Chapter 6:

We've been sitting next to the fire and talking since dinner. I know what's coming later and I really wish I could take a shower before we do this. I haven't had one in two days and I'm feeling a little grungy. Not that I have anything against dirty sex, but this isn't what that means to me.

I've been leaning back against Mark while he leans back against a tree, his arms across my shoulders. I look up at him.

"As soon as we get home tomorrow you and I are taking our first shower together."

He looks down at me and smiles. "Are you gonna wash me?"

"Oh hell yeah. Every square inch of your sexy body is gonna be squeaky clean. And who knows, we might just need to do it twice." I grin at him.

"Are you trying to tell me you're horny?"

"Baby, I'm always horny. And I love shower sex so it kinda works out great."

"I get the feeling you like sex most anywhere. Where's the wildest place you've ever had sex?"

I smile at him. "You probably won't believe me but tonight is going to be the wildest. I've never had sex in the outdoors before."

He grins. "Well we will be in the tent but I get your point. I guess I'm one up on ya then; I've had sex outside several times; it's hot. You're gonna love it. So even though Chris hated being indoors you guys never fucked out on the patio?"

"Nope. We gave each other a blow job once, and we did make out a lot out there but never fucked. We fucked in the garage a couple of times, over the hood of my car."

He laughs. "Remind me to take a closer look at your car when we get back."

I smirk. "Well I have washed it a couple of times since then; I don't think you're gonna see anything. We didn't dent it."

"No lingering butt prints on the windshield?"

I laugh. "No. OK, so where's the wildest place you've ever had sex?"

"I guess wildest would probably be the school auditorium at my high school. We fucked right below the stage. It was actually my first time; the day I lost my virginity."

I smile. "How old?"

"She was seventeen."

I laugh. "No, goof; you."

"I was also seventeen."

"Was she your girlfriend?"

"Yeah. We'd been dating for just under a year. We snuck into the auditorium one day to just make out. We both got really horny so we decided we'd fuck. I was terrified someone would walk in on us but nobody did. I think I came in like three minutes. I'm surprised she didn't dump me on the spot." He laughs.

"Damn, I bet you had every girl in the school droolin' over you. You could've had pussy for days."

He laughs again. "You see things in me others don't. I was really nervous around girls; it took me forever to get the nerve to ask Ashley out. Even after the end of our first date she's the one who had to make the move to kiss me. I didn't know if she wanted me to kiss her so I didn't try; I was too nervous."

"I would've kissed you on our first date, believe me."

He smiles. "You tried."

I blush and grin. "Yeah I did."

He kisses the top of my head. "You can kiss me anytime you want now; I'll kiss ya right back. So tell me about your first time."

I blush and turn my head away. "I was sixteen. I was at the movie with a couple of buddies of mine and the guy working the concession stand kept smiling at me and kind of ignoring my buddies when we were up there ordering. He kinda zoomed in on me and spaced everyone else out. That gave my first clue that he was interested. Anyway, we got our popcorn and shit and went and grabbed some seats. About an hour into the movie I went to take a leak. Concession stand dude was standing outside the bathroom when I came out. He told me I was hot and wanted to know if I was into guys. I smiled at him and said yeah."

Marks laughs. "Damn, you did him behind the concession stand? That's a lot wilder than outside."

I laugh. "No! I didn't do him behind the concession stand. We made a date for later that night when he got off work. I met him out front of the theater and we went to his place."

"Weren't his parents' home?"

"He didn't live with his parents. He was nineteen."

"Ooooo, found yourself an older guy. You know there are laws against that shit, right?" He grins at me.

I smirk. "Come on, you can't tell me when you were sixteen that if some hot nineteen or twenty year old chick came on to you you wouldn't have done her."

He grins. "Go on."

I laugh. "I thought so. Anyway, we did it at his place. He sucked me, I sucked him, he ate my ass for like thirty minutes and then he fucked me. He said he'd been thinkin' about my ass since I'd walked into the theater. After he nutted on my back he said we should do it again and said he had to get to sleep. We did it several more times over the next few weeks and then he started makin' excuses. About six months after that I found my first real boyfriend."

"I know you were sixteen and horny twenty-four seven but that sounds really impersonal. He was just lookin' for some ass; he didn't care about you."

"No, he didn't. He wanted some virgin ass and I gave it to him."

"I'm guessing he never let you fuck him."


"Damn, Brian, that's not good."

"Hey, at the time I enjoyed it. I thought it was how it was supposed to be. Just sex, nothing else. My first boyfriend was the complete opposite; we never left each other's side and he couldn't wait for me to fuck him."

"How long did you guys stay together?"

"A year and half before he went away to college. I wasn't ready for college yet and he was going to Boston. He's an attorney now." I smile at him. "And he's married with two kids."

