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Chapter 1 -Reason To Roam

This was it! I was finally going to do it. After 3 months of planning, and a year of slaving my butt off in a repetitive shitty job, I was finally getting my long awaited and well deserved holiday with my friends. After the on going bullshit during the last 3 months, we were determined to have a smashing good time. But before we get into all of that, lets rewind back 3 months. . .

So the name's Blair McLean, 19 years young. Brown hair with blonde highlights, green eyes and pretty tall, about 6 foot 2. I'm the youngest of 7 (yes big family I know) and my brothers, sisters and I all have that Italian looking olive complexion rather than the darker skinned Samoans, or the fairer Europeans. I live in Wellington, the capital of "clean green" New Zealand. My mum's a Kiwi and my dad's a Samoan, so that makes me half cast, or mixed raced.

Mum is a psychologist while dad is some big buff in the Police. They were 'happily married' until 2 years ago, when it was revealed my dad was having extracurricular activities on the side with some floozy. Mum and dad separated and being the only one at home, I moved in with mum. Moved in with mum, huh. I know your wondering if I'm camp, not a chance in hell. But that doesn't mean I don't like camp people. In fact, working in the customer service field, there are a lot of effeminate guys around, and a large majority of them are a laugh and a half to be with. Straight acting? Stereo typically yes, but is it straight acting if you're just being yourself?

Well, I started out as a straight-A student at Hutt Valley High but ended up floundering my way out with a C grade average. After postponing indefinitely the idea of going to university, I, well actually my mum and the rest of my family decided that I should at least try and find some employment.

So I did, I got a job over at Telecom. Telecom? Yeah you know, that evil big-bully company that produces, markets and operates cell phones and cell phone networks? Well they were foolish enough to give me a job as one of their sales reps. So for the last year I've smiled, schmoozed, flirted, promoted and even seduced customers in to buying telecom products. Now, finally after a year of bull shitting people and kissing butt to meet sales targets, I was in need for a break.But where does one go when they need to recharge their batteries? There was no way I was going to stay within New Zealand, but then I didn't really want to venture too far out of the south pacific. I couldn't make my mind up out of going to Fiji, Sydney or Samoa.

It was a rather quiet Monday afternoon at the outlet I worked at on Lambton Quay, one of Wellington's main streets. It was around 3:30 pm and the pedestrian traffic was building. School would just be finishing and workers would be counting down the minutes till work ended. I was flicking through some memos on my laptop when I received notification of new mail. I clicked on the new mail notification, only to find an email from one of my close friends, Nick Arthur.

Date: 26 March 2002
Subject: Rip off the roof and come to Sydney!

Hey wassup nug! Hehe, I haven't heard from you for ages!!

What have you been up to? How's mum? How's Tor? How's the love life? Found yourself a man or 3? Ha haha.

University has been crazy; I'm totally loving my sound engineering class. We're going to be pop stars yet you, Tor and I! Remember that really sad album we made with Tor? Oh my god, hard case, I could make one that sounded a thousand times better now!

Anyway enough about university, as you know it's my birthday in a couple of months, and I thought since you're a working boy now, you could come and spend a couple of weeks here in Bondi! We can drink margaritas; bathe on the beach and party like old times.

HAVE FUN AND GO MAD! *Big grin*. . .

I stopped reading for a minute, as I laughed to myself as I recalled the album we made. Victoria, better known as Tor, Nick and I recorded this album, amidst the whole made for TV Pop stars phenomenon. We called ourselves Dee-vyne and were convinced we were going to be famous and go on to sell millions. But dreams are free, and we were constantly being told to not 'give up your day job'. But that was us, we were crazy, wild and fun once we got together. We'd do things that neither one of us alone would have even thought of. Back in school, Tor, Nick and I were the invincible trio, and we just went totally wild. No party was worth going to unless Victoria Lewis, Nick Arthur and Blair McLean were there. Tor was the brains of the group while I was the brawn and Nick was the token comic relief. We helped each other through everything like Tor's first period, Nick's first girlfriend, and my 'coming out'.

Then when school finished we were all separated. We went our different ways but kept in touch. Tor had moved up to Palmerston to attend Massey, while Nick decided to leave his dad who lived here in New Zealand and go stay with his mother Lynne in Sydney and attend university there. I decided to stay in Wellington and work for a while before becoming a poor student with student loans bigger than JLo's ass.

