at me. "What, all that exercise and working out you do and you can't throw a tree on the roof? I was just waiting for you to get it up there so I could hand you the rope."

"Nice try. You know us gay boys; we can't get our clothes all dirty and full of tree sap. I was thinking you and the boy would take care of it while I do my nails."

"You can do `em after you put the tree on the roof."

"Did you bring a blanket or something? You know this thing will scratch the fuck out of your car." I look at Jared. "Ooops, sorry about that; didn't mean to drop an F-bomb."

He rolls his eyes. "Like I've never heard it before."

"Hey, I'm trying to be a good role model."

He laughs. "Yeah, picturing me with a tree up my butt, dressed like an elf. Good job, dude. How about we wrap something around it and then pull it up there with rope coming across the top?"

I turn to Mark, grinning. "Hey, this boy is a lot smarter than the last one you rented for us. Maybe we should keep him."

They both laugh. Mark opens the lift-gate and pulls out a tarp and rope. We get the tree all wrapped up in the tarp, tying it securely and then tied the end of the rope around it. I guess since I'm the tallest one here I get to stand under the dumb thing, pushing it up while they pull on the rope from the other side of the car. It takes us about fifteen minutes but we finally get the stupid tree on the roof. Another five or six minutes getting it tied down and we're ready to go. I just look at it, then at them and shake my head. I have a perfectly good tree in a box in my shed out back.

Once we were home we managed to get the tree up and decorated and it only took four and half hours. I was still shaking my head. This has turned into the biggest operation since the design and testing of the first nuke.

Christmas Eve was spent at Aunt Carole's; at least about six hours of it were. I have to admit, I was kind of enjoying getting to know this family. They were so different than my own that I was having trouble believing they were real. I not only had a good time with some more great food but I also received several gifts. I wasn't expecting that at all and I felt really bad about not having thought about getting something for them. I was saved by my better half; he knew what was coming and brought gifts for everyone with both our names on them. The one that really got to me was when my new little buddy handed me a present, smiled and said, `here, Uncle Brian'. I opened the gift while holding him in my lap and was pleasantly surprised to find a toy inside. It was great. I now had my very own Lego police car. I hugged Zachary and told him I loved him and the toy.

We managed to make it home by nine that night and I was glad; I was starting to get tired. Having a teenager in the house had proved to be exhausting work. I know I told him I'd take care of him but I was starting to wonder if he was taking advantage of the whole deal. It seemed like I was always cleaning up after him. It's not that I'm really particular about things but he was the opposite; he didn't care where stuff landed. We'd been home about forty minutes and I'd had a shower and was walking around picking up clothes and other crap. I decided I'd drop it off in his room and tell him goodnight while I was at it. I guess I need to learn to wait for an invitation before walking in. I knocked, waited about a second and then opened his door, walking in.

"Hey dude, here's your clothes...."

"Arrrrggggghhhhh!! What the hell!?"

I looked down at him on his bed and was presented with a naked boy with a hard dick in his hand. I also noticed it was one of my porno's he was watching.

"Whoa; sorry, dude."

He yanked his shorts up and glared at me. "Why don't you learn to knock before just barging in!?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't expect you to be in here jacking off. Chill, dude. I'll let you get back to your business. Here's your stuff." I dropped it on the floor and turned to leave.

"Well it'd be nice if you learned to respect my fuckin' privacy. What the hell!? You can't knock on a door?"

I turned back and looked at him. "Don't even go there, dude. First of all, I did knock. Yeah, I didn't wait for you say anything and I apologize for that. But if you wanna talk about privacy, why don't you tell me where you got that porn you're watchin'?"

He looks away for a second and then back at me. "I found your collection and pulled one to watch."

"So you think it's OK to go through my shit and just take one? How respectful is that?"

"Oh, so now you think you're my dad and can tell me what I can and can't do?"

I shake my head. "Don't even go there; I didn't say a word about bein' Dad. Even as my friend I expect you to respect my stuff and ask if you wanna use something. I don't give a fuck if you watch porn but maybe you should ask me next time before jumping my shit about privacy! Think about that the next time you're feelin' froggy! Goodnight!"

