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Chapter Six:

Today was Saturday. YAY! I woke up at 8 a.m. My mom was still asleep and my dad went to work. So I fed myself by cooking up some hash browns then mashing them and then adding ketchup in them and just swirling it around. It was pretty good.

At nine, I went to Silver Lining Studios where the photo shoot would take place. I was really excited but I tired not to get into any car accidents. I parked in the Car Park and walked in through the front door. I told the receptionist who I was and she directed me to take the elevator to the 18th floor.

I was greeted by Malcolm Day who was a fashion designer. He was also very very very gay. I mean this guy had it written all over him. He wore those really tight sleeveless shirts and really tight pants. I mean I knew I had feelings for guys but I didn't like really feminine ones. I mean they might as well be women.

Alex wasn't feminine but he had a nice sense of style and I was ok with that. I wouldn't fuck him though. He's too feminine who can't handle real men. Bottom line: He wasn't my type. BUT if he was really cute then I wouldn't mind. Malcolm wasn't all that.

"Oooh! Hey Hey! I know you! Miles Hernandez!" Malcolm said as he approached me. "Gosh, you are soo hott honey in person!" He let out this unstrained guttural moan as if he was having an orgasm. "Just looking at you almost gave me an orgasm." I gave out a nervous chuckle...

Miles led me to a conference room where the other models waited. There was one other guy and two girls. The guy, Patrick was SO hott. OMG! He had muscles, nice figure, tall, nice ass. I like guys like him. They make me squirm inside. Kelly and Bianca were SOO hott also. Kelly is from Puerto Rico and she had one nice ass! Man. I would go super straight for her. Bianca is a dirty blonde. Dirty as in the color. Not nasty or slutty. She wore glasses. But beneath them are a pair of beautiful green eyes.

Malcolm showed us the spread layout and what he wanted. Hailey Weslen, who worked for the magazine, as there also. She told us what she wanted.

The pictures were to be very provocative. Patrick had 4 shots, Bianca has 5 and Kelly has 4 also. I on the other had had 7 shots. Man I was so surprised. It turned out I had the youthful aura that Flaunt magazine wanted. These pictures are to make people feel sexy when looking at them. (yeah right. Maybe horny)

The make up crew fixed up my face and my hair. I looked so different. My hair was slicked to the right and jutted out a little. We also had some group shots to do so we did that first.

Group Shot photo #1:

We were all on the floor wearing these black clothes. My head was lying on Patrick's tummy. Yum! Kelly was on my chest and Bianca was on Patrick's right and he held her. We outstretched our hands to find other body parts. The clothes were by some French fashion designer. Kelly and Bianca were very careful around them because they were very fashion-aware. Patrick was also. But I wasn't so I just wore them.

Group shot photo #2:

We were all standing. Guy-girl-guy-girl. We all wore happy faces as if were laughing about something. The background was a window that showed a city skyline.

Then I had a threesome pic with Kelly and Bianca. Man I think I liked this photo. Bianca was trying to steal me away from Kelly. I wore this nice white shirt and the background was at a park. All the bg's were fake of course.

THEN I had a pic with Pat where he leaned in close to me as if were going to kiss. Man. I don't know what they were thinking. But it was sexually implied nonetheless.

My mind was on sex the WHOLE photo shoot. That was good so I gave out sex appeal in all my shots.

Portfolio 1: Schoolboy

Black and white picture. Me walking in the campus of some school. Harvard maybe? I was carrying books when I had a bag. SO dumb! Patrick was looking at me the whole shot. My shirt was showing some chest.

Portfolio 2: Fresco

Me in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was not actually. But the background people are really good. I was wearing those semi-see through shirts and khaki pants. I looked like I was going somewhere. I wasn't looking at the camera in this one.

Portfolio 3: Underneath
I modeled some part of the underwear in this pic. I was wearing a tank top but I stretched it out and revealed the band of the underwear I was wearing. Malcolm let me keep it after. Haha. I looked at the camera with that "fuck me" look.

Portfolio 4: Crisp
Black and white shot of me looking at a clock while ironing a white polo shirt. I looked rugged in this shot.

Portfolio 5: Up close.

The camera got my face and some part of the shirt I was wearing. I think they'll use it in the store that sells this shirt. I gave my serious "you want me?" look.

Portfolio 6: Picnic
Picture of me in some forest with a picnic basket and a blanket. I looked lonely. But everyone said the caption would be "Come join me." Patrick also said I looked good. He was watching me for this shot also.

Portfolio 7: Dark Prince

I LOVED this shot. I wore this nice black outfit. I think it was one of the fashion designer's favorites. It was VERY high class. He said some princes in Europe wear this outfit and this picture taken of me would be use as a model on whether or not they would buy it. Malcolm said I gave that sex appeal that he was looking for and said he'll probably want to work with me more. Coolness.

Patrick was watching my shoot again. I went to the dressing room and he was there changing for his shoot. I took my shirt of in front of him since he is probably straight. He said I had nice shots and I thanked him and wished him the same.

Patrick's first shot was really steamy. He was shirtless and wet. His facial expressions filled me with lust. Man, first Tony and then I was lusting after Patrick. How could I not have the hots for this man. He was a year older than me and his body was perfect.

