Road Rage

Chapter 4:

We've been standing about a foot apart from each other during our whole conversation. I reach up and grab his head, pulling him to me, my mouth landing on his and my left hand coming up under him and grabbing his crotch. He moans into my mouth and I take the opportunity to slide my tongue into his. We both moan. I continue rubbing his dick through his jeans while I'm making out with him and I feel it growing quickly. I rub my finger along the length of his cock a few times and then reach lower and grab his balls, pulling them up and squeezing a little. He moans and breaks the kiss.

"Fuck... Damn, you're not jokin'. That feels fuckin' great, Brian."

"Good. Shut up and kiss me."

He lands on my mouth and slams his tongue in, making both of us moan again. I continue rubbing his cock and balls through his jeans. After a minute his hands start sliding down my back and he grabs my ass and pulls me tighter into him. I moan loudly and thrust my now hard cock into his. He grabs and kneads my ass, thrusting his crotch into mine and moaning into my mouth. After a couple of minutes I bring both of my hands around behind him and grab his ass, pulling him hard into me. This is like ten fantasies about him rolled into one hot make-out session. I start kneading and massaging his ass, just as he's doing to mine and our tongues are battling it out in our mouths. We're both panting and moaning now, thrusting our crotches together and playing some serious grab-ass. After another minute of this he breaks the kiss, panting and pulls back a little, staring in my eyes.

"Fuck... I can't remember the last time I was this fuckin' turned on. Fuck. Come on."

He pulls back from me while taking my hand in his and leading me into our tent. I guess he either wants to break in the sleeping bags or he's worried about someone watching but he's definitely motivated. We get in the tent, standing on our knees and he's back on my mouth and reaching in front of me this time, grabbing my dick through my jeans and moaning into my mouth. I grab his ass and pull him into me while moaning into his mouth and trying to reach his throat with my tongue. We make out for another couple of minutes before I break the kiss and bring my hands up to his neck. I start ripping his shirt open, popping buttons as I work my way down. I finally get his shirt open and bring my head down, landing hard on his right nipple and sucking it into my mouth. He moans and grabs the back of my head, pulling me in tight.

"Oh fuck... God that feels so good."

While I'm sucking his nipple my hands are back around him and grabbing his ass again. He has both of his hands on my head, moving my head back and forth across his chest so I can work on both nipples. I've been biting and sucking on his left nipple when he yanks my head away and brings me in for another hot kiss. He kisses me for about twenty seconds and pulls away as hard as he landed on me.

"Fuck... I'm gonna fuckin' cum if you keep that up."

I grin at him. "That's kind of the idea, sexy man."

He smirks. "Yeah, but not in my fuckin' jeans; that's not cool. It makes me look like some teenager on his first make-out session."

I giggle and smile at him. "Well I wouldn't be opposed to takin' that first load down my throat and then working on making you cough up a few more later." He grins and smirks. "When was the last time you busted a nut?"

He rolls his eyes. "God, I don't even remember. Is that fucked up or what?"

I grin. "That's good news for me; I get more."

He laughs. "Are you sayin' you're cum hungry?"

"Fuck yeah."

I grin at him and reach back in front of him and pop the button on his jeans, pulling the zipper down. I reach in and grab his cock, pushing his underwear and jeans down a little. I can't believe I actually have his hard, throbbing, leaking cock in my hand. I look down at it. Oh yeah... I look at it for a few moments, stroking it in my hand and then I'm dropping down onto my knees and elbows and taking him in my mouth. Oh fuck yeah... He tastes so good. I lick around the head once and then take him down as far as I can, managing about five inches and holding him there, sweeping my tongue back and forth a couple of times before coming back up to the head. He moans really loudly and grabs my head.

"Oh fuck! Oh my God... Fuck."

