October, 2000

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This story is dedicated to

Robert Hill

A most amazing young man !


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  The good thing about an early marriage and fatherhood is that you get to see your kids enter teen age at an earlier point of time, while you are still relatively 'young'. There is obviously less tension between parents and kids, as also a great joy as you relive your not so distant past!

  I too had got married early, very early indeed, when just 21, having joined my dad in the family business. And by age 22 was the father of a bonny little baby boy! My joys knew no bound.

  But within a year the doctors had diagnosed a malignant growth in my young wife's brains and by the time my son was 2, she was no more.

  The experience left me traumatized and totally devastated. Nothing could make me to agree to marry again when my relatives and friends tried after about a year and a half. The other reason for my not agreeing was that around age 25 I realized that I was also attracted towards men. Yes, I was bisexual leaning towards the gay side! So I had no desire to wed again. My parents helped me in raising the kid and by the time he entered puberty both my parents were dead. Now we were alone, my son and I. I greatly enjoyed raising my child, it was a real pleasure and a highly educative experience. Seeing him grow into a young man from that tiny bundle of cuddly flesh was indeed rewarding!

  He was now seventeen and had had just entered college and I was a very proud father indeed.

  Soon I found the house full with all his new friends most of the time and never seemed to get my hands on the phone any more when he was around. But that was O.K. with me. Well, if he didn't do it at this age then who would!

  In fact I did enjoy these kids overrunning the place. We had been alone for so long that having people around, young ones, felt nice. Don't get me wrong though, I was no cradle snatcher, I just loved the kids and their antics, it was nothing sexual! Except one... Rohit, another seventeen years old, a real cute little guy...he wasn't the usual gawky teen that normally seventeen-year-olds are. He was pretty matured - physically, and extremely sensuous! He seemed very friendly and my son too was very close to him. He used to come often, nay, too often and was very courteous. And also was the only kid who never used the usual salutation of 'uncle', but always addressed me as 'Mr. Bose'. But one thing was for sure, he was different. And he did fascinate me! Especially with his extremely sensuous, sultry looks that he kept throwing at me!

  Then, all of a sudden everything changed.....

  The college had closed for the summer and I hardly got to see my son. Most of the time he was out with friends. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was sitting at my computer, trying to compose something that I had to hand over the next Monday to my editor, (I also write articles out of my passion for writing), when the door bell rang.

  Quickly wrapping the robe around I went and opened the door. Rohit stood there, in a total disheveled state! He looked dazed..... His beautiful hair all tousled and face streaked with dirt. There was a most ugly bruise on his left cheekbone, and his full lips were slightly puffed. Both his elbows were scraped and bleeding and there was dirt all over his clothes.... I just stared, unable to move, comprehend. Then as my senses returned I asked him in and inquired about his condition. He said that as he was riding over to our place he had met with a 'slight' accident... it seems that as he turned into our lane, a speeding car brushed past him throwing him off balance and onto the sidewalk ! I took him inside and sat him down and it was then that I noticed his tight jeans, ripped at both knees and higher up on his right thigh the material was again torn and soaked in blood ! The jacket that he held in his hand was in tatters.

  "Come in here." I told him as I entered my bedroom, "And take off the jeans." I added, sitting him down on the bed and going into the bathroom. He looked at me, only briefly, and stood up, hands on the buckle.

  I got some water in a mug and took out the Savlon and some cotton wool from the medicine cabinet. Going back into the bedroom I gaped..... he was again sitting on the bed, his jeans off and lying on the floor. His hands held his white T-shirt brunched up at his chest, the pink nipple peeking out from beneath and he was wearing one of the tiniest white cotton briefs I had ever seen ! It set my blood on an instant boil..... I felt my cock stir and stretch in its prison as I moved closer, my hands slightly shaking.

