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Chapter Nine - Realisations

"Amber?? What the hell are you doing???" Nick couldn't believe that Amber would come and invade his personal space like this.

"Just giving you an early birthday present," Amber said in a lust filled voice.

"Yeah well usually gifts come wrapped up in paper, not wrapped around a dick" Nick wrapped his blanket around him protectively.

"Come on nick," Amber crawled around on all fours on Nick's bed "don't tell me that what I've been feeling for you has been a one way street"

"One way street?" Nick was outraged "girl you are something else. I've only known you for ten seconds and you think there's something going on?"

"Well it worked for Blair!" Amber retorted which flicked a switch of anger inside Nick.

"Not only was that a low blow Amber, Blair is supposed to be your friend. Don't say shit about things you know nothing about! Now can you please leave?"

Amber didn't listen and sat back down next to Nick.

"Only after a good night kiss" She said seductively as she leaned over Nick.

"Amber, GET OUT!" Nick was all but yelling.

"Ok, ok... gee I thought any head was good head for guys." Amber opened the door and walked out seductively swaying her hips. Nick didn't dignify Amber's comment with a response. As Amber walked out she was met in the hallway by Tor.

"What was all the yelling about?" Tor asked.

"Nothing."  Amber replied as she passed her. She walked in to the room she was staying and shut the door. Tor wasn't convinced and checked in on Nick.

"Nicky?" Tor popped her head in the door and Nick was looking up at the ceiling as if he was deep in thought "you ok? What was that about" Tor asked.

"Oh you don't want to know" Nick said.

"Come on Nick, I heard the yelling from my room. What's going on?" Nick shrugged it off but Tor persisted "And why did I just see Amber coming from your room?"

"Tor please, just trust me on this one. I'll tell you when I'm ready." Nick said with a hint of annoyance.

Tor wasn't happy about it but respected his wishes.

"Ok Nicky," Tor got up and headed for the door "well see ya in the morning then." She said but Nick wasn't very responsive. Tor shut the door and went back to her room.


Do you recognise that feeling when you wake up, and you just want to go to sleep, but you can't? Well I was having one of those moments laying in Bryan's large King size bed. There was a window on my side and the sun was beginning to shine showing that dawn had come. I felt Bry's body shift back over to me and felt him spoon behind me. He wrapped a protective arm around my chest pulling me closer to him. I revelled in the firmness of his touch and slowly rubbed his arm that was embracing me.

"You know," Bry said in a sleepy voice "I've got something right here that wants to be rubbed"

I turned to face him and his eyes were closed as if he was pretending to be asleep "Are you always this kinky in the morning?" I asked while analysing his features. His usually spiked hair was flopping over his eyes again and his face seemed to glow with a sense of satisfaction.

"Only with you babe, only with you" his calm features grew in to a contented smile. He looked so cute right then that I just couldn't help licking the tip of his nose.

"Ew!" he shrieked and sat up abruptly. I laughed and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around me and returned the embrace

"Well that's one way to get you up!" I positioned myself on his lap so my legs were on his sides.

"You have no idea!" he pushed us forward on to the bed so that he was on top. Oh yes, he was definitely up this morning.

Bry held me down firmly with his right hand while his left hand softly explored its way down my body. Bry was coming in closer towards my face. His lips were almost touching when he asked, "Do we have to go to the Blue Mountains baby?"

I looked at him surprised "Don't you want to go?"

"Well part of me does and part of me doesn't. I just want you all to myself is all," he said as he started drawing patterns on my chest.

"Aw, c'mon Angel it will be great!" I tried to muster my most reassuring look "Plus I've never seen the outback before! It will be fun, you'll see!"

"Baby it's hardly the out back." Bry laughed lightly "It's more like a tourist town!"

"Well I'm a tourist," I said pointedly. Bryan laughed and kissed me on the forehead.

"Well, I guess you are. So Mr tourist," he glanced at his watch. "It's eight, lets go have a shower and have some breakfast before Nick and them arrive" he pulled me up off of the bed and held me in place well I steadied myself.

