Road Rage

Chapter 5:

Our hike lasted about two hours. We weren't power walking or anything; just strolling around the lake and looking at things, talking and occasionally stopping for a quick kiss. The idea that I was living out my fantasies with Mark was starting to make me really dread going back to the real world tomorrow. I'd be back to working, watching television and waiting expectantly for him to come over when he had the time. I guess it wasn't much different than the last few months had been except now he was my boyfriend. I had to roll that word around in my head a few times. He was my boyfriend. He was my man. I smiled and looked at him. He smiled back at me and we kept walking. For the next ten minutes we'd take ten or twelve steps, I'd smile at him and we'd take ten or twelve more when I'd smile at him again. He giggled and stopped, looking at me.

"What on earth are you thinking about that keeps making you smile?"

"You. Us. That you and I are us."

He grins. "Oh. OK. So you're happy?"

I smile from ear to ear. "I can't believe you'd actually need to ask. I'm so far beyond happy I'd have to be re-born and start over to even see happy again."

He chuckles. "Wow. And all of this happiness because of me, huh?"


"Good. I'm glad. I'm pretty far beyond happy myself. Thank you."

I shake my head and grin. "Glad I could be of service." I chuckle. "Jeez, dude; you've made me the happiest fuckin' man on planet; don't thank me."

He laughs. "I see how it is. When we're having sex I'm baby. Now I'm just dude, huh?"

I laugh. "And you call me smart-ass?"

He grins. "You are. I am too, though."

"Thank God."

He laughs. "He had nothing to do with it. You just bring out the best in me. So, ah, are there any secrets I need to know about how to live as a gay man?"

I bust up laughing. "I don't know; I don't live as one. OK, there is one very important one. You have to tell me you love me at least once a day and you have to kiss me at least once a day."

He smiles. "That's easy. I thought this was gonna go be hard. Here I was thinkin' I'd have to hawk all of my fishin' gear for a Gameboy, trade all my uniform shirts in for muscle-T's and cut off all my jeans so my ass hangs out." He laughs.

I roll my eyes and laugh. "You do have to do that last one; the others are optional."

He grins. "You like my ass, huh?"

"I love your ass. I love all of you."

He blushes and grins. "I love all of you too. I seriously doubt I'm gonna start checkin' out guys, but I have to tell ya; you're fuckin' sexy, boy."

I flush crimson and smile. "Oh man... For a straight boy you sure know how to say all the right things."

He laughs. "Hey, don't be dissin' straight boys. We're not all a bunch of Neanderthals who only think about pussy and beer."

I smile at him. "I'm sorry. I'll never talk bad about straight boys again."

He gives me an evil grin. "Besides, just how straight can I be? I've sucked cock and I've fallen in love with a man."

"You do make an excellent point. Are you sure you've never done this before? I have to tell ya; you sure don't suck cock like any straight boy I've ever met. Something you'd like to tell me?" I laugh and grin at him.

He laughs his ass off. "Fucker... Just how many straight boys have sucked your cock, anyway? Is that what you do? Go after unsuspecting straight men?" He sticks his tongue out at me.

"Just remember what you said about slapping my tongue for sticking it out. Now that I know I can cock slap ya, you might want to reel it in. And no, you're the first straight man I've been with."

He grins. "Good. You're the first gay man I've been with; we're even."

I smirk. "I"d better be the only gay man you're with. Seriously though, Mark, are you really doing alright with this? I know it's really early to know, but I'm worried about you. I need you to be alright. And not for me, or us, but just because I love you and care about how you're feeling."

He pulls me into his arms and kisses me, sliding his tongue in my mouth and making us both moan. He kisses me deeply and holds me tightly for about thirty seconds before pulling back and smiling at me. "I love you. Does that answer your question?"

He's taken my breath away. "Mmm Hmm."

He grins. "I'm fine, baby; stop worrying. I've taken Jared's advice and I'm just letting myself let this happen. I can't really say how I'll feel tomorrow or the next day but right now I feel great. And if I do start having problems with it I will come to you. Please don't worry about me."

I smile and nod yes. "OK. I'll try. Speaking of tomorrow and the next day, I was thinking about that earlier. This whole trip is like a fantasy; unreal. I really dread having to leave here and go back to civilization; work, T.V., the hum-drum of daily life. I don't ever want this weekend to end."

