Road Rage

Chapter 11:

New Years was in two days and we decided we'd have our first official family meeting. We thought we'd be nice guys and let Jared have Christmas without being given a bunch of new rules for a present. Christmas was the best one I'd ever had and I was hoping this wouldn't put a damper on the spirit of the holidays. We'd just finished lunch and Mark looked over at Jared.

"If you're finished with lunch you can go take a leak if you need to. Meet us in the living room when you're done, please."

"What's going on, Dad?"

"We're having a family meeting. We need to discuss some things."

"Am I in trouble?"

"No. We need to talk about a few things and get some things sorted out. Meet us in the other room in five minutes."


Jared gets up and leaves the kitchen, walking towards the hall. I look over at Mark.

"He looks nervous. Maybe he did do something and thinks we know about it."

He smirks and grins. "It's funny you said that. I've busted him a couple of times this way. He gets all nervous and starts telling on himself; promising never to do it again."

I grin. "That's kinda harsh; to let him rat himself out."

"Hey, I don't force it out of him; he just does it on his own. Guilty conscience I guess."

"Should be interesting to see what he cops to today."

Mark laughs. "Now who's being harsh? Let's go see what the boy has to say for himself. Would you like me to get you something to drink?"

"Are you having something?"

"Yeah; another Dew; you want one?"

"God no; I hate that crap."

He grins. "I know; that's why I offered."

"Dipshit. I'll take a bottle of water though. See ya in the dungeon."

He grins and stands up, walking over to the fridge. I walk out to the living room, finding Jared sitting on the recliner. He looks up at me when I walk in.

"What's going on, Brian? Does he have something on me?"

"No, he doesn't; don't cop to anything."

"OK. Then what's going on?"

"We wanted to talk to you about some things; that's all."

He looks at me, furrowing his brow. "OK... What about?"

"Wait until Dad gets in here."

He grins. "You're no fun."

"This isn't fun for me, dude."

He looks at me nervously. "That's not good."

Mark walks in, carrying his Dew and handing me a bottle of water. He looks at Jared.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"No thanks, Dad. What's going on?"

"Just talking; don't panic. So, is everything going OK? You adjusting OK to being back home?"

"Yeah, Dad, everything's fine. I love being back home. I love being with you and Brian."

"Have you talked to Adam over the holidays; is he doing alright?"

"Yeah, I talked to him Christmas morning; he's great. He said he got a new X-Box for Christmas and was gonna spend the day breaking it in."

"Good. Are you ready to get back to school?"

"Is that what this is about; school?"

"No, not entirely. Answer the question."

"Yeah, Dad, I'm ready to go back to school. I'll probably run into a few guys I knew in grade school."

"Good, I hope you do. I want you to make friends. I want you to resume your life. And Brian and I talked about this; you can bring friends over anytime you want. Just keep `em from breaking anything or going through anyone's stuff."

"I will. I'd never let someone go through your stuff."

"Or break anything."

"Yes, Dad, or break anything."

"Good. Now comes the not so great part. The three of us have been living like there's nothing more important than you being home again. And I'm so thankful and grateful that you are home, but some things need to change around here. It's time for some ground rules on expected behavior around here."

"Such as...?"

"Such as Brian and I are not your maid. You will learn to dump your stuff in your room; not just wherever it lands when you take it off or drop it on the floor. And I don't want your room looking like a landfill either. You will be cleaning it once a week from now on. It smells like dead dog and dirty feet in there."

"No it doesn't. I clean it."

"When was the last time you cleaned it?"

"Two days ago."

"Cool. Let's go see it."

Mark stands up and starts walking down the hall. Jared jumps up out of the chair.

"Well it doesn't stay perfect all the time; I do live in there."

Mark opens the door and looks in. It does kind of look like a war zone; and it does smell like feet and dirty socks. I'm standing behind Jared while he's looking around and then at his dad. Mark looks at him.

"This is your version of not perfect?"

"Well... Ok, so it's a little messy."

"Little? What's that smell?"

Jared sniffs the air, wrinkling his nose. "I don't know."

"It's feet and socks. Learn to recognize it and you'll know how to keep it from smelling this way. Open your closet."

