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Chapter 8 - A New Beginning

Nick, Tor and Amber had been driving a little over half an hour and giving Amber the low down on the last couple of days. Tor was in the passenger seat while Nick was driving, both taking turns at adding bits of the story in and filling in gaps. Amber was very amazed that so much had happened in such a short time but also was glad her friend had found someone other than "the asshole". It did however worry her that Blair would get too attached since he was only on vacation.

Being the observant person she was, Amber saw that a lot of housing and buildings in Sydney were made out of brick. She found that quite strange since in New Zealand, most houses were wooden. She was also sweating like a pig. For winter, it was pretty damn hot.

One thing Amber did notice though was that the drama had seemed to put a damper on Nick and Tor's holiday spirits. She noticed they were a bit too subdued for people who were supposedly having a reunion. She also couldn't help but wonder if Nick felt that his birthday had come second to what had happened. She thought perhaps its time to cheer things up a little, and a plan was formulating in her head. She was going to make sure everyone's holiday was going to be worthwhile.


After Nick and Tor left, Bryan and I continued our "deep and meaningful" conversation. I won't bother you with the sordid details but basically we had decided to be with each other while we could. It was clear we had strong feelings for each other and we were probably going to hurt each other in the long run, but our emotional convictions were far too strong to ignore. We decided to concentrate on the now and avoid the fact that I was leaving in less than 8 days.

I know, it's a silly thing to do but you can't control whom you love or the conditions that come with it.

Hold on! Did I just say love?

Also the issue of going up to the Blue Mountains came up. I wanted Bryan to come along, so that would mean having to discuss that with Amber. But that would be inevitable anyway. She would definitely have some questions after seeing Bryan. Also Bryan had to go sort some things out with his job. He wanted me to come along and I wasn't fussed.

We were waiting for Nick and the others to arrive and laying down in a comfortable silence with my head rested on Bry's shoulder while he affectionately caressing my arm. I knew he had so many questions he wanted to ask and I didn't know if I wanted to answer them. Bryan must have been on the same wavelength because at that moment, he decided to act.


"Yeah Bry"

"Who is Andrew?" he asked tentatively.

I lifted my head up and looked directly at his face. His expression was expectant and curious. His soft tan and little tiny freckles were glowing in the light of the room. His facial skin looked smooth but there was the odd spot here and there on an otherwise perfect face. To me the little marks added character. His blonde hair that was usually spiked had no hair product in it so it was flopping down over his deep hazel-brown eyes. I brushed aside a few stray strands of hair from his eyes and smiled.

"Well, it's a long story" I said as I reached for his outstretched hand and kissed it.

"I'm all ears babe," he said while looking down at me.

Babe? That had a nice ring to it. It sounded like he had some type of claim to me and to be honest it felt like he did. Plus it was far more attractive being called babe rather than dude during intimate moments. I sat up and leaned forward pressing my lips to his. I held the kiss while capturing his lower lip between my teeth and smiled.

"Well to put it simply, Andrew was my ex-boyfriend".

"Yeah I kind of gathered that, but what did he do to make you so upset?" he asked looking concerned.

"Oh! Well he lied, cheated then broke up with me, threw away three years for some blonde in heels, you know... the usual" I said with the most serious face I could muster.

"Oh, okay" he said hesitantly. I think my reaction came off harsher than intended.

"No no no! I was just kidding" I said as I ruffled his hair.

"You were?"

"Well no but I didn't mean to sound like a bitter spinster. I'm almost over it and like I said, it's a long story. But that's the gist of it basically. We could get in to the specifics like how he treated me like a dog and I let him, how I was stupid not to notice all the signs of him screwing someone else, how his family thought we were just friends the whole time we were together and how his sister was the only one who knew and wouldn't let me near her children in case I spread my wicked ways to them but if I keep dwelling on the past Bry... it will eat me up." I paused and looked him directly in the eyes. His concern never faltered but I also saw understanding and compassion. I pulled him in for another hug "plus I really don't think I'm ready to open that can of worms babe, lets just enjoy us for now okay?"

