Road Rage

Chapter 7:

We've been back home for two days. When we got back Sunday afternoon we unloaded the Jeep at Mark's house, he grabbed some clean clothes and we walked over to my house. We spent thirty minutes in the shower. And I have to be honest; twenty of that was actually spent washing; I hadn't felt that dirty since I was a kid. I made dinner for us and we ate on the patio, wearing nothing but shorts the rest of the evening. When we got into bed we made out for awhile and then Mark made love to my ass again after giving me another great blowjob. We cuddled for a little while afterwards before passing out. I loved sleeping with him in the tent but I was sure happy to be back in my bed.

Resuming my normal life happened a lot easier than I expected. I thought I'd be bummed out that the fantasy was over and life was back to normal. The thing is the fantasy was still alive and well. I was with the man of my dreams and I was still way beyond happy. And tonight was going to be something new for us; we had decided to go out on an official date. We were having dinner at the steakhouse and taking in a movie afterwards.

I typically get home about an hour before Mark does so that gave me time to get ready. I wanted to look like I was going on a date with the sexiest guy on the planet; no jeans and t-shirt this time. I was home at five-fifteen and in the shower by five-sixteen. I was standing in the living room wearing a slim-fit light blue stripped button-up shirt, black chinos and black low cut oxfords when Mark drove up. I'd also slapped on some Aramis aftershave for the occasion. I guess I'm ready. I watch him nervously as he gets out of his truck and walks up to the door. This is crazy; we've had sex; going on a date shouldn't make me nervous. He walks in the door and stops when he sees me standing there. He smiles from ear to ear.

"Holy crap. Damn you look good. Expecting company?"

I smile and blush. "Thank you. Yeah, he just got here."

He walks over to me, pulling me in his arms and kisses me. He pulls back from the kiss and smiles at me.

"I wish I'd driven faster."

I smirk. "I've seen you drive faster. I'd rather have you alive and late; though you're not late."

"Do I have time to go home, shower and change: you make me feel like I'm a hobo?"

"You're no hobo. I'll let you change your shirt. You can shower when we get home and the jeans look great on ya. I have a shirt you can wear."

He sniffs my neck and face. "Damn, you smell as good as you look; what is that?"

"Arimis aftershave. You like?"

He smiles."I like." He kisses me again, holding it longer this time. "I'll go change my shirt and we can get going. What time does the movie start?"

"Nine-fifteen. We should be back home by eleven."

He grins. "Maybe. I'll be right back."

"The shirt is hanging on the inside of the door in there."

"Roger." He chuckles and walks towards my bedroom.

I don't know what all he's been doing in there but it takes him almost fifteen minutes to return. He looks good in the shirt I picked out for him, but then he looks good in anything. He walks in and kisses me again. I smile and then sniff his hair again.

"You washed your hair?"

"Just a quickie; it was full of dust from the job site. Besides, I had to do something to think I deserved being seen with you."

"Well you're as sexy as always. Come on ya big stud, let's go have some mammal flesh."

He grins. "You had some just this morning."

"Come on, perv."

We arrive at the steakhouse about ten minutes later only to find it closed. Mark jumps out of the car to read the sign on the door. He jumps back in and grins at me.

"I guess we should've paid closer attention the last time we were here; they're closed on Wednesdays."

"That sucks. I had my taste buds all set for steak."

"Well I do know of a place that serves a pretty decent steak. It's not a steakhouse but they know their way around a cow."

I grin. "That's right; you don't cook much, so you probably know every restaurant in town."

"Well I know this one really well; my first job was there. My aunt and uncle own it."

"Ahhhh. Family restaurant. Point me in the right direction."

After some what I thought were really convoluted directions we arrive at his aunt and uncle's restaurant. I haven't lived here my whole life like he has but I think I could've gotten us here in fifteen fewer turns. We get the car parked and go inside, and I'm guessing the woman at the podium in front is his aunt.

She smiles from ear to ear. "Mark!" She throws her arms around him and hugs him to within an inch of his life.

"Hi Aunt Carol; it's great to see ya."

They break the hug and she looks at him, holding him at arm's length, smiling. "Why is it I only see you when you're hungry? And speaking of, you haven't been in here in two months. I've told you time and again that fast food is gonna kill ya."

"I eat more than fast food. Where's Uncle David?"

"In the kitchen, raising hell; what else?" She notices me standing there. "You've brought me another mouth to feed; good boy."

I was really curious how he was going to introduce me. I didn't care but I was curious. He played it safe.

"I'd like you meet my best friend, Brian." He turns to me, an apologetic look on his face. "Brian, this is my Aunt Carole."

I smile at her. "Nice to meet you, ma'am."

She smiles at me. "My pleasure. So do you work with Mark?"

"No ma'am; we're neighbors. We live three blocks from each other. We met one morning and just hit it off; fast friends from the beginning."

Mark smirks. Carole smiles at both of us. "That's wonderful. I've been telling this bull-headed nephew of mine he needs to make some new friends." She turns to Mark. "So how's my favorite great nephew?"

