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Chapter Seven:

I felt so dirty for the sexual undertakings I went through the past week. It's been a week since I last saw Patrick. Good thing I didn't. Since it was the last week of the month I saw my pictures in Flaunt. On the cover was Jude Law. Luckily it wasn't us. I was hoping it to be. I thought it would be. But oh well.

I really felt bad that I slept with all these people and I didn't get the chance to make sweet passionate love to Alex. Well I was confused. I'm pretty sure he's confused also. I know for a fact that he's been waiting for me to get down with him. I knew it was time, so I planned a special night for it all. =).

On Friday, Alex and I decided to have dinner at his house. For some reason he knew it was special. Well it was. But how did he know? Alex wasn't rude or sarcastic like he was before. One day we went to the movies and then played some pool. He then did the sweetest thing by giving me another present. This time it was a black turtleneck.

As for turtlenecks, Alex was wearing one also. No one else was home in this gigantic mansion. Thank goodness. His dad flew to Moscow for business. His mom and sisters went to Puerto Rico to visit his grandpa AND his handsome brother Jesse was at his girlfriends house doing who knows what.

We had Chinese cuisine courtesy of House of Pei. I had fried rice and some Mongolian chicken. Alex had sweet and sour pork. He did the cutest thing. He too his chop sticks, gripped some pork and fed it to me. I tried doing the same but it just kept falling. I gave up and used my hands instead. Alex was naughty by sucking on my fingers as I tried to retract them. He was so cute.

I asked if I could spend the night and of course he obliged. After all it is scary in a big house when your all alone. Just then I remembered something.

I ran to my car and grabbed a bag full of white rose petals. I ran ahead of him to his room. I Locked the door and began spreading the rose petals all over his bed. It was a funny sight seeing me running around tossing petals everywhere.

"Miles? What are you doing? Can you open this door?"

"Just hang on a moment"



I opened the door and let Alex in.

"What's going on, handsome—oh shit."

"What? You don't like it?"

Alex turned around, wrapped his arms around my shoulders and kissed me hard on the lips. I felt my tongue being sucked hard. I felt shivers down my body. I was still a slut nonetheless, but this time I'm going to take it nice and slow. I'll try my best and turn his orgasm ten fold. I was redeeming myself.


His whole bed was covered in white rose petals. He sat down and led me in front of him. He unbuckled my belt and slowly slip my pants down. Then he grabbed the waistband of my boxers and slipped them off with my pants. I still had my shirt on so I had to take it off last. Kind of awkward.


Alex took off his turtleneck and then off came his pants. He then pulled me down the bed of rose petals and started kissing my neck and collar bone.


I got on top of him and started kissing along his neck. We rocked back and forth and drove our bodies together in unison.

Alex got up and reached over for some KY Jelly. He also pulled out a Trojan.


"Miles...I want you to make love to me"


I kissed him passionately.


I took the KY Jelly and started lubricating his ass. He moaned and arched and winced when I fingered him. I put in up to three fingers to really loosen him up. As I was about to slip the condom on, he took it from me and did the hottest thing in foreplay.


He took the round part and put it in his teeth so it was holding his mouth open. Well...sort of. Then he covered my cock with the condom by using his tongue to slip it on. Man that was so hott! He got me so worked up. He used his teeth to drag the condom edges to the hilt. He also sucked on me for a while.


I laid him down on his back and held his legs to my sides. I slowly entered him until I filled my lover's hole. He let out tiny breaths of pain then sounds of familiar pleasure.

I inched in and out of him as I rocked his body. He continued moaning as I went in and out. I clutched both his hands and held them on top of him. I let go for a moment, grabbed some petals and dropped them on his chest. I blew some to his face and one of the petals reached his mouth.

I wasted no time in going after it. Instead I met his lips and started kissing him by sticking my tongue down his throat. I continued throwing flowers all over the place. It was really cool how they came to drop on Alex's writhing body.

I was sweating already. This boy drives me so wild.

He kissed me softly on the lips in between moans.

I kissed him back, softly and began my motions once more, he groaned in pleasure long and loud. This time he wrapped his legs around my back. I kept moving starting with long, slow strokes and gradually increasing my speed and moving more shallowly. Sensation coursed through me as we gasped and groaned together, his back arched and he clutched on my shoulders, my eyes shut. The last thing I saw was his face, strained with energy, beaded with sweat, his eyes closed too, biting on his lower lip again, but not from nerves any longer, from sheer passion. I felt the symptoms of an impending orgasm and my strokes also became more inconsistent as we neared the end together. He hung on to me as I sank into him one last time, arching his back and gasping out my name as we clutched at one another and kissed deeply exploding together in perfect unison, just the way he wanted.

"Oh baby!"

My manhood was still in him and I could still feel it brush his prostate gland. I could tell he could still last one more round. So I grabbed his thighs and began pounding mercilessly into him. He cried out my name several times to go faster. I reached for his shoulders and plunged hard and deep into me. We were both kissing each other feverishly during our heat.

The next thing I knew, rose petals were flying everywhere as Alex thrashed beneath me. I felt a hot sticky liquid hit my chin. Alex was cumming. He spilled in between our bodies since I used my stomach to stimulate his organ.

I didn't last any longer. I let out a guttural moan and I suddenly exploded again into the condom inside him. I emptied my all into him. I kissed him on the forehead before leaving his body. I went limp and laid down beside him. We were both sweating hard.

"I love you" He said.


I couldn't say anything. Alex looked so wiped out. He slowly closed his eyes. Then I said it.

"I love you too"

End of chapter 7

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