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This is dedicated to Rah and Larz, my real Nick and Tor. Without them I wouldn't have the nerve to go ahead with this story

Chapter 5 - Days Like That

Now I could dress it up and say the whole idea of having sex with Bryan was fantastic and I woke up and decided to have a lot more hot sex with him, but unfortunately life isn't like a box of porn stories, it's just something you seldom get. So this is how it ACTUALLY went.

The sun was shining directly in to the room blinding my face. Now I'm not usually a person who gets hangovers, but I woke up with the worst fucking hangover ever. It felt like someone was drilling a pile driver in to my head while a marching band was cheering the driller on. I also could feel a rather unpleasant weight on my body. I looked down and noticed a  naked blonde male lying on top of me, not only that, I had a rather uncomfortable feeling in my bottom. I did a double take and realised it was Bryan. I tried to move when I felt something slip from my butt.

Suddenly, all memories of what happened last night hit me at once.

"Oh God!" I cursed to myself, "We had sex!" I started to feel rather nauseous and shook Bryan.

"Bryan wake up!" I snapped. He groaned then started kissing my shoulder.

"Hey baby, what time is it?" he mumbled while nibbling at the skin.

"I don't know, but we need to talk" I said holding his head up from my shoulder. Bryan looked up at me and smiled, but I was too panicked to smile back. He leaned in for a kiss but I gently pushed him back. He looked hurt and confused.

"Uhm, what's wrong dude?" he asked.

"What's wrong? WHATS WRONG? We barely know each other, we jump in to bed and do the dirty and pretend like everything is fantastic and you ask me what's wrong??" I panicked. Bryan gave me a look then massaged my shoulder.

"Dude. chill man, you're right, we do need to talk," he said rolling off me and sitting up. "Oh yeah, sorry for like, falling asleep on you dude" he apologised. I grunted in response

"Bryan, what happened between us? I mean obviously I had too much to drink," I said struggling with what I had to say. Bryan started fidgeting with his hands. "I mean, its not that I think you're creepy or anything like that Bry, but when I drink wine. I don't usually sleep with anyone after only meeting them, in fact, apart from my ex boyfriend, you're the only one I've slept with" I explained. Bryan looked up confused.

"You're kidding right?" he asked

"I kid you not," I said seriously. He looked me in the eye and exhaled.

"Man that's deep, I mean last night when you said you hadn't know."

"Been fucked?" I said bluntly, which caused him to blush.

"Well yeah, I thought you were just being shy, I mean you were so great in bed!" he exclaimed. It was my turn to blush.

"Uhm yeah we did get a bit carried away," I said quietly.

"A BIT carried away?"

"Ok A LOT carried away," I said grinning, which caused us both to chuckle. . I could hear noises coming through the walls, it sounded like someone was awake.

"But in all serious though Bryan, we don't know that much about each other, and even though I enjoyed last night, it still doesn't stop the feeling of unease. I mean, we didn't use any rubbers at all" I said concerned.

"I know," he sighed. "I mean, we weren't thinking straight"

"Yeah but that's no excuse man, I don't know anything about your sexual history".

"What's that suppose to mean?" he said defensively.

"No! No I didn't mean it like that, I'm just saying, apart from talking at the beach and dancing last night, we don't really know that much about each other, I mean I've told you, your only my second. but what about you?"

Bryan heaved a sigh.

"I...I mean well, I haven't been with any one before you dude" he said quietly. I looked at him intently; from his body language I could tell he was being sincere.

"Man,! I thought you had experience man" I said shocked.

"Well only in my head dude, I wanted to wait until I found the right guy," he said quietly. At that moment, Tor decided to make her grand entrance.

"Hi guys, its breakf..." she paused mid-sentence realising we were still very much naked and having a conversation "OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY!" she screamed covering her eyes. And if that wasn't bad enough.

"What's all the screaming abou...HOLY SHIT!" Nick shouted.

"Guys! Can you like, get out!" I said frustrated. Bryan was blushing brighter than a Christmas light.

"I'm sorry guys, uhm...we'll see you soon" Tor croaked then ran out of the room.

"Uh yeah, breakfast is ready!" Nick said quickly and shut the door behind him.

"Well, that went well!" I said jokingly. Bryan was still beet-red and silent.

"Bry, are you okay?" He didn't move. I moved closer to him and hugged him to me.

"Bryan, man, snap out of it, it was okay. I mean they've seen me naked before!" I said trying to lighten up the mood.

"It's not that" he whispered. I hugged him closer.

"Then what is it?" I asked while stroking his hair.

"Last night, while you were in the bathroom, I promised your friends that I wasn't in to one night stands," he mumbled. I gave him an upset look.

"So that's what this is to you, a one-night stand?"

"No not at all! It's just that they came in here, and saw us naked, its not a good way to win your friends over you know" he said sounding dejected.

