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Chapter 4 - The Rhythm Is Gonna Getch'ya

The three of us arrived at the Bondi tea gardens at about half past ten. From outside there was a rather long line of people going in, we could hear a live band playing from the outside. Everyone was dressed to the nines, as were we. Nick was wearing a silvery sleeveless shirt and flare-styled leather pants with some funky boots. He had his shaggy hair hanging out and looking great. Tor, who usually wore her medium length blonde hair up, had it hanging down. She was wearing black PVC pants that had slits going from the ends up to her thighs, accompanied by boots and a PVC jacket. I had my shoulder length curly brown hair down. I was wearing a tight white sleeveless shirt with black Arabic writing across the chest. My pants were black, with tiny little poker-dot type holes going through them, exposing a little skin. I was wearing large boots as well. I thought we looked pretty damned hot.

We managed to cut through the line, as the owner was Nick's mum's ex boyfriend. We got stares from everyone as we just walked right in. The room was rather packed with a lot of younger people and the live band was playing covers of old pop and rock tracks. It was typically smokey and hot inside, and people were dancing about. There was a large bar in the centre of the room while there was a little stage setting up front for the band. We managed to get a table out to the side of the bar. Tor whispered something to Nick while looking at me. They both laughed then Tor and I sat down while Nick went to get some drinks.

"What did you say to Nick?" I asked getting a bit suspicious about what these two were up to.

"Oh I was telling him what I wanted to drink," she said with a wicked gleam in her eye.

"How come it feels like your not telling me the WHOLE truth Victoria?" I said eyeing her closely.

"Man just relax, I wouldn't do anything that would bring any harm to you would I?" she said with a smirk.

"Hrmm, whatever" I said raising my eyebrow.

The band was playing a jazzed up rendition of Elton John and Kiki Dee's Don't go breaking my heart . They were pretty good; they had a female and male lead singer, who both looked to be in there 30's. Their live band was pretty good, and seemed to know all the licks from the original version and added a bit of extra rock into the mix. They seemed to be having a good time and you could see their enjoyment flow on to the audience. People were getting up off their seats dancing while others were sitting, grooving along to the music. Nick returned with 3 drinks in hand, a vodka lemon, something that looked like madori, and, uh oh, white wine. I shot them both a dirty look.

"That wine better not be for me! You know what happens when I drink that shit!" I snapped

"Oh harden up you fag," said Nick as he handed me the glass.

"Yeah, your on holiday, let loose and relax, " said Tor taking her madori.

"That's easy for you to say, wine doesn't make you a total whore," I said looking at my drink. The last time I got drunk on white wine, it made me a bit loopy. It was at one of our school friend's party, and I ended up doing a little strip routine and a bit of lap dancing, earning myself a reputation as an exotic dancer. I don't know what goes in to making wine, but when I drink it, its like an instant adrenalin rush that took away any of my inhibitions. But something in my head said to go for it; I mean it is a holiday after all right? I brought the drink up to my nose and took a whiff of it. Nick grinned at me while taking a sip of his drink.

"Go on Blair, drink it, I DARE you!" he said smirking.

"Yeah go on man, I DOUBLE dare you" Tor joined in.

They both started chanting 'Drink Drink Drink' as I looked at the glass and then back up at them again. Oh what the hell you only live once. I took the glass and sculled it back, causing them both to applaud and cheer loudly.

"LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" Nick shouted as he handed me another glass of dry white wine. Oh dear.

"Skull! Skull! Skull! Skull!" everyone chanted. I was on to my 12th glass and feeling a bit giddy, to put it mildly. We managed to attract a lot of attention as there was a group of people surrounding our table, I couldn't actually tell you how many, they just looked like blurred paint to me. Nick just kept handing me the drinks, and I kept drinking them. But I wasn't the only one pissed, Tor looked like some slag off of Oxford Street. I think she was on to her 10th glass of whatever she was drinking, and was singing the New Zealand national anthem at the top of her voice in Maori, which was getting her a lot of stares from the crowd. I did however notice there was a cute guy hanging off her shoulder, he had short brown hair that was spiked up, glasses, and seemed cute enough. I smiled inwardly for her, maybe she would get lucky.

Nick was looking at both of us and laughing. The damn prick was nowhere near as tanked as we were. We were off our faces and I was getting the itch to dance. But before I go further perhaps I should explain. When I dance, I don't just dance, it's more of a modern day lambada, or at least Britney Spears on speed. Its not overly embarrassing, unless the person I'm dancing with isn't in to dancing like that, but with the wine, who knows what I was going to do.

