Lee Mariner

May 2002

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Chapter #8

The trees and bushes were thick and Mark's car almost disappeared in the shade cover but shafts of sunlight filtering through helped follow him. In just a few minutes we broke into asphalt covered parking area of probably 100 sq. feet. There were two double sized carports off to the left and Mark pulled under the one closer to the house while I parked under the other.

The lake and sandy beach were visible through the trees, the lot seemed to be totally covered in trees and bushes. There was a small utility shed off of the boat dock that extended for maybe 50' into the lake with boat davits at the end. Shawn and I were looking over the property and didn't hear Mark walk up.

"Secluded isn't it? That's one of the reasons Uncle Lee bought it. I'm not sure if we will get a boat though but I'd kind of like one. Let's go on inside and I'll show you the rest of the place."

The house had been built into the side of an almost perpendicular rock hillside. Whoever the architect was he must have been a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, the house seemed to be almost a part of the landscape and built with a simple but distinctive style. The front of the house was almost all glass with two balconies, one on each floor that were offset but joined by short stairways. The outside cedar siding had mellowed and aged into a soft brown/silver and it blended into its surrounding area of trees and shade. There were three floors with the front facing the lake. We could see a fence made of what must be the same material as the house was sided in but newer. The side we were on had no gates but we could hear water splashing from some where on the other side. Mark opened the single door that was opposite his car and was obviously the only entrance. Nothing fancy about it, just a plain dark brown door, we followed him inside.

"Bring your luggage over here Kev and I'll send it upstairs."

"Send it upstairs?"

"Yeah, Uncle Lee had a dumb waiter shaft installed from the first up to the third floor. There are stairs but carrying things up and down can get to be a drag. You can unload later."

What I had thought was a television cabinet was the dumbwaiter. Mark pushed the #3 button and when he closed the door you could hear a soft whine. The rest of the first floor was a small living room done in classic Danish furniture with a parquet floor and a few area rugs. The other room was an entertainment room with the latest Panasonic sound equipment with Pioneer speakers built into the walls. Two large black leather sofas faced each other with a 6' glass and stainless steel table between them. Mark pushed a couple of buttons and the room was flooded with easy listening music. Pushing another button the glass wall looking out into the pool area split and folded back in 18" sections like an accordion. The fence we saw from one side when we got here extended all the way around the pool and cabanas. There was a large gate that blended right in with the fence that led on down to the beach and dock.

There were two large cabanas built against the fence at one end of the pool and the water we had heard splashing was a 4" alabaster white marble statue of a little bow peeing into the pool maybe 30'X10'. The end where the cabanas were had steps leading down into the shallow end.

"Uncle Lee had the statue made in Barre, Vt. I had wanted one but all we found were cheap plaster of paris things. He is good at doing things like that and I never have figured out how it keeps it from me but he does."

"Erik said you were doing some building here but this looks like its finished not being built." I said as Mark grinned at me.

"It was finished last month before we came up from Dover. Erik doesn't know everything."

"But you were using the weight equipment at the motel. Don't you have a workout room here with all of this?"

"In the left cabana Kevin but the equipment hasn't been anchored yet. They're supposed to do that tomorrow. The other cabana has a Jacuzzi, two dry sweatboxes and showers. I want Uncle Lee to have a connecting walkway between them so we can go from one to the other without going outside. Lets go on upstairs and I'll show you your bedroom."

We followed Mark up the stairs that were built on the outside wall of the house. You came up through the floor into the dining room that was also furnished in all wood Danish, glass and mirrored stainless steel. The kitchen was modern and up to date but you could see it was not used that much."

"You don't cook in very much do you Mark?"

"Not that much Shawn, we eat out mostly except when at my parents." It Uncle Lee had his way houses would be built without kitchens, just place where you could fix coffee or tea. It was here when he bought the place so he had it modernized in case he re-sells."

"Is he thinking about selling this place Mark? It is fantastic from what you have shown us so far."

"I don't think he will Kev, he likes the seclusion and quiet. He is a businessman though. We might start using it in the winter now that he has just about finished what he wanted done. The pool is heated so we can use that but he has talked about covering the entire pool area in plexi-glass almost like a hot house. Lets go on upstairs."

The third floor had two large bedrooms with their own baths. The front glass wall had been angled at this point when the space in front of the two rooms had been built connecting the rooms. Originally the house had one bedroom and bath on the second floor and what was now the two bedrooms, had been a loft with bunk beds.