"Are you going through my stuff?"

"No, I'm just looking around. And for your information I can go through your stuff whenever I want. You and it are mine."

Jared rolls his eyes and walks over to open his closet. It looks a lot like the rest of the room and the smell is even more powerful. He even winces a little. Mark walks over closer and looks at it.

"That smells gross, dude; what is that?"

"I don't know."

"Well, pull all of that crap out of there and let's find out."



Jared starts pulling everything out of his closet, throwing it into the room while I watch it pile up. It's kind of funny but it's not. He gets about ninety percent of it out on the floor and finds a half sandwich and vulcanized piece of fruit hiding under a pair of dirty underwear. He lifts the underwear up by the seam in the leg opening, tossing them over his shoulder and looking at the food. Mark looks over his shoulder, making a face and then looking down at Jared.

"That's disgusting. Why do you have food in your closet?"

"I don't know; it just landed there."

"So you're actually telling me you can't make it to the trash can long enough to throw it out? It's easier to just chuck it in the closet and close the door?"

Jared looks at the floor. "I guess..."

"Look up at me." Jared looks up. "This is part of what I'm talking about, son. We've been letting you get away with murder because we're so happy you're with us. But seriously, dude, we can't live like this. That kinda stuff attracts all kinds of bugs. Do you really want a house full of bugs?"


"Do you really want to live in a room that smells like this? I don't know about you but I'd be embarrassed to have a friend come inside this room."

"I know... I'm sorry..."

"Don't be sorry, just do something about it. Stand up. Let's go back to the front room; I can't take the smell anymore."

We get back to the living room and Jared resumes his seat in the recliner, looking down at his knees. Mark and I sit on the couch. I'm just looking around the room. Mark is looking at Jared.

"How often do you take a shower?"

"I don't know; I don't keep track."

"Well I do. You might think about hitting it more than twice a week."

"You're saying I'm dirty and I smell now?"

"No, I'm saying your dirty clothes wouldn't be so rank if you showered and changed your clothes more often. You hide whatever smells you have on you with deodorant."

"It's just I get busy and space it out."

"Well how about making it part of your morning or evening routine? That's all we do. It's just a part of getting up or going to bed. They used to call it shit, shower and shave in the Army."

Jared grins. "All in the shower?"

"No, wise-guy."


"We have new house rules; effective today. You will be given a copy of these new house rules and will follow them or suffer the consequences."

"What are the consequences?"

"You start losing things with every infraction. First to go will be the electronics. Second will be freedoms. Third will be decided on at time of infraction and may include being grounded for up to three weeks. That means no phone, no television, no snacks outside of meals and you will not leave this house for anything other than school."

"That's not fair!"

"I think it's completely fair. Look at it this way; if you do what we're asking then none of those things will happen. I just want you to be a responsible young man. Part of that is cleaning up after yourself and doing what you're supposed to do. That also includes doing homework on-time without complaining about it and respecting our time as well as yours."

"What do you mean, respecting your time?"

"We're not your maid. As soon as we're done talking the three of us are going to go stand in front of the washer and dryer and you'll be learning how to use them. You will now be responsible for your own laundry; and that includes your bedding."

"Brian does your laundry; does that mean you have to start doing your own?"

Mark looks at me and then at Jared. "Yeah, it does. It's not fair to Brian to have to do all the laundry. You're right; so from now on we all do our own laundry. We will also have general house cleaning duties. Each of us will be responsible for a part of the house. There will be a schedule posted on the fridge and we will sign off on it when we complete the job."

"So you want everything to be perfect all the time?"

Mark grins. "It doesn't have to be perfect; just do it as well as you can. Don't half-ass it and expect one of us to finish it for you; it's not gonna happen."

"Why are you coming down so hard on this?"

"Because I'm tired of the smells and I don't like that you think you can control us. You play us against each other all the time; that stops now. Brian and I are the adults, in case you forgot. We both love you more than we could ever express but we're not going to be treated like we owe you."

Jared looks down at his knees again. "I'm sorry..."

"Apology accepted. Now stand up; you and I get to go learn how to use Brian's washer and dryer."

