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Chapter 11

by JWSmith

They all breathed a sigh of relief at the thought that they had seen the last of Marti when she exited the court room. Jim profusely thanked George for the moral support of his presence, since he had no other input in the hearing. He got into the car with Nathan behind the wheel. Bobby was in the back seat huddled down in a corner. Jim leaned over the seat back and messed his hair as Nathan maneuvered the car into the busy downtown traffic.

"Are you okay, Bobby?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"What's bothering you, kiddo? You want to talk about it?"

Bobby stared at the back of the seat. Jim gave up waiting and turned back to the front.

"She didn't even speak to me. I might as well have not been there."

Jim didn't know how to respond to that the way he felt that Bobby needed. He turned and looked at Nathan. Nathan pulled over the edge of the street and parked.

"Jim you drive. Bobby and I are going to have a discussion."

He got out and moved to the back seat. Jim slid across the car and put the seat belt on. He looked into the rearview mirror. Nathan smiled at him and with a nudge of his chin motioned for jim to proceed.

Nathan pulled Bobby over where he could put an arm around the boy. Bobby snuggled into his side. As Jim merged into the freeway traffic he watched the two of them deep in conversation. Jim felt a twinge of jealously; he felt left out. He knew it was juvenile of him to feel that way but he was being honest with himself in realizing it and dealing with it. He knew in his mind that Nathan was there for him just as much or more, as he was for Bobby. As he drove he thought about his childhood and how he had to deal with Robert on his own. He had endured being abused and used for nearly five years. He had born his disgrace, not ever telling anyone until he had met Ted.

Ted had caught on that Jim was hiding some deep dark secret on their third date. Jim recalled how he had reacted when Ted had caressed his bare butt and slipped his fingers into his crack. The instant rage that Jim had gone into, nearing physical violence, would have sent anyone running, except Ted. He glanced into the rear view mirror and added, "or Nathan." At that point of their relationship Ted had been totally in love with Jim, and because of his years of psychological training he knew that there was something traumatic that he had experienced and was now trying to hide rather than deal with. He started working on Jim

Jim's love for Ted had caused him to stuff many of his problems into the back of his mind where he didn't have to think about them. He was so successful in doing this that he had convinced Ted that he was okay. But even after years of therapeutic help from Ted, Jim still had the urge to react the same way. It was always a continual battle to allow Ted access to his rear end even though Jim did enjoy being fucked. Jim had withdrawn into a deep depression after his first wild climax when he finally allowed himself to be entered. It was months before he finally begged Ted to make love to him that way again, and then he had to struggle to keep his mind straight afterwards.

As Jim thought about it, he was relieved that Nathan was there for him. He was determined that this time he was going to get it all out in the open and deal with all the feelings he had hidden from Ted. He glanced back at Nathan. He was such a gentle loving man. How could he be so lucky to have found him after losing Ted. He thought about Ted. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't miss him. Jim realized, as he thought about it, that Nathan didn't replace Ted, he had made his own space in Jim's heart right next to his love Ted. He smiled to himself and glanced into the mirror just as Nathan looked up and caught his eye with a big loving smile. 'Yeah, life is good.' he thought, 'with his new found love and now Bobby.'

As Bobby hunkered down in the corner of the back seat, Nathan slid in next to him. He pulled Bobby close to him and put an arm around him. Bobby snuggled into him.

"Bobby, even though your mother and father are out of reach you know that Jim and I love you, and we'll take care of you now. You know that, don't you?"

"Yeah, I know that. I just don't know why My luck was so shitty in getting such rotten parents. What did I do to deserve that?"

"Do you really think that you did something to deserve it."

"I don't know, I sometimes feel that I must have, and this is the way I'm being punished."

"Bobby, look at me." Nathan took Bobby's chin and lifted it. "You had nothing to do with who you got as parents. It's just the way it happened. You're a good kid and that's just one of the reasons that we love you Bobby. It is Robert and Marti's loss that they couldn't see what a wonderful person you are. Your bright and intelligent. You've got a wicked sense of humor. And with your looks your going to be having all the girls chasing after you."

"Do you think anyone would really want to know me with what has happened to me. They'll all think I'm faggot, that I wanted to be fucked up the ass by my daddy, that I wanted him to ram his cock into my mouth, and have him spew his cum all over me."

Nathan ignored Bobby's blatant foul languagem, at least he was being straight forward about how he was feeling. To Nathan that was of foremost importance.

"Bobby, no one would think that. Besides, no one needs to know that those things happened to you. You were only a child when he started doing that. How could you have wanted that."

Bobby started crying.

"Nathan, I wanted my daddy to love me. And I wanted to please him. If it would make him proud of me, if it would make him love me then I wanted him to do those things to me."

