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Chapter 3 - Reunited and it feels so good.

I was having a nice deep sleep when a young female flight attendant who had the most god awfull heavy Aussie accent awaked Tor and me.

"Excuse me sir, madam, sorry to wake you but we are now descending in to Kensington Airport, you will have to reposition your seat in the upright position and fasten your seatbelts."

I sat up a bit disorientated but alive. "Thanks madam"

"Not a problem, thank you for flying with Qantas," she said. I wonder how many times they have to say that, it sounded sickeningly sweet but very rehearsed. The captain's voice came booming over the intercom.

"Good morning ladies and gentleman, I hope you all had a good flight this morning from Wellington. It's currently 15 degrees Celsius in Sydney, something you Kiwi's wouldn't be used to around this time of year." That got a dry laugh from a couple of people. "We should be expecting a high of 22, slight northerly winds. The time is currently 7:45am in Sydney. Remember to keep your seatbelts fastened until we have landed and I hope you all enjoy your stay, and thank you for flying with Qantas." The intercom clicked off, and for some reason the passengers started applauding.

"Oh my, I can't believe we're really here" Tor yawned.

"I know! I mean look outside it looks so . . . brown!" The grass looked rather dehydrated but other than that it was a beautiful clear morning. We waited while everyone filed off the plane then followed suit.

After spending what seemed like an eternity going through customs, we made our way out to the arrival area. It was rather packed considering how early it was. We later learned that there were several exchange groups and a rugby team on our same flight, which caused the large delay. There were so many in the crowd Tor and I couldn't see if Nick was around. I then got an Idea. There was a camera and a microphone hooked up to the large Videotron display of people arriving. I walked right up to the camera.

"Excuse me, is there a Nick Arthur in the crowd?" everyone in the crowd turned towards the television screen "if so please make your way to the Videotron screen to pick up your guests, thank you!" Tor cracked up laughing.

"Man if he saw that he's gonna kill you!" she said as we headed towards the large screen.

"Well, he better have seen it. Otherwise we're stranded here at the airport, and I don't want to spend ten days in the arrival lounge thank you very much" I said feigning frustration.

We stood there waiting when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned and there was Nick with a goofy grin on his face.

"You tank ass! I wouldn't have expected anything less from you!" he said as he hugged both of us.

"Nick! You ass, how are you doing?" Tor laughed.

"Um good, but now that I'm here with you guys I think everyone here knows my name now" he said rolling his eyes.

"Aw c'mon, you know you like the limelight" I said lightly punching him on the shoulder.

"You know it" he said with a grin of a Cheshire cat. Nick took a hold of Tor's bags and put them on a trolley.

"I'm parked right at the end of the airport, Blair you can carry your own bags and work off that tank ass" he said grinning.

"Who you calling tank ass? My ass is nice and toned thank you very much Mr Afrolicious," I said giving him my bitch stare.

"You're both wrong, coz I'm the one with the toned ass, both you two could give J'Lo a run for her money" said Tor laughing to herself.

"Man, that's the last time I help you, you skank".

And so the banter went back and forth. Yes it sounded like we were being nasty to each other but it's the way we always talked when we were together as the trio. Nick and I packed the luggage into his car, while Tor loaded our carryon luggage upfront. Nick had a Holden Berina, a nice little ditty, but somehow it screamed NURSE.

"Shotgun!" Tor shouted.

"Good that means more legroom for me at the back" I grinned as I lay down to rest a little, even though the flight was only three hours, the time difference had taken a lot out of me since I slept through breakfast on the flight.

"You can't go to sleep man, you need to stay awake and give me updates on what's happening back at Welly! Plus you're going to miss all the sites" whined nick.

"Bah, Tor Update, Me sleep!" I said laying back and getting comfortable.

"Man you suck"

"I know that, but you're never going to find out how well" I replied eyes shut and grinning.

"Ew TMI TMI!!" Nick shouted.

"TMI? What the hell is that!" Tor asked.

"Too much information, man, where have you been? In a cave?" Nick asked.

"Worse, Palmerston north!" I replied causing Nick and I to laugh.

