This story of a relationship between an Adult and a Youth is purely fictional and the usual disclaimers apply. I hope the story is to your liking and gives you a few moments of pleasure.


His father looked at him as he ambled into the room. "It's about time you got up 1pm is one helluva time to have breakfast."

"I was up till late dad didn't get to bed till about 3am."

"God! You and that bloody computer wish I'd never bought it. If your mother was here you'd get a right earful."

"Stop moaning dad, if you'd been up as late as I was you'd still be sleeping. What's more I didn't ask you for the p.c. you're the one who just went out and bought it." "Anyway where is mum?"

"Where do you think on a Saturday afternoon."


"You got it in one, now go and have your breakfast and when you've finished you can run an errand for me."

"Okay dad won't be long."

"Oh! By the way Rueben what happened about that job interview you went for yesterday."

"Not much dad." He shouted from the kitchen. "The job was for an older person."

When he'd finished his breakfast he came back to the sitting room and asked his father,

"What's the errand dad?"

"Oh! Yeah you know Spencer Street?"


"Well go to number 26 and ask Mr. Forbes for a toolbox he said that I could have. If he's changed his mind and wants to sell it ask him how much?"

"Okay I'm on my way." And he left.

It wasn't very far to walk and within the space of five minutes he was at 26 and ringing the bell. The door opened and Rueben caught his first sight of Mr. Forbes and couldn't stop staring.

"Yes can I help you?" he enquired.

"Umm yes are you Mr Forbes?"


"My dad Mr. Bradley said you had a tool box that you were going to give him and asked me to collect it."

"Yes come inside and I'll get it for you."

He showed the boy into the sitting room told him to have a seat then left telling him he was just going to get the box from the shed. Rueben looked around the room and couldn't help but notice the expensive furniture and fittings. He sat down and the seat seemed to envelop him. "God! He thought sit down he could sleep in the bloody chair."

He waited patiently looking around until he heard the man returning and stood ready to accept the box and be on his way.

"There you go he said holding it out I'm sorry I don't know your name."

"It's Rueben."

"Well here's the box Rueben but it is a bit heavy are you sure you can manage it."

"Sure no problem Mr. Forbes."

He took the box, which was about 2ft long and 10ins. deep and nearly fell as the weight dragged his arm down. The man grabbed the box and helped to lower it to the ground.

"It's a lot heavier than it looks Mr. Forbes, I wasn't expecting it to be that heavy it caught me off guard."

"The name is Christopher, and don't worry I'll put it in the car and drive you over with it."

"No please Mr.Er! Christopher I'll be okay really." He said as he lifted the box and walked out of the room with it.

The man opened the front door and Rueben left expressing his thanks and saying goodbye.

He'd got out of the gate and had only gone a few yards when his arm started to ache with the weight of the box. He switched hands and had gone barely another ten yards when he knew he had to put the box down to rest.

"Shit! He thought I'll be dead by the time I get this bloody box home."

"Now will you accept my offer Rueben." A voice said behind him.

Turning he saw Mr. Forbes grinning.

"Okay Mr Forbes I mean Christopher."

"Right stay where you are and I'll bring the car around then we can load it into the boot."

He left and within a couple of minutes the car pulled up at the roadside. Between them they loaded the box in the boot then drove off to Rueben's house, with him pointing out the way. Outside the house they unloaded the box Rueben asked Christopher if he wanted to come in.

"No thanks Rueben I've got things to do at home, see you some other time." and he left.

Rueben managed to get the box to the house and from the front door yelled out, "Dad I've got the box where do you want it." He heard footsteps approach and his father appeared. "I think we can stick it under the stairs for the time being."

"Okay dad but can you do it I'm knackered carrying that thing."

His father laughed bent down grabbed the handle and lifted the box. "Uh! Jeez that's heavy what the hell's inside this bloody thing."

"You're moaning already and I had to carry it all the way from Chris's house."

"Since when have you been on first name terms with Chris Forbes?"

"Since I ran your errand for you. Where did you meet him dad, you've never mentioned him before."

"At the garage where I work he brought his car in for servicing and I had to do all the paper work on it. I got chatting to him and that's how we became friendly. Why the sudden interest in him?"

"Oh just wondered he seems to be worth a bit and I was just wondering how you got to know him, now I know."