"Bobby, you know there is a big difference between wanting your daddy to love you and wanting what he did to you. You've got to keep that straight in your mind. Don't twist them together. They are not the same."

"I know. It's just so hard not to be negative. I've gotten really good about saying what I'm supposed to be thinking but I still feel worthless, and unworthy of really being loved. How do I make myself believe?"

"You just got to keep repeating to your self that you deserve to be loved as much as anyone, and Jim and I are going to do everything in our power to help you convince yourself that it is true."

Bobby snaked an arm behind Nathan and hugged him.

"I love you guys."

"You know that we love you, too, Bobby."

Nathan followed Jim into his bedroom when he went up to change out of his suit. As Jim wiggled out of his jacket Nathan took it from him and hung it up while jim sat down to untie his shoes.

"God, I get spoiled not having to wear this suit every day."

"Lucky you." Nathan replied, as he grasped Jim's shoe and ankle and removed the shoe and then the sock. He raised the foot to his lips and kissed the instep as Jim fell back on the bed gasping. Nathan took his other foot and did the same. He leaned over Jim and undid his belt buckle and pants, taking hold of the cuffs he pulled them off. Jim lay back watching Nathan as he meticulously folded the pants over the back of a chair.

Nathan loosened his tie and pulled it off. He made eye contact with Jim as he unbuttoned his shirt. Jim got up and removed his own, never breaking the eye contact. As Nathan unbuttoned his pants, Jim knelt in front of him and took over the job. Nathan lifted each foot as Jim slid the pants and his Jockeys over it. He stood before Jim wearing only his socks and a raging hardon, watching Jim worship his body.

Jim ran his hand up Nathan's thighs and cupped his glorious hairy balls. He rose up on his knees and caressed Nathan's pulsing cock against his cheek. He looked up at Nathan with a pleading look in his eyes. Nathan lifted him by his arm pits and lead him to the bed. Jim laid down and scooted to the center. Nathan opened the bed side drawer and removed the K-Y and a condom. He crawled between Jim's legs.


"You're amazing, my Nathe. You just look at me and know what I need."

"That's because I love you some much. I really do you know. You're the sweetest, most loving man I've ever met. How many people in this world would take in a kid he'd just met and make a home for him? Not many, Jim, not many."

"I had no choice. He's kin."

"Kin or not, you had a choice. And you made it with out a moment's hesitation."

"Yeah, well, I know what he's going through. I couldn't not do it."

"What ever you say, Jim, you're a hero in my book. And, I might add, in quite a few other peoples book, too."

"Well, we'd better get up and do some family things, like get some dinner for Bobby. He is probably in need of more morale boosting, too. That bitch he had to call mother really did a number on his head today."

Nathan propped himself up on an elbow and watched Jim as he struggled back into his clothes. Jim turned and looked at the smile on his face.


"Nothing. I just like looking at you. Plus you just proved what I've been saying."

He slid off the bed and enfolded Jim in his arms. Jim melted against him as they kissed. Finally they had to come up for air.

"If you don't let me go, we're going to end up back in bed."

"That's a bad thing?" Nathan asked, playing with him.

"No. That's a wonderful thing." Jim kissed Nathan's chin. "And if it was just you and me we'd be there still. But we have a boy in the house that needs our attention."


The three of them settled into a routine in the following days. Bobby brought more regimentation into Jim's life. He was up at six every morning to make sure that Bobby was up and into the shower. And then while Bobby was getting ready for school Jim would make breakfast for him. Most mornings Nathan joined them at least for a cup of coffee before Jim drove Bobby to school.

Jim was in daily contact with his buddy Al. They had decided to open a store selling not just computers but customized computers that were put together to the customers needs. Jim had found an available shop on Colorado just a couple of blocks east of Fair Oaks. It was a perfect location for such a store as he and Al planned.

Al gave notice to him employers. They took him to lunch and wished him success in this new venture. He also terminated his lease on his apartment. There were no difficulties in doing that; there was a long waiting list of people who wanted to live in that complex right on the beach. Al hated giving up his ocean view, but living in Pasadena had its perks too. He was just going to have to find them. He thought about living close to Jim again. It gave him a warm feeling knowing that they would be working together. Jim had been his best buddy since ---- well, as long as they had known each other. Life was good.


This sounds like the end, but it really isn't. After struggling to get into Bobby's character and not succeeding to my satisfaction, I decided to take a hiatus on it and go one with my other works. I promise that when I get back to it you will not be disappointed. Look for my New story. It will be under Beginnings. I really do like hearing what you think of each chapter despite my snide note at the end of other story's chapters. And as everyone that has written to me in the past knows I answer every note. Jack

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