"Quiet in the cheap seats, no one pressed your button!" Tor retorted.

"OoOOoh Da Kween has spoken!" Nick said, trying to sound street.

"Yeah, and if you ask me, she speaks too much!" I said grinning and poking my tongue out.

"Yeah well no one did ask you did they Blair?" Tor said giving me the finger. We all laughed, it was good to be together again.

Forty-five minutes, and a few winks later, we arrived at Bondi beach. It was damn hot, a very nice change to Winter Wonderland Wellington. There were people buzzing on the street and people swimming down on the beach. For a Thursday morning, the main street was pretty busy. Everything, shops, cafe's and fast food places seemed to be on one street. Nick was playing some remix of Gloria Estefan's 'Party time'; it seemed appropriate for the setting for some reason

"Well guys, welcome to Bondi Beach," said Nick pulling up by a cafe,

 "You guys hungry? We haven't gone shopping yet so if you're hungry, lets get something here."

My stomach replied by grumbling which got Tor and Nick both laughing.

"I take that as a yes Blair?" Nick said grinning while I gave him the finger. Looking around there were people everywhere, wearing tank tops, no tops, shorts, short shorts, my my such eye candy.

"Oh my gawed, this place is happening! I wanna go for a swim!" Tor said getting excited.

"A swim? We only just got here!" I said laughing.

"Well, there are hot surfer guys on the beach and I want a closer look!" she said grinning.

"Well we've got time to do that later Tor, lets just grab something to eat and catch up a bit since tanky decided to sleep through the drive," Nick said rolling his eyes in my direction. Tor pouted but followed. Nick took us to Gabby's, the cafe he worked at.

"So this is where you work huh, Nick?" I asked

"Yep the ole' ball and chain, sit down here, a waitress won't be far away," he said pointing to a table closer to the beach side.

"So what's the latest boys and girls?" Nick asked, taking a seat.

"Well I'll start. Massey is okay, my flatmates suck, and Palmerston north is a hole. Oh yeah, my car got broken in to but other than that life is wonderful!" Tor said sarcastically.

"C'mon Tor, It can't rain all the time," Nick said grinning "besides, your car probably wasn't broken in to, the door just probably fell off and people saw it as a free for all" said Nick, which got us all laughing. He was probably right. Tor's car was older than any of us, and was practically scrap metal on wheels.

"What about you Blair? I heard you and Andy aren't an item anymore" Nick said with a sympathetic look in his eyes, which made me a bit uncomfortable. The last thing I wanted to discuss was Andrew.

"Can we talk about this later Nick? It's still kind of a sore spot for me to talk about, or ask Tor, I just don't want to think about it" I sighed.

"Sorry Blair, I didn't mean to bring up bad memories man. Besides, you're in Sydney now, a chance to have a 'holiday fling'" Nick said grinning. I couldn't help but smile. A holiday fling did seem kind of appealing.

"Don't forget about me, I'm gonna get me an Aussie hottie!" said Tor, looking around at the half naked male bodies walking around the beach. She let out a low whistle.

"Mmmm Hmmm Gimme summa that!" she said laughing. Nick and I looked at each other and cracked up laughing, Tor looked at us as if we'd gone mad.

"What?" Tor asked.

"You really need to get yourself laid" Nick said laughing. "And fast!" I added.

"Don't you think I know that!" she shrieked feigning frustration

"Man it's been so long since I last done the dirty, cobwebs are growing down there!" Nick and I screwed up our faces in disgust.

"Too much info girl!" I said laughing.

"Way too much" Nick added, then looked thoughtful "there's a party tonight down at the Bondi tea gardens, how about we go there tonight?"

"But what about your mum? We haven't seen Lynne yet, she might want to do something" said Tor.

"Nah, she's got a concert to go to tonight, so I don't think that would be a problem," Nick replied.

"Okay, well Bondi Tea Gardens it is, but lets get some breakfast, man. I'm starving!" I said while rubbing my stomach.

