Sleepless in Sydney -- Part Two


Gary Fox

If you enjoyed this sequel then please let me know.

The story so far ...

Finding myself unable to sleep and feeling incredibly horny, I got on the net and chatted up a young guy with a similar problem. He caught the next train and we were on to each other as soon as the door closed. After a sexy, soapy shower together we went to bed and sucked and fucked ourselves to exhaustion. ( See Sleepless in Sydney -- Part One) He fell asleep in my arms as I cuddled and kissed him in post-coital affection and drifted off to sleep myself ...

The story continued ...

During the night, he had turned over and we slept with his back to me, his bum resting against my belly. It must have been about 5.00 am when I was roused from a deep sleep by the movement of the bed. As I came half awake I was aware of his bum cheeks thrusting urgently against me and aware that he was furiously wanking himself.

Sleepily I felt for one of the condom packets I had half opened in readiness for their need, I pulled it over my rising cock and squeezed a huge amount of lube over my swelling manhood. I slid my hardening cock into his crack as he pushed his arse even harder against my pole. I held him tight as I humped his crack, getting a huge sexual high from the sensation of his, by now, lubed crack sliding up and down my pole. He was soon on his tummy with his bum up in the air. I held my large, swollen cockhead helmet against his hole and felt him push back, eager for me to slide right up him. I felt my knob pop into his hole and it was as though he was some sort of vacuum cleaner so hard and so fast did he suck me into his gut and slam his buttocks against my belly. His need was obviously urgent so, grabbing his thighs, I matched his rhythm and rammed my cock hard and deep as he fucked back on it. He was whimpering with the ecstasy of it when I felt him cum on the bed sheets. His sphincter muscle had a spasm so great that it squeezed my cock so hard I thought it would never let go.

He flopped onto the bed, then grunted and made for the bathroom to clean up. I removed the condom and then the soiled sheet, replacing it with the top sheet and lay there gently wanking myself.

He returned and immediately moved my hand away and started stroking me. Then he lowered his head and, taking my knob in his lips, played the tip of his tongue in my slit as he gently wanked me into his mouth. His tongue slid from my throbbing member and he took each ball in turn into his mouth and sucked gently. Next, he buried his face in my groin and sucked each side of my ball sack and just behind them. I groaned and held his head there as he lifted my legs high and started sucking in my crack. He filled it with saliva and then his tongue started probing my hole. I was in sexual heaven.

Moving my hips, savouring every delicious moment as his tonguing drove me crazy with desire. Although strictly a top, I knew then that I wanted him to fuck me -- to feel what he felt when I was inside him. As I pushed my hole harder and harder against his tongue he sensed my need and started to press his hard again cock against my hole. He was at the point of entry when I pulled away, fearful of the pain I knew it would cause.

"I don't think I can do it," I whispered.

"Do you want it?" He asked.

"Oh, yes. I want it. I want you right up me; feel you inside me but I don't think I can take it." I groaned.

"I'll be very slow and gentle." He whispered seductively. By now I realized he wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted him to deflower me.

"OK, but stop if I ask you."

"Of course."

He made me go on all fours with my head buried in a pillow. Using lots of lube he slowly worked a finger into me. At first it felt uncomfortable and he held it there then gradually went deeper, massaging my prostrate gland. "Mmmmm. That's better. I like that." I thought. Removing his finger he placed the nozzle of the lube tube against my hole and squirted heaps of lube in and around in order to make it easier for me. Now he held his cock shaft and pressed his throbbing knob against me, seeking entry.

"Just breathe out and relax," he instructed.

I shut my eyes and breathed out as he pressed harder. Suddenly his knob was in me and a shaft of pain shot through my gut. I cried out.

"Shh" he said. " Take it easy, baby. I'll just hold it there until you're ready."

Gradually the pain subsided and I breathed out a sigh. Taking that as his cue he slowly slid his beautiful cock into me. I pressed back slightly to let him know I was all right. Once he was completely buried in me, he stayed still and let me feel his cock throbbing inside me. It was the most sensual and sexually beautiful experiences I had ever had. Little did I know it was about to get better! I was enjoying the sensation so much that I involuntarily started to move my hips around, feeling his hardness inside me. Taking this as his next cue, he slowly started to withdraw. My hips followed him back, desperate to keep him there. He grunted and slowly slid it back in to its complete length again. I soon got the feel of it with my hips moving to his thrusting rhythm, helping him to fuck me.

"Oh, man, It's so good. Don't stop. Keep fucking me." I murmured.

"You OK?" He asked

"Oh, yes. As long as you keep it slow and gentle like this."

At that he increased the tempo, thrusting that magnificent pole a little faster and a little faster still. I grunted and pushed back harder, loving the feel of that hard cock sliding against my sex gland. I started what was to become the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my whole life.

"Fuck me, baby, fuck me." I cried out.

"Yes, man. I love your virgin hole and I'm fucking it hard."

At that, my cock felt unbelievably sensual and an ecstatic pain shot through me as my jism shot out as though from a pressure hose. I came and came as I had never come before. It was so sexual I was almost in agony.

"Oh, my God. No more. Please no more." I begged him.

As he withdrew I turned and held him tightly to me, kissing frantically. Our tongues fought a duel of requited passion then he lowered his head down my body and milked what was left of my cum down his throat. By now my cock was flaccid but he didn't seem to mind as his tongue went about cleaning me up. The he kissed me. I tasted my own sex juices on his tongue and loved it.

"Mmm. Will you come here again?" I asked.

"Try and stop me." He smiled.

And he did come again -- in more ways than one.