Road Rage - Chapter 15:

We spent the rest of Saturday doing our chores and getting a new garage door opener; Jared and I giving Mark plenty of back-talk every time he gave us an order. I'd never really spent much time working with Mark; you know, doing actual physical labor and I discovered I really didn't like it much. He was patronizing, for one thing. Every time I would grab a wrench or a screwdriver he seemed to feel the need to show me how to use it. At one point I told him I was going to show him how it would feel to have a hammer shoved in his ass. I also discovered he was really anal about things when he was working. Everything had to be just so or he would get upset and then sulk for about ten minutes. After spending over two hours just putting a garage door opener in I knew I'd never volunteer for anything like this again.

Daniel was due at the house by six-thirty to pick up Jared for their date, and I told Jared to take a break at five-thirty and get ready; Dad would just have to finish the oil change on his Jeep by himself. Jared smiled at me and headed off to take a shower while Mark just looked at me. I smiled and went back in the house. There was no way I was crawling under a vehicle to get drenched in oil; that's what those quick lube places were for.

Since Jared was having dinner out it would just be the two of us for dinner tonight and I decided I would do something kind of special. I'd started the meal this morning actually, throwing everything in the slow cooker. It was still kind of cold and rainy out so I thought a nice hearty beef stew sounded good. They'd both commented on how good the kitchen smelled throughout the day and I was hoping the taste would be equal to the smells. I decided I needed an official food tester and when Jared walked in the kitchen after getting dressed I snagged him.

I grinned at him. "Hey sexy; you look really hot for your date."

He blushes and smiles. "Thanks. I went through three changes of clothes before I picked this. You really think it looks OK?"

"It's great; he'll love it. I would only offer one small suggestion. Lose a little of the whatever you have in your hair; it looks like it could stand up in a hurricane."

He looks shocked. "You really think so? I thought it looked alright."

"It looks fine, but it also looks kinda plastic; like a wax museum piece.

He smirks. "Thanks a lot."

I grin. "Like I said, just a little of it. You can still use it, just not quite so much. What if he wants to run his fingers in your hair and they get glued to it; that's never pretty?"

He laughs. "I wouldn't mind him being glued to me. Do you think I have time to wash my hair again?"

"You don't have to wash it. Come with me; we'll get this figured out."

I take him with me back to my bathroom and make him take his shirt off and stand by the sink while I get a wash cloth soaking wet with warm water. After getting a couple layers of hair gel off him I hand him a towel and he scrubs his hair dry. While he's drying his hair I run to the other bathroom and grab his hair gel and bring it back to him. I squirt a small dab onto his fingers and tell him to work it in his hair. He gets that worked in and holds his hand out again. I grin at him.

"That's what got you in trouble the last time. You have enough." I hand him a brush. "Now style it how you want it."

"But it won't stay."

"You're gonna be out in the rain anyway; it's a lost cause. It'll look great when he gets here."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure. Actually, you might wanna put your shirt on before you brush it; otherwise it's pointless."

He grins and puts his shirt back on. While he's primping himself in the mirror I run to my dresser and grab my Arimis and bring it to him. I unscrew the cap and hold the bottle under his nose, smiling.

"What do you think? Something you can see yourself wearing?"

He sniffs the bottle and grins. "That smells really nice; what is it?"

"It's Arimis aftershave. Just pour a small amount on your fingers, rub your hands together and then spread it around your neck and lower cheekbones. Remember, a small amount; you don't wanna smell like a hooker."

He laughs and takes the bottle from me, pouring about a teaspoon out on his fingers, looking at me for approval. I nod and he hands me the bottle and then he does as ordered. While he's looking in the mirror and doing last minute primping I come around and stand behind him, my head just to the right of his. I smile at both of us in the mirror and he blushes and smiles. I put my arms around him from behind and pull him against me.

"You look and smell great; he's gonna love you even more."

He grins. "Thanks, Brian."

"You nervous?"

He nods. "Yeah... My stomach's been doing flip flops again since I got in the shower."

"You'll be fine once he's here; it's the anticipation that kills us. Do you have everything you'll need; do you have enough money?"

He smiles. "Yeah... What do you mean by everything; are you talking about condoms?"

I smirk and grin. "No... I was just asking. I meant things like money, phone, keys, breath mints; that sorta thing. Do you think you'll need condoms?"

He blushes and grins. "I don't think so this time."

"Phone fully charged?"

"Yes; it's been on the charger most of the day."