I turned and walked out, slamming his door shut, and walked down the hall to my room. Mark was in there, sitting on the edge of the bed and watching me come in.

"Welcome to my world, baby. Are you OK?"

"I can't believe him; he jumps my shit for walking in on him and he's watching my movie. What the hell?"

He grins. "Remember when you asked me about being more parental? I think you just made the first hurdle. Welcome to parenthood. It never makes sense and you're always in the wrong as far as their concerned."

I smirk and grin at him. "Thanks a lot. It's not fun from this side. I've seen him get mad at you and I got to sit back and watch. I don't like this side."

"I'm sorry to hear that; I was hoping you'd come under fire some day and take some of the slack from me." He grins.

"In a way that only seems fair, but I still don't like it. I was having fun being his friend. Now I'm the step-dad I guess, and I'm not looking forward to it. I was thinking about something while I was picking up his clothes too; I need to put an end to him thinking I'm his personal maid."

Mark smiles. "You may just be a dad yet. It gets really old always being subservient to them, doesn't it? I think it's time we made the transition from being so glad he's home and being his buddy to being his parents and laying some ground rules. We can't let him walk all over us; it'll just get worse."

I look at him. "It will, huh? I remember being his age. I would've run that house if given the chance. Fuck... OK, we make some rules and he follows them. I'll back you up a hundred percent. I'm tired of playing house boy to a teenager and I don't like being yelled at by someone half my size."

Mark laughs. "You don't like being yelled at by someone your same size, baby. I was actually waiting for you to call him a dipshit; I was sitting here grinning from ear to ear just waiting for it."

I laugh. "Hey, I was trying to hold my tongue. I know I let an F-bomb slip out, and I'm sorry I did, but I was trying to be good."

He grins. "Well I don't want you going off on him, but I don't think the occasional F-bomb is going to warp him much. I was kinda hopin' for the dipshit though." He laughs.

I smile. "Yeah, and he would've just called me a smart-ass." I look around the room and then back at Mark. "I hate to bring this up, and maybe it's nothing, but shouldn't we be a little concerned he's in there watching gay porn and beating off to it?"

Mark laughs. "You're the last one I ever expected to be worried about that. I mean, come on, baby; it's your gay porn he's watchin'. Are you worried you won't be the only gay boy in the house?"

I smirk and grin. "Bite me. OK, maybe I didn't say that right. Are you concerned he's watchin' gay porn and beating off?"

He grins. "I'm in love with a man; wouldn't that be just a little hypocritical?"

I blush and grin. "Well, yeah, when you put it that way. So you wouldn't have a problem with it if he's gay?"

"No. I love him unconditionally. I wouldn't have even had a problem with it before I met you. It doesn't matter to me. I just want him to be safe, happy and healthy. I've kind of wondered if he might be for a little while. And even more so after my talk with him about you; he was so supportive of it I started to really question just which way he was heading."

"So were you gonna tell me about your suspicions? I know he's mad at me right now, but I think I could be a little helpful with this one. I know what he's going through and I could help him deal with this."

"I didn't think we should do anything until he told us. Would you want your dad asking you if you're gay? I was just waiting for him to come to me with it. Should I have said something to him?"

"Well not really out him to himself but just make it clear to him that whatever he decides about his life is really OK; that you'll love him no matter what."

Mark smiles. "I've told him that a thousand times; he knows I love him no matter what. He'll be fine. He knows he has you to talk to about it. Yeah, he's mad at you right now, but he won't be and he'll talk to you when he's ready. I've known since we moved in with you that you'd be the one he talks to about it."

"You're not upset by that?"

He smiles. "No, not at all. I'm glad he has you to talk to. Hell, I'm glad I have you to talk to. He loves you and he trusts you completely. He knows you've been gay since you were his age and he knows he can talk to you about anything. He knows he can talk to me about anything too, but talking to your dad about stuff like this isn't exactly a guy's first choice."

I grin. "Yeah, I guess so, huh?"