  I knelt down on the floor in front of him and forcing myself to tear away my eyes from that bulge between his parted thighs..... His young cock was clearly marked out, the large twin globes filling the pouch. I was breathing harshly as I took the wet cotton to clean his face. He pulled back and then stopped, I smiled and he smiled back..... The guy was real cute. I dabbed at his bruise, cleaning away the dirt. He winced but acted brave, as was wont of his age... Setting his lovely face in some order, I concentrated on his arms. I cleaned away and applied the medicine.

  Once his hands were done I moved lower and again felt my heart miss a beat as my eye fell on the packed pouch. Rebuking myself I started cleaning his knees and put the medicine. I knew all the cuts and scrapes were minor and just skin deep..... but my mind was in turmoil and my heart desired more. I moved up his right thigh to where I could see the cut, a long shallow cut running from the middle of the thigh to the leg bands of his briefs. I could see it wasn't deep or serious but I also knew I would make him do something more.....

  I pushed at his knees and he slowly parted his thighs..... this time I gasp audibly...... It was obvious that he was very well endowed for the tiny brief was packed beyond capacity and as I looked closer I could see strands of dark pubic hair peeking out from the leg bands. Unconsciously I licked my lips as I took a fresh piece of cotton and started to clean away at the cut.

  I was very hard by now and extremely uncomfortable, shifting every now and then, trying to get my hardened cock into a more comfortable position without having to touch myself. As I wiped away the blood and saw the cut nearly reach into the groin suddenly I knew what I was about to do.... Dropping the cotton ball I hooked my fingers into the waistband of the tiny brief.

  His hands flew and covered my hand, stopping me from going ahead. I looked up into his eyes and he stared back, eyes burning into me..

  "Its OK," I said softly, "I need to see if the cut is any deeper. And I'm a man too. A doctor too would ask you to take it off...." I added.

  I saw his cock stir visibly, as his hands loosened their grip and in one swift move I lowered the tiny material. He raised his ass off the bed slightly, aiding me to pull it off.

  A sharp intake of breath shook me as I saw his full cock flop out and the large balls settle on the mattress. I groaned silently as my eyes took in the sight. He was awesome..... absolutely magnificent. It was a large cock, the foreskin covering the whole head through which the soft pink tip peeked out, wet !! He moved his thighs wider as I took his cock in my warm hands and lifted it to peer closer, as if checking to see if the cut went further up..... I was sure by now he understood my true intentions. The pubic hair framed the cock in a perfect reverse triangle, curly and jet-black. But the rest of him was bare and smooth. By now I was squirting copious pre cum and felt my briefs get soggy wet.

  His cock filled out as I held it in my hands, growing and hardening...... it throbbed, pulsing with every heart beat. I saw the balls move in its smooth scrotal sac. I let my other hands caress the soft smooth area around the cut and the groin....

  "Oh, Mr. Bose..... " he whispered softly, as his hands lightly touched my hands. "..... uncle...."

  "Shantanu..." I said slowly, stroking him openly now, "you can call me Shantanu."

  "Please stop....." he whispered hoarsely, his hands gripping me tighter, breath coming in harsh spurts.

  I moved forwards and blew at the exposed glans, making him gasp and shudder. My tongue lashed out to lick away the pearly clear liquid that oozed out of the tiny slit making him moan further, loudly. His hands gripped my shoulders as I opened my mouth wide and took him in. Obviously this was the first time something other than his own hands had taken his cock and like a spring loaded gun he shot almost immediately. I gulped the sweet tasting teen cum, relishing every moment, every throb, every pulse as he shook and poured his seed into my throat. It was so fresh, so pure, it left me wanting more !

  Drained, he fell back and lay there sprawled, his legs spread wide and dangling from the side of the bed. He looked ravishing, so young, so fresh. I stood up and took off my robe and with one single move lowered my brief and stepped out of them. His eyes bore into me, wonder writ large, awe filled. I'm large, if I may say so myself and still in great shape and he seemed absolutely mesmerized by what he saw.