"I don't either. But think of this way; we'll always have this weekend; nobody can ever take that from us. And we get to have more weekends just like this. This is the beginning, Brian; not the end. Don't be sad. Aren't you the one who told me about possibilities? Think of the possibilities."

I smile. "You're right. There are always possibilities. And hey, I get to wake up with the man who's my reason for getting up. I can't think of anything better than that."

"Me too. Speaking of... How are we gonna work this? I mean the logistical side of this?"

I laugh. "Logistical?"

He rolls his eyes. "You know what I mean. Do we just keep things the way they are? Do we move into together? Whose house do we live in? Do we get a different place? Do we share bank accounts? Do we get a dog? Do we... I mean, what happens now?"

I grin at him. "We talk about it and decide what works best for us. Don't panic yet, baby; we'll figure it all out. I have to admit, I love talking to you on the phone and seeing you when I can, and I was happy with the few times a week I got to because I figured I was lucky to get it, but I want more. We just have to talk it out and decide what works best for us."

"You'll get a lot more, I promise. I guess since neither of us really has a life anyway, we just go on as before for now, only more so."

I smirk and grin. "So we watch T.V. together every night, huh?"

He smiles. "I'm sure we can find something to do besides watch television. We'll just do whatever we wanna do. We spend time at your place. We spend time at my place. We go out. We catch a movie or a ballgame. We go out to dinner. The best part is we get to spend the night together."

"I do love the way you think sometimes."

He smirks. "Only sometimes?"

"Shut up."

He laughs, grabs my shoulder and shoves me forward, stepping in beside me. We continue our walk back to camp, continuing our conversation and occasionally taking in the scenery around us. When we finally get to camp we decide to do some more fishing. Mark grabs the tackle and I grab the cooler, slipping a six-pack in it and we head to the lakeshore. I decided I wanted some beer, and it doesn't matter if I get drunk; I can be as flirty as I want now.

We've been fishing for about an hour when Mark gets one on his line. While he's reeling it in I jump up and grab the net to scoop it up with. When I get it in the net I lift it out of the water and notice the damn thing is bigger than the one I caught yesterday. Uh oh. This isn't gonna be good; he's never gonna let me live this down. I bring the net out while Mark's walking over to me. He has an ear to ear grin on his face and he's looking straight at me. I blush and he laughs.

"I don't know if you noticed this but mine's bigger than yours." He laughs.

"Tell me that when mine's in your ass."

He laughs again. "Oooooo, feelin' inadequate?"

I laugh with him. "No, not at all. I have complete confidence."

"We will be taking several pictures of this bad boy. And they will get enlarged and turned into posters and placed strategically throughout your house."

I smirk and grin. "By strategically you mean inside closets and cupboards; I can deal with that."

He laughs. "Oh nooooo. No baby, not there. One goes in your garage so you can see it every time you pull in and park your car. Another one goes on the ceiling over your bed so you can see it every time you're on your back with me makin' love to ya."

I laugh. "That makes sense; I'm sure you wanna look at it too when you're on your back; remembering the day you caught the biggun."

He smirks and grins. "I can live with that; it's a good day. So ah, tell me again how big yours was?"

I lick my lips. "I keep tellin' ya, baby; its seven inches."

He laughs. "So I would guess I got ya beat by about fifteen inches; wouldn't you say?"

I roll my eyes and we both start laughing. We get the fish put in the cooler and both sit down, Mark throwing some more bait on his hook and continue fishing. We've been sitting there about twenty minutes when I get an idea for payback. I stand up and walk to the cooler, sitting down on it and grabbing one of the beers next to it. I pop it open and Mark turns around, grinning at me. I smile at him.

"Would you like one of these?"

"Sure. Thanks."

"It's gonna cost ya."

He grins. "Really? What?"

"Come over here and find out."

"Tell me."

"I'd rather show ya."

He grins big. "What'd you have in mind?"

"Ever had a beer blowjob?"

He smiles huge. "No, but it sounds like fun."