Mark stands up and grabs my waist, pulling me in close. He gives me a quick kiss and smiles at me. "So, since the boy is in there beating himself senseless why don't you and I try something along those lines?"

I grin. "I haven't touched myself since we've been together; I don't know if I remember how."

He laughs. "Goof, that's not what I meant. And that's not true anyway; you've jacked your cock over me, busting a load on my chest several times. You're quite good at it."

"Well, yeah, there is that. So, ah, what'd you have in mind, sexy man?"

"I'm sorry if I'm interrupting something. Dad? Can I talk to Brian for a second? Please?"

We both turn and look at Jared, standing in the doorway and looking a little embarrassed. I give Mark a quick kiss and look back at Jared.

"Let's go to your room and talk; kind of a home court advantage."

He grins. "Thank you. I'm sorry, Dad, I just need to talk to Brian for a minute."

"It's OK. I heard you guys earlier and you need to get it worked out. Take your time and do it right."

"I will. Thanks."

When we get to Jared's room, I let him go in first and then close the door and look at him. He's looking at the floor.

"Jared, if you want to talk to me I'd kind of like it if you looked at me, please."

He looks up, blushing a little. "I wanted to say I'm sorry. I had no right to yell at you and I'm sorry I took your movie without asking. I'm also sorry I went through your stuff. I know I'd hate it if you went through mine and I'm really sorry I did that to you."

"Apology accepted. I'm sorry I just walked in without waiting for you to answer my knock. I won't do it again."

He blushes. "Thanks. I guess I was just really embarrassed and I got angry; I'm sorry. I've never had anyone walk in on me while I was jerking off and it scared the crap out of me."

I grin. "I can understand that; it would me too. Maybe we should start hanging a sock on the door if we're busy and then nobody would even knock."

He grins. "Yeah, but then you'd know what I was doing and I wouldn't be able to do it because I'd know you and Dad knew."

I smirk. "You have an excellent point. OK, so let's just agree that nobody in this house walks into a room with a closed door without knocking and waiting for a response. Sound fair?"

He smiles. "Yeah, sounds fair."

"Good. I'm glad we got that worked out. I really didn't want to go to bed with us being angry. We've never been mad at each other and it was messing with my head. My stomach was tight as hell too."

He smiles and blushes. "Mine too. I'm really sorry, Brian; I won't do that again."

I return his smile. "I'm sorry too. And I promise to never walk in here without an invitation. The only exception to that would be if I think you're in danger or hurt. Deal?"

He grins again. "Deal." He smiles shyly and blushes a little more. "I'm sorry about what I said about the Dad thing too. I do kinda of think of you as my other Dad and I had no right to say that."

I smile. "You have no idea what that means to me. I'm honored you feel that way. I kinda think of you as my son too. I know we've become great friends, but yeah, I like the other too."

He smiles. "Me too. I'm glad you think of us as friends; I know I do."

"Hey, I've grown to love you a lot. It's been an honor getting to know you and being your friend. I'm really glad you're here."

He smiles big. "I love you too, Brian. And I can't think of anywhere else I'd like to be. I have you and Dad and that's all I need."

I grin. "Well, that and some decent food from time to time, huh?"

He laughs. "Yeah, that too."

"Well I'm glad I can help you with that. You know I'll do anything for you, right? I'll always be here for you, dude."

He grins. "I know. It means a lot to me too. Thanks."

"You're welcome."

He blushes again. "So, ah... uh... How come you haven't said anything about what kind of movie I was watchin'?"

I grin. "It came from my own collection; why would I be worried about that?"

He blushes and grins again. "Well, ah... Because maybe it made you wonder if I might be..."

I smile. "I have to admit, it did make me wonder. Do you think maybe you are?"

He blushes again. "I think I might be, yeah. I know that movie was really hot. And I've checked out guys in the locker room. I'm just not sure yet."

"Give it time. You don't have to decide now. And you know it doesn't make any difference, right? You live with a gay couple; we're certainly not gonna be upset if you're gay."

He grins. "Well, yeah, that's true enough."