  He stared openly, licking his full lips as I climbed in beside him and taking him in my arms kissed him on the mouth. This was again his first kiss and he just gasped, sucking on my tongue like a hungry puppy, suckling. His hands roamed all over, touching, feeling, exploring.... he reached lower and grasped my throbbing cock and let out a moan as he felt the heat and stiffness. I raised my mouth off his and smiled, looking deep into his eyes. He smiled back shyly, his sparkling eyes asking a thousand questions...... pleading, for more.

  I gently wrapped my arms around him and kissed him again, his eyes, nose, face..... mouth. Moving lower I kissed the bobbing adam's apple and moved to his ears, nibbling. He held me tight, as if for dear life and moaned in a funny sort of way..... My hands now released him to roam the tingling boy flesh up and down over the smooth torso. I raised him up and pulled off his T-shirt, revealing a most smooth and perfect body, well defined but nothing too pronounced. The pink tits standing tall and proud so tender, so mouth-watering. I clamped my teeth gently on one and flicked it with my tongue, making him moan louder..... He had his eyes shut tight and held my head in a tight grip. I sucked some more before moving onto the other one, leaving his right nipple all red and wet. I pushed his hands above his head and stared in wonderment at the copious underarm hair, thick, dark and silky.... groaning with lust I buried my face, inhaling the fresh boy scent and licking the pit, making him squirm and shiver....

  "Oh, please.... uncl.... Shantanu.... Ahhhh !" he moaned, his face all scrunched up in pleasure.

  Leaving a trail of saliva I moved to the other armpit and repeated the same, before starting my journey down his heaving chest and fluttering belly..... down to the reawakened groin. I pushed his legs further apart and started licking the inner thighs, extracting loud groans from the kid, making him thrash uncontrollably in joy. I moved higher and licked the sac and the sensitive chord that ran down from it into the ass crack and back up again. He was screaming now, pumping his hips high and off the bed, fingers curled tightly in my hair, pulling me further close. His cock was rigid and spurting clear pre cum as I alternated between his thighs and ball-sac.

  "Unnngghhhh........" was the wail he kept up.

  I flipped him over and saw the perfect bubble butt for the first time in all its naked glory. It left me dumbfounded..... It was awesome !!! With a moan I opened my mouth wide and took a bite..... I nibbled and bit and seemed unable to satisfy my hunger as I kneaded the twin globes, my mouth caressing the boy butt. I knew what lay inside the tight crack and though I wanted a peek and a taste of that tiny hole I desisted from parting the cheeks and going for it..... I knew I couldn't control myself. So, I asked him to turn over and got up to go and get the tube of K-Y from the cabinet.

  He stared at me as I got the tube out and opened the top...... "Hold your legs up and wide." I told him.

  Standing over him I nearly swooned. He looked so ravishing...... so cute and vulnerable. With legs wide and open and the cheeks parted with the tiny hole peeking out..... the kid was all that a man could ever dream of ! I sat on the floor and placed the open tube on the bed. With trembling fingers I reached for his ass and slowly touched the puckered anus. Both groaned at the contact. I moved forward and let my tongue lick at the cute little opening.... lapping at the now twitching hole.

  He was extremely small and tight, I knew it by just looking at it. I knew it would hurt him and wondered for a moment if he would really be able to take me in ! I wanted to make sure that the pain was as minimum as possible. I pulled the cheeks further apart and sucked at the wrinkled button. He wailed and shook violently.... I let the flat of my tongue lick him, gently probing at the cute little anus, rimmed by a few silky strands of coal black hair.... It twitched madly as I licked with more pressure and then slowly inserted my left thumb gently. The sphincter gripped the entering digit like a vice and he gasped. I slowly forced it in and wriggled it around, all the while letting my tongue pour more saliva at the ass mouth.... I pulled back and worked the spit in, stretching the mouth wider.... I added my second thumb and saw him thrash his head side to side..... his hands holding his legs at the knees, high and wide. His cock was still throbbing, but not as rigid anymore.