"Sure thing babe..." Bryan's stomach grumbled.

"I think someone's hungry" I said.

"No kidding?"

"Mm Hm, how about we go rustle something up to eat?" I suggested.

"Sounds yum!" Bry replied. I pulled him up by his arm and dragged him in to the kitchen. I walked up to the freezer and scoped it out as Bry hugged me from behind.

"Lets see, we've got some ham, some lettuce, some mayo, some cheeeese, some carrots..." I picked out a jar from the back of the fridge.

"oooh gurkens!" I opened one up and took a bite. "Mmm Yummy." Bryan made looked at me and scrunched up his face.

"How can you eat that? Its revolting!"

I looked at him with shock and horror.

"Oh my god, how can you say that? Gherkins are the bomb... Mmm tangy" I said chewing the gherkin as I made one of those Yum yum good faces.

"Well if you want something tangy I got something right here" Bry kidded as he grabbed his crutch.

"Hey!" I said grabbing his crutch "Dessert is for later!" I said winking and turning my attention back to the fridge.

"Man you are such a tease" Bry groaned.

"I will neither confirm nor deny that statement," I said as I grabbed some more items out of the fridge.

"How diplomatic of you."

"Of course" I said as I turned around and faced him. "So what's it gonna be? I can make you some sandwiches if you want."

Bry had that look in his eye. He grinned and lifted me up and placed me on the bench.

"How about some sugar?" he asked as he leaned in to kiss me. His lips gently touched mine as his arms reached around my waist and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and nudged his lips with my tongue. He opened his lips and accepted it while caressing my back. A strange sense of bliss came over me. My heart began to race as I began to feel light headed. I pushed Bryan back and smiled.

"Bryan man, you will have to slow down ok? I know we've had sex and all, but we've got plenty of time," I said as I held his chin and drew him in for a kiss.

"Besides, the windowsill is poking me in the back." Bryan chuckled as I jumped off the counter rubbing my back. We both started making sandwiches when we heard the barrage of the others returning from the airport. I noticed Bryan had a nervous look on his face.

"What's up Bry?"

"Nothing" he replied unconvincingly.

"Don't 'nothing' me! You look like you're about to pee your pants."

"Well we've sorted everything out between us two. I'm just not sure how the others will take it" he said as he shuffled about.

"Don't worry too much Bry, they will be sweet you'll see. Plus you get to meet Amber! You think Tor is strange, wait till you meet her! She's a hoot!" I said as I hugged him. I told Bryan to wait there well I went to grab Amber and the others. Nick was bringing in her suitcases while Tor and Amber were chatting away. They hadn't noticed me at the door yet.

"Hey girl, you should be carrying some of that luggage to tone up a bit," I said as I stifled my giggles. It was all in jest but Amber was always worrying about her figure. She didn't need to worry. She'd give Victoria Beckham a good run for her money.

"Hey bitch! Why weren't you at the airport hmm?" Amber pulled me in to a hug. "And what's this about you getting some?" she asked sounding surprised but grinning at the same time.

"Yeah no fair! I haven't gotten some yet," Tor said as she hauled ass up the stairs.

"Well if you really need a good blow Victoria you could turn the hair dryer on and sit on it?" Nick said coming up the stairs behind Tor.

"Oh my god! Fuck you, asshole!" Tor screamed as she turned and punched him in the shoulder.


I pulled Amber in to my room. "Girl you can stay here, I'm going to Bry's house tonight."

Amber looked at me as if I'd gone mad. "But you barely know the guy! And its not like you're from around here." She said sounding concerned.

"Yeah well mum I'm Nineteen years old now, I can tie my own shoe laces and everything" I poked out my tongue. "Besides I've got my mobile and I trust him," I said with conviction.

"You've known him for all of five minutes and you trust him?" Amber asked in disbelief.