Mark smiles. "He's great. He says he can't wait to come and see ya. He misses you."

"I miss him. Is that gold-digging mother of his taking good care of him?"

Mark laughs while I try to hide the smirk. "She's taking good care of him. She loves him as much as we do."

She turns to me. "I'm sure he's told you the story, hasn't he?"

I smile. "Yes he did. I'm really looking forward to meeting Jared."

She smiles. "You're gonna love him; he's a wonderful boy. Now you two men follow me to my special, family-only table."

We get sat across from each other and she hands us menus, smiling and asking what we'd like to drink. I settle for iced-tea and Mark has coffee. She goes to get our drinks and Mark looks at me.

"I'm so sorry. I tried. I really did." He closes his eyes. "I'm sorry, baby. I couldn't get the words out. Please forgive me."

"Mark, stop; it's not a big deal. I understand. Please don't feel bad about this."

He shakes his head. "I thought I could. Hell, I told you I'd kiss you downtown and I didn't even have the balls to be honest."

"Don't do this, Mark. It doesn't matter to me. You could probably easily kiss me downtown; there's no family standing there. I know about family, Mark; I know what it's like. Please don't feel bad about this. Besides, I feel pretty special being introduced as your best friend; I'd like to think we are."

He smiles shyly. "We are. You are my best friend, Brian; the best friend I've ever had."

I smile at him. "And you're mine. So see, there were no lies perpetrated here tonight."

He grins. "I did like the way you handled that; you're quick. Fast friends, huh? Not counting the fact I tried to kill you in your car?"

I smirk and grin. "Yeah, not counting that part. And I did hear you smirk when I said it."

He laughs. "I couldn't help it. So what do you think of..."

"Here we are! One iced-tea and one decaf coffee." Aunt Carole has returned.

Mark looks up at her. "I didn't order decaf."

"It's almost seven; do you really think you should drink the real stuff?"

I smirk and grin. She looks at me, smiling. "Be careful, before you're drinking yesterday's decaf."

"Yes ma'am."

Mark grins at me and then looks up at her. "I don't like decaf; it's like drinking coffee-lite. I'm sure I can get to sleep on one cup of coffee."

She looks at him. "Drink this one and I'll bring you a real one with dessert."

He smiles. "And I'd bet twenty it tastes exactly the same. Fine, leave the decaf. Thank you."

"You're welcome. I'm just looking out for you, you know. Since you've apparently decided to never re-marry you need a woman to look after you." She turns to me. "I'm guessing you're probably not married either; divorced men somehow gravitate towards each other."

I smile. "No ma'am; divorced three years; just like Mark." He smirks again.

She looks back over to him. "What's so funny? There's nothing funny about divorce."

"Nothing. His left the same time Jackie did but his dumped him for a younger man."

She turns back to me. "Damn, he must be a child; you can't be over twenty-five."

I smile. "Thank you. Thirty-one actually. The new one was only eighteen."

She shakes her head. "That's just wrong; the boy was barely out of diapers."

Mark and I both laugh. I grin at her. "Well at least barely out of high school."

She shakes her head again. "Well you two men should be taking ladies out to dinner, not having a guy's night out. Men." She turns and walks away.

Mark and I are looking at each other, smiling from ear to ear, trying our best not to laugh. He breaks. He starts laughing and shaking his head at me.

"'Divorced three years; just like Mark'. You goof. That was classic. Thank you for that."

I grin. "Anytime. I was kind of enjoying it. She's right, ya know; we should be taking the ladies out and not having a guy's night."

We both laugh again. He sticks his tongue out at me. "I've taken the ladies out; this is better."

"If you think this is good wait until I get you back home."

He smiles. "I get two desserts tonight, huh?"

"And you can't have coffee after the second one either."

"Just the cream, huh?"

I laugh. "Smart-ass."

He laughs. "Dipshit."

As Mark pours a creamer in his coffee I smirk and he looks at me.

"Shut up."

"I didn't say a word. Feeling self-conscience?"

He blushes. "No."

I grin. "That blush says otherwise."

He blushes again. "Shut up."

I smile. "Yes Sir."

Between dinner, dessert and quality family time with Mark's aunt and uncle we managed to make it out of there by eight-thirty. We had plenty of time to get to the theater so we took the scenic route, Mark showing me a couple of personal landmarks. We went by his high school and then swung by the house he grew up in. His parents had moved to South Carolina one month after they retired last year. They'd offered Mark the house but he told them he was already home. We still managed to get to the theater twenty minutes before the movie started. I guess since I'd joked with him about the auditorium as we drove by his high school he felt the need to tease me about the cute guy working the concession stand at the theater.

He nudged me and grinned. "So is that one as cute as the one you met when you were sixteen?"

"Much cuter."


"Yeah. This guy's a fuckin' hottie. Maybe he'd put some extra butter on our popcorn."

He looks at me. "You really think he's hot? I thought you didn't go for the cute, twink type."