. . . I miss you man, people here are sooo into themselves its not funny. Its like Bondi is filled with BODY BEAUTIFULS, male and female! I have this model working with me at the cafe.

Oh, did I tell you I was working at a cafe? It's on the beach front in Bondi, called Gabby's and it's only a part time stint to get some extra dough. Anyway, the model, her name is Gina, total wog, but she's really gorgeous and so damn nice! (Bitch) She walks in to work, looking a million dollars, and we're all working our butts off. By the end of the day, we were all getting changed, and she turns around and still looks Shagalicious while the rest of us look like road kill. Some people have all the luck.

Anyway, I just thought while I had some free time I'd drop you a line, I know you must be busy selling em' phones. Where's mine by the way??? Anyway GOTTA GO! Write back soon and think seriously about coming to visit, Lynne misses you and gives her love. Say hi to mum for me and give my love to Tor, and see if she wants to come too!

By for now,


I sat there reading my email over a couple more times, giving some serious thought to what Nick had said. "Why not Sydney?" I said quietly to myself. I mean, sun, surf, lots of hot looking guys! What a great place to go on holiday, and spend time with Nicky? It would be just like old times! I read the email one more time as if to reaffirm to myself that I wanted to go to Australia. I opened outlook and checked my appointments, I had nothing important to do in the next 3 months and had leave owing. Nick's birthday, which was in July, would be a perfect time to go to Sydney. It would still be hot but not smouldering like a pacific island hot. Looking at my watch, I saw it was 4pm, everything usually shut around 5:30 during the weekday, and so I still had time to book things, but first I flicked through my cell phone and found Tor's number in Palmerston.

**Ring ring**

**Ring ring**

An unfamiliar girl answered the phone.


"Hi, is Tor there?"

"Yep hold on a sec" I heard her put the phone down and could hear her screaming in the background.






"Well ask you moron!" I laughed, thinking wouldn't it be funny if she was in the shower or on the loo.

"Sorry, Who's speaking?"

"Tell her its Blair" I heard her put the phone down again.

"SOME GUY NAMED BLAIR" There was some moving going around going in the background then I heard someone fumble for the phone.

"Gimme that!! Hey is that you Blair?" Victoria said, sounding a bit stressed. Okay that was an understatement, she was sounding really stressed.

"The one and only, did I catch you at a bad time?"

"No no! I was just doing some studying, you know, the usual"

"Aw, poor baby been reading her booky-wookies all day?"

"You know it! Anyway, to what do I owe this much needed interruption?"

"Much needed? Are you finding it hard to study?"

"Yeah well when you're flatting with an unemployed bimbo who watches TV all day and some dork who's in his room playing with himself, and loudly, things tend to get a bit distracting"

"Ew too much information! Why don't you just go to a library?"

"I would but it's usually packed around this time of the day, anyway so you were saying"

"Well yeah, I got an email from Nick"

"Oh how is he? Bastard hasn't emailed me!"

"Well I only just got it so you've probably got one too. Anyway, he hinted that his birthday is coming up soon in the letter and wants us to go visit him in Australia. I'm sure I've got some leave coming up and thought it would be great if we both went. What do you think?"

"Sounds fantastic but two problems, One, I don't have any 'study leave' coming up till the end of July and two, where am I going to get the money from?"

"Well that's perfect! Nick's birthday isn't till the end of July, which he'd be mad as hell if he knew you didn't remember and I have heaps of air points on my VISA, more than enough to get us both to Sydney and back. Besides I'm sure dad-bank has some cash somewhere for his little girl" Tor's dad made up for love with lots of money that he compensated his lack of fathering skills with all the time.

"Aw, I can't ask you to use your air points on me"

"Bah! Don't you worry about my air points. I need a holiday! Come on Tor, It will be just like old times. Plus a party isn't the same unless it's all three of us"

"Well that's True" Tor's admission made us both laugh. It sounded so self-absorbed but if you had been to a party with 'the trio', you would know what I was talking about.

"So that's a yes then?"


"C'mon" I said putting on a deliberate slow, sultry voice


"Okay, okay, okay. LETS DO IT!" Tor laughed.

"YES! Well I'll book the flights and get back to you okay"

"OK Deal! Call me on my mobile tho cause I may be out later on"

"Sweet, Now go back to studying so you can get your degree and be my sugar momma!"