"Yeah he's worth a bundle that's the third car he's had in eighteen months. He wrecked the other two mind you it wasn't his fault."

"If you don't want me for anything else I'm going out dad."

"Alright son thanks for getting the box to the front door will have to thank Chris for giving you a lift."

"Sheesh you saw him drop me off."

"Couldn't help but notice when his car pulls up, right outside the sitting room window."

"Okay so he gave me a lift but it's worth at least a fiver for going there in the first place."

"Who said anything about payment."

"Right that's it I'm reporting you to, The Department of Human Rights for practising slave labour conditions in this house."

"Alright I give in if I give you a tenner do you promise not to report me I don't want to go to prison."

Kissing his father Rueben took the money and said, "Thanks dad see you later." And left.

He made his way down the road. Instead of going directly to the main road to catch a bus to the shopping centre he suddenly turned down Spencer Street. He walked down the street but slowed his pace not wanting to pass Chris Forbes's house too quickly and also hoping to catch a glimpse of the man. As he neared Chris's house he slowed his pace even more, "Hope I see him he thought he's bloody good looking. Yeah but would he be interested in a spotty seventeen year old his thoughts raced." By the front gate he glanced towards the house but saw no one his hopes dwindled. He continued looking at the front of the house ambling along the street till the house was out of sight and his hopes lying at his feet in tatters. With the house behind him he increased his pace fifty yards further on there was a blare of a car horn and Chris's Audi pulled up alongside him.

As the nearside window rolled down he heard Chris ask, "Want a lift Rueben?"

He made his way to the car said, "Yes please." And got in.

"Where're you going."

"To the shopping centre."

"You're going the wrong way for the shopping centre Rueben."

"Well I was going to my friends house first to meet him, then we were going to the shopping centre."

"Okay so where does your friend live and I'll drop you off."

"Um Rueben's mind was racing where could he direct Chris to. Oh yeah Charles Street number 18."

"Okay won't be long it's just a couple of turnings further down."

"You don't have to turn into the street Chris Umm! Is it okay if I call you Chris instead of Christopher."

"It's fine by me."

"Just drop me at the top of the street Chris it's only a few yards to the house."

"Okay we're here see you round."

As he exited the car Rueben said goodbye to Chris, and the car roared off down the road. He watched it till it disappeared from view then started walking in the same direction as the car. He knew nobody on Charles Street the only reason that he'd mentioned it was as a schoolboy he delivered papers there.

Rueben since leaving school had no friends the ones he'd had during his school years he'd either lost contact with or they'd moved away.

He continued walking down the street in the direction the car had taken when from behind him a familiar car horn blared. Turning he saw Chris behind the wheel of his car smiling.

"Want a lift Rueben."

The boy his face breaking out in a grin walked to the car and got in

"How'd you know."

"They way you blubbered about going to your friends house. Then I saw you in the rear mirror watch the car until it was out of sight."

"Sneaky aren't you."

"Sort of, saw you watching the house as you walked past. You couldn't see me through the lace curtains but I saw you. Followed you out and offered you a lift."

"You trying to pick me up." Rueben said, smiling.

"I already have twice. Now where do you really want to go."

"I was going to the shopping centre Chris but somehow I came down your street. So wherever you're going I don't mind tagging along if it's okay with you."

"Rueben, I wasn't going anywhere I just came out to give you a lift and then head back home. Before you ask, like you it was a spur of the moment thing."

"Great lets go to your place then."

"Jesus, Rueben, are you normally so trusting."

"No, but my dad knows you so I guess you must be okay."

"Oh shit! I should never have come out and given you a lift."

"Why what's the problem."

"I'm a homosexual Rueben that's the problem."

"So you think you have a monopoly in this field Chris."


"Before you can ask? Yeah me as well."

"Christ I should have known when you were on the doorstep staring. Your mouth was open so wide I thought you're tongue was going to fall out."

"So are we going back to your place or not."

"Or not. I can either drop you off at the shopping centre or home which is it going to be?"

"What's wrong with you, you pick me up then decide to dump me am I that repulsive?"

"No Rueben, but I'm a bit hesitant about going forward with this relationship you're a lot younger than I am."

"What do you mean a lot younger and in any case I'm a year over the legal age so what's the problem."

"Your parents Rueben. I know your father, and he's bound to think that I took advantage of you when you came around earlier today."