The band announced they were taking a break and a DJ was going to play some music for a while. Nick was about to hand me another wine when I heard Destiny's Child's 'Bootylicous' burst through the speakers. I suddenly jerked out of my seat.

"OH MY GOD THIS IS MYYY JAM BAYBEEE!" I slurred and jumped up and started making my way to the front of the stage. Tor was right behind me screaming the very same thing. The song started flowing and I could feel the beat. The drinks had taken effect, Blair had disappeared, and the alternate personality 'Billy the Exotic dancer' had taken his place. Tor and I started moving suggestively together, swaying our hips back and forth and doing seductive movements with our legs. I could feel the heat of the room rush upon me, suddenly I felt like I was on fire, and needed to dance the heat off. I suddenly wasn't in the mood for dancing with a girl; I wanted a MAN to dance with. I shamelessly walked up to a poor unsuspecting group of guys sitting at a table, which now looking back i realize was quite risky considering we weren't in a gay bar. I looked at them, and saw a guy I liked. He was rather cute, he had short jet-black spiked up hair with light blue eyes, tanned, and he looked Italian, and seemed pretty built. I pulled him up and dragged him on to the dance floor. He just stared as I started to sway with the beat, I grabbed on to his hips and swivelled them so he was matching my rhythm. He looked rather embarrassed and his friends kept taunting him to dance. All the while, Nick was looking at us and laughing his ass off. Italian guy turned his head away, and I brought my hand up to his chin and turned his face towards me. He blushed, and I just grinned. I leaned in to his ear and whispered,

"If you really want to show your friends up, how about we give em a show?" I said drunkenly. He looked back at his friends who were still hooting and teasing, then looked back at me. He smiled the most radiant smile and nodded. 'Bootylicious' was up to the talking bit in the song. Italian guy grabbed my hips and started doing a bum-slap dance with them. On queue, Italian boy's friends' jaws dropped, and their eyes looked like they were about to jump out of their sockets. I turned around and started doing a grinding motion in to Italian boy. I grinned at him then looked back at Nick. He was staring wide-eyed at me and Italian boy getting our groove on. I decided to turn things up a notch and started running my hands all over Italian boy's body.

"What's your name?" I asked as my hands roamed on the inside of his shirt. He didn't try to stop me, as I started tweaking his nipples.

"Its Tony" he said, starting to get in to it, I swear I heard him moan; it was hard to tell with the loud music playing.

"Blaaaairrr" I said slurring a bit "your one hot fucker you know that?" I said continually grinding in to him. He smiled a toothy grin at me.

"Well, I don't usually go for guys, but your not so bad yourself" he said rubbing up against me. I lifted his shirt up, threw it towards his gang of friends and starting rubbing my hands all over him. I could see out of the corner of my eyes that people were staring. I didn't care, I was having a good time, and I'm sure Tony was too.

I ran my hand all over his sculpted chest and his tight six-pack. He grabbed my hips then turned me around. He started rubbing up against me suggestively in a humping motion in sync with the song. I laughed and backed up against him. I could feel his bulge against my backside and grinded up closer to it. His man-paws moved up and down my chest as he groped me.

Just when we were getting somewhere, the song was over. When we stopped dancing, we turned and noticed that the whole bar were staring at our little performance, and were cheering us on. Tony blushed all shades of red, while I was grinning like a mad man. Tor had rejoined Nick and they were giving us a standing ovation.

"Well, thanks for dancing with me stud, you were damned fine" I said as I leaned in to kiss Tony, which resulted in large hoots and cheering, even from his mates. I was surprised to feel him kiss back, and run his tongue across my lips, I accepted it feeling him kiss back passionately, forcing his tongue in to taste the inside of my mouth. I could taste lime on him, then he broke off. He stared and me grinning like a kid with a new toy.

"Not a problem, it was my pleasure" he said, and bowed gracefully, then returned to his seats. His friends cracked up laughing and clapped him on the back. I sauntered back over to Nick and Tor who were cracking up laughing at me.

"Man, the wine was all worth it" Tor cheered.

"Yeah, HERE'S to the wine" Nick joined in laughing, lifting his glass to toast. Tor lifted her drink, I saw he had a wine for me too, and picked it up to make a toast.

"To good friends, and good times" I said while grinning at them. They looked back me and smiled too.