"You wish! Hehe, bye babe!"

"See ya sweetie, be good!"


Excellent! Now I have to put the plan in to action. I flicked through my cell phone quick dial numbers and found what I was looking for. I pushed send and heard the funny Australian ringing tone.

**Ring ring**

**Ring ring**

**Ring ring**

C'mon c'mon pick up

"Hello Nick here!"

"Nicky! It's Blair here how are you?"

"Blair my man! Hey I'm good dude wassup?"

"Nothin much just working it to get some cash"

"Yeah I know how that's like. Hey I just sent you an email did you get it?"

"Sure did, things sound pretty sweet where you are"

"Hell yes! Better then staying with dad in that hell hole, Hey it's my birthday coming up, hint hint"

"Man that's three months away"

"Yeah but its still soon, man, I'm gonna be old"

"You're only turning 19 you freak, you're not OLD at all"

"Yeah but 19, I mean HELL, I'll be as old as...YOU! Haha"

"Well, if your going to be like that then maybe you just wont get a present" I kidded.

"Aww c'mon man you know I'm just pulling you leg. So what you gonna get me?"

"Well, it isn't anything materialistic"

"So we gonna play the guessing game or do I have to hang up?"

"Man your no fun! Well I just got off the phone with Tor, and we've decided to visit Sydney for your B'day"

"WAIT did you just say visit Sydney, and did you say WE??"

"Yep I did! We're accepting your invitation man"

"Are you shitting me? OH MAN I can't wait!"

"Course that means we'll have to look up a hotel near your house and stuff"

"Shit man you ain't staying in no hotel, you can stay with us! Lynne would kick my ass if I let you stay in some hotel. Shit are you REALLY coming?"

"Well you know me, once my minds made up I do it! All I need to do is book the flights and Tor and I are on our way baby!"

"Aw shit! shit! shit! Now I can't wait! You better book those flights, and I'll come and meet you guys out at the airport"

"Don't worry man, I've been hanging out to get away for a while now. I need a holiday, and we three haven't done anything together in ages, not since your farewell"

"Man that was mental night! We were so tanked"

"Correction, you were tanked. Every one else was laughing at you making an ass of yourself with that Geri Halliwell impression with the hose, singing its raining men"

"Man, I don't remember that."

"You don't remember or you choose not to remember?"

"I plead the fifth on that, Hehe. Well shit man its good to hear from you dude"

"Good to hear from you to! But hey I gotta go, I still have to do SOME work"

"Okay then take care bro and give my love to Momma McLean will ya?"

"Ok bro, take care and don't break too many hearts"

"I won't, and hey. Do you have a DECENT man yet?"

"Sorry, I plead the fifth on that one!"

"Smart words my man, anyway gotta go bye!"

"Ok dude see ya!"

I called flight centre and reserved 2 return tickets to Sydney. I knew then that we were going to have a wild time. I looked at my watch and saw it was 5:15 pm, Shit time flies! I quickly went around locking up the display cabinets and shut up the store.

As I was leaving I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around and saw it was none other than Andrew Barclay. Andrew stood there looking fine as usual, wearing 3-quarter length dark blue shorts; a skin-tight white T-shirt with his bag slung around one shoulder. I couldn't help but smile at how hot he was looking, bastard.

"Hey Baby how YOU doin?" Andrew grinned trying to imitate Joey from friends.

"I'm good stud, and you?" I replied smiling.

"Just finished classes and I was wondering if I could bum a ride with you?" he asked. I actually had other things to do but Man with those baby blue eyes, how could I refuse?

"Sure man, but your driving tho I'm beat"

"Sweet! You know I just love driving your wheels."

We walked down the road to the parking complex to where I was parked. I chucked Andrew the keys and we headed out to Mount Victoria.

I don't know what it is with people and cars. Mum got me a car because she was tired of me borrowing hers. In my opinion it was one of the casualties of one of the many seasonal retail therapy sessions. It was a Silver 98 Mazda MX5i, and everyone ogled over it. I couldn't care less I mean, it was a car and it went. I could have had a mini and would have been pleased. People may think that I'm ungrateful but there are better things that, that type of money could be spent on, I mean, HELLO Rwanda anyone?