"I don't think so and anyway it's my choice not his."

"Rueben, will you listen it's not only that. I'm still trying to come to terms with losing my partner a couple of months back and it's not easy."

"What happened? Did he walk out on you."

"Not walk out Rueben, we had an amicable parting. The only thing is he died in a car accident a week after we broke up with his new friend. He borrowed my car to go out in and was killed in a motorway pile up."

"I'm sorry Chris I had no idea. I think you'd better take me home its not important about me going to the shops."

"Rueben if you ask your father and he consents to you associating with me then I'd be honoured to have you come visit me or I visit you. What say you?"

"Bloody Hell Chris I dunno. He doesn't know about me yet and if I were to tell him he'd go bananas."

"Rueben your parents will have to know sooner or later you can't hide it all your life. So, if you want this to happen be honest about it up front and don't do it behind their backs."

"You wouldn't want to come with me would you."

"Precisely where were you when I confronted my parents with the truth about myself at about your age."

"Point taken."

"Rueben if things don't go well when you confront them then you can rely on me to help you in anyway whatsoever."

"Well we're here can I have your phone number Chris, and I'll let you know what happened."

Armed with Chris's phone number the boy entered the house and into the sitting room.

"Hi dad."

"What happened I thought you were going out to the shops."

No I changed my mind, dad, I think I need to have a talk with you and mum."

"Well she's not back from the shop's yet and knowing her she won't be back for another hour at least. So if you want we could have that talk."

"Okay dad but I really don't know where to start."

"Rueben start at the beginning at your age there are really only three subjects a boy would want to discuss Sex, Booze, and Drugs, now which of these three do you wish to discuss."

"Sex dad."

"Well you know about the birds and the bees so, have you got a girl in trouble."

"Umm no it's just that I don't go out with girls not really interested in them."

"Rueben are you trying to tell me that you're a homosexual."

"Yes dad I'm sorry but I can't help it."

Okay Rueben I won't try to make out that I'm not a bit disappointed but you are what you are and I can't change it. Do you want to tell your mother or would you want me to do it."

"Please dad help me, I'm not sure how mum will take it do you think I should tell mum or would you tell her for me."

"I think we should do it together but knowing your mother I don't suppose she'd be too surprised, disappointed, yes. She `s been questioning your lack of interest in the opposite sex for the last year. I put it down to shyness but I think your mother had other ideas."

"I know dad, she kept asking me when I was going to find a nice girl to take out. Just told her there were none available around here, thought that would keep her satisfied."

"Why did you suddenly decide to confront me with it today Rueben. Chris Forbes wouldn't have anything to do with it would he?"

"Yes dad, I wanted to go home with him and he refused told me to inform you and mum about my sexual preferences and then only if you and mum said it was okay, he would start to see me. I told him that I was over the age of consent but he said it made no difference, I had to inform you both first."

"That's very commendable of him and as far as I'm concerned if you wish to see him on a regular basis I have no objections. Hopefully your mother will be of the same opinion.

"I really hope so dad mum can be a holy terror sometimes."

Just then they heard a key rattle in the front door lock, a few seconds later the door opening and closing and the familiar sound of footsteps belonging to Rueben's mother approaching.

"Hello Jack, Rueben." She exclaimed walking into the sitting room. "My feet are killing me and it's murder in the shops."

"Hi Mum."

"Hi Darling so you get what you wanted."

"Sort of what's wrong why are you two sitting together on a Saturday afternoon seems like you've been waiting for me to appear."

"Ahem! Yes sort of dear Er! We've got I mean Um Rueben has um."

"Jack Bradley if you have something to say, say it, instead of oohing and aahing."

"Well Rueben and I were discussing his Um Er sexual preferences."

"So go on tell me Rueben is not in anyway attracted to the female sex is that what you want to say. That he's a homosexual."

"Yes dear."


"Yes mum."

"I'm glad you've had the courage to come out and tell us. I was more or less sure that you were son, but not a hundred percent certain. Now at least there is no reason for you to put on a pretence any longer."

Walking over to his mother he kissed her lightly on the cheek saying. "Thanks mum you're one in a million. I have a friend that I would like to see regularly his name is Chris Forbes do you mind mum?"

"No, and is he the Chris Forbes your father knows."

"Yes mum and I'm off to go and see him now."

"Alright but make sure you're home at a reasonable time."