"I guess Dad gave you an eleven o'clock curfew, didn't he?"


"I hope you have the best night of your life. I want this to be everything you're hoping it is. I'm so happy for you, Jared."

He smiles and blushes. "Thanks."

"I love you."

He smiles. "I love you too."

I kiss the side of his head and let him go, smiling at him.

"I need your expert opinion about something; follow me, please."

We get back to the kitchen and I put a half a ladle full of stew into a cereal bowl and hand it to him, getting him a spoon out of the drawer.

"Tell me what you think. Be brutal though."

He grins and takes a spoonful of stew, blowing on it to cool it. He takes a bite and chews for a second, letting his face make all kinds of contorted expressions. I grin at him. He swallows and looks me right in the eyes.

"Tastes like low-grade dog-food; you've outdone yourself."

I start laughing and yell out to the garage. "Hey Mark, can I? Can I just this one time?"


"Call him a fucker?"

They both laugh. "Sure!"

I grin at Jared. "Fucker..."

He laughs. "Smart-ass."

I laugh harder, shaking my head. "Thanks a lot."

"Anytime." He leans forward and kisses me on the nose. "I'm just teasin'; it's really good, Brian. I almost wish we were staying here for dinner; almost." He grins.

"That's better. So you really think it's OK?"

"Yeah, it's great; Dad's gonna love it. You're a great cook; you need to stop worrying about it, dude." He grins again. "So, do you and Dad have any plans for this evening while the impressionable teenager is outta the house?"

I grin. "I have a few things up my sleeve."

He smirks and shakes his head. "Don't set yourself up like that, dude; you're better than that."

"What do you mean?"

He giggles. "You have a few things up your sleeve, but you plan on having something up other places later, right?"

I blush bright red and he laughs. I just look at him. "Fucker..."

He laughs again. "How does it feel to be the one that's embarrassed for once?"

I shake my head. "Not good. I can't believe I did that. I've taught you well, young Jedi; you're ready to take your place amongst the masters."

He laughs. "I was a master before you taught me."

"You only thought you were..."

The doorbell rings and Jared jumps. I smirk and grin at him. "Down boy; it's not the first time you've ever met him. You gonna answer it or do you want me to?"

"I'll get it."

While Jared is answering the front door I hear the garage door opener going into action. I walk over to the little door and watch Mark walk out to Brandon's car. Uh oh. I can almost hear the conversation in my head; the one where Mark tells him if anything happens to Jared there won't be a safe place on the planet for him. I walk back to the front door and see Daniel standing inside the entryway, looking at Jared and smiling and blushing. He leans forward and kisses him and then smiles at him.

"You look really hot, Jared."

Jared blushes. "Thanks; so do you. Is Brandon just waiting in the car?"

"Yeah, he didn't want to get out in the rain; the big wuss."

"That's `cause he's just a guppy. I guess we should get going."

I walk over to them. "You might want to give it a minute or so. Also, you might think about taking a jacket; it's not all that warm outside. Hi Daniel."

"Hi Brian. What smells so good?"


They both laugh. Jared turns to Daniel. "It's just the low-grade dog food he's fixing for him and Dad."

I grin at him. "The same low-grade dog food you'll be eating for lunch tomorrow. Go get a jacket while I kidnap your boyfriend and put him into service."

Jared rolls his eyes and walks to his room. I take Daniel into the kitchen and hand him the bowl and Jared's spoon.

"Have a taste and tell me what you think."

He smiles and takes the bowl, scooping up a big spoonful of stew, blowing on it and then shoving it in his mouth. He chews for about two seconds and then swallows, smiling at me.

"It's really good, Brian; did you make it?"

"Yep. Thanks. Your other-half told me it tasted like dog food."

"Well I doubt he was serious."

I grin. "No, he wasn't."

Jared walks in, holding his jacket and looking at us. "Making a play for my boyfriend by feeding him huh?"

"Yep. He's leaving you for me; said I can make his stomach happy."

They both laugh. Mark walks in the kitchen at the same moment, looking at all of us.

"There's been a slight delay in your departure."

I look at him. "Please tell me you didn't do anything to piss him off."

"No. I just told him that my son wasn't riding in a car with bald tires in the rain. He's getting his girlfriend and their stuff to put in the Jeep."

"You're letting them take the Jeep? Wouldn't you rather have them just take my car?"

"I asked; he doesn't know how to drive a manual. How can a twenty-one year old man not know how to drive a stick?"