"Yes, I do." I said whole-heartedly.

"Well then, let's go see this boy then shall we?" I grabbed Amber's arm and showed her to the kitchen. Bry was looking out the window eating his sandwich. He turned around and smiled shyly.

"This Amber, is Bryan. Bryan, this is my girl Amber" Bryan stuck out his hand to shake hers but Amber pulled him in to a hug.

"Hurt Blair and I'll make you feel pain in places you've never dreamed of" she whispered loudly in Bry's ear. His eyes bulged out.

"Amber!" I snapped

"Boy I was kidding!" she laughed. Bry sighed audibly with relief, which got us all chuckling. Nick and Tor came bounding in to the kitchen.

"So are we all happy families now?" Tor asked

"As happy as a dysfunctional family can be" I replied.

"Ditto" Bry added.

"Well good. With that settled, when are we off to the Blue Mountains?" Nick asked.

"Good question. Are you coming Bryan?" Amber asked.

"I'd like to if that's okay with you guys" Bryan answered.

"Fine with me!" said Tor while winking at me.

"No complaints here" came Nick.

"Great well I guess your going then, have you got your things here?" said Tor.

"No I don't, I've got to do a couple of things at home first" said Bry.

"We're staying the night at Bry's tonight and leaving tomorrow if that's cool with you guys." Tor and Nick looked at each other then nodded.

"Ok well we'll have some lunch and I can drop you two down later. But write your address down and I'll come and get you guys tomorrow," Nick said while handing a pen and a piece of paper to Bryan.

"Umm... but how are we going to all fit in your hospital car?" I asked

"Oh... I didn't think of that. And shut up! It's not a hospital car" Nick replied.

"Simple, we'll just get a rental car. Like a van or something" Tor suggested.

"Sounds sorted then! Now what's for lunch? I'm starving!" said Amber.


Nick dropped us off outside a warehouse telling us to be ready by 9am I was feeling a bit nervous about meeting Simon and Sarah. Bryan told me how he considered them his real parents and how they help build his life up. It made me feel a bit uneasy about meeting two of the most influential people in his life.

His house wasn't what I expected. It looked like some kind of brick warehouse. It wasn't run down but it wasn't very new looking either. There was a side entrance down an allyway. Bry looked at me and pulled my chin up so I was facing him.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine." I lied.

"Yeah right! You look like you're going to school for the first time. Don't worry. Si and Sarah are gonna love you okay?"

"Okay" I replied shyly.

It was quiet from the outside, but as soon as we opened the door I could hear the sound of band music. Bryan explained that the walls were sound proof because of constant noise complaints. I was about to ask why when I saw their warehouse for the first time. It was amazing. There was a band set up right in the middle of the complex with rooms surrounding the set up. There in the middle was the band that was playing at the nightclub. I guess Bryan really was a friend of the band. They were playing a familiar tune. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I was humming along to the tune.

"Bry, what's that song they're playing?" I asked.

"It's afternoon delight" he replied

"Oh that's it! It sounds different though," I said.

"Yeah well it's such an old song, Si has just jazzed it up a bit to sound more edgy." Bry said while rubbing his thumb against the back of my palm. He was still holding my hand and I noticed that the lead female vocalist and one of the guitarists were looking at both of us and grinning. That HAD to be Sarah and Simon. The butterflies in my stomach began to swarm again. The song finished and the female lead said to take a break.

"Is that Sarah?" I asked

"Yep, and that dude with the white guitar is Si." Bry replied.

"Yeah I thought as much. Man, what if they don't like me?" I asked sounding a bit squeaky.

"Bah! Stop thinking too much," Bry replied and kissed my forehead.

Sarah walked up to both of us with Simon in tow.

"Hey there Bryan, care to introduce us to your guest?" Sarah asked. She sounded bubbly and really nice.

"Certainly! Sarah, Simon this" he said pointing to me "is Blair, and Blair this is Sarah and Simon." They both looked at me and smiled.

