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Someone Like You

Chapter 13

by JWSmith

Jim sat in traffic on the old Pasadena Freeway coming out of downtown. There was an accident up ahead that was being cleared off to the side. It had traffic completely stopped for a few minutes. Jim was cursing to himself. He had forgotten to take his cell phone with him and was due now to pick up Bobby at school. The traffic finally started moving again. Jim got off at the next exit and drove into a service station. He saw a phone booth and parked next to it. He jumped out, dropping coins into the slot, he dialed Bobby's number. It rang three times before Bobby answered.


Bobby couldn't believe that his mother was fleeing the police. He sat there feeling helpless to do anything. He had never raised a hand against his mother. It hadn't occurred to him that he was bigger than her and that he could have resisted her. He sat there kind of blank minded as she drove like a mad woman in the freeway traffic. His cell phone rang. It took him a moment to realize what it was. He pulled it out of his shirt pocket and flipped it open.

"Hello?" He said into it.

"Jim! My mother has kidna......"

Marti snatched the phone out of his hand and threw it out the window. She backhanded him across the face.


Jim had started to tell Bobby that he had left his phone at home when he heard Bobby yell something about his mother and then a lot of noise and then the phone went dead. He was sure that he had heard the word kidnap before all the noise had drowned out all else and the connection went dead. Dread filled Jim as he hung the pay phone back in its cradle. He drove surface streets up to Bobby's school. He thought about Marti. She was an intense business woman, but he thought she was wacky when it came to family matters. He was still burning over the scene in the courtroom for Bobby's custody hearing. He wondered what she might be up to now.


Marti crossed three lanes to get back over to the lanes separating the 210 from the 134 freeway. As soon as the officer in pursuit saw she was headed that way he relayed the information and up ahead where Marti couldn't see two patrol cars pulled into the freeway traffic and started weaving back and forth slowing the traffic behind them, bringing the traffic to a stop.

Marti found herself stuck in the slowing traffic. She couldn't see anyway to get around or out of it. She was stuck. She glanced into the rear view mirror and saw the pursuing patrol car slowly getting closer. It was only three cars behind her when the traffic came to a total stand still. She watched in the mirror as the officer got out of his car and walked toward her removing his pistol from its holder. She collapsed over the steering wheel waiting for him.

Bobby twisted around and saw the officer cautiously approaching with his pistol aimed at the car.

"I told you that you couldn't get away with this, Mother."

Marti turned her head and looked at him.

"What did I do to deserve you?" The venom in her voice shriveled his heart. The pain in Bobby's face would have shattered the heart of a loving mother. Marti just ignored it. Bobby wondered what he had done to deserve such a hatefilled woman as his mother in addition to a sexually abusive father.

"Step out of the car, Ma'am." The police officer commanded. Marti opened the car door and started to get out.

"Step away from the car and place your hands on top of your head."

Marti complied. She was dying of embarrassment as all of the drivers around her were craning to see who and what was going on. The officer snapped a bracelet on one of her wrists. She went berserk and pulled away from the officer before he could get her other hand snapped into the cuff.

"You bastard! How dare you try to put those things on me!"

She swung the hand with the cuff[,] intending to slap the officer. He dodged back. Her hand missed him, but the loose cuff slashed across his cheek and nose. Some young rowdies in a car watching cheered her on. The man in the car next to her had ducked down to better see what was happening. Marti saw him.

"What are you looking at, you son of a bitch."

She kicked the side of his car. The man straightened back up. The officer grabbed both of her arms from behind and brought them up behind her back. She kicked backward at him and lost her balance. The officer let her fall to the ground, but kept his grasp on both of her arms. He placed a knee in the middle of her back as she struggled to get lose. When the sharp pain of his knee registered in her maddened brain[,] she stopped struggling and allowed the officer to get the other cuff on her free wrist. Her mouth was not stopped though, she spewed vituperation like a hellcat. The officer ignored her and helped her to her feet. A loud cheer went up from all the drivers watching.

He read her the Miranda Act and informed her that she was being arrested for kidnaping and evasion and resisting arrest, and attacking an officer of the law.

" I'm sure there will be several more charges before we're through with you," he told her.

The reality of the situation began to sink through her anger. She slumped in defeat.

Two motorcycle patrol men pulled up on the edge of the freeway and directed the traffic behind Marti's car to stay put as the cars in front started to move forward again. The arresting officer had extracted a handkerchief from his back pocket and was holding it against the slash on his face. He led Marti back to his car and helped her into the back seat. He returned and asked Bobby to get out of the car.

One of the motorcycle officers got into Marti's car and drove it over to the side of the road. He returned and moved the patrol off the freeway, too. The traffic started flowing again. The arresting officer with his hand on Bobby's shoulder followed on foot. The blood had coagulated and had started drying on Bobby's forehead. They looked like a couple of war casualties. As they passed the car containing the four men who had cheered when Marti had hit the officer were still jeering and making loud rude comments. Bobby broke away from the officer and walked up to the side of their car.