Mark laughs. "You're fuckin' jokin'."

"Nope. I don't know if he did it for his career or because he wanted to, but he sure as hell is. I looked him up on-line one day; I was curious about what had become of him."

He grins. "Well, hell, it's nice to know I'm not the only one to switch teams. Fuck...." He laughs.

"I get the feeling it happens a lot more than we hear about. Although I think it's probably more common the way he did it. Marrying for appearances' sake; career and society shit."

"Probably... I know I'm not the only one to ever do this but I doubt it makes the papers very often."

I laugh. "No, I don't think it makes the news much. And if it did everyone would just say the guy was deep in the closet and finally came out to himself."

"Do you think that's what happening with me?"

"I wasn't accusing you of anything, Mark."

"No, not that; that's not what I meant. I'm sorry, that's not what I meant. Do you think it's possible that that's what's happening with me? That maybe I've been hiding this my whole life. I have to tell ya, I don't have a single problem with anything we've done; it's been great. That kinda got me to thinkin'."

"Do you remember ever, ever in your whole life having any kind of attraction to a guy?"

"Not really. I mean I know when a guy's good-lookin' but I never thought about fuckin' him. Until I met you I never developed any feelings for a guy. I mean, yeah, I've had some great friends, and I did love them but not this way. You're the first guy I've ever found myself sexually attracted to. I've seen guys in the gym and in the locker room, and like every guy on the planet I checked `em out for comparison purposes but never got hard or anything."

I chuckle. "Cruisin' dick in the locker room, huh?"

He laughs. "Shut up. No, I wasn't cruisin' dick; I was comparing. And don't tease me about this but if I'm really really honest with myself I have seen some incredibly fine asses in the gym."

I smile at him. "Did you at anytime ever picture yourself fuckin' those fine asses? And I'm serious; I'm not giving you shit. Did you ever think about it; even fleetingly?"

He turns beat red. "Once. Fuck... Yeah, one time. Some dude about twenty years old. He had like the greatest ass I'd ever seen in my life. My dick didn't get hard but yeah, I wondered what it would feel like on my cock to stick it in his ass. I was thinking it had to be incredibly tight."

I smile. "With an ass that great it might've been loose." I laugh. "No, I don't think you've been hiding this from yourself. I've seen some really hot women before that I thought were sexy. I never wanted to fuck any of `em but I did notice `em. There are no hard and fast rules about this, Mark; you're not just one or the other; there are degrees. Don't worry about it."

"So I'm not a closet case?" He grins.

I laugh. "Not anymore. No, I'm sorry. I had a friend once who told me that it doesn't matter how you define yourself. He actually said to never define yourself by those terms. That's why when you asked me if I was gay I said homo. I don't define myself as gay. When he was telling me all of this I was having a coming out to myself crisis; I didn't want to be gay. Anyway, what he told me was the only thing that mattered was that you were happy. And even over the course of your life that which made you happy had the ability to change. At one point in your life you might be happy with a man and at another point a woman. Maybe somewhere along the way you like having both at the same time. What he was trying to tell me was that it didn't matter. If you were loved and loving in return then don't worry about the body parts."

Mark nods his head and grins. "He had a great way of putting that. I like the way he broke it down to simplest terms. That actually helps me a lot. Thank you for telling me. You didn't want to be gay when you were coming out?"

I shake my head no. "No. I couldn't imagine anything worse. I saw how the out gay kids were treated. I knew I was but I sure as hell didn't want to be. I'm good with it now but not when I was fourteen. Like you said, a lot changes in sixteen or seventeen years. The guy I was talking about was actually a counselor at the community center I checked out to see if I was really gay or just attracted to nice asses."

He laughs. "I guess we both have a thing for nice asses. What amazes me most right now is Jared told me pretty much the same thing. Not about things changing over the course of your life, but that if I was happy and being loved then it didn't matter if it was a man or woman that was making it happen. So yeah, they're both right; don't define this, don't worry about labels, just love and be loved in return."

I smile at him. "You are very much loved. I will spend my life loving you and making you happy. So yeah, they're both right."

He leans down and kisses me. "I love you too. And you do make me happy; happier than I've been in a long time. I can only hope I make you one tenth as happy."

"You do. Happy is about a thousand steps backwards from where I'm at."

He grins. "Maybe by the time we're ninety and you're calling me dipshit and I'm calling you smart-ass it'll catch up."

I laugh. "Hell, by then we'll have dementia and everyday will seem like we just met."

He laughs. "Hey, that works too. We get to fall in love with each other every day."

"You do say the greatest things sometimes. Your ex-wife is a fucking idiot."

He laughs his ass off. "I can't say that I disagree with ya, but let's keep that one to ourselves."