"To good friends, and good times" Nick and Tor echoed. We clinked our glasses together and sculled our drinks back. I truly felt pissed, and I'm sure it showed. We were settling in for some more drinks when I felt someone hug me from behind. I thought it was Tony coming back for more, when I heard that voice talk in to my ear.

"That was some show you put up there dude.." I turned around and saw Bryan grinning widely at me. I felt the heat rise to my face; I must have been blushing many shades of red.

"You look cute like that," he chuckled. Whoa, I thought, this guy is hot! Bryan was wearing faded jeans and a black turtleneck, which brought out the definition in his chest. Even though I had seen him in only his swimwear, like the saying goes, clothes make the man. His light tanned skin shone bright while his dazzling smile and perfect teeth were more than just easy on the eye. He had his hair spiked up in all different directions, which made him look sexy. Nick looked at us with a raised eyebrow.

"Care to introduce us Blair?" Nick questioned.

"Oh this is Bryan, we met on the beach earlier today, while you were hitting on chicks " I said as he leaned forward to shake his hand.

"Bryan, this is my friend Nick, and you've already met Tor," I said. He smiled and greeted them rather friendly.

"Oh yeah, from the beach" Bryan said looking at Tor and putting two and two together.

"Yeaaah" Tor slurred while grinning.

I suddenly got a gut ache, the 12, wait, 13 wines had taken its toll on my bladder and I had to go to the loo.

"I'll be back guys, I need to go to the loo. Bryan take a seat, I'll be back shortly," I said getting up.

"And you two" I said looking at Nick and Tor, "Don't torment him too much!" I said as I got up and headed for the toilets.

While Blair had gone to the loo, Tor and Nick looked at each other, communicating with their eyes, then turned towards Bryan

"So Bryan," Tor said while eyeing him up "What are your intentions with Blair? I mean, it can't just be purely co-incidental that you happen to be in the same bar as we are when there are many more all over Bondi," she said rather soberly.

"Yeah Bryan, you aren't some kind of stalker are you?" Nick said while holding Bryan's gaze. Bryan caught on to what they were doing and smirked. He thought it was cute that Blair's two friends cared so much about him.

"My intentions are purely honourable guys, and I'm not a stalker, I'm actually a friend of the band." He said a little defensively. "I think he's damn sexy, and I want to get to know him, I mean, I don't go for one night stands," he said with a determined look in his eyes.

"Yeah but that's not what we meant, He's just come out of a serious relationship that turned sour and we don't want to see him hurt again. Do you think you could handle that?" Tor asked Bluntly.

"Not only that, he's here with Tor on a holiday, and you've only JUST met him, so I don't know if anything serious could come out of this," Nick said just as blunt.

Bryan looked back at Nick and Tor. He hadn't clicked until then that Blair was a kiwi, Bondi was packed with them, and he just thought Blair was another ex-pat.

"Well. he seems old enough to make up his own mind guys, and I know you two are only trying to look out for him, but even if it's just for a holiday, I'd still like to take that chance. Besides, I don't think you two have any right to tell me if I can go after him or not, especially since I've seen you two supplying him with the drinks tonight, he's totally off his face" Bryan in a similar blunt tone. Nick was about to say something when they saw Blair returning.

I stumbled back out of the loo and saw Nick, Tor and Bryan deep in conversation. I grinned inwardly, this guy was cute, and I could really get to like him.

"These two weren't giving you a hard time were they?" I said flopping down next to Bryan.

"Not at all, these two were just telling me that you're here on holiday," Bryan said grinning.

"We are! Spending some time with Nick here, and having some fun in the sun!" I said drunkenly.

"Nick here was just explaining that just as you came back"

"Really? No childhood stories or anything embarrassing?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"No, none at all, but are there any that I should know about?" Bryan asked.

"Not really, not that I'd tell you" I said laughing. I'd probably laugh at anything actually, I still felt really inebriated and a bit stimulated, if you know what I mean.

"Aww come on Blair, what about that time back in Year 12 at high school, remember we had already had a few, and you got up in the middle of the formal and started singing 2 become 1 to Mr Clarkson our history teacher?" Nick said amused. I gave him a glare as if to say 'Shut up you bastard'.

"Or about that time at that party where you done that strip routine in front of everyone??" Tor added.

"What about when you went on that date with that girl who had a crush on you back in high school, and you barfed on her when she tried to get you to..."

"OKAY! That's enough 'lets pick on Blair time', okay?" I said feeling a little flustered, while everyone was laughing at me.