I start laughing. "Damn, you can't tell when I'm fuckin' with you yet? You didn't catch the `extra butter' thing?"

He blushes and grins. "OK, I see how it is."

I smile at him. "Ah, I'm sorry, baby; I was just tryin' to keep you from fucking with me about my auditorium comment."

"OK, you win this one." He smiles mischievously. "I see the gauntlet's been thrown."

I smile. "Gauntlet, huh? Sounds serious."

Concession dude is back with our order and I pull my wallet out to pay him. I hand him a twenty and right after he hands me my change Mark leans in and kisses me.

"Thank you, baby. You're sweet."

I'm just dumbfounded. Mark smiles at me and turns to walk away. Concession dude is smiling at me too. I just look at him.

"You guys look good together. Out on a date?"

I nod yes. "Yeah. Our first official one actually."

He smiles big. "Awesome. Have fun."

I smile at him. "I plan to. Have a good night."

I turn and walk away, walking over to where Mark's standing, a shit-eating grin on his face. I smile at him.

"You kissed me in public. Oh my God... You kissed me in public."

He smirks. "You make it sound like I cured cancer."

I laugh. "No... I'm sorry; I'm just shocked. It was the last thing I expected; much less followed by the `you're sweet.'"

He laughs again. "Well you are. What's wrong with telling you?"

I look at him. "This was that gauntlet you told me about, huh?"

He grins. "Maybe. Maybe I just felt like kissin' ya. Let's go find some seats."

About twenty minutes into the movie he takes my hand and intertwines our fingers. I turn and smile at him; he's looking at the screen with a grin. I shake my head and squeeze his hand. Thirty minutes later he releases my hand and moves it down between my legs. I love where this is going and spread my legs a little more. He moves in for my crotch. Thirty seconds later he has my dick rock hard. He turns and grins at me.

He whispers. "That was fast."

I smirk and whisper back. "I had no choice."

He continues to rub my dick through my pants and I'm squirming a little. This feels fucking awesome. I move my hand to reach for him and he pushes it back. He whispers to me.

"Already hard; don't need help."

I smile and keep watching the movie. He plays with my dick and balls for another ten minutes before taking my hand back. I turn and whisper to him.

"Cock tease."

He smirks and grins. He whispers back. "He'll be happy later."

We manage to make it through the rest of the movie without any more playing, but I have to tell ya, I was still semi-hard and still turned on. As we're walking out of the theater, Mark standing behind me, surrounded by the crowd he squeezes my ass. I smile and keep walking. Once we're in the car I turn and look at him, smiling.

"Are you trying to tell me you're horny?"

He grins. "No, just playin'. You said you wanted to play with me."

I smile. "I do. I love playing with you."

It takes us about ten minutes to make the drive home and as I'm turning into our sub-division Mark tells me we're going to his house. I turn right rather than left on our street and pull up out front. I get the lights and car turned off and he's moving towards me and landing on my mouth. Oh yeah. I turn into him and grab his head with my left hand, pulling him in. We kiss for about a minute before he pulls back and smiles at me.

"I really enjoyed our first date."

"I enjoyed it too. I had a great time. So, ah, you wanna do this again sometime? Can I get your number?"

He grins. "Sure. I'd like to see you again. You're fuckin' hot and you kiss really well."

I blush and grin. "Thanks, you too. So maybe we could get together over the weekend." I decided to play this out and see where he was going with it.

"I'd like that. Do you have any plans for Saturday?"

I smile. "Not that I know about. What'd you have in mind?"

"I'm not sure just yet. Give me your number and I'll give you a call on Friday and we'll figure it out."

I grin. "OK. Sounds good. Got your phone with ya?"

He grins and pulls his phone out. I take it from him and program my home number into it. He's always had my cell number so I thought I'd give him the other one. I hand his phone back to him, smiling.

"Thanks. I'll be sure and call you Friday night." He leans forward and kisses me again, holding it for about fifteen seconds. He pulls back and smiles at me. "You are good at that. Thanks again, Brian. Be safe driving home; all the nuts are out." He opens the door and gets out; leaning down and smiling at me. "Talk to ya on Friday, Brian. Have a good one." He closes the door and walks up to his house. I'm sitting there kinda shocked. He's good at this.

Two can play this. I start the car up and turn around in the street, heading home. I look at the clock on the stereo; eleven-fifteen. Oh well, I guess I'll be sleeping alone tonight. I get the car parked in the garage and head inside, closing the big door and turning on the kitchen light. What I actually need right night is a good piss; the coke I had at the movie is screaming to get out. I head back to the bathroom and take care of business, shucking my clothes off when I'm done. I throw some short, cotton gym shorts on and head back to the kitchen. Once I have the coffee ready to go for the morning I kill the kitchen light and go back to my bedroom, making sure I've pulled my wallet and keys out of my pants so I don't forget `em in the morning. I turn my reading light on over my bed, kill the big light and jump into bed. I pull Mark's pillow to me and inhale it; smelling everything that's him. I've been lying there about ten minutes, just holding his pillow when I feel a presence. I never even heard him come in. I turn my head and find him standing in the doorway, smiling at me.