"Me too, airplane food just don't do it for me," Tor agreed. After breakfast, we got back in the Berina and headed to Nick's house. It was only a two minute drive from the Beach centre. Nick lived in an old brick two storey apartment. It had a nice feel to it and smelt of cinnamon. There was a long hallway, which went out to the lounge and the dining area. Right outside the dining area was a veranda, and you could see right out to the back of Bondi, heading towards Bondi Junction.

"Well, this is home!" Nick said beaming.

"Man, I love your house!" I commented, "Where's Lynne?"

"She's probably down at the Laundromat, follow me I'll show you your rooms"

Tor's room was the closest to the door. It was a dark blue and had little paintings across the wall with a window facing out to the road. It had a double bed, a nightstand, drawers and a small television. Opposite her room was Lynne's room. The door was shut so I couldn't see. My room was next to Tor's. It had white wallpaper with small designs on it with a window facing the side of the house; if I looked down I could see in to the apartment next door. I too had a double bed, but no TV. I had a little stereo though and a nightstand next to the bed. Opposite my room was Nick's room. His wall was lined with posters of Gloria Estefan (did I tell you he was a big Gloria Estefan fan?). There was a large desk with a PC on it, next to it was his double bed, a cabinet and some drawers.

It took us about half an hour to get packed and settled in, then we made our way to the lounge. It was only 9am, but I felt like I was running by New Zealand time. To me, it was midday. I sat down on the sofa with Nick while Tor splashed herself on a chair.

"What do you guys want to do huh? Wanna go do some sight seeing?" Nick asked.

"Not today, how about we go down to the beach for a while, hang out, have fun in the surf, then we can come and get ready to go to Bondi Tea Gardens?" Tor suggested.

"You just want to go perve at the surfers you bad, bad girl!" I replied grinning.

"And that's a bad thing because?" she asked raising her eyebrow.

"No I actually don't think it's a bad idea, except for the perving at guys, what do you think Blair?" Nick asked. They both looked at me expecting an answer.

"Okay then, but I think I'll just work on my tan, you two can go swimming" I replied.

"Yes!" cheered Tor. It's funny; Tor may be the oldest, but the way she behaved always brought her seniority in to question. Some times I swear she was the youngest.

"We can just walk down, its only a ten minute walk to the beach," said Nick.

"Okay then, well I'm gonna go get ready then, see you guys in 10."

We got to the beach around quarter to ten, I decided to lay back on my towel, plop my sunglasses on and listen to my Discman. I was facing the sky, relaxing listening to my Gabrielle CD. Nick and Tor were playing some kind of water polo game with their heads. I was humming along to 'Don't need the sun to shine' when a figure overshadowed me.

"You really should put some sunscreen on before lying down dude, you could get burnt." Came a mellow male voice.

"Thanks, is that an offer man?" I said looking up. Oh my, standing before me was a tall guy, probably about 20 or 22, Blonde shaggy hair, slim, with a light dusting of hair. He was quite well toned, and from the view looking up, looked well equipped. I couldn't quite see his face properly but he had a welcoming smile. I grinned and thought, you could rub me up anytime baby.

"Sure dude, do you have any on you?" he said smiling. Hold on, did he just say yes? Sure enough he was kneeling down towards my left side.

"There's some Sun block in there" I said pointing towards my backpack.

He searched through my backpack, bringing out a tube of Sun block, "Cool dude, just lay back and relax while I do your back."

I got a good look at his face as I got up to turn over. His eyes were a very light brown, almost hazel. He had a perfect set of teeth, and full pink lips. He had a medium sized nose that pointed up slightly. He had a pair of sunglasses holding up his shaggy hair, a sharp chin and a charming smile. I heard him rub some cream together in his hands warming it up, and then rubbing slowly across my back as I rested my chin on my arms. He caressed the skin gently, moving slowly up and down, kneading like a baker does with dough.

"Mmm that feels so good," I moaned "hey whats your name by the way man?" I asked beginning to feel relaxed and a little aroused.

"Bryan Kelly, your name's Blair right?" he asked. Man this guy was good.

"Hey how did you know?" I asked tilting my head up to look at him.

