Slow and Hot

It was a long trip and I felt like it would never end, but as I pulled in to the Suites in Richmond, I could finally relax.

What I needed was a good night's sleep and some relaxation before I started my new job four days from now.

My name is Chad and I am 31, single and told that I am not bad looking. I played baseball in college and try to workout regularly.

I checked in to the hotel and took a long hot shower and then, looking at the clock--9:00 p.m., went to ask if there was a bar or something close by.

The girl at the front desk said that she was new but that there was a bar that looked ok about a block away and, not wanting to drive, that was fine with me.

I walked down to the place and found the "Happy Hour" -- the name of the place. It looked ok, so in I went. The crowd was medium sized and looked ok for a Thursday night, so without thinking too much about it, I sat at the bar and ordered a Bud.

As I began to look around, I noticed that, while there was a mix of men and women, the women were with women and the men with men. Having had one m2m adventure 10 years earlier, I decided not to run out screaming, but to stay, have a beer or two and then leave.

About 20 minutes later, a slow song came on the juke box and I was approached by a guy about my age and asked to dance. Jerry, his name, was about 6'4" and about 230 and looked like an ex-jock, so I decided, what-the-hell, and accepted.

We talked as we danced and he told me that he owned a local gym and I told him that I was starting a job at a local computer services company. The first song ended and another, slower song started, so we just stayed on the dance floor.

Jerry's hands moved down and cupped my ass and pulled our crotches together where I could feel our now hard cocks pressing against each other. I returned the move and added to the pressure when I grabbed his ass and pulled. Jerry looked down and smiled and then leaned in for a kiss. We locked mouths and our tongues danced with each other for a good 3 or 4 minutes, long enough for the song to end and for us to get a round of applause when we broke apart. Rather than be too embarrassed, we just bowed and moved off to where Jerry had a booth.

We sat and moved near each other and as we continued to talk, Jerry moved his hand over, slipped my zipper down and reached into my pants and began to massage my cock. All I could do was let out a low moan and reach for his cock. As I freed his slightly larger cock from his pants, he, too, sighed and smiled again.

By now the dance floor was full of people, men and women, kissing and fondling each other. On the spur of the moment, I eased under the table and engulfed Jerry's cock and after a couple of minutes had his whole 8 inches in my mouth. It did not take long for him to say "cummmmmiiiinnnnggg" and release a long series of spurts that I readily swallowed.

After resting for a minute, Jerry leaned over and began to suck my now fully erect 7 inches. Soon enough I filled his mouth and he sat up and leaned over to kiss me, while holding my load in his mouth. It was hot and delicious and he and I swapped the cum back and forth before both of us swallowed.

After this kiss, I said, "let's go" and we went to my hotel room. When we got there, we began to kiss deeply and fondle each other again and ended up stripping each other's clothes off and getting into bed.

I pushed Jerry on his back and then slowly moved down his body starting by kissing his ears, then eyes and then long sensual kisses on his mouth. I tongued the hollows in his neck and lathered his nipples with my tongue and lips and slowly moved down to his crotch where I deep-throated his cock. After bringing him close to orgasm, I straddled his waist and slowly lowered my sweating ass onto his hot, hard cock and then pushed myself completely down. When my ass pressed firmly to his body, I opened my eyes and with raw sex blazing stared into his lust filled face.

I began to rock, then lift and fuck myself on his cock and it seemed like the room temperature went up by 30 degrees. We both began to moan louder and louder to where I thought the management might knock. All of a sudden, I felt him tense and blow his load into my ass. At that, without it being touched, my cock exploded leaving a trail of cum all over Jerry's chest. We collapsed and his cock slowly shrank and released noiselessly from my ass.

We both slept, cum on his chest and cum leaking from my ass. The next morning after showering together and giving each other a blowjob, we agreed to meet again on Friday night. Jerry was bringing some friends for me to meet.

More about that gathering, if you wish to hear.