Jared stands up and looks at us a second and then back to the floor. Mark walks up behind him and puts his hands on his shoulders, rubbing them a little.

"Come on, kiddo; it won't be that bad. Think of it as getting to play in the water."

Jared grins a little. "No rubber duck though."

`No buddy; no rubber duck this time. I hate to break it to ya but you'll be fifteen in a little over a month; it's time to be young man and not a kid. You will survive this."

"I guess..."

"You will; I promise. Come on."

After our laundry lesson Jared is sent to clean his room thoroughly and bring all of his dirty clothes out. He has clemency for one day. I'm doing all of his laundry so he starts out with everything clean and won't feel quite so overwhelmed. I have the first load in the washer and go check on him. I knock on the doorframe and look at him, sitting on the floor going through his stuff.

"Hey, you doin' OK?"

"Yeah, Brian, I'm OK. Just sorting through all this crap."

"Looks like fun. I have your first load washing. By this evening it'll look like brand new in here."

He looks up at me. "Thanks for doing that. I'm sorry if I've been treating you like my maid; I didn't mean to."

"I know you didn't. We'll get it worked out; don't worry about it. It's really not very hard to keep everything clean once you have it that way. Just do a little bit each day; that way you're not doing what you're doing now. It's a lot easier."

"What Dad said about me hiding the funk with deodorant; do you think I do that?"

"I don't know. You do have a powerful Speedstick smell goin' on."

He grins. "I like the smell."

"Well I do too, but you can't just cover your body in it. And look at it this way. You'll be surrounded by all those cute boys next week. Wouldn't it be cool to find one to call your own? That's hard to do if he's sneezing all the time."

He giggles. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I would like to find someone. I think I'm ready. Do you think I'm ready?"

I smile at him. "I think you're ready, dude. I want you to find someone who loves you like I do and will always be good to you. Because, believe me, if he ever hurts you I will kick his ass so far into the ground you'll have to get on your stomach to kiss him."

He laughs. "Dead from the neck down, huh?"

I grin. "Damn right. Nobody hurts my favorite guy and lives to tell about it."

"I thought Dad was your favorite guy?"

"You're in a dead heat; you're both equal in my eyes."

He smiles. "Thanks. I love you too, Brian."

"I know. I'm a lucky guy."

He blushes. "Do you think I can find someone; do you think I'm hot enough to find someone?"

I smile. "Let me put it this way. You are the spitting image of your dad and I think he's sexy as hell. You're a total hottie, dude; you won't have any trouble finding a hottie of your own. But also remember it's about more than looks; go for what's on the inside too. I've discovered the hard way that sometimes the yummy candy coating is all that's there; there's nothing inside."

"I know you're right. I've met some guys that were really cute but total dickheads."

I grin. "Me too, brother, me too.  But then I've also met some fugly guys who were total dickheads. Being a dickhead knows no bounds sometimes."

He laughs. "Fugly? What the hell is that?"

I look side to side, checking for Mark and then grin. "It's short for fucking ugly."

He laughs. "I love it!"

"I kinda like it too. You want some help with that?"

He groans. "I'd love some help, but I can't; Dad says I have to do it myself."

"OK. I'll check back with you later. You want a coke or something?"

"No, I can't have one of those either. No more food or drink in my room."

I nod. "OK. Just do it like we did your suitcases and boxes. One box at a time and move to the next one; it'll go by faster than you think. I'll be back later."

He smiles. "Thanks, Brian."

I walk back to the laundry room, finding Mark looking at the washer. I smirk and walk up behind him, putting my arms around his waist.

"I only said the refrigerator is trained; not the washer."

He grins. "I wasn't waiting for it to do a trick; just watching it."

"You do know how to have fun. Are you OK?"

"I'm fine. So how's he doin' with the cleanup?"

"He's groaning about it but doing it."

"That's good. And you offered to help him, huh?"

I blush. "I did. I'm sorry. I know you're trying to make him responsible and I respect that; I really do. I just felt kinda bad for him; he looks overwhelmed. I really just wanted to cheer him up a little; make him smile."

He turns around in my arms. "I know... You're good at that; you always get both of us to smile. And don't apologize; I've been tempted a couple of times to go in and help him. This is the part of being a parent that sucks. I wish we could always just laugh and play but it doesn't work that way."