"I'll tell you the same thing I told Dad. There's no either or; you be with whoever makes you feel good and who you love and are loved by. Don't worry about gay, straight, bi or anything else. Don't label yourself. Be yourself and love who you want to love and don't worry about the body parts. OK?"

He grins. "OK. Thanks, Brian."

"You're very welcome. You know you can talk to me about this anytime, right? I'll answer any questions you have and I'll help you with this. Deal?"

He smiles. "Deal. Thanks. Do you, ah, think Dad knows?"

I smile. "Yeah, he does. You kinda gave yourself away when you were so psyched about me and him getting together. Don't worry about it; he's very OK with it."

"He is?"

"Yeah, dude; he's fine with it. Why wouldn't he be? I mean, in case you hadn't noticed he's in love with a man and has sex with him." I grin.

He blushes and laughs. "Yeah, I guess so, huh? So does this mean it's a gay only zone around here?" He grins.

I laugh. "Hell yeah. No, seriously, dude, it's whatever we make it; it's whatever you make it. You don't have to decide or worry about it right now. If you're attracted to guys then go with it. If you're attracted to girls then go with it. If you're attracted to both then go with it. If you're attracted to giraffes then we need to talk because the physical aspect will never work; you're too short." He laughs.

"You're a goof. Thanks, though. So we can talk about this again sometime?"

I smile. "We can talk about this anytime you wanna talk. I'm always here for ya."

"Thanks, Brian."

"You're welcome. Do you want to talk more now or are you good for the night?"

He grins. "I'm good for the night. I, uh, kinda wanna watch that movie, if it's OK with you; if it's OK that I watch your movie."

I grin. "It's OK with me. Since you know where my stash is, and we've kissed and made up, you can watch all of `em if you want. Knock yourself out. Well, not literally; that would hurt."

He laughs. "Yeah, it would. I try not to get too crazy with it."

"Hey, whatever works for ya. Need some lube? Your junk'll get sore after awhile if you keep beatin' dry."

He blushes and laughs. "Yeah, it does. I've been using hand lotion."

"Eh, that's better than nothing at all but lube'll work better. Tell ya what, if you can distract your Dad for about thirty seconds I'll grab ya some and leave it on your bed for ya."

He blushes and laughs. "Really? Cool. Thanks, Brian."

"No problem. I don't wanna hear you whining about sore dick."

He laughs again. "I don't whine; I just keep tugging on it to move it away from my underwear."

I laugh. "I hear ya. Watch your movie. I'm gonna go have my way with my boyfriend."

He blushes. "Oh man... I didn't need the mental image of Dad having sex."

"True enough; sorry about that. Go distract him and I'll get your stash for ya. Just tell him we made up and whatever. Give me about a minute in my room."

He grins. "OK." He looks shy again for a moment. "Hey Brian, can I hug you?"

I smile huge. "Oh man... You're gonna make me get all gushy asking me stuff like that. I'll hug you anytime you wanna hug."

He smiles. "Well, try to control yourself; it's just a hug."

I laugh. "Yeah, and don't be grabbing my ass either."

He laughs loudly. "Shut up! That's not even nice."

"Come here and hug me, boy."

He walks into my arms and I wrap him up in them, holding tight. It's the first time we've ever hugged and it's a good one. He hugs as good as his father does. We break the hug after about twenty seconds and grin at each other. I lean forward and kiss his forehead.

"Thanks, I needed that. There's nothing better than a good hug."

He smiles. "Nope. Thanks. Now go get my lube."

"Go get Dad outta the room."

Jared goes to ambush Mark while I grab a bottle of lube and two more movies for him, dropping them off on his bed, sliding them under his pillow just a little. I leave his room and walk out to the kitchen where they are. They're in the middle of their own hug and I smile at them. They break the hug and look at me, grinning.

I smile. "Ah, that was sweet. Now scram, boy; I want one of those from my man."

Jared smirks and laughs. "I know what you want from him. Ewwww. My own dad." He shakes his head, grinning.

I laugh. "Get lost before I give you graphic details."

"I'm outta here." He laughs and runs out of the kitchen.

I look at Mark, grinning. "That works well; I'll remember that. Now take me back to our room and finish what you started."