"Because the world's gotten lazy and ninety-five percent of the cars on the road now are automatics. Is that why you chose today to change the oil?"

"Partly. I remembered seeing his car before and then thinking about him spinning out in the rain that day. Besides, it was due for one."

I look over at Jared and Daniel and they're just grinning. I look at Jared.

"You will be learning how to drive a stick."

He grins. "Sure. How about Daniel too?"

I look at Daniel. "Him too. No man should be driving and not know how to shift. I may have to replace my clutch by the time you're both done, but at least you'll know. I guess your chariot awaits in the garage. Have a great time, guys. Call if you need anything."

"We will. Thanks, Brian; thanks Dad. I love you both."

"We love you, son. Have a good time. Remember, back home by eleven. Do you need money?"

"No, I have it covered. See ya later."

Daniel grins at us. "I guess that means bye. Bye."

"Have fun."

After the guys have backed out of the garage and Mark closes the door I just look at him, grinning.

"I see how it is now. I've never even driven the thing and you let some kid drive it."

He laughs. "You've never asked to drive it. Besides, I feel better knowing they're in a safer vehicle. Even if dipshit wrecks, they're surrounded by airbags; Brandon's girlfriend not included."

I laugh. "I take it she's got a couple of airbags of her own?"

He smirks. "That's an understatement. I think it's safe to say he's a boob man; the name Dolly Parton popped in my head two seconds after I saw her."

I laugh. "Maybe he just likes nursing on them. He thinks he's a man but he's just big ole titty baby."

Mark laughs and shakes his head. "Could be... So when's dinner; it smells great?"

"When you're cleaned up. I love ya, babe, but you look like a junkyard dog right now. Go jump in the shower and I'll get it on the table."

He leans forward and kisses me. "You got it, sexy."

Once Mark is finished with his shower we sit down to a quiet dinner, enjoying being just two for one evening. I know both of us are wondering how Jared's date is going but we agree that tonight is about us. We haven't done anything like this since Jared moved back from New York and I think it was something we both needed; just us time. When we're finished eating we just sit at the table for about a half hour, talking quietly.

We both stand up to get the table cleared and dishes loaded in the dishwasher and I walk up behind Mark and put my arms around him, pulling him against me.

"I'll make ya a deal. If you'll do this I can go take a quick shower. I promise it'll be worth it."

He turns in my arms and smiles at me. "You don't have to make any deals, sexy. Go take your shower and I'll get this all cleaned up. I love you."

"I love you too."

I lean forward and give him a quick kiss and then run my hand down the side of his face, feeling his beard under my fingers. Even after all the times I've done it since that first time it still sends the same thrill through me. I smile at him and turn to head towards our room.

I spend about ten minutes in the shower, making sure I'm squeaky clean inside and out. Once I'm dried off I slip into a pair of cotton gym shorts and walk back to the living room. I find Mark sitting in the recliner, his legs spread just a little and looking every bit as hot as he did that morning he took me fishing. He's wearing nothing but jeans and looking damn good doing it. I smile at him and come around the side of the chair, turning around and sitting on his lap, my left arm around his neck. I lean in for a kiss and bring my right hand up to his face to touch his beard again. We hold the kiss for about twenty seconds and he breaks it and smiles at me.

"You taste good. You smell a little different though; what're you wearing?"

I grin. "Jared's Speedstick. I couldn't find my deodorant; I guess I ran out and forgot to buy more."

He smirks and grins. "That's my fault, babe; I used the last of it when I took my shower. Sorry. I'll try my best not to picture him while we're together."

I laugh. "Yeah, do that." I grin at him and run my fingers around his face. "When I walked out here I got a mental image of you the morning you took me fishing. Little did I know that morning that I'd be sitting in your lap right now."

He grins. "I guess I was one step ahead of ya that morning; I knew."

"Well I can't tell you how happy I am things turned out the way they did. I love you. I love our life together and I love our family. You asked me once if having you was my dream, and I have to tell ya, I wasn't even close when I said yes. You've given me so much more than I ever dreamed of. You and that boy are my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything."

He smiles. "I believe Jared and I made out damn good on that deal as well. I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, my lover and my life partner. It's not how I ever pictured my life but I wouldn't trade it for anything either. I love you, Brian; with everything I am."

I smile and kiss him. "I love you too."

He reaches behind my head and pulls me back into him, our lips meeting and our tongues searching each other's out. I turn a little on his lap and wrap my arms around him, moaning into his mouth. About a minute into the kiss I feel something pressing against my ass. I break the kiss and grin at him.