He stands up, locking his fishing rod in the holder and walks over to me, an ear to ear smile on his face. I set my beer down and grab his legs when he gets close, pulling him into me, crotch first. He moans. I start rubbing my face all around his crotch, sniffing and licking his cock through his jeans. After sniffing him for about thirty seconds I reach up and undo the button and pull his zipper down while looking up at him and smiling. He smiles down at me. I pull his jeans and underwear down over his ass, letting his now hard dick spring up. I then get down on my knees while turning him slightly so his back is to the cooler while at the same time opening the cooler. When I have both of us in position I start licking the head of his dick while I'm reaching into the cooler with my right hand to grab his `big fish'. Once I have the fish in my hand, holding it by the tail I kiss his dick once more and then bring the fish up hard on his ass.

"Arrrrrggggghhhhh!!! What the fuck is that!?"

I jump up off my knees while bringing the fish around quickly, letting him see it before swinging it behind him and smacking him on the ass again. He yelps again and I jump back, laughing my ass off and holding the fish in front of my crotch.

"Want the big one again?"

He starts laughing. "You dirty motherfucker."

"Was it as good for you as it was for me?" I throw his fish at him and take off running, laughing my ass off.

I turn around to see if he's following and see him trying to dump the fish in the cooler and pull his pants up at the same time. I start laughing harder. He looks over at me.

"Keep runnin' fucker; I'm gonna nail your ass!"

"Gotta get your pants up first; kinda hard to run with your pants around your ankles!!" I'm about to fall over from laughing so hard.

He finally gets his pants up and starts running. I take off, heading back towards camp, running as fast I can while still laughing. I hear him yelling behind me.

"You can run but you can't hide, fucker! I'm gonna beat your ass!"

I make it back to camp about thirty seconds before he does and I'm bent over, holding my hands on my knees and laughing and panting. I look up as he comes running into camp and start laughing harder. His jeans have slipped down again and are riding just below his ass. I stand back up and run behind the tent as he comes around the front side, looking at me and laughing.

"You are so dead meat, dude. You actually slapped my ass with a fuckin' fish."

I start laughing again. "Hey, at least I didn't try to shove him in your ass."

"Oh dude, you are so dead meat when I get you."

"Oh yeah? Whatcha gonna do about it?"

"Give you the beat down you been wantin'."

As we're talking shit to each other we've been working our way around in circles around the tent.

"You can't even keep your pants up; how the fuck are you gonna beat me down?"

We both start laughing again. He looks at me, grinning. "They won't have to be up for what I have planned for you."

"Oooooooo. I hear ya talkin' big, but I don't see nothin' happenin'."

"Just keep talkin'... You'll see..."

"I'm waitin'... I'm just standin' here waitin'."

He changes direction, coming around the other way, like I'm supposed to get confused by it and stand there doing nothing. I laugh and charge him, coming around behind him, skidding on my knees and grabbing his jeans and yanking them down to his ankles. I scramble back onto my feet and take off running again. He's yelling behind me.

"You dirty motherfucker!!"

I skid to a stop and turn around, looking at him. I start busting up again. He's bent over trying to get his pants up again. I yell over to him.

"You're having a fuck of a time with those jeans; why don't you just take `em off! They seem too complicated for ya!"

He starts laughing. "Motherfucker! You are so dead!!"

"You keep sayin' that but you can't keep your pants up long enough to do anything about it! I thought you said you could keep up with me!?"

He laughs again. "Goddammit! Quit makin' me fuckin' laugh!"

"Here fishy, fishy, fishy!!"

He's doubled over laughing and looking at me shaking his head. I yell over to him.

"I have to admit; you were right about the fish though! He was bigger than mine! I could hear the echo through the trees as he ricocheted off your ass!!"

He's sitting on the ground now, his pants still around his ankles and just laughing to beat all hell. I'm about fifty feet from him and sit down on the ground, my knees up and my arms around them just laughing my ass off. It takes me a couple of minutes to calm down enough to talk again. I yell over to him.

"Hey, I meant to ask ya; what'd you think of your first beer blowjob!?"

He's still laughing and yells back to me. "Please... Please, Brian... Oh fuck... I'm gonna fuckin' start pissin'; please shut up!"

I smirk. "Truce!?"

"Truce! God yes, truce!"

I stand up and walk over to him, looking down at him and trying not to smirk or laugh any more. He looks up at me, shaking his head and still laughing sporadically. I sit down next to him and pull his head over to mine and kiss the side of his face. He turns to looks at me.