I smirk. "Yeah, we will. I'm crazy from time to time but not crazy enough to ever say that in front of Jared."

He grins at me. "Well to be honest, he kinda feels the same way. I'm not sayin' he'd ever call his mom a fucking idiot but he was incredibly pissed about the divorce. It took him a long time to forgive her."

"I've been there. I'm not sure if I've ever forgiven my dad." I grin. "Coming out did have one more great benefit. When I told him I was a cocksucker he said I was no longer his son. I haven't spoken to him since I was sixteen."

He grins. "You actually used those words? You told him you were a cocksucker?"

I laugh. "Well no, but I did make it as graphic as I could without getting kicked across the room. I told him I was a homo, that word, and that I liked boys and we kissed, sucked dick and fucked each other. I didn't care what he thought of me. I was trying to get him back."

"Did you get kicked across the room?"

"No. He just ranted and raved about queers and that I'd go to hell for being one. Then he told me if I was going to continue being this way then I was no longer his son."

"Is he really religious?"

"No. The fucker's a burnt-out party hound who still thinks it's the Eighties. I mean the last time I saw him he was wearin' a fuckin' mullet. I mean, come on."

Mark laughs. "Oh man... I haven't seen a mullet in forever. Fuck..."

"No doubt. I think I was like five when they went out of style."

He grins, shaking his head. "Yeah, I remember a few guys wearin' one when I was in junior high. I don't remember a single one when I got to high school."

"That's `cause all the cool kids knew better. Hell, even the burn-outs knew better by then."

As I'm sitting there smiling, thinking about mullets and high school I feel Mark pull his arms in a little tighter around me and then he starts kissing my neck. I move my head to the side a little to give him better access and moan lightly. I feel him smile on my neck.

"You like that?"

"Oh yeah..."

He kisses my neck again and then drags his tongue up the outside of my ear, circling around it twice before going behind my ear. He kisses and then starts licking around behind my ear, working his way back to the outside edge and then down to my earlobe where he puts it between his teeth and tugs a little. I moan more loudly.

"Oh... That's nice... Do that again, please."

He smiles and does it again, tugging on it and then sucking on it. I feel my dick growing in my jeans like someone fed me Viagra intravenously. He nibbles my earlobe a couple more times before moving back behind my ear and licking from the lobe to the top and repeating three or four times. I'm panting a little now. I reach up with my right hand and touch the side of his face, running my fingers through his beard and he turns his head and sucks my forefinger into his mouth. I moan again and my dick jumps.

"Oh fuck... That is so hot, baby."

He smiles on my finger and continues sucking on it a few times before I pull it out and go back to rubbing his beard. His beard has always turned me on and I've never really just felt it; run my fingers around it. It was nice. Soft and fuzzy. I love the feel of it under my fingers. He's still licking around my ear and then down to my neck and back up. While my right hand is busy with his beard my left has started rubbing his thighs; slowly up and down the top and inside of his leg. I can't get too far in, my own ass is in the way, but I seem to be doing a good job. He moans into my ear. We continue with this action for about two or three minutes before I find myself needing more; needing his lips on mine. I turn my body to the right as much as I can while still within his legs and pull his face to mine. As our lips meet his tongue slides into my mouth and we moan into each other. I bring my left hand behind his back and my right has a tight grip on the back of his head. We're kissing and moaning into each other while I move my hand down and slip it in the back of his jeans and running my fingers down his crack. He moans into my mouth. I hope it's a good moan and not one of distress.

While I'm doing this I'm bringing my legs around, laying them over his right leg while he wraps his arms around me. I'm sideways in his lap and he's leaning over me, kissing me. The kissing is growing more passionate by the moment and our hands are roaming around looking for a place to land. My left hand is still safely tucked in his ass crack. The next thing I know I'm being lifted up and laid down on my back, him moving himself over me and lying on top of me. Our lips have never left each other's. I spread my legs and let him lie between them, feeling his hard cock pressing up against mine. I don't have all of his weight on me but I have a lot of it and it feels incredible; I love it. I'm lying on my back on the ground and this beautiful man is making out with me and thrusting his hard cock into mine.

My hand got pulled out of his jeans while he was putting me on the ground but I find my way back and shove my hand down his pants, searching out the warmth of his trench. I never believed I'd be able to do this with him but I was sure enjoying the hell out of it. When I've been running my fingers through his trench about fifteen or twenty seconds he thrusts his ass back, pressing against my fingers. Oh yeah. I try to run my fingers a little lower to search out his hole but his jeans are too tight and I can't get my hand far enough. I gotta get him out of his jeans, and now. We've been moaning and panting into each other's mouths the entire time we've been on the ground. I pull my hand out of his jeans and meet with the right one between our bodies. I slide my fingers in and grab the button on his jeans. He likes where this is going and lifts up. I get the button undone and the zipper down in record time. I then grab the sides of his jeans and pull them down over his ass. It's a good thing I'm so turned on and concentrated on my mission because if I thought about how many times today his jeans have been hanging off his ass I'd start laughing.