So who is Andrew Barclay you ask? He is my sort of boyfriend. Sort of as in after 3 years of being together, he still wasn't comfortable with the boyfriend thing and most of his friends didn't really know about me. It was like I was his dirty secret that no one could know about. He was a total schmuck, but a smooth schmuck and for some reason I couldn't get enough of him.

He's 22, jet-black hair, same height as me, blue eyes and had a tanned complexion and one of those devious smiles that makes your stomach turn with lust. He's part Maori and European. Defined? Not overly but in the right places, a total stud. The worst part was he knew it and played it to his advantage. He is a University student at Victoria University, in his final year of music performance.

Tor and Nick couldn't stand him, but they didn't see him the same way I did . . . right? They were always trying to hook me up with other guys but I always ended up back at Andrew. He was only my second boyfriend, but the first person I had sex with. For some reason that held some kind of power over me and he knew it. Me being the total romantic, I had convinced myself we were meant to be together and he'd gradually grow out of his standoffishness. It's sad really, when it came to Andrew, I was like a beat puppy that gets hit by his owner but still comes back for more affection.

Andrew lived near the very top of Mt Vic, and if you've ever been to Wellington before, you'd know that the streets of the city residential areas were very steep and narrow. We pulled up his house and parked on the side of the road. He lived in a two-storey house with four other University students. The house looked rather empty for a Monday afternoon. Andrew looked at me and grinned.

"Wanna come in?" usually I'd jump at the opportunity but I had other things to attend to.

"I can't stud, I have to go see my dad" I replied

"Aw C'mon it will only be for a short while, I've been stressing with University all weekend and need a little de-stressing if you know what I mean," said Andrew with a raised eyebrow.

"As tempting as that may be, I haven't seen dad in ages and I'd promised I'd go have dinner with him, maybe next time?" Andrew looked hurt for a second, then confused, then angered.

"Fine, go have dinner with 'daddy' then. I'll see you later" he said angrily as he got out and slammed the door.

"Hold on Andy wait!" I called after him, but he had already gone inside. Sighing, I got in the drivers side and headed out towards Dad's house.

"Damn it!" I cursed to myself as backed out and headed towards the Lower Hutt.

I know what your thinking, hot boyfriend vs. dinner with dad, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING BLAIR! But it wasn't like that I mean, contrary to popular belief, sex wasn't on my mind all the time, and I saw dad like once every blue moon, even tho he was probably only a 10 minutes walk away from mum's. So dinner with dad was the right choice . . . right?

WRONG! After that little ditty, Andy stopped talking to me and wouldn't return my calls. I'd drive up to his house to see him but his flatmates would say 'he wasn't in' or 'you've just missed him'. I'd call him on his mobile but all I'd get was his message service. A few weeks later he informed me via text message that it was over and he thought we should see other people.

I was absolutely gutted. I couldn't believe it I mean, 3 years down the drain and all this over one little argument? Was it me? Was it something I said or did? Of course it was something you did you idiot, you refused your boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend sex. But that couldn't be it could it? I didn't eat very well for a while. It felt like there was someone in my stomach, hacking away at my inside organs with an axe. I tried to get in contact with him but you know how it is, if someone doesn't want to be found they wont.

I had two weeks left before going on holiday to Oz, and I was beginning to question if it was worth going. It was late night Friday on a wet Wellington evening. I was sitting at my desk trying to look like I was doing some work when my workmate Amber approached me.

"Blair are you okay?" she said concerned

"Yeah Amber I'm fine" I replied playing with my pen.

"You can't fool me, you've been moping around for the last few weeks, what's wrong Hun? It's not over that fool Andrew is it? You can't be still hurting over him!"

"I can and I am Amber" I sighed, "he was my first love man, I thought we had so much more" I said with a thin smile and with tears threatening to drop. We'd only known each other for a year but Amber and I became fast friends. We shared the same interests, both liked guys, and both loathed our jobs.

"Aw come on sweetie, how about after work you and I go catch a film over at reading cinemas, my shout?" she said as she placed her hand over mine. I looked up and smiled as tears fell down my face.

"Thanks Amber, I'd like that a lot" I replied as she leaned down to give me a hug.