"You look comfortable. What are doing with my pillow?"

I smile at him. "Sniffin' it. How'd you get in so quietly: I never heard the garage door?"

He grins. "I found your spare key hangin' in the kitchen. I came in through the front door."

I grin. "I guess that's your key now. Have you come to molest me in my sleep? One date and you think you can have your way with me?"

He smiles. "It was a great date; I was hopin'..."

I grin. "What, Mark; what were you hopin'?"

He smiles shyly. "I was hopin' you'd show me what makes you love having cock in your ass."

I grin from ear to ear. "Really? And how'd you think I was gonna show you that?"

He blushes. "Maybe by breaking mine in." He smiles at me while walking over to the bed. "I want you to make love to me, baby."

I smile up at him. "I would love to. We can start by you getting rid of all those clothes you're wearin'."

He smiles. "There aren't as many as it looks like; I'm goin' commando and I walked over here barefoot. I wanted to grab a quick shower before we did this; I've been planning it all day. I didn't expect you to play along but it worked out great."

"Yeah it did. Are you absolutely certain about this, baby?"

He grins. "As certain as I can be without knowin' exactly what to expect. You've let me know in no uncertain terms how much you love it. I want to try it, baby." While he's talking to me he's pulling his zipper down and letting his jeans drop to the floor.

I smile up at him. "Nice... Lose the shirt and get in here." I pull the covers back and then yank my shorts off my body, throwing them off the end of the bed.

He does as ordered while kicking his jeans off his feet. He then jumps into bed, coming over on top of me and meeting my mouth with his. We start making out while I throw my arms around him and pull him in tight. My dick had started growing as soon as his zipper was down and now I'm rock hard again. I can feel him getting hard against me and it seems to encourage us both. The making out turns more heated and we're thrusting into each other, grabbing whatever we can find and moaning into each other's mouths. We've been making out for about five minutes when he breaks the kiss and smiles at me, panting.

"Oh fuck... God, you are so fuckin' good at that. But I get the feelin' you're the one that's supposed to be on top this time."

I smile at him. "Well since we're not startin' out with you on your back it doesn't matter. Come back down here."

He grins and lands on my mouth, his tongue shooting in, searching out mine. It finds it without any trouble at all and starts wrestling with it. I'm starting to wonder if I'm just a natural bottom boy; my legs are spread, allowing him down between them and I'm grabbing his ass hard and pulling down into me. I don't care; the idea that this man is naked on top of me is all I need. We continue making out and pulling on each other for another five or six minutes. Somewhere during that time we did up with me on top of him, and now his legs were spread and he was pulling my ass down into him. This works too. I don't care what position I'm in as long as he's there. I break the kiss, panting and moaning.

"Fuck, boy... You have a magic fuckin' mouth. Fuck..."

He grins. "I'm learnin' a lot from you. Goddamn... You kiss like nothin' else and you're leaving trails of pre-cum up and down my crotch; it's fuckin' hot as hell, baby."

I'm still trying to catch my breath a little. "Fuck... So how about we move this along before I cum on your balls? You have me so fuckin' turned on I don't know how long I'm gonna last but I'm willin' to go the distance."

He smirks. "Goin' the distance, huh? Here I was thinkin' I was the one that was gonna be goin' the distance. OK, sexy boy, tell me what you want me to do."

I pull myself off of him and walk to the end of the bed, looking down at him. "Roll over, get on your arms and knees and stick that sweet ass out. I'm goin' muff diving."

He laughs. "Muff divin'? I think you have this wrong; I'm a dude." He laughs again, making me laugh.

"Shut up and do as you're told."

He grins. "Yes Sir."

He gets himself in position while I stand there gawking at him. So fine; so fuckin' fine. Once he's got himself arranged I crawl up on the bed and sit back on my legs about a foot behind him. I reach out and grab a cheek in each hand and start massaging, spending about a minute just running my hands around his ass. I give each one a gentle slap and then lean forward, my tongue leading the way, burying my face in his ass. He yelps and moans and I smile. This is his first time, but it sure as hell isn't mine. I start licking around his hole and then run my tongue up and down his crack once before landing back on his hole. I have my hands on his ass cheeks, spreading them apart and I just bury my face, my tongue trying to launch itself up his ass. He moans out.

"Oh Fuck! Goddamn, that feels fuckin' great. Who knew havin' a tongue in your ass would feel like that?"

I pull up. "I did."

I land back on his ass and just start eating. I lick, suck and kiss my way around his ass, going deep one moment and then circling around the next. I follow this up by lapping at his ass, my tongue taking long swipes up and down his trench and then going back for more. He's moaning and swearing the entire time and I'm zoned out on his ass, doing my level best to make sure he enjoys this. And he will be kissing me when I'm done. About five minutes in I decide to bump it up and see what his reaction is. I pull my face out about a foot, smack his right cheek kinda hard and then go back in. He yelps.