I go back down again, taking him about the same five inches and do the same thing with my tongue before pulling back to the head and then swirling my tongue around it five or six times and taking him back in again. He moans out again and thrusts his hips forward, driving his cock down my throat. I do it a couple more times before I decide I need to taste his nuts too. I pull off his cock and use my hands to shove his jeans and underwear down more. He helps out and we get his clothes down to his knees and I'm back on him in a heartbeat. I suck his cock another minute or so before pulling off and running my tongue down the length of it and landing on his balls. I suck first one and then the other into my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around. I let them pop out of my mouth and then stick my tongue out and run it under his ball sack and then all over them and then repeating a couple of times. He's moaning and panting above me, his hands in my hair, following my movements. I finish with his balls for now and then run my tongue back up the length of his cock, stopping at the head to lick and kiss it a few times before swallowing his cock again.

"Oh fuck! Fuck, baby, you're fuckin' great at that! Oh God..."

I want to show him what a really great blow job feels like but I don't want him to cum so soon. I'm kind of unsure what to do. I keep sucking his cock in and out of my mouth, licking around the head every time I come up and then going back down. I decide I want the load. I reach up with my right hand and grab his balls while I'm going down on him and then squeeze them kinda hard while swishing my tongue back and forth on his cock. He moans out loudly again.

"Oh, fuck me! Fuck, you're fuckin' great at that. I'm gonna fuckin' cum, dude. I'm so close."

I nod my head on his cock and just keep sucking and pulling on his balls. I pull off his cock and spit on it and then go back down. He moans and calls out oh fuck, that's hot. I suck him up and down a couple of times and do it again, spitting all over his cock and balls and then going back down.

"Fuck... That's fuckin' hot as hell, baby. Spit on my fuckin' cock."

I suck a few more times and pull off and spit on his cock again. I watch the saliva run down and drop off onto his underwear and then do it again, working up a nice load of spit. I spit it out, watching it land on his cock and balls and then shove his cock back in my mouth, sucking the saliva back in and then pulling off and spitting it back out on him. I look at it for a second and then shove his cock back in my mouth, moaning on it. I start sucking him hard and fast, squeezing his balls and then tugging on them. I suck about thirty more seconds before I get my warning.

"I'm fuckin' cummin'! Oh shit, I'm fuckin' cummin'!"

I pull up about half-way and wait for the load to come shooting onto my tongue. I don't have a long wait. Five seconds later I'm feeling the first wave of warm, sweet Mark jizz hitting my tongue and then going down the back of my throat. He grabs my head and tries to pull me down on his cock but I'm more interested in tasting it before it goes down my throat. I start nursing his cock with my tongue and lips while he floods my mouth with about seven loads of hot, juicy, tasty Mark spoo. When he's spent himself into my mouth he yells out.

"Fuck!! Oh fuck yeah!"

I start nursing his cock with my tongue and lips again for a few seconds, keeping a really small amount of juice on my tongue. I pull off his cock, bring myself up and land on his mouth, shoving my tongue in to give him a taste of his own juice. I don't know if he's ever tasted it before and I'm a little afraid of his reaction but it seems like a really hot idea. He moans into my mouth and starts making out with me. Oh hell yeah. We make out for about a minute before he pulls back, panting. I smile at him.

"Oh fuck... Oh fuck... Oh man. That was like the best fuckin' nut I ever remember havin'. Oh my God..."

"I'm glad you liked. I fuckin' loved it! Fuck, baby, you have a tasty fuckin' cock. I want more and more; as much as you'll let me have."

He grins. "Fuck, anytime you want it, it yours. Oh my God... Damn, you're fuckin' great at that. You're weren't jokin', baby; you're one hell of a cocksucker. No offense."

I laugh. "None taken. So, ah, did you like tasting yourself on my tongue?"

He grins. "Yeah, it wasn't bad. Or maybe I was just so zoned I didn't even notice it. You gave me a treat?"

I grin. "I did. I saved a little for ya. Wanted to see if you were OK with it."

He smirks. "I'm OK with it. I knew when you kissed me you'd just swallowed my load; it didn't faze me."

I smile. "Good. So now what would you like to do? Can I start again, taking it more slowly this time and get you stripped outta those clothes? I'd kinda like to taste all of you."

He smiles big. "Hell yeah."

"Sit on your ass; let's get those boots and jeans off ya."

He grins. "You're giving the orders now?"

"Yes. Deal with it."

He smiles. "OK."