"You are pure evil, boy."

I smirk. "So, ah, are you gonna tell Jared about this? I mean you really should tell him about your big fish."

He laughs again. "Oh my God, will you please shut up!"

I laugh. "OK, OK; I'll stop. I'm sorry, baby."

He smirks. "That was so evil, dude. Here I was thinkin' I was about to get a blowjob and I get beat up with my own fish. Oh man... Fuck... I haven't laughed that hard in, ever..."

I start laughing my ass off again.

He looks at me. "Fuck... What the fuck? Oh my God, what is it now?"

I'm trying to catch my breath. "Oh God... Oh shit..." I'm panting and trying to talk. "I just got a mental image of that poor fish. I wonder what was going thought its head as it was closing in on your ass."

We're both lying down on the ground laughing so hard we're about to puke.

It takes us both about two or three minutes to finally stop laughing. We look at each and smirk. I look at him and grin. He cringes.

"Pissed yourself yet?"

"No. Just barely. Oh fuck... Please, Brian, please, I'm beggin ya; you gotta stop."

"I'll stop, baby. I'm sorry. Oh fuck... That was the funniest shit I've ever done in my whole life. Oh man..."

He looks at me. "You ain't fuckin' lyin'. Oh my God... I've never laughed that hard in my life. The really fucked up part is I'm the victim here and I still think it's funny."

I smile at him. "I know, baby; I'm sorry. I couldn't pass it up; I just couldn't. I'll make it up to you, I promise. I know several ways to make it up that you'll enjoy."

"Was the whole thing a setup? Is there even such a thing as a beer blowjob?"

I smirk and laugh. "Yeah, there is such a thing as a beer blowjob. And I will give you one, I promise. But yeah, the whole thing was a setup. You were gettin' cocky about the fish; I had to bring ya down."

He grins at me. "You do know payback, right?"

I groan. "Yeah, we've met. I accept it gracefully; I deserve it."

He smiles at me. "So is this what my life's gonna be like now?"

I smile back. "I sure hope so. I wanna laugh and play with you."

He grins. "Good."

I smile at him and lean over and kiss him. I pull back from the kiss and smile at him again. "I love you."

He smiles. "I love you too."

We spend another five minutes laying on the ground before deciding we should get up and either fish some more or at least grab our stuff. Once we're both sitting up I look over at him and grin.

"Want some help with those jeans?"

He smirks. "You've been enough help already; I'll pass."

"Ah, come on... I'll be good. I don't only know how to get a man out of his pants; I can put him in `em too."

He laughs. "You might not be in such a big hurry to get me outta them when I make you kiss my ass where that fish hit."

I grin at him. "I'll kiss your ass anywhere you want me to kiss it."

He rolls his eyes. "I guess I shoulda known any chance for you to play with my ass was no threat."

"I told ya, baby; I wanna play with you. Can Mark come out and play?"

He laughs. "No. Mark's gonna take a piss and go fishin'."

I wag my eyebrows. "Do I get to shake it off?"

He rolls his eyes and stands up, looking down at me. He holds his hand down to me. I grab his hand and he pulls me onto my feet. "No. You're on a time-out, mister."

I grin. "I'd rather you paddled my ass, Daddy."

He laughs. "Shut up."

He turns and waddles over to the nearest tree; his pants still down around his ankles and pisses on it. I smirk and watch him, checking out his ass. This is actually the first time I've seen it this way; just hangin' out for me to see. I love it. I walk up next to him and pull my dick out, pissing across his stream. He looks at me and shakes his head. I smile at him.

"You have a great ass. I was back there checkin' it out."

He grins but doesn't look at me. "Thanks. So do you."


We finish our piss, Mark finally getting his jeans pulled up and buttoned and zipped. I reach over and smack him on the ass.

"Good game, dude."

He looks at me. "Perv."

I grin. "Yep."

I turn and start walking back to the lake. He catches up with me in about twenty feet and we walk back to our fishin' spot. I stop and check on his fish, chuckling when I open the cooler and see him swimming around. I notice my beer got dumped over during our fooling around so I grab two more and go sit next to Mark. I hand him the beer and smile.

"There ya go, sailor."