"Oh, I have my ways" he said grinning, pointing to my backpack, which had my name printed on the bottom of it. I let out a chuckle. He slowly dragged his fingers down the skin of my back, towards my legs, slowly drawing small patterns. I could feel Bryan had strong hands, but knew how to be gentle. Man, and I thought Andrew was smooth, but this guy was Prince Smooth of the smooth nations. Bryan rubbed my upper thigh letting a hand slip in to my shorts, oh dear.

"So Blair, are you single?" man he got straight to the point! I looked up at Bryan in surprise; I couldn't help but admire his bravado. Was this guy coming on to me? Of course he was coming on to you idiot! Act cool Blair.

"Who wants to know?" I replied with a raised eyebrow.

"Me of course, its not every day you see a cute guy on the beach." I couldn't help but snort at his flirtatious manner. There were hundreds of cute guys on the beach.

"Yeah I guess you could say I was single" I replied trying to seem inconspicuous. He grinned.

"Roll on to your back dude so I can do your front" he said in a low voice. As I got comfortable on my back, he held his hand firm on my chest. He reached with his other hand to take my sunglasses off. "Let me see your eyes dude," He said as I lay back.

"They say you can tell a lot about a guy by looking in his eyes," I said quietly as his face got closer. He was staring intently as was I. His shaggy hair flopped forward, slowly caressing my cheeks. As I gazed into his eyes I could see specs of red and yellow, and even white. He leaned closer till I could almost feel his breathing on my face.

"Dude your eyes are so intense, when I saw you before, I thought you looked wild, but your eyes they make you look so innocent man" he said getting even closer. I thought he was about to kiss me until . . .

"HEY BLAIR! Whose your friend?!" Tor shouted from down on the surf. Oh MY GOD, I swear I could have strangled her. She came running up to Bryan, splashing water everywhere; I gave her an annoyed look.

"Bryan, I'd like you to meet my friend VICTORIA, VICTORIA this," I said pointing to Mr Smooth "is Bryan." Bryan reached out to shake her hand, as she gave him a cautious smile.

"Nice to meet you Bryan"

"Same to you" Bryan replied.

"Where's Nick?" I asked, realising he wasn't with her.

"Oh he's over there by that volleyball net trying to scam on some girls" she said grabbing her towel to dry herself off. Indeed he was. Nick was a true ladies man, and always seemed to charm the pants, or skirts off of them.

Bryan began to look a bit uncomfortable, then stood up "Well, dude I gotta go man," he said. "Do you have a pen?"

"Uh sure, in my backpack" I said trying to hide my disappointment.

He fished through my bag and got out a pen and took out a card, scribbling something down on it.

"Here's my number dude, if you wanna do something later on, okay man?" he said handing me the card and smiling. Damn, he WAS a hottie. I took the card and smiled at him.

"I'll give you a call, take care man," I said.

"You too and nice meeting you Victoria." He said getting up. Tor grimaced at the use of Victoria.

"Nice to meet you too Bryan" she replied. He waved then ran down towards a group on the other side of the beach. Tor looked at me then grinned. "Okay, so what was that all about?" she asked grinning.

"Nothing, since you and your impeccable timing interrupted everything" I said feigning anger. She grinned then pouted.

"I don't believe it, we've been here five seconds and already you've got guys hitting on you? Man this is unfair!" she said sounding frustrated. I couldn't help but snicker.

"Maybe its em' cobwebs you were talking about, probably have some kind of anti-man repellent on them" I said grinning. She shot me a dirty look, then saw I was still holding his card. She reached to snatch it off me but I quickly drew my hand back.

"Nu uh missy! Go find your own!" I said, rather pleased with myself.

"Your no fun," she replied, then she stood up "hey, I'm gonna go get some ice cream, you want some?"

"Sure, but just a single scoop" I said looking down at the card.

"Okay then I'll be back shortly," she said walking off towards the ice cream parlour up by the main street. I looked down at the card and read the message Bryan wrote.

"Hey man, I hope I didn't read you wrong, I'm hoping that you were gay. If you'd like to have some fun, give me a call 9326 5400, Bry."

As if Andrew was a distant memory, I grinned to myself; yes a holiday fling was looking rather appealing at this stage. Especially if it was with Bryan!

To be continued...



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