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 Chapter 2 - "Good Bye Wellington"

A week had passed since the run in with Andy and 'Shakira' . I only had 3 more days before 'lift off' so I decided, rather than Tor having to catch a train or bus back down to Wellington, I'd take leave early, go spend a day up there in Palmerston north then bring her back with me. I was packing my stuff in to the trunk when mum came running outside.

"Don't forget to take your mobile son, call me when you get there"

"I will mum I promise" I pulled her into a hug and got in the car.

"See you in a couple of days mum, and remember to feed Brooklyn!" I said while backing out.

"I will, where is your cat anyways?"

"Last I saw he was on my bed, anyway I'll see you tomorrow"

"Ok son, drive safely!"

"Always" I smiled as she waved, and I was off.

I looked at the clock on the CD stereo and saw it was only 8:36am. I got out one of my mp3 CD's and turned it up.  The b52's came booming out with "Roam". For some reason this song always made me smile while driving, it had that natural 'sing along and dance' feel. It usually takes an hour and a half to get to Palmy from Wellington. It looked like it was going to be a sunny day, sweeeet.

Victoria had two and a half weeks leave, so we thought we'd spend 10 days in Sydney. As expected, dad-bank did come through for her and leant her a large amount of spending money. I was pulling up to her house and saw it was only 10, and knowing Tor, she'd still be in bed since it was a day off. I decided to pop down town to McD's for some bagels and hot chocolate. Just as I was pulling back up, I saw her stumble out the door, looking half asleep and coming to check the mail. She was wearing a long t-shirt and a pair of knickers.

"Nice outfit babe" I said giggling. She jumped from fright.

"Oh god Blair I didn't see you! Prick! Hehe come here and give me a hug baby" I walked up to her and pulled her into an embrace. She was like the sister I never had.

"Hey I bought breakfast"

"Sweet, its only us two right now. Becky has gone home to visit her dad and Karl is at his girlfriend's house" she yawned.

"Aw and I was looking forward to meeting the flatties" I said giving a fake pout.

"Yeah right, they are devil children I tell ya!" she said as she turned to go in to the house.

"Why is that?" I said smiling following her.

"Well I shouldn't moan but its like little things. Becky doesn't work, doesn't even make any attempt to get any work, she just sits around the house all day," she said getting frustrated

"Oh dear," I replied not knowing what to say.

"And KARL, he's hardly ever home. Usually out with his girlfriend which is fine, but he has some nasty habits, like peeing on the toilet seat, wearing underwear around the house . . ." I looked at her and what she was wearing.

"Well you're a fine person to judge"

"Hey you're meant to be on my side" she said feigning anger.

"I am but perhaps you need to say something to them" I said. She kept going on and on, while I sat there and listened. It had been a long time since Tor and I could sit down together and have a decent conversation, even if it was just her moaning about her flatmates. It was times like these that I missed the most.

"So have you got anything to do today," I asked while finishing my bagel.

"Nope not really, I thought we could rent some vids and have a lazy day, then get up and head up tomorrow. What do you think?" she said while munching away on her bagel.

"Sounds great babe, I've missed this"

"Missed what?" she said smiling.

"Just sitting down, and talking, like old times" I replied taking a sip of my hot chocolate.

"I know, I miss it too, and just think, 10 days of relaxation. The trio united again!" she smiled. I couldn't help but smile myself. I know it sounds selfish, but I needed this. I needed my friends to help me heal, and to help me move on. As if she could read my mind, Tor came up to me and hugged me. I couldn't help but cry.

"God am I turning in to a fruit loop or what?" I said as I cried in to her shoulder.

"Hey it takes a real man to know when to cry," she said as she comforted me.

"Thanks babe, I needed that"

"I know."


Saturday morning, we got up bright and early, Still no sign of the flatties though. I went for a shower while Tor did some last minute packing. We were both excited, and couldn't wait to get going. Once we had packed all her luggage into the truck (3 very large bags might I add) Tor quickly scribbled a note leaving instructions to the flatmates to feed the cats. From the talk we had yesterday morning, I got the impression that her flatmates weren't that responsible so I convinced Tor to bring them down and leave them with my mum; at least we knew that someone would actually feed them.

By the time we left Palmerston, it was Midday. Tor flicked on one of the many Mp3 CD's and the Cranberries 'Dream' came booming out. Yes its true, I prefer 90's music to today's modern music. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate some of the more recent music.

By the time we arrived at my house it was 2pm. We were due to fly out on Sunday morning on the 6:45am flight. Check in time being 5:45am, so we decided to rest up; Tomorrow at 5am, the cab would arrive to pick us up. As we got in, Stephanie, Tor's mum was having a cup of tea with mine in the kitchen.

"Hey Mrs.Mclean" said Tor as she went to hug mum.

"Hey none of that Mrs.Mclean stuff Tor, you are old enough to call me Jen" she said pulling her in to a tight embrace.

