By Lee Mariner

May 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This story is a gay fantasy depicting sexual acts involving young men and boys, it is intended for adult readers. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU DO NOT APPROVE OF SUCH MATERIAL, PLEASE LEAVE.  

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The trip from Stowe, Vermont too Boston was uneventful.  Shawn and I arrived at our motel late in the evening, tired and hungry.
We pulled up at the entrance and after unloading our luggage, Shawn parked the SUV while I went inside and registered.  The clerk behind the desk was maybe in his middle thirties, brown hair with a sprinkling of gray at the temples. His eyes were soft brown and his smile was practiced but sincere.  

"How long will you and Mr. Malone be with us Mr. Karper?"  He asked.

"I'm not really sure right now. We have to get registered for school and then find an apartment.  I should say probably at least a week or longer."

"Your getting ahead of the rush then. The apartments around the Commons go pretty fast but you shouldn't have any trouble finding a nice one this early. Will you and Mr. Malone be rooming together? My brother-in-law is in real estate and he specializes in apartment rentals for college students."

"Hey, that's great. Can we talk with you later about it, we've been on the road since early this morning and right now food and getting cleaned up are uppermost in our minds."

"Of course, I'm sorry.  You can catch me on duty anytime between 3PM and 11PM.  Here's your room key, #444. My name is Carter, George Carter."

Taking the key, I smiled and thanked him.  Shawn had walked up behind me as I was talking with the desk clerk and I introduced him and George Carter telling him of his offer.

"Hey, that's great Mr. Carter, thanks." He said with his usual exuberance and shook his hand vigorously.
                                                      * * * * * * * * * *
The next day, Carter introduced us to his brother-in-law , a nice looking man of the same general build and appearance.  After telling him what we were looking for, Shawn and I registered and then met him at a brownstone building off of the Boston Commons. We both got a kick out of the address, 52 Joy St., but it was what we looking for. Two large bedrooms, living room, large eat in kitchen and huge bath.  The building owner was only asking for a  6-month lease but he accepted a 1-year and I gave him a check for the full  years rent in advance with the option of renewal. 

The apartment was supposed to be partially furnished but that was an understatement, the smaller bedroom had a twin size bed and a small chest. That was the extent of furnishings provided.  After visiting a couple of furniture stores, we selected what we wanted and arranged for its delivery.  

It didn't take long before we were settled and for the next 3 years our days were spent studying during school semesters and in the winter learning how to ski at some of the better Vermont and New Hampshire Ski Lodges.   We met Mark and Lee on several occassions and our visits together became a strong bonding experience.  The most fascinating thing about meeting with them was the way Mark looked more and more like his uncle each time we saw him, they could be been brothers and not uncle and nephew.

We had been invited to their "cottage" for the holidays that first year Shawn and I were together and thinking they had invited more then us, we were surprised when it was just the four of us.  That holiday season was the beginning of an annual event that continues even today and events were born that I might write a book about.  

Shawn is still as gorgeous as he always has been. I still get a raging hardon thinking about the day I picked him up outside of  Wash. D.C. Dulles Airport.   Oh, we bought the property next to theirs in Lake George.  Two guys never had better neighbors- - - -!!

Come visit but call first, were in the phonebook and don't forget your bathing suit if you think you need one.

Shawn and Kevin .