  I worked the two thumbs inside his ass hole.... sliding them in and out and stretching the hole apart. My mouth continued to lick and probe as I slightly stretched the butt hole apart with my thumbs in an effort to relax the tight muscle for the final entry. I pulled out and picked up the tube and squeezed out a generous amount of lube on my index finger and pressed it to his chute. I worked the lube in and around the mouth making sure it was sopping wet and slimy. Then I took some more and squeezed it right into the gripping hole. I again used my fingers to spread it in and around before pulling out and mounting him.

  "Will..... will it hurt...?" he was gasping, eyes wide and full of hunger, yet in some ways terrified.

  I groaned inside.... my heart went out to him...."The first time may.... " I said soothingly, "but just relax and push out. I'll be gentle, I don't want to hurt you."

  I gripped my cock and fitted the head of my bloated tool to the anal mouth and pushed ! He yelped and shook violently as the head pushed the tight ring apart and stretched it wide.

  "Relax..... loosen the muscle..." I panted, my hands supporting me over him.

  I pushed again, his ass was a shuddering resistance, refusing to open up.... I halted in my assault and shifted my hips, altering the angle I applied pressure again..... As I persisted I felt it snap open and the head sink in..... Rohit shrieked and his raised legs stiffened..... releasing his knees he grabbed at the pillow, his head thrashing from side to side, nostrils flared, lips drawn back over clenched teeth. I stopped and let him adjust, holding the mushroom head just inside the constricted ass mouth. Once he calmed down a bit I summoned my full strength and rammed home. I knew it had to be done.... if I delayed it more and went inch by inch it would cause more pain and discomfort.... one single brutal thrust would cause a lot of pain, but it would also ensure complete entry.

  He screamed like mad and his whole body shook, his legs jerked spasmodically.... mouth open and tongue lolling, saliva dripping, making the full, luscious lips glisten.... The only thing I could think of was to plaster my open mouth on his as I started moving.... relishing every fraction of entry and exit. I closed my eyes and moaned into his mouth as I drew back and pushed in again. His ass was incredibly hot and tight and the virgin membranes gripped at my invading cock like a thin glove, tight. The colon churned and shuddered, sending waves of jolts up both our spines. I could feel each contraction and each quiver as the inner ring gripped my shaft and the tender walls of his intestine rolled over my buried penis. It felt like a mouth one moment, chewing at me and then like a million tiny fingers, jerking the living daylight out of me ! It was incredible, amazing.

  As I set a smooth rhythm and I felt him start to move.... push at me with every shove of my hips and then his ass rotated and drew back as I pulled out. His legs wrapped around my slim waist and locked behind me while his arms went around my shoulder, pulling me closer. We both groaned as the pleasure caught up and washed over our tingling body.... numbing our mind and surrounding us in its sensuous glow.

  He kissed back with surprising ferocity, sucking my probing tongue like a pro, his nails raking my back in the frenzy of newly awakened lust. The sight, the sound, the feel..... it was all such a heady combination, I closed my eyes and speeded up, ramming into him with massive thrust and found him answer every thrust and every shove with equal ferocity.

  He ripped his mouth away and wailed..... crying for more, asking me to fuck harder, surprising and thrilling me at the same time..... I grabbed his face and crushed my lips once more to his gasping mouth and fucked the teen with an animal passion. His belly convulsed and shuddered, adding more pleasure to my strutting cock, wrenching savage cries from me....

  I felt the tingle start and felt the balls crawl up to the base of my rampaging dick.... This was it, I braced myself for the explosive climax and holding him tight forced myself higher into his belly. Throwing my head back, with a roar I erupted, hot liquid fire gushing out of me, making me shudder with passion and flooding his tender bottom...... coating his inner walls, rubbed raw by my cock, soothing it. He wailed out loud and shook before stiffening and I felt his cock, pressed against my stomach, jerk and spurt out thick boy spunk, wet, hot and sticky.