"Owwww. Damn, boy, who said you could be back there slappin' my ass?"

I pull my face out again and slap his left cheek harder than I did the right one. He yelps and pulls forward.

"Owwww!! Goddammit, that hurts. You can slap `em but not quite so hard."

I give each cheek a kiss. "Sorry baby; I was just zoned out on your ass and not payin' attention to how hard I was hittin'. I'm sorry." Yeah, right.

I land back on his ass with my tongue, trying to shove it as far up his virgin hole as I can get it. He moans out and pushes back against my mouth. He likes this part. Good; me too. I spend another ten minutes eating his ass out before coming up for air. His ass is soaking wet and my mouth and face probably look like a glazed doughnut. I give each cheek a gentle swat.

"So what'd you think of your first rim job?"

"Fuckin' hot as hell. Just don't be slappin' my ass so hard."

"You have a deal. Now stay just like you are; I'll be right back."

I jump off the bed and go to the nightstand to get the lube, returning to my original position right behind him. I give his ass another light smack. I can't resist; it's just so fine. He giggles. I squirt some lube out on my right index finger and bring it up to his hole, running my finger around in circles several times; basically just lubing up around his opening. I squirt some more lube on my finger and then bring it up to his hole. This is gonna be the real test. I still haven't even stuck my finger in his ass more than past the first knuckle while we've been making out, much less going in all the way. I rest my fingertip on his hole for about three seconds and then slowly push in. When I get past the first knuckle he clamps down on it.

"Relax, baby. I swear to God I will not hurt you. Just breathe and relax. I'm going to go as slow as you want me to. I love you, Mark."

He exhales. "I know; I'm tryin'. I don't mind the finger, it's just I know where it's leading and my head's gettin' in the fuckin' way."

"I know. Just breathe and relax. I'll take as much time as you need."

He exhales again and relaxes his ass. I push in slowly, making it all the way and stop. He takes a deep breath. I let my finger rest there for about five seconds and then start to withdraw it, moving slowly to the first knuckle. I immediately start the return trip back inside. He clenches for a moment and then let's me continue. I do this about eight more times before adding a little twisting motion. He moans lightly. Good sign I figure. I slide my finger in and out about ten more times, twisting each time before pulling out to add some more lube. I look up at him.

"How ya doin'?"

"Good. Doesn't feel too bad actually. Just tryin' to keep my head outta the conversation."

I chuckle. "I know, baby. You're doin' fuckin' great. Your ass feels so good on my finger; fuckin' tight as hell, baby."

He smirks. "God, I hope so."

I laugh. "Don't worry, it'll still be tight in the mornin'."

I've snuck my finger back in while we were talking and he just let me do it; no flinching and no clamping down.

He smirks again. "You're gonna fuck me all night? Is this like that song?"

I laugh. "No, I'm not gonna fuck you all night long, goof. Hell, I'll be lucky to last five minutes."

"You'd better last more than five minutes; this is a lot for just five minutes."

I laugh again. "I'll try my best."

I've been fingering his ass while we've been talking and now I'm ready to add a second finger. I pull out and add some more lube, getting my middle finger while I'm at it and head back in. I get in about an inch and he clamps down. Not that I wasn't expecting him to. I wait a few seconds and he relaxes and I continue in. I've got two fingers buried to the hilt in his ass and I'm not hearing any complaints. I start moving them in and out, slowly at first but increasing the tempo a little each time I go back in. I work him with two fingers for about a minute and then add some more lube and go back in. He clenches a little for just a second and then I'm back at it. I spend another minute working two fingers in and out of him, twisting and bending them from time to time and then pull out. I lean off the end of the bed to grab my shorts, wiping my fingers off on `em. I'm back behind him now and ready for the real thing. The only problem is my dick's not hard. I've been so worried about him I've let my dick go soft.

I squirt some lube on my cock and start working it, stroking the dumb thing back to life. Jeez, it's first time at Mark's ass and it decides to take a nap. I'm playing images of him fucking me in my head and I'm hard again in no time. I squirt another bead of lube on it and then squirt some on his hole, rubbing both a little. I look up at him.

"Are you ready, sexy?"

"I guess. Do it."

"I'm gonna go slow, I promise. If you need me to pull out, tell me and I will immediately. I'd never hurt you, baby."

"I know. I love you. Go for it."

I smile. "I love you too."

I grab my cock and aim it at his hole, resting it at the opening for about two seconds before starting to push in.

"Push out like you're taking a dump; it'll help ya."

He smirks and does as ordered. I push in about three inches and he clamps down and moans out.

"Fuck... Oh my God..."

"Breathe. Just breathe, baby. Breathe and relax."

He pants a couple of times, exhaling loudly and wincing a little. I just stay where I'm at, tying very hard not to make my cock jump or move. This feels so incredible and I'm having a hard time not flexing my cock. God, talk about tight. Fuck me. I push just a little and he moans out.

"Fuck. Wait."