"Okay I'll remember that in the future," she said sheepishly.

"Hey Stephanie how are you?" I said as I walked up to hug my second mum. "I'm good Blair thanks, and yourself?"

"I'm just excited to finally get this trip underway" I said smiling.

"Tor, come and give your mother a hug," said Stephanie as she pulled Tor into a tight embrace.

"When are you going to get that father of yours to buy you a car?" she asked while ruffling her hair.

"Muuuum Stop it! You know I don't like asking FATHER for anything" Tor replied. I went up to mum and hugged her.

"I hate to break this reunion up, but if we're going to wake up in time I think Tor and I better go get some rest, and I need to finish packing"

"Ok son, I'll set the alarm to wake you two at 4am" mum said.

"4am? Man that's too early!" Tor moaned.

"Yeah, but the early bird catches the worm, while the late bird gets left back in Wellington" said Stephanie, causing us to laugh.

"Yeah well I still don't have to like it, anyway I'm going to bed!" Tor announced and headed towards the guest room.

"And I've got some packing to do, are you going to stay Stephanie?" I asked heading towards my room

"No I'm not, but I will see you two at the airport tomorrow" she called after me.

"Okay then, see you tomorrow!" I said as I went to finish pack. I was sifting through some clothes when mum came in.

"Nick's stepmother Josie came over, she brought these with her," mum said while handing over three envelopes.

"What are these?" I asked looking at them.

"They are letters for Nick" she said in a 'well duh' tone.

"What, can't they afford stamps?" I said a little harsh.

Ok, before we continue, I'll explain a few things first. While Nick stayed in Wellington, he had to stay with his dad Jake, who was a Baptist Christian. He was a very strict man and made his family fall in to line. His stepmother, Josie, wasn't any better. She was a bit fruity. Nick, Tor and I would laugh because she had this monster belch, which sounded like a mammal roar. Sort of like, Baaarrrrrrerrrrrrrr!!! It was the source of countless jokes and laughter between us.

Anyways, Jake and Josie both saw the church as being more important than anything. Church came before family, church came before eating, church came before clothing. The person I felt sorry for was Nick's younger half brother Luke. He wouldn't grow up to know any better than what he was born in to. They would both constantly moan about being in financial difficulty, but who wouldn't be in debt with the amount of money they spent at church. I believe the bible says give 0.5% of your pay to the church, not 75%. I don't mean to knock Christianity in any way, but it seemed like Jake and Josie's motto was "the more money you gave to church, the more blessings you shell receive," And don't worry if the kids went without food, clothing or even power, the "lord shall provide". Anyway back to reality . . .

"Aw c'mon Blair that was a low blow" mum said feigning disappointment.

"Yeah, I guess it was," I said chuckling. I dodged a pillow that mum threw at me. She knelt down on the floor and sat next to me.

"My little boy is growing up, and going on his first holiday without mum" she chuckled and hugged me.

"I know momma, just think, you'll be in a rest home soon!" Man if looks could kill . . .

"You watch that mouth boy, or I'll iron it" she said trying to sound menacing.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever mum, you know you love me," I said resting against her shoulder.

"You know it baby, get some sleep now okay?" mum said.

"I will mum, goodnight" I replied kissing her on the check. She then got up and left the room

"Goodnight son" she called from the hallway.

Tor and I were sitting at the back of the cab yawning, it was around 5:15am and we were on the Hutt Motorway. Mum didn't want to come to the airport, as she's horrible with goodbyes. We all hugged and cried for a good 10 minutes before heading out. The effects of the coffee we had earlier seemed to be wearing off, we were falling asleep so I tapped the taxi driver on the shoulder.

"Excuse me sir?"

"Yes boss" he said, he had a very deep voice.

"I was wondering if you could turn the radio up a bit, we're falling asleep back here"

"Sure thing boss" he said and he flicked a few keys. Suddenly Abba's Dancing queen flicked on. Tor looked at me and grinned, It didn't click at first but then she wound down her window.

"Bye Queensgate" she said quietly. I grinned back and wound down my window too.

"Good bye Hutt River" Tor smiled and grinned back at me

"Good Bye Motor Way!!"

"Good Bye Harbour, See ya Hills!!" I replied

"Bye Beehive. SEE YA Te papa!" Tor shouted, sucking in the fresh air!

"Bye Workplace!" I said giving the finger towards the city.

"See Ya Aunty Helen !" Tor shouted towards the Beehive. We looked at each other.

"GOODBYE WELLINGTON!" we shouted together at the top of our lungs..

We both laughed thinking about that classic ending to Muriel's wedding where Rhonda and Muriel farewell Porpoise spit as they head off to a new beginning in Sydney. Ironically this was our beginning, the beginning of our vacation!

To be continued. . .



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**Aunty Helen is a nick name term given to the prime minister, Helen clark.