Jack Scribe

Warning:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is entirely fictional, and any resemblances to actual persons are completely coincidental.

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From Part 11,


I thought about this past year as I drove back to Millington. I hadn't mentioned to Doug that my roommate had observed us at dinner. Hell, I hadn't even had a chance to tell him about Dave being my new roommate. If everything went well tonight, I would respect the confidentiality of the officer in his life, including not telling my business partner about either of them.

As the familiar milestones sped past, I really felt good about resolving this situation. Dave and I were obviously playing on the same team. I thought it was hot that Dave and Ensign Cole were together, with an obvious affection for each other, after only one day. I wondered what spurred that on?

I approached the base in my Mercury Cougar at 2245. After being waved on, I brought the car to the enlisted lot and entered the barracks. After saying "hi" to the Security Watch, I walked down to the room. Opening the door, I found Dave, dressed only in a robe, reading a book and waiting for me.

"Hi roomie. Ready to talk?" I said.



Brent appeared with coat in hand and tie askew, a slightly rumpled version of the clothing he was wearing earlier at the Rendezvous, when Dave discovered his secret. Dave smiled and said, "Why don't you change first? While you're doing that, I'll go down the rec room and get a couple of Cokes. OK?"

"Good. I'm a little thirsty. I'll throw on something comfortable."

Dave got up, slipped on the flip-flops, and shuffled out the door, quarters in hand.

Going to the closet, Brent proceeded to pull off his shoes and socks, remove his pants, and neatly hung his suit in the closet. Undoing the tie, he returned it to the rack in the orderly color-code filing system. Tossing the dirty shirt, briefs and socks in the hamper, Brent really wished he could shower to thoroughly wash off his "work."

Returning with Cokes in hand, Dave was momentarily stunned at Brent's total naked beauty. 'This guy has got some valuable merchandise,' he mused.

"Thanks, man," Brent said, reaching for the cold can offered. Taking a sip, he put the can on the desk and slipped on some gym shorts and a tee. Picking up on Dave's brief, admiring glances, he considered, 'This guy could hold his own in the looks department.'

They sat on their respective bunks, took sips of Coke, and quietly stared at each other.

"I'm not sure where to begin?" Brent remarked.

"Well, I suppose at the beginning," Dave said looking at Brent with a sincere openness. "I know that we both have things to lay out on the table. I'm not here to point fingers."

"Why don't you let me know what you have think is going on, and I'll fill in the blank spaces? We're both bright guys. I won't bullshit you." Picking up unconditional warmth radiating from this man sitting across the room, Brent felt this might be easier than he thought earlier.

"Well, I've got a confession to make. I accidentally did a little snooping when I moved in."

"Snooping? What do you mean?" Brent looked at him, intently concerned.

Dave proceeded tell him about bumping the computer mouse on the desk that first evening. "You had left the computer on. Suddenly, the email from "Tan Man" appeared on the screen."

"Oh, shit. Yeah, I left in such a hurry. Fuck."

"Then the GQ wardrobe didn't add up as sailor gear. I just put together the pieces." Dave smiled and continued, "What I couldn't figure out is who you were servicing. The picture of you and your girlfriend threw me."

"That's my sister, Pam. It was taken last year when she visited me."

"Ah. Well, she's beautiful. Must be good genes in your family. You're no slouch."

"Thank you, I think," Brent said turning on a big grin.

"Just stating the obvious and to clear the air, yes, I'm gay." Dave smiled and continued, "And no, I'm not going to jump on your bones in the middle of the night."

Brent sent up a whooping laugh and said, momentarily glancing at Dave's crotch, "Fair enough. But, for the record, I don't think you would have been turned down."  In these first minutes, Brent felt like he had known Dave for years...an open giving feeling that he wanted to return.

"OK, 'nuf said about that for now." Dave lifted slightly to adjust the robe that had started to fall open. 'No need to send false messages,' he thought. "So, when I saw you at the Rendezvous, getting out of that big bucks set of wheels with the older guy, I knew what the score was." Looking into his eyes, I asked, "Am I pretty close, Brent?" Both expressions turned serious.

"Bulls eye."

"What surprised me was seeing my boss, Mr. Di Marco join you. What is that all about?"

"It appears we both have officers in our lives."  Brent contemplated his next statement. "Doug and I are in the same, ah...after hours business. In fact, he indirectly recruited me last year at a gay bar in Memphis last year." 'There,' he concluded. 'It's out there.'

"You mean that you both...uh...take care...service men...um, clients?" he said, staring with an intent, curious expression. "Wow." Dave thought back to the first time he had met the Ltjg. and the friendly winks.

"Dave, okay. Let me have it if you want to," his voice measuring each word. "If you want to call Doug and me male prostitutes, go ahead."  Brent cast a subtly defensive look at his roommate. "It's not like I'm standing on the corner of Beale Street hooking in hot pants." Taking a breath to calm down, he added, "You're not exactly Mr. Clean."

"Whoa, guy." Dave got up and walked over to Brent's bunk and sat down. "You're the one who's getting judgmental." He brought his arm around Brent's shoulders. "I'm just trying to understand."

Brent looked into his roommate's eyes closely. He read nothing but compassion. "I have nothing to be ashamed about." He said in lower tone.

"Go on, Brent." He squeezed Brent's shoulder for assurance.