"I guess I still turn you on, huh?"

He grins. "Oh yeah..."

He pulls me back into him and we continue making out; moaning a little and pulling on each other's bodies. We've been making out for about two or three minutes when he pulls his arms away and brings them under my legs and back. The next thing I know I'm being lifted while he brings himself off the chair and forward, laying me down on the floor and coming down on top of me. I spread my legs and let him lie down between them, bringing them back around and locking his legs down with mine. While I'm locking him down with my legs I bring my right hand down onto his ass and pull him deeper into me, moaning into his mouth again. After kissing me for another minute, he breaks the kiss and then runs his tongue down my chin onto my neck and then over to my left nipple; sucking it into his mouth and biting a little. I arch my back a little and moan out.

"Oh God... Yeah, baby, just like that."

He works my left nipple for a little while and then drags his tongue across my chest and sucks the right one into his mouth, biting down a little on it. I pull down on his ass, grinding his crotch into mine and moaning again. I've always known I had sensitive nipples but never knew how sensitive until he starting biting them one time. Nobody had ever done that to me before and we both discovered it was a hell of a turn on for me. He works both my nipples for about five minutes, eliciting moans of pleasure from me and then kisses each one and looks up at me, grinning.

"I love the way your body responds when I do that; it's really hot."

I grin. "Yeah, well what you were doing is really hot."

He smiles and then leans down, dragging his tongue up my chest to my neck again. I thought he was going to come in for a kiss but he makes a right and runs his tongue along my neck, nibbling a little while en route to my ear. He sucks my ear lobe into his mouth and I moan again and turn my head a little to give him better access. He sucks and nibbles on my ear lobe for a few seconds before running his tongue around the outside edge of my ear. I reach up with my left hand and pull his head in closer, moaning out and arching my body up again. He moans and thrusts down into me, pushing me back down onto the floor.

I grab his ass tighter and pull him deeper into me, feeling his hard dick through his jeans, pressing into mine and grinding together, making us both moan. He continues to nibble and lick my ear while I grab and massage his ass with my right hand; my left running around his head, feeling his hair run under my fingers. He spends a minute or so with my ear before pulling his head back and coming in for another hot kiss, his tongue sliding into my mouth. We start making out again, our tongues battling for dominance and our breathing getting heavier. Once we're both panting and moaning into each other's mouths, he pulls his head and smiles down at me.

"Damn, you're so good at that."

I smile back. "I have great motivation right now. I want you outta of those damn jeans and both of us on something a little more comfortable than the floor."

He grins. "You can have the first wish."

I smirk. "You're taking me on the floor, huh?"


I grin up at him and then thrust my body up and over, rolling us over and making him the bottom boy for the moment. He's grinning up at me while spreading his legs apart a little while grabbing my ass with both hands and pulling me down into him. I lean down and kiss him, holding it for just a few seconds and then pull back and start working my way down his chin to his neck and eventually his chest while he releases his hold on my ass. I start running my tongue around the hair on his chest, working my way towards his right nipple. I suck his nipple into my mouth and then bite down just a little. It pops up immediately and he moans out. I smile on his nipple and continue sucking it and occasionally grazing my teeth across it. He brings his hands up and grabs the back of my head, pulling me harder into his chest and squirms a little as I bite down again. He moans again and starts running his hands through my hair. After spending about a minute on his right nipple, I drag my tongue across his chest, feeling the hair tickle my chin and land on his left one; his hands still on my head, following my movements. I start licking his left nipple, my tongue working it and my lips sucking on, making it just as hard as the right one. He moans out again.

"Oh God, that feels so good, Brian."

I continue sucking and nibbling on his left nipple for about another minute before I start my decent to my actual goal. I slowly work my way down his torso, licking and kissing my way down, feeling his body hair tickle my chin the entire way down. I'm leaning over him, on my knees with my legs pulled in and bringing my hands into the game to get to the button and zipper on his jeans. I look up at him and smile.

"Wish number one."

He grins at me and watches as I undo the button and then slowly pull his zipper down. I can see the outline of his hard dick pressing against the denim of his jeans and I smile at it. I'm seconds away from my favorite play toy and pretty happy with it. After I get his zipper pulled down, I spread the fly of his jeans apart and am very happy to find that he's going commando tonight. I look up at him and smile for a second and then spread the fly farther apart, letting his throbbing dick out of the confines. I'd love to just shove it in my mouth but I want to get his jeans off first; I don't want any distractions once I get started. I sit up and walk backwards on my knees, working my way down to his feet while looking at him and smiling. He grins up at me and winks.