He sits down on his ass and I un-tie his boots and pull them off his feet, slinging them over my shoulder. He laughs. I pull his socks off and then tug his jeans off, the underwear coming with them. I'm happy to see my man wears boxer-briefs. It'll be nice to be able to actually see him in nothing but them; I bet he looks fuckin' hot that way. He looks pretty damn hot the way he is right now. He's sitting there on my sleeping bag, his feet flat, his knees bent, his legs spread open a little. I've never seen a sexier sight. He still has his shirt hanging off his shoulders and he's looking at me with a shy smile; he knows he's being inspected from head to toe. I smile at him.

"Fuckin' incredible." He blushes and grins. "Goddamn, you are so hot. Do you have any idea how fucking sexy you are?"

He blushes and looks away for a second. "No, but I'll take your word for it. Thank you. You're pretty fuckin' sexy, too, you know."

I grin. "Thanks. I didn't think you'd noticed."

He laughs. "Arrogant much?"

I laugh. "No, just kidding. But yeah, I really didn't think you'd noticed."

He blushes again. "Well I have. Not that I've ever checked out a guy, but I've been checkin' you out. You are very sexy, baby."

I smile and blush. "Thank you."

He grins. "So I'm sitting here ninety percent naked and you're still dressed. When I do I get to put you under inspection?"

I blush again. "When you take my clothes off."

He smiles and leans forward, reaching up for my shirt buttons. I smile at him and look down, watching him un-do the buttons on my shirt. He gets the buttons un-done and pulls the shirt out of my jeans, followed by pushing it back off my shoulders. I reach both arms behind me and pull the shirt sleeves off, throwing the shirt over his head. He grins. He looks at my chest and then at my face. He smiles, making me blush and grin.


I blush again. "Thanks."

He reaches forward again and grabs the waistband of my jeans. He uses both hands to undo the first button and then just rips open the others by spreading the fly apart. I smile at him. He grins and looks back at my crotch. He looks back at me and grins.

"You're hard and wet."

"I sure the fuck am. You did that."

He smiles. "I did that, huh?"

"You sure did. I've been rock hard and leakin' since you kissed me the first time."

He blushes. "Who knew I had such skill."

I smile. "I did."

"Sit on your ass."

"Yes Sir."

He smiles. I sit kind of sideways on my ass and then pull my feet out in front of me, resting my legs on his knees, moving my ass to where I'm lined up again. He smiles again. Instead of reaching for the laces of my boots like I was expecting he reaches up and runs the fingers of his right hand around my chest. I moan. He grins. He lightly runs his fingers around and then stops at my left nipple and grabs it between his thumb and forefinger and pinching it. I moan and we both watch as my nipple gets hard. He grins again. He runs his fingers over to the other one and does the same. It gets hard immediately. My man's touching me for the first time and my responses are immediate and powerful. He sticks his right forefinger out and rubs it up and down over my nipple, watching it slide across his finger. I moan again and close my eyes for a moment. He does the same to my other nipple and then runs his finger down my chest and down my treasure trail, stopping when he gets to the waist band of my underwear. He looks me in the eyes for a moment and then back down. He looks back up for a quick second, smiles at me and then looks back down. He then runs his finger over the head of my cock, running it through the wet spot on my underwear and bringing it up to his mouth. I watch, amazed and incredibly turned on as he sucks his finger into his mouth. He holds it there for about ten seconds before pulling it out and smiling at me.

"Not bad... Kinda tasty actually."

I smile. He reaches back to my cock and takes another finger full of pre-cum, only this time feeding it to me. I suck his finger into my mouth and moan on it. He smiles. He pulls his finger out of my mouth and goes back for another one. I watch as he rubs his finger around in circles a few times on the head of my cock, getting it wet and then moan as he brings it up to his mouth and rubs it around his lips before sucking it into his mouth. I've seen some incredibly hot things in my life but that was the hottest thing ever. He pulls his finger out and smiles at me again. I moan.

"Oh God..."

He grins. Now that I'm enjoying this pre-cum show he's putting on for me he reaches down to my feet instead and starts un-tying my boots. He gets my boots and socks off, throwing them both over my shoulder and laughing. He looks at me and grins.