I bring both my hands around behind him and grab his ass, pulling him into me. As I'm doing this I bring my knees up a little and spread my legs more; I'm prone and I'm his. I'm grabbing and squeezing his ass, our tongue are battling it out in our mouths and we're both moaning and panting like two dogs in heat. I finally decide I can let go of one cheek long enough to continue my mission. I was having a great time squeezing his ass and didn't really want to let go. I bring my right hand in, my fingers searching out his trench again. I start running my fingers slowly along his trench. He thrusts his ass back a little. I rub a little more and he moans. I pull his right cheek back with my left hand while my forefinger on my right hand finds its target. I start slowly rubbing around his hole, making little circles and then pressing against it very lightly. I don't want him panicking just now. As soon as my finger makes contact with his hole he breaks the kiss.

He grins at me. "Aren't you at least gonna grease that up?"

I smirk. "Relax. I'm not goin' in; just rubbin' around it."

"Ahhhh. OK."

He comes back down on my lips and shoves his tongue back in. I smile on his mouth and that makes him smile. It's hard to make out while you're smiling but we make it work. I start rubbing around his hole again and he stops smiling and moans. I take this as a good sign and do it some more. I've been rubbing around his hole for about a minute when he breaks the kiss again.

"This isn't fair; my pants are down and yours aren't. How about fixin' that?"

I pull my hands away from his ass and head for my own jeans. He lifts his ass up and I rip the buttons on my jeans open and shove `em down off my ass. While I'm down there I grab his cock and stroke it a couple of times. He smiles at me. I pull my hands away and he comes back down, both at the waist and head. His tongue is in my mouth, his cock is next to mine leaving trails of pre-cum and my hands are heading back to his ass. I don't remember the last time I was this turned on and horny. I'm to the point I'd let him fuck me dry. I don't care how he gets in I just want him in. My right hand is back to playing with his hole while my left is playing with his ass cheek. He starts thrusting into me, his cock running its way up and down right next to mine. I moan loudly and thrust up into him, spurring him on more. I grab his ass with both hands and pull him down hard into me while thrusting up into him. You couldn't get a sheet of paper between our bodies at this point. I can't take it anymore. I need him.

I let go of his ass and bring my hands to the bottom of his shirt, grabbing it and pulling it up, trying to get it off him. He finally gets what I'm doing and raises himself up enough for me to get his shirt off. I yank it up to his neck and he lifts his head up, breaking the kiss and letting me get his damn shirt off him. I get the shirt over his head and he takes over and pulls his arms out of it. He throws the shirt about ten feet over our heads and comes back down, lips first. He kisses me for about ten seconds and then lifts his head up, breaking the kiss again. I'm panting and looking at him while reaching for the bottom of my own shirt and trying to pull it up. He lifts his body, holding himself on his arms and I get my shirt up and off my head. He comes back down on top of me and then grabs my shirt and yanks it off my arms. We're finally mostly naked. He lands back on my mouth and thrusts his cock into me. We make out for about another minute before I turn my head to break the kiss. I'm looking at him, hungry, horny and panting.

"If you don't start fuckin' me I'm gonna rip your cock off and shove it up my ass."

He laughs; the shit. "But we don't have any lube out here."

"I don't fuckin' care. Spit on it and shove it in."

"Are you sure?"

I roll my eyes. "I'm sure. Do it. Hell, spit on my ass and shove a finger or two in. Just keep workin' some spit in there and then shove that cock in there."

He lifts himself off me, grabs my waist and flips me over onto my stomach. I bring my knees in and stick my ass up in the air. I turn my head to look at him.

"Spit on my hole. You don't have to stick you face in there, just spit on it."

He does as ordered and spits on my hole.

"Do it again."

He smirks and does it again.

"One more time, you sexy stud."

He spits on my hole again and looks at me.

"Stick a finger in there and work the spit in. Finger-fuck my ass to your heart's content."

He brings his right hand up and sticks his forefinger in my ass. Finally. Fuck, I was thinking I'd never get anything in there. He starts working the spit in my hole, running his finger in and out of my ass. He's only going in about half-way.

"I want all of it."

He smirks and shoves his finger in to the hilt. I flex my ass muscles on his finger and he gets a surprised look on his face. He smiles. I flex a couple more times and he pulls his finger out and then shoves it right back in. That's it, baby; you got it. I push back against his hand, clamp down on his finger and moan. He smiles again. I relax my ass and grin at him.