I sit back for a moment before grabbing the left leg of his jeans and just look at him lying there, enjoying the view of his sexy body laid out before me. After checking him out for a few seconds I decide to just do both legs at once; I want my prize now. I grab both cuffs of his jeans and just yank on them, pulling his jeans down his legs while he lifts first his ass up and then his legs. I drop the legs and grab the crotch of his jeans, pulling them off and then chucking them over my head. He laughs and then lowers his legs down again, spreading them apart about enough for me to come back between them.

I take another quick look at him and then lower my head down, my tongue coming out and landing on his right ankle. I start licking my way back up his leg, laying soft kisses along the way until I'm back at my target. I'm still on my knees, leaning down over him and once I'm within tongue distance of his throbbing cock I just sink it down my throat, my tongue working back and forth along the bottom of his shaft. He grunts and moans while thrusting up a little. I reach up with my left hand and grab his balls while my mouth starts sucking up and down on his dick, taking it down a little over half way before coming back up and doing it again. About the fourth time I've gone down on him he grabs my head with both hands and follows my movements. I've been sucking his dick for about a minute, my tongue working its magic on the underside when he moans again and the stops my head with his hands.

"What do we do if they walk back in; like if they forgot something?"

I can't believe he's thinking this right now. I pull off his dick and look up at him.

"We tell them to take notes. Now shut up."

He smirks and I go back down on him, feeling the spongy head of his dick hit the back of my throat. I can also taste the pre-cum that oozing out of it and it gives me even more encouragement. I start sucking up and down while massaging his balls, going down as far as I can while my tongue swirls around, lapping up the tastes of his dick and his pre-cum. After another minute or so I pull off his dick and lean my head down lower, replacing my left hand with my mouth on his balls, sucking them in. He moans out again.

"Oh fuck... Yeah, Brian, suck on my balls; I love that. Fuck that feels so good."

I suck his balls, alternating back and forth between the right and left for a couple of minutes and then run my tongue back up the underside of his now throbbing, leaking cock. When I reach the head, I swirl my tongue around a few times, lapping up the pre-cum that's there and then shove it back in my mouth. He grunts, shoves his hips up and moans again. I spend another five minutes sucking his dick, keeping a pretty smooth, steady rhythm before he uses his hands to pull my head up. I look up at him.

"You're getting close already?"

"Not close, close, but I was hoping for more than a blow job." He grins. "How about you bring that cute, sexy ass around here and let me work on you?"

I grin at him. "Are you thinking sixty-nine?"

"It's a start but I have something else in mind."

"So you think you're taking my ass, huh?"

He grins. "Well not taking it, but I was sure hoping it would come into play. I love your ass, babe."

"You're just gonna do a spit and shove on my poor ass?"

He smirks and grins. "No, of course not. If you'll reach into the right pocket of the jeans you threw across the rooms you'll find a small bottle of lube in there."

I grin. "Planning ahead, were we?"

"I was a Boy Scout." He laughs.

I roll my eyes and grin, turning to grab the jeans I'd thrown over my shoulder. After reaching them and getting the lube out of his pocket I turn back around and lay it on the floor next to his shoulder. He smiles at me while I yank my shorts off and thrown them across the room. I then knee-walk around him, coming around his head and lying down over him, lining my hard dick up with his mouth and lowering myself back on his, sucking it in down to his balls and making him grunt and moan again. Just as I'm pulling back up I feel his mouth on mine, sucking me in balls-deep and making me moan on his. He holds me in his mouth for about 10 seconds before pulling back up at about the same time I'm going back down on him. We set up this alternating deep-throat sixty-nine, just going balls-deep on each other in opposing rhythm. It's the best sixty-nine I've ever experienced. Just when I'm about to the head of his dick I feel his chin whiskers hitting my balls. And when he's circling his tongue around the head of my cock I feel his pubic hair tickling my chin. We've been going at it like this for about five or six minutes when he turns his face sideways, my leaking dick sliding out of his mouth.

"Scoot forward about a foot and then come back."

I pull off his dick. "What?"

He smirks. "Sit on my face, goof."

I giggle. "Oh! Fuck yeah!"