Mark showed us the bedroom we would use and you could notice that while not Spartan it was not cluttered with furniture and again was wooden Danish design. There was a large walk-in closet and several drawers built into the walls and two full sized chaise lounges. Two large roof windows were over the king-sized bed that sat up on something like an 8" or 10" two level dais. Parquet floors were through out the house. The bathroom was done in coffee colored tile from floor to ceiling with a dark gray granite face basin. The shower was freestanding and the toilet was hidden in a small alcove. The music Mark had turned on downstairs was even piped into the bathrooms. All the doors we had seen slid into the walls rather then swinging in and out. Walls were done in Oyster Shell off-white through out the house, typical of the Nordic style. Each room with the exception of the kitchen had a single abstract painting that was a sort of focal point in the room with brilliant colors that didn't really overpower the room.

Mark took us into his bedroom and it was much like the other except one wall was completely covered with bookshelves. The bed was the same except over the bed on the wall were two almost life sized portraits of Mark and his Uncle. The way the bed was set, you didn't see them at first but when you turned it was almost like an electric shock hit you. At first glance they both appeared nude but on closer examination, they were wearing flesh colored posing straps with just a hint of a bulge in both. Shawn & I stood there spellbound by the fantastic male beauty that the artist had captured on canvas. Both Mark and his uncle were standing almost like they were facing and looking at each other. Mark's light brown hair, hazel eyes and magnificent golden body held your eyes. His uncle was tall like Mark with dark hair and almond colored eyes. The definition of his lightly bronzed body was cut and defined but the muscles flowed into each other as if they were a complete entity. The subjects of both portraits exuded power, confidence, maturity and masculinity. The artist had taken pains to show the clean lines of extremely well built men that took pride in what they had built. The painting backgrounds had been done as if there was a shining golden aura radiating from each of them and seemed to be joining with their eyes shining as they looked at each other. It took your breath away looking at them.

"My god Mark, you should warn someone before showing your bedroom. Those paintings are fantastic, where did you have them done?" Shawn asked not taking his eyes from the portraits.

"A friend of ours in New Hope outside of Philadelphia did them. I think we posed 3 times for them so he could get the dimensions he wanted and with full size photographs he finished them. My Dad saw them in Dover before we brought them up here and they blew him away. Dad's pretty cool about it all."

"That is your uncle then?" Kev asked still looking at the portraits.

"Yes it is. Lets go downstairs and we can get a drink."

"We'll be right down Mark. Might as well get our stuff out of the waiter while we're here.

"Oh, sure. Meet you on the first floor when you're ready. The bar is in the entertainment room."

Shawn and I unloaded the dumb waiter, taking our bags into our room. We both unpacked a few things and hung them in the closet. While Shawn was finishing I had seen what looked like a control panel on the wall at bed level and went to see what it was. The controls for the lights and music along with those that controlled the opening and closing of the roof windows plus their individual curtains that you could open and close as well. The lighting was indirect and was controlled by a rheostat.

"They have a really nice place here don't the Kev? Think you might like something like it?" Shawn said closing the door quietly.

"Yes they do love and maybe in a couple of years we can too." I said as Shawn melted against me his lips crushing mine our arms squeezing each other tight, passions rising as we pressed our bodies together.

"Right now all I want is you Kev." Shawn said as we stripped our clothes off falling onto the bed.

I reached over and spun the dial that controlled the lights as Shawn covered me with his beautifully muscled body; his muscles rippled under my hands as I ran then over his back and down his hard muscle covered ribs his hard cock resting between my legs. Lifting up on his elbows he looked at me as he slowly moved his hips the slick head of his cock pressing against the soft underside between testicle sac and anus. The pressure of his cock sent thrills through me and his eyes shined with lust.

"We don't have any lubricant or condoms."

"We don't need condoms and I'll lubricate you." He said as he lifted my legs up holding them high as he moved down over me his tongue and lips kissing me as he went, My muscles tightening at each touch of his tongue and lips fiery bolts rushing through me.

My cock throbbed as he ran his lips over it without taking it in his mouth. Tongue washing and lapping he sucked my balls and then drove his face into the crack of my ass his hot tongue pushing against my quivering anus. With a deep sigh I relaxed not even thinking of Mark downstairs, just the thrills that Shawn was sending through me with his tongue probing deeper spreading my ass. I didn't care who was where right then; I only wanted Shawn's thick cock up my ass.