I laughed "Okay Angel" 

I opened his door and looked around. The band stage was still up from last night but there was no sign of Simon and Sarah anywhere. I saw the bathroom was directly across the warehouse. I looked at Bry and grinned. We both ran across to the bathroom clad in only our boxers. We stripped and he switched the shower on. He was testing the temperature when I heard someone yell out.

"Be careful you two!  There isn't a bathmat in there and you might slip"

It was Sarah. Bryan blushed while I chuckled.

"We will!" I replied and heard a door shut.

"Babe, I think we were sprung!" Bryan said seriously

"You think?" I laughed and pushed him towards the water spray. I got in front of him and pulled him towards me and reacquainted his lips with mine. He stiffened.

"What's wrong?"

"I think Sarah knows what we're doing in here," he said seriously.

"Like I said before, ya think?" I said while rolling my eyes.

"But she's like a mother dude," I would have laughed but the seriousness in his face told me that he would have taken offence.

"Look Bry, anyone could put two and two together seeing us run to the shower just now." I pouted and fluttered my eyelashes "would you feel better showering by yourself?"

He took a minute to think about it then smiled. "Nah... not as fun!" Bry wrapped his arms around my lower back and drew me in for another kiss. I broke away from him and started to soap myself up. I ran the soap bar slowly around my chest but Bry took it off me.

"Allow me babe," He said as he rubbed the soap in to my shoulders as the shower water collided with my skin. I sighed as I felt him gently rub my skin with a washcloth. I turned and embraced him as the water fell on to us like soft stroking fingers.

I lifted my gaze to meet his but was caught by his gentle passionate lips. Soft moans and the sound of water hitting the shower floor filled the room as I pressed Bry against the shower wall. I took the soap and washcloth from him and gently rubbed his torso in a circling motion. My eyes locked on to his chest and like some kind of tractor beam my mouth was drawn to his firm pectorals.

My hands trailed down his sides as I knelt down and came face to face with his semi erect penis. His circumcised organ was dripping with shower water and was beginning to firm from my ministrations. My tongue curiously darted out and made contact with his head. His dick swelled further as I clutched it firmly. Lifting it I ran my tongue along his nut sack taking one of his balls in to my mouth. Bry let out several deep chesty growls as I gently sucked on his golf ball sized testicle. I nudged him to part his legs as my tongue went lower making contact with the skin between his cock and ass. Before going further I stood back at eyelevel with him.

"Angel, I need you," I rasped out trying to catch my breath.

"Take it baby, it's all yours" he growled. Bry's face changed from euphoria to a sex crazed grin.

I lifted his leg up and rubbed my cock back and forth between his thighs. Lifting him up I was able to make contact with his entrance. Bry's butt was well relaxed from last night's intense love making. My cock slid in slowly but without any problems.

With Bry wrapping his arms tightly around my neck I firmly thrust in and out of him. No words were spoken as I pumped in and out of him. Moaning and cries of passion were the only sounds made by the both of us. It was as if everything around us had faded away and only Bryan and I were left in existence. My lips made contact with Bry's lower neck as I continued my thrusting. His erect cock was poking me in my torso as I pushed harder in to him. Without warning my angel exploded with powerful convulsions as his hard dick spewed forth his fluids. Like clockwork, I came next thrusting my seed inside of him. His neck seemed to pulse and without thinking I bit down in to him. Bry let out a cry mixed with pain and pleasure. After what seemed like hours but in reality were only a few moments, I withdrew from him and checked on his neck. It had a nasty red mark but no blood was drawn.

"Angel, I'm sorry I was rough with you" I said apologetically. Bry just smiled and waved it off.

"No problem baby, I loved it!" He said with his eyes closed but with a look of satisfaction on his face. After we had both calmed down we finished getting cleaned up and dried ourselves.


Bry was first to be dressed but I was still getting ready when a horn tooted loudly.