"Lift your ass up."

I lift immediately and he tugs my jeans down my legs and pulls them off my feet. He's left my underwear on. He grins at me, wads my jeans up in a ball and throws them over my head.

He smiles at me. "Now we're both ninety percent naked."

I smile. "That we are."

"Lean back on your elbows."

I grin and lean back, looking at him. He blushes and starts running his eyes down my body, finishing with my feet and working his way back up. He smiles again when he locks eyes with me.

"Fuck... Oh man. I never pictured myself in this moment but I have to say, you are fuckin' hot and sexy." I flush crimson and he smiles. "Don't get embarrassed; you are."

"I'm not embarrassed; I'm overwhelmed."

He grins. "Don't be that either; it's just me."

"Yeah, saying things I never hoped to hear you say."

He blushes. "Yeah, well I've been told I need to be more vocal about things."

"I can't wait to meet Jared; I own him my life."

He laughs. "What makes you think it was Jared?"

"He's your go-to man."

"Yeah, well I'd like to think I have two of `em now."

I smile from ear to ear. "You do."

He smiles. "Good. Now teach me some more."

"You were doing just great on your own. Watching you lick my pre-cum off your fingers was the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life."

He grins and lies down on his side. He looks at me.

"You just gonna stay over there?"

I bring myself up and slide over next to him, lying down on my side next to him and putting my arm over him, pulling myself in close. I'm lying down next to my man and I've never been happier. He looks at me and grins.

"Is this that skin to skin contact you were talkin' about?"

I smile. "It's part of it."

"I see why you wanted to do it; it feels great."

"It does, but it gets better."

"Show me."

I push him down on his back and crawl on top of him, straddling his waist and come down on his neck with my mouth. I start sucking and nibbling on his neck, working my way down to his chest. I run my tongue from nipple to nipple, just lightly grazing him as I drag my tongue back and forth. He moans and thrusts up into my ass. I lick back and forth three times and then stop on his right nipple and suck it into my mouth, biting it lightly. He moans and thrusts again. I suck his right nipple for a minute and then drag my tongue back across his chest and suck the left one in. He reaches behind me, grabs my ass and thrusts up into me again. I can feel his cock getting hard against my own cock and it spurs me on more. I start going to town on his nipples, just sucking, biting, licking and kissing them for about five more minutes. He's had my ass in his hands the entire time and been thrusting up into me. I pull up and smile at him.

"That feels really good; what you're doin' back there with my ass."

He grins. "It does. You like that?"

"I love it."

"Do you want me to do more with it?"

I smile. "You can do whatever the hell you want with it. I'm yours, Mark; all of me."

"Not just yet. I wanna see where this goes first."

I grin. "It was goin' with you tryin' to bury your cock in my ass, but OK."

He giggles. "I couldn't help myself. I'll be good for a little while."

I lean back down and kiss his chest. I then start working my tongue down his treasure trail, breaking the hold he had on my ass. I'm scooting my body down his as my tongue works its way down his body. When I get to the bottom of his trail the head of his cock bumps into my chin and we both giggle. I lift my head just a little and continue my tongue bath down the length of his cock. I swirl my tongue around his balls a couple of times, run my tongue back up his cock, kissing the head and then land in his pubes. He moans.

"Goddamn, you're good; you have me really turned on again."

I lift my head up. "That's the idea."

I drop my head back down and start licking my way back up his trail to his nipples. I work each nipple for a moment and then continue up to his neck again. I lick his neck a few times and then run my tongue under his chin, coming over and licking his lips. I run my tongue around his lips a few times and then come in for a hot, sweaty kiss, holding it for about a minute. His hands are back on my ass and he's pulling me hard against him. His cock is rubbing against my balls and driving me crazy. He's one up on me; he's had some release; I've been hard for the last half hour without even touching myself. I moan into his mouth and then lift my head up, looking down at him.

"Fuck... You think you're getting turned on; you don't know the half of it, baby."

He grins. "Would you like a little release?"

"I'd like a lot of release. What'd you have in mind?"

He blushes. "Like I said, I don't know if I'll be any good, but I'd like to try it. Wanna blowjob?" He grins.