"Well don't worry about it, let me deal with them. They'll be fine, they just got to know you a little bit better than they needed to" I said grinning.

"Ugh! Don't remind me," he groaned, thumping his forehead with his palm.

"Don't sweat it man, I'll go see what everyone is doing, calm em' down and you can go have a shower and then come and meet me okay? The dining area is just straight down the hall way"

"Aw do we have to?" he whined, sounding like a three year old.

"Yes, we do! Now go have a shower!" I said while slipping on a pair of pants and my previous shirt.

"Shower is first on the right, you can borrow my towel," I said handing him my fluffy red towel.

"Your not going to join me?" he asked shyly.

"Don't tempt me, now go!" I said slapping his bottom and walking to the kitchen. Tor and Nick were sitting at the table with a large selection of greasies, that being anything that's cooked in a frying pan. They were both chatting quietly then stopped as I entered the room.


 I gave them both a glare then cracked up laughing.

"Man, you guys SO need to knock next time, sheesh! Bryan just about had a hernia when he saw you two burst in," I said grinning "man where the hell is the Berocca, my head feels like shit!"

"Oh my god Blair, I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have just barged in like that!" Tor said

"Yeah, and I was just checking to see what all the noise was about," Nick added .

"But oh my god, You guys slept together?!" Tor asked, I remained silent.

"I'll take that as a yes!" Nick said grinning.

"You know the saying, assumption is the mother of all fuck ups!" I said smiling.

"Yeah, well according to mum, you two gave a performance that was hard to miss!" Nick said grinning.

"OH my god, your mum was here last night?" I said shocked.

"Yes, I was!" a fourth voice said. I looked at the doorway and there was Lynne, grinning.

"Baby, It's been so long!" she said as she came and gave me a hug. Lynne was an awesome woman, she always was accepting of others, and encouraged people's creative/wild side. She was one of us, but always knew when to be a mother.

"Oh my god Lynne, I'm so sorry" I apologised pathetically while hugging her.

"Nonsense babe, as long as you finally got rid of that Andrew kid" she said pulling back, smiling sympathetically.

"Yeah, there's no Andrew anymore" I said suddenly very quiet. All three of them stared at each other and remained silent.

"So how was the trip, huh? Sorry I couldn't be here yesterday. I trust Nick explained it all" Lynne said filling the silence.

"It was okay, we slept most of the way, the food was horrible, Nick was fashionably late but that's normal!" Tor explained.

"And where did you pick up your 'friend' Blair?" Lynne asked with a curious look.

"Um, he kind of spotted me on the beach yesterday" I said sheepishly.

"On the beach?" Lynne asked sceptically.

"Well yeah we met on the beach. But we met by chance last night at the tea gardens" I explained.

"Yeah he's a friend of the band that was playing, they were pretty good" Nick said while munching on his food.

"Hey...umm where do you want me to put my towel?" Bryan interrupted. He was standing there shirtless wrapped in my fluffy towel, with a bashful smile on his face.

"Why hello there" Lynne said grinning and winking at me, I sunk lower in to my seat.

"Bryan, there should be a basket inside Blair's room" Nick said a little harshly.

"Um, okay thanks" he said then scuttled quickly back to the bedroom.

"I'm going to check on him, I'll be back," I said as I excused myself from the table.

As Blair left to check on Bryan, Lynne put her cup down and gave Nick an angry look.

"Nick that was rather unnecessary" Lynne said.

"But we hardly even know him and he's hanging around here like he's some kind of life long friend!" Nick said irritated.

"Yes, but I did raise you with manners, and any guest in this house is to be treated with respect okay? He hasn't done anything to you personally, so I don't want you two" she said in Tor and Nick's direction "to give him any crap, this is Blair's friend, and even though he may not have known him for that long, we will treat him with common curtesy, understood?"

They both nodded in response.

As I walked in, Bryan was almost fully dressed. He seemed pissed off, not that I blamed him.

"Bry, are you okay?"

"Couldn't be better dude" he said rather unconvincingly.

"Look can we just talk for a sec?"

"We've already talked man, and the fact is that your friends make me feel uncomfortable. I mean hell, they don't even know me and they're judging me already!" he said while tying his shoelaces.

I put my hand on his shoulders to stop him.

"Bryan, that's exactly their point, they don't know you! Look, they don't accept new friends as easily, but I would really like it if you just stopped, and tried man, for me? Please?" I said trying to communicate as much feeling as I could. He sighed and slumped his shoulders.

"Look man, what do you want from me? I mean you're only here for nine more days, and if I'd known that earlier I would have never slept with you." he said getting up

"Hold on a minute," I stood up and faced him "You were told I was here on a holiday yet you still decided to pursue me so don't try and play the blame game with me, and I believe it was YOU who was wanting to do the fucking last night?" I said harshly.