He grins. "Thanks bar-keep. This doesn't count as a beer blowjob though."

I smirk. "How do you know?"

"'Cause my dick's not in your mouth."

"That's `cause you drink the beer and give me the blowjob; that's how it works."

He laughs, turning to me. "Shut up."

I laugh and cast my line out. We spent another hour or so fishing before stopping for lunch. I was finally tired of waiting for him to say something about it; I was getting hungry. We had the sandwiches we'd brought with us and another beer. When we were done eating I stood up, farted, smiled at him and sat back down.

"I thought gay men didn't do shit like that?"

I just look at him. "It is a two-way street; not just enter only."

He laughs. "You're bad."

I grin. "I know, that's why my parents gave me my name."


"Brian Andrew Decker. Think about it."

It takes him two seconds and he's laughing again. "Fuck... Are you serious?"

"Yeah. My middle name is Andrew. What's yours?"


I nod. "Nice. Mark Lee Reynolds. It suits you."

"Thanks. Yours definitely suits you; at least the initials do."

I grin at him. "I've done my best to live up to them."

He shakes his head, smiling at me and turns back to grab his fishing pole, bringing it back and casting. He takes the slack off, grins at me and lets one rip. I give him a thumbs-up and start laughing. We spend another three hours fishing, talking, laughing and getting to know each other a little better. We've always had great conversations and this one was no different other than sharing a few more intimate details. I guess we decided if we're going to be boyfriends we can be more open about inmate things with each other. Nothing he told me scared me off or changed how I felt about him. I was every bit as much in love with him as I was yesterday. I caught myself looking at him from time to time, making sure he was there and this was real. I still felt like I was in the middle of the most incredible dream of my life. I had no doubt in my mind that Mark loved me. He had changed his life for me. He had reversed course from everything he ever knew about his life to be with me. I would do everything in my power to show him how grateful I am and assure that he never regrets a single moment.

As we're gathering up our stuff to take back to camp, another fish he caught included, I turned to him and smiled.

"Thank you."

"What for?"


He smiles at me. "I haven't done anything."

"You gave me my life."

He shakes his head. "Don't say things like that. I did not. I fell in love with you."

"That's how you did it."

"Then we're even; you gave me a new life."

"We'll make it wonderful."

"We will. Let's go get these fish hacked up."

I walked by him, squeezing his ass and taking the bag of leftovers from him and started walking back towards camp. I was making him uncomfortable and I didn't want to; I'd keep my mouth shut for once. We got back to camp, stowed all of our gear and went over to the little T.V. tray table he'd brought and set the fish on it. I was going to watch him this time; I wanted to see how he did it; maybe I'd learn something new. I discovered he gutted and filleted them pretty much the same way I did. I also discovered that I found it far grosser to watch it being done than to do it. By the time he was done my stomach was rolling. He put the fish in a zipper bag, cleaned his knife off and turned to look me. He was smiling and then he wasn't.

"Are you OK, Brian? You look a little green around the gills."

"No pun intended? I will be once I puke."

"What's wrong?"

"That was incredibly gross."

He smirked. "You just did the same damn thing yesterday. Did it gross you out then?"

"No. That's what's weird. Doing it isn't nearly as gross as watching it being done."

He gives me a strange look. "OK... Do you need to go throw-up?"

"I need to get away from this table. I'm sorry." I turn and walk away.

I've been sitting on the tailgate of his Jeep for about two minutes when he sits down next to me, handing me a bottle of water. He starts lightly rubbing my back.

"Are you OK, baby?"

"A little better. Thank you for the water; and the backrub."

"Anytime. Did you throw up?"

"No. I walked around a little, taking deep breaths and then came over here and opened the lift-gate and sat down. I'll be OK, Mark. I'm just trying to keep my stomach from rollin'."

He stands up and holds his hand out to me. "Come on. Take my hand and let's go for a walk. Maybe that'll help ya."

I smile at him. "You're gonna hold my hand while we walk?"

"Yeah. So?"

"Nothing. Just didn't expect it."

"I've made out with you standing out here; what the difference? I'll make-out with you standing downtown. Let's go."

I take his hand, smiling at him and stand up. We don't walk far, just kind of circling our camp at a high orbit. We've been walking about five or six minutes when a thought pops in my head. I turn to him.