"That must be them, I'll go check!" said Bry as he ran outside. I finished putting some of his cologne on and followed. I was surprised to see that instead of a Van they had a very big SUV with them. Bry was standing back admiring the car while Nick seemed to be shuffling things around in the boot. I stood beside Bry and gave the car a once over

"Wow, nice car!" I said impressed.

Nick finished shuffling things and stood beside Bry and I "Yeah, the rental place didn't have any vans but they did have this baby!"

Bry and I whistled simultaneously.

"Dude, I'll go get my bags then we'll be on our way!" Bry said as he ran back inside. As I turned I noticed Nick's expression and he seemed to have something on his mind.

"What's up?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I know that brooding look of yours Nick, is it something to do with Bryan?"

Nick sighed then laughed bitterly "I've got something to tell you, and you won't believe it!"

I raised my eyebrow suspiciously "What's going on? Is it gossip? Does Tor know?"

He held his hands out top stop me "Slow down! Something happened last night and Tor doesn't know what it is but she suspects something. I'd prefer to tell you two together"

I pulled him away from the car "Well what's wrong with now?"

 "This isn't the most opportune time man," he said while pointing to Amber. "Amber is in the car and Bryan will be here shortly. Just get in, I'll tell you later."

I sighed, "Ok dude," I opened up the side door and hopped in. There were several seats in the rear and I sat in the second row behind Amber.

"Hey girls, what's up?"

Tor was pressing some buttons on the car stereo "Trying to figure out how to work this damn thing, I wonder what this button does..." she pressed a button and it activated the car alarm. Amber and I jumped in our seats and blocked our ears.

"Oh my god, turn it off!" I yelled at Tor.

"I'm trying!" she said as she was punching all sorts of buttons. Nick hoped in the car through the drivers seat and reached over her. He pressed something and the car went silent again.

"Girl, never touch a mans car!" Nick quipped in his 'street' accent.

"Oh shut up!" she huffed. Bryan came bounding out of the warehouse with his bags and shoved them in the boot.

"What was that noise?" He asked as he shut the boot.

Nick was about to say something but Tor shouted "Nothing" and we all laughed. Bry didn't seem to get what we were laughing about and shrugged it off.

I opened the door for Bry to get in but he stopped and turned back "Hold on a sec, I'll just go lock the door" he said as he shut the car boot. He locked up and jumped in beside me.

"Hey there's quite a lot of room in here!" Bry said as he moved to the back seat. I felt a bit snubbed he didn't want to sit next to me but then he tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and he gestured for me to join him.

"Are you all buckled up now?" Tor asked. I sat down on the backseat with Bry and grinned.

"Yep!" we both answered. Tor looked at us with a raised eyebrow.

"Ok then, here we go!" Nick yelled and started up the SUV. The unmistakable drum intro to Toni Basil's Mickey came flooding through the car speakers as we pulled out from Bry's street. I faced Bry and caught him watching me. I smiled shyly while he grinned. He mouthed 'I love you' and took my hand. I felt my face flush with heat.

Amber and Tor started screaming "Oh Mickey your so fine..." at the top of their lungs. I sighed and my thoughts began to drift towards Bry.

We hadn't known each other for very long but in such a short time we had become so close. Bry was certain he loved me but I couldn't tell if I was in love with him. I certainly felt a strong sense of affection for him but was that enough to be classified as love? Only time would tell.

I leaned on Bry's shoulder "So Bry, you been to the Blue Mountains before?"

"A couple of times, I haven't been since I was in school though" He replied.

I wondered what Bry would have looked like as a Child. What would it have been like to grow up with him and what would life be like living here in Australia.

"Does anyone know how long it takes to get there?" Amber asked.

"About an hour and a half." Nick replied.

"Oh great," I said pointing towards Tor and Amber." An hour and a half with those psychos!"

"Hey! I resent that! I'm not a psycho!" Amber complained.

The song finally ended only to be followed by another annoying ditty.

"This song is about a girl named Lucky" Tor sang along. I groaned and lay my face in Bry's chest.