I stop. "I'm sorry. I'll wait until you tell me to move. How ya doin' up there?"

He groans. "Adjusting I guess. Give me a minute."

"You got it you sexy fucker. Do you want me to pull out and add some more grease?"

He smirks. "Grease? You usin' lard on my ass or what?"

"No... I'm usin' lube. Who knows, maybe some Crisco would help us out. Guys that are into fisting use it; it must have a pretty high viscosity rating."

He laughs and my dick slides in another inch, making him moan again.

"Fuck. Hey, that's not fair; making me laugh and then slippin' one in."

I laugh. "I swear I didn't push; that was all you. Just think, you only got about three more inches to go."

"Fuck... I know I've grown to really like suckin' your cock, and it feels great in my mouth; just the right size. But I gotta tell ya, baby; it feels like a fuckin' phone pole inside my ass."

I laugh. "Well, you're an electrician; surely you've climbed up a few phone poles."

He laughs again, me taking the opportunity to bury myself in him. I stop and let him relax and adjust. He turns his head around.

"You fucker; that wasn't fair. Fuck... Goddamn, boy, you feel fuckin' huge in there."

"I'm sorry. I figured if your head wasn't thinkin' about it I could finish the drive and let you adjust. Just relax. I promise I won't move."

And he said my ass felt like a vice on his cock; he should really try his own sometime. Oh man... I've fucked a virgin before; my first boyfriend, but this was incredible. I'm sure a lot of it had to do with who it is but even so, talk about tight. I could just flex my cock at this point and bust a load. He wasn't the only one having to breathe and relax.

I start rubbing his back. "Goddamn that feels so good, baby. Damn, that feels so good on my cock. I love your ass, baby; even more than before."

He smirks. "Now you're just tryin' to sweet-talk me. You've been lusting after my ass since the first day you knew me."

"I freely admit that. But I have to tell ya; I never dreamt in a million years I'd be where I am right now."

"You like that, huh?"

"Oh fuck... Like you really need to ask. So, are you ready to have me pull back?"

"Yeah, give it a try."

I pull back about four inches and then slowly return back in. I don't want to pull out; he may not let me back in. I stop when I hit bottom again, both of us moaning. I let it sit for about five seconds and then pull back the same four inches, immediately returning for the inbound. He grunts.

"Fuck. Damn, that feels so weird. Not really painful, but like you said, a lot of pressure. You can do that some more, but keep going slow."

I pull back again, going about five inches this time and then go right back in, keeping the same slow steady pace. When I hit home I start pulling back before stopping and retreat the same five inches and then drive forward again. I take the opportunity to grab his hips and hold on to him; I may need the leverage at some point. I look up at him.

"You doin' OK?"

"Yeah, I'm doin' OK. I'm startin' to adjust a little. My head's screamin' at me but I'm ignoring it."

"Well I'm worried about that body part too. You want me to stop?"

"No. It's just... Don't stop; I'm good."

"Mark, if your head's freakin' out over this maybe we should stop."

"No, Brian; I'm fine. Keep fuckin'. I don't want you to stop."

I pull back again about four inches and drive back in, stopping for a second and then pull out all the way. I grab the lube and squirt a big glob on my cock, rubbing it around a little. He turns around.

"I said not to stop."

"I'm just gettin' some more lube."

"Oh. OK."

"Are you sure you're OK?"

"I'm fine, Brian. Get back to work."

I look at him for a second and then down at his ass and then at my cock. All three seem to be ready for this. I put my cockhead on his hole and push in, taking it slow and easy. He grunts and clenches a little but then relaxes and lets me in all the way. He turns around again.

"That was better; maybe we just needed more grease."

I smile at him. "You can never have too much grease. If we use up this I have a brand new bottle ready to take its place."

He smirks. "Fuck, I hope you don't need all of it. We might have to break out the Crisco."

I laugh. "That might not help ya; I only have the spray kind."

He laughs. "Stop making me fuckin' laugh. Damn... It feels weird to be laughing with cock in my ass. Just start fuckin', boy."

I pull back and then slide right back in, bottoming out just a little hard. He grunts. I pull back again, leaving just the head in and then drive back in, bottoming out again. He grunts again. I keep doing this for about two minutes and then stop, buried in him.

"You wanna try a different position?"

"Well it would be kinda nice to see your face while you're fuckin' me. I feel like my ass is backed up to a glory hole."

We both laugh. I grin at him. "You've been to a glory hole? What else aren't you tellin' me?"

"Shut up. I haven't been to one but I have heard of `em. And seen a few on porn. Pull that pole out and let me roll over."

I laugh and pull out of him, letting him fall down on the bed and rolling over. He looks up and smirks. I grab the lube and dump a little more on my cock and then knee-walk up to his ass, grabbing his legs on the way and lifting them up.

"Bend your knees, goof. You tryin' to reach the ceiling?"