As I'm getting into position he grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them apart while I'm coming down on his face. I can feel his breath on my hole as I lower myself down, his tongue making contact and his lips locking on my ass. I moan out.

"Oh fuck yeah... Yeah, that's it, eat my fuckin' ass."

Like a good Boy Scout he follows orders to the letter. He starts chowing down on my ass, slathering his tongue around and then poking it in my hole and then moving his head up and down. I don't think either one of us ever would've believed he'd be eating a man's ass, but he's incredibly good at it. I don't know how good he was at eating his wife but his ass eating skills just reaffirm my opinion that she was a complete idiot for leaving him. I'm sitting half-way up, my ass on his face, his tongue buried in my ass and I'm moaning and panting. He still has both hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them apart and his face moving all around while his tongue explores my hole. He likes to lick around and around my hole a few times before slamming his tongue in and fucking me with it and then licking my cheeks and starting over again. It's an amazing thing to experience and he's become an expert at it.

"Oh fuck, Mark, eat my fucking ass, babe. Lick it and fuck me with your tongue."

He starts vigorously moving his head up and down, his tongue licking and fucking my hole. I start panting louder and moaning again. He does this for about a minute, just going to town on my ass before he pushes me forward a little with his hands while bring his head up. He buries his face in my ass and just shoves his tongue in as far as it'll go, while at the same time still holding my ass cheeks with his hands. I lean back down and take his dripping cock back in my mouth and start sucking up and down again, going balls-deep and coming back up, licking around the head a few times and sinking back down on him. He spends another couple of minutes eating my ass and then pulls his face out, slaps my right cheek kind of hard and grunts.

"Fuck! I love your fuckin' ass!"

I pull off his cock and turn to my right a little. "My ass loves your fuckin' mouth. That was like the greatest ass eating ever, babe!"

He grins. "You ain't lyin'. I can't get over how much I love eating your ass; it's the greatest thing ever."

I smirk and grin. "Well maybe not the greatest but damn close."

"Yeah, the greatest is next. Stay right where you are; just in that position."

He reaches next to him and grabs the bottle of lube, unscrewing the cap as he brings it up to eye level. I know what's coming so I just lower my head again and take his cock back in my mouth, going down about half-way and just holding him there. The next thing I feel is a wet finger on my hole and a little pressure as he stops at my opening. I pull back to the head of dick and lick around a few times and go back down. He sticks his index finger in my ass and slowly goes all the way in and stops. He stays motionless for about ten seconds and then starts twisting just a little before pulling back out. I moan onto his dick and sink back down on him. He continues to finger my hole while I suck his cock, he adding a second finger to the mix and me tasting more and more of his sweet pre-cum. When he decides he has me ready he slaps my ass again and I pull off his cock and turn again, grinning at him.

He smiles at me. "I love you. I have it really, really bad for your ass right now. I want to see it while I'm in you. I want you to just scoot down and then sit on my dick. I wanna watch your ass riding my cock, babe."

I grin at him and move down on my hands and knees a little, lining myself up with his throbbing, leaking cock. I reach behind me and grab his dick while at the same time bringing myself up and back a little, lining everything up. I feel the head of his cock at my hole and just relax myself and sit on it, feeling him slide up inside of me. When I have him buried in me we both moan out. I sit there for a few seconds, letting things adjust and then pull up just a little and then back down. He grunts and I moan. I keep him buried in me for a few more seconds and then start riding up and down on his cock, his hands on my ass cheeks again, following my movements. He lightly smacks my left cheek and moans.

"Oh fuck... That looks so fuckin' hot, Brian. Ride my cock, babe; bounce on my fuckin' cock, boy."

"It feels fuckin' hot too, baby; I love it."

I increase the rhythm of my riding, feeling his cock fire up my ass and then back out and returning to hit my prostate. I continue in this position for about a minute, but I'm still on my knees, my legs on the outside of his and I can't do much more in this position. I sit down on his cock with him buried balls-deep in me and bring my hands down palm-flat on the floor, leaning back a little. I then bring my legs out one at a time, placing my feet flat on the floor. I lean forward a little and then bring my arms forward and let them rest on my knees and lean forward a little more. I start bouncing on his dick, using every inch of him to satisfy myself. We both start grunting. He calls out.

"Oh fuck! Yeah, Brian, that's fucking hot! Fuck yeah, boy; ride my fucking cock!"

"It's fucking great, Mark; it feels so good!"