"This is a business arrangement where I make a good income being a companion to some lonely men who can afford my services. And yes, the services include sex." He added, "Doug and I have become great friends. He's my mentor. That's all." 'More than that, I think?' he thought, considering his real feelings for Doug.

"Is this something that you two do on your own?"

"Actually, it's a very well-organized business that operates in several cities. And to answer the question that will come next; no, it is not related to any crime family. The company is a clean, legitimate enterprise that is very security conscious about its business and its associates."


"Yeah. At Nordstrom's the sales people are 'associates.' It's the same deal with us."

"Buddy, as long as it doesn't affect me, go for it," he said squeezing Brent's shoulders. Dave felt a mutual openness developing that he hadn't experienced for a long time. "We're playing on the same team."

Putting his arm around Dave's waist, Brent said in a measured manner, "Thanks.  Dave, you'll never be involved. Just so you know, drugs are verboten as are any other controlled substance." Placing his free hand on Dave's thigh in a brotherly fashion, he added, "And whatever I do is always completely safe and away from the base."

"If we're going to be friends, please call me if you ever are in any trouble. I'll help out if I can.

"Thanks Dave. I'll remember that."

"OK. I guess 'show and tell' time falls into my lap. By the way, if your hand goes up my leg any higher, we're going to know each other better than we may want." Dave smiled as Brent sheepishly removed his hand with a natural grin.

Sitting relaxed with hand now by his side, Brent said, "Well, I am curious how you can capture the prime, number one, available bachelor officer on the base?" He felt the initial steps converging of classic male bonding and real friendship. "You're going to break several gals' hearts.

"I was busy getting the pool ready this morning when this hunky, tall officer approached me."

"All in the line of business," Brent slyly observed.

"The minute I met him, I felt an emotional connection that continues as we speak." Dave ran through an abbreviated description of the initial pool locker room encounter.

"Wow. Sounds hot and really serious."

"Yeah, serious. Mike told me later that he was feeling the same way." 'How serious we're going to find out,' he thought.

"So, how will Mike and you find the time and place to get together?"

"Mike and I are getting a small place in Memphis so we can explore this relationship. No screwing around on the base," Dave said with a somber expression. "Exploring in as many areas as possible!"

They both grinned. "Let me just cut to the chase, Dave. Are we both okay about keeping this between ourselves?"

"You mean, don't ask...etc.?"

"More than that. Doug and I could get into a lot of trouble if our extra jobs were found out."

"Well, I might want to bribe you with borrowing your clothes on occasion." Dave looked for a reaction. "Hey, I'm just pulling your chain." He squeezed Brent around the shoulders again. "I've got no problem about what's happening. You seem like a decent guy that I'd like to be friends with. That's all," he said with a sly grin and raised eyebrow. "My lips are sealed."

"Your romance is safe with me. I won't even tell Doug. And, yes, I'd like to be friends with you. It's all about trust."

Brent stood and brought Dave up to his body to receive an official 'Brent Hug'. He firmly pulled Dave close to him with their crotches breathing for air. A slight twitching of cocks signaled it was time to separate.

"Let's shake to keeping our lives undisturbed by our off-duty activities."

Extending his hand, Dave rejoined, "Thanks for keeping this just between you and me. They're brother officers, and I work for your man."

"Bud, this is our secret." With that, Brent placed a fraternal kiss on Dave's lips. They both found an initial peace of mind.

"I hope, Brent, that I can come to you from time to time if I need some personal advice?"

"I've got big shoulders. Maybe we can kinda be there for each other?"

"I'd like that. I'd like that a lot," Dave offered, thinking about Russ and their sharing of the most private thoughts. His eyes started to tear.

"Hey, bud, what's with the moist eyes?"

"I haven't had a good friend that I could really talk to for a couple of years. I find your arrival into my life incredible. That's all."

"Dave, I'll earn your trust."

Sitting down again, they decided to tell the more intimate parts of their earlier lives. First up to bat, Dave explained the one-sided love affair growing up. When he mentioned his folks' acceptance of his coming out a year before they died, Brent started to well up in a sea of emotion.

"Dave, your Mom and Dad must have been great. I wasn't so lucky." A few tears appeared in the corners of his eyes. Brent then gave him the full edition of his being discovered by Dad and the subsequent consequences.

"At least you've got Pam. And, maybe your Dad will come around some day?"

"Pam's trying some fence mending in that direction. Maybe it'll happen. It's a bitch that your folks were taken away from you."

"Yeah. It was hard."

Around 0200, they decided to call it a night. Brent was scheduled to assume the Security Watch in four hours. And Dave had a lot to consider. Brent took off his t-shirt, set the alarm and scooted into bed.

"Pleasant dreams, Brent." Hanging the bathrobe in the closet, Dave turned off the light, pulled down the covers, lay down, and pulled up a sheet. He sensed Brent had subtly checked him out.

"Hey Dave."


"From what I've seen, if you ever want a part-time job, let me know," he said with a laugh.

"What you saw is reserved for one guy," Dave replied with a chuckle.

"I know. Just joking. Night."

"Good night, buddy." Closing his eyes, Dave weighed in on all the events of the last 24 hours. Visions of the new men in his life floated in space. Relieved that Brent and he had indeed cleaned the slate and that he might have a great friend in the making, Dave's final thoughts of the evening turned to Mike. 'Big, hunky, bright, sexy Mike. My Mike. I couldn't wait until tomorrow.' With that, he drifted off to a deep peaceful sleep.