Sleepless in Sydney -- Part one


Gary Fox

Hope you all enjoy this story. Love to hear from you.

I'd had one of those frustrating evenings. I was horny as hell and been looking on the chat lines for someone to play with but had no luck so I went to bed instead.

I awoke about 2.00am with a hard cock and tossed and turned for a while but sleep just wouldn't come because I needed to so much. I went back on the chat line to see if anyone else was having the same problem. I guessed at that time of night, anyone logged on would be as desperate for it as me.

I typed in, " Too horny to sleep. Anyone?" and waited. It didn't take long to get a response. A young guy in his twenties was just as horny and needful as me and, after chatting for a while, he asked if he could come to me and stay until the morning. I quickly agreed and he was on the next train to my local station before you could say "orgasm."

I arrived at the station just as the train pulled in. I wasn't surprised that he was the only passenger to alight and watched as he crossed the pedestrian bridge. He was tall, slim and blonde and much better looking than the picture he had posted on the website. We smiled at each other and he followed me to my car. I had yet to turn on the ignition when I felt his hand on the rising bulge of my tracksuit. "Thank God I didn't wear underpants," I thought as his hand gently massaged my engorging cock.

As we drove to my house I groped him back and felt a larger cock than mine hardening at my touch. I couldn't wait to get him home and, as we passed through the door, I pushed him against the wall and pressed my lips to his. His mouth opened immediately and our tongues fought a furious battle of desire as I grabbed the cheeks of his butt and pulled him hard onto my tingling body. I felt his hand under my tracksuit top as they discovered my nipples that were, by now, as erect as my throbbing prick. Lifting my top over my head, he lashed each nipple with his tongue in a way that made my whole body tingle. I pulled his shirt over his head and held his naked boy to min as we kissed some more, each groping inside the others' pants, our cocks responding to the touch. Slipping his pants down to his ankles I knelt and took his swelling cock head in my lips taking the pearls of pre cum that were already appearing from the slit of his knob, savouring each delicious, salty drop.

I led him to the bathroom where our eyes took each other in as we undressed. Both stepping into the shower, I soaped his chest, belly and cock under the running water. Turning him round, I soaped his back, working my hands down to his crack where I slid the soap up and down. Pulling him to me, I started to play with his nipples kissing and sucking on his neck as my stiff, soapy pole massaged his crack and pressed against his hole. He thrust his butt cheeks hard against my belly, obviously wanting me to enter him but I wanted him to be really desperate for it and decided to withdraw, get out of the shower and dry myself. He followed suit and, taking his hand, I led him to the bedroom where he laid down on his back and watched me as I dropped the towel from round my waist. As I stood there gazing down at him , my cock fully erect, he held his arms out to me, offering his body. I lowered myself onto him and thrilled at the feel of his hard and throbbing cock as it pressed into my belly and alongside my cock. As we kissed, his hands caressed my body and then he raised his legs and wrapped them round me as he urgently dry humped his cock against mine.

Disengaging from his mouth, my tongue wandered to his nipples and down his belly, probing his navel, until it found his knob. Enclosing it in my lips, my tongue played in his slit as I turned and offered my twitching helmet to his lips. His hot mouth engulfed my throbbing organ as I lifted his legs and my probing tongue sought his musk smelling hole. I tongued him as eagerly as he sucked me. We were both in a high state of sexual excitement as I rolled off him and onto my back, cock rampant. I quickly gloved it in a condom and smeared it with lube. He knelt over me and, putting his hand behind him, grabbed my cock and pressed my enlarged helmet cockhead against his hole. I groaned as it slid in and he sat down hard on my pole. As he fucked himself on my willing cock, I played with his nipples with one hand and stroked his prick with the other. We were both so high, it didn't take too long before we both cried out and I felt his cock spasm in my hand and watched as he shot his hot, sticky man juice all over my chest and belly. At the same time I experienced one of the most intense orgasms ever as I thrust deeper into his cock squeezing arse.

I cleaned us both up with a damp cloth and he snuggled into my arms as I gently kissed his brow, his nose, his cheeks and his lips. We both drifted off into a contented slumber -- but not for as long as we should have ... but that's another story.

To be continued