"Nice to meet you" Sarah said while shaking my hand. "We've heard so much about you" I felt my cheeks get warm. "It's all good tho." She insisted.

"Well I hope so" I replied laughing.

"Well we're just partway through rehearsal, are you guys going to join us? We could use a backup singer tonight Bryan" said Simon. I gave Bry a sceptical look.

"You sing?" I asked

"He plays guitar too, not too badly either" said Sarah.

This was a whole new side I was seeing of Bryan. I really wanted to see him strut his stuff.

"All right then, but only if Blair joins in" said Bry slyly.

"Hold on a minute, what makes you think I can even sing?" I said knowing full well I could.

"Well it doesn't matter if you can or can't babe, just join in. Come on it will be fun," said Bryan.

"Yeah, it will be great! We sing pretty well known stuff as well as some of our own material. How about we do a small vocal warm up and then we'll get going?" said Sarah while picking her microphone back up.

"Sure, just basic scales?" I asked. Bryan gave me a questioning look.

"Hey you never asked if I knew much about music" I said winking.

"Well aren't you just full of surprises" he smiled.

We did a couple of basic scale warm ups and a few diaphragm exercises then Bry dragged me by hand up to a stool next to Sarah. Sarah gave me a list while the drummer counted the band in. I could tell by the first opening bars that it was I only want to be with you by Dusty Springfield. I looked at Bry with a rased eyebrow.

"Dusty's one of Sarah's favourites" he said in way of explanation. Sarah had a fantastic voice. It had its own character, strong and forceful yet subtle and graceful at the same time. She also had the ability to capture you and make you want to join in. The band also sounded fantastic. There were 3 keyboardists and 2 guitar players, a bass player and a drummer. There were also trumpets, saxophones and violins lined up behind the band as well so I presumed some of the musicians had more than one forte. Sarah's performance however was something of a theatrical spectacle. She seemed to get lost in the music and let it embrace her. The song ended and Sarah turned and looked at Bryan and I. We were applauding her and she bowed gracefully.

"So, what did you think?" she asked.

"I thought you were fantastic, not my kind of song but hey, you made it seem funky" I said honestly.

"You were great Sarah, as always but how about something less sixties?" Bry suggested.

"Hey Blair why don't you pick one?" said Simon.

"No, don't scare the poor guy" said Sarah.

"Yeah besides, I'm sure Blair won't be able to handle it" Bry added. Can't handle it, what was that suppose to mean?

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"Well, you don't really know the band well and I thought I'd save you the awkwardness of having to perform with people you don't know" Bry explained. I knew he meant well, but just the way it came out pissed me off.

"No, no its quite ok, I'll sing one" I said which surprised everyone.

"Are you sure bub? You know Simon was only kidding" said Sarah giving me a final exit.

"No, no. In fact I know this one quite well" I said pointing to the song list. It was Eurythmic's There must be an angel, a song that my siblings loved and I grew up listening to.

"Um, don't you think that's a bit out of your range?" Bry asked.

"No I should be fine" I said flicking his nose and picking up a microphone.

"Are you sure? We can drop it an octave" Simon suggested.

"No, no it will be fine, just as long as Sarah sings along with me" I said as she smiled at me. I stood up and did a little stretch looking very sporty, over exaggerating my movements and pretending to click my neck. I tried to visualise what my vocal coach would say.

"Sing with your body not just your voice, more airflow for higher notes, less for lower notes, don't take sudden deep breaths and use wide lip and pallet movement."

I turned and winked at Bry as the drummer counted us in. I took a deep breath and sung...

"La da di da-da da-da da, Da-da da-da, La da di da-da da-da da Da-da da-da, yeah"

I saw out of the corner of my eye that everyone's jaws seem to drop, or had some form of shocked expression on their faces. Sarah was staring at me with a look that said, "Where the HELL is THAT coming from??" Bry too looked amazed. I didn't let it phase me and kept going. Even tho the other band members seemed shocked, they continued playing.