"Aw c'mon stud, It was just getting interested, what happened with the girl?" Bryan asked with a dazzling smile.

"No! I don't want to scare you away now do I?" I said with a cheeky grin.

"I think it would take more than a few stories to scare me away, I'm a big boy now, can tie my shoelaces and everything," Bryan said grinning as his hand found its way to my thigh. I blushed, for probably the 100th time that night.

"Someone get some water, because I think Blair's on fire!" Tor said laughing which only caused my blushing to deepen. I'm not one who takes easily to people hitting on me, or compliments. I'd rather give compliments than take them.

"Oh shush your mouth! Hey, where's that guy that was hanging on you before?" I said trying to change the subject.

"Oh, he got kind of freaked when he saw your version of dirty dancing up there" Tor laughed. I was about to say something when the DJ started playing another familiar song. It was Kylie Minogue's In your eyes . Bryan took my hand and smiled.

"Would you care to dance Blair?" he said, glint in his eyes. He Leaned forward and spoke in my ear "and perhaps you can show me those moves of yours" he grinned wickedly.

"Bryan baby, I've got moves you've never seen" I said seductively and grinned back at him. He looked at me with lust in his eyes and dragged me up to the dance floor. Nick and Tor weren't far behind us; they were both dancing with each other. Bryan grabbed me and pulled me closely to him, He started a grinding motion in to me that increased my drunken excitement. I could feel Bryan junior poke in to my thigh, but Bryan kept grinning dancing like nothing was happening.

I began to get that dance itch again, and just let go. I wrapped my arms around Bryan's neck and began to return his humping motion. I felt his arms go around me and grab my ass. I raised an eyebrow and he just gave me a cheeky boyish look. I laughed it off and started swaying my hips against his. Bryan inched closer and softly touched my lips. It felt like electricity passing from his lips to mine. I moaned, feeling his soft caresses against my back. He kissed his way across my cheek, and spoke in to my ear.

"I want you dude." he groaned, "ever since I saw you on the beach, I had to have you" I gave him a cautious look. I didn't mind the kiss or the dancing, or even the playful banter, but this guy had practically just thrown all his cards on the table. The logical me would have reasoned that it was too soon to get in to anything sexual with anyone, but the emotional me was screaming for release. It was as if logic and emotions were having an internal struggle in my head.

'Go for it Blair, this guy is totally in to you!'

'But you hardly even know him!'

'But you're on a holiday, and nothings wrong with some no strings attached fun right?'

'What about Andrew?'

'What about Andrew?? He treated you like crap and is about to get hitched with some peroxide blonde skankasaurus'

'You'll regret it in the morning.'

'What's to regret? He's hot, young, virile and obviously smitten with you'

'You're a romantic Blaire, you don't condone this kind of behaviour'

'Oh shut up, live a little'

"I want you too Bry," I heard myself say. The grin that came from his face was blinding that it could have lit up the whole room. He smashed his mouth back on to mine, forcing my lips open with his tongue. I could feel him tracing the inside of my mouth, as if he were trying to map it out, at the same time he was holding me firm in a humping movement. He broke the kiss off and sung along with the music, rubbing his hands suggestively all over me.

"It's in your eyes, I can tell what your thinkin', My heart is sinking too, It's no surprise, I've been watching you lately, I want to make it with you" he sung as he rubbed me up and down seductively with his hands. I was totally hot for him, now I definitely wanted him too. I stopped dancing and told him I'd be right back. I turned around and interrupted Nick and Tor's dancing.

"Nick, you're mum's not home till tomorrow morning right?" I asked feeling flushed.

"Yeah, why bro?" he asked

"I want to take Bry home," I said. Nick looked at me like I had just gone mental.

"What? You've only just met the guy!" he said sounding surprised.

"Yeah I've already had this argument with myself in my head man, I wanna go ahead with it," I said sounding determined. Nick looked at me then sighed.

"Okay man, but only because I don't want you going to some strangers house dude." He said as he handed me the house keys. "Leave the front door open so Tor and I can get in, and keep it down, we don't want the neighbours calling noise control" he said lightening up a bit. Tor looked and me then smiled.

"Go have fun kiddo, and tell me all about it tomorrow morning!" she said kissing me on the cheek.

"Catch a cab, you remember the address right?" Nick asked. I nodded in reply.

"Good, they can get you home, see you later bro, you owe me big time!" he said shaking his head.