Mark smiles. "Are you trying to tell me something?"

"No, I'm ordering you; move!"

He smirks. "Ah, bossy Brian is horny. Let's go."

He takes my hand and we walk back to our room, closing the door and resuming our kiss. We've been kissing for about thirty seconds when he breaks it and smiles at me. I smile back. He starts talking.

"So, did you get everything worked out?"

I look at him. "We can talk about that or we can make love; make the right choice."

He grins. "Kiss me."

"Good choice."

I land on his mouth, shoving my tongue in and grabbing his ass, pulling him tight against me. We continue making out for another minute or so before things start getting heated and we're trying to take each other's clothes off while still kissing. He's one up on me in that department; I'm only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I have to get jeans, shirt, shoes, socks and underwear off him. We finally manage to get each other stripped and we're heading for the bed while still making out. Mark lands on his back and I crawl on top of him, grinding my now rock hard cock into his and moaning into his mouth.

He has his hands on my ass, pulling me in while thrusting up into me and I have one hand on the side of his head and the other is flailing around looking for the lube. I know what I want; I want him in me. I finally manage to find the lube and grab it. We're moaning into each other while kissing and licking all around each other's mouths. My hands are now over his head, pouring some lube on my index finger and bringing it around to my own ass. I run into his hands when I get there and he breaks the kiss and smiles at me.

"You like feeling your ass too?"

I giggle. "Hell yeah. But I have something on my finger that's looking for a home."

He grins. "I like the sound of that."

I land back on his mouth and move my finger to my hole at the same time, Mark moving his hand out of the way while I lube myself up. I finger my hole several times and then reach back up for more lube. As I'm coming back I feel him slide his finger in my ass and I thrust into him and moan hard. I love having him touch me, but I especially love having him finger me; he's incredibly good at it and his fingers are nice and big, feeling just perfect inside my ass. I let him finger-fuck me for a minute before bringing my own finger down and adding some more lube. I finger my hole for a few seconds before letting him take over. I break the kiss and moan again.

"Oh fuck... God, that feels so good. I love it when you finger my ass, baby."

"That's good, `cause I love fingering your ass. It's so fucking tight; I love it."

I land back on his mouth and he shoves his finger all the way in, making me moan and thrust my ass back against his hand. We continue with this for another couple of minutes before I feel the need for something bigger in there. I break the kiss and push myself up, bringing my knees forward and straddling him, my ass hovering right over his cock. I dump some more lube on my fingers and reach behind me, grabbing his cock and lubing him up. I love sucking him but I'm not going to this time; I just want him to fuck me.

I release his cock and close the top on the lube, dropping it on the bed next to us and look down at him.

"I want your cock in my ass."

"My cock would love to be in your ass; it's his second favorite place."

I giggle. "I'm sorry about no blowjob but my ass is fucking starving, baby; I need to be fucked."

"I'm ready when you are, sexy man."

I lift myself up and grab his cock, aiming it at my hole while coming down on it. I feel the head of his cock touch me and I smile and then lower myself down more, feeling him enter me and spreading me open. I moan loudly and close my eyes. This is what I wanted; this is what I've been craving all day. To have my man's cock buried in my ass and making sweet love to it. I continue lowering myself down, not stopping until he's buried in me and then I sigh and smile at him.

"Oh yeah, that's fuckin' nice, baby; I love it. I love your cock in me; it feels so good."

He grins. "Fuck yeah it does; it feels fucking great." I flex my ass and he grins. "Oh fuck... Yeah, baby, that's it; squeeze my cock, baby; I love it."

I pull myself up about five inches and then sit down again, taking him in balls-deep and moaning and smiling again. I reach up and start playing with my nipples, both of us watching them get hard and pop up. I then raise myself back up to the head and lower myself down again, loving the feel of his cock as it slides up my ass again. I do this another five or six times before I look down at him. He's looking at me with a look of love and lust on his face. I sit down on him, all of my weight on his cock and bring my knees up, my feet landing flat on the bed next to his thighs. He moans out and grins up at me.

"I love where this is heading. Fuck yeah, boy; do it; ride my cock."