"No one on earth could feel like this, I'm thrown and overblown with bliss, There must be an angel Playin' with my heart, yeah"

Sarah then sung the next bit of the verse.

"I walk in to an empty room and suddenly my heart goes BOOM, It's an orchestra of angels and they're playin' with my heart, yeah"

We both then sung together. Sarah grabbed my free hand and started dancing with me. The rest of the band also started singing with the chorus including Bryan who I noticed couldn't take his eyes off of me.

"Must be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angel"

I was shocked to hear Bryan cut in with the next bit. He had a strong masculine voice that had a bit of an edge to it. It was my turn to be shocked, he sounded different singing solo and I liked it!

"And when I think that I'm alone It seems there's more of us at home It's a multitude of angels and they're playin' with my heart, yeah"

"Must be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angel"

Sarah then sung the first part of the bridge. She was doing the theatrical spectacle thing. I could see how she got so caught up in the music; the band emanated such an upbeat vibe.

"I must be hallucinating Watching angels celebrating could this be reactivating? All me senses dislocating?"

I then sung the final part of the bridge and over exaggerated my expressions. Sarah was laughing while Simon it seemed nodding in approval.

This must be a strange deception, by celestial intervention Leavin' me the recollection Of your heavenly collection

Sarah then pulled out a harmonica from somewhere and started playing along to the instrumental. Man, this girl was multitalented AND beautiful. I couldn't help but smile. I sung the next bit of the song while Sarah caught her breath.

"I walk in to an empty room and suddenly my heart goes BOOM, It's an orchestra of angels and they're playin' with my heart, yeah"

The rest of the band then joined in for the last part.

Must be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angelMust be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angel Must be talkin' to an angel

"La da di da-da da-da da, Da-da da-da, La da di da-da da-da da Da-da da-da, yeah"

The song ended and everyone broke in to applause. I then realised they were applauding for me and felt myself blush.

"Boy, where did that come from? You don't look like you can sing like that," said Sarah handing me some water.

"Yeah, I had no idea you could sing so great" I heard Bry say from behind me. I turned around and he pulled me in for a kiss that resulted in a few catcalls from the band. I must have turned several shades of red, which made everyone laugh even more.

"See, they aren't so bad are they?" Bryan whispered.


Later after we had gone to bed, I lay awake while Bry was fast asleep. He had me in an almost death grip, each time I tried to move away he would scoot over more and squish me. Eventually I had to wake him up.

"Bry man, you're hurting me," I said as I shook him.

"What?" he said sleepily.

"Your hurting me man, I don't mind the hugging, just don't squish the life out of me" he laughed quietly and relaxed his hold on me.

"Sorry babe." He yawned and made his way back to dreamland. I however was quite wide-awake. I thought about how the evening had gone, and how the last 48 hours had made a total 360 in terms of events. I had successfully managed to break the ice with Simon and Sarah. They were a hoot! They had some reservations (which I shared) about our sort-of relationship but as Simon said, we were adults and were responsible for our own actions. I also knew in my heart I was falling in love with this big lug, but holidays are holidays and soon this would all end. I looked at Bry again and noticed his had flopped over his face again.

"Sweet dreams Angel." I smoothed back his hair and he smiled in his sleep one of those deep smiles that made my heart skip a beat. Angel was an appropriate title I thought.


Nick was having one of the most vivid wet dreams ever. He was dreaming that Melanie, the blonde English exchange student from varsity was giving him the best blowjob ever. He couldn't believe how real it felt, the tongue stroking up and down on his shaft, the soft lips pressed firmly against his tool, the suction action coming from that mouth, it was all too real. Nick suddenly shot up from his bed as he came hard. After coming down form his orgasm high he noticed that there was a figure on the bed. As his eyes adjusted to the dark he saw who the figure was.

To be continued...



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