I smile. "That's like askin' that trout if he'd like some water. Fuck yeah."

He laughs. "Get off me sexy man and on your back."

"Yes Sir!"

I roll off him and lie down on my back, looking at him, smiling. He blushes and then leans over me, kisses me and then runs his tongue down my chest and trail, much like I did to his. I moan loudly and pant. He stops at my belly button and licks around it, making me giggle. He likes the reaction and does it several more times. I finally grab his head and push him down. He laughs and then sticks his tongue out and licks the head of my cock through my underwear.

"Oh fuck... God that felt good."

He looks at me and grins and then looks at my cock again. He licks the head again and then runs his tongue down my shaft to my balls and back up; all through my underwear. He licks the head a couple more times, getting more pre-cum on his tongue and then reaches up with his hands and grabs my underwear. He pulls them out over my cock and tugs down while I lift my ass up off the floor. He pulls them down my legs and off my feet and then holds them over my chest and grins.

"They're kinda wet; maybe you shoulda brought an extra pair."

I pant out. "I don't fuckin' care; I'll go commando the rest of the weekend."

He grins and tosses them next to my jeans. He looks down at my cock and then leans his head down. He stops when he's about two inches from it. He waits about ten seconds and then lifts it up with his finger and sticks the head in his mouth. I moan out. He rests the head of my cock on his lips for about ten more seconds and then runs his tongue around it once. I moan out again. He smiles on my cock. He licks the head again, tasting my pre-cum and then sucks about three inches into his mouth. I moan again.

"Oh God, Mark; that fuckin' nice; fuck..."

He pulls back to the head, swirls his tongue around once and then takes the three inches back in his mouth. He runs his tongue back and forth a couple of times and then pulls back off. He looks at me and smiles.

"That's not nearly as bad as I always imagined it. Once I get past the mental of having cock in my mouth it's actually kinda hot."

"Oh God yes. It's feels fuckin' great, baby. You're doin' great. Do what you want with it; it's yours."

He grins. "So your ass is mine and your cock is mine, huh? What does that leave you with?"

I grin back. "Yours."

He blushes and smiles. "I saw that one comin'. But yeah, they are."

"Good. The one in your hand really wants to feel your mouth again; he loved it."

He smirks. "OK. I have a question, first. What do I do when you cum?"

I smile. "That's entirely up to you. I will give you warning, I promise. Pull off and jack it. Swallow it. Let me cum in your mouth and then spit it out. You can even spit it on my stomach if you want to. Whatever you feel comfortable doing."

He smiles and then goes down on me, taking about four inches this time. I moan and thrust my hips up. He moans on my cock and then pulls off, gagging a little. He licks the head again and then goes back down four inches. He sweeps his tongue across it and comes back to the head. He kisses the head and then goes down again, three inches this time and then right back up and right back down, going four. This is incredible for countless reasons, not the least of which he's actually pretty good at it. I've been on the edge since we started this and it doesn't take him very long to bring me over. He's been sucking my cock for about seven or eight minutes when I give him his warning.

"Oh God... Oh God, Mark; I'm gonna fuckin' cum soon. That feels so good, baby. I'm gonna fuckin' cum."

He nods on my cock and goes back down. I'm on the edge but I know what it's like to have someone blow a load when you have their cock buried in your mouth. I reach down and pull his head up just a little and cut loose. I let go of his head and let him decide what he wants to do. I'm moaning and panting as my balls empty themselves into his mouth.

"Oh fuck... Oh fuck, baby... Oh man, that's so fuckin' good..."

I finish unloading about seven salvos of cum in his mouth and lay back, exhausted and panting. He still has my cock in his mouth and I'm starting to wonder what he's gonna do with the load. I lift my head up and look down at him. He nurses my cock a couple of times and then pulls off, looking at me. His eyes are a little watery, but I'm hoping that's just cocksucker tears and not regret and disgust. I smile at him.

"Are you alright, Mark?"

He swallows and grins at me. "I'm fine."

"My God, you just swallowed it. Are you sure you're OK?"