Shawn's tongue was driving me crazy and I dropped my legs pulling him up to me, "Fuck me Shawn baby, drive your cock in my ass."

Shawn looked in my eyes as he leaned into me his cock pressing against my asshole. Leaning down he kissed me softly and I felt the head enter and then the snap of my sphincter gripping behind the head. We both were breathing deep muscles tight. Shawn's cock always felt huge when he took me and my cock would wilt at first until he was all the way in and I could relax completely. Looking at the rapture on his face I whispered huskily "Now baby now, shove it all the way."

In one long slow movement Shawn impaled me with his thick phallus deep, filling the rectal canal that held it like a soft warm cocoon. I could feel the beat of Shawn's heart as his cock throbbed and a slow excruciating wave of pleasure swept over me as he thrust deep inside of me. Twisting his hips pressing against my prostate, lightening bolt feelings shot through my balls into the surging length of my steel hard cock. It felt as if I was about to explode and I could hear Shawn deep in the euphoric fog we had fallen into groaning as his back arched, muscles tightening he rammed his cock deep as it hardened and thickened, warm feelings spreading upwards through my tightening muscles as he filled me with gushing hot streams of his cream. My cock jerked, hardening, sending hot volcanic streams of my nuts cream exploding up over my chest spasm after spasm gushing torrents, covering me.

"Yesssssssss Shawn yessssssssssss." Was all I could say as he held his cock deep inside letting my quivering trembling ass drain him as he softened and he fell onto my chest gasping for air. Stroking his soft hair, we lay together slowly relaxing and then a sharp shudder shot through me as his cock slipped from me and my sphincter reluctantly snapped shut as the head suddenly slipped out and I lowered my legs from around his waist. Slipping off to the side Shawn is looking at me his eyes shining as the after glow of satisfying each other flowed over us. My body felt like every nerve was tingling and then he lowered his head his lips taking my half hard cock sliding the foreskin back his tongue licking around the sensitive head sending another wave of intense shocks through me. His lips gripped the base and he slowly stripped the last drops from within the urethral canal and I writhed from the ecstatic pleasure of my cock in his hot mouth draining me and Shawn kissed me passing the last drops he had gotten into my mouth mixing with our saliva.

Swallowing he looks into my eyes and whispers "I love you Kevin."

"No more then I love you." I responded kissing him gently.

After figuring out how the shower worked, we cleaned up and dressed in shorts with t-shirts before going down to the entertainment room where Mark was waiting for us dressed in white tennis shorts and a black mesh pullover.

"Hi there. I was going to fix your drinks until I realized I didn't know what you like. Did you get settled in your room? I should have explained the different controls but you seemed to have managed alright."

"We did Mark, thanks. Who did the interior design on the house? I like the Nordic theme."

"My uncle and I told the designer and contractors what we wanted Kevin and they made up the plans. What would you like to drink?"

"I'd like a gin and tonic Mark, what about you Kev?

"The same is fine. Were you or your uncle here when the work was done?"

"Uncle Lee flew up a couple of times but I was in school for most of it. We both came up over the Christmas Holidays and it was a mess. I didn't think they would ever get it finished. See if these drinks are alright, I don't drink so not much of a hand at mixing."

"I didn't think you did. When you declined the champagne on the boat for water and orange juice I had a hunch you didn't drink. Shawn likes beer more then I do but neither one of us drink that much."

"Nothing wrong with it as long as you don't let it control you. I got drunk at my high school prom dance and that cured me. God but I don't remember ever feeling that bad. Uncle Lee had a lot of fun with that boo boo. He drinks moderately and I will have a glass of wine with dinner on occasion. He has to pick it out though, I know nothing about what wine goes with what or a good one from a bad one."

"I agree with you there, that's why I stick with beer mainly. Budweiser is Budweiser no picking and choosing there."

Mark sat in an overstuffed white leather chair sipping his Schweppes Tonic water. His broad thick chest rose and fell gently and he had his legs spread slightly displaying a full crotch. He had seen Shawn and Kevin glancing at him but quickly divert their eyes when he looked their way. They both seemed a little nervous sitting beside each other on the couch.

"Something bothering you and Shawn, Kevin? You seem a little nervous. Is there something wrong with your room?"