"Thanks man, I know I owe you!" I said as turned my attention back to Bryan. I waved the house keys in front of his face and grinned.

"House keys man, lets get out of here!" I said dragging him off the dance floor and out the door. There was a taxi stand right outside of the Tea Gardens. We hopped in the backseats, I leaned forward and told the driver the address, and he nodded and drove off.

I looked back at Bryan, and he had that look of lust in his eyes. One of his spikes had flopped forward a bit, and he looked hot and sweaty. He put his hand around my neck and pulled me in for another kiss, this time I put the pressure on him. I shoved my tongue inside his mouth, massaging his slick wet insides and ran a hand down his chest towards his bulge. I massaged it through his jeans and heard him groan. He pulled me on to his lap and I started rubbing myself against him. I felt him moan something in to my mouth as I started to unzip his jeans. I stopped kissing and looked him in the eyes, wondering if I should continue. As if to answer for me, he took my hand and placed it on his cotton-covered dick. He pulled me down again for another kiss, while I stroked him through his underwear. I was about to pull Bryan junior out when I felt the car stop. I looked out the window and saw we had arrived.

The driver said something like 12 dollars; I chucked him a twenty and told him to keep the change. I dragged Bryan up the stairs and fumbled with the keys. It was dark inside the hallway as I dragged him to my room. Bryan closed the front door and followed my direction. I opened the door and flicked on the bedside lamp, Bryan shut my bedroom door behind him.

"Nice room, man" he said.

"Yeah, its neat" I replied, rather dumbly

"" Bryan stuttered. It never occurred to me that Bryan would get nervous. I sat down on the bed and pulled him in front of me so his midsection was directly in front of my face. I looked up to him and grinned.

"You wanted me baby, now you've got me, what are you gonna do about it?" I said, nipping at his jeans zipper with my teeth. He groaned and rubbed my hair.

"I want to fuck you dude," he moaned which surprised me. Up until now, Andrew had been the only guy I had intercourse with, and I wasn't ever the 'bottom', he preferred to be topped.

"I've never done that before man" I said trying to hide my disappointment.

"Really? Are you a virgin dude?" he asked.

"No, I'm not" I replied. He looked confused, then clicked.

"Oh!" he said, "we don't have to do that then if you don't want to dude" he said. Sitting back down next to me. The truth was, I did want to do it! I reached up and caressed his face.

"Bryan, would you be my first?" I asked. He looked at me in surprise.

"Are you sure dude? This is a big step!" he said cautiously. It was touching to see how he suddenly went from lusty stud to caring mate.

"I'm very sure," I said grinning. I reached into the bedside drawer and took out my tube of skin moisturiser and handed it to him.

"Just be gentle with me," I said as our lips met. He ran his hands through my hair and gently pulled me up on to my feet. He lifted my shirt off me and nuzzled back into my neck. I moaned as I felt his tongue massage my skin and I returned the favour, tasting his soft tanned skin. I could taste the musky masculine taste of man-sweat mixed with cologne. He turned me around so that my back was facing him and massaged my backside. He continued nuzzling into my neck and reached his hands forward and undid my zipper. He unhooked the belt, and my pants fell to the floor. I was standing there in my boxers I felt his strong hands reach around me and turn me around again. The total wanton lust in his eyes seemed stronger than ever, they were burning with desire and my skin felt hot upon his gaze. He pushed his jeans and underwear down in one smooth motion, and then took off his turtleneck. He looked absolutely stunning, he was well toned all over, his muscles seemed to be rightly proportioned and his dick well not overly porn-star large, it was definitely nothing to be ashamed off.

"Lay on the bed dude" he said in a husky voice. I complied and lay back. He crawled on to the bed like a lion about to pounce on its prey. He positioned himself on top of me so his whole body covered mine, his weight pushing in to me. I groaned in ecstasy, yes I wanted this. Bryan kissed me passionately as one hand held both of mine over my head, the other hand dragging my boxers off.

"Dude, I'm glad I'm your first man, I promise to make this as painless as possible," he said. I moaned in reply. I felt him reach for something, then I heard something squirt, it was the moisturiser. He squeezed a large glob of it on my chest. I gasped, as it felt cold. He rubbed it against my skin until it felt warm. I felt him then reach under me and search my butt. I felt him press in to my entrance, I gasped at the sensation.

"Relax dude, your so tense your not opening up" he said as he licked my earlobe. I felt my body relax as his finger managed to slip in. I moaned as I could feel him rub it back and forth.