  We fell silent. His grip loosened and the legs slid down to rest on the bed, splayed wide.... I remained on top of him, burying my face in his shoulder..... letting my cock wilt in the pulsating grip of his no longer virgin anus. Once we had calmed down I raised my face and smiled at him..... he smiled back shyly and closed his eyes. I couldn't help feeling tender as I kissed him on the mouth, our tongue twisting and fencing..... saliva wetting our chin as the kiss got more sloppy... breathless.

  Finally pulling back I drew out of him, my soft cock popping out. I moved lower and gently raised his legs..... looking at the tiny hole I gasped. It looked so red and angry...... totally ravaged. I opened the drawer and got out the tube and applied the salve at the still twitching and grossly open anal mouth and kissed the cheeks. I moved up again and lay by his side taking him in my arms and kissing him on the mouth.

  No words where needed... our eyes told it all. I felt a tender love rise from deep within my heart as I looked at him and his eyes thanked me for the pleasure I had just given him.


  I caught him stealing glances at the thick shaft as it lay on my left thigh, spent, looking at the thing that had ripped into him, yet given him so much pleasure..... He looked at me and smiled shyly as he raised himself on his elbow and then suddenly buried his face in my chest. I stroked his hair. He looked up again, face flushed, questioning....

  "Want to feel it?" I asked softly.

  He nodded, blushing a bright red !

  "Go ahead, you need not feel ashamed...... not with me." I smiled.

  He got up and reached for my cock. Taking it in his soft hands he started to stroke it, watching wide-eyed as it raised its bloated head and stiffened. I watched too, fascinated...... thrilling at Rohit's fascination and awe.

  I was about to ask him to suck me when he lowered his head and started to lick the shaft. I shuddered at the touch of his wet tongue on my raging penis.

  "Oh, Rohit.....!" I moaned as he continued to lick, his hand holding the thick shaft straight up while his other hand played with my nuts.

  He opened his mouth wide and took me in, his tongue lashing out, tickling the sensitive area under the bulbous head. Locking my fingers behind my head I closed my eyes and surrendered to the pleasure that rippled through me.... I knew I wouldn't last long, it wasn't his 'expertise' but the fact that it was Rohit that was blowing me and that it was his first time and ofcourse the fact that he was so incredibly awesome! I felt him bob his head up and down while his fingers caressed and pumped the exposed shaft, his other hand still playing with my balls, as if they were a new toy he had just acquired. I growled my warning about the fast approaching climax and felt him slow down.

  Opening my eyes I saw him stop, with just the head inside his hot, wet mouth, his tongue lightly flicking at my piss slit, unsure..... hesitant, looking at me. I wanted him to continue, to suck me and take my cum, swallow it, but then I realized he was so new to all this and not sure if he really wanted me to cum in his mouth. It was too late and I thrust up and came. Almost immediately he pulled back as my cock jerked and spewed its thick, white juice, splattering his face and mouth. His hands continued to pump me and he didn't pull back further, letting the spurts hit him directly on the luscious lips. I moaned and raised my hips higher until finally I stopped shooting and fell back on the bed. He opened his mouth now, as if a decision had been made and took me in once more, sucking hard, his face smeared with my sperm.


  Now he comes often, when he's sure my son won't be home and we relive that first day, making passionate love. Now he doesn't hesitate before swallowing my cum. In fact it was on the very next day, after I had just finished fucking him that he got between my legs and told me, "I want you to cum in my mouth," and smiled, his seductive and sultry best. I groaned and let him fulfill his desire. He gulped like a thirsty traveler when I finally came.

  He spends hours toying with my cock as I sit in front of my computer, working, as if it were a plaything. Gasping in awe every now and then as I grow hard and he pulls back the foreskin taut..... fingering my tight butt hole while he sucks on by loaded balls. We've done everything and in every possible place around the house and both seem insatiable, always hungry for more ! He's a real great kid, hot and horny, leaving me panting with exhaustion once he's through with me! We make a real great couple. Hope my son and he remain friends for a long time !


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