"I know... Like Aunt Carole says, sometimes you have to bring the hammer down."

He grins. "Yeah you do. So did you get him to smile?"

I grin. "Of course I did; I'm the master at smart-ass remarks."

He laughs. "I won't argue with you there."

I look him in the eyes. "You've mentioned that a few times. Does it bother you; I mean does it get old for you? You find yourself wishing I'd stop?"

He grins. "Every once in a while. For the most part you make me laugh my ass off so I don't worry about it much."

"Well you know you're allowed to tell me to stop, right? I mean don't be a dick about it but you can tell me to knock it off."

He grins. "Well you've gotten pretty good at seeing when I'm getting to that point; don't worry about it. I love that you're almost always in a good mood and happy. It's a really nice change from my previous life."

"Well in case you forgot, my happiness started the day I met you."

He smiles. "Mine too, love. I find myself having the life I wanted twenty years ago and I love it. I love you."

"I love you too. You and that stinky boy in there are my world; I wouldn't trade either of you for anything."

He smiles. "You really love him, huh?"

"I really do. He as important to me as you are and there's nothing I wouldn't do for either of you. I already told him I'd pound the guy that hurts him into the ground so deep he'd have to drop to his stomach to kiss him."

He laughs. "I fear for the first boy that comes knocking on the door around here; we're gonna be his worst nightmare."

I laugh. "I know, huh? Poor kid; he doesn't have a prayer."

"No way."

"So you've accepted that he's gay?"

He grins. "I accepted that awhile ago. Are you convinced he is?"

I smile. "A little more now than a few days ago. He told me he wanted to find a boyfriend. He asked me if I thought he was ready for that; ready for a relationship."

He grins. "And...?"

"I told him yes. I also told him that if he showered more and used less Speedstick the poor boy would be able to get close to him without sneezing all the time."

He laughs. "Maybe that wouldn't be so bad. I'm not sure I'm ready to see my kid in a sexual relationship."

"Well I doubt it's gonna start as one. Let's hope for a little time as friends before they start gettin' down and dirty with each other."

"Oh man... I didn't need that mental image, Brian. Seeing him being intimate with someone and kissing them is going to be strange enough."

"You mean seeing him kissing a boy."

He shakes his head. "No, that's not what I mean. You know better than that. Just seeing him with anyone; it means he's grown up and he's not my little boy anymore. He's not my fishing buddy and my kid; he's some other kid's boyfriend and I won't be as important to him."

"You'll always be important to him, Mark. Yeah, he's gonna outgrow you for awhile but you'll always be important to him. You guys have a great relationship; don't worry about losing it. It may get strained for awhile but you'll never lose it."

He sighs. "I know... I know this is the way it's supposed to be. He's supposed to grow up, find someone to fall in love with and become independent. Knowing it doesn't make it easier though."

"Well don't have him married off and working just yet. He's only a month or so from being fifteen; you still have some time left."

"A little while, anyway." He grins. "I'm probably being an easy mark; shut up" I laugh. "But what about going fishing next weekend?"

I smile. "Sure; I'd love to. What do we do with the boy?"

He laughs. "We strap him to the roof like that tree and take him with us."

I grin. "Sounds like a great plan."

"It may be cold as hell up there but I'd like to get at least one more in before life happens."

I smile at him. "I know, baby. I like it though. We'll go fishin' and freeze our asses off; sounds like fun."

He looks at me and smirks. "If you even think about smacking my ass with a fish you will find yourself in the lake."

I laugh and look around me, then back at Mark, grinning. "I say we smack the boy on the ass with a fish."

He laughs. "I do love the way you think."

The rest of the day was a kind of quiet. I spent most of it doing laundry while Jared cleaned and organized his bedroom. Mark took the opportunity to go check on their house. He had listed it with a real estate agent two weeks ago but still didn't have any takers. He said he wanted to go check on it to make sure nobody had messed with it and that everything was alright. I also took the opportunity to clean our room. With all this talk about messy rooms I decided I could do a little better as well. Around five thirty I got dinner started and threw the last load of laundry in the dryer. I have to say, I'll be glad the boy's doing his own laundry; it's become a second full-time job for me. For someone who doesn't shower or change his clothes very often he sure generates a lot of dirty ones.