"Nooooo Mark, nothing wrong with the room, it is perfect. In fact everything is perfect." I sort of stammered looking into his hazel eyes and then at Shawn.

"Mark." Shawn said putting his arm around Kevin's shoulders. "You are one of the most magnificent men we, or at least me, have seen but I must admit I haven't seen that many."

"Thanks for the compliment but I find it hard to believe the rest, not with the body you have Shawn. Both of you are extremely well built. Erik has a nice body but nothing like you two."

"Yeah but those pictures of you and your uncle in your bedroom. My God but he is fantastic, looks too young to be your uncle Mark."

Mark was smiling as he listened to Shawn. "Everyone thinks that Shawn but believe me he is my uncle, my Dad's youngest brother. Uncle Lee told me he fell in love with me when I was born and he changed my diapers. I don't know how big I was then but I don't think that was the reason."

"We didn't mean to say he wasn't Mark but some guys use that as a cover for being with someone. You and your uncle could almost be brothers except for the hair. When you were telling us about the pictures you said your Dad was cool with it, does he know about you?"

"I get the lighter hair from my Mother, she's blonde. My sister is blonde and already a looker, she's in college in Ashland, Ky. Dad and Mom both know I'm gay and they know about Uncle Lee and I being lovers and approve. My Dad knew about Uncle Lee when he was a lot younger but my other Uncle that lives in Denver beat the shit out of his brother for being a faggot. It's a long story but in a nutshell Dad took Uncle Lee to a lesbian friend of his and she introduced them to William Woolford who has a farm in Mt. Orab but lives in Louisville, Ky. He taught Uncle Lee about being gay and they both are still teaching me. He is the one we call Uncle Bill that you asked about. I knew I was different like most boys who are gay know but don't really understand. When I started getting the feelings and my cock would get hard it scared me like everyone else. I learned the basic crap about being a cocksucker and all that in the shower rooms at school but I never did anything, I didn't know how. I've loved my uncle since as far back as I can remember but not just because he was my uncle, there was more to it. Uncle Lee made me feel different when he was home with us and I suspected what it was but I like so many don't fully understand what it is. I used to cry on the curb outside our house when he left, it hurt so much inside of me. I used to get an erection sitting in his lap his arms around me and once when I felt him getting an erection I realized he must be gay like I thought I was. He went away after that and that's when I started building my self up. Uncle Lee had a beautiful body and I wanted to be the same way. A lot of things have happened since he got back from Saudi Arabia and here we are. It's all pretty simple if you stop and think about it. We work out together for the most part but he is better at it then me. He taught me what being gay is and what you do being gay. You might say I have improved some on what he and Uncle Bill taught me but they are the ones that set me straight. Where would you like to have dinner tonight? I'm kind of partial to The Log Jam out on Rt.9 not far from here. They have fantastic food."

"Sounds good to us. Do we need reservations this being a Sunday? How about dressing, Shawn and I only have casual clothing."

"All of Lake George is casual Kev. I'll call Henry and let him know we will be there at 7PM, is that okay?"

"Sure, maybe we can get in a swim or the hot tub in the meantime."

"Either one Shawn, I wouldn't mind a swim myself." Mark said as he dialed the number of the Log Jam and hears "Log Jam, how may we help you?"

"Mr. Henry Buckley please, Mark Michaels here."

"Mark, how are you. We haven't heard from you and your uncle lately. How is Lee?"

"He is in Albany right now Mr. Buckley but he is fine. Could you arrange a table on the deck for three tonight? I have a couple of friends with me and I've bragged on your restaurant already."

"No problem Mark, what time? I'll reserve the table you and Lee like."

"Thanks, about 7, if that's alright."

"See you and your friends then Mark, be good seeing you again."

"There, that's done." Mark said hanging the phone up. "You will like it there, the food is fantastic."

"And I guess knowing the owner helps out as well."

"Uncle Lee always likes to know people Kevin since he is in the real estate business. Never can tell how they can help you out, especially in a recreational area like Lake George. How about that swim, ready?"

"We don't have suits with us Mark, unless you have a couple we can borrow."

"Does swimming nude bother you Shawn? We don't use suits but you can swim in your shorts if you like." Mark said his eyes gleaming as he undid the button and zipper on his tennis shorts.

Kevin and I looked at each other grinning as we followed Mark's example undoing out shorts.

"When in Rome do as the Romans do."