"Pull your finger out, spit on my ass again and shove it back in there."

He does as ordered and I moan again as his finger is sliding back in.

"Do that about ten more times, pull it out, spit on my hole again and then shove two fingers in there."

He's learnin' fast. He's sliding his finger in and out but he's also added a little technique to it. He's twisting his finger left and right while he's sliding it in and out of my ass and then he leaves it buried and tries to wiggle it. He gets a welcome response from me.

"Oh hell yeah! Finger my hole, baby!"

He does it about ten more times. I turn back to see him.

"Spit on my fuckin' ass again and shove two of `em in there. You can do that wiggle, twisting thing again too; that was awesome."

He smiles big and does as ordered. He fingers my ass with two fingers, pulling out after about ten strokes and spitting on my ass again. Fuck yeah, baby, do it; work that fuckin' ass. He's back in with two fingers and thrusting them in and out of my ass like a man on a mission. I let him finger-fuck me for about another minute before I issue my next order.

"OK, sexy man, pull those fingers out."

He pulls his fingers out and looks at me, grinning from ear to ear. I crawl over to him, aiming straight for his cock and inhale it into my mouth. I start sucking on it like it's the last cock on the planet. He grabs my and head and follows my movements, shoving in every two or three strokes. I only suck him for about a minute. I pull off and spit on his dick about three times, getting it as wet as I can. I look up at him and grin.

"Spit on my ass one more time and slide that fucker in there. Not quite as hard as you did the fingers but go for it."

I crawl back over to where I was and drop down to my arms and shove my ass up in the air. He comes up behind me, getting on his knees and then leans over and spits on my ass one last time. He pulls himself back up, taking aim at my ass with his cock and slowly slides it all the way into my ass. I moan from way down deep.

"Oh fuck yeah!! OK, baby, let it rest for about ten seconds and then do what comes naturally."

"Fuck, that is so tight. I can't believe how tight that feels on my fuckin' cock. Damn, baby, you didn't tell me your ass was a vice. I thought with all the finger action you'd be loosened up. Doesn't this hurt?"

I giggle. "It feels great! There's a lot of pressure but it sure as hell doesn't hurt. Now pull back to the head and slide back in slowly."

He does and moans out again at the same time I do.

"Oh fuck, that's tight, baby! God, that feels so good."

"It sure does, baby. Do it again."

He does it one more time. "Oh fuck... Goddamn, that's so good. I love your ass, baby."

I giggle again. "My ass loves your cock. Now grab my hips and fuck me like you did that girl in the auditorium."

He laughs and grabs my hips. He pulls back out to the head and shoves himself in, bottoming out and making us both grunt and moan. He pulls back and slides right back in and pulls back again. Oh hell yeah.

"That's it, baby, ride my ass."

He bottoms out again, holding it there for about five seconds and then pulls back and does it again. He does this about five more times and then starts fucking hard and fast. I hear nothing but skin slapping skin and our moans and pants. He stays at this for about two minutes and then slows down and then stops. He's buried in me. I look at him.

"Please tell me you didn't cum already."

He smiles. "No, baby, I didn't cum. I'm just enjoyin' the feelings of your ass wrapped around my cock." I bear down hard on my ass muscles. "OH FUCK! Holy shit, that was great! Can you do that again?"

I laugh and do it again. "Oh my God, that's awesome! Goddamn, boy, you have a talented ass."

I grin at him. "Yours does that too. We just have to train it a little."

He laughs. "Mine's never done anything like that."

I laugh with him. "It has, but something was outbound at the time. Same thing, baby."

He smirks. "No, it's not the same thing. This is fucking great."

"I'm glad you like it; you'll be doin' a lot of it."

"Hell yeah." He pulls back and slides right back in, making his cock jump when he hits bottom.

"Oh yeah, flex that big cock."

He makes his cock jump a couple more times and then pulls back out and starts fucking again. He's been going at it about five minutes, sometimes slow and easy other times hard and fast; switching it up without warning and I love every second of it. I turn my head around again and smile at him.

"That is so great, Mark; fuck yeah. Try this. Pull out, stand on your feet but squat down and shove your cock back in there. Just rock your hips back and forth, driving your cock in and outta my ass."

He grins. "I know the position; hell yeah."

He pulls out, gets on his feet and squats down, feeding my ass his cock. He starts fucking again, going deep on every stroke while holding my back. He's been fucking me like this for about five minutes when he stops, buried in me.

"I love this but I'm not twenty anymore; my hamstrings are burnin'. What else do you like?"

"Well I don't know if it'll help your hamstrings any but I love the position. Pull out, you big dick fucker."

He smirks and pulls his cock out. I drop down on the ground and roll over, holding my feet up to him.

"Pull my pants off."