He grins. "Yeah, I'm fine. It seemed kinda mean to spit it out on you so I swallowed it. It's not too bad. I don't feel like pukin' if that's what's worrying ya."

I smile. "Uh, no, that's not what I was worried about. I'm worried about you."

"I'm fine, Brian; don't worry. Why'd you pull my head up there at the end?"

I chuckle. "To give you room to breathe and decide what you wanted to do with it. I've been on the receiving end of a load with cock buried in my mouth; it's nice to have time to decide if you want it before it shoots straight down your throat and makes you puke."

He laughs and blushes. "Then thank you. Damn, learn something new every day. So when a guy grabs your head and slams it down on his cock while he's unloading, that's not a good thing, huh?"

I grin. "Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Some guys love having it shot straight down their throat. I never have; it makes me gag and choke. I wanted to give you the choice; that's why I let go so quickly. Once you had the first salvo it was your decision."

He laughs. "Salvo, huh? Fuck..."

I laugh with him. "Sorry, it's the first word that came to mind. Come up here, sexy."

He smiles and slides up and lies down next to me, his leg thrown over mine. I reach down and kiss him, sliding my tongue in and getting a taste of his treat. I recognize the flavor. I've eaten several of my own loads; if not from Chris then from myself when I was a teenager. I break the kiss and smile at him.

"Thank you seems so incomplete. That was amazing. Thank you, baby."

He blushes and smiles. "You're welcome." He snuggles into me. "I like this part too. I love cuddling after sex."

I smile from ear to ear. "You couldn't have just said anything better; I love it too. I'll cuddle with you whenever you want; no sex required."

He smirks. "Or batteries."

"Those either."

He laughs. "So, ah, do you have any of those toys?"

I laugh. "None that require batteries, but yeah, I have a couple of dildos."

He smirks. "Really? How do I measure up?" He laughs.

I laugh with him. "I don't know; you haven't fucked me yet."

He smirks. "Not for lack of trying. But seriously; should I be jealous?" He laughs again.

"No! God... Tell ya what; as soon as we get home I'll burn the fuckin' dildos. I don't need `em now anyway."

"That's true. You're only five years younger than me; I'm sure I can keep up."

I laugh. "I have no doubt."

"So, ah, how often did you use `em?"

I laugh. "What, you're trying to find out if I'm a slutty, horn dog?"

He laughs his ass off. "No! That's not what I meant. It would give me an idea of how often I get to make love to your ass."

"Ahhhhh. You can make love to my ass as often as you want. You can start now if you'd like."

He giggles. "I would really love to, but you know what? I'd also like to wait until tonight. We're both sexually satisfied for the moment, so let's let it build back up before we do that."

I smile down at him. "I love the way you think. You have a date, sexy. So do you wanna get some breakfast after a while and then go for another hike?"

He smiles up at me. "I'd like that a lot."

"Me too." I kiss his forehead and lay back on my pillow.

We lay there for another thirty or forty minutes before deciding it's time to eat some real food. Both of our stomachs are grumbling and it's the only thing that convinces us to get up. I've spent the day so far living out every dream I've had about this man and I never wanted it to end. I hadn't been joking when I told Mark I owed my life to his son; he had convinced his father to let this happen. He had given me my new life.

We'd finished eating and were just getting started on our hike. I stopped and turned to him, holding his arms with my hands and staring into his eyes.

"I've told you several times I was in love with you but I've never told you this. I love you, Mark. I love you with everything I am."

He smiles and reaches up to my face, touching my cheek. "I was afraid of so many things a few days ago that all seem so small now. I wouldn't have been able to tell you how I feel if you'd held a gun to my head. I love you too. I love you, Brian and I feel good about this; about us."

I pull him into me and hold him, kissing the side of his head. We hold the hug for about a minute and then resume our walk. We're not holding hands or anything but I do love being close to him. After another thirty minutes I turn to him while we're still walking.

"Are you doing alright with everything? Is your head fucking with you?"

He smiles at me. "I'm fine, Brian. No regrets." He grins at me. "And my head's itching a little but that's probably from you spitting on it." He laughs.

I slug him in the arm and laugh with him. "Dipshit."

He laughs. "Smart ass."

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