"Well, you weren't complaining either. You were moaning like a bitch in heat," he snapped

"Excuse me? DID you just call me a BITCH?" I retorted.

"Yeah well if the shoe fits, duge."

"Well DUDE, you're the one going on about 'oh I saved myself for the one' . Is that like your one liner to get people in to bed DUDE?"

"Well it worked on you didn't it? Talk about total whore!"


"Get out Bryan" I said coldly.

"I think you better do as he says." I looked up and saw it was Tor.

"Yeah whatever guy" he said as he walked out and slammed the door. I looked up to Tor with moist eyes, she came and hugged me and the floodgates opened. Why was I crying over someone I hardly knew?

"Are you okay baby? Don't worry about him. He doesn't know what he's going on about" Tor said comforting me.

"There was some truth in what was he said though, I was acting like a total whore last night" I said sniffling.

"Yeah but we encouraged it, and if he's the guy that sleeps with the whore what does that make him?"

"You're not helping," I said letting out a laugh.

"C'mon Blair, go have a shower, then come back and meet Nick and I in the lounge. We'll go do some touristy stuff and shopping, take your mind off of everything."

That didn't sound like such a bad idea.

"Okay Tor, give me fifteen and I'll be ready" I said heading towards the bathroom.

Do you know what's the most annoying when you're out and about in the city? Children! Tor and I had chosen the 'best time' to come over, school holidays. The city was filled with them! Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind children, but when there are swarms of them scuttling around the place screaming for anything and everything that's on display. Well, you get the picture.

We were doing the shopping route around the city. From Darling harbour to David Jones, and Downtown Duty Free to Centre point, we were going mad. The weather was nice and warm so we decided to grab some takeout and eat it at Hyde Park. There was a busking guy playing old 60's tracks, it was nice background music while we were eating. There were Ibis birds everywhere, and you could see the centre point tower from everywhere.

Tor wanted to check out Paddy's market so we headed towards china town. The place was bustling with people, and there were nifty little stores everywhere. The people seemed friendly enough and it was vibrating with eastern culture. China town seemed to stay within two streets, with paddy's market down at the end. Nick wanted us to stop at Nine Dragons, a yum Chinese restaurant for lunch while we were here; he said it was the best. Later we found out that he wasn't kidding, it IS the best.

By the early evening, we must have had visited over 100 different shops (well that's exaggerating a little), and there were still a whole lot more to see, but we were knackered and decided to head back.

"Do you guys want to do something this evening?" Nick asked as we were pulling up to his house.

"You know what Nick, I just want a quiet night in for tonight" I said dejectedly.

"Sure man, whatever," he said quietly.

We got out of the car, but Nick stopped me as we three got to the door.


"Yeah Nick?"

"The thing with Bryan. I'm sorry."

"Nothing to apologise for man" I said patting him on the shoulder.

"No you're wrong, momma didn't raise no fool" he grinned "and I should have known better," he said as he hugged me.

"No problem, just that next time you do it, I'll slap you around a bit" I said returning his hug.

We got inside and I could hear a weird ringing, like a cell phone. SHIT! I forgot I had brought my mobile. I ran in to my room, and searched around for it, and sure enough it was in my carry bag.


"Blair honey where have you been I've been trying to call ya for two days now!" It was Amber.

"Oh busy babe! And I totally forgot I brought my mobile. What's up?"

"Well first, your mum told me to tell you off because you haven't called her at all!" oops! "Secondly, have you got anything major planned while you're over there?"

"Um no, why?"

"Well someone just managed to get some time off, and is going to be in Sydney in the next 24 hours."

"Oh god you're kidding right? ARE YOU SERIOUS?"

"Yeah I got some time off and since there's a special going to Sydney I thought I'd snap it up!"

"Sweet! So where will you be staying?"

"Well that's why I called, I'll be staying in the Blue Mountains at a cabin up there, its great! But there's like, a bonus cabin free next door, and I thought it be great to spend some time up there! What do you think?"

"That sounds lovely, but I did come here to spend time with Victoria and Nick, plus it's his birthday in a couple of days"

"Well bring them with you!"

"Ok well hold on a sec, I'll run it past them." I called Nick and Tor to the room and ran the idea past them.

"Hey, that sounds sweet! Plus I haven't seen Amber since your works Christmas party" said Tor.

"Hey I haven't been there myself either, and I live here! So I'm game," said Nick.

"Well they both said yes, so I guess that means we'll be joining you!"

"Sweet! Well I'll email you my details and stuff, and call you when I get there! Start packing babe!"

"I will! Talk to you later babe!"

I hung up. I looked back at Nick and Tor.

"Looks like we're going to the Blue Mountains then." I said as I shut off my phone.

To be continued...



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