I get myself balanced and then start riding up and down on his cock, my hands planted palm down on his chest and squeezing his nipples. He moves his hands behind me and grabs my ass, lifting me up and bringing back down again, over and over, both of us moaning and staring at each other. About every fourth or fifth thrust I flex my ass and squeeze his cock, watching him smile every time and then moan. I spend another eight or nine minutes just riding my man's cock before I stop, planting his dick up my ass and looking down at him.

"God, you feel so good in me. I love you, baby. I love it when you fuck me like this; it's fucking great."

"I love you too, baby. Your ass feels so good wrapped around my cock. I really love it when you squeeze my dick; it feels so good."

I grin at him. "Feels damn good from this end too." I squeeze his cock again and smile. "Oooo, yeah, flex that big cock, boy; it feels great."

He moans and thrusts up into me. "You like that, huh?"

"I fuckin' love it. Now it's your turn. I'm gonna hold myself up and you're gonna fuck me."

He grins. "I love the way you think."

I rise up about five or six inches and just hold myself there. He thrust up into me and we both moan. He stays buried for about two seconds and then pulls down and thrusts right back up, going balls-deep again and holding it for a few seconds. I smile down at him and he does it again, making me grunt.

"Fuck yeah... Do that again; it felt great."

He slams into me again, both of us grunting and then he pulls down and rams himself back in. I lean forward a little, my hands still on his chest and he starts to pummel my ass; taking long, forceful strokes and bottoming out on every thrust. He continues with this action for about five or six minutes before burying himself in me, grabbing me and pulling me down on top of him and them rolling us over. I'm on my back with my knees up and my man is buried in my ass. I look up at him.

"Fuck yeah, boy; take charge. Fuck my ass."

He grabs my ankles, pulling them up a little higher and then starts thrusting in and out of my ass, making me moan and grunt with each thrust. I'm trying to be quiet about it; we do have a teen down the hall watchin' porn but I'm not sure how well I'm doing. Our sex life has been a little more low-key since Jared moved back home and I have to admit, I kinda miss the days of being able to yell and cuss while I'm getting fucked.

Mark is going to town on my ass and I love every second and inch of it. He may have been a little hesitant the first time we did this but he's grown a lot more confident and forceful since that first night. He's ramming my ass, his cock firing in and out of me like a piston and I'm moaning and panting and telling him to fuck me harder. I reach down and grab my own cock, stroking it so I can have a little release and he slaps my hand out of the way.

"That's mine; don't touch it."

I grin up at him. "It's all yours, you sexy fucker. Keep fuckin' me."

He spreads my legs a little farther apart and then slides up closer to me while leaning back more on his legs. He starts just rocking his hips back and forth, slamming into my ass and making us both moan. He goes at it like this for about five or six minutes before bringing himself up and leaning over me, his cock impaling my ass and coming in for a sweaty kiss. We start making out again while he's power-fucking my ass, our lips and teeth kind of grinding on each other while we're panting into each other's mouths. He fucks me like this another two or three minutes before pulling away, lifting himself upright and yanking his cock out of my over-heated ass. He starts stroking his cock while looking straight at me, his fist moving swiftly up and down, over and over. He moans out and looks down at me.

"I'm fuckin' cummin', baby. Fuck..."

I watch as his load fires out of his cock and lands with a splat on my chest and stomach. I look at him and smile and then go back to watching his orgasm shoot out and cover me in nice, warm Mark juice. He fires off six rounds before letting go of his cock and looking at me, panting and grinning.

"Fuck... That was fuckin' great."

"Fuck yeah it was. You're fuckin' awesome, baby. Nice load by the way. I feel all warm and gooey now. I love it."

He grins. "Hey, anytime; it's part of the service. Now it's your turn."

He moves out from behind me and lets my legs drop while he swings his ass around, sitting down on the bed next to me. He reaches over and runs his hand through his load and then grabs my cock and starts stroking it. I look over at him, grinning.

"That's really fuckin' hot; I love that. You look so sexy doing that."

He grins. "Thanks. You like this? Am I doing it right?"