We got to Reading around 9 pm, and the only movie showing at that time was Spider Man, unless we were willing to wait another 30 minutes and being a Friday, the cinema was packed with loud teens. Wait for 30 mins? No thanks, Spider man it was. We were in the middle of a very long line waiting to buy our tickets when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned around to look and suddenly I felt a strong gut ache. It felt like someone pulled on my heart and was crushing it with his or her bare hands. There he was. Standing at the back of the line. Andrew was all dressed up in black slacks and a metallic blue shirt with a long leather coat and he wasn't alone He had his arms around a slim blonde female, who looked like a carbon copy Shakira. She was nuzzling his neck as he laughed and whispering things to each other. I felt like vomiting, not only had my supposedly gay ex boyfriend over me, but he was already seeing someone else, and a girl too! I mean I'm not a woman hater or anything, but it didn't do too much for my confidence.

As I was frozen I didn't notice the line had moved forward. Amber must have noticed I wasn't paying attention and turned around to nudge me to move.

"Blair babe, we gotta move up," she said pulling on me. Suddenly I didn't feel to good.

"Amber maybe the movies wasn't such a good idea" I replied as my voice was shaking.

"What do you mean it's the perfect ending to a long and dragging. . ." Amber stopped mid sentence as she finally saw the cause of my hesitation.

"Oh My GOD!" she shrieked. Andrew looked up just in time to see Amber's fist connect with his face. Now this I wasn't expecting! Amber's sudden charge of action caught everyone's attention. You see, Amber is a pretty short person, about 5 feet tall. So you could imagine the public's reaction seeing this shorter young woman punch a much larger man.

"You sick prick, you've only been off with Blair for 2 months and you're already seeing someone else?" Andrew blushed with embarrassment as all eyes were on him.

"Ol' hoe bag get away from my fiancee," said 'Shakira'.

"Fiancee? Who the hell are you Miss small and humble?" Amber said looking 'Shakira' in the eye "Unless you're looking for some as well sister you better back up!" said Amber in a firm tone. Shakira complied.

"I don't have to explain my actions to you Amber," said Andrew obviously annoyed.

"But you do to me" I said snapping out of my state of shock "You didn't return my calls, you were never home, where the hell were you Andy? Oh wait that's right, you were busy getting yourself ENGAGED! Who the hell is this?? I thought you loved me you sick fuck!" I said angrily and frustrated.

People were looking at us. Some with gasps, some with scowls and some even with sympathy. Andrew looked down and said something to 'Shakira'. She sulked away towards the McDonalds outlet by the ticket booth.

"We need to talk" Andrew said stepping towards me.

"Andy, we needed to talk 2 months ago I think it's a bit late for talking". I said taking a step back.

"Please?" he pleaded. Amber turned to hug me and whispered, "You need this Blair, as closure, talk to him, and then you can start getting over that bastard, okay?" I looked down at her and sighed. She was right.

"Okay we'll talk," I said looking to the ground. Amber wriggled a set of keys at me

"I'll be waiting in the car, take as long as you want,"

"Okay, be out soon babe" I smiled weakly as she walked out.

Andrew and I walked towards the food court and sat at a table.

"So you wanted to talk?" I said, staring at my fingers. Andrew tried to touch the side of my face but I flinched away.

"Don't touch me!"

"I uh . . .There's no easy way to say this Blair, I . . ." he stuttered.

"Just spit it out Andrew, I'm beyond surprised now" I said.

"Okay, Uh Cindy and I."

Her name is Cindy? Hmm nice name, not!

"We uh, we've been seeing each other for the last year, so this engagement thing, isn't anything new" he said getting a bit uncomfortable "we're in love. I was meaning to break it off with you but I couldn't do it, I Lo. . ."

"Don't say it, I don't want to hear it" I said cutting him off.

"But baby."

"Don't baby me Andrew, Just don't. Just. stay away from me. I never ever want to look, see or hear from you again" I said standing up abruptly and walking away, tears threatening to fall. Man what was I, some kind of water fountain? I could hear Andrew calling out to me but I kept walking.

I walked out the sliding doors and saw Amber was standing out there with a smoke in hand and a coke in the other. She ran up to me and hugged me. I tried hard but I couldn't help it, the damn burst and I couldn't stop the tears from falling. I felt like a fool.

"Let it all out baby, it's okay, your gonna be okay" she said hugging me and rubbing my back. She led me to the car and we both drove off. I definitely needed to get out of Wellington now.

To be continued...



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