By seven thirty we'd had dinner and put the finishing touches on Jared's room. It looked great and Mark and I both gave him a high-five and told him what a great job he'd done. Tomorrow was a work day for me and Mark so we just kicked back the rest of the evening watching television while Jared played a video game and talked to Adam on the phone. I guess we were really a family now. We'd gone through a lot of what most families go though. We'd argued, laughed, played, made new rules and got rid of some old ones and shared each other's lives. I'd always hated my family life growing up but I was starting to really like this one.

It's was just before eleven and Mark and I were in our room getting ready for bed. We'd stopped by Jared's room and told him goodnight and were basically waved off; he was in the middle of a battle and didn't want to be bothered. I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth when I heard a knock on the door. I heard Mark tell him to come in.

"Hey Dad. Where's Brian?"

"I think he's brushing his teeth. What's up?"

"I wanted to ask him something."

"OK. I guess just wait until he comes out."

I walk out of the bathroom holding my toothbrush. "I came out years ago. What's up, dude?"

They both smirk. Jared smiles at me. "I wanted to ask you if I could start working out with you."

I smile. "Sure; I'd love it. It'd be nice to have some company for once. The old guy over there won't work out with me."

Mark turns and looks at me. "Hey, if you didn't want to do it at the crack of dawn I might consider it. I need coffee in the mornings, not exercise."

I look at Jared and grin. "That's his story and he's sticking to it. When do you want to start?"

He laughs. "Tomorrow would be great."

"Trying to get all buffed up before school starts, huh?" I grin at him.

He blushes and smiles. "Kinda..."

"I told ya, dude; you're a hottie; don't sweat it. But yeah, I'd love to work out with ya. I'll come beat on your door at six thirty. And no threats of violence because I woke you up, either."

He grins. "I'll try. I guess that means I should get some sleep."

"Might be a good idea. I'll see ya in the morning. Have a good night."

"Goodnight, Brian. Goodnight Dad. I love you both."

Mark smiles at him. "I love you too. Goodnight."

I grin at him and slam my fist against my chest and then hold my arm out to him. "All here, dude; all right here. Goodnight."

He giggles and walks out of the room, closing the door. Mark turns to look at me and smirks and grins.

"You have toothpaste running down your lower lip; go spit."

"Spit on my ass."

I turn and walk back into the bathroom, grinning. I hear Mark laughing behind me.

When I come back from the bathroom he's all tucked in and looking cute and sexy all at the same time. I kill the overhead light, jump into bed and snuggle up close to him, kissing his nose when I get parked. He grins.

"You smell minty. I like it."

"I'd hoped you would."

"I guess he is serious about finding a boyfriend. I never thought I'd see the day he was willing to get up early to work-out."

I grin. "I guess the hormones are kickin' in and he needs a man."

Mark smirks. "Shut up."

"I'm sorry. I think he's just worried he's not cute enough to find someone. I keep telling him he's a hottie but I don't think he believes me. We'll see how long he lasts before he shoves a barbell up my ass and tells me to get fucked."

Mark laughs. "If I hear you moan really loudly I know what happened."

I laugh. "Shut up."

"I'm just teasin'; I know you only want my barbell. You're right though; he's a cutie; he shouldn't have any trouble finding a boy. Not that I'm just a bit biased." He smiles.

"Maybe we both are. I told him he was the spitting image of you and you're very sexy."

He smiles. "Thanks; from both of us." He leans over and kisses my nose. "I love you."

"I love you."

He smiles and leans in again, only this time landing on my mouth. We kiss for about thirty seconds before he pulls back and smiles at me.

"Have fun in the morning; I'm going to sleep. I need all the rest I can get to listen to the whining and yelling."

I grin. "I don't whine. Goodnight, sexy man; sweaty dreams."

"All about you."