"It looks so good, babe. I can't believe how hot that looks. Ride my dick, baby; keep ridin'"

I continue to bounce up and down on him, feeling the head hit my prostate again and again as I ride up and down. We've done some different positions before but hadn't made it to this one yet. It happens to be an old favorite of mine and I'm starting to wonder why I waited until now to do it with Mark. He seems to be enjoying the hell out of it. I've been riding him like this for a couple of minutes when I just bury his cock in my ass as far as it'll go and stop. I then start grinding back and forth on him, just rocking my hips back and forth. He grunts and grabs my hips, pushing me down a little harder and following my movements. After rocking on him for a minute I go back to bouncing on him, feeling his cock fire up my ass and hitting my prostate again. I look down at my own cock and notice the puddle of pre-cum and how tight my balls are pulled up. I've never gotten off hands-free before and I'm wondering if I can make it happen. I just keep riding Mark, bouncing and grinding on him, my own dick bouncing in rhythm with our fucking. He interrupts my thoughts.

"Fuck Brian, that's about the hottest thing I've ever watched. Do you know how fuckin' hot you look riding me like that?"

I giggle. "I can imagine. Face it, babe, you just like watching my ass swallow your dick."

"I love watching your ass swallow my dick. We gotta do this again."

"Well we're not done this time yet. Hang in there, cowboy; there's more to come."

He laughs. "You're the cowboy this time, babe. Ride that fuckin' cock, cowboy!"

"Yee haw."

We both laugh and I get back into my zone. I'm still riding and grinding on him, feeling the head of his dick hit my prostate every time I bury him inside of me. I love the feel of having him inside me, and this definitely rates in the top three of our lovemaking exercises. When I've been bouncing on his dick for another few minutes I lean my head back a little while reaching my hands up to my own chest and start playing with my nipples, tweaking and pinching them. I have my eyes closed and I'm just lost in the space I've created; feeling nothing but his cock firing in and out of my ass and my fingers on my nipples. I can also feel my own dick throbbing and bouncing in time with my movements and it's more of a turn on than I ever imagined. We're both grunting and panting. Mark is swearing from time to time, telling me how great this is and how hot my ass looks. I've been riding and grinding on him for about ten minutes, just lost in my own little world. I finally open my eyes and look down at my own cock. It's leaking pre-cum like a fountain and still bouncing around but I still haven't busted my load. And believe me, I really need to bust one right now. I'm more turned on and horny than I ever remember being in my life.

I decide I need to get some for myself while he's getting his. I stop riding him, just sitting down on him, burying his dick up my ass and slowly move myself around, turning by using my feet and end up facing him. He's just looking up at me. I smile at him and start rocking my hips a little. I still have my feet flat on the floor and my legs spread as much as I can in this position. I need access to my own cock. I begin riding him again, just moving up and down his dick in a smooth, steady rhythm. When I feel his dick start to hit my prostate again I reach down and grab my own cock, stroking it slowly, waiting for the build-up. He looks at me and grins and then moans when I flex my ass muscles on his cock. I just keep stroking my cock in rhythm to the thrusting in my ass. After a few minutes of this I stop, with him buried in me and bring my legs back out. I want to be able to fire off a few rounds and I can't bring myself off with my knees up to my chest. I get situated and start riding him again, while at the same time pumping my own cock and playing with my balls with my left hand. I stay in this position for another two minutes and I'm at the point of no return. I look at him.

"I'm gonna fuckin' cum all over your face."

He grins. "Do it."

I start slowly stroking the head of my cock, just lightly rubbing my fingers back and forth. I feel it there; it's right at the door just waiting for it to open. I keep rubbing my thumb and forefinger over the head of my dick, just slowly massaging it. I know this is the best method for a good launch; it lets it build up and then just fire out like a missile. I flex my ass muscles on his cock again, feeling him hit my prostate one last time and I feel my load rushing up the length of my cock.

"Fuck! Oh fuck..."

I pinch the head of my dick for just a second and then let go, watching as the first salvo flies out and lands right on his face, just below his eye on his right cheek. I can hear the splat as it hits his skin, but before I can admire my work the next one flies out and lands on his nose, running down onto his lips. He sticks his tongue out and sucks it in. The next three launch out in quick succession, the first one landing on his chin and the other two on his neck. Just as I'm watching those run down the last few squirt out and land on his chest, laying a bead of my cum down to his belly button. I let go of my cock and just smile down at him, panting.

"I hope you were hungry."

He laughs. "No shit. That was fucking awesome, babe; do it again."