He laughs and bends his knees while I push down on them a little. He grabs under his knees and I get my cock lined up with his ass, pushing in as soon as I hit the target. We both moan out. I bury my cock in him and then stop, letting him adjust again. I stay still for about five seconds and then pull back, leaving the head in and then driving forward again, impaling my cock in his ass. He smiles at me and moans. I keep doing this for about a minute before pushing my legs behind me a little and leaning over him, coming down on his mouth. I don't know if he remembers where my tongue was earlier but he doesn't hesitate to kiss me. We start making out while my cock makes love to his ass. I'm keeping the same slow, steady rhythm I've been using the whole time. I break the kiss and smile at him.

"You good with this or you want me to go faster?"

He grins. "Maybe a little faster. My ass has finally gotten used to the invasion."

I smile and pick up the pace, my cock sliding in and out of his ass, not slamming into him and not pulling all the way out. I keep this up for another two or three minutes before increasing it some more, this time kind of slamming into him on each downward thrust. He grunts and moans out.

"Fuck... Oh fuck... Yeah, just like that. Fuck yeah, baby; that feels good."

I smile and keep fucking. Another minute passes and I'm back on his mouth, my tongue reaching for his throat. We stay just like this for about five more minutes. My cock is feeling wonderful things and my head is in overload; I can only imagine what his head is feeling. I've been changing the pace and intensity of my thrusting, going hard and fast one minute and slow and gentle the next. I pull out all the way and then shove myself right back in. He grins and moans out.

"Fuck yeah. Oh man... Now I know why you like that."

I giggle. "Feels good, huh?"

"Yeah. It's not supposed to but it does."

"Yes it is. Get that straight boy thinkin' out of your head."

He smiles. "I'm workin' on it. Keep fuckin, baby. Maybe I'll be a bottom boy by the time you're done."

I laugh. "I doubt that. And you'd better not."

"No, never happen; I love your ass too much not to fuck it."

"That's damn good news. You wanna try riding me for awhile or are you good with this?"

He grins. "Taking me through every position, huh?"

"Just the tried and true. I know one that's really hot but not in most straight boy's repertoires."

He laughs. "What I'd tell you about dissin' straight boys? What's the position?"

"Both of us on our stomachs but with my cock buried in your ass. Kind of a reverse-backwards missionary."

He grins. "I think I've seen what you're talkin' about. Pull out and show me."

"I'm not sure the bed's big enough. We could hit the floor."

"Let's go."

"Take a pillow with ya; you can put it under your cock so you don't get rug burns."

I guess we both knew what I had been talking about. We end up on the floor with him facing east and me facing west. His legs are spread, mine are together and my cock is buried in his ass. We spend a minute or so getting the details worked out and then I'm moving my hips up and down, slamming my cock in his ass. Within minutes we're both moaning and swearing. I've only done this a couple of times but I remembered it being really hot; and even more so this time. We've been goin' at it for about seven or eight minutes when he calls out.

"Fuck! That is fuckin' hot; I love this. You do know I'm gonna be fuckin' you this way, right?"

"You'd better."

I'm not close-close but I'm a hell of a lot farther along than I was. I want to see his face when I bust so I keep at this for another couple of minutes before I pull out and get up on my hands and knees, turning around.

"Get up. Get on the edge of the bed on your back and lift your legs up. Now."

He jumps up and does as ordered. I'm back in his ass in no time, holding his legs up in the air and slamming into him, both of us grunting and swearing more. I look down and watch my cock hammer his ass and also take note of his cock. It's hard and leaking. I reach down and grab his cock in my fist, pumping it. He moans out.

"Oh fuck yeah; stroke my fuckin' cock, baby."

I keep fucking his ass and stroking his cock, lasting another three minutes before I'm past the point of no return. I look down at him.

"You want my fuckin' load?"

"Yeah, give me your load, boy."

I stroke his cock harder and thrust into him hard about five times and cut loose.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! I'm fuckin' cummin'! "Fuck yeah!"

I slam into him, burying myself and just open up. I've kind of lost my rhythm on his cock while I'm unloading in him but he takes over and starts beating his dick. I can feel my balls contracting and my cock pulsing in his ass as I empty myself into him. I've counted seven intense contractions and just as I'm finishing he calls out.

"Fuck! Here it is! Fuck yeah!"

I look down and watch the show. He grabs his cock really tightly and then loosens up, the first salvo shooting out into his stomach, followed immediately by the second landing just next to it.

"Fuck! Oh fuck...!"

The next one comes blasting out and landing just below the other two and before it even settles down the next one is launching out and landing just above his pubes. Two more small ones follow soon after, landing on his pubes and running down his fist. He's moaning and panting and looking up at me. I'm feeling his orgasm on my cock through his ass and wishing like hell I could have another one; it's fucking incredible. I just look back at him; amazed and intensely satisfied. I grin at him while still panting a little.

"Fuck... That was hot, baby." I grin bigger. "Do it again."

He smiles. "Fuck, I wish I could; that was so intense. Fuck me. I've never felt that when I've come before; it was just fucking intense."