"You men should be ashamed of yourselves. He is only doing his job."

The men shut up. He turned and walked back to the officer's side. He smiled at Bobby.

"Thanks, young man. That makes it all worth while."

Bobby grinned back at him. Jim arrived at Bobby's school in time to see a policeman taking a statement from the school patrolman. He walked up to the two men. The policeman turned to him.

"May I help you, sir?"

"I'm late picking up my ward. I just got a frantic call message from him. It sounded like he said that his mother had kidnaped him."

"Yes sir, I was just taking a report from this school guard. It appears that a woman about thirty years of age forced a young man into a red Camaro and drove away with him."

"Oh my god."

"If you'll give me a minute I'll call in and see if she has been apprehended yet and the status of the boy."

"Thank you, Officer... Hodson," Jim said reading the officer's name tag. "That would be much appreciated."

While the officer went to his car, Jim called Nathan and told him what was happening.

"Damn, I thought that looked like Bobby."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm watching a live news report on channel 7. The police stopped the traffic on the 210. They're showing a telescopic shot of them. Bobby has blood running down the side of his face. Marti's fighting with the officer."

The police officer came back while Nathan was reporting what he was seeing on tv. Jim motioned for him to listen.

"He's got one arm cuffed. Oh god, she's fighting him. She hit him with the handcuffs across his nose. He's bleeding worse than Bobby. There's motor cycle cops taking over the scene. One is leading Marti away. The injured cop is leading Bobby over to another police car. He's pulled away from the cop and appears to be yelling at some men in a car. The cop is patting him on the back. They've pulled Marti's car and the police car over to the side and traffic is beginning to move again."

"Hold on a minute, Nathe."

Jim turned to the officer and asked if he knew where they were taking Bobby. Huntington Hospital he was told.

"Nathe, I'm headed to Huntington Hospital. Do you want to meet me there?"

"You're at the school now?"


"Why don't you swing by the house and pick me up? It's just a few blocks out of the way."

"I'll do that. Bye."

Jim turned to the officer and thanked him.

When Jim and Nathan walked into the waiting room at the hospital[,] they saw Bobby right away sitting against the wall in a straight chair. He had a small bandage on the side of his forehead. The officer that Marti had hit with the hand cuffs was sitting beside him. He had several stitches across his nose and cheek. Bobby saw them and jumped up to greet them. He flung his arms around Jim.

"Man, Marti is one crazy bitch."

"Bobby! That's not the way to talk about your mother even if it is true," Jim scolded. He couldn't help but grin as he said it.

Nathan rubbed his hand through Bobby's hair.

"Are you okay, Kiddo?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm doing great."

"You looked awful on tv. You had blood all over your face."

"Ahh, it's just a scratch. Were we really on tv?"

"Yup, live coverage."

"Cool. Hey, come meet Officer Evans. He"s really neat."

Both men glanced at the police officer, who was sitting there observing their reunion. Bobby grabbed their hands and led them over to him.

"Hey Cal, Nathan watched us on tv. Just think the whole world got to watch Marti hit you with those cuffs."

The officer blushed.

"That's just great." Jim and Nathan couldn't miss the sarcasm in his tone of voice. Bobby in his excitement missed it completely.

"This is Officer Cal Evans. Cal, this is my cousin Jim that I told you about. And this is Dr. Nathan Taylor."

The three men shook hand with enthusiasm.

"Officer Evans I want to thank you for rescuing my young ward from his crazy mother."

"Call me Cal, Jim. And I just happen to be the responding officer to that particular call."

"Well, Cal," Nathan broke in, " we really are thankful to you and the whole police force for saving Bobby. If there is any favor we could do for you let us know."

"You can always make a donation to the police relief fund. And personally if you two will agree I'd love to meet you for dinner some night with my lover."

Both Jim and Nathan's eyes widened at that. Before they could reply Cal injected, "I hope I haven't misread things here. You two are mates, right?"

They both looked at each other and then back at him and nodded.

"Bobby didn't say so but as enthusiastically as he talks about the two of you, I kind of made the assumption. Of course, being gay, too, I kind of watched the way you two interact, and decided it was safe to out myself to you."

Nathan was near panicking.

"We act Gay?" he whispered.

Cal chuckled.

"Hell no. You're both butch acting. Only another gay guy would ever really know what to look for. If I saw either one of you alone I'd probably never pickup on it. That is unless you were cruising the uniform."

Jim grinned and said.

"You do look hot in it. But you probably look hot out of it, too.

"God! Jim. Why don't you just make a pass at him."

"Geez, Nathan, unwind. I'm not making a pass at him. He just told us he's married. Besides, I've got the very best." He turned to Cal. "Pardon me for saying so in front of you, but to me, it is true." He turned back to Nathan. "Now tell me why would I want anyone else? "

Nathan grinned.

"I'll shut up while I'm ahead."

Cal laughed.

"You two are definitely a married couple. Bad as Jerry and I."