"Oh yeah, you're doing it perfectly; I love it. Stroke my cock, boy; make me bust all over my chest."

He grins at me and then looks at his fist while it strokes my cock up and down, squeezing when he gets to the head and then moving back to my balls and then right back up. I'm looking at his face and then down to his hand and back to his face while he jacks my cock for me. It feels incredible and I don't want him to ever stop. He's never done this to me before and I think I'd like him to start doing it all the time. He's great at it. He jacks my cock for another couple of minutes before getting some more of his lube off my stomach and rubbing it all over my cock and down to my balls. I look at him, a feeling of lust and love on my face and then go back to watching him work my cock.

He's been stroking my cock for about six or seven minutes and I'm on the edge. I look at him.

"I'm gonna cum, baby. I'm gonna cum. Fuck, you're good at that; I'm gonna fuckin' cum."

"Do it; fuckin' cum all over your chest, baby."

He strokes faster a few times and it finishes me off. I thrust up into his fist and cut loose, my first load flying out and landing just below my neck. The second one fires out and lands on my chest, followed quickly by the third, landing right next to it. He strokes one more time and then squeezes the shaft, right below the head and then let's go. Another load fires out and lands on my stomach, just below my ribcage. I'm panting and moaning and watching myself cum. I cut loose with one more and it shoots out and lands just below my belly button. He squeezes my cock one more time and gets a little to ooze out and run down my cock onto his fist. He pulls his hand back and licks his fingers off, looking me right in the eyes.

"Oh fuck; that's fucking hot, Mark."

He grins. "Tastes pretty good too. That was fuckin' great, baby; I love watching you cum."

I'm panting and trying to recover but manage to smile at him. "That was great. I want you to do that all the time. I won't touch my cock; it's all yours."

He laughs. "Nah... I like it in my mouth and ass too much to just jerk you off all the time. Ain't happenin', stud."

I laugh. "Hey, a boy can try. That was excellent; I loved it. I loved every moment of it. Now bend down here and kiss me."

He leans over and kisses me, his tongue sliding in my mouth. I can taste myself on him and start licking around his mouth and lips, trying to get as much as I can. He breaks the kiss and smiles at me.

"Are you hungry, or do you just like the taste of your own juice?"

I giggle. "Both. Oh fuck... That was great."

"Hell yeah it was. I guess we should get cleaned up, huh?"

I look down at my chest and stomach. "Yeah, I guess at least I should; I'm kinda sticky. Wanna jump in the shower?"

He grins. "I have a quicker solution."

He leans over the side of the bed and grabs my t-shirt, bringing it up and wiping the cum off my body. I just look at him, grinning.

"Thanks for grabbing my shirt."

He smirks and laughs. "Hey, it was the first one I came to."

He gets me all cleaned up, kissing my stomach and my cock when he's done and then wrapping my shirt around his cock and cleaning himself off. I just look at him and smirk. He grins and throws my shirt off the end of the bed.

He smiles at me. "All cleaned up. Now get in bed; I wanna cuddle."

I laugh and then lift myself up, sliding the covers down and then bringing them up over my legs. He jumps off the side of the bed and then turns the covers back and get's in bed, moving up next to me and wrapping his arms around me, pulling in close. I turn and look at him, smiling.

"You're a goof, you know that?"

He grins. "Yep. I'm in love with one and have a kid who's one; why shouldn't I be?"

"Good point." I snuggle up closer to him. "I love this part too."

"Good, me too."

I start thinking about something and smirk. He looks at me and giggles.

"What made you smirk?"

"Please tell me he's past the age where he gets up at five to see what Santa left for him."

He laughs. "I don't know, actually. He was only eleven the last time I spent Christmas morning with him. I hope not."

"Me too. Did he when he was eleven?"

He smiles. "Yeah..."

"Well he is almost fifteen; maybe he's over it by now."

"Let's hope so. I don't have to get up early; my present is right next to me."

I giggle. "Yeah, and you just opened it."

He laughs. "Smart-ass." He smiles at me. "I love you, Brian."

I smile back. "I love you too. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas."

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