"This is going to be a long ride," I mumbled in to him and he laughed. I turned and unbuckled my belt so I could lean on Bry. He reached over my shoulder and held my hand. My eyes met his and we kissed slowly.

"Ew! PDA!" Amber shrieked interrupting our moment.

"What's PDA?" Tor Asked.

"Public display of affection" Nick answered.

"Your just jealous Amber that you haven't got a man as fine as Bry to snuggle with" I quipped which made Bry blush. Amber responded by giving me the one finger salute

Over an hour (and a many 'travelling' songs later) we had finally made our way to Katoomba, the 'tourist' area of the Blue Mountains. We were going to be staying at a place called the Averest cottage but first we had to find it.

Tor and Amber were busy fussing over maps while Nick was driving around. We weren't getting anywhere until Nick finally stopped in to a shop and asked for directions. Once we had understandable instructions and a few refreshments, we were off again. After driving around for a few minutes we finally found the cottage, or should I say cottages. There were three grouped together but Amber pointed to the rather large one.

The sun was shining brightly and the green scenery seemed to glow reminding me of home. I looked out the car window at the cottage and admired the natural surroundings.

"Wow this place is beautiful Amber, where did you hear about it?" I asked

"The travel agent recommended it. This cottage is rated four stars"

"Boy they weren't kidding!" Tor said as she hopped out.

I grabbed Bry's hand and lead him out of the car. He looked back at me and grinned

"Well," Bry said shutting the car door "lets go inside!"

We knocked on the side door to the house and an older woman answered the door. She looked like she was in her mid fifties. She had light brown hair with a few grey edges and a very approachable presence.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Yes, My name is Amber Redstone, I had a booking here for seven days" Amber held out her hand and the woman shook it and smiled.

"Oh!" She exclaimed, "Welcome! I'm Louisa, the housekeeper. I was told that you would be arriving this morning. Let me show you around!"

We followed Louisa through the hallway in to the lounge area. The floor was wooden and the room décor seemed to have a similar wooden finishing.

"This cottage is our premiere cottage. Its just recently been renovated and has three large bedrooms." She counted the people in our group "Some of you may need to pair up, there's also a fold out sofa in the lounge area."

I warmed up to the place right away. It seemed to have a homely feeling and didn't have the unfamiliarity of a motel or hotel. There was a large mantelpiece and open fireplace in the middle of the lounge area and on the left there was a French door that led out to a deck outside.

"This place is lovely Louisa" Tor said.

"Yes" she beamed "we have three cottages but this is our pride and joy"

Nick walked in to the open plan kitchen and whistled, "I can see why! Hey check the fridge out!" Nick stepped back and it was filled with all sorts of food.

"We've fully stocked the house with anything you may need." Louisa smiled "Well I must go now, but here is the key and a contact number is on the phone in the hallway should you need to contact any of the staff."

"Thankyou Louisa, we'll let you know if we need anything" Amber said and she showed her to the door.

While everyone was checking out the rest of the cottage, I went to reserve Bry and I a room. The first room I walked in had two singles so that was definitely out of the question but the second room had a very large king size bed with satin sheets. I grinned inwardly and sat down on the soft cover. It felt nice and firm so I lay back. I was enjoying my alone time when I felt the bed move slightly.

"What's on your mind baby?" It was Bryan.

"Oh, nothing much angel"

"Not even me?" He asked feigning surprise.

"Angel, there's never a time when you aren't on my mind. Come here!" I wrapped my arms around him and pushed him back on the bed. I lay on top of Bry and was admiring his features again. How many guys meet a hunky guy on holiday that not only is sexy, but sweet too.

"Well don't ya'll look comfortable in here" A voice said. I looked over my shoulder and it was Amber.

"Well we were until you came" I replied.

"Aww, don't be like that. You know you two look rather comfy. I Take it you want this room?"

I looked at Bry and He nodded.

"Yes" we said at the same time and giggled.

"That's cool, I guess its only fair that the lovers get the big room."

"Indeed!" I said as I sat up. "Where is Tor? Tomorrow is Nick's birthday and we so need to sort something out for him."

