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Chapter 5:

After another session of trading sweat with Alex, I drove home in my 2003 Jeep Cherokee. A typical jeep for someone like me. As I was driving home I began to realize how smutty I am. I was a sexual rambler. I enjoy sex. But I'm not a sex freak. It's hard to believe I did those things with Alex and that I didn't penetrate him yet. I knew it wouldn't be long until I had my pole up his rectal palace.

I had to stop thinking about sex. I didn't want to look like some slut. But then...who knew? When I got home, my parents were both at work. My brother and sister were both in Switzerland to visit my uncle who happens to be filthy rich. I didn't feel bad for turning down the plane ticket he bought me. SO that meant that I was alone most of the time.

I checked our mailbox and found a packet from FLAUNT magazine. HOLY SHIIIIIIIIET! I MADE IT! I entered this contest for a spread in Flaunt magazine and it turned out I won. This issue would be the "Princess/Prince" issue since it had photos of good looking young people. Flaunt dealt with youngness anyway. I was surprised actually. Man I felt so conceited also. =).

I followed the packet's instructions and called the number given to me to let them know that I am confirmed about the photo shoot. I'm not even a celebrity so chances are that the cover will feature someone else. Oh well. At least I have a spread. My appointment with them was on Saturday, 9:00 a.m.

I had school the next day. I liked school since I had a lot of friends. No one knew I had a desire for hot young guys like Alex and Tony. Well Tony knew since me and him had one steamy sexperience with each other. I still remember his moans.

I parked my jeep next to my ex-girlfriend Aurora's convertible. Me and her were still good friends after breaking up. She just came back from France. Lucky ho. I let myself in her car as she was putting on her makeup. She didn't need make up really. She looked like Alyssa Milano from Charmed without the makeup already! Everyone thought I was crazy for breaking up with her.

"Here, I got you something" Aurora said as she handed me a shopping bag. In it was a black long sleeve shirt that had to be tied instead of buttoned. It was very stylish nonetheless.

"Thanks babe" I still called her that since we were close. I told her about my Flaunt photo shoot and she was so jealous of me. She told me to apply and I did and it happened that Flaunt liked guys like me.

Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed my neck and shook me from behind. I knew it was Brian, Aurora's NEW boyfriend. He choked me and I think he took it too far that I opened the door and fell down hard and scraped my elbow.

"Shit! Brian you bastard!" Aurora yelled as she got out of the car and tended to my wound. It wasn't big but it bled. She used her expensive hankie to treat the minor cut. I knew Brian was just horse playing but I felt pain so I was mad at him.

"Oh damn! Shit dude I'm really sorry" Brian said in that nice jock tone of his. Being SO strong he lifted me off the ground and stood me up.

"Asshole..." I shot at him.

"Dude I'm really sorry you know howó

"Save it Brian! He has a photo shoot on Saturday and he has this cut now" Aurora quipped. I totally forgot the photo shoot. I got madder. I decided to use my feel-sorry-for-me because I'm handsome and helpless look. That worked a lot. I made people sorry for me by looking bummed out. Gosh I am so conceited.

After an hour of apologizing to me, I decided to forgive Brian since me and him are friends after all. See, the thing is that I'm popular at school. The jocks liked me, the cheerleaders lusted me, the geeks envied me, the preps worshipped me, the punks thought I was cool, lesbians would go straight for me and the teachers praised me. And I look cool when I hang around certain people. SO for show, I put my arms behind Brian and Aurora so that we look like some threesome couple. Haha.

Most people found me very sexually intoxicating. As if sex was their drug. Although my school was a private school, it was very diverse and people had their own little cliques. Even though they were rich also, people tended to stereotype them by their appearance.