His chest was so well defined. He had awesome nipples too. Man I was getting hard looking at him. Real, real hard. His next shot showed his well muscled back. He had a nice ass also. I mean I can tell it was tight even through those jeans.

Patrick saw me looking at him and he shot me a million dollar smile. I think he tried to melt me on the spot. I was still hard while watching him.

Patrick had a larger frame than me and was taller so that meant that if we had sex, he'd have the upper hand and throw me around in bed. He looked really strong so I wouldn't resist if he dominated me and pinned me down.  Bucked my hips involuntarily which only meant that I wanted that horse hung monster of his in between my

* * *
After the shoot I said goodbye to Bianca and Kelly. I avoided Malcolm. Patrick was nowhere to be found so I was sad. I wanted to at least say bye to him. Yeah right. I wanted to say "fuck me now" to the guy.

Just as I was about to leave the building, I saw a familiar back in the lobby. The owner turned around and it turned out to be Patrick.

"Hey," he said as he approached me. Oh man what a nice smile.


"I hope my pictures turned out ok."

"You kidding? You should already have a modeling contract."

"Actually...I do," Patrick said as he flashed me a smile. This filled me with more lust and made me wish for a frottage session with this hott stud.

Suddenly a polytonal ring emanated from Patrick's pocket and out came one of those Motorola flip phones.

"Hello?" Who could be calling him? "Man. No way. Never mind forget about it." Patrick put away his cell phone and resumed talking to me. "Sorry, that was my sister. She can't pick me up since she's going to have lunch with her fiancé."

"I can give you a ride," I said. Actually I wanted to say "Can I ride YOU?"

"Oh no. You can't. I live like 20 miles away. It'll totally be out of the way."

"Oh I don't mind really. I have nothing better to do." But you can do me.

"No really, it's ok."

This guy was so stubborn. I didn't mind wasting gas on him. I wanted to know where he lived anyway so I can stalk him. I put my arm over his shoulder. Kinda awkward because he was taller than me so I had to reach. I told him for the last time I'm dropping him home. He eventually gave us when we reached my car at the car park.

"Are you hungry?"

"No not really"

"But I am. Can we stop somewhere to grab a bite?" I wanna bite YOU.

"Actually...I as lying. I'm starving. I just didn't want to put you out."

We decided to eat at Marti's Bar and Grill. It was a very welcoming place that served really good cheese sticks. Patrick kept staring at me. Not that I didn't mind but I had to know which way his dick swung.

"What?" I asked him.


Our food came.

Patrick ordered a chicken meal with rice. I ordered some barbequed pork. As I was eating Patrick stared at me again.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"


I put a piece of pork in my mouth.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

I choked. "What?"

"Sorry. I mean, someone as good looking as you has to have someone"

Suddenly images of me and Alex making out and grinding against each other and my fantasy of us making love in a bed of white rose petals flashed suddenly in my mind.

"No. I don't have a boyfriend." MILES, YOU BAD, BAD, EVIL BOY! Well it was true. Me and Alex weren't official yet. So I wasn't lying. Besides, this was Patrick's fault. Why did he have to be so damn hott and gave me a lust filled desire to have an orgasm with him.

Patrick then grabbed one of my hands and began stroking it. Why my hands?!? Why can't it be something else.

"When we were having our little guy make out photo shoot, I knew I wouldn't stop having thoughts about you."

Oh no. I think I'm some sort of drug that every guy wants. Man. So Patrick was gay after all. I knew my stereotypical remark about male models being gay had to be true.

"Can I kiss you?"

Wtf? Already? "No you may not. Not here actually. I'm not out."

"Oh. Same here. But people sort of know already"


"I'm sorry. It's just that I find myself very up front in the presence of a very cute guy."

I blushed. I was so in the mood for sex now.

-         - 20 miles later - -

Patrick led me by the hand inside his house. It wasn't a mansion but it was very homey and welcoming. He pushed me down on a leather arm chair and sat down at his piano. His piano was one of those grand ones. It looked very expensive.

He played "1000 Words" from the video game Final Fantasy X-2. I loved that song. He asked me if I played any instruments and I told him I played the violin.

..5 minutes later..

"Here," he said as he handed me an old violin. I was shocked.

"You play also?"

"Nah. My younger brother does."

I played "1000 Words" on the violin and he played it on the piano. It sounded so awesome. I got tired after a while but Patrick is so buff and had a lot of stamina so he kept playing. Then he did the cutest thing. He started to SING!

He played Savage Garden's "Truly, Madly, Deeply."

That was it. I couldn't hold it anymore. I stopped him from playing and sat on his lap. My legs dangled on his side. He grabbed my ass and pulled me up to him and he stuck his tongue down my throat. I touched his handsome face as he kissed my neck and I grabbed fistfuls of his jet black hair.

The next thing I knew I was on top of the piano. My legs were around his waist and he gyrated his hips into mine. Suddenly I remembered Alex.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Oh fuck it. "Nothing." I grabbed his head and kissed him some more.