"Did somebody say my name?" Tor said as she walked in the room.

"Hey girl, I was just thinking that we need to do something for Nick's birthday tomorrow."

"Well, there's a Barbeque outside. We could go out and buy some drinks and some meat and have a little party here," Tor suggested.

"Yeah, and then go check out the local scene," Amber added.

"Yeah right" Bry snorted. "The only scene you'll get out here is the mountains."

"There must be SOMETHING to do out here!" Amber said irritated.

"I like the Barbeque idea" I said while patting Bryan's thigh "Bry and I can go find a grocery store and get some extra supplies."

"Sweet! While you guys are out, check if there's anything to do." Tor said.

"Sure, and give Louisa a call, maybe she can suggest something" Bry added. Tor and Amber went to call Louisa while I got the keys from Nick. He was a little suspicious about what we were doing but once I said we needed a lube top up he dropped it.

Bry was waiting for me outside and I chucked him the keys.

"Your driving Angel!"

"Cool! I've never driven an SUV before. Hell I've never driven a four wheel drive before!" Bry started up the car and we headed out to find a grocery store.

After driving around for a while we managed to find a store named Coles Supermarket. We walked in to Coles hand in hand which unsurprisingly got looks. But what did surprise us was the amount of nasty glares we were getting. The supermarket was rather busy and it was almost comical how everyone stopped to look at the two young men holding hands and smiling at each other. A few people were quietly sniggering while others didn't seem to take notice but for the first time, I felt uncomfortable with my sexuality. I let go of Bry's hand and put them in my pockets. I thought he'd be offended but he seemed to nod in understanding.

"Baby it's okay, these people are just rural folk without a clue" Bry said reassuringly.

"Yeah I know, but you would think that being 2002 people would get over the whole stigma against gay people" I said with a hint of frustration.

We finished up grabbing some things for the barbeque and made our way to the checkout. A cute looking boy who looked about sixteen was behind the checkout as we placed our items up for him to scan. He had blonde hair and a light dusting of freckles with light blue eyes. He had a name tag that read 'Toby'. He finished totalling everything up and smiled.

"That will be $48.75 thanks!" he said with a slight lisp.

Bry tried to pay but I got a fifty out and handed it to the checkout boy.

"It's alright babe I got it"

"Ok but I'll get the next one, ok?" Bry said.

I never liked other people paying for things for me but rather than make an issue out of it, I Just nodded.

"One dollar and Twenty five cents change sir!" The checkout boy said. He had a knowing smile on his face and I winked at him.

"Thanks!" I replied.

"No problem sir" he grabbed my hand and held it "Don't worry about these people. Small Town, small minds!"

We all laughed at that comment.

"Thanks Toby, you don't know how happy you've made me" I said honestly.

"How do you know my name?" He asked surprised. I pointed towards his nametag then tapped him on the nose.

"See ya later little man" Bry said as he grabbed the other bags and we headed out of the store. We made a quick stop at a liquor store and got some extra supplies. Bryan pointed to the white wine and smiled wickedly.

"Baby, do we really want to go there?" I asked.

"I do!" he grinned, "I remember it like it was yesterday, I swear I saw heaven!" he said dramatically and I blushed which only made him laugh.

We did get the wine.

We loaded up the SUV and headed back to the cottage. When we got back Bry and I could hear raised voices coming from the inside. I flung the door open and heard the voices coming from the lounge. I walked in and saw Tor and Amber at each others throat while Nick was trying to keep them separated.

"You stupid whore! What did you think you were doing?" Tor shouted while trying to lunge for Amber but Nick was holding her back.

"What Nick and I do behind closed doors is none of your business!" Amber roared.

"Girl you had no business snooping in to his room like a common whore!" Tor threw back at her.

"Who you calling whore you skank!" Amber snapped.

"Hey!" I shouted getting everyone's attention. Amber Nick and Tor froze like deer caught in headlights "What the hell is going on here?"

 To be continued in Chapter Ten

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