"You have to promise me something, Mark. Please."

"Of course. What?"

"You can never tell Jared about this. I'm terrified enough about meeting him and him liking me. You can't tell him I got grossed out watching you gut that damn fish. Please, baby."

"OK, I won't. I promise. Why are you terrified about meeting a fourteen year old boy?"

"He's your son. He's your life. If he doesn't like me, or he thinks I'm a big ole queen that candle handle seein' a fish get gutted I'm doomed."

He laughs. "You are not doomed. Jeez, calm down. He'll love you as much as I do. Don't worry about it."

"Yeah, but you already told me if he suspected any city-boy in me he'd jump on it. I can't have him thinking I got all girly over a fish."

He laughs again. "Would you stop that? You did not get all girly."

"Oh come on, I'm the gay boy who turned his father. The odds are already stacked up against me."

"Would you please stop that? That's not even true. He's gonna love you. Stop stressing over this."

I have a dumb thought; yeah another one. "You said he likes computers, right?"

"Yeah, he loves `em. See, you already have that in common."

"Does he like working on them; building them?"

"Yeah, he loves it. He says it's a challenge and he gets to flex his brain muscles."

"OK... That'll work."

"What will work? What are you thinking?"

"I'm gonna buy one my company's old servers, take it apart and see if he'd like to help me put it back together when he's here. It would give us a chance to talk about something on equal ground and spend time together doing something we both like."

He laughs. "You've lost your damned mind. Brian, stop this. You don't have to do anything different to impress him. Be yourself."

"I need him to like me, Mark. If he doesn't like me I'll lose you. I can't do that. I can't lose you. He has to like me."

Mark grabs my shoulders and looks in my eyes. "Brian, stop! Would you calm down? You're not gonna lose me. He's gonna like you just fine. Stop worrying about this. Please. What's going on? You're one of the most confident people I've ever met and you've turned into a raving nut over meeting a fourteen year old boy."

"I'm scared. I know it's stupid. I'm thirty-one years old and I'm afraid of a teenager. I get that. I'm just afraid that he won't like me and he'll tell you I'm no good and I'll lose you."

Mark grins and shakes his head. "First of all, I understand scared. You should've been in my head the last week or so; you'd know true fear. Second, he's my son and I love him like no other. Yes, more than I love you. I'm sorry, but it's true and it always will be. Knowing that, remember this. He does not dictate who I love. Thirdly, he's gonna love you, Brian. I've already told him a lot about you; he says you sound really great. He says he can't wait to meet you. Stop this."

"Really? He wants to meet me?"


"Did he seem as nervous about it as I do?"

Mark laughs. "Astronauts going to the moon the first time were less nervous. Would you please relax about this? He's a fourteen year old boy just like most other fourteen year old boys. My love life is not his primary concern. He has school, pimples, girls, soccer and a million other things that come way before my love life. Yes, I went to him to talk about this. Yes, I took his advice. Does he get to tell me I can't see you anymore? No. He will like you, Brian. You're fuckin' great and he'll see it. Stop stressing. Please."

I sigh. "OK. You're right; I'm being a nut case. I'm sorry."

He smirks and grins. "Well not quite ready for a rubber room yet, but I was thinking Google searches for a mental health professional. Are you alright?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry."

"I actually meant your stomach, but it's nice to know you're calmer."

I smile at him. "Smart-ass."

"Yeah, but you told me earlier I had a great ass."

"You do."

He grins. "Wanna touch it?"

I laugh. "Hell yeah. I remember making you that same offer the first night we knew each other. You turned me down by the way."

He reaches down and grabs my ass. "Never again."

I smile and grab his ass. "That's good to know. Can we have something besides fish for dinner?"

He laughs. "Of course. Is your stomach still fuckin' with ya?"

"No, it's much better. It went from rolling to tight to just normal now."

"I'm glad."

"I'm sorry I panicked. I've been thinking about it a lot since yesterday and the whole fish gut thing brought it back. I'll be OK."

He smiles. "Good. I do love you, you know."

I smile big. "I know. I love you too. Let's go kill a deer and have some venison."

He laughs. "Yeah, I can picture you watching that gutting. How about another sandwich and some cereal instead?"

"Even better."

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