"Let's go upstairs"

He led me to his room but on the way he would touch my butt and bang me against every other wall and kiss me in all sorts of places. He smelled so good. I refrained from making too much noise or else I might go off in my pants.

"What cologne do you wear?" I sniffed him.

"Some Abercrombie shit" He started biting my neck.

His room was very original. Typical jock room I guess. He ripped my shirt off. I didn't mind. I'll wear one of the outfits from my photo shoot. He tore my pants off. Ok...he is brutal. He slowly took off my underwear and then out came my manhood. Patrick grinned and gulped it all in his mouth. He stared at me while sucking. I grabbed his pillows. It felt so amazing. His mouth his like a vortex.

I pushed him off me. He was surprised at my strength. I lifted off his shirt and tore down his pants. SURPRISE! NO UNDERWEAR!  Me and him groped for a while then he threw be across his bed.

I loved being pushed around by a hot jock. He couldn't keep his hands off me. He kissed me so hard. My hands roamed his smooth back and I hugged him as he continued.

"I want you so bad Miles"

I didn't say anything. Patrick put his hands on my waist and spread my legs apart. He took out some lube and fingered my hole. I couldn't help but moan.

"Don't go yet"

Like I was!

He slipped on a condom and inch by inch he entered my anus. I let out small gasps as each inch went inside me. It's been a while since I was penetrated. I felt his eyes on me as I let out silent moans. I felt his lips on mine as I tried to let out loud ones.

When all 8 inches of him were inside, he plastered his forehead onto mine and began rocking me. I felt his rod like a piston in between my legs. I could also feel his strong hips rocking me up and down. I was being filled by this hot stud boy. He was doing me so slow but it felt so good.

His dick head would scuff my prostate for a l o n g while and that's how long a moan lasted. I kissed him softly and I did the sexiest thing to him. I stuck my tongue in his mouth and he let out a sharp moan. 

I felt my legs wrap around his lean waist and feel the sweat coming from his back. I used my legs to urge him in some more but he did me slowly in his own accord. He wouldn't stop kissing my neck and that excited me more and I let out a mixture of laughs and moans. He nibbled on my collar bone and he pined my hands down holding my fingers. I would often clench them each time he hit my sweet spot. Our sex was so sweet and tender and I felt every part of him in me.


"Yes, babe?"

Dumbass. That was a sign of pleasure.

I almost came but somehow Patrick knew that even through slow sex a person can cum so he stopped. He gave me time to distimulate by kissing me in the mean time. I liked it when he would grab my chin and tilt my head back and stick his tongue in. I grabbed his smooth ass and ran my hands on them.

On the next round Patrick laid on his back and I sat slowly on his cock. When all of him was inside, he grabbed my hips and moved me up and down, front and back, side to side on his cock! That's supposed to be my job! I rocked his cock hard and fast. I bucked front and back and pinned his hands over his head.

Patrick was stronger than me so he unpinned himself and grabbed my ass. He spread my cheeks wider so that I can feel all of him. He ran his hands over my back and pushed me down some more. I continued to shift up and down his rod that it hit my spot three times in a row.

Being the strong guy he is, Patrick sat up and sat at the edge of the bed and used his upper body to fuck me. I grounded my cock against his oiled stomach and felt his ripped abs at work. I ground my legs to the bed and watched them move each time he drove his manhood in me.

I was screaming and moaning the whole time. This position also made me feel his developed back inch by inch. He was really well muscled. I'd often arch my head back in pleasure and he would lick my neck. I traced his jaw line with my tongue.

Each time my mouth opened to moan, he would stick his tongue in. I could feel his body at work pumping into me. He was so strong that he grabbed my sides and lifted me off him and plunged me down again...HARD! I grabbed onto his shoulders as he continued working on my ass.

After an hour of heat me and him were drenched in sweat. He was harder than ever that he pounded me mercilessly. I moaned his name several times. He gyrated his hips into me as I sat on his cock. I felt his well muscled hips moving as well.

Soon words came out. "Patrick, I'm gonna blow"

"Me too babe"

He thrusted fiercely in me that I felt my stomach move. Soon I started cumming accompanied by moans and groans onto Patrick's chest. Patrick let out a big howl as he emptied himself into me.

It was an interesting feeling when his liquid poured into me. It was a while before all of his liquid was emptied out. He lifted me back onto his bed and draped an arm around me. I was too wiped out but I cool feel him kissing the back of my neck.

4 Hours later.

Damn. Awesome Fuck! Patrick kept on kissing me. I felt so bad for not telling him about Alex. But it was so awesome and I'm sure this was a hard to find fuck. I was walking differently after our fuck.

Patrick gave me his number and that he wanted to hook up again. I didn't know about that. He walked me to my car...shirtless. I rolled down my window. I didn't what to say to the guy.

"So when will I see you again?" he asked

I pulled out one of my photos that I submitted to Flaunt. "Anytime you like."

Patrick put it inside his underwear. He opened my door and kissed me hard. I really didn't care who was outside and saw us lip locking and licking.

"You awesome fuck"

I was breathless on the drive home.  Man I felt so slutty though. But it felt pretty good. I just hope Alex doesn't find out.

End of Chapter 6.

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