The next morning I'm sleeping peacefully when the alarm goes off. I reach over and kill it and then roll back over to snuggle into Mark but he's not there. I lift my head up and look around, finding a dark, empty room. I'm guessing he's in the kitchen with his nose next to the coffee maker trying to inhale the fumes. After rolling out of bed and taking a leak, my hard dick wanting to shoot it in my mouth I manage to throw some gym shorts on and stagger out of the bedroom. I stop at Jared's room and knock lightly on the door. I hate people banging on my door first thing in the morning and try never to do it to someone else. No response. I knock again and call out his name. Nothing. I turn and see Mark standing at the end of the hall, grinning.

"You're gonna have to knock louder than that if you want an answer."

"I was trying to be nice."

"OK. I'll let you do it your way. I have coffee waiting for me. Wanna cup?"

"No thanks; not `til we're done. You could be a sweet guy and get us a couple of energy bars and a Gatorade though."

He smiles. "They'll be waiting for ya. Good luck."

I turn and knock again. No response. I open the door a crack and look in. He's sprawled out on his bed, dead to the world."

"Jared..." Nothing. "Hey, dude; wake up." He rolls over onto his back and scratches his balls, still sound asleep. "Jared... Hey! Wake up, dude!"

His eyes open and he looks over at me. "What...?"

I smile at him. "Let's go hit some weights. Dad even has energy bars and Gator standing by."

"What time is it?"

"Six thirty-four. Go throw a piss and put some gym shorts on. I'll be waitin' for ya in the kitchen."

He moans and rolls onto his side, looking at me. "OK."

"Don't go back to sleep; I'm not as sweet and kind the second time."

He smiles. "This is sweet and kind?"

"Dad said just to throw water on ya, so yeah."

"He did not."

I grin. "OK, maybe not. In the words of the Marines D.I., drop your cock and grab your socks; it's time to get up. Let's go, princess."

He laughs. "Go away; I'll be there in a minute."

I close the door and walk to the kitchen, finding Mark sucking down a cup of coffee and reading the paper. He looks up and grins.

"I didn't hear any yelling; he's up?"

"He's up and headed to the bathroom to piss on the ceiling."

He laughs. "A little E.M.H.O. going on?"

"Yeah, just a bit. I didn't call him on it; didn't want to embarrass him."

"That's probably a good thing. So now you're staring at my son's dick, huh?" He grins.

"That's not even funny. I was not staring at his dick; I just happened to notice it when he rolled over. Be nice, Daddy; or you'll be the one gettin' spanked."

He smirks. "I'm sorry; I was just joking. I have to admit, I've noticed it a few times in that condition. He's not awake enough to be aware of it and just leaves it hanging out."

"Well not to be crude, but he's gonna make some boy pretty happy some day."

Mark smiles. "He takes after his old man."

"That he does. Where's my energy bar?"

"Over on the counter by the stove; you get two each."

"You mean I get three and he gets one; he's half my age."

"Whatever makes you happy, baby. I'll be in the `library' if you need me."

I shake my head and grin. "Just remember to spray the library this time before you leave it; the books were choking."

He walks over to me, kisses me and then smacks me on the ass, running out of the room. I'm standing there rubbing my ass when Jared walks in. He looks at me and grins.

"I see Dad struck already."

"Shut up, boy; it's not what you think. He smacked my ass."

He shakes his head. "That's what I was thinking. What did you mean?"

"Never mind. Are you ready?"

He looks at me and smirks. "You thought I meant the other thing, huh?" He laughs.

I blush and grin. "I did. Sorry I'm such a perv. Let's hit the weights."

He grins. "Perv. Shouldn't we exercise and stretch first? I heard you're not supposed to just start lifting weights without stretching."

"We will. I'm going to dial back my routine a little until you get used to this. We'll do some stretching exercises for about fifteen and then do a light work-out for about thirty. Nothing serious, and covering a little bit of everything; I want your muscles to get used to this slowly so you don't wake up tomorrow morning all cramped up and screaming at me."

He grins. "Would I scream at you?"

"You will if you wake up at three in the morning with every muscle in your body contracted." I hand him the energy bar. "Eat this first so you have a little energy. It doesn't work very well if you go to sleep in the middle."

We've just finished our stretching exercises and he looks over at me.

"Can I ask you a really personal question?"