He bends over and unties my boots and yanks them off, throwing them over my head and then rips my jeans off my legs, throwing them the same direction. I pull my legs up to my chest, holding under my knees and look at him, smiling.

"Fuck me."

He grins, drops down to his knees and leans over me while aiming his cock back into my hole. He slides it in and bottom's out, stopping and looking down at me, smiling.

"Fuck... That is so nice. If I'd known ass was this great when I was seventeen that girl in the auditorium would've been a dude."

I laugh. "In case you never noticed while you were fuckin' the pussy, girls have asses too."

He laughs. "Yeah, but none of the ones I've ever known sure as hell wouldn't let me do this. This is fucking awesome!"

"Well baby, you can do this all you want. If you can get your dick hard ten times a day you can fuck my ass ten times a day."

He grins. "Can you say Viagra?"

I grin back at him. "Not only can I say it I can get it."

He smirks. "Well as great as fucking your sweet ass ten times a day sounds, I think my dick would get sore after awhile. Let's keep it down to two or three times a day."

I smile at him. "Works for me. Start fuckin'."

He brings his hips back, his cock sliding out to the head, holds it there for about five seconds and then shoves it back in, making us both grunt. He holds it there about two seconds and pulls back. He waits the five seconds and then shoves it in again. He does this three more times while looking at my face. I grunt each time he hits bottom and every time I grunt he grins. After doing the five second, two second thing he just goes to town on my ass. He's thrusting his cock in and out of my ass like a piston on a locomotive; strong, powerful, full-length strokes. While he's doing this he's come down for some more making out. I let my knees go; he's got `em pretty well hooked up with his body, and wrap my arms around his head and hold him down. He fucks me like a locomotive for about five minutes and then slows down to a relaxed cruise; his cock making love to my ass like they've been waiting for each other. We've been kissing and moaning into each other the entire time. I know our mouths are going to be sore by the time this night is over but I don't give a damn; this is incredible.

He breaks the kiss and smiles at me.

"Do you want me to cum in you?"

"God yes. Are you close?"

He grins. "Gettin' there. Your ass does amazing things to my cock and balls."

"Your cock and balls are doing amazing things to my ass. Whenever you're ready, baby."

He smiles and comes back down on my mouth. He thrusts slowly twice and then we're back to high-speed locomotive. Oh hell yeah. I love the way he fucks. The pace and rhythm he's set up is driving me wild; I feel like he's trying to shove his balls in my ass at the same time his cock is going in. About three minutes into this round he breaks the kiss, pulls his body up and grabs my ankles. He spreads my legs apart a little more and just starts fucking hard and fast; his cock firing in and out of my ass, his hips slamming into mine. My head and back are getting grass burns from the ground and he's panting and moaning like a porn star.

I look up at him, my face a cloud of lust. "Oh hell yeah; fuck my ass! Tear that ass up, boy."

He continues pounding me like this for another two or three minutes. He then brings my legs closer together, pushing down on them, leaning over me, my legs holding him up and pushing his legs out behind him a little. He starts hammering my ass again. I'm in hyperdrive; I haven't been fucked like this in years; it's fucking awesome. Chris was a mount it, fuck it, cum in it and take a shower guy. I'm sweating like a pig and it's probably only about fifty degrees out here. I'm moaning constantly and telling him to fuck me. My ass feels like it may never close again and I can't remember the last time I felt this good. I've been jacking my cock for the last five or six minutes and feel like my balls are hiding somewhere in my chest. He's just looking at me, pure lust and determination written on his face, and grunting and moaning. He lasts another five or six minutes before I get my first pre-emptive warning.

"Oh fuck... Oh fuck, I'm getting close; I'm gettin' really close."

"Do it, baby; cum in my ass. Do it; make me yours. Unload in my fuckin' ass, boy!"

"Fuck... Oh fuck. God this is so fucking good! Hell yeah. I'm gonna dump my load in your ass, boy. You want it? You want my load?"

"Fuck yeah, boy; give me that load!"

He slams into my ass, grunts once and then his whole body goes tense.

"Oh fuck! Take that fuckin' load!"

"Fuck yeah, boy; give me that load!" I start squeezing and jerking my cock as fast as my hand can move. I last another ten seconds. "Oh fuck! I'm cummin'! I'm fuckin' cummin'!"

I watch as my load shoots out of my cock, the first round going over my head. The second one is right there, sailing out and landing on my chest with a splat. The third one isn't far behind and makes it to my neck. The next two come shooting out in rapid succession and land between the other two. I squeeze my cock hard and then let go, watching as the last two rounds come arcing out and landing on my belly.

Mark's watching me, his eyes glued to the blasts of cum as they come screaming out of my cock.