"God Bryan what are you doing to me?" I gasped as he continued to finger me back and forth.

"Just enjoy it dude, this nights all about you," he said as I felt yet another finger slip in. I could feel my ring slowly relaxing as the pressure from his fingers kept on at it. Bryan squeezed more moisturising cream on to my chest, the coldness of the cream combined with the sensations in my ass were making me squirm with pleasure. Using one of my hands, I rubbed the cream in, and then reached for Bryan's dick. He was cut, and looked to be about at least 6 and half inches long with a rather thick base. He groaned as I slicked his dick up and down with the moisturising cream.

"Yeah stroke me man, it feels fucking sweet," he said. Then he let a third finger slip into my entrance. He sped up the strokes in and out of me faster and faster until I couldn't handle it anymore.

"Stick your dick in me and fuck me man, I need you now!" I snapped hoarsely in a voice filled with lust. Lying directly on top of me, Bryan used one arm to lift one of my legs up, and used his free hand to position his dick to my entrance. He slowly pushed forward, and I felt his cock-head penetrate me. I moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"You're so tight dude, and feel so hot on my dick" he gasped in to my ear. The pain wasn't that bad, it was kind of indescribable, it hurt, but not in a bad way. I felt him push further in to me and moaned louder.

"Push out dude, that way it slides in easier," he said huskily in to my ear. I pushed and felt it inch forward, which make me whimper more.

"Dude, just shove it in, I need you" I said pulling him in to me.

"It would hurt man, trust me dude, do it slowly" he said. I didn't want it slow I wanted it now! I pulled him in to me until I could feel the hairs of his pubes brush against me.

"Oh fuck!" I muttered in pain and bit onto his shoulder, he groaned and stopped moving.

"Dude! You could have hurt yourself" he said concerned. I didn't care, it may have hurt but he was in me and I wanted him to fuck me.

"Bryan, stop your talking and fuck me man. I want it now!" I practically screamed. He didn't need to be told twice. He withdrew his clock slowly. I could feel his cock run across the inside walls of my ass then he rammed it back in. I gasped as I felt a pulse of pleasure shoot from my ass to my dick.

"Do that again!" I snapped. Bryan grinned, withdrew again and slammed his dick back in.

"Oh fuck," I moaned loudly as his dick hit my prostate. Bryan started a slow rhythm of pulling his dick out and pushing back in. I couldn't believe how great it felt having his dick inside me, I wanted more!

"Fuck being gentle Bry., Give it to me harder man! " I snapped.

"Oh yeah dude, I'm gonna fuck you till you can't walk" he moaned as he started to piston in and out of me. I groaned as he continuously hit me in that sweet spot over and over again. I felt like I was about to come when he picked me up and rolled over. He was still in me, except now I was on top of him.

"Ride me dude, show me how much you like my dick" he said as he grabbed my hips. I rose up and squeezed with my ass muscles as I sat back down.

"Oh yeah, that's some hot shit right there!" he moaned as I started bouncing up and down. He started thrusting up to meet my downward thrusts causing us both to groan loudly. I was bobbing up and down faster and faster when he gripped my hips and stopped me.

"Wait dude, If I'm gonna cum, I wanna see your eyes when I do" he said. I grinned and let him roll us back over so that he was on top again. He positioned my legs on his shoulders and started thrusting in and out again.

"Oh yeah Bryan, you're so fucking hot!" I screamed as he started slamming in to me harder and faster.

"Yeah you're a fucken hot fucker too Blair, I'm gonna cum inside of you dude!" he shouted. A mixture of our dirty talk and his admission set me off and I came between us with my cum coating our stomachs. I felt his dick begin to throb in my ass.

"Shit Blair, I'm gonna shoot for you dude!" he screamed. I felt his cock throb again, and felt my ass begin to fill up with a warm feeling. I could feel his cum shoot inside of me, and that set me off again. I felt his dick shoot at least 7 times before it stopped. I pulled him down and shoved my tongue into his mouth. He reacted by thrusting in and out of me and returning the kiss with equal passion.

"Oh god that was hot dude!" Bryan said as he collapsed on top of me.

"No complaints here man" I panted, still a little bit wound up.

I felt his breathing mellow out until I could hear a gentle snore. He was asleep! I suddenly felt a rush of tiredness come over me and slipped into unconsciousness, with Bryan's body still on top of me with his softening dick embedded inside me.

To be continued...



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