"Sure; fire away."

"Uh, how old were you the first time you were with a boy?"


"Was it, you know, really great or kinda scary?"

I look at him. "A little of both actually. I was excited that I was finally getting to do something with a boy but scared that it would either hurt or I'd do something wrong and he wouldn't like it."

"So did he like it?"

I smile. "He said he did. I liked it too."

He blushes. "Did you, ah, you know." He looks to make sure we're alone. "Did you let him fuck you?"

"I did."

"Did it hurt a lot?"

"It hurt quite at bit at first, but then once I got used to it it stopped hurting and felt good."

"Did you fuck him?"

"No. I didn't get to do that until about five months later with a different boy. The first boy wasn't really my boyfriend; the second one was."

"Oh. Who was the first guy?"

"I guy I met at the movies. We just had sex with each other; we weren't even friends. It was the wrong thing to do but I was horny and curious; I wanted to try it."

"Did you, ah, suck his dick too?"

I grin. "Yeah, I sucked it; I sucked it a lot. I discovered I really liked it, and he really liked me doing it so we did that a lot."

"He sucked you too?"

"Yep. He wouldn't let me fuck him but he would suck my dick."

"Did you ever kiss him?"

"Yeah. We kissed before we had sex every time but it wasn't all that great. When I met my boyfriend and fell in love with him it was a lot better. We used to kiss all the time; we were practically joined at the lips."

He laughs. "That's a funny mental image. So once you were with your boyfriend it was better; it was less scary and more fun?"

"Yep. We were in love with each other and both learning everything at the same time; it was great."

"What happened to him?"

"He moved to a different state to go to college. We'd been together about a year and half when he left. I thought my world had stopped and I'd never love anyone again; it hurt too much to lose them. But I did. I had sex with several guys before I met my next real boyfriend, but I did fall in love again. I fell in love with Chris and you know how that story turns out. Then I met Mark. I knew instantly I'd found the one. I'd finally found the one I was meant to be with forever."

He smiles. "I'm glad. I'm so glad you met Dad." He giggles. "The way you met was really strange but I'm so happy you did. He really needed someone to love him again and I'm really glad it's you."

I smile. "I'm really glad it's me too. Not only did I get the guy of my dreams but I got a son and great friend in the process. I think I made out really great on this deal."

He smiles again. "I think we made out really great on it too." He looks over at the weight bench. "I guess those are next, huh?"

"Yep. You ready to get started?"

"As ready as ever. Show me what to do."

We'd been working on the bench about ten minutes, and he was now doing bench presses and I was spotting him. I hadn't even thought about the angle or that I was working out with someone this time. I was dressed in my usual workout clothes; nothing but a pair of cotton gym shorts and tennis shoes. He starts to smirk and then starts to laugh, the weights starting to teeter. I grabbed the bar and pulled it up and put it on the rack. He's looking up at me, grinning.

"Oh man... I don't mean to embarrass ya or nothin' but I can see your balls and your dick. They're like right over my head and it's a little distracting."

I turn red and look down at him. "Oh shit; I'm sorry. I forgot we'd be working out together when I was putting these on." I move back away from the bench and look down at him, blushing and grinning. "This is what I always wear when I work out at home; I didn't even think about it. Sorry, dude."

He giggles. "No problem; it's just a little distracting. I've been dreaming and fantasizing about dick and balls for months and having yours hanging over my head isn't helping me much."

I blush again. "I'm sorry, dude; I really am. I promise to wear underwear tomorrow."

He laughs and blushes. "Well I kinda like the view but that might be a good idea."

"OK, now that I'm thoroughly embarrassed let's forget the bench presses for today and work on legs or something."

He grins. "OK. I'm sorry I embarrassed you; I just couldn't help it."

"S'ok; I'll live. Just so we're even; I saw your hard-on this morning when I was waking you up."

He blushes and grins. "It's always hard in the morning; I can't help it. I don't know what I'm dreaming about it but it must be good."

"It's called E.M.H.O. or early morning hard-on. It happens to all of us. I think part of it is you really gotta piss and it's your body's way of waking you up. Don't sweat it."