"Oh fuck yeah! Fuckin-A! Cum all over your chest, baby; that's fuckin' awesome! Oh fuck, I can feel it on my cock. When you cum I can feel it on my cock. Oh man, that's fuckin' great! Hell yeah!"

I let go of my cock and just let my arms drop to my sides. I'm completely wasted. I've just been fucked like never before. I busted a great fuckin' load and I'm wasted. I'm just laying there, panting and looking up at the stars in the sky. I can feel Mark's cock in my ass and I'm pretty sure I can feel his load in there as well. I can't remember the last time I felt this satisfied and this exhausted at the same time. Oh man...

I bring my eyes down a little and find Mark looking into mine. He smiles. I return his smile. We're both panting and trying to recover from our orgasm. I wink at him.

"Oh my God... Oh man... That was the best. Fuck... Come here and lie down next to me. You gotta see this, baby. I'm lying here freshly fucked and lookin' at the stars; it's amazing..."

He smiles at me and pulls his cock out, turning his body around and lying down next to me. He reaches for my hand and I slide my fingers in between his. I look over at him.

"Isn't that amazing? It's incredible. I mean I know they're up there all the time but I've never fucked under `em. This is amazing, baby."

He smiles at me. "Yeah it is. They are amazing but nowhere near as much as you. I love you."

"Oh God, I love you too; I love you with all my heart."

He leans over and gives me a gentle kiss and then smiles at me. We both turn our attention back to the sky for a minute and just watch the stars. I finally get to the point where some reality is setting in and I'm getting cold. I look over at Mark.

"I think it's about time we got in bed; it's gettin' nippy out here. What happened to the fire, anyway?"

"I think it went out about twenty minutes ago. I was way more interested in you and wasn't payin' attention." He sits up and looks down at me, smiling. "Come on, sexy boy; let's get inside and in that sleepin' bag. We'll keep each other warm."

"I do love the way you think. I guess we should find our clothes first."

He grins. "Yeah, I don't feel like lettin' the critters take `em away. Tell ya what; I'll get the clothes and you get the cooler. Make sure the fire's out completely too, please."

He stands up and holds his hand to me. I take it and pull myself up; giving him a quick kiss once I'm standing. I also notice it's kind of dark out here now that the fire's gone. We get our chores done and get in the tent. He finds the lantern and light's it; turning it down low. I'm bent over, shoving the cooler to the side when the tent lights up. He groans.

"Oh man... Oh fuck, baby; you're back and head look like you've been drug behind a horse. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

I turn and look at him. "It can't be that bad; I don't feel anything. I mean I feel like I've been rolling around in the weeds but it doesn't hurt. Maybe it's just dirty. Sweep me off; maybe it's not as bad as you think. And even if it is don't worry about; it's not your fault."

He doesn't look convinced but he gets on his knees and comes over to me. He grabs his shirt and starts sweeping the crud off my back and head; spending about five minutes getting me all swept off. Once he's done sweeping he gets the lantern and brings it closer, looking at every square centimeter of my head, back and ass. When he sets the lantern down I turn around and look at him.

"What's the verdict, doc?"

He grins. "Not as bad as I thought, thank God. You were right; it was mostly ground you brought with you. A few scrapes and one small bruise but nothing serious."

I smiles at him. "Good. Thank you for checkin' me over. Do you need to piss?"

He grins. "I love checking you over. And yeah, I do need to piss. You?"


He grins. "Tree or jar?"

"Tree. I don't want to sleep with a jar of piss."

"Tree it is. Uh, I don't even know how to ask this. Uh, what happens to my load?"

I smirk and laugh. "I'll keep it in there `til morning."

He blushes. "It won't come out on its own?"

I smile huge. "Unless you opened me up to the point my ass never closes, no it won't. If it does I can use some TP to take care of it."

"OK. Sorry, I've never dealt with this end of it. I was always just worried about `em gettin' pregnant."

I laugh. "Well I promise I won't get pregnant."

He laughs and rolls his eyes. "Smart-ass."

I grin. "Lover boy."

He blushes and grins. "Come on, let's piss and go to bed; I'm worn out."

I decide to grab the roll of TP on the way out, just to make sure and put his mind at ease. I tell him to go ahead and piss while I do this. I'm glad he throws a long piss; it gave me time to get myself all cleaned up; even managing to give my hands a quick wash. I zipped it all up in a storage bag and went to the tree. He smiled at me while I pissed. I winked at him and shook off.

"All better."

We were both naked and I grabbed him and pulled him into me, kissing him. I hadn't got to do this yet so I did. I broke the kiss after about fifteen seconds and smiled at him.

"Thanks. I wanted to kiss my naked man in the woods."

"I'm glad you did. Let's go to bed and kiss some more. I'll even stay naked for ya."