I grin. "It may have to do with my cock being buried in your ass. I'm pressed up against your prostrate."

"That must be it; it was so fucking intense. Whew! Fuck, boy. That was nowhere near what I ever thought it'd be."

I smile. "You kinda liked that huh?"

He shakes his head, smiling. "A little past kinda. Not that I'm gonna be your little bottom boy but I can see myself doing that again."

I laugh. "You're not allowed to be my bottom boy. That was fuckin' great, Mark; fuck yeah. I loved every second of it. Thank you, baby; thank you. I feel so incredibly honored you let me do that."

He blushes and grins. "Don't say things like that. Now pull that big fuckin' cock outta my ass and come join me."

I smile and slowly pull out while letting him take the weight of his legs. I watch to see if anything slips out when I get out of him but all's well. He lowers his legs and slides up a little higher on the bed, me coming up on top of him. I look down at him and smile.

"I love you."

He smiles back. "I love you too. Kiss me."

I lean down and land on his mouth, my tongue sliding in and making contact with his. We both moan and he brings his arms around and pulls me in tight. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about; being held tight in this man's arms, much less after making love to him. I melt into him.

We haven't really been making out, just kissing and smiling at each other for a few minutes. I lift my head up and smile down at him.

"We're gonna be glued together."

He laughs. "I know... I just thought of that. I guess we should go jump in the shower, huh?"

"Might be a good idea. Not that I don't wanna be glued to you, but seeing as how we work a mile apart it might make the commute a little difficult."

He laughs. "Are you ever serious?"

I grin. "I'm seriously in love with you."

"I guess that's the most important part."

"I do need to get one more in before we become completely serious."

He smirks. "What would that be?"

"I ate your ass like a starving man and you've kissed me numerous times since." I grin at him. "You said I was delusional when I told you I would."

He laughs. "I did say that. I was wrong. Happy?"

"Very, but not because you were wrong. This whole night has been incredible and I think I just may be more in love with you than I was this morning; if that's possible."

He smiles. "Wow, you do have some beautiful serious moments. Well I am head over heels in love with you too, Mr. Decker. I never thought my life would turn out this way but I'm sure happy it did." He pats my ass. "Come on, my love, let's go wash up and get some sleep."

We didn't make it to bed until almost twelve-thirty in the morning and I was not happy to see six-thirty arrive. I moaned and slapped the alarm off. It takes me about ten seconds to realize I'm alone in bed. Uh oh. That's not good. He's freaked out about this. I jump up out of bed and walk out to the living room to see if he's there. No sign. Shit. I run back to the bedroom to get some clothes on and go see if he'll talk to me. Once I'm dressed and walking towards the door he walks in holding McDonalds bags and coffee. I stop dead in my tracks. I'm looking at him, unsure if he's really standing there. He looks at me.

"What's wrong, Brian?"

"Uh... Nothing."

He sets the stuff down and walks up to me, grabbing my shoulders.

"That look is not nothing. What's wrong?"

"I panicked when I woke up and you were gone. I was on my way over to your house to see if you'd talk to me."

He smiles. "I'm sorry. I tried to get back before you woke up but the Beiber workin' the register hasn't finished basic math yet. Why did you think I wouldn't talk to ya?"

I flush red. "I thought you were freaked out about last night and had left."

He pulls me into him. "I'm not freaked out. I'm not going anywhere."

I sigh and hold him tight. "I was so scared. I'm sorry."

"Shush. I'm not going anywhere, Brian; don't be scared. You need to start believing that I'm in love with you and I'm not leaving you. Last night was fucking incredible; I'm not freaked out about it. Please stop worrying about me. I'm dealing with everything just fine. No regrets."

"I know you love me. I'm sorry for being an idiot. You were doing something incredibly sweet and I fucked it up."

He pulls away from me, looking me in the eyes. "You didn't fuck anything up. Please stop being so hard on yourself." He reaches up and wipes my eyes; they'd gotten a little moist. "Now kiss me and come have breakfast with me."

I kiss him and then pull myself back into him, holding tight for about a minute. I wonder if I'm ever going to stop thinking he'll leave me if something freaks him out. I need to get over that; accept and believe what he just said. It seems like the longing I had for him for months has turned into fear that he'll leave.

We have a nice breakfast together, take a quick shower and get ready for work. As I `m walking to the garage he grabs my arm and pulls me around into him.

"I love you. I will see you tonight as soon as I can get home."

I smile at him. "I love you too, and I can't wait. Be safe at work, please."

He grins. "I promise; no fires. You too. And stay away from Jeremy and Tim; I may not look it but I'm a jealous sonavabitch."

I smirk and grin. "They got nothin' on you, baby; nobody does. I'll see ya tonight."

He smiles and kisses me. "Tonight."

I think I still had a little of the fear throughout the day; I called him about seven times and send two texts. I was feeling my usual confident self however by the time I got home and I'm sure he was kind of glad; he could get some work done. I showered and changed and then got dinner started. My man would be home in a little under an hour and I wanted him to have a nice evening.

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