"What do you mean a reasonable time mum."

"I mean not 3.00am in the morning or some such ungodly hour."

Kissing his parents and saying his goodbyes Rueben left the house and made his way to Spencer Street as quickly as he could.

As he walked towards Chris's house his stomach churned in anticipation of getting involved with another male for the first time. He could have phoned and given Chris the news about his parent's reaction, but his eagerness to see him again cast all that out of the window. This time as he walked down Spencer Street there was no need to dawdle he couldn't reach the house quickly enough. At the front door before he could ring the bell the door opened and Chris invited him in. Following Chris into the sitting room again he was asked to take a seat and when he was Chris asked him, "How'd it go with your parents?"

"I was worrying myself for no reason both my parents although disappointed were alright about it and also about my seeing you. That's why I came around to see you instead of phoning."

"I'm glad you got that sorted out Rueben. I'll be honest with you when I first saw you I took a liking to you. I know you want to have a relationship with me but you won't mind if we take it slowly will you. Although I suppose you were hoping to have your clothes off and jumping into bed with me sooner rather than later."

Rueben blushed, "You always seem to be reading my mind he said, and it's embarrassing."

The man walked over to the boy lifted from his chair to a standing position then kissed him gently on the lips. "I'm sorry Rueben didn't mean to embarrass you and actually when I was your age I would have been thinking the same thing myself."

"Chris the way you talk you sound like your and old man but you're not that much older then me."

"Twenty six that's a good few years older than you."

"Sheesh you're only nine years older than me. The way you were talking it sounded that you were old enough to be my grandfather. Mind you if that's what grandfathers look like I won't complain."

"Okay knock it off with the grandfather bit I was just trying to point out the age difference that's all."



"Give us another kiss please just a small one will you."

He smiled put his arms around the boy drew him into his body and brought their lips together. As their lips met and opened so their tongues sought it's partner and entwined. Rueben moaned with the pleasure it brought his loins stirring to arousal. He ground his loins against that of Chris's and felt the hardness of the other. Breaking the kiss Chris looked at the boy "Enough Rueben any longer and I shall lose control."

"Chris, what's wrong you can't leave it just like that. Please Chris please just a little more."

The man still holding the boy in his arms leaned forward kissed him on the nose.

"No Rueben not anymore lets take it easy for a bit."

"Chris can't we just continue where we left off just kissing nothing else. Otherwise if you want me to I'll leave right now and go home. Do you want me to go he asked looking into the man's eyes?"

Chris released the boy took a seat and said, "Yes Rueben we can meet again tomorrow or whenever you want to is that okay with you."

Rueben who was not expecting that kind of response to his question was close to exploding in anger when he heard what Chris said. Nodding his head and in a strained voice he replied, "I'll see you." And left, slamming the front door as he went. As he made his way down the street he thought, "What a prick-tease that arsehole is. Well good looking or not he wouldn't be seeing him again in a hurry let him go tease somebody else." He made his way home and on entering his mother said, "I didn't mean that you had to be home this early Rueben."

"Not funny mum."

"Sorry, what happened didn't you two hit it off."

"No mum it was not like that." And Rueben explained what happened. While he was explaining his father walked into the sitting room and listened as well. "Maybe he want's to be cautious Rueben, and not jump into anything to quickly especially after the last time if what you told us is true."

"Dad you weren't there it wasn't like that I think he's a tease so as far as I'm concerned he can go play with himself."

"Rueben." His mother exclaimed, "You don't have talk like that."

"Sorry mum but I'm so worked up." Anyway I'm going down to the video store any of you want anything while I'm out."

"No." they replied.

After returning with the video and watching it Rueben went up to his room spent a couple of hours on the computer then went to bed. He didn't wake till 1.00pm relieved himself and made his way to the kitchen for a mug of tea. His mother made it for him as he sat rubbing the sleep from his eyes then stretching his arms and yawning.

"RUEBEN, how many times must I tell you not at table."

"Sorry mum but where am I supposed to do it, can't do it in bed I'm still sleeping and if I do it in the loo I'll wet the floor."

"Do it before you come into the room."

"Yes mother."

"You don't have to be sarcastic."

"I only said mother."

"Alright here's your tea, what do you want for breakfast."

"Nothing thanks mum."

"What's wrong lost your appetite because things didn't go as planned."

"Now who's being sarky."