Let me talk about my friends. All my friends are good looking people and filthy rich also. First there's Jason who's half Italian and half Spanish. He had to be one of the most beautiful guys on Earth. I don't know why he wasn't my type. 6'2". Speaks perfect Spanish and Italian. Mom and Dad love him. Varsity football player. Throws awesome parties. Brought me along with him to Vancouver as a birthday present.
Friendship Meter: [||||||||||||| ] = Close friends

Aurora and Brian you already met. But I'm both close to them also. Me and Brian weren't friends before but now we're cool after I helped him pick the right college. He's going to Brown University.
Friendship Meter: [||||||||||||| ] = Close friends

Seth is super smart and handsome also. He used to be a geek but after freshman year, he worked out, lost the braces, grew taller and built muscle. I saved his life also. He was going to commit suicide but I prevented that by becoming his friend. He's at the top of our class and he helps find ways to make impoverished countries a better place. He won the World Wide Engineering Fair and he got a perfect 1600 on his SATs. First time even. I used to be his only friend but that changed when I introduced him to my friends now.

Friendship Meter: [|||||||||||||| ] = Awesomely close friends

Then there was Jamie. Beautiful girl. Her boyfriend Mark hangs around us also. Jamie usually is so loud and vibrant that she can teach Anti-depression 101. Mark is a video game freak who plays basketball for our school. He loves to sail and took u out sailing once. He's an awesome swimmer with a tight butt. Oops. Sudden outburst.

Friendship Meter: [||||||||||| ] = Good friends.
Friendship Meter: [||||||||||| ] = Good friends.

I was friends with mostly everyone actually. It's like everyone wanted to know me. They wanted me to say out their names. I'd rate them all but that would be so tiring.

After Advanced Physics II, Tony grabbed me and pulled me into the senior lounge. No one was there so he took advantage of the moment and we started kissing for a couple of minutes. I told him it was too risky but that didn't stop him from giving me a quick blow job. I had to tell him that I didn't want to deal with him anymore. But that was so harsh.

After school I played tennis with Seth. Afterwards I found that my jeep was missing in the parking lot. I panicked and pulled out my cell phone. Just then a familiar hand grabbed me. It was, of course Alex Parker but with his black Ford Expedition. His dad didn't let him drive to school on certain days. I wondered why.

"How did you get my car?"

"Miles, I have lots of connections, ok? Don't worry." Alex leaned closer for a kiss but I stopped him since I knew it was unsafe in public. Once in the Expedition, Alex let loose and kissed me so hard. "I've been thinking about you ALL DAY! I can't stop. I want you Miles!"

He was so cute doing this to me but I wanted my jeep back. I shoved him up the seat and grinded so fast and made him cum in his pants! He looked mad that I stained his pants. He was still in his own uniform. I thin he liked the idea of school boy sex. I decided to hold that thought since I didn't want to do him a CAR. Gosh, can it be any cheesier.

Alex stopped by a store bought a new outfit. It was quick but the clothes he wore were really nice. He bought me a pair of Calvin Klein underwear as well.

"That's when YOU ejaculate in your pants" Alex joked.

We stopped by a restaurant to eat. He told me my car was at home. He wanted to pick me up from school.

"Can I call you on your cell?"

"Sure man." I said. I input my number into his phone.

"Man Miles, I was so horny today. I really needed you"

"Aww...poor boy." I touched his chin. He grabbed my phone, reached under the table and placed it against my crotch and then called it from his phone. It vibrated HARD. "Fucker" I hissed through my teeth.

After finishing my BBQ chicken meal. Me and Alex watched a movie. I forgot which one because me and him kept on kissing during the movie. No one else was there so me and him got on the floor and just had one hell of a make out session.

After the movie Alex came over to my house to do some homework. Yeah right! ME and him had another make out session. I wanted to fuck him then and there but I wanted it to be special. Not some quick fuck. His dad called at 7 p.m. and told him to get home.

He called me on my cell and guess what we did...Phone sex! Damn. He made so much noise. He kept on saying me "fuck me...oh...Miles!...HARDER...ugggh!..." It drove me insane hearing his voice that I wanted to go over there and do him good and hard. But it wouldn't last long.

We hung out again the next day. I told him about my Flaunt photo shoot. He was super jealous. But being the cute guy he is, he took pictures of himself and made it look like some magazine spread. So cute. This guy is so gonna get fucked soon.