"That must be it, but it makes it really hard to piss too. It's like lean over the toilet and point it down until it's about to snap off."

I laugh. "No doubt. I've always wanted to just go piss in the shower and not worry about it. I could never bring myself to do it though. And don't you be pissing in the shower unless you're in it and the water's running, either."

He laughs. "I won't. How about the kitchen sink?"

"Not there either, smart-ass. Let's do some leg work."

He grins. "Dad says you're the smart-ass; not me. I'm just the wise guy." He laughs.

"Face it, we're both smart-asses; he's just trying to be age appropriate with you. He says wise guy but he's probably thinking smart-ass."

He laughs again. "He probably is."

"I am thinking it. What's going on in here? I never knew working out inspired laughter?" Mark's standing in the doorway smiling at us.

I look at Mark and grin. "Just a minor wardrobe malfunction."

Jared laughs and looks at Mark. "He's only wearing the shorts and he was standing over my head spotting me on the bench. I started to laugh."

Mark laughs and looks at me. "Now you're hanging your balls over my kid? I'm startin' to get nervous, baby."

Jared falls out, laughing his ass off. I look at Mark and shake my head, blushing. "I didn't do it on purpose; I forgot he'd be here when I was getting dressed. This is what I always wear."

Mark smirks and looks at Jared. "And you; don't be laughin' at my man's junk."

Jared laughs harder. He finally gets control of himself and looks at Mark, an ear to ear smile on his face. "I wasn't laughin' at his junk; I was laughing because it was right over my face. You have to admit, it's kind of distracting to have dick hanging over your face when you're workin' out, Dad."

Mark smirks and grins. "Yeah, I guess it would be. Well if you two pervs are done laughing I have a question for ya. I mentioned this to Brian but I wanted to run it by you too, boy. How would like to go fishin' next weekend?"

"Hell yeah! I'd love to go fishin' next weekend."

Mark grins at him. "Good. I expect you to have the Jeep packed and ready to go by five, Friday morning. And you might wanna put a cushion or something on the roof; that's where you'll be riding."

Jared giggles. "Dad, wake up! You're still asleep and dreamin'."

"Hey, it's better than what Brian said; he wanted to tie you to the front bumper."

Jared turns to me, grinning. "I see how it is now. Just use and abuse the kid and then hang your sweaty balls over his face." Mark laughs. "I'll be knockin' on your door Friday morning at four so you can load the Jeep."

I grin at him. "Yeah, but who's gonna wake you up to wake me up? I say we load the Jeep the night before and then strap you to the hood like a deer."

Jared grins at me and then turns to Mark. "Hey, he's smart; how come we've never loaded the dumb thing the night before? You drag me out in the middle of the night to help and we could've been sleepin'. You married smart."

We all laugh and I look at Mark. "The boy has a good point; you married cute and smart."

Mark smiles at me. "Yeah I did. OK, since you two have this all figured out, you'll be in charge of getting everything ready to go and loaded. We leave at five-thirty and if we're missing anything you'll be sleeping outside. And you might wanna pack some warm clothes; it's probably gonna be cold up there."

I look over at him. "You mean I get to take clothes this time?"

Jared laughs and looks at me. "He made you go naked last time?" He looks at Mark, grinning and shaking his head. "Perv."

Mark laughs and looks at Jared. "I did not make him go naked. He was complainin' that I wouldn't let him bring a change of clothes. And who's the perv? I wasn't the one on the weight bench staring up at Brian's cock and drooling."

Jared blushes. "I was not drooling."

Mark grins at him. "Only staring, huh?"

"Dad...! I was not staring at his dick; well at least on purpose. It's kinda hard not to look when it's hanging inches from your face."

"I know; I'm just giving you a hard time. I'll let you guys get back to your workout. I need to confirm an appointment at a job site. Have fun."

Mark leaves the room and Jared turns to me. "I promise, Brian; I wasn't staring at it."

I smile at him. "I never said you were; don't worry about it. And even if you were looking, don't worry about it. It's a guy thing; we check each other out to see how we measure up. It's not a big deal, dude."

"OK. Can we start on the leg work out now?"

"Yep, let's get goin'; we're running out of time. I still have to shower and get dressed for work."

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