"I'm not being sarcastic I'm stating an opinion that's all."

Rueben drank his tea in silence then left went upstairs showered, dressed, then told his parents he was going to the shopping centre and also to return the video on the way there. He made his way to the bus stop this time not bothering to give Spencer Street a second glance as he passed it. When he eventually got to the shopping centre he returned the video. With the money his father had given him and what little he'd saved. He was contemplating what he could buy in the way of clothing when he heard, "Hi thought you'd be here." Turning Rueben saw Chris, "So you came down here to try a little more teasing did you." He asked?

Chris looked at the boy with a puzzled frown on his face, "What the hell do you mean by that." He enquired?

"What do I mean by that, that's really cheap coming from a person like you."

"What the Hell! Are you talking about."

"You, you lead people on then tell them to fuck off home when they're all worked up, and you stand there asking me what do I mean by that."

"I didn't tell you to fuck off home."

"You may just as well of said it instead of trying to be polite about it."

"If that's the impression you."

Rueben cut him short shouting, "Bullshit I don't want to hear anything else you have to say." And walked away.

"Chris stood looking at the boy as he strode away, he shrugged his shoulders turned and made his way to the car park to return home.

As Rueben walked away and his anger subsided he realised that he'd not given Chris a chance to explain his actions, "Shit!" He thought, "Should have given him a chance before opening my big mouth now there's definitely no chance of getting to know him. Oh well back to the same old routine mind you never been out of it, this hand is all I've ever known. Wouldn't know what to do without it. Wonder what he'd do if I went and saw him again and apologised? No chance he'd kick me out as soon as he saw me. Still he can't bite my head off can he? All he can do is to tell me to Piss Off! Yeah I'll go to his house now." His mind made up Rueben caught the first bus home and when reaching his stop headed straight for Spencer Street. Reaching number 26 he hesitated outside the gate looking at the front room window hoping he could see Chris. He slowly walked past still staring at the front of the house then doubled back again trying to pluck up courage to go to the front door. As he neared the gate he noticed the front door swing open and remain open invitingly. He smiled and walked to the door and entered as he did so a voice from behind the door said, "Took you long enough." Rueben turned and saw Chris closing the door behind him.

"Umm! You're not mad at me for what I said to you earlier are you."

"If I was, would this door have opened for you. No I'm not mad a little bit hurt that you would think so little of me. But then again we have to make allowances for the younger generation all they want is instant everything as if there is no tomorrow."

"Were you never like that."

"Touché, Okay should we start all over again."

"I'm sorry Chris I should never have spoken to you like that in the shopping centre."

"Apology accepted. Now do you want to hear why I asked you to go home yesterday evening or not."

"Or not Chris, but I'll let you decide. Me I rather carry on where we left off."

Chris looked at the boy he was about 5' 8" and slimly built. He had a few spots on his face with soft hair above his lip and on his chin that meant he had not started to shave as yet. If the boy had not told him that he was a seventeen-year-old he would not have taken him to be that old more like sixteen or less. Moving closer to the boy he grabbed him and lifted him into his arms. He was surprised at how slim and light the boy was as he walked towards the stairs. Rueben felt like he was in heaven when Chris lifted him into his arms. He lay with his head resting on Chris's shoulder and arms around his neck and revelled in the feelings coursing through his body.

Chris carried him upstairs to the bedroom, laying the boy on the bed he stood looking down at him.

The boy a little bit nervous lay staring up at the man then plucked up his courage and said, "Is that all you're going to do, just stand and stare or are you going to lie down here beside me."

Chris smiled and gently eased himself down beside the boy wrapped his arms around him and drew him in close. He brought their lips together gently easing his tongue into the boy's mouth to mingle with the other. As they kissed Chris felt the boy's firmness and lowered his hand to fondle it. Rueben groaned as Chris's hands massaged his manhood he, was getting close to achieving an orgasm so quickly broke contact with Chris.

"I think you'd better stop fondling me Chris otherwise I'm going to mess my underwear.

"You can soon solve that Rueben take them off or would you rather I took your clothes off for you."

"Chris, are you going so fast because of what I said to you in the shopping centre."

"Is that what you think."

"I don't know Chris, not anymore. I'm beginning to get a bit scared. I've got these feelings running through my body like I've never had before I don't know what's happening Chris."