I smirk and giggle. "You wish. I'm outta ammo; the rest is up to you."

"I think I can arrange that. If you can, lift yourself up just a little; it's my turn." He smiles at me.

I do as requested and lift up just a little. He grabs my hips and begins thrusting up into me, his cock slamming home on every inbound thrust and then pulling out to the head before slamming back home again. We both start moaning again, him grunting every time his hips meet my ass. He stays with this action for about four or five minutes before he gives me a pre-emptive warning. My prostate is on fire again, and I'm sweating and feeling his cock fire in and out of my ass; I barely hear him.

"You want this fuckin' load?"

I moan and clench my ass muscles tightly. He moans out, pulls me down hard on him and cut's loose in me.

"Oh fuck! Fuck... Oh... Fuck me, Brian; take this fucking load!"

I continue flexing my ass on his dick as he unloads in me, feeling myself getting white-washed on the inside. We're both panting and moaning, and he lets out a grunt with every salvo of juice that fires up inside of me. When he's finally spent himself inside of me he looks up at me and grins. I look down at him, noticing he's just as sweaty as I feel and smile back at him.

"That was fuckin' hot as hell, babe. Like I said, we gotta do this again."

I'm still panting a little but manage a smile. "Next time we do it on the washer during the spin cycle."

He laughs. "Cool. Bring a blanket or something; that porcelain is cold on my ass."

I giggle. "You have experience with the washer?"

"No... I just know it's hard and cold. Bring a blanket. Now come down here and kiss me."

I lean forward and lick some of my own cum off his face and then feed it to him; meeting his tongue and then his lips. We kiss for a few seconds before I pull back and smile at him.

"Not bad... I prefer yours though."

"I prefer yours. Feed me some more." He grins.

I lean down and lick up a little more and kiss him again. He sucks it off my tounge and then wraps his arms around my head and pulls me down. I was actually staying above him so I didn't get full of cum but I guess this is good too. We make out for a minute or so before he turns his head just a little and I break the kiss and pull back. I smile at him again.

"You did that on purpose."

"I always kiss you on purpose."

"Not that, the smearing my own jizz all over my front."

He grins. "You think I'm the only one who should be sweaty and cummy?"

I smirk. "That was my goal when I hosed you down."

We both laugh. He grabs my neck and pulls me back down, his lips finding mine and his tongue seeking entrance into my mouth. While we're kissing he runs his hands down my back and pulls me harder into him, making sure I'm just as covered as he. While we're doing this I feel his cock slip out of my ass and I break the kiss and smile at him.

"What'd you go and do that for?"

"You did that; I was trying to stay camped out in there."

"Well I think we should take this to the shower. We're both sweating like pigs and now we're covered in jizz; thanks to you."

He laughs. "Don't blame me; mine is all tucked up inside where it belongs."

"I see your point. Well we still need to clean ourselves up before we stick together permanently."

"We already are." He smiles.

"Yes we are. I love you." I lean down and give him a quick kiss. "Now get up. I promise the shower will be good too." I grin.

"I love you too. Thank you for tonight."

"Thank your son; he left."

He laughs. "You kicked him out."

"I did not! Daniel kidnapped him. Let's go play in the water."

After getting ourselves extricated and up we made it to the shower, where we spent about twenty-five minutes just washing each other and kissing and holding each other. We would've stayed longer but we ran out of hot water, and we even had the water on at a trickle. We dried ourselves off and both just put on some cotton gym shorts and went back to the living room. We were about to sit on the couch and I turned to him.

"Would you like something to drink before we camp?"

"No. I have everything I need in my arms."

"Sweet-talker. Good. You can spend the rest of the evening holding me in your arms."

"That was my plan."

He leans forward and kisses me, holding it for a just a few seconds and then lies down on the couch while still holding my hand. Once he's comfortable I turn and lie down next to him, cuddling back into him, his arm around me and his lips touching and kissing my left ear. I smile and relax back into him.

"I like this too. Can you reach that throw behind you?"

I can feel him smile on my ear. "I can keep ya warm."

"I have no doubt of that. I wanna be snuggled and covered though."

He reaches behind him and brings the throw down over us, kind of slinging it out so it spreads a little. Once he has us covered from the waist down he wraps his arm around my front and pulls me in tight again. He then kisses my ear, smiles and snuggles his head into the back of my neck. I bring my arm down over his, covering it with my own and snuggle deeper into him, smiling. This is better than sex.