I smile, take his hand and lead him back to the tent. This would be our first time sleeping together and I was as excited about that as I had been about the sex. I let him go in first and then zipped us in there for the night. I followed him over to the sleeping bags and looked at them and then at him.

"We weren't planning ahead; they're still setup for single occupancy."

He laughs. "Give me thirty seconds."

He drops down, unzips his completely, laying it out flat while shoving mine over to the side. He gets his spread out flat and then grabs mine and unzips it completely and snaps it out and lays it on top of his. He takes both pillows and lays them next to each other and then turns to me and grins.

"Double occupancy."

I laugh. "You are good. Climb in, I'm right behind ya."

He gets settled in and I douse the lantern and crawl in next to him, sliding up close and throwing my arm over him. I'm snuggling with the man of my dreams and I was happier than ever. I lift my head up and kiss him.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"Are you comfortable?"

"Never more so. You?"

I smile in the darkness. "As long as you're here."

"I'm not going anywhere. Tonight was incredible; thank you."

"Don't thank me; it was just as incredible for me."

He smirks. "You get really bossy when you're horny."

I laugh. "I know, I'm sorry. You just had me more turned on than I'd ever been in my life; I needed to be fucked."

He laughs. "Oh my God... I've been given a lot of orders in my lifetime but never, `spit on my fuckin' ass." He laughs again.

I start laughing. "Oh man... I'm sorry. Now I'm embarrassed. I can only imagine what was going through your head. I'm sorry."

"Don't you dare be sorry. That was fuckin' wild; I loved it! Even when we're ninety with dementia I'll remember this night."

"I'm glad; `cause I'll sure as hell remember it. You're an amazing lover."

"Hell, I was just following your lead."

I lean over and kiss him again. "Imagine how good we'll be on a bed."

"Or in the shower. Or the kitchen. The hood of your car." He smirks.

"All available anytime."

"That's good to know. I sure hope you plan on holding me like this all night; it feels great."

"I'm never letting go. I love you, Mark. Sweet dreams, baby."

"Sweet dreams, Brian; I love you too.

It took me about ten minutes to actually get to sleep. I was thinking about everything that had happened today; it had been a hell of a lot. My straight best friend told me he loved me. I had an incredible fuck. I was lying in the arms of the man I've been in love with for the last three months and this was day one. I was overwhelmed by all of it.

When I woke up Sunday morning it was almost like yesterday. Mark was holding himself up on his elbow and looking down at me, smiling. Only this time he leaned down and gave me a quick kiss when he saw my eyes open and he didn't tell me I'd been snoring like a wood chipper. He smiles down at me again.

"Good morning."

"The best one ever. Good morning. How'd you sleep?"

"I slept great; how about you?"

"Like a log. What time is it?"

"About six."

I nod and smile at him. "When do we have to leave?"

"I was thinking around noon. I don't want to get back too late. So how about we have lunch here and then hit the road?"

"That's fine. I mean I don't ever want to leave but if we have to then that'll work."

He grins at me. "You thinkin' of becoming a mountain man?"

"'Sure; as long as you're here with me."

"I'm right here. I guess I should've let you bring more clothes." He grins.

I smirk. "I'm good with a loin cloth; especially if you're wearin' one too."

He laughs. "Yeah, but just think; our balls would be cold all the time."

"I know how to keep `em warm."

"Yes you do." He smiles. "I love you and I'd love to spend the whole day just like this. There are two things preventing it. I gotta piss something fierce and I'd really love a cup of coffee."

I laugh. "Why didn't you just go out and piss when you woke up?"

"I wanted to watch you. Now that I have, get your ass up."

I smirk. "Back to bossy morning guy. I see how my life's gonna be now."

He laughs. "Seems like a fair trade. You're bossy during sex and I'm bossy in the mornings. Now get that fine ass up and let's go piss."

I smile at him. "Yes Sir."

The rest of the morning was the direct opposite of yesterday; completely stress free. We did our morning routine, got some coffee made and had breakfast of cereal. We went for another walk and then got in some last-minute fishing; staying for about an hour. Neither of us caught anything but then we weren't really trying very hard. We joked around and kissed a lot. We had trout and potatoes for lunch and then got our camp cleaned and packed back into the Jeep. I looked around once everything was in the car and took about a thousand mental photographs. This place held monumental feeling for me now; I would remember it the rest of my life. I was looking at my birth place.

Mark walks over and stands beside me, taking my hand. "We'll be back; don't look at it like you'll never see it again."

I turn and smile at him, my eyes wet. "I know... Every time will be wonderful and amazing but they won't be like this time."

He leans over and kisses me and then brings his thumbs up to my eyes and wipes my tears away. "No, never like this time. Let's go home."


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