"Now you know why I wanted you to take things slowly. So that you'd understand what was happening and not be so nervous."



"Can we carry on please if you want you can undress me."

Chris looked down at the boy smiled and said, "Rueben do you really want to or are you saying it just to cover up your nervousness."

"A bit of both Chris, but more than anything I liked it when you carried me upstairs, it felt so nice to be in your arms and feel your body against mine. I felt safe like nothing could touch me as long as you were there to carry me."

"Rueben let me undress you first then you can do the same for me and afterwards we'll lie down here together and take it from there how's that?

The boy nodded nervously and Chris proceeded to slowly undress him. When he'd finished Chris lay back and the naked boy started to do the same to him. While Rueben undressed him Chris gazed at the boy and noticed how slender he was and surprisingly hairless except for a black patch of pubic hairs he no other hair on his body. When Rueben finished undressing Chris he lay down next to him and snuggled against him as the man wrapped his arms around him and pressed their bodies together.

"Ugh!" Rueben grunted as the pressure on his body increased.

Quickly Chris released the grip on the boy apologising at the same time.

"Sorry Rueben didn't mean to squeeze so hard got carried away."

Rueben lifted himself up leaned over and while he fondle the man's erection gently kissed him then said, Chris, can we make love?"

"Rueben are you sure this is what you want to do?"

"Yes Chris from the moment I first saw you this is what I've wanted. I want you to be the first and only one to make love to me."

Chris was more than willing to make love to Rueben. He took the boy into his arms and pressed their bodies together bringing their lips into a gentle kiss. He could feel the warmth emanating from the boy as their tongues explored each other's mouths. Breaking the kiss he lowered his head till his lips came in contact with the boy's nipples. He sucked on them till they were hard and sticking out.

He now worked his way down to Ruebens throbbing erection licking his balls and Cock like a lollipop. Chris sensed that Rueben was close to erupting but he wanted the pleasure to last so he turned his attention to the boys rose bud. Chris wet his finger with his mouth then gently inserted into Ruebens rectum at the same time stimulating his throbbing cock with his tongue.

"Chris let me change position so I can do you at the same time."

"No Rueben this is for your pleasure alone and to teach you the meaning of the word love. Later when you have learnt you can return the favour."

Chris then reached into his bedside drawer and retrieved some KY. He worked some onto his fingers then inserted two into Ruebens rectum at the same time stimulating the boy's cock with his tongue. After a bit of Chris was able to insert a third finger into the boy's rectum and quickly withdrew sensing that Rueben was nearing explosion. Lubricating his rampant member he positioned himself behind the boy.

"Rueben if you experience any pain or discomfort please tell me and I'll stop immediately." Are you ready?"

"Oh yes Chris please don't stop now."

Chris proceeded to push his throbbing manhood into the boy's virgin love hole. Slowly he inserted it into depths never yet explored. Rueben bit his lips and tensed up as his hole was stretched to widths never experienced before. Sensing the boys discomfort Chris stopped and waited for the boy to relax before continuing.

"It's alright Chris you carry on I'm okay now."

When he'd fully penetrated the boy Chris slowly started his movements of love. Wanting this to be the most pleasurable of experiences for Rueben he caressed the boy's body while he made love to him. Soon Rueben was responding and pushing back to meet Chris's thrusts. He increased the pace and now moved his hand around to grasp the boy and stroke him in time with his own movements. A few moments later Rueben erupted with the most intense orgasm of his young life. The contractions of his rectum causing Chris to thrust deeply into the very bowels of the boy and explode shooting his semen deep within. They both thrashed and bucked as their orgasms took hold of their bodies with the most exquisite of feelings till they lay spent.

Withdrawing from the boy Chris turned him round so they were face to face when he noticed tears on the boy's cheeks.

"Oh my God Rueben I didn't mean."

The boy cut him short by placing a finger on his lips.

"You didn't hurt me Chris these are tears of happiness I've never felt so wonderful in all my life."

Moving the boys hand Chris wrapped his arms around Rueben leaning forward he licked the salty tears from the boys cheeks then giving him a fleeting kiss he said,

"From the moment you walked into this house Rueben I knew we were meant for each other. Unlike you I have had other partners but none that have moved me like you. The feelings you stir in my breast Rueben are indescribable and of absolute contentment."


"Yes Rueben?"

"I love you."

The End

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